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I attended a briefing recently in which, at long last, a new drainage system will be constructed from MacArthur to the end of the walking street, just pass the Carousel Club.  The construction will be on the left side of the street starting at the Genesis club, to Kokomo’s, further to the Carousel and end at the entrance of the walking street.  It will be a bit of a mess as the sidewalks will be removed and replaced and the businesses along the strip will be responsible for personal expenses expended in finishing off the new sidewalks.  This is phase one, the other side will experience the same procedure at a later date.  We were told that construction should have started already so I expect to see a start by the beginning of March, if not earlier.  We were told it will be fast tracked so that the disruption to vehicle and foot traffic is short lived.

Oops, I forgot to mention there will be 14 manholes installed and businesses will not be allowed to extend their drainage systems to the actual pipes but will have to connect with the manholes.



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Jim Sebree, owner of Cottage Kitchen, a Mason and Rotary Member has suffered another heart attack but is recovering in AUF Hospital.  Recently, he traveled to Alaska for his mother’s funeral, returned and then found out his sister-in-law passed away as well.  Between the traveling, the sad news and his busy schedule here he believes that it was just a bit too much for his body.

A full recovery is expected and no doubt he will heed this latest warning and cut down on his schedule.  All members of the Clark Centennial Rotary wish him a speedy recovery and for sure, all his many friends feel the same way.



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Good old Maj Tan, Station Four let me down on these.  I requested updates but did not hear from him.  I found the following information in the 14 Feb edition of the Philippine Inquirer, reported by Jun Malig, Inquirer Central Luzon.
“Deadly heart attack – A Canadian tourist died from an apparent heart attack inside a night bar on Fields Ave, here on Friday, three days after an Austrian leapt from the rooftop of a seven story hotel in Malabanias village, also in this city. (pictures and story were posted in my “breaking news”).  Stephen Edward Dooley, 53, was accompanied by a woman to the Road House Bar at 6:40 P.M. when he collapsed, police said.  He was brought to Angeles University Foundation Medical Center where he died (in my opinion AUF is the worse place to take someone having a heart attack)
Police identified the Austrian tourist who jumped to his death on Feb 7 as Norbert Walser, 75, who used the name “Tom Miller” when he registered at Grand View Tower Hotel.  Walser used his true identity when he booked at the nearby Clarkton Hotel.  The hotel staff told the police that they were looking for the Austrian when he failed to return to his room for two days”.


March 2012

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The “Ides of March” are upon us.  I always wanted to write that, whatever the hell it means.  I believe it came from Shakespeare himself, something I was not keen on reading in high school.  I keep trying to think if there is anything significant about March.  Lets see, the Vietnam war began Mar 65, daylight savings time begins on 11 Mar in the US, Spring begins on 20 Mar, Operation Iraqi Freedom began 19 Mar 2003 and best of all, St. Patricks Day comes about on 17 Mar and I can wear my green shirt again.  But now, let me insert a picture of four lovely ladies serving up the food at Texas Joe’s, Subic Freeport.  I went there last month to watch the men’s singles dart competition at the Alley Cats bar in the Barrio.  It was part of the Annual Beach Bash there.  More details and pictures later on.  Now, the ladies — from left to right:  Aisa (24 – aisagirl11@yahoo.com), Ria (30), Karen (25 – karhen_cute18@yahoo.com) and Jinky (23 – jinky_javillonar@yahoo.com).  That should be a good way to start off the month of March.  Four lovely ladies and three Email addresses.  The rest is up to you.  They all had great personalities and along with the good food made me more than happy that we stopped there for lunch.  The good, not too hot weather will stay with us in March and no rain as well.  What a great time to be here.


Comments and Remarks: Harry, Forever, that’s’ how long you will be my friend if you can get the names and e-mail address of those four attractive ladies whose picture is at the beginning of your February column.  Owen Parker.  (Owen, you have given me an impossible task.  That was a spur of the moment picture.  Did not take names or Email addresses even though I knew there would be people like you asking me for them.  Afterwards I kind of thought I should talk to them longer and get more info but everyone was just too busy at the time.  They are kind of cute though and if I had been single, I would have done more (smile).

Harry, I recently broke my hip and required orthopaedic surgery. A metal prosthetic device was inserted from hip to knee. 4 hour surgery,  painful recovery, 4 days at Baptist Medical Center, 30 more days in the Skilled Nursing recovery hospital. I May never recover completely Dr. says due to the nature of the break plus age. But, I am grateful   Insurance covered it.  2. The home therapist visiting my house was a Philippino guy named Oscar from Bicol.  He Spent much training in Manila, 5 years of education in PI.  2 years in States on work visa and had to take a strict test to get it. Many flunk he said.  Anyway, he said to get the same ortho surgery I got, in the PI it can only be done at St. Lukes and MakatI Ortho Hospital at enormous expense and you better have the dinero up front. Transport from Pampanga (AngelesCity), is a factor as well.  There will also be months of recovery.  3.  What would an old fuck like me do in the PI with a broken hip and no money and can’t walk?  Can you get on an airplane on a stretcher? Sort of scares me when I think about it.  At least Harry the Horse had the common sense to seek out proper care in Vegas. But, he could walk. What the fuck do you do with a broken hip? I still can’t hardly walk and may never completely. I think age and health are something all guys 70 plus should ponder when living in the PI. I do! Even my Pinoy wife does in my situation and age.  Later, Joe Walker.  (Joe, your point is well taken and I have advised many people considering retirement here to take into account their health.  Hospital costs are less expensive here than in the US but it is a cash up front policy. If you are living on a shoestring budget with no money in the bank you better pray for good health.  I went to the States for the better care, yes, but primarily, td be covered by Medicare and Tri-Care.  It was so comforting not to have to pay anything up front or afterwards.  The doctors were wonderful, the Clinic staff were super nice and helpful, very professional and understanding.  Every place was so clean and well lighted, waiting time was minimal.  Not having to worry about the cost was such a blessing.  Two cards were all I needed, my Social Security card and my military retired ID card.  I was so glad I opted to sign up for part “D” on my social security benefits.  If you do not do that you will not get Tri-Care for Life benefits here in the PI.  Sorry for long comment here but folks, I am serious, no matter what age you are, if you decided to live in the Philippines, make sure you have enough money coming in to prepare for medical emergencies).  

Mr Horse, A friend recently turned me on to your website, damn you do good work. This site is great, thank you. I’m planning my first trip to AC in April; I’ll try to look you up to say hello. And if you don’t mind I’d really enjoy picking your brain for good where to go advice. I have a million friends that offer their sage experience to me, but I think I’m more interested in what you have to offer. Take care, and thanks for the great website. Tks, Donnie.  (Donnie, At the very bottom of my column, after my infamous “Political Rants” you will find a map showing where my “stable” is located.  Copy that and bring with you.  The number at my guest house is 322-7984 so call ahead to make sure I am home.  Thank you so much for writing and I hope you continue to enjoy my column) 

Harry, Here’s an item for March’s Harry the Horse, if you deem it acceptable. About three months ago my woman purchased a bamboo couch, one of them that has a headrest on one end and other end is flat. The place of business is on McArthur next to BPI in Samsonville Subdivision, catty corner from McDonald’s, named A.T.F. Bamboo.  The owner’s name is Myra and her phone is:  09477799608.  After a few days, my lady noticed droppings like sawdust on the floor. This continued until the one side caved in. We contacted the business but they would not give her a new one and not even a discount on another item.  She wired it together but who knows how long that will last. A person came and looked at the bamboo and said they couldn’t fix it. She told him she wouldn’t buy anything again from them and texted the owner who has not answered. This was bought in October I believe and I left for the US Nov 15th and just got back Sunday. The owner said we should have taken it there when we first saw the droppings. It’s in the front part of apartment, garage area, and can be used bcoz it’s held together with twine at the damaged area. You would think that the owner would’ve offered another piece of furniture at a discount. Dave Dudkewicz.  (Dave, this Myra lady does not seem to be very nice.  Obviously, they did not care that they sold your woman a piece of bamboo furniture that had not been properly treated.  That is the problem with buying rattan or bamboo furniture for all too often they have not been treated properly.  I agree, Myra should have replaced that piece of furniture or given you your money back.  For me, the A.T.F. Bamboo store is one establishment I will not be shopping at, but to tell the truth, I don’t think Myra will give a damn one way or the other – UPDATE – After a lot of phone calls and frustration, the owner did respond, sent someone to check out the couch and finally a replacement was provided but Dave was still charged P400 pesos.  The replacement was treated and varnish applied.  Personally, I feel that the couch should have been replaced at no cost to Dave.  But, he was happy to finally get some consideration from the owner). 

Harry, I read the article about me and Jennifer getting married and I thank you for it. However, the article about the Snooker table in Blind Beggar is TOTALLY WRONG. I, ME, Vegas Dave, bought the table from AKI not Bill. I have a signed document both as a Deed Of Sale from AKI and a notarized document signed by Bill stating the table belongs to ME. Therefore, if Bill gave you the information as you have written, he is wrong. I would appreciate it if you can do a retraction next month in your March issue for legal reasons on my behalf. If you wish to see the documents signed that I spoke of, I will show them to you. I will talk with Bill soon to ask him why he stated to you he bought the table. I will stop by the hotel soon to discuss this matter more. Tks, Vegas Dave Hamilton. (Dave, thanks for the update.  Maybe I misunderstood Big Bill so no problem.  I will also try to stop by and see Bill before he sells the place and heads back to England for medical treatment)

Harry, I’ve enjoyed reading your web newsletters over the past couple of years. Thanks very much for the fun and informative website. I know that it takes you substantial time and effort to do this. It is much appreciated. You are to the Phils what stickman is to Thailand(and then some). I have a specific question. I am a single white guy, US citizen, in my late 30s. I was an expat in Singapore 2003-2007 and traveled to almost every other SEAsian country during that time, both for fun (normal tourism) and for pleasure. Have not been to the Philippines. I think I know SEAsia somewhat well and have at least a bit of common sense (never got into any trouble in Thailand, Indonesia etc). Am back in USA now but I am going on vacation this month and would like to visit Angeles for two days. Is it a good idea? Or do the recent murders mean no-go to AC for first-time-in-Phils folks? (I already have an airline biz/1st class award USA-Manila-Bangkok-Yangon-USA, can’t decide on whether to spend my four days in Manila or even Cebu vs. AC) Wayne.

(Wayne, do not even consider Manila, it is far too expensive unless you will skip the Clubs and do some sightseeing.  Two or four days in AC will be just fine for you.  If you notice you will see that most of the murders have been against long time residents or folks who have become involved with the wrong woman.  Believe me, you will be OK here and will no doubt want to plan a return trip.)

HEY THERE HARRY, DID YOU EVER RECIEVE THE CHILLI SAUCE I SENT YOU IN JANUARY, IF NOT I WILL ENQUIRE ABOUT IT AT A AUSTRALIA POST.  JUST READ YOUR COLUMN AND ENJOYED IT AS USUAL, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, AND STAY HEALTHY. Cheers, Bluey Hobbs.  (Yep, got it, added to my collection.  Sometimes I forget to send out acknowledgements.  How could I forget a man named “Bluey”) Harry, I have been in Manila for years, mostly in Makati but do visit Angeles often and follow your news letter. Two years ago just before Xmas a good friend of mine vanished. He was well know in the Makati and Angeles bar scene. He was also named in a gun smuggling operation in Subic of which the Captain of the ship was murdered in AC. His name is Dave Smith he was a Britt but also carried a US passport, I believe. I am wondering if any of your readers might have any idea what happened to him, he has wives, children and friends looking for him. Rumor has it that he was also murdered but has really vanished with no trace. I would like to keep my name and email out of this due to the nature of his business and business contacts but would love to know anything so I could pass it on to those that are interested. Thanks if you can help. “M”  (The name is familiar to me but can’t remember why.  I will publish in my Breaking News in case there is someone around with a better memory than me – If anyone is familiar with this guy please Email me at jimharryhorse@gmail.com.  I will forward to “M”)

Harry, If you could do me a favor and remove the picture and story about a lady I got involved with.  We are no longer together, actually the guy who contacted you about wanting to find me had an on- going relationship with her via dating site Cupid and was only interested in obtaining info about her. In two weeks time she faked a pregnancy, found small reasons to force a break up with me, and now has been receiving support from this guy 43 years her senior. I even warned this guy, and he’s still going forward, wish someone warned me about her and I wouldn’t have taken the plunge. Anyway, if you would remove it as a favor because I am kind of embarressed to have a picture of me with her on this site. I also don’t want any others contacting me once she dumps this guy. Yes its a terrible shame! thought she was a good girl. She is a “foreigner guy vacation escort” really a hooker, though she has a sophistication about her, she acts different from the typical “bar girl” though her take is better. She got me for new lap-top, clothes, gold earrings, and engagement ring. She even made a bootleg e-mail acct. supposedly her manager write me a letter telling me she was cleared for a one month furlough to be with me, all bogus. I am in the process of trying to get my ring back, though if not successful would you be interested in posting nude pictures she authorized me to take? My god, this Norman must have rocks in his head. If she did this to me, what do you think she’ll do to this guy. He just got done being scammed from one last year in Samar for almost the same items I gave this lady. I now realize my mistake, believing her and not listening to many others who knew her type. Though unlike this gentleman, I never had first hand knowledge of her game. Though I have nothing to show for it, had a lot of sex with her, she looks better than her sex was, haha.
Never again an internet girl! (Like I have written many times, many of these ladies you meet here or on the internet are conniving, dishonest wenches.  Don’t get me wrong, there are so many that can bring you so much happiness, just be so very careful.  You can be lucky and man, you can be very unhappy.  These dating sites like “Cupid” , if used are like gambling, you win some and you lose some.)

Hi Harry, Reading your nostalgic comments on the old Clark Air Force base made me remember that about two years ago I threw out the stereo and speakers I bought on the Clark Air Force base in May of 1979.   A Sansui G9000DB receiver and giant Kenwood speakers.  I still have the turntable but don’t know why I’m keeping it?  That stereo alone weighed 66 lbs. l can’t remember where I stored that equipment on the boat for the trip back toPearl Harbor? Attached are a few pictures ofSubicfrom my days in May of 1979. Take care,  NavyTom, Tom from Chicago, and just plain old “Tom”.  (Thanks Tom, always a pleasure to be able to post pictures from the old days. It brings back memories to a lot of the old timers that loved Subic and Angeles City – was happy to remove your last name – now, send more pictures.)      

Harry, I have been reading your newsletter for some time now having stumbled upon it on the web. I do find it quite informative in many respects but have recently started to notice that a lot of the content is based on gossip and unsubstantiated rumours and in the case of some contributors recently it may even have malicious intent. An example of this is the recent attacks on a certain establishment in Subic Bay. To me these attacks appear to be coordinated and probably coming from somebody with rival business interests. This kind of behavior is not uncommon in the Philippines. You should try to put yourself in the shoes of the proprietor in such a case. This should not too difficult as you are in a similar line of business and then think about how you would feel. (Not an attack, the person was legit in his complaint.  I like the place mentioned but for now I would be careful what I eat there.  It is a warning I appreciated and passed on. Those folks are more than welcome to respond, more so than they did to the person who became sick.  You see Mark, in my eatery, I would be extremely concerned and would certainly respond to a complainant in a more concerned manner and do my best to correct the problem – p.S. while visiting the Barrio recently I did meet a few locals that agreed the food in that establishment could be much better)
You seem to have developed a habit of believing everything you are told. You praise Louis Tan. I find this astonishing as I have had many contacts with this man and he is a prime example of everything that is wrong in the Philippines. (Many of us long time residents of AC know Maj Tan quite well.  There have been many times in the past where I have been critical of his activities but, when he does get something right, I do report accordingly.  At other times, you just have to read in-between the lines of what I write.  Louis Tan would make a great subject to be injected into a book about Angeles City, in a fictional sort of way, of course.  By the way, the next time you have contact with Maj Tan, please let him know how you feel.)
have similar praise for certain foreign personalities who are nothing more than glorified pimps. Well coming from Las Vegas I can see that you may not find much wrong with criminal activities, unless of course it effects you. (who are you to be so righteous – yes, it is true that every bar owner who employs dancers, GRO’s etc., could be called “pimps” by those narrow minded enough to do so. That is the nature of the business in this town, someday it may change, but for now, it is a fact of life.  I do not know if you live here in AC or not but I am acquainted with many of the bar owners and some are my friends.  Additionally, there are many different categories of criminals in this area and the Club owners are the least of my worries.  No doubt you must be one of the few foreigners that do not go to any of the clubs or associate with any of the girls here or anywhere else.  Good for you) Your recent article trying to find the wherabouts of somebody who was charged in a known criminal activity proves your naievety. Hasn’t it occurred to you that this person probably fled in fear of his life and those looking for him might have the intent to end his life? In a strange sort of way that makes you complicit Mr Horse. (that is an area you know little about Mark.  Arrest warrants have been issued for Santos, Joe and Tim.  Maybe they will be found and then maybe innocence or guilt can be finally determined.  David Balmer was a personal friend of mine and for sure, I want any suspects apprehended who can help solve the case and reveal the motive for such a horrible deed.  If that makes me “complicit” then I am quite happy to be so labeled) 
You could improve your newsletter considerably by sticking to fact not fiction. If there was a properly functioning legal system in the Philippines you could be sued for libel and slander, but unfortunately there is not. (There is a system for both libel and slander.  Go for it)
As for your claims that you are not or at least some of your views are not racist then I suggest you look up a definition of racism and then read back through some of the things that you have published.  It is not just a case of Black and White !  (As usual, most liberals and left wing thinkers love to use the race card.  I have very conservative views that I will continue to espouse, especially when it comes to illegal aliens and how to deal with them.  Most who read my column and my “opinions” agree and those who do not, I print their comments as well.  Hence, your comments will be published)

So take those “Blinkers” off Mr Horse and you will be surpised what you see in your peripheral vision, and a long hard look in the mirror may help also. (Maybe if I had two good eyes instead of only one, it might help but regretfully, the poor vision in one eye is not correctable, even with glasses and I am at that age where looking in the mirror depresses me) Stay well, Mark Middlestone (hopefully I will but age is rapidly taking its toll, but shucks, life is so very good while it lasts.  Now I must go visit one of my “pimp” friends.  Thank you for your in depth analysis of my writings)


(Ray, I do not have to say more.  Your words echo my sentiments.  I have just viewed some pictures of the bars located in Angeles back in the 60′s and I kick myself for not having taken and saved photos from when I first came here in 1977.  Even now, I plan to start taking pictures of the fronts of all bars that exist now, if I can get my lazy ass out to do it.  I anticipate a gradual change of Fields Ave over the next five to 10 years.  Angeles will always survive but the view will be ever changing. Thanks for writing)

First and Last Name: Nick Comments and Remarks: Hi. Harry. I have loved visiting your blog every month for a long time. While I read your new writings on every month I feel as if I were there, Fields Ave. That is the reason I am your big fan. I went there alone about seven years ago to enjoy my winter vacation. I stayed my favorite hotel; SunsetGarden for around one month.. After the vacation there, I had tried to find chances to go there back again. I am sure you already know the reason. Next winter I went there to attend an ESL Course at AU. English is a foreign language to me. It is a little difficult to write this letter in English. Anyway I have visited there several times and I am going to go there if I can. I am a 52 year old Korean man. I have read your articles about Koreans in AC and the changes Koreans have caused. I am sorry about that. There are lots of reasons we Koreans in AC have been mentioned to raise the prices and be rude. I am very sorry not to have English ability enough to explain that. Anyway I miss those days when I went there first. By the way I would like to explain the sentence you mentioned opposite the Dirty Duck. When I read your article about that sentence, I didn’t understand what the meaning was. After I saw the photo you posted beside the article, I realized what made you angry. Let me explain the sentence. Between the national flags, ‘Dokdo is KoreanTerritory!’ The subject of the sentence; Dokdo is the Korean island located in EastSea betweenKorea and Japan. Liancourt is another name in French. Japan has argued that the island belongs to Japan not to Korea. I don’t know why they argued that. We have lived the island for about two thousand years and guarded Dokdo by Korean Police. Koreans are eager to explain the situation by that slogan. Last year I read the slogan in New York Times. Apart from distressing situation caused by Koreans in AC, please get rid of misunderstanding about the slogan opposite Dirty Duck. I hope that I have a lucky chance to buy you a beer on my next visit as your blog fan. – Nick (Ah Nick, you are the second person to send me the explanation, but, regretfully, the perception remains, regardless of the history. It is good to know why they wrote that but because of their short negative history here in AC, it was taken in the wrong way and no doubt will continue to be so but your explanation will go a long way is correcting that misunderstanding.  I appreciate your taking the time to write and I am honored to have you as a fan of this column.  I hope you will come here again and take the time to visit me at my stable.  Maybe you can educate me a bit more in Korean traditions of which I admit ignorance.  By the way your English writing is more concise than many Emails I get from English speaking correspondents)I Google searched “Dokdo Island” and found the results to be interesting.  It had maps and pictures.  Here is a small portion of what I read:

The Dokdo Island Dispute Continues To This Day

At the time of this writing, Dokdo Island remains a point of heated contention, alongside other Japan–Korea disputes. The Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs considers its position “inalterable”. When Japan’s Shimane prefecture announced a “Takeshima Day” in 2005, ( see link ) Koreans reacted with demonstrations and protests throughout the country, extreme examples of which included a mother and son slicing off their own fingers, and a man who self-immolated. In 2006, five Korean “Dokdo Riders” embarked on a world tour to raise international awareness of the dispute. Another notable protest featured South Koreans decapitating pheasants in front of the Japanese Embassy. Although claimed by both Korea and Japan, Dokdo Island is currently administered by the Republic of Korea. Both nations’ claims extend back at least several hundred years. Significant arguments supported by a variety of historical evidence have been presented by both parties, which have been challenged by counter-arguments with varying degrees of success. North Korea supports South Korea’s claim.

Hi Harry, The “Korean Territory!!” sign on Fields is a clear message for the future of the area. My problem with the Korean’s who visit here; they are racist and want to exterminate all westerners.  They seem to have the money and power and are slowly going to accomplish this.  Its great to see the city grow, but it sickens me to see the price being paid. Barry W.  (Barry, “exterminate” might be a bit too strong.  I believe that they have an objective to dominate the business picture in the entertainment zone and they have the cash and resources to succeed.  Every time they get wind of a bar up for sale or land they are quick to try and snap it up.  Big Bill told me he was approached by a Korean to purchase the Blind Beggar and a deposit was made.  The Korean did not fulfill the requirements and wanted it at a reduced price and the deal fell through.  I have heard that the piece of land next to my “stable” was either sold or rented by a Korean.  I am not happy with that news.  The Koreans are not Muslims who do want to exterminate Westerners, instead, they just want control and cater to Korean customers only.  The problem is that the Filipinos own the buildings, not the Westerners, and the real estate prices have risen dramatically in the last year.  You can expect to see those owners taking advantage of the opportunities to grab those big bucks being offered by the Koreans.  I guess someday I will have to add Kimshee burgers to my menu)

 Hi Harry, The man you have ID’and pictured in your column is back at it again.   I was walking in front of Doll House when I heard, “Hey can you help out a fellow American?”  I looked up and there he was with his usual week old beard.  I kept walking since I have tried to have him arrested twice with enough evidence of his fraud to no avail and the last time he threatened me with physical harm.   He said he’s been in jail here before and has no trouble getting out. Duke  (funny, I was just thinking about this low life and wondering if he was still around.  I have not heard anything about him for a while until I received this Email.  Needless to say, do not have any dealings with this guy, he is working a con on unsuspecting tourists) 

hi Harry, im darren who comes from Wollongong in australia. Over the past 9 months ive been living between Angeles and cebu city,  ive got a little story to tell about the American beggar, i struck him 3 times one night as he was very abrupt in asking 4 money,  im always helping people in this lovely country, but on the 4th occasion when he asked 4 money out the front of kokomos, i was fed up, i went to throw a punch at him and tripped on the sidewalk, he got me with 2 great rights that shook me up,  Anyway i started to get the better of him when the tourist police broke it up. he ran up fields. i was asked if i wanted to press charges but I didnt fancy a trip down station 4 so i promptly declined.  Its funny, ive been coming and going for the last 6 months since that happened and i havn’t seen him, maybe they did get rid of him in the end.  Anyway, cheers Harry. P.S.  in no way am i trying to degrade Americans here by stating that he is one, the thing is we both know he is,  All of my American mates r the first to say that he should be deported and blacklisted.  Thanks Harry, Darren Walsh.

(Darren, regretfully this low life has, like a bad penny, showed up again recently.  Could you take him on again and give him a good bashing?  Contact me first so I can take some good pictures)

Comments and Remarks: Dear Harry, What is the update on Mark Dizon? Do we have to wait till July? I hope he tries to escape!!!! I will be waiting for him..with both barrels!!! It is really sad that the justice system cannot put him away forever with such strong evidence that he commited 9 murders!! I live in Oasis hotel Apartments (next to where Abby was murdered July 2010) and have been there full time since 2007. A regualr visitor to Makati and Ermita since 1988 and of course the Blue Boar inn in recent times. I really aprereciate this newsletter! Look forward to catching up and very glad that you are able to continue this newsletter. best regards Dave M.

Dear Harry, As a keen follower of your blogs – living in the UK I am interested to find out how the trial of Mark Dizon is progressing or not. One of the victims of this alleged killer was Jim Bolton, my best friend for 20 years and also murdered was Melissa Madarang. Both families of the two murdered are still bereft – even more so in that Melissa’s brother, who never really came to terms with the loss of his sister, recently committed suicide in Pangasinan. I would be keen to have any updates…but for obvious reasons I would like you to keep our identities and email address confidential. Look forward to hearing from you and good luck and congrats on your excellent articles and comments. (I will check to see what hearings are scheduled at Regional Court 58.  Regretfully, any legal procedures here move at a snails pace and I have not taken the time to check the trial dates.  I will get back on it this month.  Once out of the news people tend to forget that the pain of relatives and close friends remain, even more so when a killer or killers remain unpunished and express no remorse at all.  It is also annoying that the news media here never bother with follow-up stories on major crimes, especially those involving foreigners)
Greetings Harry, just sitting here reading the Feb newsletter.  For starters I am really amazed at how much the P.I. is/has changed (in some ways) from when I first put a foot on the Islands way back in 1968.  Over all the years it seem pretty much the same, many years go by without progress!!.  Then after the U.S. left I noticed the Russians were trying to get a foot in the door down in the Subic area but that was replaced by the Japanese for a few years and now all I see is a massive overtaking of about everything by the Koreans which I do not see as changing at anytime in the future.  About five years ago I noticed that they were changing the outlook of Clark but on my last visit last year it was really disturbing to me.  One example was I stopped in to a little Korean Restaurant up around the Seoul Hotel on Perimeter road.  I was the only American or foreigner in the place and was actually treated like an outcast.  I had to ask for a menu, no refills on the Ice Tea and pretty much a blank stare from the waitresses.  The side rooms were naturally filled with Korean’s and their girlfriends having a large dinner party.  I experienced the same service in a couple of small bars in which the majority of the customers were Korean/Japanese.  Basically what I am saying is that it was nothing that I have ever experienced in my 40 plus years of visiting the P.I.  I naturally am very experienced in playing the bar scenes, am a average looking guy and always tip well as have a jovial personality and treat the girls with great respect. (Rod, just stay away from the Korean establishments, they really do not want our business) I am having some very serious health issues at this time and it will be my last visit to the P.I. unfortunately but with that said if I had additional years I probably would not come back again after my next visit which is scheduled in early March (Rod has been battling cancer for a few years now and the doctors have told him that his condition is terminal).  Many people say the P.I. is still cheap which I would have to argue that statement.  When one counts up all the costs of an average afternoon (say a couple of hours) in a small bar with a few girls at your table, buying four or five lady drinks for two or three girls, a little food and possibly an EWR or bar fine—its easy to leave a $100 bill there.  One can do the same in a good club in the USA with the exception you don’t have the variety to choose from as well as no bar in the world can replace the attitudes and personalities of the P.I. girls.  That is impossible to do and would argue that with anyone.  I guess that is what I enjoy the most when I come to the P.I. (No argument from me on that Rod) Anyway bottom line is that “it is what it is”.  How are you doing these days Harry?  Are you having many bad effects from what you recently went through in the USA(I lost my singing voice which was never good to begin with, am now waiting to audition for the Godfather 4 movie)?  I will be arriving late night on the 2nd  of March.  Was going to stay at the Lewis Grand Hotel (LGH) as James gave me some decent rates but have decided on staying at a new hotel down by the Check Point called the Devera Hotel.  They gave me the promotional rates for the executive room which are most reasonable and thus far the Airport pickup as well as the communication exchange between their reservationists has been outstanding.  I still like staying up on the Perimeter road area but it doesn’t seem too safe walking the side streets at night.  Will have to see how it goes and will let you know.  Let me know when it’s a good time to stop by the stable to spend some P’s with the girls at your bar,  Also going to have some follow up dental work completed with Dr. Tey (Smile Makeover Dental Clinic).. We are getting some welcome rain here today in West Texas.  We are in rough times out here these past few years and as of now we have less than two years of water supply here at this time.  Pretty soon water will be more valuable than oil!!  But give Obama four more years and we won’t be able to afford to live the American lifestyle anyway. All for now Harry, look forward to hearing from you.  Will bring you some more of that “No Name West Texas Seasoning” with me again this time.  Semper fi rod. (I hope I can help in making your last trip here a memorable one.  You are one hell of a tough Marine and I want to take you to visit Garfields where you can meet some other great veterans) UPDATE 1 MAR:  Regretfully, Rod became too sick to make the trip.  He had to cancel his hotel reservation and his flight.  He does not expect to recover enough to make that one last trip back to the PI)

Harry I like your newsletter, but your Barack bashing really sucks.  Can you at least air another opinion (political) besides your own.  I know its your newsletter but isn’t one of the goals of journalism (objectivity)?  Your goal too.   You take a perfectly good newsletter and hose it up with your Barack bashing.  Do you think  George Bush was great?  If you do then I am wasting my time goodbye! Jeff (George was not great but, yes, you are wasting your time, goodbye!)

Greetings to Scott and Jackie Grant who will be moving to Angeles City in the near future from Las Vegas, Nevada.  Scott has had two hip replacements and some cancer treatment on his leg.  I figure we can spend a lot of time together discussing our mutual aches and pains.

Hi Harry….glad you are doing so well vs. the cancer.  Hang tough and lick it!  You’ve licked worse things!  (ha ha..like some of those “should have, if I could have” babes..)  just joking..I don”t wanna get you in the “doghouse” here!  Sorry to read about all the crime, “set-ups”, greedy cops, Raids on bars, Koreans trying to “take over” everything, etc.  Sounds like the END of the WORLD, as WE knew it. Sounds like Perimeter Rd. is the place to go, now.  (I agree Danny.  The bars are less expensive and friendlier but the action stops early and then it is Fields Ave time). Fields Ave. is risky “R & R” nowadays!   And I read that even Bikini’s were “OFF LIMITS”… Wow…that really SUCKS!! Things haven’t been this bad since 1972 when we had to stay ON BASE during the first few weeks of Martial Law.  Actually, things were better then, in some ways! As much as I would love to book my flight to Manila, or Clark….I am booking my 2 month vacation to Pattaya, Thailand, this time, Harry. I want the Bozo’s at City Hall and Police HQ, to READ this and see all the money they WON’T be GETTING!!! (They don’t care as they still make their money one way or the other).  As much as I love Angeles, and dropping by your stable, I am downright AFRAID to come!  AND I am an OLD COWBOY..  FROM WAY BACK!  I know all the hustles, CONS, tricks, and rip-offs, but I have read about too many murders, and friends going to JAIL.  Not my idea of a Pleasure TRIP!!! All my best to you and the Stable, Harry. (I hate to see you give up on us completely.  We have our ups and downs here but we still have fun but probably not as much as you can find in Pattaya) God Bless you for all your fine work with the Poor Kids, Hungry folks, Sick and Under-Privileged.  Amazing!  You and Mrs. Horse are HERO’S! THANKS! DANNY LONG, Clearwater, Florida (Thanks Danny but we don’t do it alone.  There are folks here who each year help us financially and with donations of clothes, candy and toys which allow us to reach out to more people). 

Harry, I went out to AC last night with my nephew. The first spot we hit was Dunk Shot (That was a mistake, this bar caters to Koreans and rich Filipinos.  You are asking to be hustled going into a place like that.  But it seems like you paid P150 each for the drinks which is not totally unreasonable.  Your mistake was buying the ladies drink which I bet she gulped down in record time), which shocked me quite a bit with a 360 peso price tag for a drink for a lady who was literally forced on me. It was about 95% full of Koreans when we got there, so I guess they can afford that amount, but we finished our mandatory 2-drink minimum, while watching robot-looking girls with no apparent pleasure in their work take to the stage one after the other, and took off. For 4 drinks for us and 1 for the lady, we were out almost 1000 pesos,

including tips (within a 30-minute time frame). We then headed to Fields and decided to chill out at Tropix. The mamasan there is our friend, and the place was OK. I noticed that the ladies’ drinks there cost 250 pesos; nothing to spit at, but still a bargain compared to Dunk Shot. All in all, for some reason, it was definitely not as much fun as we’ve become used to since I first got here in 2004. Or it could be that in 2004 I was 40, and now I’m 48 :)  (Yep, inflation is a killer and the prices will keep on rising as long as the Club owners keep getting the customers willing to pay)

Harry, Last night I went to about 8 bars in the fields area. Only 2 of them had what I would consider a decent line-up and only one line-up was making an effort to get the customers walking through the door to feel welcome. I was shocked at how many customers were walking into the bar, standing around for a few minutes and then walking back out without buying a drink. I’ve never been a fan of this behavior and have never done this before except for a bar with zero dancers however I think I’m starting to change my view on this. Nowadays we are talking 70 or 80 pesos for a drink in happy hour and around 100 a beer outside of that. If you can’t get at least a smile, hello or even eye contact from any of the girls then should you stay? More than a few times last night I visited bars that had few customers and maybe over 50 girls and yet customers would enter and get zero attention. After about a minute of surveying the bar the customers walked back out again. I’m coming around to understanding this approach with choosing bars to have a drink in, especially for those guys on limited time or limited budgets. Maybe walking out of bar where the customer doesn’t get any contact at all when entering a bar will help send the right message to the bar and girls? Or is this too harsh? Bender.  (Nothing wrong with pick and choose.  Why waste even the price of one drink if the place is not friendly)


The Balmer case was raffled to Judge Philbert Iturralde who is also the judge in the Mark Dizon trial.  The City prosecutor will be Junnie Esplana.  The warrants of arrest were issued on January 24, 2012.  There are actually two cases.  One case for David Balmer and one for Elma DeGuia.  Both warrants list all three suspects.  This was a very long time in coming and many will wonder if the two American suspects, Tim Kaufman and Joe Tramontano will ever be brought back here to answer the charges and defend themselves.  I have to find out how this system works now, for example, is there a process for extradition and what kind of coordination is there with the US and the Philippines.  I suspect we will never see them here and I also suspect that there are more people involved with this murder who do not want them back here.

Once again we have words of wisdom and predictions from the notorious “Road Slut” otherwise known as Neil, previous owner of Roadies.  Neil refers to his four different contacts in AC that have told him “there has been a hit list put together by a group within city hall in conjunction with a small group of station 3 and 4 PNP … something as was apparent several years ago calling themselves the JOJO gorup.  The hit list has been compiled with assistance from city treasury on overdue on non payment of correct taxes…this list out of city treasury has come about due to recent audits ordered on several local tax accountants that handle the bars BIR and Tax accounting each month.  This city is bankrupt and with a looming election due next year many want to go out with huge pensions…this has been confirmed by my contact within city hall who states he has not been paid his normal salary since November 2011 and was not paid his Christmas bonus and 13th month salary…This is the reasoning behind establishing a kind of HIT SQUAD under the guise of human trafficking and underage employees…I’m also led to believe negotiations between this newly formed group and othere NGOs have been taking place just tdhis past week.  Im also informed this group has recruited foreigners as set up agents…already confirmed by my contact in city hall is there is 1 Asian American guy and 2 Malaysians and 1 korean that are to be used in sting operations…I have been forwarded the hitd list and it includes 9 Fields ave bars and 3 perimeter rd bars.”  So, there you have it.  Neil (Road Slut) has put out his warning for one and all  and to quote Neil once again “just take care out there guys…it’s going to get rough…in my opinion”. 

Last month there was a request to assist in contacting a Bevelyn Ward and her daughter Kaylene.  I was provided an address and was able to find the house.  Bevelyn and her daughter are now living in the Netherlands and Rodney K, who asked for assistance was able to find out the contact information and provided the data to the executor of the estate.  I was happy to have played a small part in locating the where-a-bouts of Bevelyn.


For sure, there has been a rash of murders, robberies and crime in general against foreigners here in Angeles City of late, but in the resort town of Hua Hin,Thailand it appears to be much scarier.  I might enjoy visiting this place as a tourist but as far as retiring there or going into business —- forget it!  It does appear that their police attitude towards killings of foreigners appears to be similar to what we have here, but this is what you learn to live with once you decide to live in a foreign country.  The alternative is to jump on that plane back to your home country.  I hope that will never enter my mind unless it is for medical reasons. Story credit to: A ‘Flying Sporran Inquiry’ Hua Hin, February 1 2012.
Justine Ayling and her husband Paul took their 12-yr-old son to Thailand for a new life and to be close to Paul’s retired parents.  They designed and built their own luxury home and enjoyed the balmy weather and beautiful beaches of Hua Hin, 160 miles south of Bangkok. Close by were Paul’s parents Anita and Michael, and Paul’s brother Stephen also ran a successful building business there. But what they did not know was that in this Royal city, where the revered King of Thailand Bumiphol Adulyadej keeps his Summer Palace called ‘Far from worries’ murders and attacks on foreigners are far from rare, particularly when business is involved.

But in keeping with the city’s royal image, it is claimed, the authorities have not exactly been pulling out all stops investigating some horrific attacks in the town. Today Paul Ayling, 48, a carpenter and kitchen fitter is in a coma from which he may never recover. Justine is trying sell their £430,000 pool villa to get back home. Her memories are bitter. The family are divided. Paul and Justine were already planning their return home last December.  Paul had decided Hua Hin was a place for retirees, not for him. Having sold his car Paul and Justine had just taken their Scott to private school on their small step-through Honda Fina motorbike last November 21st and were returning home when two men stepped out into the road, one with a wooden club. The first went behind Paul’s bike. The second wielded his club crashing Mr. Ayling’s skull. Paul and Ayling went veering off the road covered in blood and with Paul’s brains spilling out, and the two men casually wandered off dropping the wooden club in the middle of the road. Why? Paul’s father Michael Ayling, 69, from Canvey Island, put out a reward. Within five days he had been told the names of the attackers and who had hired them.  He is convinced it was just a warning. He is convinced the information he has been given is true. In fact he believes many people know. Paul had been in dispute with a Thai company who had just completed a decorating contract on his house. He withheld £400 complaining of shoddy workman ship. Being in the trade himself he used a few expletives to describe their work – not an advisable move anywhere, but especially not in Thailand. Said Justine,42 :  “The wallpaper had to be painted over because each roll was a different shade, and they left paint everywhere.  The carpenter also botched the job in the kitchen and Paul had to fix it himself. My husband is a carpenter and kitchen fitter himself and is meticulous about his work.  He withheld part of the payment, about £400, about one third, and had referred the matter to lawyers.” But then she said they received an email unusually in word perfect English from the Thai contractor. “It would be better for you to pay us and have this finished once and for all. If you refuse to pay us we have other means to make you pay but let us do the best and soft way first. Please also pay the carpenters as they don’t know how to play soft”. She added: “I held Paul in my arms. He was covered in blood. His brain was spilled out. It is difficult to believe someone would do something like this for the equivalent of £400”. Michael Ayling passed the information on to police but he claims they seemed uninterested.  Police never did forensics at the scene of the crime. In fact they never even set up a crime scene. According to Justine:  “After the attack I saw the man who hit Paul just throw the piece of the wood down in the road.  When police came to investigate they picked up, but did not wrap it up, and the last time I saw it, it was leaned against a cupboard in the police station. They never cordoned off the area to check whether either or both of these two men had been smoking or drinking while they waited.” All this comes as little surprise to expatriates living in Hua Hin, one of whom refers to the town jokingly as ‘Hua Hit Man’. But without exception they will only talk off the record about local police and politics. Justine wrote to her local paper wishing to pay for an advertisement for witnesses to the incident.  She was quickly turned down. This is the reply she got from the Editor, Gerard Mosselman who refused her advertisment: “Writing critically about crime does not help Hua Hin.  A former local foreign newspaper was closed because they criticised local developers and Thai Police. We are a foreign News Media who have permission to make local and international tourist , real estate, events and other news except ..criminal and political news.“In addition, last week, an editor of a newspaper in Phuket was shot to death because he criticised publicly certain things he did not agree with. I hope you understand our situation. Publicising the deeds on your husband will, unfortunately, not reverse the brutal attack.” There are of course no laws preventing the reporting of crime, but police in Thailand control the newspaper licenses. Upset the police and editors can possibly lose their newspapers. That may be why the following attacks on Britons and other foreigners in the resort got little local play in the press.

Keith Burbage, 48, from Kensington, a former director of The Stationery Office, (once Her Majesty’s Stationery Office) fled to live in South America after almost being clubbed to death in a dispute with a housing developer in Hua Hin, whom he claimed cheated him out of £40,000. He was ambushed in the dark after a night out with friends and beaten to the ground with wooden clubs. He says today: “There is a lot aboutThailandthey do not tell you in the brochures.  I did not feel safe in Hua Hin. If you fight the cheats you can die. There was no investigation into the attack on me.” Former garage proprietor Raymond Hind, 68, fromCheshunt, was not so lucky. He was stabbed and clubbed to death in his retirement home in Hua Hin in 2010. Expatriate friends were so angered at the lack of police action that they started their own ‘fighting fund’ to bring the culprits to justice and raised £11,000. But even though police announced the arrests of the murderers, Hind’s Thai wife, Fon, now 40, and her brother, Pomgrit. The brother has since fled and the wife has been released without charge. Said one of the fund raisers, aged 72: “We are trying to bring a private case. But his wife has announced that she has over 70 million baht (£1.4 million) at her disposal.” Former US Marine Donald Whiting, 67, is paralysed from the waist down. First his car was firebombed. Then he was shot four times at his front door.  Donald Whiting was in a business dispute over bills relating to the house he has bought from Briton Darren Oxley from Sheffield. The gunman has confessed and testified in court that he was paid 200,000 Thai baht (£4000) by Janpen Oxley, 38, Darren Oxley’s Thai wife, to carry out the fire-bombing and finally shooting. But, despite that and a record of a bank transaction, Mrs. Oxley is out on bail and lives in one of the biggest mansions in the resort where Oxley hosts party bashes inviting local police and town officials. Said Mr. Whiting: “My argument was with Darren Oxley. But he has not been touched, and even if his wife is found guilty she will appeal, and then she will appeal again to the Supreme Court. The whole process could take ten years. I may not be around.” Nevertheless the Aylings plan to continue to fight for justice for Paul. Added Michael Ayling: “We are concerned because the person, whom we are told paid them, has a lot of influence in the area and has boasted to us that a close relative is a local judge.” Michael Aylng is determined his son’s attackers will be brought to justice. The family had been split he said. Paul’s brother Stephen had not been to visit in hospital.  This may have something to do with his running a building business in the resort town and just not wanting to get involved, he added. But Stephen has put up a 200,000 (4,000 pounds) baht reward for information.

No doubt there are some folks around town that remember the name “Johnny Angeles”.  He used to spend a lot of time here in AC, especially, I believe, at the Ponderosa.  Johnny is an ex-fireman from good old Darwin, Australia and there he still lives, though not as comfortably as he would like.  Johnny sends his regards to his old mates here and everywhere from the Darwin Correctional Center where he has a reserved cell to himself for the next 20 years.  The population of this facility I have learned is about 70% Aborigines who enjoy a drink or two.  They are usually in for three to six months at a time, released and then return again after partying too hard.  So, Johnny has plenty of company but I suspect he might be missing his trips to Angeles City.

Greetings to Lee Wilson, from Anchorage, Alaska, who stopped by to see me but had to leave a note since I was out.  Thanks for stopping by my stable and I am happy that you enjoy this column.  I am feeling quite well but am continuing follow-up exams to make sure that all remains well.  Hope we get to meet on your next trip here.

This 16 year old young man would like to meet his father. The father he last saw 12 years ago.  He is hoping that someone will know Raymond (Ray) Donald Patrick Lawrence. Ray was married to one Marina Lawrence and living in the Philippines when their son Matthew Raymond Lawrence was born.  Ray was quite proud of this boy and spent many hours with him but regretfully, the marriage did not work out and Ray left the country, initially, to return to England (year 2000).  At one time he was employed by Kay International plc, Insurance & Reinsurance Brokers, at Langham House, 29/30 Margaret St., London.  Regretfully, since his departure he has not communicated with his family here.  Ray was a great guy, a hell of a good dart player, and a good father.  It is not uncommon for families to break up but the one to suffer is, most often, the children.  Matthew, at 16, has the natural desire to know his father.  He is a scholar at school and has already been awarded a scholarship to college.  Matt was a spoiled little monster when he was younger but he has not grown into a son that any Dad would be proud of.  Ray, if you get to read this, drop your son a line at:  matthew.lawrence18@yahoo.com.

New Airline starts up in Clark, Air Phil Express with destinations to Davao, Cebu, Puerto Princessa and Kalibo.  Cheap seats available now, but not for long.  This is good news as there is more competition and more flights out of Clark (DMIA).  For more info check out http://www.airphilexpress.com/ 

Notice:  Robert Morrow, currently living in Baguio, please get in touch with Ronald Benbow in Angeles City, regarding a one year old debt incurred by you for medical care at Sacred Heart Hospital.  Ronald fronted you the money as a loan and he is still waiting for repayment after one year.  Maybe you forgot??

Detroit Al is one of the best website developers in Angeles City and works for Bastogne Consulting Inc.  He developed the Yufuin website and had this to say about it:   “I think it is the best restaurant website in Angeles City.  (and I’m not just saying that because I built it).  Check it out here: http://yufuin-ph.com.  The Yufuin is a first class Japanese restaurant located on first street. Allen Konkolesky

(I wonder what that Tempura ice-cream desert tastes like?  Guess I will have to give it a try)

CLARK FREEPORT, Pampanga, Philippines – With the name of former President Diosdado Macapagal now relegated only to the passenger terminal, the rechristened Clark International Airport (CIA) here will get a P1 billion loan from the Land Bank of the Philippines (LBP) for upgrading works. “I will sign the loan agreement on Feb. 21 and this loan manifests confidence in the progress now happening at the airport,” said Clark International Airport Corp. (CIAC) president and chief executive officer Victor Jose Luciano. This, even as Luciano debunked speculations that the renaming of the 2,400 aviation complex under the CIAC was politically motivated. “Pres. Aquino had nothing to do with it. It’s just that the (CIAC) board thought old name Clark is most pragmatic since the name has been known internationally through almost a century of its being a part of the US military base,” he explained in a press briefing here. Luciano said no board resolution was needed for the shift to the name Clark since the board resolution done in 2000 that honored former President Diosdado Macapagal, father of detained ex-President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo actually referred only to the terminal and not to the entire aviation complex. “We are just refocusing the name of the complex since it was the name that was there from the start even after the terminal was named after Macapagal,” he added. Luciano said that the P1 billion LBP loan is expected to help the CIA cope with the increasing number of passengers. “We are looking at a 10 million capacity per year,” he said, noting that the present terminal, which had undergone a series of expansions since the Americans officially abandoned Clark in 1992, can accommodate only about 2.5 million passengers annually. Initially, however, a new “budget terminal” that could accommodate five million passengers annually is being eyed for completion in 2015. “It takes about three years for such a terminal to be finished,” Luciano noted. Apart from foreigners landing here, the CIA is also capturing the potential market covering some 25 million residents of regions north of Metro Manila. “They don’t have to go to Manila to go abroad or reach other parts of the country,” Luciano said.  He also said he expected the CIA to process some 1.2 million passengers this year on the premise of even just 50 percent filled capacity of aircraft. He said bidding for the terminal expansion project will be held on March 5 so that the project could be started by early next year. “At present, Thailand is regarded by Europeans as their gateway to Asia. With more international and domestic flights coming into Clark, we can shift this perspective as Europeans would be interested to see what they have not yet seen here,” he said. Foreigners landing at Clark would now be able to reach other tourism destinations in the country amid the slated regular daily flights of Air Philippines, AirAsia, SeaAir and Cebu Pacific to more destinations in the country.

<http://www.philstar.com/ArticleListByAuthorName.aspx?AuthorName=Ding+Cervan tes> By Ding Cervantes (The Philippine Star) Updated February 20, 2012 12:00 (Personally I could care less if this name change was political or not!  I am so very happy to see the airport renamed as the (Clark International Airport, CIA) as it was a pain in the butt to write out what DMIA was short for.  I agree with Victor Luciano that the CIA reflects the long standing history of Clark as the former US Air Force Base.  Clark International Airport sounds great now, please, build that new terminal and get those damn international flights here at CIA, I am running out of time and Mr. Luciano promised me, publicly, that I would live to see those flights here.  Somehow, if I do, I think I might be so old they will have to carry me onto the plane)

I attended a briefing recently in which, at long last, it was announced that a new drainage system will be constructed from MacArthur to the end of the walking street, just pass the Carousel Club.  The construction will be on the left side of the street starting at the Genesis club, to Kokomo’s, further to the Carousel and end at the entrance of the walking street.  It will be a bit of a mess as the sidewalks will be removed and replaced and the businesses along the strip will be responsible for personal expenses expended in finishing off the new sidewalks.  This is phase one, the other side will experience the same procedure at a later date.  We were told that construction should have started already so I expect to see a start by the beginning of March, if not earlier. There will be 14 manholes installed and businesses will not be allowed to extend their drainage systems to the actual pipes but will have to connect with the manholes.  We were told it will be fast tracked so that the disruption to vehicle and foot traffic is short lived.


After viewing the Hot Air Balloon festival so many times over the years I decided to give it a pass this time.  The traffic getting there is a pain in the ass, the parking is a hassle with the dust and parking fee and then the walk to the entrance and a longer walk to the exhibits is more than my old legs like.  Additionally, it is nearly the same each year so I leave it to the younger folks and the newbies.  Another reason is that I can see the balloons taking off early in the morning from the terrace of our guest house, but I only got up early to do this one time.  Then, one day, unexpectedly, me and some customers at the Hang Out got a surprise close up view as some balloons were filled up with air and took off nearly across the street from us.  My goodness, it was great and it even caused the temporary cessation of conversation and consumption of cold beers.  This is the first time such a close up view was available to those of us enjoying an early evening on Perimeter road.  I wonder if they could do that again next year.

Clive Pollington, the long time owner of what was “Roy’s Pub”, suffered a mild stroke which has affected his ability to walk.  At this time he is mobile but must use a walker.  He has declared that he will return to work at the Bourbon Street condo’s on A. Santos Street.  Clive is well known for his gentlemanly ways and is quite popular. We all wish him a speedy complete recovery from this minor setback to his health.

Condolences to Ken Graham of Coyote Ugly fame on the passing of his wife, Lydia.  She had a stroke and was recovering but two weeks after the stroke died of a massive heart attack.  Shortly after the wake at the Coyote Hotel, Ken, after consuming a few drinks fell down a flight of stairs at the hotel but is recovering nicely.

Word has reached me that construction on a new Condo complex situated on the property adjacent to the Silly Hat and what used to be the location of the “Big Hits” Club will begin on 1 March.  It will be a 10 story building featuring 140 condo units for sale. This will be a very large scale project and the the first of four buildings to be constructed on the property that stretches from the Silly Hat Club to the corner and also the back lots as well.  This is a massive undertaking by PROJEXASIA (The picture depicts one of the buildings for phase one.  It is a beauty). Incidentally, I was told that the “Galleon” has NOT been sold but supposedly the PROJEXASIA Company has the 1st option to buy when the Laperal family, in Manila, decide to negotiate a sale.  My goodness, I hope it will happen soon as this has been an eyesore for many years now.  When I first arrived here in 1977 it housed a rattan factory and I witnessed a rather big fire within the premises one night.  Prior to the Pinatubo a Robert Sullivan and company were transforming the place into a viable business project but the eruption put a halt to that.  Then, for years afterward, Robert kept coming up with various grandiose plans that never seemed to get off the ground.  This was followed by a legal conflict between the Laperal family and Sullivan which was ongoing for quite some time.

The Galleon was also used to house, temporarily, locals who lost their homes as a result of the volcano.  This is one building that has a long history from when it was first conceived to be a hotel until now when it stands as one ugly shell of a building.

The GrandView Tower
project is nearing completion.  The roof top pool has been partially filled with water and is undergoing a 30 day test for leakage before it is drained and properly filled.  The Condo units are going quickly and at this time only nine units are left for sale.  By the way, not only does the architecture of the building look quite handsome, especially the lobby, but I am including a picture of the very beautiful staff waiting to serve you.  They told me that they are all single but I kind of think a few of them might be spoken for already.

In the near future construction will be started on a 250 hotel to be built on Clark. More details to follow as I learn them.

BIRTHDAY GREETERS:  I have to thank the many readers of my column and friends that sent me happy birthday greetings by Email and by Facebook.  My goodness, it took me forever to answer each one of the Facebook notices.  I am not that proficient in the use of this medium but I did get a taste of how many people do use it.  Thank goodness I have no idea how to use Twitter.  I will insert three pictures of a few lads that came by to share a few drinks with me.  No names necessary, they all know who they are.  I did not have a party but did take the family to MacDonald s on Sunday afternoon.  I had all these discount coupons that were to expire on 29 Feb so I figured this was a good way to use them up.  We went to the one on Clark and the manager there was great.  It was the best time to go, not many people there and we got to use the party room.  Mrs. Horse treated me to the buffet at Holiday Inn the night before and we got a free cake from them which we used on Sunday.  It was FUN!  My 85th birthday, will be a bit more grander of which each and everyone of you are invited, make your plans now.

MIMOSA GOLF COURSE – For the last year or so I have received many notes of discontent with the operation of this golf course on Clark.  Not being a member and especially, not very interested in golf I could only listen and commiserate with those that had spent a lot of money on memberships but felt unhappy about recent policies.  It is my intention to visit the Golf Course management and see if I can get some comments regarding their feelings about recent complaints, especially as to the new policy regarding Corporate memberships.


Brian Nolansun contacted me to pass on that he has this very nice, small, but not too small house for rent at a very reasonable price.  I had the opportunity to visit Brian and have a walk through and agree with him that it is an ideal house for a single person or a small family.  We were impressed with the interior, the view from the back and the yard in front.  It has a water pressure tank, cable connection, etc.  It is well worth giving it a look see.  It is fairly close to the Marquis Mall and a school.  It is located at B69-A Marlim Extension, Pulung Maragul.  You can contact his wife for further information at Email maridel_fernandes@yahoo.com.ph.  I also saw that roads are being paved in the area and new housing projects are being constructed.  Here are more details:

House & Lot 150 sqm, House area 100sqm, Fully furnished, Located in the rual setting behind the LivingStoneInternationalSchool, B-69-A Marlim Extention Pulung Maragul Ageles City Pampanga Philippines.
Situated 5 minutes from Fields Avenue & 5 minutes from Marquee Mall
2 Bathrooms, 1 with Hot Water.
2 Bedrooms, 1 Romp room
Lounge, Dinning room & standard kitchen.
Unlimited Internet connection, Sat TV,
46in LED TV, DVD, 100W IPOD Speakers.
Main Bedroom airconed.
Lounge & Dinning area airconed with 3 hp unit.
Anything can be arranged, Maids, Airport Pick up/drop off, 24hr Trike, Vehicles, Tours ect.
House is Avaliable for weekly or Monthly rental, please contact Mr Brian Nolan via email for further information. briannolan86@hotmail.com



2-4 March – Oh boy, this will be great!  I received this message recently:  Harry, Ive read your newsletter quite a few times over the years and its always been a good read. If you weren’t already aware, I just wanted to inform you that the annual Pangaea Cup Slo Pitch Softball Tournament that is normally held in Manila every year, has changed venues to the Parade Grounds inside Clark. The dates are March 2,3,4. The tournaments on the Slopitch circuit around Asiaare always a good time and this promises to be a great venue. (Man, this will bring back memories of when the AF base was here and we got to watch some great softball tournaments.  For sure I will be out to see the action.  I will bring my own hot dogs) Phillie’s Sports Grill – Beginning 1 Marthey will present the Phillie’s “Weigh-Out” buffet from 1100 – 1400 hrs.  You will pay P10 for every 30 grams of food.  Hot and cold items will be offered, such as roast port, chicken, pizza, salad bar, veggies and fresh fruit.


Good old Maj Tan, Station Four let me down on these.  I requested updates but did not hear from him.  I found the following information in the 14 Feb edition of the Philippine Inquirer, reported by Jun Malig, Inquirer Central Luzon. “Deadly heart attack – A Canadian tourist died from an apparent heart attack inside a night bar on Fields Ave, here on Friday, three days after an Austrian leapt from the rooftop of a seven story hotel in Malabanias village, also in this city. (pictures and story were posted in my “breaking news”). Stephen Edward Dooley, 53, was accompanied by a woman to the Road House Bar at 6:40 P.M. when he collapsed, police said.  He was brought to Angeles University Foundation Medical Center where he died (in my opinion AUF is the worse place to take someone having a heart attack) Police identified the Austrian tourist who jumped to his death on Feb 7 as Norbert Walser, 75,who used the name “Tom Miller” when he registered at Grand View Tower Hotel.  Walser used his true identity when he booked at the nearby Clarkton Hotel.  The hotel staff told the police that they were looking for the Austrian when he failed to return to his room for two days”.


Michael Manzig has the distinction of being the perfect tourist for the ladies here in Angeles City.  He is divorced, still at an acceptable age, no kids, is doing well financially as a commodities investor and plans to spend more of his time here.  He is also a very interesting man whose parents came from the Ukraine/Poland.  They were World War 2 migrants that the Germans used for forced labor.  In 1951 they found themselves in a displaced persons camp.  They eventually made their way to Perth, Australia where Michael still lives.  He first came to the Philippines in 2000 and has made four more trips since then.  He likes to spend his time here when during the Perth winter season.  He also likes to stay in Barrio Barretto, Subic as he likes the ocean.  When in the Barrio he stays at the Sheaven’s Hotel and when visiting Angeles City, enjoys the comfort of the Wild Orchid Hotel.  I was impressed with Michael and found talking to him to be very interesting.  He is quiet and very serious.  He does not plan to live here permanently as he likes his life in Perth too much to give that up.  I have often written that men who are widowed, divorced and without any serious attachments should visit Angeles City at least once.  Michael is one who appreciates the merit of that advice.


Whenever possible I like to feature a lady who does not work in the bars, has an education, is good looking, has personality and who I think would make someone one hell of a good wife.  Of course, a bit of formal courtship would be required but if all goes well, the effort would be worthwhile.  When I attended the surprise birthday party for Dennis Wright last month my wife and I had the enjoyable experience of meeting NT Reality Employee Fatimar Genonangan, 24 years old.  She is a graduate of Holy Angel University with a HRM degree.  She hails from Biliran Island.  Her previous work experience was with a Marriott Hotel in Singapore and as a waitress with the Clarkton hotel for 8 months.  She likes swimming, scuba and snorkeling.  There is no boyfriend in her life at this time.  This lady has personality plus who is able to carry on a lively conversation and be very entertaining.  Needless to say, I was impressed with her and folks, she does have nice legs.  Her Email address is:  fatn_genngan@yahoo.com.  She even provided a phone number:  +63926-624-9089.


I wish I could get there more often as I do miss seeing the many dart players in Barrio Barretto, Olongapo but for now I am just happy to have been able to check out the singles dart match during the 20th Annual Barrio Barretto Beach Bash celebration on 8 Feb. It was held at the Alley Cats bar where our favorite character, Billy, was in charge.  She did a bang up job but regretfully, only 8 contestants were on hand to participate (The next day at least 20 women showed up to compete in their singles competition). Congrats to John Marszal who won all the marbles after a well fought battle with runner-up Paul Southgate both of whom play for Johans Dart Team. I believe it was Stu who got the third position.  We all missed seeing J T play.           After the darts and after my short trip to Kinky’s my next stop was Mango’s Restaurant as I wanted to see my good friend Ron and Elsa and also the dynamic “Monkey Feet”.  Elsa heads up a group of close friends that gather at Mango’s nearly every day and enjoy playing cards and chit chatting.  One of their friends is a fun lady who I started calling “Monkey Feet” because of her ability to pick up things with her toes and can also pinch the hell out of you.  The nickname is all in fun, she has a good sense of humor and now we even have a picture of her famous toes. Another reason for the visit was to see what changes were made since the owners of the Bunny Ranch in Angeles City took the place over.  Of particular interest was the bar, now called Bunny Ranch Subic.  I was impressed.  The restaurant looks better, the layout is much nicer and the bar, wow, what a great renovation.  It is much more roomier, streamlined and much more comfortable than before.  It was a bit early when we visited so there were not many people on board but the dancers and staff were great and we had a good time.  I found myself talking to the cashier, Analiza and decided she was personable enough to be my I WOULD IF I COULD lady FOR Mar.  Yeah, I know, she did not have on a costume or even a short skirt but I feel she is worth knowing.  She is 29 years old, a high school graduate and had been working at the Bunny Ranch Subic only three months.  She is only 4’11″ and yes, I have a soft spot for short, cute ladies.  She is from Davao City and you can Email her at analiza_cansing@yahoo.com.  By the way, she likes men 40 and older. Naturally I know that you guys would like to see some ladies in a bit more sexy attire so I did manage to take a picture of some of the dancers and also some of the door girls.  I can understand the desire to see more ladies, especially if you are pounding the sand in Afghanistan and dream of making it here to Angeles City.  These ladies are waiting for you.. We wanted to stay longer but had to hit the road to get back to Angeles City.  It was certainly a fun day of darts and entertainment.  I wanted to get over to Treasure Island and see if Mo was on board but did not have time to do so.  It would have been nice to stop by the Arizona Hotel as well but doggone it, there were just not enough hours in the day to spare for all that.  Next time.

Subic Update from Ron Chesley – Well, a few things have changed at SBMA, or at least we thought they were going to!! A few weeks ago, there was a sign on the kalaklan gate that all vehicles needed to get a SBMA decal.  
So elsa took her car down to SBMA (I didnt go cause it was a dart day!), and got a base i.d. and decal for her car.  The next day, we took my SUV down there, and she turned in the paperwork and they put a decal on it.  We were told that vehicles that didn’t have a decal could not enter SBMA after February 15th unless they paid a toll fee, regardless of what gate you come in.  Even people from Manila and Angeles coming in the Tipo Gate would pay the P22 to enter SBMA, and another toll at the next gate a couple miles down the road.  We got the decals because our kids go to school at SBMA. Well, just as the expiration date neared, the sign came down, and all vehicles are being let in SBMA, regardless if they have a decal or not. As a matter of fact, they ran out of decals a couple weeks ago.  I am not going to be surprised that, when least expected, they will somehow enforce the aforementioned toll fees, etc., so don’t be surprised when it happens.  (Those greedy people! They want people to visit the SBMA and you have to pay enough tolls to get there and now the idea of charging a double toll just to get into the base is deplorable. You are probably right, they probably screwed up some administrative procedure and once corrected will enforce the tolls.  They must think the SBMA is Disneyland).


          Please allow me to take you back to Las Vegas again.  I still have a few places to mention, one of which is CD’s Lounge.  For years this has been one of my favorite places to hang out and play darts or chat with the long time bartender.  Naturally I forgot her name but don’t tell her that.  If I don’t write the name down I will forget it and if I do write it down, I always lose that too.  Oh well, just take my word that she is a great gal and has worked there so long she should be a partner in the business. (Thank you Richard Rehm for reminding me that her name is DOREEN) It is located on Desert Inn Road, not far from Boulder Station, right across the street from the 50′s Diner, another favorite place of mine for breakfast.  They have an open draw doubles dart tournament every Saturday night and I get the chance to meet up with some familiar faces as well as meeting some new folks.  That is the place I know I can meet up with super darter Richard Rehm.  You can see from the picture that it is an ideal setting for darts and right next door is a fantastic pizza parlor.  You don’t have to leave CD’s to order, there is a connecting window between the eatery and the bar.  Wish I could remember that name, maybe it is Karen???  Anyway, I am planning to be there in late Sept as I have to renew my Nevada driving licence, can’t do it by mail this time.  It will also be time for me to see my Oncologist again and arrange for a PET scan. As much as I like Vegas and the CD Lounge I have to admit that no bar in Vegas has a lady like Angela working there who will sit and have a very nice chat with you.  She is the newest addition to the Thi-Hi line-up, a sweet 23 years old.  She hails from Bulacan and had only been working for two weeks when I took this picture.  If you would like to write to Angela her Email address is:  sheryllaurel@yahoo.com.  To tell the truth, she definitely qualifies as my “I Would If I Could” and I do not have to drive to Subic.  UPDATE:  I was able to speak with Angela again and found out how special she is.  After high school she attended a culinary school for a year and a half in Laguna and obtained a completion certificate.  She showed me the recipe book that covered every facet of cooking, from bakery products to full meals and so many items in-between.  I wish I could get her to work for me in our guest house as a cook/baker.  Whoever latches on to this young lady is in for a treat but be careful, you could be in for one hell of a weight gain.  The lads pictured here were not interested in anything other than cold beer and conversation along with a bit of bar hopping.  The thi-hi was not their first nor their last stop on that day.


Letter to the Editor Walser’s no suicide Feb 23, 2012  Thank you very much for your questions that you put in your report  “Grand view to a ‘suicide’” (Punto, Vol. V. No. 116) The Family of Norbert Walser never believed he committed suicide: We’ve  always thought his death must have been by accident. This, even as the police would make us believe that it was a case of suicide. So what’s the matter with this hotel, what will happen if the investigation will  clearly show that Norbert’s death was accidental? We would like to ask you if you could try to get photos of the roof and the stairs of the Grandview Hotel, where he definitely must have slipped and fell down, and send me the pictures. They also told us, that he logged in at the hotel as “Tom Miller.” We know that he always used a name like “Tom” or “Tim” because no one understood “Norbert.”  But anyway, we do not believe that he logged in at the hotel because he visited with his friend a lot of hotels and they never had to log in. So maybe you could send us some facts or photos so that we could, maybe, change the entered cause of his death in the death certificate. Finally, may we repeat that Norbert Walser was definitely a man who would never decide on suicide to end his life. Thanks very much for your help. Walser’s son in law, Dr. Peter Larcher 6410 Telfs, Austria 0699.10571415 The first story written by the Punto reporter was so misleading that it is no wonder that Dr. Larcher was led to question the suicide of Norbert.  Today, 24 Feb, I spoke with Station Four Commander Maj Tan who confirmed the finding, beyond any doubt that the incident was a suicide.  I also interviewed the owner of the Grandview Tower.  He also confirmed that it was suicide and also gave a few more details.  Norbert entered the Grandview, the guard wrote down his name as “Tim Miller”.  He went to the coffee shop, ordered coffee and also paid for it.  While in the coffee shop he behaved erratically, removing items from the counter and keeping them but the staff were able to retrieve them.  He exited the coffee shop and went in the lobby towards the elevator.  The guard approached him as visitors are not allowed to roam around the lobby.  The guard is instructed to escort any visitor to the particular office he or she has business with.  That is how I am treated anytime that I visit the Marketing office, the guard asks me where I am going  and escorts me there.  The guard asked Norbert if he was looking for.  Norbert said that he wanted to take a look at the upper floors.  The guard said he would take him to the office so someone there could escort him.  As the guard started to walk to the office Norbert did not follow, instead, the elevator arrived and he got in before anyone could stop him.  He went to the roof, got off and went to the back which had no entry signs and had items blocking entry to the edge of the roof. The construction workers at the roof of the Tune Hotel saw him walk to the edge, look, then walk away from the edge, turn and run to the edge and jump with his arms spread wide.  This from the eye witnesses and also footprints in the dust of the roof appeared to confirm this as well.  A sad case, absolutely.  It does seem, that for whatever reason, Norbert Walser did choose to commit suicide and only he knows the reason why.  Sure, one can conjecture and guess at the motive or listen to gossip but suicides are not uncommon here.  At this time there is no further investigation and the finding remains “suicide”.


McKay and Doggie Dave.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, 34 jolly folks gathered at Harry the Horse’s Stable on the night of 21 Feb for wine, women (wives and girlfriends) and song.  Until they get tired of the venue their appearance is guaranteed every two months.  Doggie Dave keeps asking for more publicity and more attendees but I do believe that with 34 on board this time, my smallish “stable” can only fit in around 6 more people.  If the popularity of this strange match up of vocal talents continues to grow they might have to move to the ball room of the Lewis Grand Hotel.  Until that happens I do hope that the attendance will increase to 40 devoted fans on their next date of sometime in April.  I do try to have a few raffle prizes to be presented during one of the intermissions at a very low cost to me, of course.  I am quite prepared to give up my own reserved seat, though quite reluctantly, so that no one can be turned away from this raucous event taking place from 1900 to 2200 hours. I am including pictures of some of the happy, slightly tipsy but well fed lads and lasses who understand the the words of the lyrics coming out of Doggie Dave’s mouth far better than I.  It is a damn jolly evening at low cost to one and all.          


After attending the surprise birthday party for Dennis Wright last month, while driving home we did not feel like ending the evening.  We both felt like finding a place to relax, have a coffee or even a drink or two at a quiet place with a bit of soft music.  We were driving up Perimeter Road and had no idea where to go to match the mood we were in.  Some might suggest getting to bed right away which would have been appropriate 20 years ago but, well, you understand.  We were at a loss where to go until we approached the Oasis Hotel and we both said, lets see if the Pub is still open.  We had not been there in years.  Folks, it was perfect!  Exactly what we were looking for.  Soft lights, comfortable seating and a very nice singer with piano accompaniment as well.  Two very nice people.  They were called the Chanteuse Duo and play there every Mon and Wed night.  Thank goodness, by chance, we picked the right night.  We even tried two Singapore Slings, stayed through two sets, went home and then tried to relive twenty years ago.


It did not take long for this new addition to Perimeter Road to be built and opened to the public.   It is a neat looking hotel under the banners of the Red Planet and also Air Asia.  I was able to attend their official ribbon cutting last month but missed out on the press package that would provide me a few details to refer to.  Instead I will have to rely on a few notes, which I did not lose this time, and my memory, which is terrible.  They opened with 45 rooms completed but will eventually have 165 rooms to offer.  They have a 2 PM check in and 11 AM check out policy and I wish I could give you an exact rate for their rooms but that is where the unusual policy comes to play.  The lady at the desk told me that the rates change all the time depending on occupancy.  Then she went on to tell me that whatever the rate, it is for the room and bed and bathroom only.  Everything else is an add on cost.  You will pay extra for the towel, air-conditioning, Wi-Fi, TV, and maybe even the air you breathe, I don’t know.  I ran out of space in my note book.  Only kidding, it was just unusual for me.  Some people told me that this is normal for that chain of hotels, I just never ran into it before.  No doubt you can get away cheaply if you do not shave, look at TV, use a lap top, do not wash, and for sure do not drink anything from the refrigerator, oops, that is extra too.  They told me that early on-line check-ins will get you an even cheaper rate and they do have an executive package at P420 which gets you some of the goodies for no extra charge.  I guess the best thing you should do is go on Google and look up this hotel and get the details.  I am still confused.  Oh yes, the rooms are small, but neat and very clean.  The wheel chair friendly rooms are bigger but they do not have many of those.  They plan to have a restaurant, bar and convenience on the premises in the near future as construction continues.  I have to take a second look at this place.

UPDATE – HANS SIEPKAMP MURDER– According to his partner,the situation is still not good.  As I reported in my breaking news, they did capture one suspect and held him in jail.  He confessed that he was present at the compound, however, he does not admit that he went in the house. He stated that he was only the look out. Meanwhile the girlfriend is also missing since the police found out she was selling some of the items of Hans.  There are still 2 suspects at large and the wive’s/girlfriends of the suspects are also missing. By the way the suspect that was apprehended was already wanted for the murder of 2 other people. This kind of makes you think he was more than a “lookout”.  Now the police have to look for those other 2 guys, but it will be hard to track them, especially if they still have money in their pockets. They can be hiding anywhere and supposedly, one of them is from Samar, the other originally fromManila.  Do I have any faith in the police making a concerted effort to locate and apprehend them?  Not really and that is why Corne and Han’s brother will be hiring some private detectives to trace and locate the suspects.  This is a smart move because I firmly believe this is the only way that they will be caught.  It reminds me of when murder victim Steve Davis’s mother came to the Philippines and spent the necessary money to find and prosecute the murderers of her son.  If not for this determined mother, his wife and boyfriend would have gotten away with murder. Corne said “maybe it works maybe not, but it is always better then waiting and ending up with nothing. We filed a case in court the other day for the guy they catch, but how long this will take and how it ends I do not know. I wish I had better news, but we don’t give up”.  Corne, no matter how long it takes, I will continue to report on it here.  It was a terrible crime and the local press have already forgotten about it.  There are 3  suspects: 1: JOMER E. OCAYA (in custody), 2: WILBERT CORRE SENO @ PWET  (at large), 3: FRANCIS URBANO Y ESTOR ( at large).  The wife of Jomer Ocaya was selling some stolen things like the Rolex and other things. Her name is Trixie Patricio (Also disappear)


There are three people that continually try to keep the pressure on the authorities to continue investigating this murder, one, Richard Agnew, two, David Mason (a concerned citizen, active airline pilot) and three, Nolly Bautista, an NBI investigator.  In a small way I try to help by providing updates on any progress or lack thereof.  David is very active and his latest report is quite interesting. “I had a meeting today at the FBI HQ to brief them on the Balmer case.  They still know nothing about it.  The case is still very slowly working its way through the Philippine justice system.  Nolly Bautista took the case file to the NBI-INTERPOL section where its currently sitting.  Next step will be for the NBI to brief the Phil DOJ and have them officially request US assistance thru the US State Department. The head of the FBI office at the US Embassy-MNL is Jim Windsor and he is aware of the case and hooked me up with the agents here in DC.  He said there would be no harm in me at least briefing the FBI-DC on the case and at least make them aware of the two suspects.  In fact he said that if I had credible information that two US citizens murdered someone in the PI I should report it to the FBI immediately.  Here it is 5 months down the road and NOBODY told them yet. I jokingly replied “don’t you read Harry the Horse”.  They said “who’s that?  (Darn, and here I thought they read my column) Of course they made no promises to me that they can do anything until the PI government asks for US assistance.  Who knows how long that will take. (If the example set by the slowness of the AC prosecutors office is any example, I suspect years) One BIG factor in this case is where is David Balmers family in all of this?  I mean Richard and I are “just” friends of David Balmer.  The NBI and FBI are asking me where are his relatives?  Usually it is the family of the victim that is driving the case.  I’m afraid I don’t have a good answer for that question. They have no conception of the PI.  Someone should confer/contact them and clue them in. (That is true, the family should be very much involved in putting the pressure on the Philippine authorities to pursue this case.  I believe Richard Agnew is in touch with them)  Before I left AC I had a meeting with NBI agent Nolly Bautista and discussed the numerous developments he was working on, i.e.,  there is a key witness for the prosecution reported that two men in a tan car were following her around.  Nolly hired some of his confidential informants to try and find out who they are, but no luck yet.  He thinks they were scared off. John Santos’ attorney filed a motion to have the Fiscal and Judge re-consider the charges against his client.  But Garcia and Judge Philbert Iturralde said no.  Attorney Basil now wants to negotiate a plea bargain with the court.  But the Clerk of the Court said the judge would probably not allow that.  The only thing the Judge would take into consideration is if Santos voluntarily turns himself in and willingly testifies against the two Americans. (Good for the Judge, that is good news).


I tried to access this new radio station coming out of Subic but it did not work for me.  It looks good though, maybe my computer is not advanced enough for it. Harry, This is Mike Weening-Matthews from Subic Bay. I’ve been meaning to write to you for sometime regarding a new Angeles City/Subic Bay internet radio station which can be heard by visiting our website at: www.PI-ROCKS.com. We have been on line since last September but began advertising on December 1, 2012. Out current client includes Wild Orchid in Angeles and Subic, Orchid Inn, Arizona Resort, Blue Rock Resort and Treasure Island. We will be adding a number of other resorts, restaurant, travel agents and airlines in the future. PI ROCKS.com is a professionally programmed internet music station featuring classic rock hits from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s all in high definition (HQ) digital stereo. In Addition to the Classic Rock Hits music, we offer news, weather and other important information related to Angeles City and Subic Bay as well as other Philippines destinations. The overall sound of PI Rocks.com is likely similar to a top 40 radio station that you may have listened to during the 1960’s and 70’s. Wherefore consistent with the demographic popularity of the high quality classic rock hits format and related programming, our target audience is 40 to 65 year old males that travel to the Philippines. There will be other age groups that listen as well because everyone likes oldies but goodies! In support of our listeners and prospective advertisers we have constructed a first class studio and production facility comparable to any major market radio station in the US, Australia or England. The Station Play Lists software was developed in New Zealand and used by hundreds of stations worldwide. The production software used for recording was developed in Sydney Australia and the sounds effects package and music beds were produced by the BBC in London. The jingles are from TM productions in Dallas, Texas and the broadcast equipment was shipped in from Broadcast supply in Seattle, Washington. In short, Quality was our number one goal and quality is exactly what we achieved. Just as classic rock and roll is universal in appeal, the building of PI Rocks.com was truly a worldwide wide effort. PI ROCKS.com is committed to providing advertising opportunities for businesses in Angeles City, Subic Bay and other PI destinations whose primary goal is converting the target audience (40 to 65 year old males) into customers. This can be done through the DIRECT CONNECTION contact. Unlike a standard broadcast station where it is unknown who is really listening or if the people listening will need (buy)  your product, PI ROCKS.com has an exclusive built in audience of men that travel in and around the Philippines, specifically Angeles City and Subic Bay. We already know who they are and that they ARE coming to Angeles City and Subic Bay this week, this month, this year! The goal is to connect AC/Subic businesses with those planning trip to the PI. I am including an audio presentation to help acquaint you with the station. Finally, (last but not least) I have been reading your column for many years and have found it very informative. I have also been following your medical progress on your knee replacement and throat cancer and hope you continue to get back to 100%. Sincerely, Mike Weening-Matthews PS. I have also recently purchased SUBIC ROCKS.com and have added Harry the Horse to the site.


          I do believe I am finally getting to the end of this months column and it has been a busy time for me.  I am quite happy to highlight some great people that came to visit me and even though I nearly misplaced the notes for one picture I am happy to say I am right on this time.  Going from left to right, let me start with picture #1:  We have Bill (eye patch), Jerry and Dick from Walonia, Minnesota.  They are all ex-Navy lads and try to return to the Philippines once a year.  Bill is divorced (happily), Jerry (Married, still happily) and Dick is a widower (recovering).  They all stayed at the Pacific Breeze Hotel and when visiting Barrio Barretto, Olongapo, stayed at the Dreamland Hotel.  They used to stay at the Wild Orchid but indicated it became a bit too expensive for them.  Between them they have a lot of history to relate in their visits here over the years. Picture #2:  Dan, Jr, and Tim showed up on my birthday, 25 Feb, unexpectedly and by coincidence brought me a couple of great gifts.  I’m not sure if you can tell from the picture but there were 8 boxes of Good and Plenty candy (which I am eating while typing this and messing up my appetite for dinner) and a 3 bottle pack of hot sauce.  Dan, who delivered the candy hails from Warner Robins, Georgia, Jr, in the middle has lived in AC for 8 years, and Tim comes to AC from Shreveport, Louisiana which is a spicy place to live so he brought the hot sauce. It was great timing and I sure appreciated the visit and those Good and Plenty candies are absolutely delicious.  I can’t stop eating the damn things.  So much for losing weight. Speaking of weight, this now brings me to picture 3 and Mr. Samm (M&M) Washington and his wife Glenai.  This is a second visit to my stable by this great couple, previously visiting me in Oct 2010.  They live in San Diego, CA, a place I would sure like to visit again.  Sadly this was not a vacation for them as they had to be here to spend some time with Glenae’s mother who is seriously ill with a liver problem.  They were staying at the Clarkton Hotel which afforded them plenty of room and great access to the pool.  They flew via Eva air, an airline I enjoyed on one of my trips to the US many years ago.  I really enjoyed their visit and M&M has a great personality to match that of his wife.  I am sure we will meet again and I sincerely hope that “Mom” will recover from her medical problem.

Whew, that is it.  2100 hrs, 28 Feb and I can now relax.  Priscilla keeps coming in my office asking “are you finished yet?”  She is pretty patient near crunch time but she complains that she can’t talk to me too much during the two days prior to getting ready for publication.  Now I can relax for a couple of days.  In March there are at least three restaurants I have to check out.  One is a new Italian restaurant at EuroAsia that I have heard about.  I think they are having a special concert or something on 10 Mar, some Italian singer.  I did not see any notice but a couple of folks told me about it.  I have to see the renovation results at the “Firkin” Pub, that is one crazy name and there is a new Thai Restaurant on MacArthur Ave that I have seen but not visited yet.  It is fun to check out the restaurants but it makes me gain weight and reduces the weight in my wallet.  I do have a bit if Scotch/Irish in me so I will bid you a happy St. Patty’s Day and for goodness sake, be very kind to old horses.


“Hillary Clinton says she plans to step-down soon as Secretary of State. Hmm…let’s see, Mexico is run by drug cartels, the Muslim Brotherhood now controls Egypt, and Iran is about to have a nuclear bomb…guess her work is done.” -Jodi Miller Comments and Remarks: In response to Dr. Walter Williams”No Matter What”..Who ever runs against him all they have to do is keep on bringing up the NDAA that he passed..The NDAA killed the BILL OF RIGHTS..When the sleeping American people realize it he is done. 2. Read on what the Judge in Georgia is doing.  http://www.wnd.com/2012/01/georgia-court-told-obama-slam-dunk-disqualified/ Then u have sheriff Joe Arpaio “Cold Case Posse” I can go on.  Jack L.  (Jack, that web site was very interesting.  It was a different approach from what I have read before) Hey Jeff, here is some more “Obama Bashing”.  Read this and then look at the video from this Canadian Broadcaster.  Form your own opinion, mine remains the same.

Existing U.S. Natural Gas Pipeline Network 
Subject: Canadian Talk Show Host Destroys Obama Over Keystone Decision. This is regarding the extent of Obama’s lies to get into office and how he is force feeding socialism to U S citizens like geese for foie gras. Ezra Levant hosts a show,The Source, for Canada’s Sun News. In a very well-researched presentation, he takes a comprehensive look at Obama’s idiocy over the Keystone Pipeline. Be sure to watch the whole thing and pay particular attention to the map of the alleged “pristine, environmentally sensitive area” through which the pipeline will pass. There is over 25,000 miles of buried pipeline just in Nebraska already. I don’t know who this guy is, but he certainly did his homework. http://conservatives4palin.com/2012/01/video-canadian-talk-show-host-destroys-obama-over-keystone-decision.html



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I tried to publish this yesterday afternoon but somehow, it did not take.  On Tuesday, 7 Feb, approximately 1345 hrs, one Tim Miller (name not confirmed), white, foreign national, committed suicide by jumping from the roof of the Grandview Tower Condo/Hotel located on Perimeter Road, Clarkview, which is close to my stable and the VFW.  His body landed on Tamarind Street which is at the back of the Grandview. According to various people he entered the coffee shop of the hotel, ordered a coffee and then walked out, telling the staff he would return, he was going to look at the 8th floor.  It appears he took the elevator to the roof where he proceeded to jump.  Workers on the roof of the nearby Tune Hotel, which is under construction as  well saw him on the roof of the Grandview and witnessed his jump.
Investigator SPO 4 Romero, from Station Four was the first police official on the scene.  The body could not be touched until the Crime Lab folks could arrive and that took a pretty long time.  By the time I left the scene, the body had not been identified and the staff at the coffee shop said he used the last name of Miller.  This was a shocking incident and the body was not in too bad a shape, possible because he hit some thick cables and this broke his fall a bit.  He missed a parked car by a couple of feet.  NOTE:  NAME IS TOM MILLER BUT NATIONALITY STILL UNKNOWN.  15 Feb Update – his name is Norbert Welser, 75 years old, Austrian.  




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A yet to be identified white male foreigner committed suicide this afternoon by jumping from the roof of the yet to be completed Grandview Tower Condotel, Clarkview, Anunas.  Unofficially, absolutely not confirmed, it was mentioned that his last name might be Miller.  I had to leave the scene because of how long it took for the Investigating team to arrive.  No one had checked his body to see if any identification was available.  It was reported that he entered the coffee shop of the Grandview Tower, ordered coffee, left the shop telling the waitress that he will be right back.  It is surmised that he took the elevator to the roof and then jumped.  His fall was broken by electrical wires but of course, he did not survive the fall from this high rise building.  Workers on the roof of  the Tune Hotel, also under construction were able to see him on the roof and when he jumped.  Hopefully, further identification will follow.








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The Balmer case was raffled to Judge Philbert Iturralde who is also the judge in the Mark Dizon trial.  The City prosecutor will be Junnie Esplana.  The warrants of arrest were issued on January 24, 2012.  There are actually two cases.  One case for David Balmer and one for Elma DeGuia.  Both warrants list all three suspects.  This was a very long time in coming and many will wonder if the two American suspects, Tim Kaufman and Joe Tramontano will ever be brought back here to answer the charges and defend themselves.  I have to find out how this system works now, for example, is there a process for extradition and what kind of coordination is there with the US and the Philippines.  I suspect we will never see them here and I also suspect that there are more people involved with this murder who do not want them back here.



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Harry, I have been in Manila for years, mostly in Makati but do visit Angeles often and follow your news letter. Two years ago just before Xmas a good friend of mine vanished. He was well know in the Makati and Angeles bar scene. He was also named in a gun smuggling operation in Subic of which the Captain of the ship was murdered in AC. His name is Dave Smith he was a Britt but also carried a US passport, I believe. I am wondering if any of your readers might have any idea what happened to him he has wives, children and friends looking for him. Rumor has it that he was also murdered but has really vanished with no trace. I would like to keep my name and email out of this due to the nature of his business and business contacts but would love to know anything so I could pass it on to those that are interested. Thanks if you can help. “M”  (The name is familiar to me but can’t remember why.  I will publish in my Breaking News in case there is someone around with a better memory than me – If anyone is familiar with this guy please Email me at jimharryhorse@gmail.com.  I will forward to “M”)



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Rodney Klinge has requested assistance in locating Bevelyn Ward and daughter Kaylene.  If anyone knows this lady please contact Rodney right away.

“I have here attached the details of the information about Bevelyn Sanchez Pat Ward and her daughter Kaylene.

Christopher Ward passed away on Christmas Day, 2010 and although he and Bevelyn had been separated he apparently has left something for her and/or the daughter. In any event, Bevelyn will want to be found I am sure as there is most certainly some funding available through Ward’s estate.

I need to find here and obtain contact details for her so that she can be contacted by the estate administrator. I will also need to go up to AC and conduct a brief interview with her and snap a couple of photos.

I very much appreciate your assistance with this and I do hope that we see results.

Although we had an address for Bevelyn inAngelesCityI had someone check the address and it was negative. Either the wrong address was visited, Bevelyn has moved or the correct address was visited but the wrong questions were asked. I had the following address for her:

93 Osmeño Street, Plaridel 1, Balabanas, Angeles City. Balabanas may be Malabanas, so the address may not have been properly or actually visited yet. (yes, Rodney, it would be Malabanas)

I am tied up with work in Manila and will not be able to get up that way for a couple of weeks yet. Unless of course someone finds Bevelyn. In any event, I will be sure to look you up when I next get to AC.  Rodney Klinge@gmail.com”


February 2012

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Since it is Feb and we are heading into Valentines Day I figured I would lead in with a picture of a few lovely college ladies who are HRM majors at Holy Angel University in Angeles City.  They were on hand at the DMIA arrival terminal for the opening of the greeting counter, part of the Dept of Tourism Pinoy Homecoming campaign.  I did not note the names of the ladies, I just wanted to depict the reason so many foreigners look to the Philippines for marriage.  One has to acknowledge that these ladies, and so many others, besides beauty, speak excellent English, are smart, energetic, and extremely talented.  Tell me, what man would not want any one of these ladies for a Valentine sweetheart?  It made me want to go back to college.  Gentlemen, do not forget your special lady this month or you will be in deep trouble.  Now is a great time to visit the Philippines when the weather is absolutely perfect.  If you do visit, stop by my Stable for a visit.  By the way, Shane, last months “I would if I could” listed Email address is correct.  I will repeat it here: roseann_shane@yahoo.com.  Gentlemen, I cannot guarantee replies.  So, Happy Valentine’s Day to one and all.

( This is a special note from Rick’s Mail Order Gift Shop, his ad is further down:  Valentines is right around the corner, and the biggest day of love especially in the Philippines. This will be our 12th year of delivering your gifts of love for valentines. If your gift needs to be shipped outside of Angeles, please order by Feb 7 to insure it arrives on time. For gifts in Angeles, we will stop accepting orders for the 14th at 5am on the of 14 Feb, so please order early.)


Rodney Klinge has requested assistance in locating Bevelyn Ward and daughter Kaylene.  If anyone knows this lady please contact Rodney right away.

“I have here attached the details of the information about Bevelyn Sanchez Pat Ward and her daughter Kaylene.

Christopher Ward passed away on Christmas Day, 2010 and although he and Bevelyn had been separated he apparently has left something for her and/or the daughter. In any event, Bevelyn will want to be found I am sure as there is most certainly some funding available through Ward’s estate.

I need to find here and obtain contact details for her so that she can be contacted by the estate administrator. I will also need to go up to AC and conduct a brief interview with her and snap a couple of photos.

I very much appreciate your assistance with this and I do hope that we see results.

Although we had an address for Bevelyn inAngelesCityI had someone check the address and it was negative. Either the wrong address was visited, Bevelyn has moved or the correct address was visited but the wrong questions were asked. I had the following address for her:

93 Osmeño Street, Plaridel 1, Balabanas, Angeles City. Balabanas may be Malabanas, so the address may not have been properly or actually visited yet. (yes, Rodney, it would be Malabanas)

I am tied up with work in Manila and will not be able to get up that way for a couple of weeks yet. Unless of course someone finds Bevelyn. In any event, I will be sure to look you up when I next get to AC.  Rodney Klinge@gmail.com”


Harry, I have  for many years enjoyed your writings on the angeles scene so i thought you could help me with my question.
In march i will be flying from clark to bangkok and have asked my girlfriend to come with me.I was hoping for us to fly to bangkok spend a week doing the tourist bit and then the two of us fly back to clark.She has her passport and i will have us both return tickets clark-bkk-clark plus our confirmed reservations at a bangkok hotel.I will be picking up the bills as she does not have the money for such a holiday trip.
However last time i was in angeles i heard from a couple of guys that their girlfriends was refused travel
by immigration in the same situation as me.The guy was sort of considered  some kind of white slaver by immigration  and to “protect” the girlfriend she was refused permission to travel outside of philippines.From what i understand this is a random sort of thing with some having no trouble while others are randomly picked out to be screwed over. Please could you confirm this or advise on what steps i could take to overcome this problem !!  John Reynolds.  (John, yours is not the first complaint that I have received.  I contacted a friend of mine in the Philippine Government, asking his advice.  His reply was:  “This issue on the so-called “off-boarding” has been bothering the traveling public for the longest time, especially for young women wanting to make it abroad as tourist. I remember quite clearly some 5 years back, after a series of written complaints sent to my office then, I took it upon myself to seek the official comment of the then BID Commissioner Marcelino Libanan on the issue of barring Filipinos from traveling in spite of possession of legitimate documents. Commissioner Libanan replied by saying that it is absolutely legal and justified for any BID agent to ban someone from boarding a plane on suspicion that the subject tourist is traveling for reasons other than doing a tourist bit. Under these circumstances, the issue on human trafficking or prostitution comes to mind. Libanan said that this practice of Immigration agents is provided for under the law that created the commission – called more specifically as “profiling”. If in the presence or view of a BID agent that a departing passenger is traveling for reason other than the intended purpose indicated in his/her passport, he or she can be barred from leaving the country. According to Libanan, it’s the law! Unless this provision in the law is revised, there is not much we can do!”  For me, this is all well and good but the problem is that far too many Immigration officials are so full of self importance that they like to exhibit their power over people.  Additionally, add in the fact that far too many lack the ability to use common sense.  This combination makes some of them monsters in uniform. Regardless what this BID Commissioner said or even the new Commissioner, there is a problem and it should be looked into.  Of course, this will never happen as they simply don’t give a damn)

Someone forwarded this comment from a local message board to me.  It was a report on their dinner at the ABC Hotel’s Veri Asia: “My girl and I went tonight to give it a try. Like many have said the place is very spectacular. As far as the food goes all tasted great BUT took forever to get our orders and the portions are very small. I don’t know if its the waitresses fault or the chief’s but many times some items we ordered never came unless we asked for them again. The place had some customers but wasn’t close to being full. There was a special table getting alot of attention, sitting there was Chief Tan and a few detective looking guys and 2 uniform officers from Station 4. I can say I tried it but will never be back again. We spent close to 2 hours there. The bill came to 1170p for dinner for 2 and 2 coke zero’s.” (I was surprised at this negative report.  My wife and I have eaten there twice and a third time when we took a guest from the US.  We thoroughly enjoyed our meal each time.  On two occasions it was not full to capacity and on one evening we nearly did not get a seat since we did not have a reservation.  Yes, the portions are small because they are offered one after the other as introductions to what is offered.  After the first round you can reorder your favorites as often as you want.  I end up getting quite full.  My bill is not much over the 500 pesos each because I only order the regular water to drink.  In most hotel restaurants, the cost of drinks really drives the price of the meal up beyond what I want to pay.  Now, of course Maj Tan has more money than most of us so he gets that special attention (smile).  Usually we spend two hours as well as we are not in a hurry and the service is neither slow or fast.  The writer spent P1170 and folks, that is a very reasonable cost for a meal in such an environment.  That is the cost for one person at the Holiday Inn buffet offering.  Unlike the person who was disappointed in his meal, me and my family will return to the Veri Asia again and again.  We love it)

Hi Harry, I trust all is well with you. Every year it seems, as more people move to AC and buy vehicles the traffic problem on Fields Avejust gets worse. I know you have contacts at the Mayor’s office, so I’m hoping that you can tell me of some ‘Master Plan’ they have to resolve this problem?
I live not far from your stable in Clarkview, but I often drive all the
way down to the friendship gate and drive on base to get to Fields just to avoid the traffic.  Now that they have finally moved the main gate guard house away from SM I thought a simple solution would be to put a road in between say ABC Hotel and the old main gate guard house, which would effectively divert the majority of traffic away from Fields Ave and the road past station 4.
Is there someone at the mayor’s office that would be worth my while
talking to about this? kind regards, Freddie  (Freddie, it has nothing to do with the Mayor’s Office, it comes under the CDC office in the Clark Freeport Zone.  I also drive to Friendship during certain hours of the day to avoid the traffic congestion at the Checkpoint.  Years ago they used to have a third gate to the Base called the “Clarkview Gate”. That was closed and you can see the small power station that was placed there.  Before the Americans left they started to create an alternate gate that would open near to where the Blind Beggar is now but that was scrapped.  Many people are clamoring for something to be done about the traffic congestion at the Checkpoint area but so far the Mayor’s people have not been very effective and Base officials seem to care less.  But, who knows, maybe someday we will see something happening to improve the situation.  Keep your fingers crossed)

Hi harry, always love the news letters mate I am coming from Australia with 3 aus friends for my 4 night bucks party in AC from the 8th feb to the 13th feb, i have been to phil many times but yet never to AC, so yes i am so looking forward to it, anyway i was wondering if you can tell me where we might find some naughty shows we could go to while we are there, we are totaly open minded, any help and info would be very appreciated, we are staying right on fields ave, i here its the best spot to stay for all the fun regards troy. (Troy, sadly, I would have to advise you to go to Thailand for naughty shows.  We no longer have such shows in AC.  Bangkok and Pattaya are the places for that.  We are nearly as clean as Disneyland here now.  You see more flesh on Philippine afternoon TV shows than you do on Fields Ave – Our ladies are still quite friendly though)

Hi Harry! Great newsletter! Keep fighting the good fight. Regarding Reinholdt’s loss of $200 bucks from a shirt pocket in the closet at the SunsetGardens and his promise in the future to always use hotel safes, I’m afraid that isn’t always safe either. While staying at the AA Hotel on soi 13 and Beach Road in Pattaya the night clerk helped himself to $1,000 U.S. dollars from my traveling pouch. I called the Tourist police when it seemed my pouch felt light and I took a count. They let him go for lack of a direct witness and advised me not to trust hotel safes in Thailand. I have since purchased a metal suitcase with padlocks and steel chain to anchor the suitcase and have never been robbed since. I’m not a diamond courier so I doubt many thieves would go to the trouble of using an acetyline torch but then nothing is ever 100%.  Cheers, Scott Grant.  (I think you should add an exploding device just in case someone comes up with bolt cutters.  You may lose your money but hopefully the thief will lose a hand or two)

Harry, A while back my wife and I went to Johans (Baloy Beach, Subic) for dinner – well I tried their chicken curry and that night, I was very sick (vomiting etc). We went to the Barretto Mt Carmel medical clinic and I was in a really bad way – my wife called to Johans to complain of my food poisoning and the Manager there said “O well, we have fresh foods, if you don’t like it here then don’t come back…” – I never even got another invite to sample their “fresh foods” – Readers BEWARE, perhaps not only their foods are off…Searle Loughman (After my experience I sympathize with anyone who gets food poisoning.  I am surprised that you got sick from Chicken Curry but maybe the chicken was not as fresh as the manager thought.  You did say “a while back”, how long was that, a week, month, months, a year?  Maybe that was an isolated incident and you should have had a nicer response than you received – I never called or went to Slice and Dice to complain as I figured it would be a waste of time.  You just convinced me I was right)

Harry, I read with interest in your January Newsletter the comments of Corne, partner of the murdered guy Hans. He said a reward of P1 million was available to the person who provided the information on the killer. Good idea, and I’m sure this will greatly assist in bringing the asshole/s responsible to justice. We all know the Filipino is greedy for money, and I think the temptation to give up the killer will be too great.

Which brings me to my point. The Police are as useless as tits on a bull. They have no real interest in locating the perpetrator of these hideous crimes. I don’t keep up with the Bar Owner’s Association, if there is one. But if there is, the Group should have an Associate  Membership for all foreigners that own a business in Angeles, Hotels, Restaurants etc., the more the better. Have a monthly levy on all Members to use as a reward offering for information leading to the arrest and conviction of killers of foreigners. A reward of around P250,000.00 should entice most low life’s to give up the person responsible, and solve these murders. It should also discourage would be robbers/murderers from pursuing foreigners as they would be aware that their chances of getting away with it are slim. These rewards could be advertised in Filipino newspapers such as “People” “Taliba”  and “Journal”.

Two factors I can see where this idea would be unsuccessful. Firstly getting the foreigners together thru the Bar Owners Association and having them contribute funds every month to build up the reward money. Secondly, if the Perpetrator leaves town immediately after the crime and hides in his Province, such as Mindanao or Basilan, he’s going to be hard to find. I’m not suggesting this idea is the answer to the crime problem, but I think it’s worth serious consideration.  Kind Regards, Ken Duncan (Ken, I share your feelings about the reward money and also the non-interest of the police in solving a crime unless there is monetary assistance.  As far as getting the bar owners together in an Association like you suggest would not work.  Regretfully, no matter what Association is formed the main purpose is collecting money to be paid out to various agencies to reduce harassment of bar owners.  If we could get away from that and form an Association that works solely to the benefit of the members, that would be nice.  A strong leadership is needed from City Hall as well, sort of like they have in Olongapo where the nonsense that takes place here in AC is not tolerated there)

Hi Harry, I rode my motorbike down to Subic yesterday. At the turnoff to Baloy Beach in Barrio Barretto local Station 6 Police had set up a checkpoint. Wearing a helmet and carrying a current Pinoy DL I thought I would have no problems passing through. However, even though a current registration sticker was attached to my bike’s license plate, they demanded I produce the original copy of my motorbike’s LTO registration papers which I did not have on me.
I then had to take my motorbike back to Station 6 where a purported sergeant threatened to confiscate it as being stolen property, however, he said that if I bought a book of Police sponsored raffle tickets they would allow me to take my bike and leave.
I then bought 10 raffle tickets @ P99 each, rode back to my hotel, checked out and rode straight back to Angeles.
I have lived in the Philippines for 4 years, ridden over 30k kms on my motorbike around Luzon, been stopped countless times at roadside checkpoints but have never been asked to produce original LTO license papers.
Incidently, in the 30 minutes I was at their checkpoint, only 2 other riders were stopped, both og them westerners. You may care to warn other ex-pats intending to ride their motorbikes in the Barrio Barretto area. Regards.Robert Dethridge (a.k.a Bobby Dee) (Hi Robert, yes, I guess you were hustled.  In my car I do not carry originals of the paperwork but I think, technically, we are required to do so.  I am not sure.  But for sure, whether you are driving a car or a motorcycle, you have to have the vehicle registration available at all times, whether original or a copy.  They got you hands down and you ended up helping to pay for whatever party they were planning)

 Harry, did you see this? American found dead in Davao City abs-cbnNEWS.com Posted at 01/04/2012 7:31 PM | Updated as of 01/04/2012 7:31 PM MANILA, Philippines – The body of an American was found dead by authorities inside his home in Barangay Ma-a, Davao City Tuesday afternoon. The victim was identified as Basil Joseph Griffin, 73, a retired auto salesman from Oregon, USA. His body was found at around 3 p.m. inside the bathroom of his home in Woodridge Park, Barangay Ma-a in Davao. Police said Griffin, who was alone inside the house at the time of the incident, was hit in the head and face with a mallet by a still unidentified suspect. The victim’s caretaker “Kevin” told police that an unidentified person brought food to the victim’s house when he was out. Police are looking into robbery as a possible motive for the crime. Aside from a large amount of money, the victim’s passport and keys are also missing. Authorities are investigating the scene of the crime for possible clues on the attacker’s identity. The weapon used in the crime was also left at the scene. — Report from Paul Palacio, ABS-CBN News Davao.  Rob Hawes.  (Thanks for the heads up Rob.  Guess Angeles City is not the only place where thieves like to kill and rob foreigners, especially older ones) 

First and Last Name: Steve Sutherland

Email Address: SKS777FLYER@verizon.net
Comments and Remarks: Hi, have enjoyed reading thru your site. I was once married to the U.S. daughter John “Pete” Peterson. Way back in the early 70′s, I met Pete when I began dating his daughter, Valerie. Pete took off to the Philippines, and I once flew a USMC F4 Phantom from the USS Midway to Clark AB to try to visit Pete in Angeles city in 1977 or 1978. Pete was out of town at the time, but his girls entertained the crew of the other 3 jets who flew into Clark with me. Anyhow, all these years later, I sadly learn of his passing. My now 35 year old son (Pete’s grandson) will be able to learn a little about the Grandad he never got to meet. Pete’s daughter (now divorced from me) will no doubt appreciate the links from your site and some references to him at his VFW Post 2485 website. (Many of us old timers remember Pete Peterson.  I am including Steve’s contact information for any of you that would like to communicate with him)

G’Day  Harry, A note to wish you and family all the best for the festive season. Hoping your throat improves. Been grounded from flying, since May due to blood clots in the lungs. Things on the improve, using clexane needles.(blood thinner). Mid Feb. for checkup, hopefully clear to fly. Rather flattering pic of Doggy Dave in latest newsletter. (Suspect photo enhancement used). Nice to know he and Howard are still entertaining the masses with bawdy, ira/rep, rugby songs etc.  December newsletter brought back memories. The article about Jacko  (Saput)  Clayton and his family. Used to be my neighbor in Angeles. Ran a few hashes with him and Doggy.  One run i can’t forget (under threat of dire punishment) was 28th Jan. 1996. Hared a run with Saput and  Bob (single malt) Smith. The conclusion of the run resulted in my getting married. Did’nt run fast enough, ha,ha. Prior to that, we had been together for 10 years. Had to make sure Elena was the right one for me. A very patient lady. Guess that’s enough gum beating for now.  Regards to all,Take care, Bruce ( zulu) Smith.  (Zulu, hope you get well enough to fly over and attend one of those bawdy song sessions again.  Am sure your mates will be happy to see you and yes, I still envy your beard.  Wish I could grow one for Christmas)

Hi Harry, One thing that disturbs me on visits to Philippines is witnessing the crass behavior of a few tourists toward local women.  Example:  American guy at the Manila Swagman hotel restaurant asks waitress if she is a cherry girl which was not appropriate at all!  I glared at the guy but not sure if he had enough conscience to feel like an a-hole afterwards or not.   I believe your emphasis over the years on the importance of tourists treating filipina women with respect at all times has had real value so please stay with this theme in your writings.
Hats off for publishing and responding to letter from Jamal in December issue.  Imagine you get these letters now and then but you sure know how to respond effectively!
Political rants and commentaries are always excellent reading on this end as well.  Thanks, Tom Levigne, Tampa, Florida (Tom, thanks, there is a time and place for a guy to ask that question and certainly not at a restaurant.  Some folks just do not know any better.  He would never ask that question of a waitress in the US.  I would hate to see the reaction of the waitress. Yes, I do get a few negative Emails and try to publish them along with my reply.  Everyone has an opinion and I welcome them, even the ones that sting a bit. Thank you for writing)

Hi Harry, Iam Chuck from USA been coming to Philippines for 5 year and been reading Happy The Horse  with great enjoyment. I lived in Angeles first 3 trip then moved to Angono Rizal .And boy what a shock Harry not much happening here . So started building this 1950 jeepney to keep from going crazy and think it came out pretty good. Still get to Angeles every couple months. I also got you some HOT sauce for you. Whats the name of your place in Angeles so I can bring it by next trip?  And thanks for the great news letter Harry.  (Chuck, that is a neat looking Jeepney.  Looks like it took a lot of work.  I suspect I would be bored to death as well if I lived where you live.  I cannot imagine living anywhere else in the PI except AC.  My place is in Clarkview, one street before the VFW.  Coming from Fields Ave you would head towards Friendship.  Once you passed the Savannah Hotel, then the Grandview you are very close.  When you see the Tricycle station you are right where I am.  It is the La Casa Pension/Blue Boar Inn.  Will be looking for you)

Hello Harry, It is not just in Angeles City where racist Filipinos casually kill foreigners. The bastards are doing it in England too! See this Filipino ‘nurse’ below is said to have murdered a least four (probably many more). You might as well put it in Breaking News as it is being covered in the US as well as UK. I have always said I don’t want a Filipino nurse looking after me in hospital. They have bad qualifications and bad attitudes. I know you might get an occasional good one but they are overseas to earn money not to be nice to people. The report is from the BBC but the newspapers are saying he has been in England since 2003 and is from Manila. One of his victims was a 44-year-old woman with years ahead of her. Regards to Jacko. Paul Booth, London.  (Paul, please note that it was a male nurse.  I am not keen on having any male nurse look after me, give me a sweet, gentle Filipina nurse any day of the week.  Don’t condemn all nurses from the Philippines because of one wacko.  I would sure prefer a Filipina nurse looking after me instead of an American nurse).

“A nurse arrested on suspicion of tampering with medical records atSteppingHillHospital,Stockport, has now been arrested on suspicion of murdering three patients. Victorino Chua, 46, is also being held on suspicion of 18 counts of causing grievous bodily harm with intent. Mr Chua is being questioned by police investigating the poisoning of patients at the hospital. Police currently have until 10:10 GMT on Sunday to question him. Officers said they were questioning him in relation to the deliberate contamination of products at the hospital between 1 June and 15 July 2011. Mr Chua was arrested on Thursday as it emerged a fourth death at the hospital was being investigated. He was initially held over reports medical forms were altered and a patient given extra medication, contaminated saline.

Assistant Chief Constable Terry Sweeney, of Greater Manchester Police, said: “Firstly and most importantly I must stress that we have not established the degree to which deliberate contamination of products may have contributed to the death of four patients.
“We have taken the decision to arrest this man on suspicion of murder in close consultation with the CPS [Crown Prosecution Service] and it is important that no one jumps to any conclusions because of these steps or second guesses where our investigations will take us.  ”This specific inquiry, and the investigation as a whole, is a difficult and complex piece of work that requires very detailed forensic and medical analysis, which is ongoing.
“We know that the victims and their families want answers. We are acutely aware of this and are working very closely with them as well as hospital staff and the local community to minimize the upset caused and to keep them fully updated of any and all developments.”
There are now 21 people detectives believe have been affected by contaminated saline, including Tracey Arden, Arnold Lancaster and Derek Weaver, who died in the summer. Bill Dickson, 82, had his saline poisoned over the summer, and eventually died on New Year’s Eve. He is currently being treated as one of the victims of GBH with intent”.

First and Last Name: Heather Jordan
Email Address: heatherbaston@yahoo.com
Comments and Remarks: Hello, Harry. My name is Heather Camille Baston, and I just learned that my father passed in May, 2011.  I live theUS, and had not spoken to my father in a few years. I knew that he lived inAngelesCity, but had no idea about his new wife and child. Yes, my father was well depicted in your description of him. He was a very intelligent former educator who drank, ran around, told loud and raunchy jokes and dressed in very outlandish clothing. Because he had a larger than life type of personality, I was still shocked when my Uncle Pierre informed me, in December, of his passing. Also, his father, Jospesh Baston is 94 years old, I believe, and still living inPhiladelphia,Pa. His brothers, Carlos and Pierre and I are his only other surviving family members. In closing, I would love to one day meet my baby sister and my Step Mother”….LOL…I say jokingly because my father was born in June, 1942. Therefore, you can imagine how old I must be. But, as we here in the States say:”It’s all good”.

Harry, Just returned from a visit to Angeles City you got some pretty interesting things there I went shopping in SM I asked one of the girls working there if they had some “Dove ” soap for men (I had purchased a bar the week before “well sir this soap is Good for Bisexual and or mixed Sexual use”, I got a bar of it. I have been smiling about it since, wow, you cater for everything in Angeles City. I had a great five weeks holiday and already looking for deals for my return. Nothing changes really except the prices but the place is still well affordable.  I was a little afraid when in a bar 6 Filipino guys entered, ordered one (1) orange juice. Suddenly, the manager left by the back door and all the other customers paid and left as well.  Great idea, some one never did find out if they were officials or just guys out for a cheap night. Sorry to see Cherries closed, liked that place as well as Gentleman’s club, now gone sporty.  Climbing the stairs was enough sport for me. Hope your feeling better, john Kirkman.  (John, remember those emergency exit plans in case of fire that have to be posted in all establishments?  Now, we have “Emergency Exit Raid Alert Plans” in which bar managers and owners follow when a raid is anticipated.  I think new bars are including secret rooms to slip in when there is no time to exit. Did the Dove soap any enhancing effects?  You can still visit Cherries, but under another name.  I know what you mean by the stairs to the Gentlemen’s Club.  Shane used to send down two girls to help me up and have a bit of oxygen available when I made it to the top.  Stop by my stable during your next visit)  

Harry, My Filipina Girl Friend and I were walking down the street on Del Pilar, Manila……..about 8 pm. People were around us and all seemed normal……when a nice looking Van pulled up beside us….NO LICENSE plates……….two guys dressed in Police Uniforms……NO NAME TAGS….the driver stayed in the VAN…..with the other one asking us for “I D”? He had a flash light and was acting very angry at us….”you two had too much to drink”, “where you staying”, “how do you know each other”, etc? I told him my I D was at the Hotel and that is where we are going. He told me “TO GET INTO THE VAN”….and that “He had something very important to tell me”. He told my Girl Friend to leave or she would be arrested? They wanted me. My girlfriend told them both NO….and that if they “had a case against us” then arrest us now. We walked away with the guy yelling angry insults at us……
I found out from a honest source that “hit vans” are driving around Manila/Ermita…abducting “white people” for kidnapping, ranson, fast money, etc. If you don’t pay, they kill you. People this happened to me….please be careful. Matt.  (This is the first time I heard of this type of incident.  So far, nothing in the news or the rumor mill about this type of activity but better to be forewarned than not)

This is a message I received from one hell of a tough retired Marine: “Greetings Harry, nice to hear from you.  Hope you are doing well.  I just got back from the MD Anderson Cancer Center the first part of Jan and the results after a month there were not good.  They have determined that I am un-treatable with not much else said.  I have been approved for entry into the Pain Management program so will start there next week.  Yes, last November I purchased a airplane ticket to return to the P.I. which I had plans to do on the 12th of Jan.  I got on the plane at 0700 but by the time I got to Dallas I was experiencing so much pain that it made me nauseous so I had to return back home as I was to weak to make the next gate.  Really sucked as I was planning so much and so long for this trip.  Sir James even gave me outstanding rates to stay at his hotel that were too good to pass up but I had no choice.  Right now the cancer is in both sides of my neck and also a hot spot in my chest.  Not in the lungs but in the chest.  I will go back in April for another MRI/Petscan to see if it has migrated.  Once I can get my pain under control I might look at coming back for a long week.  I was looking at one last time as I started going to the P.I. in 1968 and really love the place.  All for now Jim, take care and please keep in touch.  Dr. Tey is a very nice person for sure.  Semper fi rod.  (Rod, I admire your strength and can only hope that you stay well enough to make that last trip to Angeles City.  You have friends here that would love to see you again.  You are one special Marine.  Good luck my friend).

First and Last Name: Erich Reichardt
Email Address: cafedeutschland@hotmail.com
Comments and Remarks: Harry good day! It would be great if you could mention of few word for all the guys who have been in Ramstein, Kaiserslauter, Hahn and other places in Germany. :Cafe Deutsachland offers authentic German and International food www.cafe-deutschland.net Retired Armed forces Re-visit Germany and have some yummy Sausages,Sauerbraten, Schweinebraten mit Klöessen (Dumplings) Wiener Schnitzel, Jäger, Hunter, Gypsy Scxhnitzels, and German Beer in Cafe Deutschland in the middle of Friendship next to Jun Jun.  (Priscilla and I stopped by a meal at the Cafe Deutschland and enjoyed tasty food offered.  The display of various sausages was quite impressive.  The prices were very reasonable and we intend to make another visit.  I was pleased to see a non-Korean eatery surrounded by Koreans who probably hate the idea that a non-Korean is in the midst of “their town”.  My last assignment in the Air Force was at Sembach, Germany so eating at Erich’s Cafe brought back a few memories.  A return visit is certainly on my schedule)

First and Last Name: Searle LOUGHMAN
Email Address: vegas63@hotmail.com
Comments and Remarks: Harry, I ate recently at Johans, Baloy beach, Subic and had a bad curried chicken mean; after all my expenses and trouble in getting better I complained to the Manager and was told ‘not to eat there again; their meals are fresh…’ – is this good for a business?  (No Searle, it is not good for business especially since you are the second one to complain about becoming ill after eating there and receiving a rude response from the management)

Comments and Remarks: Dear harry, I have been living in angeles for the past 10 years and have noticed that over the past few years that the town has become a paradise for pickpockets especially on the jeepneys on friendship, i personally have been a target no less than 4 times in the past 7 weeks all in broad daylight might i add, Now i would like to point out to tourists and residents alike who have not been subjected to their slimey little system that they use to take your belongings and once i have explained this, maybe it will ring a bell or two the next time you decide to travel on the jeepney.. READ WITH CAUTION.. If for some reason you manage to get a front seat of the jeepney next to the driver and he decides to stop to pick up a customer who insists he sits next to you in the front seat that sits only one passenger, you will notice that they will always carry a small rucksack or holdall, the reason being is because it is a distraction for the movement of their hands dipping your pockets, so refuse to let them sit next to you, Now the other system is so good you dont even know that it is happening right under your nose, if you end up in the back of the jeep and find yourself being moved down towards the front then get off the gangs work about 4-6 men they dont communicate with each other the just keep moving about then before you know it you are sandwiched at the front of the jeepney then one of the will pass his fare to you normally about 8 single peso coins and one will fall out of his hand in between your legs, now this is when the sting comes they or he will ask you to pick up his coin for him then the other move into get it by then its to late you are just another statistic.. then they will get of and go their separate ways to share the spoils.. take heed and be vigelante, and lastly watch the billy boys and katouy around blow rd/santos streetthey work in gangs also…. Thank for reading, Regards Anon.  (Fortunately I do not have to ride the jeepneys anymore but when I did, I always waited for an empty one at the terminal and paid for two seats in the front, next to the driver.  It was worth the extra fare to have the space and not to have anyone next to me.  Your case is not uncommon, one has to be extremely security conscious when riding a jeepney.  The thieves love you)

Greetings to Dom Curilli and the 50 guys he is working with, wherever that is.  Thanx for reading this column and I hope I will help in getting you to visit Angeles City real soon.


There is something I learned recently that kind of bothers me.  I was told of a foreigner that was driving his car at night and a Filipino on a motorcycle ended up on the wrong side of the road and hit him head on.  The Filipino was killed.  He did not have a helmet, did not have a license nor did he have any registration.  He was absolutely in the wrong.  The police took the foreigner to Station Four and kept him there all night.  The family of the man killed arrived at the Police Station and extensive negotiations followed in which the foreigner was told that if there was no settlement he would be charged with murder.  An amount was arrived at that satisfied the family and I guess the police as well.  After a long night of detention he was released.
I thought that since the Filipino was in violation of every law in the book that the foreigner could not be charged.  I went to talk to Maj Tan, Commander at Station Four to get a clarification on this.  He informed me that since the Filipino was killed that the Foreigner was automatically in the wrong.  If he had lived it would have been a different story.
I found Maj Tan’s explanation to be questionable so I checked with a lawyer.  His response was:
“Its absolutely  not true! you cannot be charged for murder in a vehicular collision by reckless imprudence or negligence resulting to death  … the collision is purely by chance … there is no INTENT TO KILL much less a premeditation or treachery that could qualify the death of the other driver  to the commission of murder… the only possible  instance where you can be charged for murder as in this case  is when you intended to kill a person purposely with the use of a motor vehicle.. that the use of the vehicle facilitated the commission of murder.. and you have to establish INTENT TO KILL …in fact, in the case of ex-Senator Rene Saguisag when he got involved in a fatal vehicular collision that killed his wife, the driver that rammed his vehicle was not charged for murder and  got out on bail immediately…the foreigner will be charged in court for Reckless Imprudence resulting to Homicide only .. a bailable offense.”  OK, now I suspect that this is what Maj Tan was trying to explain to me and I thought he was using the word “murder” when in fact he probably was meaning “reckless imprudence”.  What is still true is that any individual could be charged and would have to go through the court system.  Yes, bail could be posted but that does not happen overnight.  One would have to obtain a lawyer and by the time anything was resolved, no doubt it would be cheaper to “settle”, financially, with the family who would then sign the necessary papers not to press any charges.  In cases like this the assistance of the police in mediating a settlement is most welcome.  Why, because no matter how innocent one might be, the system is stacked against you.  Makes you kind of nervous about driving here, doesn’t it.

Stampede Club – I finally had the opportunity to stop by and visit last month.  This Club has reopened after the horrors of a raid a couple of months ago.  The confusion with the attempted takeover of “Cherrys” has been resolved and the usurpers removed.  For now there is only one name for the two bars and that is “Stampede” but they are in the process of changing the name.  The owners are the same but a new general manager is on board to help with the transition of the Club and get things organized so that outstanding bills can be paid and the operation can be up and running properly again.  Am happy to say that Henry is still on board.  I was told that the Club is up for sale and offers are being considered.  Anyone interested can contact Jerry, the money changer who is voluntarily acting as the general manager.  You can find him in front of the Brass Knob in the morning and later in the afternoon, at Stampede.
Stampede was a very popular Club as was Cherrys but since the raid recovery has been slow except for “Cherrys” which appears to continue to do well.

Today, Saturday, 14 Jan, I was introduced to a visitor who had just come from Cebu.  He was American, 65 years old, very fit and quite personable.  He was the victim of a scary incident in Cebu.  He was sitting at a table having a drink at an outside cafe in Cebu when a lady approached him, started a conversation, sat down and had a drink with him.  She was in her early thirties and one thing led to another and he took her to his hotel room.  Naturally they had another drink and that is all he remembers.  The hotel staff found him unconscious on the floor and revived him.  He had fallen after being drugged, cut his arm on glass and hit his head as well ending up with a very nasty black eye.  I mention it here because it did not happen in AC but Cebu, a location that I always considered quite safe.  Goes to show that one cannot let one’s guard down in any location in the Philippines.  He seemed to have taken it quite well and considered it a lesson learned.  Oh yes, of course the lady did manage to reward herself with a decent bit of cash.

On 20 Jan, 1915 hrs, I was overjoyed to receive the news that the two killers of Butterfly owner Hans, had been captured.  One had already confessed and was being held by the CIDG.  A day later I found out that a third suspect was still at large.  I did not realize there was a third one. The other one was already locked up at the City jail.  Hopefully I can provide a few more details by my 1 Feb publishing date.

The following comment came out in a newspaper:

“Starting this year, no [more] 21-day visas. If competition has 30-day visas that’s what we’ll offer. We’ll give visa on arrival starting 2012,” DOT said.

My first reaction was “Great, about time” but then I realized that I had not read or seen anything regarding any changes to the “21 Day Visa”.  So I wrote to my DOT consultant  to find out what the deal was.  He responded by informing me that the DOT was still working on this change but no action had been taken yet.  So, there you have it, a good idea that might take hold some time this year as we are only into the second month of 2012, lets hope for the best.

The following was a question posted on a local message board: “is less tourist in ac due to worldwide recession ? is less girl due to high fees for working in the bar in ac or because of less tourist ? why there is less tourist in thie high season in ac ?”  Regretfully, every comment in answer were all negative.  Not one gave a positive towards Angeles City.  This is sad because I could not disagree.  People referred to the high prices of ladies drinks, EWR’s, killings, corruption, greed of bar owners and also, more importantly, lack of fun.  The higher prices, corruption, greed are all old hat comments that have been around for the last five years, but the lack of fun is relatively new, it has evolved gradually, over the last two years.  References were made to Bangkok, Pattaya and Cambodia and the details of the activities there I will omit.  I must agree wholeheartedly in the lack of fun but then how do we describe fun?  It appears to be the lack of XXX rated activities, or even a more sedate “R” rating.  Bar owners are afraid of allowing the slightest show of flesh for fear of a raid or closure.  One could see skimpier outfits on the beaches than they do in the Clubs.  Even with the “G” rated policies there are still those in law enforcement and political positions that continue to receive their “daily bread”.  It appears that the “Golden Goose” is slowly becoming a “quacking duck” as less and less tourists are willing to come and provide the “feed” necessary to sustain a healthy flock.  The tourists have changed.  Those that are looking for the hard core pornographic activities are indeed going elsewhere and those with more gentle tastes continue to come this way.  They are content with the girl watching and the pleasure of meeting ladies who are more gentle,

understanding and have a good grasp of English.  Many come to seek that special lady who they can marry and know that the Philippine culture still provides women who can love and respect a man, regardless of his age.  Fortunately, those attributes still bring in the tourists, for now.  Remember also that Thailand and Cambodia are not predominantly catholic countries and can get away with a bit more risque activities there then here.  Strong cultural differences.
 But another negative observation that was mentioned was the steady increase of Korean ownership of businesses here.  The perception is that the Koreans come in and raise the prices, are rude, offensive and do not like to assimilate.  They have declared the Friendship area as “Korea Town” and put up signs that are in the Korean language only, disregarding Tagalog or English, despite a City Council resolution against that.  A new Korean establishment is going up on Fields Ave, opposite the Dirty Duck declaring itself “Korean Territory”.  Does this mean only Koreans should enter.  Is this a show of arrogance typical of the Koreans here?  Whatever the reasons for less tourists it is evident that there is indeed a continuing decline.  Can this be reversed? I am not sure.  There is certainly an explosion of new hotels, condos, apartments and houses being constructed.  It is becoming a city of high rise buildings as owners try to outdo each other.  The cost of units equal and in some cases surpass prices in the US.  But, they are being purchased by those wishing to live here or for investment purposes.  I have my own place but if I was on my own even I would check out the many condos up for sale and pick one out for myself and also one for an investment.  I would rather own than rent and even though a certain type of tourist might go elsewhere for a more robust entertainment opportunity, there will still be a market for what Angeles City has to offer, if the “greed” level will taper off a bit.  After all, those countries that have been mentioned are not that far away and easily accessible as more and more airlines operate out of the Clark airport.  Residents and tourists can enjoy both worlds and that ain’t bad.

This is hot news.  The famous local pool player, Vegas Dave, after a long 5 year courtship,  is getting married this year.  He has been holding out for years and now has decided to tie the knot, or she decided, not sure which one made the decision.  Dave, will you cut off the pony tail for the wedding? The lucky lady is Jennifer who used to be the pool racker at the Swagman and then Miss Magic but is now on a leave of absence.  Dave told me that the reception will be at the Garden Dine restaurant on MacArthur Ave, a very nice place for such an event.

The author of the following article, Dennis Wright is caught by surprise as he arrives home from work on 30 Jan.  His wife and fellow Peregrine employees arranged this surprise get together to celebrate his 65th Birthday.  Congrats Dennis, join me next year for my 75th celebration.

Unsung heroes of Clark, Subic By: Dennis L. Wright

Philippine Daily Inquirer10:44 pm | Monday, January 23rd, 2012 http://business.inquirer.net/41087/unsung-heroes-of-clark-subic (The author is the president and chief executive of Peregrine Development International, a US management company specializing in project development.)
There is a remarkable story that needs to be told. It is a story of 21 leaders from different political parties and from various business backgrounds who came together in the past two decades to set an example that is unrivaled in world governments. The story is about the transformation of the two former US military installations in Subic and Clark into highly successful and vibrant commercial and business centers of excellence.  This is nothing short of phenomenal, and illustrates the art of the possible and what can be accomplished with a clear and focused strategic vision and agenda that is articulated by a government and executed by a cadre of dedicated civil servants working to achieve the stated objective.What makes this story so remarkable is that it unfolded under the radar screen of the Manila political and business elite. That is to say it happened without the traditional Philippine national political machine and business dynasties being involved or leading the way—as Subic and Clark have been, by and large, out of sight and out of mind on the national scene.
West Berlin

In order to put this in perspective and to fully appreciate what has happened at Subic and Clark over the past two decades, one has to appreciate the context of what occurred and contrast it with other comparable benchmarks.

Let me take you back to the 1980s and a speech in West Berlin given on June 12, 1987, by Ronald Reagan when he called on Mikhail Gorbachev to “tear down this wall” signaling the beginning of the end of the Cold War.

Once the Berlin Wall came down in 1989, America began calling for a “Peace Dividend.” After decades of huge defense spending to win the Cold War, Americans demanded the dismantling of a US military infrastructure that had grown so large during the decades of fighting that same war.

In 1988, the US government created a bipartisan task force called the Bases Realignment and Closure (BRAC) Commission to evaluate and nominate various military bases that should be declared “obsolete” and closed.


Once a base was identified by the BRAC Commission and its name placed on the BRAC list, it became targeted for closure—350 bases were so identified to be closed, consolidated or realigned with other installations.

Once the installations were vacated by the military, local communities assumed responsibility of transforming them into successful commercial endeavors. This was a very painful and difficult process, exacerbated by the loss of thousands of jobs and the corresponding spending that had existed in the local economies when the military was present. Most local municipalities in the United States, even with hundreds of million dollars in government grants and aid, struggled and even failed in trying to transform these massive old military installations into vibrant and successful commercial business ventures.

Contrast this with what happened at Clark and Subic.  In 1991 and 1992 respectively, the US military vacated the bases and turned them over to the Philippine government, which had its own dream to transform these two massive military establishments into successful commercial enterprises—just as their American counterparts were trying to do.  However, there were two major differences: The two Philippine bases were severely damaged by the eruption of Mt.Pinatubo, and the country had no grants or budget to renovate the facilities.


But the collective leadership teams at Subic and Clark succeeded. Consider that at the height of the American military era in the Philippines, the US government employed around 44,000 full-time Filipino employees.  Today, the work force population at Subic and Clark exceeds 160,000, which is a four fold increase.  Add to this some 2,000 locators, most of whom are foreign, who now call Subic and Clark home, and the $9 billion they have invested with over $3 billion in annual exports—you quickly see an enviable record of accomplishment that any community would be proud of. What makes this story unique is that it is not the result of any one single person, but rather, the culmination of many leaders, from different political parties who worked collectively to transform two badly damaged former US military installations into vibrant and commercially successful freeports.

I for one think it is time for Filipinos to applaud the leaders who contributed to this remarkable success story—a list that includes Richard Gordon, Felicito Payumo, Francisco Licuanan, Alfredo Antonio, Feliciano Salonga, Armand Arreza and Roberto Garcia of the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) in Subic; their counterparts Antonio Henson, Romeo David, Rufo Colayco, Sergio Naguiat, Rogelio Singson, Emmanuel Angeles, Antonio Ng, Liberato Laus, Benigno Ricafort and Felipe Remollo of the Clark Development Corp. (CDC) in Clark; and Franco Puzon, Adelberto Yap, Augusto Francia and Victor Luciano of the Clark International Airport Corp.

Without fanfare

Clearly there are many in the government who also deserve credit for setting a clear vision and strategy for the transformation of the bases, among them the people behind the Bases Conversion Development Authority. Subic and Clark represent the best of the Philippines—Filipinos working silently, persistently and without fanfare for the welfare and benefit of their country and its people.  I believe these individuals should be singled out, applauded and publicly recognized for what they have collectively achieved. (I am on my 30th year in Angeles City and have been privileged to see first hand the transformation of Clark by the CDC, and of course, Subic by the SBMA; Naturally, being so close to Clark I had a daily view of that transformation.  One would have had to be here directly after Mt. Pinatubo to fully appreciate the accomplishments described by Dennis.  I had the privilege of meeting many of those early leaders of the CDC, and men like Henson, David, Colayco, Laus and Ricafort were among those I thought highly of.  I am also extremely impressed with the dedicated work of Victor Luciano of the Clark International Airport Corp (CIAC). Bit by bit, despite politics, his vision for the future of the Airport (DMIA) are becoming a reality. 

What about the present?  This is where the author of the above article comes in. On 26 Jan Perigrine employee Chuck Guinn, took me on a vehicle tour of the construction site for the Global City, a massive construction project spearheaded by Dennis’s Peregrine Company.  The SBMA and CDC leaders all shared a dream for Clark and now, Dennis has a dream that is rapidly becoming a reality as well.  He has a team of men and women that all share his dream, drive and love of Clark, to include Angeles City.  As you enter Clark and take the road pass the Yokohama Tire Company heading toward the SCTEX entrance drive slowly and take in the ongoing construction.  Stop your car, get out and look around you.  You will be amazed.  Do this once a month, take pictures and imagine what it will look like by the end of the year, or two years from now.  The name Dennis Wright and Peregrine will be added to the exciting history and development of the Clark Freeport Zone.  Old timers like me who still talk about the old days at Clark and Angeles City will get to see this exciting transformation take place before we join our comrades in the Clark cemetery but, you know, part of my heart will never forget the old Clark and Angeles City I first saw in 1977.  I still miss the Kelly Cafeteria, the Kelly Theater and the Bobbitt Theater.  When I drive to McDonalds on Clark, I still see the old NCO Club and remember the great times we had, especially on Saturday nights when famous entertainers from Manila performed on stage backed up by a fantastic house band. I appreciate what we have now and what will be coming in the future, but Dennis, forgive old folks like me that remember the “soul” of old Clark and maybe the only place that will be left to reflect that “soul” will be the old cemetery. 

David Balmer Murder Update:  After a very unacceptable, nearly inexcusable long time the City Prosecutors office made up of the slow motion team of Haban and Garcia have finally sent a signed resolution recommending the murder case goes forward to the court.  It is hoped that this week a judge would be assigned the case.  The trio of Tim Kaufman, Joe Tramontano and Jesus Santos, Jr., remain the prime suspects in this case.  For those of you that write to me indicating that suspects are innocent until proven guilty, I agree.  Hence, the term “suspects”, “persons of interest” are used.  It would be very good news if somehow these two American “suspects” were brought back here to answer a few questions.  I have heard that Joe has left his pizza business in Hawaii and is now working for a 24 hour fitness gym.  One day I will feel comfortable in giving specifics about the evidence that has been accumulated in this case but for now, let me just say it was so much and so detailed that if this murder had taken place in the U.S. the suspects would have been arrested months ago.  Another person that might be able to help in the investigation is Leslie George Nelson, from West Hoxton NSW, Australia.  I have heard that, supposedly, he recently purchased the Kangaroo Bar in Cambodia.

Hans Siepkamp update – There have been some changes since my last report.  One suspect detained, two still being sought by police.  Girlfriend still being questioned.  Still a long way from closure on this case.

Paul Adkins murder update – Major Tan has informed me that they are waiting for the warrants of arrest.  This means that suspects have been identified and we are faced with the slow Philippine legal system again.

Take a good look at this smiling face, remember it, and do not hesitate to say hello to him when you see the smile on a daily basis at Phillies Sports Grill.  His name is Barry Burston and he is the new day manager who is bringing new life to the breakfast crowd.  He is a gentlemen’s gentlemen and you might know him from when he was the room mate of Kelly for so long at the City Jail.  The good news is that the cases against all three men were dismissed for lack of evidence and they got their bail money back.  Needless to say, Barry was looking for something less controversial in his job hunt.  The position at Phillies is ideal for him and he is extremely happy with his new position.  The management, staff and customers are happy to have him on board so lets hope he stays on board for a long time.

I am happy to announce that we now have a Burger King in Angeles City.  They had their opening at the Marquis Mall last month and now hamburger fanatics have a choice other than MacDonalds.  I visited the place the day after they opened and I found the store to be a bit small and cramped.  At first I could not figure out where to get on the line.  They have two registers close to each other but only one was being used when I was there.  I would hate to be there at lunch time as I suspect it would take a long time to be served and there would be a shortage of tables.  But, it is Burger King and many of  us love it.  I can resist a Big Mac but it is hard for me to resist a super whopper.  So, a big welcome to this new eatery at the Marquis Mall and I will learn to live with its smallness.

Comments and Remarks: Hi Harry, hope your well, I have just been speaking to Bill williams owner of the Blind Beggar sports bar. He has asked me if i could contact you thru your website to put a artical regarding the sale of the Blind beggar bar. Bill is looking for a quick sale due to His Health problems and he needs to get back to the U.K to get the treatment he so really needs. The Asking price is pesos 3.3 million If there are any interested buyers out there, Contact Bill williams on ~ #09475106166. Thank you, kj

I like this joke:  Doctor asks pregnant prostitute.  ”Do you know who the father is?”  Prostitute replies, “Oh!” For goodness sakes, if you ate a can of beans would you know which one made you fart?”  (Sent to me by Klaus Doell)  I guess this is why so many guys here are now seeking DNA tests.

How bout this one:  Kate Middleton asked the Queen for advice on marriage and a long relationship… she replied “wear a seatbelt and don’t piss me off!”


Yes folks, it is Howard McKay and Doggie Dave coming to you on Tuesday, 21 Feb, 7 PM.  Where:  The one and only Blue Boar Inn, home of Harry the Horse.  Come on over for music, food and drink and one hell of a good time.  If you know some good old Aussie songs, don’t be shy, share them with the audience.  Doggie Dave says – “BE THERE!”



I dropped into the Blind Beggar to have a chat with “Big Bill” and also take a look at his snooker table.  While sitting at the round table I decided since I was there I would see if I could find a lady suitable for this months presentation.  I was about to give up until I was introduced to Mariecar and was charmed by her good figure and personality.  OK, I know I have presented ladies here that are much better looking but there are times when I am less fussy.  This is one of them.  It could be the fact that I am approaching 74 next month and I am an easy mark for someone much younger than me who tells me I only look like 65.  Truthfully, I did not select Mariecar for that reason.  Would you believe that I forgot to ask her age, forgetfulness comes easily to me lately.  After talking to her I realized that this lady could be a charming companion, especially for “senior” visitors since she told me that she is not all that age conscious and men from 30 to 80 are acceptable for courtship.  That won me over!  She does have a son, 5 years old but, of course, at this time, no boyfriend.  She has two sisters and four brothers so that is a fairly large family.  She is a High School graduate and likes to sing.  I figure she could sing lullabies to put that special 80 year old to sleep while giving a sponge bath to him. Seriously, this is a nice lady.  If interested in writing to her send a message to:  maricartiu@yahoo.com.


I have received a number of questions about the dental work offered at the Smile Makeover Dental Clinic, especially about implants and caps.  I mentioned this to Dr. Tey and she kindly took the time to send me specific information and the pricing for the procedures.  As you know, Dr. Tey is the dentist of choice for me and I have undergone an implant procedure and also had caps.  In fact I also had to have a bone graft as well.  The treatment I received was outstanding and believe it or not, pain free.  I hope you find the following information informative:


·         Any form of correspondence that deals with any dental treatments & inquiries are general descriptions only and these are by no means applicable to any particular cases. Individual requirements about implants vary. Prices are subject to change without prior notice.SmileMakeOverDental & AestheticCenterreserved the right to change the prices at any time in order to be competitive. Discounts are at times given depending on the scope of work and cash transactions. A thorough examination is needed to ascertain the exact needs of an individual.


·         Normally, dental implants are composed of two (2) stages. The 1st stage is the placement of the implant body. This is usually done in one sitting or one appointment but the whole length process for the 1st stage, 10 days is sufficed. This involves the required lab test, medical clearance, actual procedure and follow ups.

After 6 months (at the very least) or so, the 2nd stage would be the placement of the abutments and actual prosthesis (individual crowns, bridge or Overdentures). This would require several visits to the office in a span of ten (10) days.

·         But if a patient prefers to have Implants done in a month (from implant to prosthesis), the Straumann SL Active Implant could possibly do the job. One of the factors that unsettle people about implant dentistry is the healing time.  Normal conventional dental implants procedures, can take several months to heal. This makes most patients uncomfortable about the prospect of a healing process that drags on for at least 6 months. Straumann SL Active implants, on the other hand, can heal in only 4 weeks then we can proceed to the 2nd stage of the implant treatment IF the case is ideal like there is no bone grafting involved and if the density of the bone is ideal.

DENTAL BRIDGES WITH IMPLANTS (an alternative to individual implants for considerable savings)

·         This is recommended if you’re missing 3 or more teeth. The procedure is the same as above. This type of implant treatment is generally to lower the treatment cost. When doing a 3 crownImplantBridge, only two implants would be used leaving the middle part empty. Then when the prosthesis would be put on top of the 2 implant, it will form a 3 crown bridge giving you the appearance of a complete set of teeth.


·         Overdentures are effective in retaining a non retentive denture especially when a patient has no teeth at all on any given arch.  An implant is placed (please read the INDIVIDUAL IMPLANTS procedure) in such a way that could support the dentures.  Once the implant has integrated into the bone for about at least 6 months, the implant is then uncovered and an abutment which pokes through the gums into the mouth is attached.  The abutment has a ball & socket fixture or a locator to support an attachment for the denture.  A minimum of 4 implants can maintain an upper denture and 2 implants for the lower dentures. Although the dentures that fit over implants are considerably more expensive than standard dentures, they offer the added advantage of allowing upper dentures to be built in the shape of an arch instead of having to cover the entire palate. This is of special significance to people who otherwise cannot wear full dentures because they make them gag. 

Cost of each Implant System and other cost that are involve in the treatment as of August 15, 2011


Implant system Cost
MIS ₱ 53,000.00 ea
Alpha bio ₱ 53,000.00 ea
Straumann ₱ 75,000.00 ea
Straumann SL Active ₱ 85,000.00 ea
3i ₱ 75,000.00 ea
Nobel Bio ₱ 85,000.00 ea
Overdentures ₱ 27,000.00 ea
Locator for Overdentures ₱ 16,000.00 ea
*PFM special crown for implants (TILITE) ₱ 11,000.00 ea
*PFZ special crown for implants (Zirconia) ₱ 21,000.00 ea
Sinus lifting (if necessary) ₱ 27,000.00 ea
Bone grafting (if necessary) ₱ 13,500 – ₱ 16,000 per vial
Anesthesiologist fee (if necessary) ₱ 8,500 – ₱ 16,000


Added information on the 2 types of crowns that I recommend for prosthesis on the implant.
*PFM’s or Porcelain-Fused to Non-Precious Metal (TILITE)Implant type ·         Good for the budgetSuitable for all types of Implants ·         Black colored coping inside
*CERCON (Zirconia). We have this at our laboratory (in-house) and we’re the only one in the Philippines that has the latest CERCON Technology.  ·         Aesthetically superior to crowns with metal coping·         Strongest material among this group of crowns·         Employs CAD/CAM technique to ensure the thinnest yet strongest fit for a crown·         Human bite strength is far below the breaking threshold of Zirconia·         Suitable for all types of Implants ·         Costly



·         A typical dental crown/cap/bridge procedure is completed in two stages. We would prepare the tooth/teeth by making it as a post either for an individual crown or for a bridge. Then we would take an impression and have it prepared at our dental laboratory. A series of fittings & trials would be required in order to get the best comfort for your teeth. The final stage would be the cementing of the crowns to post thereby giving you aesthetically pleasing teeth. Such treatment can be done in 7 working days. With special arrangements with my dental laboratory & technician, a 4-5 working day treatment is made possible.

Crown price list in Philippine Pesos as of August 15, 2011 (₱)


Temporary CrownsConstructed from a chemical cure composite. 200.00 ·         Very cheap ·         Not for permanent use·         Fragile
Plastic Jacket CrownsNew Ace Plastic with facings 3,200.00/crown ·         Affordable·         Suitable for all types of teeth ·         Would discolor over time·         Weakest of all types of crown
Porcelain-Fused to Ordinary Metal 5,500.00/crown  ·         Good for the budget·         Suitable for all types of teeth ·         Metal coping inside.·         Overtime black shade would show along the gumline·         May have allergic reaction due to the composition of the metal·        Inflammation of the gums·         Crowns are heavy for the teeth
PFM’s or Porcelain-Fused to Non-Precious Metal (TILITE) 8,000.00/crown  ·         Good for the budget·         Lighter than the ordinary metal·         Tissue friendlier than the ordinary metal·         Suitable for all types of teeth ·         Black colored coping inside·         Overtime black shade may show along the gumline
Pure porcelain EMAX 16,000.00/crown  ·        Aesthetically more pleasing than crowns with metal coping ·         Good only for anteriors (front)·         Not recommended for posteriors for it may easily break due to more pressure exerted at the back of the teeth·         More expensive than the TILITE and ordinary metal coping
Porcelain Fused to Gold (Captek) 21,000.00/Crown ·        Aesthetically more pleasing than crowns with metal coping ·         Costly
CERCON (Zirconia). We have this at our laboratory (in-house) and we’re the only one in the Philippines that has the latest CERCON Technology. 21,000.00/crown  ·        Aesthetically superior to crowns with metal coping·         Strongest material among this group of crowns·         Employs CAD/CAM technique to ensure the thinnest yet strongest fit for a crown·         Human bite strength is far below the breaking threshold of Zirconia·         Good for all types of teeth ·         Costly



·         For porcelain veneers aka porcelain laminates/Dental veneers can be used to correct many different smile challenges.  Enhancing teeth with a porcelain smile can change your life. Dentals veneer procedure can often be completed in two dental visits over the course of 7 to 10 days. These are wafer-thin, custom-made shells of tooth-colored materials designed to cover the front surface of teeth to improve your appearance. These shells are bonded to the front of the teeth changing their color, shape, size, or length. The visits may require several hours of tooth preparation. The tooth is prepared by minimally reshaping it to provide the best fit (or removing the previous one and reshaping it if needed). Next, an impression of your teeth will be taken and made. This impression will be sent to an outside dental lab so the veneers can be professionally fabricated. One important note to remember is that veneers is not for every patient who simply wishes to have veneers.There are certain limitations which we can discuss during the initial complimentary consultation.

·         The two sets of veneers that we offer atSmileMakeOverDental & AestheticCenterare the Inceram (PHP 12,000.00/per veneer) and the Emax Empress (PHP 15,000.00/per veneer). The difference is the type of material used by each manufacturer who supplies my laboratory for the veneers.


I love this time of year in the Philippines.  The weather is perfect, still warm but not the extreme heat you will feel in June, July and August.  Now is when folks look for trips out of Angeles City and head for the various beaches within driving distance.  For me, I am not keen on overnight trips, I like one day adventures.  As many of you know I love traveling the SCTEX road to Subic for lunch and a bit of shopping.  Sometime this month I will get my friends Graham and Renalyn to join us on a return trip to Camayan Beach and dine at the Reef Restaurant.  The drive is fantastic and the view of the ocean is fantastic, one can even see Grande Island from this location.  To get there you enter Subic Freeport and head towards Ocean Adventure. You will still have a ways to go once you pass Ocean Adventure but the drive is well worth the time you spent getting there.  For a one day treat, plan a trip to Camayan Beach.  If you decide to stay overnight there is a hotel right next to the restaurant.











Man, why have I not eaten at the Swiss Chalet for so long?  Before they moved from their second floor location on Real Street Priscilla and I ate their many times but for some reason, I believe, it has been two years since our last visit.  I stopped in to take a look last month as I saw that it was so crowded with patrons, inside and out.  What surprised me that in addition to their regular great menu selection they have added some Thai food.  The owner told me that he sent one of his cooks to Thailand for a one week cooking class which resulted in the menu additions of the following Thai selections:  Sour Chicken or Shrimp Soup; Clear noodle soup w/chicken; Stir fried Thai rice noodle; Stir fried chicken w/cashew nuts; Red curry chicken; Green curry w/coconut milk; Fried beef, pork or chicken w/basil leaves.  Now, all I have to do is grab Priscilla and head out to the Swiss Chalet to check out a few of those selections so we can evaluate how good that one week Thai cooking class was.


This was sent to me by Col Lee Hess (Retired AF Special Ops Warrior) now living in Florida.  It described an AC-130U reception at LaGuardia A/P (NYC) coming home from Iraq, diverted into NY for a mechanical problem.  He commented that “I don’t ever remember this happening before, but “Way to GO NY”!  The report read as follows:  Our last AC-130 crew traveling home from Iraq was diverted to LaGuardiaAirportfor a mechanical problem. They were thankful that such a busy airport allowed them to land there. They were absolutely surprised and overwhelmed by the incredible “Heroes Welcome Home” that they received. The crew didn’t expect any sort of fanfare, but you can see from the pictures that LaGuardia went all out. Thank you to those wonderful folks at LaGuardia who made our troops feel so special!  (Until I was 18 years old I lived in Astoris, LI, NY and used to ride my bicycle out to the LaGuardia Airport to pick blueberries.  Needless to say, that was quite some time ago.  I still feel a deep connection to that Airport and that surrounding area of New York.  I also give a salute to those folks who took the time to give that special greeting to a very special Ac-130 aircrew}







One day there was the Thai Baht restaurant where Darren and his Thai girlfriend served up Thai cuisine in perfect harmony with each other.  Well, after one year the harmony went out of tune and they parted ways.  This could be a sad story but not one for those of us who like to eat out.  You see, Darren has teamed up with Asti’s Sherwin to reopen as the Steak & Pasta House and the girlfriend, (Damn, forgot her name), moved down the road to open the Chiang Mai Thai restaurant.  Now, we have two new places to dine out instead of just one.  Needless to say, I think Darren’s new partnership is great as Sherwin will be offering up his very popular Italian dishes offered at Asti as well as some new offerings.  Darren will be coming up with the American style food, bar offerings and the interior decorating ideas.  Priscilla and I were able to get in a sneak preview the night before his official soft opening and we sampled Sherwin’s Pizza, Ravioli and Lasagna.  His pizza is in the “Panizza Style” and was very good.  I had the Maria Luisa for P290, a larger one for P490 is available.  The ravioli, stuffed with beef, spinach and cheese cost P298.  Priscilla had the lasagna, meat ragu, sausage, mozzalla and bechamel for P298.  All selections were delicious and we ate far too much.  Asti not only served good food but the prices were reasonable.  I am happy to say that this tradition has been carried over to this new location.  I like the bar area and for sure, I will be stopping by there to enjoy a bit of fellowship at the bar as well as checking out many more of the menu offerings.  We have not had time to check out the Chiang Mai restaurant but my friend Victor Dufort did and he was pleased with the food.  They are closed on Mondays, which, regretfully, is the day I chose to go there to take a picture.  For sure we will visit this month and I surely hope I will not be disappointed.  Maybe her cooking has improved since my long ago visit to the Thai Baht.  According to Victor, it has.







Over the years I have received many messages from various readers of my column that have been very special to me.  Some wonderful folks have brought me gifts and souvenirs that I appreciated so very much.  Last month one George (Marty) Martin brought me a gift that nearly brought tears to my eyes.  I was not home when he dropped it off but that evening when I opened the package I found a picture, patch and an American Flag.  I then read the short note left for me in the box.  It read:  ”Dear Harry the Horse, I wanted to give you this flag and patch from my squadron in Afghanistan,  I believe we have met before several years ago at Garfields and I have followed your newsletter for many years since.  I merely wanted to show my appreciation for the service that you provide to those of us who live out of the country but always travel home to Angeles.  Thank you very much and I wish you all the best of luck in the future.”    The flag came with a certificate that read:  ”This American flag was flown on a combat mission over Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, aboard an MC-12W, Tail number 09-0626, on the 18th of December 2011.”  It was signed by Ltd.Col. Jeffrey “Hanes” Alexander, 4ERS and Capt Conrad Lund, Pilot, 4ERS.  The actual 4th ERS MC-12 Flag Flying Request Form was also enclosed.  George directed me to an Air Force website that ran an article relating the mission of this outstanding, remarkable Squadron (www.af.mil/news/story.asp).  By the way, 4ERS stands for the 4th Expedition Reconnaissance Squadron under the 455th Air Expeditionary Wing.  Their flying records in Afghanistan are absolutely amazing and I salute one and all in this super squadron.  These are airmen that work 7 days a week for six months straight and they accomplish mission objectives that you never read about.  I will be so proud to frame this certificate and patch and hang it on the wall in our guest house.  I am honored that these men and women take the time to read this column.  Col Alexander and George Martin, thank you so very much.


As you well know by now, my two favorite places in town is Thi-Hi (for obvious reasons) and Phillies for not so obvious reasons.  At Phillies, I enjoy the food, especially breakfast, the great sports coverage, the girl watching, chatting it up with Shano (more on him later) and checking out the Phillies waitresses.  Man, I love the uniforms and some of them fill out those shorts in spectacular fashion.  Rob, the owner, hires the girls personally.  He told me that they only have one size for the uniforms and the major requirement for being hired is that they fit into that uniform.  He said that some of the ladies went on diets to be hired and to stay on the job.  He has one major problem though, it is employee turnover.  The girls pick up boyfriends so quickly that they do not last long on the job.  Rob must be like whoever it is that hires the female announcers on Fox news.  Did you notice how good looking most of them are and they are not short on breast size.  Lately, I was getting tired of the ceaseless Fox coverage on these primaries and caucuses that I switched to CNN.  I liked the news coverage but the female announcers, Ugh, fat, plain, dull, even the weather lady, so, quick, back to Fox, get a beauty fix then back to CNN, until I could not stand it again.  So goes it with Rob and those sweet rear ended waitresses with great personalities and some who fill out those shirts nicely.  Sometimes I look so hard that I let my breakfast get cold.  So, one morning when I saw these two ladies working, I had to get them together for a “short and tall” picture.  The short one is Jennifer, the other is Jackie.  Jackie has a boyfriend but Jennifer no longer has one.  Since these ladies are picked up quickly, never to be seen again, if you want to communicate with Jennifer Email her at:  jennifer_makinano@yahoo.com.  I am doing this as a public service announcement.


How can I go a month without mentioning the Thi-Hi bar?  No way, I like the place too much.  Additionally, Josie keeps bringing in new ladies who enjoy having their pictures taken and I sure do enjoy taking the pictures.  Since Deery passed away Josie has make a few changes in order to liven up the place a bit.  She has added a small stage and has the girls taking turns as dancers.  The two dancers you see here are Ella (Left), 29 years old, Email:  rowie_borgs@yahoo.com and Wilma (R), 25 years old, Email: wilma_pamanian@yahoo.com.  Neither one has boyfriends at this time.  I am not providing a whole lot of information on these two as my main purpose is to provide something pleasant for your eyes.  Someone wrote to me and asked for more ladies to be shown so I aim to please.  My only interest in the Thi-Hi is to keep promoting it so more and more visitors will stop in to see the lovely ladies and boost their sales.  You see, I don’t want this place to close or be taken over by somebody else.  Josie stood by Deery for more than ten years and put up with all his crankiness and now is doing her best to survive.  She is a great lady

and all who know her admire her dedication and hard work.  Thank goodness that even with dancers the music is kept at a tolerable level and folks can have a good time there.  I enjoy seeing familiar faces in attendance and love it when a group shows up and it is party time with laughs and drinks all around.  An example is when four poms and one Kangaroo popped in for a good time.  From left to right we have Steve, Ron, Dave, Mick and Tony (Kangaroo) all of whom brightened up the place a bit and felt at home.  Tourist and Expat alike enjoy the Thi-Hi but many folks just don’t get up Perimeter road far enough to discover the joys awaiting them.  Pop in and say hello, I might just be there, sitting at the bar in my favorite chair.


The AC Thunder MC Club (Pres. Joe Strauhn) had their annual bike show in front of the Screaming Eagle Café Sunday, 29 Jan 2012. This is a charity event supporting the A.W.A.M (Anonymous with a Mission) project for homeless kids.  Funds are also set aside for the Bahay Bata Street Children’s Center and various other organizations.  There was a great turn out for the event and line-up of motorcycles was very impressive.  I got there in time to cast my vote for the best looking bike but did not stay long enough to get the results.  One picture I took shows Racquel selecting what she thought was the best in show (By request of Racquel, I had to crop out her face, no she was not ugly).   It was perfect weather for the event and there sure were a lot of spectators and participants from the various motorcycle clubs inAngelesCity andManila.  Maybe Paul Baker will send me the results of the judging.














Meet John (Shano) Shanahan who is not as good looking as the waitresses working at Phillies Sports Grill but is probably more popular.  This gregarious, big ex-copper holds court as the general manager of Phillies from 2 to 10 PM each night and a better host would be hard to find.  The man is a legend in town and draws friends to his table each afternoon and evening like moths to a flame.  Born in Murrurundi, N.S.W. 56 years ago.  At 6 years old he started playing rugby and finished at 24.  He played for Murrurundi representing the Hunter Valley Gosford Rugby league Club.  He played for Gosford High School and represented the North Coast Rugby League.  At 19 he joined the NSW Police force and spent 17 years with that force and four years at the maximum security prison for juveniles.
He visited the Philippines for the first time in Jan 1990.  He was single, and of course, loved the place.  In March 2000 he made a permanent move to the Philippines.  He has a son, John, 28, a geologist working in Western Australia and a daughter, Kate, 29, a speech therapist.  He is proud to be a grandfather for one year old Isabella.
Over the years he has had a varied career here in Angeles City.  He owned Shano’s Cocktail Lounge where the Midnight Rodeo is now, he sold it in 2001.  He has worked at the Kitten Club, Stinger, Cleopatra Ayers Rock, Flamingo Club and night shift manager at the Orchid Inn.  He was the General Manager of the Orchid Inn and helped with the construction of the Wild Orchid, Angeles.  He became an investor in Shano’s Irish Pub in Sep 2007 and sold out by Mar 2010 but stayed on as the general manager of the International until 2011 when he moved to Phillies as general manager Oct 29, 2011.  He now has a lovely girlfriend, Jenny who manages to keep him a very happy man and welcomes him home each evening to their house in Diamond which he also shares with his six month old German Shepard, Mickey.  He celebrated his birthday last December with 16 cases of beer and a 45 Kilo Pig.  He managed to get a proper SML drunk on.

Now that is a bloody long story and it has kept me up to midnight writing it.  Shano, if I have made any mistakes in the facts here, just ignore them.  Oh yes, let me add the picture of a few of your mates gathered around one afternoon at Phillies.  I nearly forgot to do so.  So goes the story of Shano, a very popular man and for sure a well respected and valued member of the Phillies staff which Rob, the owner, hopes will stay with him for many more years.  For me personally, it is so great to know this man and to be able to count him as a friend of which he has many.



There have been some folks writing to me asking if there was a place in town that had an active snooker table.  For a long time I had to say none but now, thanks to a lad named Aki, there is one.  The story is that Aki loved playing snooker and had one in his house.  I can imagine the size of the room he had it in.  When it was time to renovate and make some changes he decided to sell the table and then along came Big Bill, owner of the Blind Beggar.  If you have never been to the Blind Beggar, let me tell you, it sure is damn big enough to bring in this table and have plenty of room left over.  Bill never passes up a good deal and he saw the value of buying the table from Aki and, believe it or not, it is attracting more and more players and Bill is overjoyed at his decision.  Vegas Dave is a regular as well as Aki, the previous owner who is pleased that a good location was found for the table.  I used to enjoy watching some of the great snooker players, like Steve Davis, on TV

Harry, I read the article about me and Jennifer getting married and I thank you for it. However, the article about the Snooker table in Blind Beggar is TOTALLY WRONG. I,ME, Vegas Dave, bought the table from AKI not Bill. I have a signed document both as a Deed Of Sale from AKI and a notarized document signed by Bill stating the table belongs to ME. Therefore, if Bill gave you the information as you have written, he is wrong. I would appreciate it if you can do a retraction next month in your March issue for legal reasons on my behalf. If you wish to see the documents signed that I spoke of, I will show them to you. I will talk with Bill soon to ask him why he stated to you he bought the table.I will stop by the hotel soon to discuss this matter more. Tks, Vegas Dave Hamilton. (Dave, thanks for the update.  Maybe I misunderstood Big Bill so no problem.  I will also try to stop by and see Bill before he sells the place and heads back to England for medical treatment)

but now the sports channel on cable here never shows any snooker matches anymore.  If you like snooker you are more than welcome to join the group of players at the Blind Beggar.  Right now I believe that Bill himself and Aki are the top snooker players but I could be wrong about that, after all, what the hell do I know about snooker.  By the way, the Blind Beggar is great for private parties and it is the only bar in town that can offer a swimming pool in the back.


Here we have Wayne and Wayne or dare I say, “Old Wayne” and “Young Wayne”.  The senior looking guy is Wayne Hess from Tacoma, Washington and the happy to be younger lad is Wayne Kuykendall from Mt. Airy, North Carolina (Mayberry country).
Wayne Hess – Has his own heating business, Wayne’s PVS & Furnace Repair.  Married, 5 kids, 11 time great grandfather and 27 time grandfather.  All I can say here is that he sure did plant some fertile seeds when younger.  The only bad thing is that it sure does provide for some stressful Christmas activities.  That is a lot of presents to plan for.  While here Wayne stayed at the Swagman as did young Wayne.  Needless to say they are close friends.  Wayne passed the time by throwing a few darts and also buying up a bunch of handmade pool sticks to take back home.  He was also able to attend his first cockfight and that is something I have not done in many years.
Young Wayne – Married to a Filipina he met in Germany.  She was a nanny for her Aunt and of course, the Aunt set up the meeting with Wayne one night at the NCO club.  It was love at first sight.  Wayne has his one person trucking company named LBE Incorporated in Mt. Airy.  Goobers is his favorite eating place.  Now, I would surely like to eat in a place called “Goobers”, I have visions of great burgers and homemade pies.  His wife, Arcie, is a waitress at the Mayflower and they have 2 children, both girls, 16 and 20, and old Wayne is the Godfather.  The two Waynes met each other in Washington when both were assigned there when in the military. They have stayed friends for many years now.  I don’t know who looks after who when here in the Philippines but they sure are fun to know and I enjoy their company a great deal.  They both enjoy life, are successful back home and both have great families.  What more can you ask for, well, maybe another trip back to Angeles City for a start.


For a long time Rockin Dave has been inviting me to attend his Thursday rock and roll show, featuring, of course, himself and I never make it because if is my dart night.  But, last month, he had a bunch of tourists in for this Thursday night show and they liked it so much that they wanted to see it again before they left but it had to be on a Tuesday night.  Dave sent me a message and this time I was able to get there.  Not only did I attend but I brought along the Mrs and she was flabbergasted that I invited her out to a bar with me.  This is only the second time, the last time was a year ago when we visited the Golden Nile.  Twice in thirty years, that’s enough, I do not want to spoil her.  My problem now is she has become a Rockin Dave fan and wants to go again.  Personally, I think that Dave should perform at least twice a week instead of just once.  Lets face it, he is the draw to that bar and I was leased to see a few more dancers than the last time I was there.  If you have not seen this super piano player just go on you tube and search his name.  You will see the younger performer with a lot of hair and much thinner.  He was well known back when and had a lot of CD’s and videos.  In fact, he will sell you some if you ask.  For sure, you want to visit the Midnight Rock on a Thursday night, it is a treat and a welcome change from just watching listless, but sexy dancers in other bars.  Dave, please, add another night to your entertainment schedule.  You ain’t so old that you can’t hang it all out twice a week instead of one.

Ah Hah, finished, finito, that’s all folks.  Now I can go to the surprise birthday party for Dennis Wright, 65 years old today.  What an old fart!  Hee-Hee, wait until he hits 70, the official senior citizen age over here.  It is only 30 Jan, I have a day to spare.  I keep wondering when it will cool off a bit here, maybe this month.  Oh, yes, I will be 74 on 25 Feb which means that next year I will be having a bit of a party for my 75th.  Now, that is getting kind of old.  I sure do thank the two folks that brought me some good and plenty candies.  In fact I am filling my mouth with them right now.  I have become an addict for them and my raisinets.  Thank goodness I found the raisinets on sale at the new S&R store in San Fernando.  That is a good store.  Guess what, when in the US I found Blue Bunny Premium Bordeaux Cherry Chocolate ice-cream which was fantastic.  My son and I fought to see who ate the most.  I was sad to know I would not be able to get it here.  Man, guess what?  S&R had it, the exact same brand and container.  My diet has now gone all to hell.  It is hard to lose weight on a Good & Plenty, Raisinets, Blue Bunny ice-cream diet.  Shit, at this rate I might not have to worry about my 75th.  Not to worry, 74 is in the bag and all you have to remember is, always be kind to horses.


Man, why the hell are we still sending millions of dollars in aid to Egypt?  They detain three Americans on a bull shit charge and the country is being taken over by anti-American elements.  We never learn!

The newspapers here run stories about a stronger US Military presence in the Philippines on a rotational basis, no permanent bases, and the demonstrators that love us are already at the gates of our US Embassy.  When will we learn that the Filipino’s love our money, but not always US!


There’s an annual contest at the University of Arkansas calling for the most appropriate definition of a contemporary term.

This year’s term was: “Political Correctness.” The winning student wrote:

“Political correctness is a doctrine — fostered by a delusional, illogical minority and rapidly promoted by mainstream media — which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a piece of shit by the clean end.”

I did not write what follows but it sure is applicable:

This will be a “Happy New Year”!  As some people say, “Vote early and vote often!”

I am really concerned aboutNorth Korea’s appointment of , Kim Jung  youngest son to be the new leader ofNorth Korea–a nuclear power!

After all, Kim Jung Un (pronounced Kim’s young-un?) had NO military experience whatsoever before daddy made him a four-star general in the military. This is a snot-nose twerp who has never accomplished anything in his life that would even come close to military leadership:   he hasn’t even so much as led a cub scout troop, coached a sports team or commanded a military platoon … …So, setting that aside, next they make him the “beloved leader” of the country. Terrific!!!

Oh, heck I’m  sorry. I just remembered that we did the same thing here. We took a community organizer who has never worn a uniform and made him Commander-in-Chief; a guy who has never led anything more than an ACORN demonstration and made him the leader of this country. I’m sorry I brought this up, never mind.


No Matter What By Dr. Walter Williams
Can President Obama be defeated in 2012? No. He can’t. I am going on record as saying that President Barack Obama will win a second term.
The media won’t tell you this because a good election campaign means hundreds of millions (or in Obama’s case billions) of dollars to them in advertising.
But the truth is, there simply are no conditions under which Barack Obama can be defeated in 2012. The quality of the Republican candidate doesn’t matter. Obama gets reelected. Nine percent unemployment? No problem. Obama will win. Gas prices moving toward five dollars a gallon? He still wins. The economy soars or goes into the gutter. Obama wins. War in the Middle East ? He wins a second term.
America’s role as the leading Superpower disappears? Hurray for Barack Obama! The U.S. government rushes toward bankruptcy, the dollar continues to sink on world markets and the price of daily goods and services soars due to inflation fueled by Obama’s extraordinary deficit spending? Obama wins handily.
You are crazy Williams. Don’t you understand how volatile politics can be when overall economic, government, and world conditions are declining? Sure I do.
And that’s why I know Obama will win. The American people are notoriously ignorant of economics. And economics is the key to why Obama should be defeated.
Even when Obama’s policies lead the nation to final ruin, the majority of the American people are going to believe the bait-and-switch tactics Obama and his supporters in the media will use to explain why it isn’t his fault. After all, things were much worse than understood when he took office.
Obama’s reelection is really a very, very simple math problem. Consider the following:
1) Blacks will vote for Obama blindly. Period. Doesn’t matter what he does. It’s a race thing. He’s one of us,

2) College educated women will vote for Obama. Though they will be offended by this, they swoon at his oratory. It’s really not more complex than that,

3) Liberals will vote for Obama. He is their great hope,

4) Democrats will vote for Obama. He is the leader of their party and his coat tails will carry them to victory nationwide,

5) Hispanics will vote for Obama. He is the path to citizenship for those who are illegal and Hispanic leaders recognize the political clout they carry in the Democratic Party,

6) Union members will vote overwhelmingly for Obama. He is their key to money and power in business, state and local politics,

7) Big Business will support Obama. They already have. He has almost $1 Billion dollars in his reelection purse gained largely from his connections with Big Business and is gaining more everyday. Big Business loves Obama because he gives them access to taxpayer money so long as they support his social and political agenda,

8) The media love him. They may attack the people who work for him, but they love him. After all, to not love him would be racist,

9) Most other minorities and special interest groups will vote for him. Oddly, the overwhelming majority of Jews and Muslims will support him because they won’t vote Republican. American Indians will support him. Obviously homosexuals tend to vote Democratic. And lastly,
10) Approximately half of independents will vote for Obama. And he doesn’t need anywhere near that number because he has all of the groups previously mentioned. The President will win an overwhelming victory in 2012.


I did not write the following but it is food for thought.  Those of you who are Democrats will disagree, naturally, and Republicans will agree.  I can’t figure out what the independents will think but one thing is for sure, Obama sure does like to do things his own way and the hell with Congress.  He has already said as much in one of his speeches.  By the way folks, if you think our military has not been weakened, you haven’t seen anything yet.  This President is determined to weaken our defenses while China continues to strengthen their offensive might, along with North Korea and Iran. You bet your ass that the war in Iraq is NOT over as that country will slip into civil war with Iran becoming an even bigger force there than it already is.  Obama has lost all credibility in his handling of Afghanistan as well.  Back home he supports 100% Class Warfare and as we slip further and further into a socialistic government we will lose our number one position in the world.  This will be a very interesting year.

All Hail King Barack the First

Creating any form of a democratic form of government is tough and America’s Founders had it tougher than most. One must remember that what they were attempting to do hadn’t ever been done before, they were essentially making it up as they went along. But one thing they were very clear about: they had no interest in being ruled by a King or any other type of autocrat. If anything, they went out of their way in ensuring that such a thing would never happen in this nation, crafting a document that was very clear and specific regarding the equal division of powers among three equal branches of government (one of which was further divided in two) and clearly specifying exactly what each branch could, and more importantly, could not do.

Historians have often argued that our first autocratic President was Abraham Lincoln, who took extraordinary measures during a time of great crisis to ensure the overall survival of the Union itself, with little regard to the potential long-term consequences of some of his decisions. However, it took another 40 years or so for Presidents to decide that they had the power to rule over the land, using their own personalities to point our nation in the direction in which they believed it should go. Theodore Roosevelt, who was soon followed by Woodrow Wilson, were both  Progressives, in the sense that they believed government was a powerful force for good and should be used to correct the wrongs that they witnessed. It could literally be argued that those two men radically altered the look of the nation, bringing in a host of new laws and ideas that still impact our lives today.

Roughly a century after Theodore Roosevelt left office, another charismatic young man seeks to re-shape the country based on his own ideas, backed up with the power of his own rhetoric. That man is Barack Obama, former Illinois state legislator and professional agitator who seems little bothered with the restrictions put into place by the very Constitution he claims to have once taught. Need powerful agency directors whom you don’t want to be bothered by Congressional oversight? No problem, just about a couple of dozen “Czars” who can implement your desired changes free from Congressional authorization. Union backers facing the prospect of seeing their companies go under after years of union-led abuse? No problem, let’s just buy those companies outright, then fudge the books in such a manner as to make it appear as if these were profitable deals. The list is as endless as the one containing his campaign promises.

This leads us to His majesty’s latest outrage: the direct appointment of Richard Cordray as head of a newly-created Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. One moment while we leaf through the Constitution searching for the clause giving the Executive Branch the power to create such an agency…

The Cordray appointment is controversial in two regards:

First, his appointment was already blocked by the Senate, using the power exclusively granted to that segment of the Legislative Branch. Obama is blatantly circumventing the authority which is expressly granted to the Senate alone. The Executive Branch does not possess the Constitutional authority to make such appointments without consent, see Article Two, Section Two. One would think a former professor of Constitutional law might be aware of this fact.

Secondly, a so-called “recess appointment” can only be made after the Senate has been out of session for at least 10 days, while the Senate is actually still in what is known as a “pro-forma” session, which the Senate website defines as:

pro forma session - A brief meeting (sometimes only several seconds) of the Senate in which no business is conducted. It is held usually to satisfy the constitutional obligation that neither chamber can adjourn for more than three days without the consent of the other.

In other words, the Senate is still technically in session, which should negate the ability of the Executive Branch to make appointments which can only be made when Congress is in recess.

What this all boils down to is this: a vain, self-absorbed man who rose to the highest office in our nation entirely on his ability to publish allegedly ghost-written memoirs and speak beautifully while reading a teleprompter, is attempting to consolidate as much power as possible in his own hands, Constitution be damned. This president often reads flowery speeches from his teleprompter which talk about supporting Americans who “play by the rules” and “do what’s right”. In other words, playing by the rules is only for the little guy, not for His Majesty, King Barack the First.

Message to Casey Anthony, the baby killer – You should be in jail bitch, we do not need to see or hear from you at all.  Stay off the streets, you will profit from your evil deed but in the eyes of the public, right or wrong, you have been convicted of murder and you are damn lucky to be free.  Now, please stay out of sight so we can forget you.

From now thru November 2012 this should be required weekly or at least monthly, reading – BY ALL WHO VOTE!!!
Did you notice who Obama threatened when he wasn’t getting his way on raising the debt ceiling?
He threatened to not pay: Social Security Retirees, Military Retirees, Social Security disability and Federal Retirees.
NOW……… Let this really sink in!!!!
He did not threaten to stop payments to illegal aliens
He did not threaten to take frivolous benefits such as Internet access away from violent inmates
He did not offer to fire some of the thousands of unnecessary federal employees that he hired
He did not offer to cut down on his or his wife’s frivolous gallivanting around the world
He did not threaten to not pay the senators and representatives or any of their staff
He did not threaten to take benefits away from welfare recipients
He did not threaten the food stamp programs
He did not threaten to not pay foreign aid
He did not threaten to cut back on anything that involves his base voters
The list could go on and on. He is in full political re-election mode!
Why are we allowing this person to destroy this wonderful country with his selfishness and his lies?
His type of change is killing our country. He needs to be stopped and only our votes can stop him.
Do not forget about his tactics when it’s election time. Vote Obama out of the Presidency in 2012. 
A Nation of Sheep Breeds a Government of Wolves ! I’M 100% for PASSING THIS ON!!! Let’s Take a Stand!!!



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1.  20 Jan – Burger King has opened an outlet at the Marquis Mall.  At long last, a Burger King within a short driving distance.  It took long enough.

2.  Asti Chef Sherwin is closing down his great little restaurant to join forces with Darren, at what was the “Thai Baht”.  Darren split with his Thai Girlfriend, she went on to open the “Changmai” Thai restaurant just before you get to the old PIH Hospital.  I do not know the new name for the Thai Baht location, forgot to look today but it will be open for business on 25 Jan.  With Sherwin on board I am sure that this will be a great place for dining pleasure.



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GREAT NEWS –  I just received news that the two killers of Hans, owner of the Butterfly have been captured.  One of them has already confessed.  Right now one is being held by the CIDG and the other one is in the City Jail.

I do not have any further details but will try and find out, when things settle down a bit, the folks responsible for the arrest of these two scumbags.





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The AC Thunder MC Club (Pres. Joe Strauhn) will have a bike show in front of the Screaming Eagle Cafe, 53 Don Melton Ave, Angeles City on Sunday, 29 Jan 2012. This is a charity event supporting the A.W.A.M (Anonymous with a Mission) project for homeless kids.  Funds are also set aside for the Bahay Bata Street Children’s Center and various other other organizations.  This is a fun show and they will be having various contests.  The main one will be the judging for the best looking motorcycle, Harley and Non-Harley bikes.  There is a P500 entry fee for each bike.  Anyone is welcome and any bike as well, so this is a time to show off your pride and joy and I don’t mean your wife or girlfriend but bring them along anyway.  The event is from 0900 to 1500 hrs.  But the times are split up for various events as follows:

0900 – 1200 for set up and poker run.  There is a 1300 hr deadline for deadline for entries.

1200-1300 Wet T-Shirt bike washing contest (The “horse” likes this)

1300-1400 Judging and viewing

1500 Presentation of Prizes

During the judging there will be a slow ride contest (single) and also with passenger. Then they will have a slow ride with passenger and hot dog.  That should be interesting.

Food and drink will be available from the Screaming Eagle Cafe.  I think I covered everything Paul Baker told me and I sure am glad he stopped by to clue me in.  I went td one of these events a couple of years ago and they are fun to watch and of course, participate in.  I heard that Ed Pamintuan will be there with his bike, as well as Rey Pineda and his group of friends.  I can’t ride those big bikes but I sure do like looking at them.  This is a good excuse to get out on a Sunday morning and afternoon and you will be contributing to a worthwhile charitable cause.



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The Penthouse Relaunch might be an event some of you might be interested in attending.  A presentation will be offered and a question and answer period will follow.  The Penthouse (Previously the Lexus) has an interesting history and it is good news to know that construction is in high gear once again.  This is an event that I will be most interested in attending.  Hope to see you there.



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2 Jan 2012, 1040 hrs, It was reported that one Craig Ihara, 62 years old, married, Japanese-American was found by his driver at his residence, lifeless in his bed.  During the conduct of investigation, no sign of foul play was noted and medicines for hypertensions, gastric and for cardio were found at the place of occurrence.  The body was taken by Funeria Pangilinan for autopsy examination.  Craig was living at 20-12E Dalia St., Diamond Sub-Division, Balibago, Angeles City.

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