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Hi folks – saw doctor yesterday, she told me I would be here three months for treatment, not two as I anticipated.  Was disappointed to hear that.  Am seeing ENT doctor today and two more doctors next week so will know more after that.



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I had my first appointment with my Oncologist today and learned that I will have to be here at least three months for treatment.  That is twice as long as I anticipated. Tomorrow I have an appointment with an ENT doctor and then next week two other doctors.  Will know more specifics after seeing these three doctors.  I sure did not want to be gone that long.



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I just received information from a reliable source of a stabbing incident involving on William Lavaleri, 68 year old American national.  He was found dead in his temporary billet at Apt 009, A. Santos Extension, Balibago.  He had stab wounds in his neck and left armpit.  Incident took place on 28 Jul, 0200 hrs.  His body was discovered by his neighbor, Jorlene Desquito.  The two bladed weapons were still embedded in his neck and left armpit.  Two unidentified male persons and a female were seen inside the victims apartment.  The police of Station 4 are actively investigating this incident.



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Hi folks.  My last biopsy report confirmed that I have stage one cancer of my vocal chord so I will be heading for Las Vegas, NV on 26 Jul for radiation treatment.  I have a doctors appointment on 27 Jul at 1115 hrs.  I am hoping that when the doc examines me and my medical records she will tell me that the diagnosis in the PI was wrong and I just need some medication.  If that is not the case then I do not know exactly when I will be back in AC, hopefully not longer than a month and a half or so.  I have just about finished my Aug column and have some material for Sept as well.  Bear with me in Sep as I will be writing more about Vegas than AC.  But, I am hoping some of my sources will keep me posted on events in AC that I can write about.  This is an unplanned trip, I did not plan on going back to the US until 2013.  I may slow down a bit but am determined to keep up with the column and you better believe I will be anxious to return home again.  I will miss my breakfast at Phillies.



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SUBIC BAY, Freeport — Two foreign nationals allegedly drowned while scuba diving inside Subic Bay Freeport Sunday afternoon. Search and rescue operations are now being conducted by divers from different dive shops in Olongapo City and Subic with the help of the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority Harbor patrol and the Philippine Coast Guard for the two foreigners.  Police have yet to issue a report on the incident but sources identified the two foreign nationals as Stephen Brittian, a retired US Navy who is currently a dive instructor at Johan’s beach resort and dive shop in Barangay Barretto, Olongapo City and a certain “Tin”, a Hong Kong national who was with Brittian during the dive. The two, according to a witness, were diving at the USS New York, a shipwreck site in Subic Bay, around 6 p.m. Sunday. The source said another diver (whom the he did not want to identify) was with the two but left them at the wreck site. “They might have been holed up at the engine room of the ship, which is the dangerous part of the shipwreck,” the source said.

“According to the diver, the two gave the hand signal before he went up alone in the boat, so he thought that Brittian and Tin were fine. He waited for the two to surface on the boat but after 30 minutes of waiting, he decided to report it to the authorities,” the source added. The owner of Johan’s beach resort and dive shop identified as Johan De Sadeleir, a Belgian national, declined to give any details of the incident. Retrieval operations are ongoing. (Anthony ayarong/Sunnex).
(Victor) I have seen now on one of the boards that they have retrieved both bodies. There may be an update somewhere in the media.]  (This news report was sent to me by Victor Dufort.  It was tragic news and I have, through a reliable source, been able to confirm that both bodies have been recovered.  It was a sad accident and it is suspected that both men ran out of air which is a bit unusual.  I am sure that further investigation into this terrible accident will continue)




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I was so excited after reading an article from a reporter working with the Manila Times.Net.  At last a reporter was brave enough to bring to the attention of the public the evil actions of some CIDG members.  The questionable activities of many of the men within the CIDG, particularly those connected with the CIDG Women’s Desk have concerned many so called “rescued ladies” in the past.  Additionally, it is alleged that some foreigners have also found themselves taken advantage of when in the clutches of these “honest men” in uniform.  Supposedly one could find an unexpected outflow of cash after a period of discussing various aspects of criminal law and various penalties thereof.  This reporter should be rewarded for his exposure of a practice that is all too common but never brought to the attention of the public:

Cop tormentor, no protector


COVERING the police beat for many years tends to “desensitize” reporters, interviewing victims of all sorts of crime everyday like I did.

They’re basically repeating tragic, true stories of the human condition, only with different characters and settings that I encountered daily.

Seeing an unidentified dead body found in a sack on a deserted alley too often is quite numbing, not a story anymore.

We’re supposed to be “objective” and not emotionally affected by news events, anyway.

There are certain cases, though, when one cannot help feeling for victims of violence.

And, it pains so much more to see a crime victim suffer aggravation in the hands of abusive authorities themselves.

One such instance is the case of a human-trafficking victim supposedly rescued by operatives of the Criminal Investigation Division Group (CIDG).

The Surigao lass was one of seventy or so prostituted girls hauled out of three KTV bars in Dau, Angeles City, Pampanga, over a week ago.

She thought she could finally return home without experiencing further molestation.

After all, she and the other trafficked women had been “saved from hell” by no less than the CIDG’s Women and Children Protection Desk unit under P/Supt. Emma Libunao.  (A name all too familiar to expat residents of Angeles City)

It wasn’t freedom from hell just yet.

It was reported to me that the victim, after being extracted from the sex den, was abducted and sexually abused by one of the CIDG officers at a motel.

It has enraged me so much and it pains me—physically. I take this personally because of the fact that my own investigative news team from TV5’s Tutok Tulfo was with the CIDG-WCPD team in the rescue operation at Sunshine Bar and Blue Nile in Dau, Angeles City.

While my news team proceeded back to Manila, a CIDG team stormed into several other Angeles City bars, including the Golden Nile, Executive Bar and Cambodia on the notorious Fields Ave. in Angeles City.

CIDG Chief Supt. Samuel Pag-dilao ordered the operation following a complaint from the human rights group “Crusade Against Good Custom and Decency International.”

Two British and two Australian nationals, believed to be financiers of human trafficking were apprehended.

More than seventy young women, mostly recruited from poor barrios in the Visayas and Mindanao, were rescued and were to be processed for return to their hometowns.

Unfortunately, the Surigao lass was singled out among girls by this officer, who took her to a motel.

The victim was harassed and “blackmailed” into submission in exchange for her release from police custody and exempted from charges of prostitution.

What do you do when an agent of authority, who is supposed to protect you, chooses to harm you?

It is unbelievable what torment this young woman went through from being lured with false promises of a better life, only to be forced into prostitution, and then being assaulted by her supposed cop rescuer.

How can you not empathize with this crime victim, who’s aggravated by abuse of authority?

There must be a stronger word for this injustice committed by this maniac, and it leaves us no other word for it except “evil.”

This unconscionable crime calls for a full investigation.  (You can bet your sweet ass this will never happen)

We challenge PNP Chief Director-General Raul Bacalzo to shed light into this case.




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The new Kalaklan-Lighthouse Bridge will be opened to motorists and pedestrians starting July 11 after more than a year since construction began in June 2010, the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) has announced.

The new two-lane bridge replaces the some 50-year old span built by the US Navy in the 1960’s which served as a gateway to and from the province of Zambales. It is one of the four bridges connecting the freeport zone to Olongapo City.

An average of two thousand five hundred (2,500) vehicles and some three hundred (300) pedestrians, according to SBMA, pass through the Bridge every day before it was totally closed to pave the way for the construction of its replacement.

The ensuing rerouting of all vehicles through the Olongapo City proper resulted to heavy traffic in its main thoroughfares, especially during the morning and afternoon rush hours.




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Ray Kelly who has been kept at Camp Crame since the raid of the Honey Pot Club has been transferred to the 174 prison located near the LTO office on the road leading to San Fernando.  At this location he can have visitors.




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Dear me, I forgot to announce in my July events that the very talented Howard McKay and Doggie Dave will once again be performing at the Hotel La Casa (Stable Room) on Tuesday, 26 July, 7 PM.  Howard has a great following and each performance is a little bit different because of new songs and surprise guest singers.  It is a fun filled event with one and all in attendance enjoying themselves.  It is a time to meet with old friends and make new friends in an evening of food, drink and song.



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It is with great sadness that I must announce the passing of Don Sholoff who worked for many years with OMSG.  I do not have the details of cause of death but it was natural causes.  Don will be laying in state at Holy Mary chapel A from tonight (Thursday) at 10 PM thru Monday 7 AM.  A mass and memoral will be held on Sunday at 6 PM at the chapel.  Cremation will be on Monday morning .  The funeral will be held either on Tuesday or Wednesday, most likely on Wednesday.  Don was a ardent supporter of the Rotary Club of Clark Centennial (RCCC) and all members of this Rotary Club extend condolences to his wife and family.



19 Hours Later—

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this is from a CUSTOMER that was in the blue nile night of the
raids….It is too informative not to add to this month’s breaking
news:  What the heck is going on when they start treating innocent
customers like this?  There have been eyewitness reports that the
police even abused the girls they were supposedly “rescuing” them by
punching them in the stomach and kicking them as they tried to load
them on the buses.  Are these police officers or just goons in

Took a girl and got to Golden Nile about 10:15 to see the 10:30 show,
watched it and the girl I was with was being a downer so after the
show told her to split so I could get another. After all it was her
night off and a freebie so did not cost me a thing, ended up saving
her ass. So now it is about 11:00 and sitting on the side booth when
all of a sudden the girls all start running in different directions.
Then someone say it is a raid so I headed down to the bottom floor
right away and there is a cop on the door, I asked him if I could
leave which was declined. So figure what the hey and head back up to
finish my drink. All the girls went and changed and a few customers
all stayed on the 3rd floor and finished drinks. 2 girls grabbed me
and begged me to say they where with me and when we would get out
would go back to my hotel for a threesome, not bad if it would of
transpired that way. Now the cops most in plain clothes are walking
around with video cameras shooting everything. Then after about an
hour motion for us to go to the ground floor which we all did and
there was about a 100 people down there. First they take all the girls
and load them up on the bus so now it is down to just a few of us and
I was figuring for sure they where going to let us go our way. Had to
take a piss really bad but no bathroom on that floor but thought I
would be out soon to go to my hotel. This one lady undercover comes up
to us and asks some questions then was starting to let us leave then
this dude stopped her. Shit thought we where free, about another 15
minutes later the call us up and open the door so thought it was time
to go but instead they escort us and make us get on the bus.

I is now 1 AM and the bus is PACKED and see some of my girls and they
all looked very surprised I was on the bus with them. Asked about some
of the other girls that I know and ended up they all escaped. Here is
what happened the cops loaded up the bus first and then closed the
door on it and went back inside to get more people. Since the bus was
unattended they figured out how to open the door and all of them got
off and ran away in different directions. Now I kicked my self
thinking I should of waited downstairs and I would free. But no I am
stuck here thinking we where going to the local PD and find out they
are taking us to Manila the Quezon station, not much I can do about it
so sat back. A lot of stop and go and now close to Manila and it is
nearing 3 AM when this girl in the front seat start screaming at the
cops at the top of her lungs and not just any screaming it was
deafening. Turns out she had to pee ever since we left AC so to my
surprise they pulled off the road and found a CR for anyone that
needed it to use.

Get to the station and exit the bus and enter this building and they
heard all the girls upstairs and me and 3 other customers and kept on
the first floor and head over to the area where the commanders office
was located. Shortly after the head honcho comes out and turns out to
be a lady and she had a nice face but a little round in the body. She
is holding mug shots of the owner of the bars Richard and asking all
of us if we know him or saw him at the club this evening. She says
they are after him for sex trafficing and he is in big trouble, of
course no of us say a thing. Then she tells us all that we can be
charged just for being there for sex trafficing or solicitation. The
first offense is community service and a 50,000 Php fine, second
offense is 1 year in jail and 100,000 Php fine, we all look at
eachother saying WTF. Then she starts saying that they where there to
rescue and save the girls from what they where doing and their main
target was Richard, which they did not apprehend. So you can imagine
the 4 of us are all starting to sweat it out when she says that they
are not going to be charging us and we should be out of there shortly.
A huge sigh of relief came over us so I called my hotel to arrange for
them to send a car to get me because I had not idea what else to do.
So now it is 4 AM and they take us off a few blocks away to get a
medical examine to prove that no one was injured in the raid. A bunch
of girls are already there waiting there turn and of course I knew a
few so sat that waiting and learning about what was happening. 30
minutes later all the power goes out so we get usherd back to the
first place they took us inside in the pitch dark with just a few

Now it is almost 5 AM and another lady an investigator comes out to
talk to us and tells us we have to do some interviews and stuff and
should take a couple of hours. So we are just sitting there and
watching the clock and nothing is happening, now it turns 6 AM and
then all the cops take out pillows and stuff and say it is nap time
and going to be for 2 hours. Again we all look at each other and WTF
what is this FUCKING kindergarten. Now it is 8 AM and of course time
to eat breakfast which takes another hour taking us to 9 AM.

Now a third person a dude comes out to talk to us and tells us we are
all going to be charged in a afidavit for sex trafficing but they do
not have any proof of it. They then tell us they have 36 hours from
the time they got us to come up with what they need to send to a judge
to see if they would proceed. Needless to say all of our hearts just
sunk deep into our chests. 2 of us where American and the other 2
Japanese so we respectfully asked to call our embassy’s for
assistance. Which they allowed and talked to someone and to be honest
they where not much of a help but did talk to the commander and filled
us in on all the details.

Now it is Noon then 1 PM and we are just all sitting there doing
nothing and waiting. Meanwhile the cops are bring down girls from
upstairs and conduction interviews with them and they each lasted
about 2 hours so they where very thourough and showed them all the pic
of Richard to confirm him. Now at about 1:15 PM the head lady comes
out and says they are not going to press charges but we have to still
to the medical exam and they need to get it approved by the department
of justice since they where in on the raid with them. So they take us
out again and walk us over to the doctors building which we sit and
there is no one waiting this time. This guy comes out and asks some
questions and then goes back inside and a few minutes comes out again
with a form for all of us to sign.

Now it is 1:30 and 3 people from the DOJ show up to talk with the boss
lady and an hour later she comes out and says we are free but have to
do some more documents which should be an hour or so before we can
leave. So an hour later the head investigator comes out and say now
they contacted immigration and now have to wait to get documents from
them. Great more FUCKING delays. Then the boss lady comes out and tell
us all that we have to contact our embassy’s again to arrange for them
to send a person there to receive us as we are being released. The
Japanese call theirs first and talk to them and put the boss lady on
with whoever it was, the guy told me that they asked since we did not
commit a crime and not being charged can we be released on our O.R.
which she agreed. Now I try getting the US embassy on the phone and
the department we need are not there and out on a field trip or
something. So made some more calls and finally get in touch with a hot
shot named Beth Kho who turned out to know the boss lady and she
talked to her and she agreed to release us to our driver to take us
back to AC.

Now it is 4:45 and the head investigator comes out with a book and
handwritten inside is a paragraph that basically says we where in the
police raid and did not get injured and had to sign off and then where

Finally got back to AC at around 6 PM so the whole ordeal lasted about
19 hours. What I learned for next time is to try to escape when you
can because you will get away. That the police in the PI are a bunch
of morons and the equipment they have to work with is from the 70′s. I
choke it up as just being in the wrong place at the wrong time and
they where just doing their job trying to get there numbers up so the
US will continue sending them money to fight sex trafficing.


July 2011

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Greetings folks, welcome to the month of July.  Have you stocked up on your hot dogs and hamburgers for the forthcoming 4th of July celebrations?  If you happen to be coming over this way you will not want to miss the big pool bash at the ABC Hotel.  Gerard’s pool parties are always terrific but this one is being built up to be spectacular and you will not want to miss it.
I have started off this month with a picture of Monica, a very sweet, kind of shy young lady who works as the secretary for my favorite orthopedic doctor at the Sacred Heart Hospital. While checking in for my operation I went on down to Dr. Quintos’s office to say hello and discovered this charming lady.  That made my entry into the hospital a lot easier.  She is only 19 years old and comes from a good family. Graduated college, of course.  I know I took a few more notes on this lady but of course I can’t find them.  The chances of being able to meet or communicate with Monica is pretty slim unless you have a need for a first class orthopedic doctor and arrange an appointment.  You might ask, why did I put her picture here without any personal information?  Mainly because I took the picture and did not want to waste it and also because my old eyes just enjoyed viewing such a lovely lass.  You should be so lucky to meet a special lady like this and surely, she is a good representative to wish one and all a happy July.  By the way, I could not get her separated from Doctor Quindtos for the picture so you can see his arm there.  Later on in this column, when I am more specific about my stay in the hospital I did include a picture of them side by side.  If you should find yourself in need of Dr. Quintos, you can call the hospital at 624-5606, local 209.  He is a damn good Orthopedic specialist and is very familiar with VA procedures.
Included this month is my update on the (alleged) serial killer Mark Dizon.  I was able to attend two of his hearings in one day.  It was interesting.  Priscilla was with me and it was a long day.
When you have a great wife looking after you she makes sure you are well taken care of on Father’s Day.  Last month Priscilla informed me that we were going to Subic for the weekend whether I wanted to or not.  She was treating me for Father’s Day.  No way was I going to say no, even if I wanted to.  We headed out on Saturday morning without any hotel reservation but the intention was to stay at the Searchlight Hotel on Subic.  As we drove I told the Mrs that we might have a problem since it was a three day weekend as well as Father’s Day and there would be many Filipino families out for the weekend.  Let me stop here for I will cover our experiences later on in the column.  The picture here was taken in Texas Joe’s Restaurant in Subic, one of our favorite places to eat in Subic.  We were joined by Ron and Elsa Chesley, two great friends that live in Barrio Barretto and keep me updated on what is happening in the Barrio.  OK, enough of an intro, if you find yourself in town this month, drop by my stable and say hello.


Harry, I was in the PI for 2yrs staying at Alma`s Lodge Vian St with my wife (from AC),,been keeping up with your brilliant posts ever since, I`m way into my 60`s now and still with my wife, now 16yrs of blissfull marriage. I wrote a little song about the PI you can put it on your post if you like: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLctoGv8QTo Keep up the good work Mr Horse, the worlds a better place thanks to you and your site (I enjoyed the song but not sure my readers can pull up the applicable YouTube application)

Harry, every traveler should be aware of this Hotel/Motel Scam (This one is so simple it is shocking).  This is kinda scary if only because of how simple it is. I’ll bet this works all too often.  You arrive at your hotel and check in at the front desk. When checking in, you give the front desk your credit card (for all the charges for your room). You get to your room and settle in. Someone calls the front desk and asks for (example) Room 620 (which happens to be your room). Your phone rings in your room. You answer and the person on the other end says the following:  ’This is the front desk. When checking in, we came across a problem with your charge card information. Please re-read me your credit card number and verify the last 3 digit number at the reverse side of your charge card.”  Not thinking anything, you might give this person your information since the call seems to come from the front desk. But actually, it is a scam of someone calling from outside the hotel/front desk. They ask for a random room number. Then, ask you for credit card information and address information. Sounding so professional that you do think you are talking to the front desk.  If you ever encounter this problem on your vacation, tell the caller that you will be down at the front desk to clear up any problems… Then, go to the front desk and ask if there was a problem. If there was none, inform the manager of the hotel that someone called to scam you of your credit card information acting like a front desk employee. This was sent by someone who has been duped……..and is still clearing up the mess….  P.S. Please tell everyone, help spread the word by forwarding this email to everyone you know.  Who knows, you might just help someone avoid a nasty experience.  Ken Graham.

hullo  harry  and best  regards  from  all your  fans and followers  from brisbane city  australia. i will be coming to angeles for a short stay soon and always  eat at rosalinos. it is a hidden gem amongst the multitude of eateries in angeles and  serves the best genuine home cooked food at an inexpensive price in town. The place has 1970/80 aura and charm and the lady that operates it has a down to earth warmth and charm and she is the epicentre for local  knowledge and on many occassions i have heard her give prudent advice to the novice traveler. Many of your compatriots as well as mine who live near the establishment are devotees and have  known for a considerable period of time the quality of the food and service, the secret is out . Give it a try its worth the trip. Cheers and best regards Donald G. Wheatley, Brisbane, Australia.  (I have eaten at Rosalino’s but must admit it was a few years ago.  You are not the first one to write to me recently about the place and I have promised to eat there real soon and take a picture or two)

Hi Harry, Thanks for the very informative and entertaining monthly update on life there in Angeles/Clark. I’ve found this to be very helpful on my frequent trips from San Diego to PI and just plain fun to read. After reading the May update I found that I missed the April column and just read that. First off I’d like to congratulate you on your fine family and your son’s upcoming graduation. As I am an new Dad myself at 51 I’d like to ask, if you don’t mind, what the relative costs are for the schools you mention, for example Westfields. I’ve done some googling but have not found any $ information. If you don’t mind and have an approx. $ would you mind sharing this and any information you have on St. Johns / Brightwoods ? Thank you in advance and realize you may need to attend to this at some later date. Once again appreciate all the information provided, reading your article makes me feel I’m there beer in hand. Also, hope your wife’s surgery went well, am looking forward to hearing the results next month…am thinking of doing the same when i’m back in AC. Thank you, Patrick.  (I guess the schools do not like to post their prices until you go there personally.  Westfields is an excellent school but expensive and it varies by grade.  We sent our son Jason there for a number of years and the yearly price rose until his sixth year which cost us about P105,000.  Brightwoods is also an excellent school that runs about the same price as Westfields.  It is coincidental that you should mention St. Johns School.  Jason, our son, graduated from Westfields but I was reluctant to continue his high school studies there.  We are going to send him to St. Johns which is much closer to where we live and the cost is around P60,000.  I will know more specifically when he starts school next week.  It was not an easy decision to take him out of the Westfields environment and it was not entirely based on cost.  It had more to do with his academic problems in that he could not keep up to a positive level and it was depressing him.  I thought about sending him to Don Bosco which is a school run by Priests and they have a good all around sports program.  Their prices are affordable.  I guess I could mention Noblesse International School which is Korean owned and very, very expensive.  The best thing for you to do, when you get here visit each of the schools I mentioned and see which one you can afford and which one is closer to where you will be residing.  The one thing you do not want to do is send your child to a public school.  They are terrible, no a/c rooms, overcrowded, no sports programs and teachers that are frustrated from trying to teach a bunch of kids that do not care about education and lack discipline.)

hi, thanks for your kind words about ROSALINO’S we are the new owners, we cant afford a refit but we are giving the place a facelift, business is bad, we may have to close the place down, but not without a fight, history will be lost if it has to close so we will try to keep it going, thanks again for the mention. dennis.  (Dennis, my pleasure.  The Mrs and I will drop by your place one evening to enjoy a meal.  The reason we have not done so is because it is difficult to find a place to park.  I know your food is good and I would hate to see you have to close.  I will take a few pictures and try to get them in this column)

Harry, Just to let you know I really enjoy your monthly newsletter it is very informative. I have only made 1 trip to Angeles that was in May of 09. A group of my work mates & I came down for golf and relaxation. We stayed at the Orchid, it was a great time. I plan on coming there in Feb or Mar 2012 for 15 days from Kuwait. I would appreciate your recommendation on a hotel with a pool at about the same cost or less than the Orchid, something a little ways from Fields Ave. I, like you am retired military ( Marines & Army). I am also a recent widower so my plan forward has changed drastically. I am thinking about retiring there and bouncing back and forth between the PI & Seoul. Are you able to use any of your health benefits there in Angeles (Tricare & Delta dental if you have them). I know you are a busy man but your thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks, Gordy Olds. (Gordy, Sorry to hear about your becoming a recent widow and can understand how retirement plans can change.  You are on the right track in considering retirement here.  I can use my health benefits here as I come under Tricare for life.  Recently I was in hospital for an operation and I had to pay up front and then I will submit the paperwork for reimbursement to Tricare.  Of course I will not get the whole amount back but it will help.  This will be the first time I have sent in a claim for reimbursement so it is all new to me. We do not have any dental plan here and I have no idea what Delta dental is.  The Orchid Inn and Wild Orchid Resort are super hotels but now you want to be a bit away from Fields Ave.  I can recommend the Lewis Grand Hotel, nice Hotel and great pool and they take good care of their customers.  There is also the EuroAsia Hotel and the America Hotel.  The EuroAsia has a nicer pool than the America.  All these hotels are away from Fields but still close enough to allow easy access to Perimeter Road and Fields Ave.  If you want to get closer to my stable there is the Savannah Hotel and the Clarkton Hotel.  As you can see, there are a lot of choices.)

I enjoy your newsletter and have seen questions about the group of bars that were known as the Dirty Dozen.  The area of what was then named Plaridel Street (now renamed Burgos St?) near the Plaridel/Santo Rosario intersection was location of the Dozen at that time.  From Google Earth and Wikimapia, looks like the area was re-built.  These three pictures were taken in 1966. (These pictures are interesting.  I did not get here until 1977 and these clubs had disappeared by then.  It looked like a good area for barhopping.  I wonder if any of the old timers who read this column might remember these clubs?)






Your newsletter link was forwarded to me by a friend and I just wanted to comment on the passing of my Dad, retired Lt. Colonel Richard “Dick” Umbarger. It is nice to see that he will be well remembered in the community there. He was a good man and I will miss him very much. I am his son from his first marriage. He is also survived by his wife Helen and four children, Molly, Todd, Alex, and Kenneth. He also had a little guy named James with him that he regarded as his own. I think he is probably sinking putts on the great green in the sky now, and I’m sure that his shots in the rough are long behind him. I will always have fond memories. Sincerely, R. Bradley Umbarger (Bradley, condolences.  Yes, your father was well liked and respected.  He was buried at the Clark Cemetery on 4 Jun.  The VFW arranged burial and provided appropriate honors.  There was a very large turn-out for the ceremony.)

Harry, I am trying to find out some info on nick and alma who had the willie the pig place there for awhile. when they arrived there in angeles area they were on the run from puerto galera where they had a bar gathered investors and stripped the bar one night took investors money and slipped out of town. they were months behind in there rent to the mayor and the stage, lights and sound system was the mayors also and never found. at one time there was a 100,000 pesos reward for there return to mayor of puerto galera needless to say the investors wanted to get there hands on them also…. any update or help you can give will be appreciated….Thanks (any information on this couple please reply to Kenny at luxottica777@yahoo.com.)

Hi Harry, over the years I have seen many Angeles vs. Pattaya comparisons that are nearly always wrong as the people making them generally live in one place and only spend 2 weeks in the other place. I have spent 16 years living in both places, so its time to get the true comparison. I’ll give a range of cheapish to medium prices. The Peso is approx 1.4 times the Thai Baht.

Hotel Costs: AC 1000-2000P   Pattaya 400-900 B.

Apartment Monthly Rental Costs: AC  7000-20000P  Pattaya 4000- 12000B

Food Eating Out Daily Cost:  AC 250-800P  Pattaya 100-300B

Beer GoGo Bar: AC 50-95P  Pattaya 40-95B

Beer outside:  AC 22-50P  Pattaya 26-50B

Bar fines GoGo AC 1100-1700P + Tip  Pattaya 1600B(ST)  2100-3000B(LT)

Bar fines Open Bar/Short time Bar: AC 800-1000P(ST)   Pattaya 800-1000B(ST) 1300-2000B(LT)

Freelancers short time:  AC (To dangerous)  Pattaya 500-1000B

Ladies Drinks:  AC 150-250P  Pattaya 105-120B

So in summary the Accommodation and food in Pattaya is much better quality and is a lot cheaper. Bar fines in GoGo bars are cheaper in Angeles and the girls are younger but most of the cutties are cherry girls (virgins don’t exist in Pattaya). If you like freelancers Pattaya has several thousand either from off the beach or in the night clubs. GoGo bars in AC do have entertaining dancing shows but Pattaya has full nudity and some very full on shows. Pattaya has many nice beaches and shopping malls to keep you happy in the day time; Angeles has SM mall but no beach.

Angeles is more dangerous and has more scams and setups, Pattaya does have timeshare and jetski scams plus if you are Arab or Indian and go with a freelance lady boy you will most likely get drugged and robbed.

For me I prefer Pattaya as I like the beach, the safety and the better quality food. I still like to visit Angeles a couple of times a year as its still good fun but only for a couple of weeks each time. I do find that when I’m in Angeles I spend twice as much money but thats partly due to barhopping in the daytime as there is not much else to do.  Cheers, Alan Aussie.  (OK Alan, that is Pattaya, how about if one wants to live in Bangkok?  That is a good comparison and I have heard many times that food and housing are much cheaper in Thailand but one reason for the higher hotel costs are the high electricity rates which are much higher here than in Thailand).

Harry, sometimes it goes better than anticipated. I had a pleasant bureaucratic exchange with the Philippine Retirement Authority this week and thought I’d let you know that sometimes it goes better than anticipated. I needed to renew my PRA ID card. I went in, explained to the young man what I wanted/needed. He acknowledged me and said, “no problem.” He made a copy of my current ID card, had me sign ONE form, and advised me of the fee payable in dollars or pesos. He said it would take about one week to have a new card available and he took my cell number and said he’d call me once he had the new card. Simple, easy, straightforward. One of the most pleasant and efficient bureaucratic exchanges I’ve had. Sometimes it works better than we think it might. Regards, Robert B.  (It is always great to read a comment like this.  I am much in favor of the PRA program here)

Harry, Villasol Homeowners & Residents Association Inc. has angered the people of Villasol by excluding their current garbage collectors and demanding that you join their Association if you want garbage pick up. Of course they want an increase in the fee and also want to take care of security and close off the subdivision at a cost of P350 per month. I resent this Mob style take over of the subdivision with the denial of service as a means to coerce residents to join. I for one have lived a long time in Villasol, bought and remodeled a house, because I do not believe in gated communities that do not really offer protection. June 13 we will

confront the Barangay Captain with a peaceful show of numbers at his office. If we receive no satisfaction there we will petition the Mayor and if not successful retain an attorney to try to have a TRO issued. These cheap hustlers are trying to start a business using other peoples money acquired through extortion. I thought most of this rip-off occurred around the entertainment district but have found this scam to have been tried in many other places. I urge other residents to talk to their neighbor and join us in voicing their displeasure with this takeover by these shady characters. John Casey, 23-25 5th St. Villasol (I know how you feel.  Who is the President of the Association?  That is an elected position.  I feel the same way as you about these Associations and their sometimes dictatorial ways.  There was a similar hassle with an American in Diamond Subdivision who felt he was king of that area.  He caused a lot of negative feelings.  I have not heard anything in a year so maybe the unrest within his fiefdom has settled down.  These Associations can be positive and negative but the one common denominator is that they all cost residents more money and encroach on individual home owner rights.  Power is in numbers so how many homeowners and residents are against this Association?  This is something you must determine, how many stand with you in opposition?}
Additional comments from John:  The President of the Association is Edgardo V. Tuquero, the Vice President is Rey S. Simbahn and the Barangay Captain is Edgardo SM. Agapito. They are issuing stickers to put on fences for garbage collection and most houses do not have them. We have been talking to our neighbors and so far we should have at least twenty people demonstrating in front of their office and or the Barangay Hall on Monday morning. We will be organizing again tomorrow and hope to swell the numbers so as to show the Captain the number of votes he will lose for selling out to a greedy few. I would imagine that the majority of the residents are in opposition and are pretty upset. They are hiring some of his thugs as security and as a Jersey Boy I am more than willing to mix it up. (John, remember that peaceful protests go much further than confrontational protests.  Hopefully, a peaceful, fruitful discussion will take place and an equitable solution will be found)

John, you do not stand alone. I advised you to organize an opposition.  You have not kept me up to date.  I received the following comment from another Villa Sol resident:

Hi , Harry, I am an American , living here now for 6 years. The last two years i have lived here on Clark Ave in Vilasol. We just got a notice that a Mr. Edgardo V. Tuquero President of Villasol Homeowners and Residents Association Inc. is closing our street at 7:00 pm from now on, stoppng our gargabe collection and demanding a 350php a month ramson to be in the association. I am concerned as to what i can do. first who elected him president of anything???? How does someone take over a subdivision and close the public streets ? Gates are now up and when shut traffice will have to enter from New York, or at the other end of clark which of course does not have a gate. How can he just make our garbage collection srop and put his own guys in. How does this happen and the people of this place not get upset????? I left America after retiring from both the USNavy and also a 2nd retirment from civil service. I came here to get away from the government taking control of everyting in America. Harry i have the letter if you want a copy. I just want someone to know i am mad as hell. I hate anyone who thinks they can just take control of what i thought was public property, the street i live on. Walter W. Conger

Hi Harry, love your website! Im American citizen and my Mom is Philippines citizens. (My dad is American) She travels back and forth from Philippines to USA few times every year. I have traveled with her for first time this year here in the Philippines and will stay from May 23-August 15. The regular visa for foreigners says 21 days. Some people tell me I need to get extended Visa in Manila consulate, but some people say I dont need it, just pay the visa fee when you leave the Philippines. Which is the correct way? Do I not worry about it and just pay a fee at airport when I leave in three months, or do I need to go to Manila consulate or US embassy and get an extended Visa? One person said I can even apply for it online or find a travel agent to do it for me. So many different answers, I hope your knowledge can help me in this, thanks so much! I have bookmarked your website and I hope to visit you in Angeles City one day if I can make it there!  William Brown (Hi William, whoever told you to let your visa expire and pay the penalty at the airport is giving you bad advice.  BEFORE your visa expires go to Philippine Immigration and pay for an extension.  It is a simple process.  If you do not want to go personally then go to a legitimate travel agency and they will do it for you for a fee.  Do not wait until the last minute to do this, go at least three days prior to expiration.)  UPDATE:  I wrote to William to see if my advice helped him and his reply was: Yes, thank you very much for your email. I followed your advice and went to immigration to pay the fee to have my visa extended. I didn’t realize how easy it was. I was getting so many different kinds of advice it was very confusing as where to go and what to do.

Hey Harry, I always enjoy reading your newsletters even though I’m more of a Subic guy after years of going to Angeles. I’m retired Navy and love the water. I saw your tourist of the month article on Derek and the others. That’s too bad. Hate to hear that! I am retiring to Subic in 2014 but will be visiting in between. I was wondering if T-Mobile is hiring there at Clark. If not foreigners, maybe my Filipino wife could get a job there and speed up our move to the Philippines. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks again for all the great info you provide. Regards, George. (Greetings George, I hate to tell you this but T-Mobile has nothing to do with who works at the call center here. These centers do their own hiring and it is usually only local men and women. Your wife could apply for a job at any one of the many call centers that are located at Clark but she would have a hell of a lot of competition.  If you are retiring in Subic in 2014 you better look for some property now instead of waiting for 3 years.  The growth rate in Subic is increasing at a high rate each year and, like Angeles City, the price of land and housing is increasing as well.  They can’t keep you Navy guys away from the water but believe me, drop your anchor as soon as possible or the prices will sink your ship.  Drop by my stable when you next visit, will enjoy chatting with you)

Hi Harry, Thanks for the very informative and entertaining monthly update on life there in Angeles/Clark. I’ve found this to be very helpful on my frequent trips from San Diego to PI and just plain fun to read. After reading the May update I found that I missed the April column and just read that. First off I’d like to congratulate you on your fine family and your son’s upcoming graduation. As I am a new Dad myself at 51 I’d like to ask, if you don’t mind, what the relative costs are for the schools you mention, for example Westfields. I’ve done some googling but have not found any $ information. If you don’t mind and have an approx. $ would you mind sharing this and any information you have on St. Johns / Brightwoods ? Thank you in advance and realize you may need to attend to this at some later date. Once again appreciate all the information provided, reading your article makes me feel I’m there, beer in hand. Also, hope your wife’s surgery went well, am looking forward to hearing the results next month…am thinking of doing the same when i’m back in AC. Thank you, Patrick Flynn (Patrick, TY for writing.  The surgery went well but still has a bit of tightening to go.  The bags under her eyes were a major issue and that is taking a bit of special work.  She is looking well and is happy with the results.  Hopefully, in a month or so I can provide a decent picture.  The schools you mentioned are all good private institutions.  Westfields and Brightwoods are excellent choices but they are expensive, in the range of P100,000 plus per semester.  Naturally, the prices are less for the lower grades and pre-school.  Jason, my son, cost me over P100,000 for his sixth grade.  I decided not to continue his education at Westfields as the cost was a bit too high for me, instead I chose transfer to St. Johns for his High School.  It is less expensive and much closer to home.  The cost was P46,000 plus.  You might want to google Noblesse International school since you will want to check out all possibilities.  Noblesse is owned by Koreans and is the most expensive school in this area.  It is way out of my league, financially, but is touted to provide quality education.  Personally I do not see them being any better than Westfields or Brightwoods.  It depends on where you are living as to which school you will choose. You will be able to check all this out when you get here.  See you then?)

Hello Harry, I was out and about last night at Treasure island having a great time with a beautiful girl, Treasure Island is ALWAYS a fun bar even late into the night (Saturday, 11 Jun). The bar was a little rowdy last night with one customer obviously drunk dancing around and having a good time. he was a young, handsome guy, and it appeared to me that this might have been his first, or one of his first trips here. I found him a bit annoying, but he was very happy, nice guy, just dancing (not on the stage) and having a bit too good of a time. He ended up pouring a beer on himself and splashing me a bit, but he quickly came over and apologized to me, and he had a coherent chat with my friend later on.

After I left Treasure Island i went to Kokomos to get some food, while waiting I saw the same customer getting his ass kicked by maybe ten trike drivers right there across from Kokomos where all the trike drivers sit. I do not know what started the brawl, but I did not witness the foreigner yelling at the drivers, nor striking them in any way – what I saw (by his body language) was a guy trying to get the hell out of a situation that he didn’t want to be in. One driver sucker punched him, he went down and many driver proceeded to punch and kick him while he was down on the ground and no threat. The foreigner was able to get up and run down Fields past dollhouse, but we noticed a few Filipinos following him. The police responded very quickly, a cop car was there within 3 minutes, however by that time the foreigner (smartly) was gone, I was told by text message that they took one Filipino into custody at the station.
I’m not sticking up for this guy, he shouldn’t have been so drunk, but he did not seem to be a surly individual looking for trouble, just the opposite; he looked like a clueless, newbie to the Philippines out for a night of fun. My question is – WHY are all those trike drivers allowed to congregate across from Kokomos? I thought at one point they had been cleared out. I think that Fields and the road behind it (basketball court) should be a safe place for tourists to come and party and have fun. A welcome to the Philippines should not include a 10 on 1 beat-down in the street. I think moving those trike drivers back, off of the ‘tourist ring’ would be the right thing to do. They could put in an organized trike stop – or even better offer taxi cars – and staff that taxi area with a policeman or tourist cop. Wherever you have drunk foreigners and drunk locals there is bound to be problems – and there is no secret that fights happen all the time on Fields.

Rarely do I see two foreigners get into fights on the street here, normally it’s a gang of Filipinos against one guy – unless someone steps in to help him out. Those trike guys are notorious for running down the street to be part of brawls on Fields, they sit there in the middle of the ring-road every-night and watch all the tourists staggering about, it’s simply not a good placement. No Name (The incident you described is regrettable and should not have happened. I agree with you wholeheartedly on the feelings you expressed.  You are correct about the image those tricycle drivers present in the daytime and especially at night.  Some of them appear to be hoodlums and at times their actions confirm that impression.  That area across from Kokomo’s on A. Santos is an authorized parking/pick-up zone but there are times when it is far too congested.  I will try and see Maj Tan at Station Four tomorrow and see if he can provide some details on this incident.

Harry, I wanted to drop a quick line… I’m returning from a 6 week visit back in the US and got around to catching up on your news letters.  I see you re-vamped your site and like the change.  It’s quite a bit easier to get around now. After 6 weeks here I have to laugh when I read all the complaints about prices there in AC.  All I’ll say about that is compared to the bars back here it’s pretty damn cheap back there in AC!
I’ve always been in the mind that if people have a problem with the prices on Fields and the surrounding area, well… don’t go there anymore!  Or simply drink less.  I used to have 2 or 3 beers everywhere I went but once the prices went up above 80 pesos I’d do my drinking out on Perimeter Road BEFORE I went downtown, then I just have 1 beer at any place that charges the higher prices.  I know the bar owners have ‘un-mentioned’ expenses they can’t control and if they make out better by charging higher prices and selling fewer drinks (to me anyway) then more power to them.  But… if someone who pays upwards of $1200 to $1800 for a round trip ticket wants to complain about a $2 beer… then go ahead and drink back home where the ‘Girlie Bar’ beers are $7!  Same for the EWR’s.
On the EWR’s…. if you don’t want to pay 4000 Pesos for the “feature” girl…. then don’t!!!  Here’s a simple law of economics called “Supply and Demand”.  If you pay it… they’ll charge you for it.  If you REFUSE to pay it… then they CAN’T sell it.  Then either the price drops or that product isn’t for sale (or rent) anymore.  Simple.  I don’t BF anymore but if I did…. the last thing I’d do is pay the retarded prices some ask down on Fields!!!

The Crystal Palace bar is a RIP-OFF!!!  I was in with friends a while back and the short story is that they double-billed me.  I paid my bill and when I got my change my friend paid his bill but was short.  I gave him 20 pesos from my change and the waitress said “You can’t do that…. that money is for your bill… you didn’t pay yet!”  Despite the fact that she’d brought me a receipt!!!  When I talked to the manager (Filipina) she looked at me like I had 2 heads and refused to talk to me.  I asked for a ‘Foreigner” manager and she acted like she didn’t understand english anymore.  It’s not worth getting locked up over so I wrote it off…. but I will never go there again and advise all my friends to stay clear!  CLIP JOINT!!!!

Now that they randomly close roads down in/near the entertainment district even in the morning hours (9 a.m.) it’s getting to be a real pain in the ass to drive around.  Of course if you’re a Filipino trike or jeepney (or POV for that matter, as long as you’re Filipino) then they’ll let ‘em through, but not a foreigner.  I guess I’m curious if it’s the Kokomo’s owner that’s behind closing that side road next to Kokomos?
“Nuff bitching!  I’ll be glad to get back again even thou AC pisses me off half the time!  Take care. Kurt Geiger (Kurt, I smiled at the last sentence.  That is the bottom line.  We might get pissed off at times but we keep coming back or stay here full time.  The longer one stays here the less one goes for the entertainment area and one settles down to a comfortable life.  The entertainment is there when you want it, take it or leave it but this is such a damn interesting place to live.  Nothing stays the same for too long)

Harry, I have been reading your column since i first visited Angeles about 10 years ago and love it. My question to you is that with myself suffering a medical condition i was wondering where i could find a real true NON smoking room in an Angeles Hotel. I have stayed in a few hotels who claim to have non smoking rooms , Pheonix hotel, Sunmoon Hotel,etc  but when you get there they are just smoking rooms with the ashtrays removed. They sill have the smell and the burns etc of a smoking room. I would love to visit Angeles even more often than my twice yearly visits but im tired of being conned by the promise of a non smoking room when it isn’t. Can you please help me Harry? Andrew M., Brisbane Australia (Wow, I do not have an answer for you.  I have never really looked into this but I can see how it is a very relevant subject.  All I can do is post this to my blog and hope I will get some answers)

Harry, I had my bicycle in the shop yesterday and while riding on a jeepney a gang of  7 thieves got on.  I saw that they were looking to get on both sides of me so i got out and moved to the front seat. One of them started a fight with me so i called him out and he picks up a tire iron.  I did not see any other weapons.  This incident took place on the jeepney going from Robinson’s Mall to the Jenra Mall around 4 PM.  Had it been anywhere else and had I not shown a willingness to fight I am sure I would have been jumped.  Be careful out there, the thieves are looking for victims and they can be dangerous.  Jim Quinn.  (Jim, these are nervy bastards.  During daylight on a busy main street.  I am glad that I do not have to use Jeepneys in this town, I would be constantly in fear of my personal safety.  Many of these Jeepney drivers are in cahoots with the thieves and will do nothing to help a victim).

Harry, I know others have reported the short change at the 7-11 on Fields next to Mansons Drug and it happened to me Saturday night. And with a smile.  I was shorted 2 peso but given 2 candies and when I asked about the shortage they said they have no change. While 2 peso is a small amount, I can imagine over a week it adds up to a nice bonus. (Personally I would throw the candy back at them and tell them to come up with the change.  Since when is candy a legal tender?  They and other shops will do that as long as they get away with it.  My wife will not put up with that either as it is all too common.  Priscilla will ask them “If I am short two pesos will you still give me my merchandise?”)

Dear Harry, I had something outrageous happen to me that your readers should know.  I’ve had tendonitis in my shoulder for several months.  After going to two doctors in Subic, which is where I live, and a physical therapist, none of whom had been able to help much, I called Angeles University Hospital.  They referred me to an Orthopedic Surgeon who they said was the top shoulder specialist outside of Manila.  I later had a consultation with him which turned out to be the most screwed up experience of my life.  Practically every word he said directly contradicted those of the other two doctors and the information I’d gotten from the internet and other acquaintances who’d had the same condition.  For example, he wanted to give me cortisone injections in the muscles affected by the tendonitis.  That included practically every muscle in my arm!  The doctor wasn’t a top specialist — he was an idiot!   My arm would have been stuck so many times I would have looked like a porcupine!  Calling him a top Specialist was like calling a rum dum in a bar a nuclear physicist!  The Dr’s name, if you care to print it is Dycheicko.  If he asks, you can tell him it was me who told you. Sincerely, Dave Silverman.  (Dave, I am familiar with that name.  To be fair, every doctor has their own methods of treating a particular medical problem.  I am not in a position to comment on the treatment he offered you.  No doubt, you were quite unhappy with his recommendation but it sounds to me like the first two doctors were more to your liking.  I can only hope that by now you have found a doctor that meets your expectations, if not, try Dr. Quintos at the Sacred Heart Medical Center, his number is in this column)

Harry, really enjoy your website and newsletters. I have been contemplating a visit and most recently found this travel warning for the PI from an expat website. Given that you are on the ground in the PI, and, specifically in Angeles City, your thoughts on this travel warning and its effect on traveling to AC would be most appreciated. (Jim, These warnings come out quite often and in the many years that I have been here, they have no affect on Angeles City at all.  90% of travelers to AC go directly from the Airport to AC by a hired car or met by a friend.  No one goes to certain sections of Mindanao which is quite far from AC.  Even through bombings in Manila, unrest in some Provinces, kidnappings, etc., AC is untouched and I hope it stays that way.  So, do not think of changing any plans to come here.  I would not BS you on that, it is quite safe in AC.)

Hi Harry, Just got back from Marquee Mall. Decided to take my lovely bride out to Starbucks for a capuccino (hope i spelled that correctly). Boy was i surprised when i saw a sign saying no smoking in or around Starbucks. Now i know that there are a lot of Non-smokers out there, and i respect their ability to visit a building or any establishment that does not allow smoking on the INSIDE. But on the OUTSIDE????? My wife and i enjoy a coffee and cigarette while relaxing and just talking about then kids or her business or just nothing special, just enjoying being together and being together. BUT, now, with this new city policy, Starbucks just lost my business. I used to spend about 3-5 thousand peso’s a month there. From coffee to coffee beans and all the other stuff they sell. Now…? I looked around and there were only 2 people out side and 1 inside. This could have been because of the time of the day (12:15) so it should have been rather busy. How much longer does the freedom of people have to be trampled before enough is enough. There are several resturants here that my family used to frequent until they went NON-SMOKING. Now we don’t go there any longer. One place, we just get the food to go because the food is good but you can not enjoy an after dinner smoke with your beer or coffee. I understand that it is their business and they can run it any way they want, but it still grinds on the nerves to be told by the city what you can and can’t do. Soon, the only place you can do anything is in you own home with the windows down, curtains drawn and guards posted. I was told later that this policy was only for the CITY PROPER. Does Marquee fall inside CITY PROPER? If so, then they are really stretching the city boundaries on this. not sure if you will post this or not but if more people stop frequenting these places maybe the owners will go to the city counsel and complain and get this overturned. Thanks, Leon Brock.  (Leon, I will certainly put your comment in my July column.  Yes, Marquee Mall is within the City limits but I was not aware of this policy.  I wonder if it is just a Starbucks policy.  I have not seen anything on it.  They appear to be following the no-smoking restrictions being enforced in the States.  I am glad to be a non-smoker but I also feel that it is unfair to go overboard on smokers.  In restaurants, for sure, have a non-smoking section because it is difficult for a non-smoker to eat with a cloud of smoke floating around.  I am happy with that, I am not happy to see smokers treated as outcasts from society.  Regretfully, this policy is spreading worldwide and I do not see any reversal.  For a place you can enjoy a cup of coffee and a smoke you can come to the Blue Boar Inn.  You can even order a meal as well.  I have a room upstairs (The stable) where you can enjoy a meal away from the bar if you so desire. I continue to hope that the City will not force a no-smoking rule on my establishment.  I do not smoke or drink alcohol yet I have developed a mass on my left vocal chord that is pre-malignant and must worry about that.  Kind of makes you wonder)


The owners of Drill Shack have taken over the Perimeter Bar from Shane.  The Gentlemen’s Club is on the market as well so anyone interested please contact Shane.  Another popular club owner is saying he has had enough and seeks a quieter life.

The Pentagon’s top officer said Thursday that servicemembers will likely see cuts in pay and benefits as the military plumbs its budget for nearly half a trillion dollars in savings over the next 12 years. Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Adm. Mike Mullen warned against taking the “relatively easy” choice of cutting hardware while maintaining the increasing costs of paying and providing ongoing health care to troops and retirees. ”Two of the big places the money is, is in pay and benefits,” Mullen told defense reporters at a June 2 breakfast meeting in Washington. “And so when I say all things are on the table, all things are on the table.” (Jimmy Walden suggested I insert this here since there are many active and retired US military members who read this column.  I am sure most of us have already read many statements from Gates and now Mullen who are setting the groundwork for massive cuts in our health care and retirement benefits.  The military is always an easy target for fund cuts but it would be nice to see some cuts in foreign aid to those countries that are not all that pro-American.  This is a time, I guess, when many sacrifices will have to be made but I sure would like to see a bit of equality in those sacrifices)

STAMPEDE – Cherry’s CLUBS – I have heard that Jimbo has sold the clubs already but need to get with Jim to get the details.  Supposedly there are three partners (I always feel that three’s a crowd) and that one of them wants to experiment with a no smoking section in each Club.  Naturally there are a lot of pros and cons being tossed about but for me, I could care less.  Maybe it is time for someone to break the ice on that subject and give it a try, can’t do any harm.  As for me, I will wait until some government agency forces me to implement such a rule.  I only want these two bars to remain open and continue being two of the better clubs in town.

DART PLAYERS – Mark 6, 7, 8 Sep on your calendars.  There will be a big dart tournament at Phillies Sports Grill under the banner of the Dart Council of the Philippines, a National Ranking Event.  Over two hundred darters are expected to be on hand with some of those darters you see on TV making some appearances.  More specific details will be provided in the coming months.

SOGO HOTELS – You have heard about these upscale short visit hotels, one is located in Dau and is quite popular.  How about one going up right at the Checkpoint?  The arcade area situated right between the construction of the new building going up where the Airport Terminal Building was and the new buildings that were built last year, according to rumor, will be the site of the new Sogo Hotel. Allegedly, the present property has been purchased for 32 million pesos and the present tenants have received their marching orders.  Whether true or not you better believe those three hour or so rest stops are big business.  Look how many of them have sprouted up recently.

ANGELES CITY — The LaPasha Group of Bars offers Peso 50,000 reward for information that leads to the apprehension of one of their Ex-Managers, Stefan Mayr. He is wanted for Theft and Embezzlement and believed to still be in the Philippines. Send information to: wanted@pashagroup.ph Brian Rasmussen (Bender) Staff Maintainer (By the way, this guy made off with over P600,000)

A bit of Subic info: I was asked to pass on that the Subic Immigration office has moved from 7th St. to a location opposite the Saver’s Mall (Barrio Barretto).

The Mrs and I checked out the “Dos Amigos” restaurant located at the Bicentennial Park, Rizal Hi-Way, directly across the street from the Subic Yacht Club.  We had lunch and we started off with the Chicken Tortilla Soup, something I had never tried before, and loved it.  I was sorry I only ordered the cup instead of the larger bowl serving.  It was delicious and Priscilla enjoyed it as well but still let me finish some of hers.  The cost was P80 each but the bowl was double the price.  I then went for the chicken Burrito for P240 and Priscilla had the Pollo A La Majico, 1/4 chicken with rice and salad for P250.  The half chicken (a la carte) – P240, full chicken (a la carte) – P480. The operating hours are from 1100-2200 hours.  They offer a full menu with appetizers, chili, soup, salads, combination plates, tacos, enchiladas, burritos, etc.  Most dishes are in the P200 plus range except for two types of Fajitas which cost P350 each.  Beer will run P50 to P55 except for Corona @ 200 pesos.  They also offer shakes and floats.  The owner is Billy Koval from California as is the chef, Robert “Nutch” who I was told occupies a rather large body.  Regretfully, neither was on site during my visit.  I would have enjoyed meeting them.  Question is, did we enjoy our meals and would we want to return and the answer is yes.  The restaurant is not fancy, kind of a comfortable informal setting and I liked the adjoining room where the bar was located.  We heard about another new restaurant, “Bunker Bob’s” located on the way to Ocean Park.  The weather was so bad that we did not make it there but certainly do so on our next trip to Subic.  But, just received a text from my Subic contact, Ron and wife Elsa that has given me second thoughts about making it to this restaurant.  Let me quote his text:  Yeah, went to Bunker Bob’s.  Only thing I liked was the big burger.  First time we went Elsa did not like the burritos.  Second time we took the kids.  We did not like the pizza or the lasagna.  Don’t plan on going back for a while.”  Oh well, that still leaves me Texas Joe’s, Dos Amigos and of course my favorite of favorite places to eat, Vasco’s.  I love that damn bird out in front, the museum and of course, the food.

Sometimes I receive a joke or a humorous tale that is too good and needs to be passed on to you folks.  This is a good one for July:  A mother and her 5-year-old son were flying Air New Zealand from Auckland to Sydney The son (who had been looking out the window) turned to his mother and asked, “If big dogs have baby dogs and big cats have baby cats, why don’t big planes have baby planes?” The mother, who couldn’t think of an answer, told her son to ask the flight attendant. So the little guy walks up to the galley and asks the flight attendant, “If big dogs have baby dogs and big cats have baby cats, why don’t big planes have baby planes?” The flight attendant responded, “Did your mother tell you to ask me that?” The boy said, “Yes, she did.” “Well then, please tell your mother that there are no baby planes because Air New Zealand always pulls out on time.  And ask her to explain that to you.”

Many years ago, when I was much younger, I remember watching the Sonny and Cher show on TV.  During one of their shows they proudly introduced their cute little blond daughter who at the time, I think, was around three years old.  I always liked that show and still am keen on Cher.  Imagine my surprise when I see an article in Time magazine showing that cute little girl as a fat, not too handsome, chubby faced man going under the name Chaz Bono.  Chaz has a girlfriend, had his/her breast removed and is waiting to get some kind of penis installed but not until “there are some new techniques in the future”.  Chaz indicated that she/he got the urge to change her sex 10 years ago.  It had to be a hell of a process and I would like to say it took a lot of balls to make the change, but then, Chaz does not have any “balls” yet so we will just leave it as a gutsy decision.  Now, if only he/she will go on a diet it might help.   I wonder if Cher will ever bring Chaz on stage again, maybe for a before and after presentation?

AC1 Gym – For those wanting to go to the AC! Gym website go to:  ac1gym.com. Papa Bear is quite busy lately as he has been ordering new equipment to include treadmills and cycle exercisers.  A lot of money is being spent to maintain this gym as one of the top gyms in town.  For me the best addition is that of instructor “Edsel”.  This is not one of those muscle guys that just stands around admiring his biceps and giving limited service to customers, no way, Edsel is a great addition AC1 staff.  He is a graduate of Angeles University majoring in physical therapy.  He is also qualified to teach aerobics, yoga, reflexology and is a massage therapist.  He is friendly, extremely helpful and will go out of his way to assist the gym patrons.  He is on the morning shift and recently he took a few ladies that wanted a more aggressive exercise program and he took them into the exercise room and put them through a military basic training work-out session and these ladies were amazed at how it went.  Mind you, these were ladies that participate in an aerobics class five days a week and consider themselves in shape.  They were impressed.  I talked to him about my knee replacement surgery and how my quads were weak and my leg muscles were tight.  He took the time to apply some stretching routines and minimal massage that, if continued, will help me a great deal.  I am very pleased with the addition of Edsel to the staff and also the arrival of new equipment.  I am also happy that the big guy, Garth, is there working out in the mornings as he shows me a couple of weight routines that have made my work-outs much more fruitful.  There are other gyms in town that you can visit and become active with but I can only ask that when looking for a gym to join, put the AC1 gym on your list of places to check out.  If you come by early enough in the morning on a Mon-Wed-or Friday morning say hello to me.  I am the old guy standing near the massive Garth trying to lift 40 pounds while Garth is messing around with 150 pounds or more.

PHILLIES SPORTS GRILL – With each passing month Phillies attracts more and more satisfied customers.  Their P99 breakfast has become extremely popular and for this old Horse, it is one of my favorite places to check out early in the morning.  One of the things that I am impressed with is that the owner, Rob, is never satisfied with how things are.  He is constantly on board looking for ways to improve the operation in such ways to please the customers.  He is very approachable to customers that would like to pass on positive suggestions or even listen to complaints.  Recently, he announced that he would be on hand from 2200 hours to 1400 daily to monitor the late and early morning shifts so that he could see what improvements could be made to improve service.  He wants to see what customers patronize the place during these times.  I do not know of many owners who would put in such hours, far too many depend only on managers who may or may not pay attention to details.  If you happen to be in Phillies at some early hour, seek out Rob and say hello so you can help him stay awake.

I have heard that Air Asia Philippines, Inc. will be based at Clark.  Initially they will fly domestic flights and then regional.  Their rates will be cheaper than existing services and will build up to seven A320′s.  Start up will be around the end of October and supposedly they have ordered 200 A320 Air Busses.  For training purposes Air Asia will use the Clark Aviation Flight Simulator.  In the future we might see Air Asia X run a Clark-Los Angeles route using an A330 and A340 planes.

I have also heard that Cebu Pacific has ordered 30 A321 aircraft for regional long hauls like maybe Clark to Australia?  Wouldn’t that be nice.

When I was at the Britannica Medical Center for more work on my sagging skin I learned that they had a doctor who specialized in cancer and was also a senior citizen specialist.  I figured that since I qualified for both of her specialties I might as well make an appointment to get some additional information on my “pre-cancer” evaluation.  I did not expect her to be so young and good looking.  She looked good enough to make any senior citizen feel better.  Getting past her good looks was difficult but I came to find out that she knows her business as well and had no problem communicating with my surgeon, Dr. Katigbek at AUF.   I would like to say that she gave me positive news but that was not the case but never-the-less I felt that I should pass on to those folks living here that are in need of her services to make an appointment.  She is at Britannia only on Mondays from 0900 to 1200 hrs.  She is also at the Sacred Heart Medical Center on Mondays from 1300 to 1600 and Tuesdays from 1000 to 1200.  For an appointment you can call 09178863845, or 09232807466.

As many of you know, I hate to travel out of Angeles City. I am so comfortable in my home that I always tell the Mrs “why should I pay to go someplace and be uncomfortable”.  After talking to Dave Crowe I might change my mind.  He told me that Wayne Rhodes, of old Powder Keg fame, is managing the Lost Horizon Beach Resort in Pangloa, Bohol.  I was wondering where Wayne ended up after leaving his Orchid Inn night manager job.  Dave went on to tell me that he has been there a couple of times and that they take the flight to Cebu, stay overnight, then make it over to Pangloa the next day where Wayne greets them on the beach.  He gave such high marks to the place that I told him the next time he plans the visit, let me know so Priscilla and I can go with him.  I would enjoy seeing Wayne again.  Also, to add to my decision making, Dave told me that is where Paul and Marci Bruno have the Powder Keg and that I have to see.  Man, Dave, Paul and Wayne, three of the Powder Keg gang together at one time again.  For sure, I want that picture.


JULY 12TH BLOOD DONATING. 11.00 AM TO 3.00 AM at Orchid Inn POOL SIDE. Conducted by AUFMC (Angeles University Foundation Medical Center) RED CROSS and Angeles City RSL. FAMILIES WELCOME, BLOOD TYPING,BLOOD LETTING.KNOW YOUR BLOOD GROUP HELP SAVE A LIFE (IT MAY BE YOUR OWN LOVED ONES)  Donors are requested not to have consumed alcohol 24 hrs prior to donation and then You can have the first Local drink on us. REGARDS DALLAS.

The ALASKA CLUB will be having there 6th year aniversary party,were into our 7th year now, my how time flies, on Sat. July 2nd. 6PM-late. FREE LOCAL DRINKS FROM 6PM-6:30PM WITH THE PURCHASE OF A LADIES DRINK. FREE DINNER STARTING AT 7PM.

3 July – This is a biggie folks.  You do not want to miss this big celebration.  The ABC Hotel is presenting its new Millennium pool party festival.  It is a 3 in 1 celebration with the grand opening of its new spectacular new Millennium wing and pool area along with King of Cage MMA promotions special televised program and to top it all off, celebrating, one day early, the US Independence day.  There is no one else in town that can organize a more spectacular event then Gerard and Gerard Jr., for sure the food, booze and women will combine for a very eventful afternoon.


Harry, I just wanted to bring attention about two of my long time friends from Subic.  This week, Jed (George) Brandt, the Harley riding lone wolf passed away a couple of days ago in St. Judes Hospital from internal problems.  Jed was a good friend and running and ride mate of mine for a few years.  He retired as a Senior Chief from the US Navy back in 2005 and built a home in Subic.  He’s leving behind wife Rose, who of course is having a difficult time dealing with her loss.  Also, chuck (Charles) Hamar, a friend of mine who joined me from Porterville, Calif., came here in 2006.  He lived a great 5 years but over did it a bit causing his illness.  Chuck died in Cebu City today.  I believe he has an infant son living in AC with his mother.  God bless both these fellas.  I’ll miss them terribly.  Thanks for your time Harry, Ed Boatright.

Kevin Melligan, American National, tourist, was found dead inside his room at the Phoenix Hotel, by the chamber maid on Sat, 18 Jun, 1600 hours.  Initial investigation by police indicated no foul play, natural causes by heart attack.

I was hoping to get through the month of June without having to bid people I personally know a sad farewell.  Regretfully, it was not to be.  First I learned of the passing of a retired CWO Army Ranger, 71 year old Erskine Ralph Melward who passed away at the AUF Hospital on 25 Jun.  Ralph was well known in this community as he was a tireless volunteer for the VFW and the local DAV.

On 26 Jun I learned that a very good friend, Derek (Des) Anthony Cairns, 64 yars old passed away from complications of the lung at AUF Hospital.  Des was the co-owner of the Honey-Ko’s Club and was a friend to many in town.  I did not know that Des had been sick for a long time and he kept it a secret, even when he was hospitalized.  I always enjoyed talking with Des and at times soaking up some of his advice.  He and Damien were good as partners as Des was the complete opposite of Damien when it came to personality and they offset each other well.  Together they ran a very popular Club and now one of the D’s has been taken out of the D&D team and for me, that is quite sad.


I wrote about this hospital last year but only from the outside looking in.  This time I had to go in for an operation on my throat that would require only an overnight stay.  While in the States I developed a cold and also a hoarse voice which I described last month.  It lingered and just would not go away.  I called my general doctor at PH Diagnostics, Dr. Canlas who prescribed a medication for me to take for three days.  My condition did not improve so he referred me to a throat specialist at AUF, Doctor Katigbak.  He examined me with this thing he sticks down your throat to look around and discovered a small mass on my left vocal chord.  Recommendation, operate and wait for a biopsy result.  I liked this doctor and felt confident that he knew what he was doing.  I waited until I finished my June column and went into the hospital on 1 Jun for an operation that evening at 6 PM.  The admitting folks were courteous and professional but would not let me be admitted until we came up with P30,000 in advance.  My wife had to drive home to get the money.  Yes, I was a little annoyed at that.  I opted for the small private room.  I had to be admitted in the morning so I now had to lay around waiting for the 6 PM show.  Of course it did not start on time, they wheeled me on down after 6:30.  I will tell you this, I do not like the sight of operating rooms or cemeteries.  Somehow, I think they go together.  I am trying to relax and joke a bit as I sat on the table waiting for Dr. “K” to arrive.  My female anesthesiologist (did I spell that right?) arrived and shortly after that the man of the moment arrived carrying his own wooden box of instruments.  That box made me think of a coffin thought it was not nearly that big.  The thought just flashed in and out, just like the cemetery.  OK, they lay me out, sheets on, act one, open the curtains.  Time for the sleep lady to put the needle in my hand.  Shit, as soon as she indicated my hand I knew I was in deep poopoo.  Man, I hate the needle in the hand procedure because I have very small veins.  I knew it would take multiple attempts and still not work.  Sure enough, three times, strike out, oh, lets go to the other hand but this time they put it in on the side of my hand.  That coffin started to look bigger.  You will see the one picture where I was still joking and smiling with the sleep doctor but that was all an act.  OK, sleepy time, woke up next day, feeling sleepy but no pain at all, not even a sore throat.  Dr. Sleepy and Dr. K did a good job. Priscilla was there to comfort me and looking a bit tired as she had to try and sleep on one of those very narrow benches they put in for the watchers.  Why the hell they always have to be so narrow is a mystery for me.  They must have a uniform manual for all hospitals that say, use this size bench as we do not want any watchers to be comfortable at all, God forbid that they will be so comfortable that they will fall asleep.  My goodness, even just five inches wider would not take up that much space in the room.  Ah, the room.  It was spacious but bare, just the essentials.  Bathroom was roomy, better than at AUF Hospital when I was there.  Oh yeah, Dr. K gave me a choice of Sacred Heart or AUF and I said hell no to AUF, too many people go there and die.  I knew I was still a little spaced out when Priscilla showed me the plastic bag with my front teeth in it.  Yep, when Dr. K inserted that machine they used to go in my throat and cut out the mass, it knocked out my bridge.  So, around 11:30 I got out of the hospital, of course, after Priscilla went home and got the rest of the money.  The total bill came to P75,000 and some change.  My first stop after leaving the hospital was at Smile Dental Clinic where they removed what was left of my bridge and put in a spare that was made for me prior to my trip to the States.  Man, was I happy to know that was still there.  From there I had to attend a special bar owners meeting at the Lewis Grand.  Priscilla was angry with me for insisting that I had to go.  Finally, around 4 PM I got home and crashed again.  Now, here is what is annoying, I was told the biopsy results would not be available for two weeks and sure enough, here it is 14 Jun and still no results.  On 10 Jun my wife was told to pick up the results at 3 PM on 11 Jun.  She drove there only to be told that the one pathologist that they had was still in IloIlo and might fly in on Sunday.  For sure the results would be available either Sunday or Monday.  On Monday, what happens, a call from the head of the lab that the slides had just been given to the Patho and he would call later in the afternoon or the next morning.  Naturally, no call in the afternoon so again, waiting for the next morning.  What is of concern is that Doctor K had told my wife that getting the report as soon as possible was quite important but obviously the Pathologist at the Sacred Heart Hospital does not share any degree of urgency.  I guess this is routine and I cannot say if it takes this long in the States as well.  I guess I can’t finish this report until I get the results of the the biopsy.  Stand by – Wed, 15 Jun, finally, Priscilla is on the way to the hospital to pick up the biopsy.  The biopsy report had a lot of medical terms listed but no laymen’s term to tell me if malignant or not.  So, Google to the rescue as I searched three different terms.  My conclusion was that I had a pre-malignant condition.  It was time for me to see Dr. K to get an expert opinion.  It took a few days but finally on Friday, 17 Jun I saw Dr. K at his AUF Clinic.  Conclusion:  Yep, pre-malignant.  So, treatment necessary, for now, via pills and close monitoring.  If medicine helps OK, if not, then another biopsy and possibly Cobalt treatment.  One mystery was resolved.  You see, I do not smoke or drink, never have and the condition I have is normally associated with smoking and alcohol.  But, when I told the Doctor about my Hiatal Hernia he explained that it was the cause.  It seems that this type hernia retains acids and is high enough to affect the vocal chords.  This also is the reason for the diet he put me on, to reduce the frequency of acid reflux.  You see, this old body of mine is giving me a hard time.  When one part of the body acts up it affects another part.  So, there you are, my voice is messed up and I am supposed to not talk too much but have you ever met a quiet New Yorker?  Dr. K and I got into a long discussion about the diet and talking.  He told me he would never be angry with me for violating his instructions and understands the difficulty of abiding.  But, he said it is up to me, try to sacrifice but not enjoy life as much as I used to or go for, maybe a shorter life, but one in which I would be much happier.  I think I will look for the middle road and hope for the best.  If I can’t talk I can’t get out to research for this column and I enjoy this far too much to give it up right now.  If it gets to the point where I have to be put out to pasture then I will reluctantly do so.  I am not religious but I do believe the Lord has a plan for me, I don’t know if it is a good or bad one.  I want to continue with my annual Santa Claus appearances one or two years more as I bought a second suit when I was in Vegas this time.  Anyway, you can add Doctor Katigbak to my list of recommended doctors.  He is a Fellow-Philippine Society of Otolaryngology Head & Neck Surgery Ear, Nose, Throat, Head, Neck & Skull Base Surgery.  In Angeles City he has clinics at Sacred Heart, Garcia Medical Ctr., and Angeles University Foundation Medical Center.  He is a very busy Doctor.  What I like about him is that he is direct and does not pull any punches plus having a great personality.  His office consultation fee is P500.
By the way, the first picture to the left features the dynamic duo of Monica and Dr. Quintos in the doc’s clinic.


Today is 15 Jun and I am scheduled to attend the super event at the Wild Orchid.  It is the Miss Pinatubo beauty contest.  It is also the day I just learned that I do have a precursor to cancer in my throat.  But more on that as I learn more details from my doctor.  For sure, I will try to enjoy myself at the Wild Orchid so I do not have to think of any immediate future.  For now though, let me go back a bit earlier in the month as I was invited by Daddy Robert at the Tropix Club to attend their beach party which was being held to elect their entries to the Miss Pinatubo contest at the Wild Orchid. All the Doll House group of clubs were having similar contests but the Tropix was the first.  For sure I enjoyed this event and the full house of men enjoyed it too.  The ladies, as they paraded out one by one received yells of appreciation and applause.  The atmosphere was electric, the drinks were flowing and it was a type of carnival atmosphere that was impossible to avoid.  It was just plain fun and as I sat at the elevated seating area I could not help but think of my recent visit to the US where scenes such as I was looking at in person would not be available in any town there except Las Vegas.  But, in Vegas, the cost would be high and the ladies very much unavailable.  Say what you want about this town and Fields Ave but dear oh dear, do not take me away from evenings such as this Tropix Extravaganza.  I took a few pictures but my favorite choices were numbers 6 and eight and the better of the two was Pearly Ann Losano and that is the picture I took with with Daddy Robert.  The other lady did not want her picture taken.  The reason was that she had just finished a nursing degree and did not want people to see her picture.  How is that for a good excuse.  I would love to have her for my nurse.



Since I wrote about the Tropix pre-pageant Miss Pinatubo Contest I guess I might as well follow on right away with the big event held at the Wild Orchid Resort.  I cannot think of a better venue for such an event with its large outdoor area and two swimming pools.  Additionally, the experience of Dave Crowe and Kevin Wakely in hosting these events assures a well run, professionally presented day.  Priscilla went with me this time, she enjoys the beauty contests and especially likes the Wild Orchid.  In addition to the contest it was also the day to present to the public the new fifth floor and rooms at the Lagoon.  I loved the new elevator and was very impressed with the new family rooms.  I would also like to thank Kevin for adding a few disabled friendly rooms.  I had suggested hand rails in the toilet and shower areas last year and was pleased to see they were incorporated into the planning for the rooms.  The original Wild Orchid elevator presently only goes to the 3rd floor but it will be extended to where it will be able to access the 5th floor.  I made it up the few stairs on the 5th floor to access the roof thereby allowing me a fantastic view of the pool area and the surrounding countryside.  This will be the final expansion of this Hotel and it is definitely a job well done. It was indeed an exciting event but the highlight of the day, for me, was being able to personally welcome back Ron Wakely and be able to sit with him for a drink.

Ron is one of my favorite Hotel owners in town and he has been ill for some time now with cancer of the throat.  It was touch and go for a while but the doctors in Australia have done their job and fixed him up enough to allow him to return to Angeles City and, of course, Barrio Barretto.  He cannot talk at all now and he still requires six months of healing before he will be able to communicate verbally.  He was able to give me some advice as his throat problem started off the same way mine has, with a hoarseness that would not go away.  Except for not being able to talk Ron looked in excellent health and with pen in hand was able to show that he is still in charge.  It was very obvious that his brother Kevin was pleased to have him back on board and I am sure that the family support for Ron was a big contributor to getting him through this medical ordeal.  After visiting with Ron it was time for me to get back to Priscilla and enjoy the festivities.  Naturally I had to jump and and take some pictures and try to chat with people despite my hoarse voice and doctors orders to talk as little as possible.  Sixty ladies from various clubs in town were represented at this event and they all looked pretty darn good in their bikinis.  The place was packed with spectators and I envied those folks that were able to frolic around in the pool.  It was hot and the water looked very inviting, not only because of the water but the abundance of ladies in the pool afforded many opportunities for fun and games.  If you like games, they had plenty like the Frozen T-Shirt contest (I liked that one and am going to try it during one of our family gatherings), tug of war contest, limbo contest, water balloon toss, sexy sumo contest and the very popular shake that ass contest.  It was a great day and all the various message board guru’s were around with their cameras so if you check out the various sites like Asian Escapades,

PIatnight, Go2Phil, etc., then you will be able view tons of pictures.  The winners of the bikini contest were, 1st place – Jane Aberilla (Golden Nile), 2nd Place – Roan Peraleo (Genesis) and 3rd place went to Jowanie Amante (Doll House).  The winners were determined by the number of necklaces they collected from the customers.  I was told that one lady with an Australian boyfriend spent 50,000 pesos on necklaces to put around his lady’s neck to help her get into the top three.  I think he overspent but am sure he was rewarded quite handsomely later in the evening.  It was all good fun and after expenses any money left over will go to charity.  I will say this, it was a well organized event with no problems what-so-ever.  Richard Agnew, President of ABAC gave the closing remarks and all those in attendance, for sure, felt that the organizers of the event deserve a hearty “Well Done!”


On 7 Jun I was able to attend two separate hearings for Mark Dizon, the alleged serial killer of the Al Mitchell family plus killings in the Oasis compound and the Santa Maria Subdivision.  My main purpose of attending these hearings was to see Mark in person and dispel any rumors that he was not in detention.  I was able to sit so close to him that I wanted to reach over and put a few knots on his head.  He sat there in the morning and afternoon sessions with a blank, uninterested look on his face.  He was handcuffed and it looked like he had been well fed in prison as appeared a bit heavier than when I saw him on the day he was arrested.
The morning hearing dealt with the murders at the Oasis compound and it was very frustrating to watch the proceedings as the young new prosecutor did not impress me at all.  It was up to the prosecution to have witnesses on hand for the hearing but none showed up.  The Judge was a bit upset at the no-shows and the prosecutor, female, looked at a loss to explain why the policemen who were supposed to be on hand were not there.  I learned later that the Prosecutor, Junie Esplana was new to the job and it was quite obvious.  The Judge directed that the witnesses, one Major Maniola, Cdr of Station 6 and the Oasis security guard, Mr. Roen David be ordered to appear at the next hearing.  Maj  Maniola along with his team of investigating officers and the security guard are the only witnesses that can be called to present statements and evidence gathered by investigators.  All too often, during this hearing I heard the words “circumstantial evidence” mentioned.  I was not impressed at all.
In the afternoon the situation was entirely different.  This was the hearing on the Mitchell murders and the niece of  Al’s wife, Mariz was present to represent the Mitchell family as a witness.  This time the prosecutor was much more professional and he was aided by a past prosecutor that was hired by the Mitchell family to assist in the prosecution of this case.  The whole afternoon’s proceedings evolved around Mariz who was magnificent in how she held up to the questioning and at times the harshness of the Judge, the honorable Phiber Aturralde.  Mariz had known suspect Mark Dizon since Feb 2002 as he was at one time the boyfriend of her cousin.  Mariz was the first one to mention to the authorities that she suspected that Mark was the killer they were looking for.  She did not have a picture of him but he was in her face book account.  She called her cousin in the States to get the address of Dizon.  She also was able to identify stolen items at Station Four.  Again, in this case the police are hampered by no witnesses to the actual crime and the murder weapon has not been recovered.  Hopefully, the “circumstantial” evidence will be so overwhelming that eventually, justice will be served.  The next date for the hearings, morning and afternoon will be 26 July, 0830, at Regional Court 58.

This court room is not easy to locate but it is across the street from the Henson Clinic on MacArthur Ave, heading towards AUF.  Interested persons can attend the hearing.  If my health allows me to do so, I will try to attend again.  I really want to see if Prosecutor Esplana has her act together at the next hearing.  By the way, these hearings never start on time, get there at the posted time but bring a book with you to read.


A robbery took place at the Welcome Inn on Fields Ave at 0230 hours, Monday, 20 Jun.  In the process of the robbery the suspect, Paolo Castro Bautista Jr., 29, of Biliran, Leyte, shot and killed the security guard, Reyjan Manate Palmon, 25, with two shots to the head.  The suspect then fled the scene but was apprehended by policemen from Station Four as he tried to flee down Fields Ave.  The details as reported in the Sun Star are not quite accurate.  The security firm is owned by the wife of an American and their report is as follows:

“We had a guard killed last night with a shot to the head.   Drug crazed idiot tried to rob a hotel we guard right in the middle of the main tourist street (Fields Avenue).   The guard heard a scream upstairs by the cashier and responded, but when he arrived, everything looked ok at the counter, but the cashier was able to roll her eyes in a fashion that alerted the guard so the guard stayed close at hand.   The robber got tired of waiting for the guard to leave and he pulled his gun and shot him in the head. He took P4,500 ($110) and ran out the door, but the cashier ran to the balcony and screamed.  The killer was so out of it that the next morning in the jail cell he could not be woken up.   Girly from Welcome Inn told levy that when the guy ran, the cashier yelled out the second store balcony and the manager or owner of Dirty Duck actually grabbed the guy, but he got loose and the worker for Dirty duck (or someone) chased him on a moped.   Got to the McDonalds and jumped in a trike, but the Tourist Police stopped the trike and pounced on the guy and handcuffed him.   They said the paper was a big lie and there was no police around but they took the credit for the capture.  They also told Levy he had shabu on him and was completely doped up. This guard was a darn good kid—sent almost his entire salary home to family in Iloilo to send siblings to school.  We put in 20k initially and the welcome inn was going to canvas the Fields Avenue association to pitch in some coins.  Put in another 4k for the transport box for the coffin and i think she gave another 5k or so this morning to the uncle for some expenses.  Take the killer to Iloilo and put him on the street for 5 minutes and he will be dealt with Iloilo style—no lengthily jail time involved.”    (This is a damn shame and only someone high on drugs would be stupid enough to try such a robbery.  But Maj Tan, commander of Station Four indicated that the suspect is also responsible in the recent robbery incidents at the Emerald Hotel and King Poker Shop along Friendship Ave.  It is too bad that this asswipe could not be put up against a wall and shot.  I guess he could share a cell with Mark Dizon and compare notes)


I am very pleased to introduce you to Princess Marcelino, 18 years old, from Mabalacat, Pampanga but now living in Angeles City.  She is a high school graduate who is now taking a 2 year HRM course, part time at the Montessori Professional College here in AC.  I am particularly proud of this young lady because, one, she works for me at the Blue Boar Inn and secondly, despite her youth she is the lone supporter of her family.  She is the oldest in the family with four brothers and one sister.  She lives with her mother and sadly, her father was shot to death two years ago.  Briefly, prior to coming to work at the Blue Boar she worked at the Happy Rock where she met a local Expat businessman who she went with for a few months.  The relationship did not last too long.  Princess (Her given name) is mature beyond her years.  She is not interested in marriage at this time, admitting she is too young.  She wants to finish her schooling and someday go abroad, and would not want to think about marrying until reaching her 20′s.  She also indicates that a man’s age does not matter when it comes to courtship as long as the man will love and take care of her.  How many times have I heard that before but with Princess, I think that maybe she is quite sincere.  If you would like to communicate with Princess write to her at princess_1392@yahoo.com.


Brad Pittman, from Dade City, Florida spent 20 years in the Air Force, retired and decided that Angeles City was the place for him to hang up his hat.  How he came to that decision is interesting.  In 1975 he was stationed in Taiwan and the military decided he needed a military drivers license so they sent Brad, along with seven other personnel (All security police) to Clark for a two week TDY.  Brad got the license on his first day at Clark and spent the rest of his time having one hell of a good time exploring the sights of Angeles City.  One bit of humor that he remembered was that they were billeted on base and while he and the other security guys were taking a shower the wallets of the security policemen were stolen, his was not.  You see, Brad was wise enough to take his wallet to the shower with him, the others did not.  Anyway, that two week taste of Angeles City stayed with Brad.  He had caught the AC virus.  When he retired in 2002 he thought that everything was a mess here after the Pinatubo disaster and with the Base closing there was nothing happening.  He then heard that the City was recovering so decided to take a reconnoitering trip to see for himself.  After three weeks he decided that he could afford to live here, went home, packed up, settled everything there in the US, said his goodbyes and headed back to Angeles City in Oct 2002.  He had a good friend here, “Jake the Snake” that helped him adjust and he has not looked back since.
Brad became a customer in my bar and at the time I had hired a very, sweet young lady, Teresa, to be a waitress.  She had worked for only two weeks when Brad came in,  took one look and fell in love.  I lost a good waitress and Brad gained a wife, they were married in 2006, thereby messing up Brad’s plan to stay single for three years.  They now have a wonderful five year old daughter and the Blue Boar Inn remains Brad’s favorite hang-out.  Brad is a retired E-7 with 80% disability pay along with his retired pay.  For his first four years here he lived on his retired pay only without any problems.  They have their own house in Mexico located in a relatively new subdivision.  He has no regrets and no desire to return to the US except for funerals. His advice for those fellow expats and those planning to live here is “do not get upset, be flexible and keep a good attitude”.  He also felt that one should have a monthly income of around $2,000 to live decently.  I agree with this, $2,000 or more a month will allow debt free living.  With less than $2,000 one has to do a bit of budgeting to get by.


It amazes me how fast one year can pass.  It seems like only a few months ago that Derry and Josie were greeting folks for the 11th year anniversary and now, last month, was the 12th year celebration.  It was a bit different as this was the first time that Derry was not present and Josie, bless her, did the best she could.  Josie stood by Derry since the opening day, 12 years ago and by golly, she was there with a big smile greeting folks, passing out some snacks, giving away drinks and determined to keep the Thi-Hi going.  It is not easy for her but there remains a loyal support group that does not want to see the Thi-Hi close or go to a different owner.  Lets face it, Josie was the right hand of Derry who kept that Club going, especially after Derry’s health started to fade.  If you go to Thi-Hi now you will see a few changes.  A dance stage has been added and Leah has brought in some dancers.  The music is a bit louder but not so much that you cannot carry on a conversation.  I have noticed a few new ladies that have added some good looks and great personalities to the place.  I am hoping that more and more tourists, expats will find their way to the Thi-Hi and say hello to Josie.  It has not been easy for her but she is keeping the Thi-Hi running and keeping the memory of Derry alive as well.  I sincerely hope that one year from now I can attend the 13th Anniversary and get a big kiss from Josie.




I do not know if I will get any more information on this killing.  I have gathered bits and pieces of information but so far nothing in the newspapers to give me specific details.  A Mr. Barry Ernest Lingley was shot and killed in his home in Tarlac over the weekend.  The killing took place at 0300 hrs as 4 Filipino men broke into his house, shot him quickly and then tied up the wife, son and the YaYa.  It was only recently that he had moved into his new house.  He was 61 years old and worked for Aviat Networks, a company located on Clark.  He had worked there about 8 yrs and was just in the process of retiring.  It is rumored that it might have been an inside job and the killers were from Angeles City but,  I emphasize that this is just a rumor at this time.  Barry and his wife Vangelyne Sanchez Lingley had only been married since 15 Sep 2010.  Barry was a 20 Air Force veteran and according to a friend of his, he o was only looking forward to retirement where he would only have to rest and watch life go by on his porch.  His friend wondered, why do these people always have to kill?  I suspect that because, quite often, someone paid them to kill.


Last night, Wednesday, 29 Jul, the Blue Nile Club, Camelot, Brown Sugar and the Sunshine Bar were raided by elements of the Manila CIDG.  The same characters that went after the Honey-Pot.  I am pissed as is most of the bar owners in town who see this as it really is, a run for the money pot.  They are not interested in “rescuing” any ladies or finding any ladies that do not have the proper licensing papers.  It all had to do with greed and putting money into the pockets of high ranking officials.  If they do not get the money then the foreigners are put through the court system and to prove any innocence takes months or a year unless you slip money to the court clerk to put your case higher up in the pile of cases.  There is GREED with capital letters starting with some individuals locally all the way up the Justice chain.  This is a known way of life here in AC and it has been that way for years and one can work within the system and still run a successful business.  It is only when the demands for money become too much to bear that people begin to wonder if it is worth all the hard work.  A bar association was formed with Richard Agnew as its President.  Its purpose was to bring all Clubs together to install self policing with the hope that all members will comply with all laws and directives and to also figure out how to satisfy the demands of the various police agencies locally, San Fernando and Manila.  A workable solution was established but no system can work 100% if some part of the chain is not part of the solution.  So, no matter how hard the bar owners work to stay within the law and hope that they can operate peacefully, shit still happens.  When it does then people like Ray Kelly end up in jail for no legitimate reason and raids like the ones that took place last Tuesday night come about.  They were looking for more big fish but came up empty.  Instead, they were able to, as usual round up a bunch of ladies, humiliate them and cart them off to Manila.  It appears that there is no satisfying these various agencies and  some local individuals with certain connections.  So, what good is the Bar Owners Association (ABAC)?  Maybe it is time for it to be disbanded and then each bar would have to deal a local group like the old JoJo group in which some individuals enjoyed enormous monetary benefits.  Maybe it is time for the local press to investigate what is happening and name names.  You will not see that happen because the local press does not employ any decent investigative reporters and if a reporter did do a decent job he would probably be shot.  For years now, most foreign Club owners realize the fact that there is a price for doing business in the entertainment area and live with it.  But, my goodness, enough is enough, it is time to have a peace conference and come up with a reasonable cost that everyone can live with.
I am including comments taken from a popular message board that sets the tone of what many expats and tourists are feeling after these latest raids, all these comments are anonymously  written:

The CIDG is doing their favorite thing, making money. Tonight’s victim was SunShine Bar. They came prepared with three vans to haul away the management and staff. Word is not yet out what tactic they used this time but probably they’re old standby favorite. Send a girl into the bar with impeccable papers (government issued and proving her age) then show up with some complainant in tow, reported to be her mother or auntie and saying the girl is underage or that the bar refused to allow her to leave.

These guys are never imaginative, always the same old ploy and of course some stooge reporter from a local newspaper to write a fictitious story about how it was a rescue mission and the cops are so wonderful and protecting the innocent young girls.

Luckiest bar owner in town now is Jimbo of the Stampede / Cherry’s Club Bars. He sold out his business. Last night was his farewell party. Best of luck to you Jimbo, no more need to worry about or pay off corrupt police, bon voyage.

I just got home from work and my e-mail box is alive with news and updates. Seems the “Concerned mother” was about unpaid wages to her daughter and the story goes that once the police were inside they discovered girls working without licenses. Reportedly they took into custody the owner and 16 girls.

Sun Shine Bar was not alone, the town was wild with raids last night. Golden Nile, Camelot and Brown Sugar. Bars closed up early to avoid being raided.

The party behind the action is no other than the infamous CIDG, (Criminal Intentions to Detain Guys) Same bunch of crooks who wreaked havoc last December. They look at Angeles City as their cash cow.

Are they destroying Angeles City entertainment business? Hell of course they are but their arrogance knows no bounds and THEY DO NOT CARE about the ramifications their activities cause on the businesses. They want to make money, BIG MONEY.

Hate to say it but as long as these guys are running a muck, Angeles City’s days are numbered.

The party behind the action is no other than the infamous CIDG, (Criminal Intentions to Detain Guys) Same bunch of crooks who wreaked havoc last December. They look at Angeles City as their cash cow.

Too much money being spread around to the people who authorize these arrests.

If the wannabee pimp foreigners have enough cash to get into the bar business, they should also have enough cash to loudly expose this scam by publicly identifying BY NAME the requesters/recipients of the “fine” money and the common sense to organize with legal and publicity representatives who will sue these bastards in court for illegal detention and extortion. So what if it takes 20 years. Maybe it will get them to back off.

Incarcerating some old expat who happens to be having a beer inside is coming. Talk about killing the golden goose.

I just received this. It’s copied from another board and written by someone who was both a witness and highly knowledgeable about the situation due to his position and some of the people he knows.

“As of July 1 the current head of the CIDG Pampanga division is due to be relieved of his job as are his underlings. This guys name is Major Mendoza and he was the same one behind the raids of Dirty Duck, Forbidden City and Camelot.

Sources have stated that Major Mendoza has gone to the press, specifically ABS/CBN Television channel with stories of underage girls working in the bars in Angeles City. As such we were expecting some trouble but not this quickly.

The raid team was composed of NBI/CIDG people plus local policemen. The bars raided were Cambodia, Golden Nile, Blue Nile Executive, and Blue Nile. A number of other bars closed just as a precautionary measure.

From Cambodia they arrested the DJ and one girl. I don’t know how many people they got from the other bars but I do know they never got any senior or management staff either Filipino or foreigners. I know also they questioned several waitresses about who was the manager and the owners but they kept silent and by that time we were all out of the building anyway.

The motivation behind this raid is not to get human trafficking convictions (although they will take that if they think they can get them) but most likely a final pay off, or a retirement fund as some would call it, for a CIDG major that is on his way out.

The captives have been taken down to Camp Crame in Manila where Ray Kelly and two of his managers are still being held after the Honey Pot Raid.

Twenty minutes before the raid I was walking out of Emperors Lounge heading towards Golden Nile when I saw the local police chief chatting with the senior mamasan of Blue Nile outside Blue Nile. Then later that night the same police chief was involved in the raid on Blue Nile. Draw your own conclusions as I don’t know what to make of that. I will give you more details as they become available”

If the Doj and CIDG went after the real human trafficking syndicates owned and operated by the chinese triads who traffick filipinas to malaysia and thailand, macao, hongkong, the chinese mafia would be killing the police at their homes. police and cidg are too scared to go after the real criminals because they shoot back.

its easier to go after foreigners who are scared of filipinos. and the bars owners tell on each other and go after each other. Disunity. no unity among foreigners at all here in angeles unlike in subic. the american community is united and speaks and airs their community concerns to the mayor directly.

but not all pnp police scared of criminals, their are some tough ones in manila. one major i know of told me he has a body count of 20 criminals in the line of duty.

its easy to kick around a bunch of old foriengers chasing smelly bargirls. its a comedy and all filipinos are laughing


Gerard and Gerard Jr are proud to announce that the ANGELES BEACH CLUB TOWER – NEW MILLENNIUM WING is now finished and had it’s soft opening on 29 Jun.    This New Tower has 40 Luxury Suites that will really make your hotel experience 100% Pure Satisfaction.  Built with passion and filled with never before seen amenities in Asia, and the first in Angeles City to have its own Helipad.  I was privileged to be invited to attend this first time viewing.  I asked Gerard if I could be early and get a private tour as I had just had a medical procedure the night before and knew I could not keep up with a guided tour of many people.  He allowed that and one of the nice marketing ladies showed me around and I was completely amazed.  It is awesome, words can hardly describe it and for sure you would have to see it personally to appreciate the work that has gone into this new wing.  It is state of the art and one could see the unique designs that came from the young Gerard Jr.  There are only five standard rooms, all the others are suites and believe it or not, the five standard rooms were already occupied as well as a few of the Jr. Suites.  Forty fantastic rooms are offered with controllable mood lights for the bed, separate shower with round tubs, 40″ TVs, sound bar, walk-in-closets, high-speed internet access and computer desks among others.  One unique feature that I wish I could duplicate in my own place is a high water pressure that could fill the tub within 2 minutes.  The full length windows let the sun in for natural light and offer panoramic views of Mt. Arayat, Mt. Pinatubo and the Zambales Mountain Range.  Offered in the new wing are the Standard Suite, Junior Suite, Fiesta Suite, Prime Minister Suite and the Penthouse Suite.  I was absolutely bowled over when I saw the Penthouse.  The whole 8th floor is devoted to the Penthouse with four interconnecting rooms and a fantastic wrap-a-round balcony offering a fantastic view.  This suite is ideal for groups who want to have private parties on their own sky bar or chit-chat under the sun with their spacious balconies.  To top everything off I went up the steps to the roof containing the helipad and luckily, the ABC helicopter was sitting there.  Here, despite it being a cloudy afternoon, the view was breathtaking.  I did not want to leave.  But, I could linger no more, my guide had to get back to work so we went back downstairs where I took a bit of time to sit at the new bar/pool area and again, I did not want to go anywhere else.  I did not have time to wait for the presentations and food that was to be served to the media and special guests as I had to get back to work on this column.  Regretfully, I was not able to get the listing of prices for the rooms as I was told it was not finalized yet.  My prediction?  Regardless of the price, this new Millennium Wing will be fully booked and stay that way for most of the year.  Yes folks, Gerard and company have another winner.


100 women rescued from Angeles City night clubs

By DJ Yap

Philippine Daily Inquirer

MANILA, Philippines—At least 100 female sex workers, some of whom had “V” tags, indicating they were still virgins, were rescued, and five foreigners were arrested in successive raids on three night clubs in Angeles City on Tuesday night, the police said Wednesday.

The Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) said joint police antihuman trafficking operatives rescued the women from the Sunshine Bar, the Blue Nile and the Golden Nile night clubs along Fields Avenue in Barangay Balibago.

“The women don’t really consider it a rescue. They kept cursing us and tried their best to escape,” said CIDG Women and Children’s Protection Desk (WCPD) head Supt. Emma Libunao, who led the raids. (Gee Emma, doesn’t that give you a hint that your use of the work “rescue” is bullshit!  If they wanted to be rescued then why did more 35 ladies escape from one of the busses they were FORCED into when the opportunity presented itself for them to run away)

She said the women were mostly from Mindanao who were promised jobs as factory workers, waitresses, or sales ladies. (Another fabrication!  No girl is promised a job as a factory worker or sales lady.  They all know what job they are seeking when they come to Angeles City)

Upon arriving in the city, “they would wait tables at first, then before long, they would start entertaining guests at the table,” Libunao said. She said she assumed that some of the rescued women were below 18. “They were taught to say they’re 18.” (Emma dear, never “assume” for you know if you break the word down it says “ass-u-me”)

‘V’ for virgin

Undercover agents posing as customers were even offered the sexual services of girls with the “V” label. “They called it ‘cherry popping.’ They’d say, ‘I’m a virgin so I’m more expensive.’” One of the girls said she was only 16 and asked for P100,000, Libunao said. (if the girl was really 16 then the Mamasan is the one that should be charged.  Just like in Honey-Pot, Mamasan Tess was the one who should have known better but allowed an “18” year old girl to work for three days without seeing an NSO birth certificate.  Tess was guilty of violating procedures yet Ray Kelly suffers in jail)

The raids on the Blue Nile and Golden Nile, two night clubs reportedly owned by an Irish fugitive Richard Douglas Agnew along Fields Avenue in Angeles City stemmed from the complaint of the Crusade Against Good Customs and Decency International, a nongovernment organization based in the city that fights sex tourism. (Since when is Richard Agnew a fugitive?  A fugitive from what?  Now he may be guilty of being Irish but that is not a crime though some English folks might disagree)

Agnew was not present during the raid, but he would be charged with violations of the Anti-Trafficking of Persons Act, Libunao said.

The raid of Sunshine Bar resulted in the rescue of 17 sex workers and the arrest of the manager, Terrence James Smith, an Australian national. (here we go with the “rescue” crap again)

Police said Smith would be charged with human trafficking, which carries a maximum prison term of life. (Boy, they really like to throw around the word“human trafficking” which is reaching way out in left field.  I like to think of it as opportunities for increased revenue for law enforcement officials planning for retirement)

(This is such an age old problem.  Regretfully, the Fields Entertainment area operates under a gray cloud, a cloud that allows various interpretations of the law.  A law that appears only to be enforced here in Angeles City where officials can, at will, milk the cash cow, which by the way, is starting to dry up.  I have yet to see the names of Filipino Club owners or Koreans splashed across the headlines of newspapers.  It appears that only foreigners are targeted with most of them being here in Angeles City.  The majority of the Club owners here work hard to follow the law and City regulations.  Those few who do not should be punished but regretfully, even one wrong doer can ruin it for one and all. Personally, I resent the use of the work “Red Light District” for Fields Ave and beyond.  That word, literally, does not apply to this area.  It has a negative interpretation, one would think of hard core prostitutes handled by hard core pimps with criminal records.  This is NOT the case in AC.  Admittedly, we have an adult entertainment environment with Clubs serving liquor and employing dancers who display much less flesh than one would find in a Club in Las Vegas.  But, I am not going down that road in which all this has been discussed before and justified to no end.  We have what we have, it is what it is and at this time it is a legal entertainment industry.  Realize one important fact, no lady, in any club within Fields Ave is forced to work a job she does not want.  Instead of raiding Clubs, just send in a sensible, non-forceful team, look around, check the ID’s, talk to the girls.  If you find one that wants to be “rescued” then find her a decent job, pay for her schooling, help her support her family and the children that some Filipino gave her and then abandoned..  Fact, every girl you cart off to Manila for “rescue”, makes her way back to AC to take up where she left off.)


This is a rare picture.  You might ask why?  Because for the first time my wife, Priscilla, is voluntarily in a picture with my tourists of the month.  You see, what happened is that Michelle, Steve and Tommie stopped in at my stable and it was unusual to see a single Australian lady visiting the Philippines.  Michelle, standing next to my wife is from Queensland and she came with her brother Tommie to have fun.  I do believe she succeeded in doing that and she plans to make another trip for the fun and especially the shopping.  She did make one statement that so many women in Australia, US, Canada, etc., should be aware of.  Michelle said “Australian women cannot compete with the beautiful Filipina because they spoil the men too much”.  Yes, Michelle, you hit the nail on the head but I must clarify that happens only if you find the right Filipina.  Michelle’s brother Steve is living in Sydney and is happily married to Norma (Norie).   Michelle particularly enjoyed visiting Norie’s family in Daram, Samar.  It gave her a chance to see more of the Philippines.  Steve wanted to tell the old gents in Australia that Michelle is available for courtship and that now that she has had a bit of Filipina training she knows a bit more of how to please a man.  You can contact her through Steve at goodywho2@optusnet.com.au.  Of course this is for men who are too old, too broke or too sick to make it to the Philippines.  OK, now that leaves Tommie who is a 28 year old, single, FilAM making his first trip to the Philippines.  He was smiling a lot during the visit.  His mom, Pacita, has been married to AF Veteran Michael for 20 years.  They live in Georgia where Dad works at Warner Robins AFB.  Man, I hope I got all this down correctly, they visited early in the month and my notes might be a bit off.  One thing I do remember is that Steve told me he had brought a giant piece of Cadbury chocolate for me but it melted.  That’s OK Steve, I will wait for your next visit.  Priscilla and I enjoyed talking with this group and it was at the time when I was supposed to whisper so I let Priscilla do most of the talking.

ACR Renewal

My friend Chuck recently had his ACR renewed and sent me the following:

I submitted my original ACR (Alien Certificate of Registration) and a copy of my passport to Angeles International Travel Center on the 13th of June for renewal since it was set to expire on the 25th of June.  I could have submitted it up to one month prior to the 5 year expiration date.  On the 25th AITC called me and said my new card was ready for pick up.  The cost was P5,500 for everything.  It was so much easier than trying to go all the way to Manila,  as Immigration does not do it here.
AITC said there might be an additional charge for a new number but since my old number began with an “F” I did not have to pay the extra P1,500. AITC indicated if you have a number beginning with A-E then you will have to pay the additional fee.

Oh boy, I think I am finished for this month.  I have a dental appointment at 5 PM and need to get this off to my computer Guru in a few minutes.  This is already the 30th, 4 PM and I can’t wait to get out of my chair and get some air.  My skinny ass is hurting.  At least it is not raining today but no time to get out and enjoy the fresh air.  I am not sure about what direction I will be going with my throat problem. Tomorrow I go back to the hospital for a second biopsy so will be in overnight again.  I do not look forward to that.  This time I am being smart, I will go see Dr. Tey at five this evening and have her remove my bridge so Dr. Katigbek and company do not break it again.  Then on Saturday I can get it put back in again.  Needless to say, I look like shit without any front teeth.  My last biopsy evaluation was that I had “pre-malignant cancer” on my left vocal chord.  That means I am in a holding pattern and still dealing with a restrictive diet that keeps me from eating all the food I enjoy.  Can’t drink alcohol, coffee or tea, no beef, no dairy products, including milk, no acidic juices and no spicy food.  That last one really hurts.  Everything the doctors tell me is not good.  If it was anywhere other than my vocal chord they would remove it right away but if they try to do that I will lose my voice.  Also, if it goes phase 1 on me then I need radiation and that will take away my voice as well.  So, I do not know what to do except wait a bit.  I am considering going to the States for treatment, possibly back to Las Vegas.  I have a place to stay there and will be covered by Medicare and Tri-Care for life.  That is my update and I hate to think of going to the US but, of course, I will try to continue with my column with the help of a couple of friends.  I am not a happy camper but am trying to be as upbeat as I can and stlll enjoy life, my family and friends.  I am not ready to leave the readers of this column who have been so good to me over the years so will stay with it as much as possible.  Right now I feel great, still get to the gym but only once this week.  Oh, by the way, I did have my final treatment at Britannia Medical Center for tightening up my face and neck.  The last treatment two days ago was a bit more severe.  Dr. Tan gave me a few pills that put me in dream land and he used a lipo suction procedure on my neck that should tighten up that annoying loose skin that we old guys get in the front of our throats.  No pain involved, everything went well.  I am hoping that if this possible cancer gets too bad and I croak everyone will say my face and neck looks good.  In that case I will have a sign made on my casket that reads – I am dead but look healthy due to the great work of Dr. Tan at Britannia Medical Center.  Now, I have to get out of here immediately to make my appointment.  Remember folks, no matter what, be kind to horses.


George Thompson sent me a list of witticisms and this one was my favorite:

I think Congressmen should wear uniforms like NASCAR drivers so we could identify their corporate sponsors.

There are so many locations in the world where population growth is out of control.  The Philippines is one of them.  It is a shame that when, recently the Philippine Government is finally waking up to the fact that family planning is an immediate necessity, the Catholic Church is fighting against it tooth and nail.  The following article and picture provides an excellent example of why the Church, as usual, refuses to face reality.  What a shame.

Image 15 of 20: Women share beds as they rest inside the maternity ward of the government run Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital in Manila June 1, 2011. The ward, the busiest in the country, sees an average of 60 births a day. The Philippines’ population growth rate of around 2.0 percent is above Southeast Asia’s average of around 1.7 percent, with an estimated 200 babies born every hour. Lack of a national policy on birth control and access to modern family planning methods — frowned upon by the powerful Catholic church — are some of the factors that have led to the country’s population ballooning to nearly 100 million, according to various government and private sector estimates, with the Philippines the second most populous nation in the region after Indonesia. REUTERS/Cheryl Ravelo.

I have been reading in the local press that the President of the Philippines is standing up to the Chinese in the dispute over the Spratley Islands.  This is a very sensitive subject as China claims all the territory of the Spratleys.  What made me smile is that the Philippine Government is depending on the US to back them in their dispute with China.  Now, to me, that is a mistake.  I do not think for one moment that America will do much to back the Philippines in this dispute.  The only thing our present Government can do is talk and maybe plead with China to back off.  Lets “negotiate” but China has no desire to do that at all.  Do you think for one moment that China is worried about the Philippines one ship Navy?  Do you think they are worried about America?  America is broke, Obama is trying to figure out how to get out of Afghanistan and Iraq and deal with America’s economy and jobless rate.  We are so far in debt with China that we don’t dare to do much more than talk.  Additionally, most Americans do not even know where the Philippines is located or that it exists.  I applaud the Philippine President for his brave stand but I sincerely hope that his faith in Obama does not backfire on him.  The Philippine Government is a close friend of America and I sure hope it stays that way.

The United States on Monday removed the Philippines and Singapore from a human trafficking watch list that had drawn concerns from the close allies. The US State Department’s annual Trafficking in Persons Report has become increasingly sensitive for Southeast Asian governments, which face a cutoff of US assistance if they are found to be unresponsive in fighting trafficking.The latest report elevated the Philippines, Singapore and Laos off the watch list to the so-called Tier 2, which means that the countries do not fully meet standards on human trafficking but are making efforts to do so.

The United States on Monday removed the Philippines and Singapore from a human trafficking watch list that had drawn concerns from the close allies. The US State Department’s annual Trafficking in Persons Report has become increasingly sensitive for Southeast Asian governments, which face a cutoff of US assistance if they are found to be unresponsive in fighting trafficking.The latest report elevated the Philippines, Singapore and Laos off the watch list to the so-called Tier 2, which means that the countries do not fully meet standards on human trafficking but are making efforts to do so.  US Rep. Chris Smith, who authored the 2000 act that set up the report, criticized President Barack Obama’s administration for letting China remain on the watch list again instead of dropping automatically to Tier 3. “Two years of warning is enough. The Obama administration has again abandoned trafficking victims in China—who are predominantly women. It’s shameful,” said Smith, a Republican from New Jersey. “Our obligation is to the victims of trafficking, not the dictatorship,” he said. (What does Smith expect, this is another example of our Government’s fear of China.  President Aquino, I rest my case)







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Ray Kelly, detained after the CIDG rain on the Honey Pot club remains under detention at Camp Crame, Manila.  Legal actions to obtain his release have encountered obstacles.  The department of Justice has already filed the case in court which makes his situation a bit more difficult.  This is a non-bailable offense but it is hoped that his innocence will be proven and maybe charges can be dropped.  Quite often the legal system here moves at a snails pace.  His many friends can only hope that he remains well and without too much delay will be able to return to Angeles City.  More updates will be provided in July.



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Ray Kelly, detained after the CIDG rain on the Honey Pot club remains under detention at Camp Crame, Manila.  Legal actions to obtain his release have encountered obstacles.  The department of Justice has already filed the case in court which makes his situation a bit more difficult.  This is a non-bailable offense but it is hoped that his innocence will be proven and maybe charges can be dropped.  Quite often the legal system here moves at a snails pace.  His many friends can only hope that he remains well and without too much delay will be able to return to Angeles City.  More updates will be provided in July.



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A robbery took place at the Welcome Inn on Fields Ave at 0230 hours, Monday, 20 Jun.  In the process of the robbery the suspect, Paolo Castro Bautista Jr., 29, of Biliran, Leyte, shot and killed the security guard, Reyjan Manate Palmon, 25, with two shots to the head.  The suspect then fled the scene but was apprehended by policemen from Station Four as he tried to flee down Fields Ave.  More details will be provided in my July column.


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