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Talking about dragging ass!  Why haven’t warrants of arrest been issued by the City Attorney, Oliver, for the arrest of Tim Kaufman and Santos.  There is enough evidence against these two characters to warrant arrest action yet, for some unknown reason the process is taking too long.  The police cannot take any action until warrants of arrest have been issued.  Has someone high up been paid off?  Please everybody, write to the Mayor, City Administrator of even the City Prosecutor and ask this question.  Something is fishy here.




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As much as possible I will keep writing about this horrible event until Kaufman and Santos are caught and brought to justice.  What interests me even more is finding the masterminds behind the killings.  Kaufman and Santos did not wake up one day and decide to kill Balmer, his girlfriend and also Richard Agnew, which for sure would have happened if he had been at home.  No, some business person or persons decided to hire those two characters to do the evil deed.  I want those guys found out, caught and arrested before they skip town.  Now, in all cases such as this money talks and a decent reward for evidence leading to an arrest can bring out some witness or witnesses that, without a reward, would not come forward.  Richard Agnew wrote the following: “I am selling my big car to help kick start the reward fund to get these guys quickly, should have funds tomorrow had a guy here today that wants to buy.”  I know that a friend of mine, David Mason, has offered P50,000 to that fund.  When I return to AC I will also contribute and I hope that many others will throw in a few pesos dollars to help build up a decent fund.  Just contact Richard Agnew to offer your help.  Please, Richard has not asked me to do this, I just strongly feel it would help towards solving this crime.  Richard’s cell phone number is:  09083948337.  Maybe some bar owner could set up a “reward fund raiser”.  Folks, our expat community has to come together on this, we cannot turn our backs on this, the David Balmer murder cannot be put on the back burner.  Whether you like Richard or not does not matter, the point is, this crime was a crime against our entire expat community.  To think, someone has a beef with a fellow businessman and think nothing of hiring killers.  Anyone of us could be the next victims.  Damn, I am so angry.  David Balmer was a damn good man and his girlfriend was so innocent.  Please, lets get together and help find the killers and those who funded the murders.  Believe me, they live within our community, you might even know them.  David’s family needs closure, they need to see justice.  If anyone would like to have the Email address of Richard, just contact me.  I don’t want to publish it here.



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I have been receiving Emails from readers of my column wondering if they should go elsewhere for their visits, by-pass Angeles City for Bangkok, or other locations.  They are worried about being harassed.  My sources in AC tell me that the emphasis is on bar owners now, not customers.  I have been told that this latest series of raids uncovered 28 underage ladies.  I read about this as well but usually, after the verification process, this number is greatly reduced.  I do not know if this is what happened or not.  All I can say is that any owner caught with an actual, truly, underage girl employed in his or her club deserves whatever comes down from the authorities.  I agree that if they have the right city clearances then the city officials should be held accountable.  But that excuse is getting old, very old.  Why trust the folks at Hygiene?  How many times have club owners been fucked because of phony paperwork?  I will tell you who gets them in trouble, it is the Mamasans, the first line of defense.  The reason Ray Kelly is still in jail is because his Mamasan messed up.  Owners have to take more personal responsibility of what is going on in their clubs.  It is a damn shame these raids are taking place but folks, the heat IS ON!  It is not just for extortion purposes but also political.  If tourists want girls under 18 years to play with, go to Thailand, Cambodia, Malayasia, please stay away from Angeles City.

TIM KAUFMAN – Tim Kaufman and his Filipino accomplice have NOT been caught yet.  I get messages once in a while saying Tim has been caught but it is not true.  Believe me, that will be BIG news when it happens and the word will get out quickly. I can tell you this, the Police are pursuing all leads, they are not laying off and some other private sources are being used as well.  This piece of shit Kaufman will be caught.

UPDATE ON MY HEALTH – So far so good.  I only have 9 more radiation treatments to go and then it will be time to see if the treatment was a success or not.  My voice isn’t the same, it is quite uncomfortable to talk.  I can do so in spurts but a long conversation is uncomfortable.  I can swallow, but it is painful to do so.  I can eat but it is a slower process since it is painful to swallow and sometimes an item will get stuck in my throat and I have to cough it back up.  Generally speaking, I feel pretty good but tire easily but am thankful I am able to get up, get out and still have a good social life.  My wife is at my side and worries about me constantly.  Her support provides that additional strength that any sick person needs and I will say this folks —— If you ever get a chance to meet and marry that special Filipina, do not hesitate, grab her while you can.  The good ones are out there and they are plentiful, just do your homework first because there are some bad ones that sneak in.  I hope to be back in AC by mid Oct and once again, I must thank all those readers of this column and my friends for their written and verbal support.  Oh yeah, one word of advice, if you go through any medical procedures try to keep up with your bowel movements, that gosh darn constipation is hell.  Want to loosen things up, drink a hot cup of milk of magnesia mixed with prune juice.  It works!



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I have been informed that the Police recently rounded up a whole bunch of street girls in their efforts to clean up the streets and make things safer for tourists.  Their efforts must be applauded but somehow I think they had a reason for such motivation.  The word is that each one paid P3,000 to be released.  There seems to be a certain Police officer they absolutely loathe.  Gosh, I can’t imagine who that might be. If I get back, if any free lancers are still around I will have to do more specific research to ferret out a name.



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OK gang, here we are on the Merry-go-round again.  This time instead of the CIDG it is our old reliable buddies from the NBI.  Same scenario, based on complaints from some women asking to rescue an underage girls from clubs various Clubs are raided, girls hauled off and investigated for being underage.  Familiar Club names again, Doll House, Dirty Duck but new names of Honky-Tonk and Gobbles.  Honky-Tonk and Gobbles are strictly managed Clubs and I can guarantee that all rules and regulations are followed.  Doll House and Dirty Duck have been raided so often that they don’t even have time to recruit new girls much underage ones.  I read that CIDG chief Mendoza was relieved, well hell, so what?  Just fill the slot with another bent cop and business back to normal.  The shit never stops.  I and others have written about this so many times, about the REAL reasons for the raids – MONEY, MONEY and more MONEY.  It is a cycle that will never stop.  Why you ask?  Shucks folks, that is the price of doing business in AC and not everyone can be paid off, no matter how much you try.  This time the clubs were not closed down and no owners or managers were detained and the ladies were treated more humanely.  At least no customers were hassled this time.
I often think that our US tax system should be changed to a flat tax.  Now I think that in Angeles City a form of a .05% flat tax should be levied on all businesses in the entertainment zone, collected by the City treasurer’s office and then distributed to the heads of the CIDG, NBI, PNP, Immigration, key City officials and others to be determined with the understanding that the Clubs be allowed to run their businesses without any forms of extortion be exercised upon them.  Have unannounced regular inspections by City inspectors to assure compliance with all applicable regulations without dissrupting the normal flow of business.  Any so called “complaints” regarding underage girls being employed could be investigated discretely and legitimate offenders of the law can then be detained and disciplined.

Of course this would never happen.  Right now the bars in AC present shows that would not qualify to be on Manila TV afternoon shows.  I often wonder why the some of the Filipino Clubs in various parts of the town are never mentioned for their nude shows.  But, I am not going to suggest spreading the “rescue operations” to other areas like Manila, Subic, other provinces, hell no.  I am only suggesting that in Angeles City, enough is enough.  Give it a rest!!




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I meant to post this pictures a few days ago but did not feel all that well so did not get to my laptop.  As far as I know the police are still looking for this guy and I sure hope they capture him alive.  We need a lot of answers from this so called “bad ass”. I have been told he describes himself as an ex special forces guy who used to go out and kill targets.  Maybe this time he killed the wrong guy.
David’s body was cremated and sent home, his girfriend’s remains were sent to her Province for burial.





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On Sat, Sep 10, 2011 at 4:35 PM, Angeles City Businessmans Club <acbclub@yahoo.com> wrote:

“Regret to inform you that ACBC Committee member Geoff Johnstone, known to most as Johnno, passed away this morning.  No further information known at this time.  There will be a wake for Johnno at the Honky Tonk Club on A. Santos Street from 2:00PM this Thursday.”



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ANGELES CITY — An American tourist and his Filipino driver were charged the other day for the murder of a retired British policeman and his Filipina live-in partner inside their house in a subdivision in Bgy. Amsic here before dawn on Sept. 2.

Inspector Dickson Tolentino of the Police Station 4 filed the charges against Timothy “Tim” Kaufman and Jesus “John” Santos, both of legal age, before the Office of the City Prosecutor.

The suspects, whose last known address was Maharajah Hotel along Don Juico Avenue in Anonas Village, could no longer be located.

Kaufman and Santos were identified by security guards of Josefaville 2 Subdivision through photos obtained by the police from social networking site Facebook as the occupants of a white Toyota Innova with license plate RJX-264 that entered the subdivision and parked in front of the residence of former British policeman David Balmer, 54, and Elma de Guia, 26, around 3:30 a.m. on Sept. 2.

Chief Inspector Luisito Tan said the close circuit television camera installed at the subdivision’s gate showed that the vehicle almost bumped the gate as it was hastily driven out of the subdivision after several minutes.

Investigators learned from the Land Transportation Office that the vehicle was owned by one Arceli Garcia, 36, of Sapangbato Village. When questioned by the police, Garcia said her vehicle had been rented by Kaufman from the first week of August until Sept. 4.

“He (Kaufman) called my cellphone (on Sept. 4) and asked me to just get my vehicle at the Maharajah Hotel. When I went there, I saw that my vehicle was parked in front of the hotel,” Garcia said in her sworn statement.

Garcia said she has known Kaufman for three years because she used to work as his house cleaner when he was still renting a residential unit at Rikko Homes II in Clark Freeport Zone. She said Kaufman rents her vehicle whenever he is in the country.

The security logbook of Josefaville 2 Subdivision and the CCTV footage showed that the same vehicle entered the subdivision at 1:10 a.m. on Sept. 2 and left after 30 minutes.



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Local EXPAT Charlie Martin suffered a broken left elbow, lower right leg and broken ankle after he was hit by a drunk trike driver with no headlight last weekend.  The driver was caught, but that isn’t helping Charlie!” (I guess it does not matter how long you live in the Philippines you can not avoid these trike drivers.  They usually do not own the trike and have no insurance.  The only thing you can do is have the trike confiscated and hope the asshole starves to death.  I have heard that Charlie is planning to go to Guam to get patched up)



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TIMOTHY KAUFMAN – This is the name of the expat suspect in the murder of David Balmer and his girlfriend.  The police are putting out a wide net to capture this man.  This is the latest report I have received from sources.  
He is an American national.  They only have him on “electronic” surveilance meaning they are tracking his cell phone.  They have his location narrowed down to a cell site in Manila near the International Airport.  They are thinking that by releasing his name and photo the locals will spot him and report him.  Of course the airlines are all alerted to him.  Ditto for the shipping lines and bus stations.  The drag net is closing.  They should have him in 24-48 hours.



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Breaking news from josefaville 2 management, I will scan the paper tomorrow and send.  basicalliy says:  Car was white toyota Innova plate # RGX 264, rent a car.  Driver name Jesus Santos, already in custody at station 4.  Caucasian male passenger, Timothy Hafman.  They are said to be the perps caught on CCTV and identified by the guards Angie Buendia and Marcial Hellacone (Ex-employee, fired out after the event).   Lazatin and Pamintuan have ordered seperate investigations of the two. More to follow.




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The local Angeles City newspaper, Punto ran an article that should catch the interest of present and future investors of this project.  There has been a long history of problems and delays with the Lexus and the new investors that saved the building and worked hard to get it on the right track under the name of “The Penthouse” now finds it necessary to pursue further legal action in a new direction.  It will definitely benefit Angeles City to have the Penthouse on the path to completion so lets hope that this lawsuit will be settled quickly and in favor of its present investors.

Lexus to file administrative charges vs. HLURB execs

By Joey Aguilar  Punto newspaper, Sep 06, 2011
ANGELES CITY – Stock-holders and directors of Lexus Landholdings Group are set to file administrative charges against officials of the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board (HLURB)-Region 3 before the Office of the Ombudsman for gross ignorance of the law.
Aside from these charges, Lexus officials will also file separate civil actions against HLURB Arbiter Atty. Dunstan San Vicente and Regional Director Engr. Octavio Canta for issuing recently “a questionable decision that has adverse effects on us.”
“We were all shocked to learn that they found us guilty of administrative and criminal charges as well as civilly liable even if we’re not made parties in the civil actions filed by the complainants,” said the investors in a statement headed by Louis Yakich, a stockholder of Lexus and Yakich and Cuizon Corp.
He added that “this is an evident violation of due process since we were not made parties to the action, we were not summoned and were not given the opportunity to air our side on the charges against our company.”
Lexus Landholdings Group is the owner and developer of Lexus Condo and Hotel, a 12-storey hotel and condominium project in Santos Street, Barangay Balibago in this city.
Punto went to the HLURB-Region 3 office recently to get the side of San Vicente but one of his staff said in a statement that the “arbiter not at a liberty to discuss merits of the case because the decision is not yet final – subject to appeal.”
“It will be subjudice for him to discuss it at this point. The decision can still be reversed or modified upon appeal,” the statement said.
Based on documents obtained by Punto, Lexus was granted the Certificate of Registration and License to Sell the condominium project in September 2007. It started building the units and its pre-selling.
Lexus however failed to complete the project within one year but was granted extensions by the HLURB up to August 2010.
In March 2010 until August 2010, five condominium buyers (all foreigners) filed their individual complaints against the corporation (Lexus) for Specific Performance or Rescission of Contracts with Damages with the HLURB-Region 3 office in the City of San Fernando.
But the complainants did not include any of the directors, officers, stockholders, other persons in control of the project and the corporation as respondents in the civil case they filed.
“While the complaints are for Specific Performance with damages, hence a civil action, the HLURB incorporated administrative and criminal liabilities in the decision without proper charges, in violation of due process, and in violation of the rule on proper joinder of causes of action,” said Atty. Gener C. Endona, counsel of Lexus.

“Even the complaints filed against Lexus did not pray for any liability against the directors, officers, investors and persons managing Lexus,” he added.
Endona also questioned some alleged anomalies in the decision: He entered his appearance as counsel for Lexus in the HLURB Specific Performance cases only on July 26, 2011.
However, in the decision dated July 20, 2011, his name already appeared as the counsel for Lexus.
“Clearly, the decision could not have been signed by Atty. San Vicente and Engr. Canta on July 20, 2011,” Endona said
Records also showed that the decision was released only on August 17, 2011. Three weeks prior to this, Canta has been on leave of absence due to health reasons.  Until now, Canta is still on leave.
During the pendency of the five cases, Yakich and Cuizon Corp. (the owner and operator of Lewis Grand Hotel in Don Juico Avenue, Angeles City) and other stockholders acquired 95 percent of the shares of Lexus by virtue of Deeds of Assignment executed by the former stockholders of Lexus on March 21, 2011.
These new stockholders are actually original investors of the project. Records showed that when the project was abandoned by the former stockholders of Lexus, these investors continued to complete the project to protect their investments. From the original two floors constructed by the former stockholders, the present stockholders were able to complete eight floors in few months.
The new owners of Lexus then filed with the HLURB applications to change and alter the plans of the project (from 12 floors to 14 floors). They also filed an application to change the name of the project to “The Penthouse Condo, Hotel and Residences” at the HLURB-region 3 in July 2011.
However, the five complainants opposed Lexus move despite knowing that in their individual contracts to sell, they agreed to allow Lexus to apply for modifications, changes and alterations in the plans and even irrevocably appointed Lexus as the attorney-in-fact to make these changes.
Endona said that he has submitted all the documents and papers required by the HLURB.
He added that he also wrote several letters informing the HLURB to immediately resolve the applications “considering that it would greatly benefit the buyers, including the complainants, if the project is completed under the new improved plans.”
“This would also bring economic progress and benefits in Angeles City and the projected 100 workers to be employed in the project,” he said. Endona also disclosed that despite his everyday follow up, the HLURB did not act on the applications.



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As much as possible I am keeping abreast of the investigation of the double murder of David Balmer and his girlfriend.  Maj Tan and the investigators of Station Four are not slacking off on this case and, for sure, Richard Agnew is NOT a suspect.  I have received Emails in which some folks think he might be involved but I will stand by my conviction that this is not so.  The house remains a crime scene but Richard is till allowed to live there.  But, while this investigation is ongoing let us not forget our evil serial killer, Mark Dizon.  I cannot be there to attend his trial but I have asked a friend to do so if he could spare the time.  He was able to do so and his comments follow:

“I attended the latest Mark Dizon hearing in the pm.  It’s still being held at  the temp courtroom in Marisol.  On the stand was Maritz the neice of Al and Janet Mitchell.  She was finishing up her testimony for the prosecution.  The next hearing is on Sept 13 when she will take the stand for cross examination by the defense.  After her will come the medical examiner and PNP officials.  The trial dates are all on Tuesdays at 13:30.  All thru Sept, Oct, Nov, etc.  Dizon was there and  the Judge is the same as before, The prosecutor is still Alan Pasamonte, and Dizon has his Public Defender lady, I didn’t catch her name.  Alan said he is about half way thru his prosecution case.  The PD lady said she probably will call only Dizon for the defense.  No one else is willing to testify.

Dizon’s family have totally abandoned him.  No financial support, no visiting him, no attending the trial, etc.  They won’t even cooperate with the public defender lady in his defense.  Dizon is screwed.  He’s totally alone in this. There is a Filipino documentary crew that is filming the trial and collecting statements from anyone involved in the case.  The lady in charge said eventually they will make a documentary on this whole case.  I talked to Maritz for a while, she and Sharina are slowly getting their lives back on track.  The Mitchell house is being rented out.

I took some photos that I have attached.  Feel free to use them for a trial update.  Dizon put on a good face in the courtroom but he is fucked.  The Judge is a no nonsense guy.  He is in total control of the courtroom.  He gets up and roams around looking at Dizon, looking at the witness, looking at the evidence…..taking everything into account.  The prosecutor asks his questions and then the judge takes over and asks his own questions.  I am supremely confident Dizon will be found guilty in the Mitchell case.  But the other two cases (Oasis & Santa Maria) are not doing very well.  I have no real info on those cases.” (I had the same opinion after attending the trials before I left for the US. I am so happy to learn that Dizon is receiving no support from anyone.  It is too bad the Philippines no longer has the death sentence but hopefully, if found guilty, he will get a life sentence)



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Harry, Just letting you know Steve Baker who was the manager at Nero’s a few years back died of cancer, Stephen Thomas Baker 8th February 1949 – 8th July 2011 He had been over in the UK fighting cancer of the liver, limp glans and lungs, None of the treatments worked, He had been living in Cambodia, still being a one man band.  I went over there a few times to see him every year since he moved there, And was very close to him over here in England,  Just hoping you could let people know. Thanks, Danny.



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The victim was British National David Balmer and his wife.  I find this extremely distressing as I have known David ever since he first came to the Philippines.  He was indeed a close friend of Richard Agnew.  David was very quiet and quite reserved and had absolutely no enemies.  One theory is that maybe Richard Agnew was the intended victim but this is not confirmed.  I was contacted by his brother seeking information so hopefully I will be able to receive updates that I can pass on.  I wrote to Richard Agnew but no reply and sent a text to Maj Tan but no reply from him either.  This incident is tragic and quite sad.  The bastards who did this must be arrested or killed avoiding arrest.

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