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Ray Kelly and Barry remain out of jail on bail, Mike is still incarcerated due to lack of funds to pay the bail.  On 22 Nov the went before the judge again for a hearing at which time the prosecution rested its cases.  It is now submitted to the judge for decision.  It is hoped that the judge will dismiss the charges permanently and hopefully three innocent men will be allowed to get on with their lives again.



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1.  Stampede Bar was raided last week, manager carted off along with some ladies, some of whom, allegedly were under age.  Manager kept overnight, all released the next day after extensive negotiations which ended with a donation to various civic projects.  Expat manager a bit stressed out, especially since the two owners of the Club hastily departed the country shortly after hearing about the raid.
The manager was glad it was all over and he decided to keep Cherries Open but kept Stampede closed and in fact, closed up the connecting entrance between the two clubs by putting up a cement wall.
But, the next day officials from the City Assessor’s Office along with law enforcement personnel arrived, told all the girls to pack up and get out along with the manager and closed down Cherries.  Supposedly, the manager was not authorized to keep it open.  An interesting aside is that a source told me that supposedly, an American tourist who has a local girlfriend paid P1.3 million to become a partner in Cherries along with the manager and a Fil-AM.  The problem is that this take over was not quite legal.  Anyway, that is the story as I know it and now the question is will Stampede/Cherries ever open again and under whose ownership?  Will the real owners return?  Will the American get his money back?  Will the Expat manager get another job or just feel he has had enough of Angeles City?

2.  Enough doom and gloom, lets have some good news.  I am happy to report that the S&R Membership Shopping which is described as world-class warehouse club shopping will open its doors on 25 November, in San Fernando. Priscilla and I drove to the site two days ago to sign up for membership and received our temporary cards right away.  I did not have my camera with me to take a picture of the very large warehouse building but it was impressive.  Just take the NLEX to the San Fernando exit, turn right heading towards the car dealerships and just off the road there is a sign up booth manned by S&R personnel who will take care of you.  I have heard good reports about the S&R warehouse in Manila and am quite excited to know that one will be so much closer to us now.

3.  After signing up with S&R we heading over to Robinson’s Starmill Mall and while there decided to try lunch at an eatery I have never seen at SM or Marquis Malls named “Rosemary and Thyme Italian Cuisine”.  I was a bit apprehensive as usually I end up being a bit disappointed with some of the food served up at the Malls but I was pleased to see an eatery that was new to me.  Priscilla had ribs, Jason, my son, had a white sauce spaghetti dish and I had chicken breast with tomatoes and also tried their offering of Panizza.  Man, was I surprised, all offerings were absolutely delicious and the Panizza could go up against the one offered at “C” Italian.  The menu offered up Spaghetti, Pesto, Chicken, Steaks and many other selections.  We will definitely return to this eatery again, and again.  The prices were reasonable as well so the next time you head for the Malls in San Fernando check out this restaurant, you won’t be disappointed.



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OK folks, bear with me here as the situation keeps changing.  Today, Kelly and Barry decided to pay the bail, I am not sure about Mike.  Anyway, the bail has been paid, paperwork completed but the judge said she will order his release tomorrow (Friday here).  Attorney Duro indicated that “just getting the requirements is killing me – headache red tape” and I know what a hassle that can be.  That is the latest I have and hopefully, it will not change again.It is damn easy for them to put you in jail here but a bitch to get out.



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I have just learned that Ray Kelly and company may not go for the bail set by the court.  It was quite high, as much as three million.  Tomorrow, Attorney Duro will apply  for a reduction to that amount.  If no reduction then they might decide to remain in custody until the 22 Nov hearing which might result in a decision more favorable to them.  Will try to keep up with events as they unfold.  I only hope that they get the freedom they deserve ASAP.




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On 7 Nov Sun-Star reporter Arnel P. San Pedro published an article titled “Festival of Killings”.  Here he listed murders in Angeles City that have not been solved,  Mentioned were Paul Raymond Atkins, David Balmer, Bruce Anthony Jones and James Bolton Porter, all Brits.  Then, Geoffrey Allan Bannan, Albert Mitchell, Thomas Michael Thorpe and James Kermit Graham, Americans.  He then added European Benn Diefenbacked, Korean Kang Ha Yong and a certain William Laveri.  The common thread is that they were all killed in Angeles City.   I mention this because, at last, someone working for the Sun-Star newspaper has taken the time to notice and write about the ineptness of the local police to solve murders or foreigners in this City.  He also wrote about recent robberies and attempted robbery as well.  He mentioned the City and I quote here:  ”Although Senior Supt. Rodolfo Recomono, ACPO Director, noted that most of the cases did not “happen under his watch”, he should exert all efforts to protect the foreigners and the locals also from criminal elements.  The international community knows that nothing is happening with the cases”.

Ah thank you Arnel for noticing and writing about this.  Yes, if you research enough you will find that most murders of foreigners are not solved.  Why?  Because of lack of interest and lack of funds for the police to investigate sufficiently.  Unless someone comes up with the money to “assist” the police murderers simply get away with murder.  Go back and check on the case of Owen Dolan, the manager of the Phoenix who was stabbed to death in his home during a robbery attempt and died in the hospital.  One expat kept checking on the police and lending financial support until it became fruitless and he gave up on it.  On TV in the States they have a show dealing with unsolved crimes and a special unit that works on them.  My goodness, there is enough material right here in Angeles City to run a show for years.

Why go into all this?  Because right now there is a murder case in which it appears that the PNP, NBI and City Prosecutors appear to be less than anxious to solve the case of the David Balmer and girlfriend double murder in their house.  Allegedly two foreigners shot them while they were sleeping in their bed.  A horrific crime but where is the investigation going?  No where or maybe at such a slow pace that it may become another one of those unsolved crimes.  I will write more on this in December.



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I keep hearing that I only write about doom and gloom so to follow up on the good news about Ray Kelly and company let me pass on the results of a rugby tournament in which the Philippines sent a talented team of youths to Hong Kong to kick some butt, eh, I mean, participate in a gentlemanly, friendly game of rugby.  What made this special is that that Philippine team included young boys who are residents of the Bahay Bata Street Children’s Center, youngsters from the streets of Angeles City who never even heard of rugby until they came to live and be educated at the Center.  Now, what follows is quite long but I know there are a lot of readers of this column that love rugby so you won’t mind the length.  It was a smashing success for the lads from the Philippines and what a great experience for them.

Tour report





What a tour! What rugby! What coaching! What interesting accommodation!


On behalf of the PRFU Board, congratulations to all those involved with this tour. In short, on the rugby front, Philippines scored 144, the opposition scored 10.


The detailed game reports are outlined further below, but for many of the boys this was their first rugby tour and the bonds that have been formed will last forever. A combination of players from the Bahay Bata orphanage, International School Manila and British School Manila formed the core of the touring party with other single members from Cebu International School, Manila Japanese School, Makati Mavericks and England (see the attended list for participants).


The touring party was met at the airport by Tim Smith (U16, Nuneaton, UK) and his father, Martin, who generously volunteered to be tour physiotherapist. The boys checked into the well-positioned, but less than luxurious UK Hostel within the Chung King Mansions in Nathan Road,Kowloon.


With little time to consider the opulence of their surroundings the boys were soon enjoying a meal (pre-arranged by the helpful Philippine consulate staff in Hong Kong) which was consumed at the nearby TGIF after negotiations with resident Filipino staff involving the purchase of brownies for dessert.


The boys dispersed to either Block A or Block E and were asleep by around midnight. On the basis of professional nutritionist advice, breakfast on Saturday morning was taken at the local McDonalds and the boys undertook the longish bus journey to Sandy Bay, located within the Hong KongUniversity.


By mid-morning, a largish contingent of Filipino supporters were congregating at Sandy Bay as the U14 boys were prepared with their strappings and received their final instructions from Coaches Melrose(s) and Brown. There was a quiet confidence among the group as the tourists had now largely been together for a period of 9-10 weeks, as the tour was originally scheduled for early October  2011.


Game 1 – Philippine Under 14s National Team vs Hong Kong Select Under 14s

The Hong Kong Rugby Football Union (HKRFU) had selected from their various clubs the best of their “steps” players, i.e. their better HK Chinese ethnic players. It soon became apparent that this group would be no match for our well-drilled boys.


After a tense beginning, with errors from both sides, the Philippines opened the scoring with a try in the corner to Andrew Holgate. Soon afterwards, Andrew left the game with a twisted ankle and played no further part in this match (but see the Game 3 report).


With the nerves now well settled, Fergus Gregori dotted down a 5-pointer and AJ O’Regan-Brown (“AJ”) at outside center scored the first of his hat-trick for the match. The half-time scored stood at 31-0 after Jeremy Churchill bustled over and AJ burst through for his second.


The front row of Mike Koh, Kaelum Madera and Kai Stroem (the skipper), were now asserting their authority on the match and the score would have been greater if Mike Koh, after a rampaging run had not decided to place the ball down before he reached the try line.


Unfortunately, Dan O’Reilly-Conboy also had to leave the field with a sore wrist but the coaches had stressed the importance of all 22 members of the squad contributing to the team’s performance and Cathal Moylan and Jamie Young ably stepped up to the challenge.


Into the second half and Andrew Melrose’s continued marshaling of his pack and quick service combined with Josh Whyte’s decision-making and distribution led to Cathal’s first try and AJ’s completion of his hat-trick. By now, the subs were having an impact and David Wensley was instrumental in Cathal’s second try. Ryan Santos scored an opportunist’s try and JR Valdez put the icing on the cake just before the final whistle.


Shamz Shamsuddin, Ryan Padilla and Jun-Jun Chua let nothing past them in defence and were creative going forward. Oliver Booth relished the bullocking work when he came on and Hamish Seddon made an incisive break and was unlucky not to score. John Becker was busy on his wing, while Maiki Ueda had a strong match often making yards with his trademark pick and drive.


Overall, a resounding victory: Philippines 60, HK Select 0.


Details of Scores:

Tries: AJ O’Regan-Brown (3), Cathal Moylan (2), Andrew Holgate, Fergus Gregori, Jeremy Churchill, Ryan Santos, JR Valdez


Conversions: AJ O’Regan-Brown (5)


Coaches Awards:

Best Back: AJ O’Regan- Brown


Best Forward: Kai Stroem



Game 2: Philippine Under 16s National Team vs Hong Kong Select Under 16s

It was clear that this Philippine Touring Group had “come to play” and the HK U16 team seemed more prepared for our older Junior Volcanoes. With Tim Smith (fly-half), from the UK, having met his teammates only the night before, it was understandable that early on in this game there would be a battle in the forwards.


Taking advantage of possession and territory domination, and after several strong runs by Tim Churchill (No. 8), Tim Smith opened the scoring with a penalty. The boys known as “the bookends”, Carlo Albert and Sabino Padilla, assisted by their “partner in front-row crime” Kai Bechtel, were wearing down their opponents with their strong runs and crunching tackles.


After a strong start, Jack Boswell was forced to leave the field with a painful injury to his back, but as with the U14s, Joseph Flynn was ready to step into the breech and had a strong game thereafter.


Almost inevitably, Tim Churchill broke through for the first try, which was converted by the “other Tim” and the Philippines led 10-0 at the break.


Miguel Ayala had been impressive in tackling heavier opponents and Fuederiko Sampei was also strong in defence and Justin Semana was effective at the break-down and almost scored when unfortunately he placed the ball down on the foot of an opponent over the line.


If the scoreline at half-time, 10-0, did not truly reflect the dominance of the Philippines, when it became 10-5 after an opportunist try by HK immediately after the break, Paul Churchill’s team could easily have become rattled. Instead, after multiple excellent phases, Sabino saw a gap near the try-line and needed no further invitation to score under the posts. Minutes later, Tim Churchill was in for his second try and the lead had stretched to 24-5. By this stage, more use was being made of the backline, as Shoko Choga replaced Jonnel Madrona, who had been very tidy. Arthur Chee and Gio Raasas had let nothing past them all game and Fergal Feeney and Callum Gregori (captain) had been dangerous and always warranted attention from the HK defence.


After the final water break, Tim Smith made the game safe with his second penalty and Arthur Chee reaped due reward for his excellent game, capping off a fluent movement with the final try of the game, which was converted. Brian Ko and Ronald Gonzaga got their first taste of international rugby and the U16s ran out deserved winners 34-5.


Details of Scores:

Tries: Tim Churchill (2), Sabino Padilla, Arthur Chee


Penalties: Tim Smith (2)


Conversions: Tim Smith (4)


Coaches Awards:

Best Back: Arthur Chee


Best Forward: Sabino Padilla


After two well-deserved victories, the boys were able to watch two first-class men’s matches at the Hong Kong Football Club (HKFC), after lunch provided there by the HKFRU. A sumptuous buffet dinner by the poolside at the HKFC was enjoyed before the boys collapsed into their beds – the U14s a little nervous about the prospect of playing the highly regarded HKFC U14 side early the next morning.


Game 3: Philippine Under 14 National Team vs HKFC Under 14 Team

Due to a withdrawal earlier in the week of a local club opponent, HKFC had graciously agreed to grant our request for “more rugby” by allowing our U14 national team to play them.


Coach Steve Melrose admitted (only later) to being nervous about the game. We were playing a team who would be experienced and on their home turf. After such a splendid Saturday, anything less than a win may have taken the gloss from the excellent results of the previous day.


The first-half performance in this game will surely go down in PRFU’s short history as a testament to excellent coaching, motivated players and a willingness to show the rest of Asia that Philippine rugby players, of any age, should not be underestimated.


By half-time, the U14s led by 36-0 after a breathtaking display of powerful forward play, complemented by incisive running from the backs on the expansive main pitch at HKFC. In particular, our Bahay Bata boys, having grown in confidence from the previous day, led the way. Jun-Jun Chua scored two brilliant tries and Ryan Padilla touched down in the corner. Shamz had scored the boys’ first try and Dan O’Reilly-Conboy galloped in for the second. Andrew Holgate (yes, recovered from the previous day) showed a turn of speed and a swerve that any experienced winger would be proud of. All of this on the back of a rampaging forward pack – Kai Stroem, Kaelum Madera, Maiki Ueda and Fergus Gregori excelling. Daniel O’Reilly Conboy was safe as houses on the restart, bravely soldiering on with his injury from the previous day.


Half-time could not arrive early enough for the HKFC coaches and to their credit a change of game plan and additional determination saw thePhilippines pinned in their own half early in the second half. HKFC scored a try wide out, but they would be their first and last score of the game. AJ scored a break-away try, and then came, perhaps, the try of the weekend. After a fluent back line movement, the ball arrived with David Wensley, who hared off down the wing. Realising that he would be tackled and after a superb initial dummy, David offloaded perfectly to AJ with an inside pass, and they both went off to celebrate under the posts. Duly converted, it was a fitting finale to a fine weekend of competitive rugby for our boys.


HKFC had taped the game and the boys were thrilled to be able to re-live their exploits on the big screen after their shower.


Details of scores:

Tries: Jun Jun Chua (2), AJ O’Regan-Brown (2), Shamz Shamsuddin, Dan O’Reilly-Conby, Andrew Holgate, Ryan Padilla.


Conversions: AJ O’Regan-Brown (5)


Coaches Awards:


Best Back:  Jun Jun Chua


Best Forward: Fergus Gregori


HKFC had been superb hosts, and after a delicious lunch on the Sportsman’s Bar patio, thank yous and awards were given formally.


Over the weekend, positive comments were made by spectators and the referees not only on the athletic ability of our boys but on their technical play, which made it obvious that they had been expertly coached. Huge, huge thanks to the hours put into the coaching by Steve Melrose, Paul Churchill, Bill Brown and Daniel Melrose – simply superb. Having agreed with our opponents to allow rolling substitutes, all players enjoyed substantial game time.


On the administration side, very new into her new job, Junnel Palomata (now nick-named Aunty Junnel), was brilliant with her organization, liaison with the Consulate and her obvious caring attitude towards the boys. Thanks also to Martin Smith for supervising the physio side of things (no serious injuries to report). Cheers to Ericson Rizal, the Bahay Bata guardian. Rick Santos, who stepped up early on with the juniors via the CBRE sponsorship, and was a great support to the team all weekend.


But finally of course, well done to the boys. On the field – sensational. Off the field, in challenging circumstances surrounding the accommodation, they were responsive and respectful.


The junior Philippine Volcanoes have done the country proud.


Peter Lawrence.




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Today I attended a hearing for Ray Kelly, Michael Watt and Barry Burston all residents of the Angeles City Jail for many months.  Regretfully the City Prosecutor Percival Atinaja did not show up for the case, it seems he was on leave for one day.  The other Prosecutor, Attorney Garcia was also not available.  This meant that the hearing had to be rescheduled for later in the month.  This is not an unusual occurrence in the Philippine justice system.  But the good news is that Attorney Ronaldo Duro and Attorney Raenan Malig were able to pursue the issue of bail with the judge.  The Judge allowed bail but since it involved foreigners her decision included the requirement that a hold order be issued so that they would not be able to leave the country.  More details to follow in December.  All three appeared to be in good health but Ray had lost weight and appeared to be a bit stressed out.  Needless to say they were quite relieved to be able to leave the horrible conditions of the City Jail and be able to sleep in the comfort of their homes once again.  Their next hearing will be on 22 November.  Oh, one other thing, it did not help that one week prior to this hearing the City Jail officials banned smoking in the jail.  Now, that is cruel and unusual punishment.  Could they be worried about the health of the inmates, I doubt it since the food is so bad and the overcrowded conditions are nearly unbearable.  Great work on the part of Attorney Duro and cheers for the judge who was quite considerate in her decision to allow bail.


November 2011

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This lady has nothing to do with Angeles City and very little to do with this column.  Now, why did I insert it here?  It was not because of her blond hair, her smile or her legs.  I was with my son at a great place just outside of Las Vegas.  It is called the Pioneer Saloon in Goodsprings, NV.  This saloon, store and picnic area is owned by a husband and wife team who bought the place from the original owners around 5 years ago.  The buildings go back many years and it is one fun place.  For more information and directions on how to reach this place you can call 702-874-9362, of course it helps if you live in Las Vegas.  Now, back to the lady in the picture.  I saw her walk into the place and she immediately caught my eye.  OK, I admit it, her figure and adequate bosom kind of stood out.  You have to know the setting, this is a place you do not dress up for and she stood out like an erection, oops, I mean, sore thumb.  I could not resist asking her if I could take her picture and she was more than happy to oblige.  Since Thanksgiving is coming up and many folks will be eating a lot of turkey breasts I kind of figured, well, I figured that, eh, ah hell, you know what I mean.  I did not get her name, where she came from or anything, I just wanted that picture.  Gobble, gobble folks, welcome to November.
Again, I must thank the many friends and readers of this column that sent me Emails wishing me well.  There were so many, I can’t name them here but believe me, each message received was reverently read and appreciated.  When I returned to Angeles City on 8 Oct I was welcomed back by so many.  One card that was delivered to me personally really touched me and it is a card that I will keep for a very long time.  Members and officers of the American Legion Post 123 sent over a card filled with messages and signatures.  It was one of those personal touches that was unexpected and I thank those folks so very much.  It is things like this that make our small expat community here special.  It’s great to be back.  I feel good but still have my funny voice and a bit of difficulty in swallowing.  I have to wait a bit longer before my ENT doctor can look down my throat to let me know if the radiation did its job or not.  I will not go back to Vegas for follow-up treatment unless something goes wrong.  Before I continue let me send a special Thanksgiving greeting to retired Marine Rod Carter who is fighting off some serious cancer issues and planning a final trip to AC in January.  I think Rod is tough enough to win this current battle with the big C.  See ya in Jan Rod, first beer on me.


This was sent to me while I was in the US and was not able to print it before this time.  It is too bad that these incidents of the police participating in these set up schemes continues.  I wrote back to John asking which police station he was taken to but he did not respond.  I can guess which one but without confirmation will not do so.  In the past I would contact the City Director to get an opinion on these activities but the new guy has not responded to my requests for a meeting.  Maybe he is not concerned with crime against foreigners.  This is John’s story:  ”This is a little adventure that happened to me a few days ago . I suspect that I am not the first victim of such a scam and would be interested in getting feedbacks from those who have been taken in a similar manner. I book a bar girl around 4 pm from the Gecko bar in Fields avenue (paid “bar fine”, i.e . the fee for an overnight booking ) and take her back to my hotel. She orders an expensive meal (she must be hungry, never mind..) . Two hours later she asks to leave . I am not overjoyed by this decision and accordingly do not tip her . At about 9 pm I am called to the reception of the hotel : the girl is there with 4 police officers and I am been accused of brutality and having insulted the philippino police (!). At the police station I find that she has a friend , an older woman, advising her . Her testimony is full of inconsistencies, not to speak of downright lies – description of the physical abuses I subjected her to , claim that she had given my money back , claim that I had told her ‘fuck the police’ (nice touch I must admit) . I am thinking, naively, they can’t possibly believe her .. They do . At least they pretend to. I am given the choice : obtain her forgiveness (sic) or the lock up with appearance before a judge some times in the future. I get the message . What is the cost of her “forgiveness” ? 5,000 pesos. I know enough of the Philippines to understand that the police is on the take . Ok . I pay and think its over. No . After talking with her “advisor” she changes her mind, and insists on pressing charges . I am locked up in a small cell with 8 other people sprawling over the floor. It is my fault , I did not show enough “remorse” . This is seriously getting out hand. I call a friend who is a resident here . He arrives shortly after and enters negotiations with the police . The price has gone up to 50,000 pesos . He calls a lawyer of his acquaintance in Manila . The girl and the police understand they have gone too far . The price comes down to 10,000 . Still cheaper than a lawyer’s fee” .


Hi Harry, my name is Roy Fisher and i am an American, living here on a PRA permanent retirement visa.  i have been here in a.c. for 4 years now with the same woman and her four children and i look forward to your online monthly newsletter each month. a very dear friend of mine is from Sidney Australia.  He came here 3 years ago and met a nice Filipino lady.  she has been traveling back and forth to Sidney with him on a tourist visa for almost two years now and he wants to marry her and get her to Australia permanently.
bill has run into a terrible situation with the owner of a good size aussie hotel here in Angeles that runs their own travel agency within the hotel.  Two years ago they told him they could get her an annulment to the previous marriage of his fiancée and also handle the acquiring of her visa.  He paid them 7,000 Australian dollars for the annulment. He paid them an additional 11,000 Australian dollars (yes, $18,000 Australian dollars total) to get the visa.  (this included payments for transportation back and forth to manila for embassy meetings, medical requirements, etc).
They gave her what he thought were official annulment papers and when bill’s fiancee went to the embassy in manila to process the visa application,  they discovered that the hotel’s travel agency used a friend within the city hall who had access to all the necessary stamps and they had forged all the documents for what were phoney annulment papers.  the embassy people told bill’s fiancée that they could prosecute her. they believed her when she and bill showed them all the payments they had made to this travel agency/hotel to acquire the annulment properly and did not prosecute her but naturally there is no annulment and the visa is at a standstill.
bill now has a competent individual whose name i think is watson and they are working anew to get her the proper papers so that she can join him in Sidney and get married.
bill wants to pursue the return of the  18,000 Australian dollars he paid the hotel/travel agency for their criminally fraudulent acts and even bring criminal charges up against them in a prosecution if possible.  he doesn’t want to hire some darn lawyer who will just steal additional dollars from him (in my opinion).  in my personal experience i have found that lawyers are useless in this country.  i have already had two rip me off trying to get my fiancée an annulment and a visa.  i think they are all crooks out for themselves only.
Anyway, can you tell me if there is a govt organization that us foreigners living here, or that tourists also can go to when a Filipino business commits fraud such as i have described and steals huge amounts of money from us.  I would really appreciate your advice and guidance on this so that i can share it with my friend bill. Thank you in advance for a response. Sincerely, rev. Roy d. fisher, www.csaministries.org

Dear Roy, This is David Fischer. HTH has forwarded your email asking for some thoughts. I hope you don’t mind. Believe it or not, there are competent and honest lawyers in the Philippines. In this case, I don’t think your friend has much choice except to utilize one. Three whom I have used and trust are:

Atty. Gener C. Endona
Unit 1 Barrera Building, Parian,
Mexico, Pampanga 2021 PHILS.

Atty. Jewel Bulos
09088981263 or

Atty. Oscar Karaan

Because of logistics, I’d first consult Atty Endona and test the water. His fees are reasonable and does not have a separate price list for foreigners. The same is true for Atty Bulos and Karaan. They are both out of Manila, but handle cases in Pampanga and Zambales. The up-front fees are higher because of the necessity of traveling. Your friend could make an appointment to see them in Manila for a consultation and then decide. (For a different approach to this problem Dave recommended contacting one John Nash, 09188171234 for assistance.  He has an agency that assists in problem solving)

Hi Harry, just spent the whole day at San Fernando NBI so my girl could get her NBI clearance. It’s a strange situation in which the top government agency in charge of enforcing the law and actually arrests people for fixing (charging more money to rush paperwork through,) has fixers working openly within the compound. What a joke. Very easy for them to, for want of a better expression, fix this problem but obviously the guys running the NBI do quite nicely out of it. Deamn(Hee-hee, you did not expect honesty from the NBI did you?   You would have to be the President of the Philippines to get good service without paying for it.  Eh, I’m not really sure about that, he might have to pay a fixer too)

Hi Harry, Hope you are your crew are staying dry for all the rains. I follow the Margarita website for recent news in AC.  Seems the bar raids (shake downs) continue and now reports are saying 40% of males come to the Philippines for sex tourism.  Could Fields be on the tipping point of massive changes / closures?  The raids have caused me to change my travel plans.  For now, I will stay clear of the Angeles and watch what shakes out.  When government corruption is this blatant, a bar raid is not a situation I want to find myself in the middle of. Stay safe and happy, Mike Nash. (Mike, keep the faith, we are not dead here despite the exaggerated rhetoric put out by the American Ambassador.)

Harry, I am trying to contact an old friend who has lived in his villa in Angeles City for many years. He was with me in Vietnam, and worked in the Far East for many years. His name is John Denault and must be at least 75 years old now. Can you provide his contact info? Would appreciate any assistance. Jack Johnstone, tombstonejohnstone@gmail.com,  San Francisco, Calif (If anyone can help out Jack, please contact him directly)

Harry, I have read your monthly newsletters for several years and thanks to you, I had the best ever P.I. holiday this time around. I visited most of the new nightclubs you recommended with a “thumbs up” as well as some of my old remaining favorites (Voodoo, Dirty Duck, Honeykos). It appears that Fields Avenue has lost much of their crowd and excitement since my two previous visits to Angeles City.
What made this last visit so terrific as barhops go, was a new little bar you wrote about, “Rockin Horse”. Without your newsletter, I never would have known about this amazing little place off the beaten path. If I ever had a club of my own, this is the one I would model mine after. The friendly management along with 25 or so smiling, exceptionally fine looking ladies, actually danced on / off stage up close, while having fun. A nice change from the tired, arm swinging, zombie dancers so commonplace around town.
The Rockin Horse music was basically 60′s-80′s Rock and Country Classics with a few of the newer R&B hits young people love so much that I am able tolerate to a point, but thank goodness NO rap was heard my five days of going there. My long time friend, Mike accompanied me and although he passed by this bar many times on the way to Clark, he admitted he never stopped there because he thought it was a Korean only Bar, because of one of their outside signs. That turned out to be false as it was 95% Aussies, Brits & Yanks. The daily “Buy one – Take one” drinks at Rocking Horse (I drink Jack Daniels), made my bar hop experience more affordable so I didn’t mind buying my fair share of very affordable drinks for the lovely ladies, especially one lady in particular who made my toes curl, but her name is classified and we are now email mates. I think I found my Miss Sweet & Spice and can’t wait to return in February.  Harry, thank you for your “Spot On” recommendations.  Keep ‘em coming, Kind regards, Ian Scott. (Thanks Ian.  There are more and more fun spots to check out in AC, I will try to keep you and others updated)


Hi Harry – I simply wanted to wish you a very speedy recovery and hope you’re back to full strength sometime soon. Although you’re currently not able to speak, you’ve still got one of the loudest voices for justice and common sense in AC! Very best regards, Ant Grant (Thanks, I will continue to try and speak out, and write as well about the good, bad and ugly of AC, even if my voice is kimd of messed up right now)

Misha Lee (misha.lee74@yahoo.com) wrote:  ”I know where James Fager is —— He’s here in Baliuag, Bulacan, the big fat guy?”

TRIPLE LADIES DRINKS!!  I was in a regular mid-Perimeter Road hangout last night when a girl I took to a pool party about a year ago came over and sat down.  Shortly after that, a SM Light appeared. I didn’t protest since she was an old friend.  But, then when I went to leave I see the bill has a double and a single ladies drink on it. I should have protested, but I paid and moved on. When my friend left there and joined me in the next bar, he told me they billed him all bottles as triples. And he is a ladies drink fool that buys doubles for multiple girls.  He complained and the manager adjusted his bill down by P400. The bar logic: “You can get 3 glasses of beer from a bottle so it must be charged as a triple!”  YGMSM!!!!!!! I’m not going to mention the bar now, but if I hear the triple continues into next week I will post the bar so people can avoid the hassle. Klaus.  (Double ladies drinks and now triples?  Unbelievable.  Why not mention the Club name?  You have a complaint, take the time to write about it and then leave out the name – BULLSHIT!  Come on Klaus, what good is a warning without specific details.  The bars will do anything that they think they can get away with in order to make money.  I have written about the “double drinks” before and you avoid that scam by just asking for a regular ladies drink.  In that way you do not get surprised.  On the bar side, if a lady, who does not like beer all that much, orders a bottle and then takes a hell of a long time to drink it, normally, in that same span of time she would have consumed two ladies drinks so if you were charged for only a regular LD, the bar would be losing money.  But moving up to calling it a triple LD is kind of pushing the envelope.  Again, buyer beware!!!!)

Hi Harry, I’ve been an avid fan of your site since 2009. I used to follow your article about Charles Lawrence.  Anyway, I hope you can feature us on your site.  We just launched our internal project, which is www.bigdeals.com.ph , a group buying site that just launched this September. Our goal is to extensively promote Pampanga’s products and services by publishing some promotional offers aka “promo-deal” online and endorsing companies from our region thru our website. The emergence of online deal site in different cities throughout the Philippines has proven the effectiveness of this marketing logic and business model. Thus, GREECOS thru its BigDeals project, (www.bigdeals.com.ph) has committed to bring this new and exciting online service to Pampanga. This is the first daily deal site launched in this province and in Angeles City as well. Thank you and more power to you.  (I am inserting this message here at the request of one Jean Gonzales.  I am not endorsing this site and in fact do not quite understand it but it might be something some folks here in Pampanga might be interested in so will pass it on.)

Let the buyer beware. NEW CLUB ON PERIMETER - Located where the small bar next to Edelweiss used to be. Those dresses discouraged me from taking a look inside.  Maybe next week. Klaus.  (I love to hear about new bars and regret that I cannot check this one out until I return to the PI in Oct.  At least this club owner is putting his ladies out in front dressed in such a way that nobody is offended and the press will not be able to refer to them as “scantily dressed”.  I kind of like the idea and remember, a dress can be kind of sexy, so go inside and see if the “G” rated look turns into an “X” rated appearance after a closer look)

First and Last Name: Sandra Robertson
Email Address: sandra-robertson@hotmail.com
Comments and Remarks: Hi Harry. I was googling for an old friend of mine, Dennis Reid of Hash House Harriers, Kuwait and somehow your name came up! If you happen to know Dennis could you please let me know how to get in touch with him? Thanks a lot and best regards from Finland! (I sent a text to my Hash Friend “Jacko” but no answer.  Maybe some one who knows Dennis can ask him to contact this person)  Here is second Email from Sandra:  ”Thanks for getting back to me even though there’s no news yet. My friend is called Dennis Reid and when I knew him we hashed in Kuwait. Somebody in the internationally-mobile hashing fraternity must know him- he was one of the driving forces behind hashing in Kuwait at the time (approx 10 years ago!). He worked for an oil company out there- can’t remember which! He may have gone back to the uk now. I appreciate the inquiries you’re making- it’d be a real triumph if you could locate him!
All the best, Sandra”

Harry, First let me send best wishes for your rapid recovery. In your September issue there were a number of comments attributed to Joseph Olsen at Hamline University. Please note the following taken from Professor Olsen’s webpage at Hamline: DISCLAIMER: There are a series of e-mails floating around the internet dealing with the 2008 Obama/McCain election and the 2000 Bush/Gore election, remarks of a Scottish philosopher named Alexander Tyler, suicide rates, or ANYTHING ELSE. I did not author any part of either email. I’ve been trying to kill this fallacy for nearly 10 years. I didn’t have any part of it in 2000 and I still have no part of the email in regards to the 2008 election. For details see:http://www.snopes.com/politics/quotes/tyler.asp.  Thom McGovern (I stand corrected)

First and Last Name: marty
Email Address: martinzanganella@gmail.com
Comments and Remarks: Dear Harry, I’ve visited the PI on several occassions since my wife is a pinay. I came across your website from a homebuilding site. I think your website is sleazy and its obvious you care nothing for for those impoverished ladies who sell themselves. Step back and think about the harm you’re doing… (Oh dear, this came as a surprise.  My column “sleasy” and I do not care for these “impoverished ladies who sell themselves”.  He is married to a Filipina so now he is an expert on what I think?  I have been in the PI for 29 years and am also married to a lovely Filipina but that has not made me an expert on anything.  I report on what I see and over the years I have seen a hell of a lot but do not think for minute that I do not care about the ladies that work in the Clubs.  Face it Marty, it is a way of life here and because of the Philippine economy and corruption the girls cannot afford an education and must find work to support themselves and their families.  Yours is a very minority opinion but like all opinions about me and this column, I take them in stride, the good and the bad, and in a way learn from each and every one.  Gosh, already this reply is too long for such a narrow minded, misinformed character such as yourself.  My advice – stick to homebuilding web sites, something you might know about)

Hi Harry, my name is David Shackle,and rite now im here in California. I have been to the Philippines a lot over the last 20 years,and have a pinay g/f here with a beautiful 6 year old son. I have been all over the PI  At one time i shared a duplex with another American in Tondaligan,Pangasinan. There was a massive amount of fun there.
In 2001 and 2002 i was in balibago for a month each time , both times I stayed at the America hotel ,ate a lot at Margarita Station, and drank everywhere. I was blessed that thru all my binges i never was hurt, or involved with other PI funny bussiness.  We have never met but i have always respected you for your help to other balibago tourists in what not to do here. Also, for your stand and fight against crime locally there. Keep up the good work, Sir.
I want to wish you well with your new battle of throat cancer. Fight a good fight, Sir. Please let me know if i can help you.   Respectfully david (Ah David, you have already helped me by unknowingly off setting the comments by Marty above.  I am happy you have met that special Filipina and have a handsome son you can be proud of.  Thanks for writing)

Dear Horse I read your newsletter
with interest every month. However I was surprised to read about Crystal the deaf girl from Det 5. You see I am the guy who helped her with a hearing aid. My reward was being in the testing room when she could hear for the first time, it was a very special moment. But the story goes on. Back in Australia I have been able to find free used hearing aids on an ongoing basis. I will bring 32 of them to Angeles in October for distribution by the RSL. I think most of us would like to do some good when living or visiting the Philippines and there are ways if you look for them.  In closing I wish you well with your treatment and perhaps we could share a beer one day?  Dennis B. (Dennis, You did a great thing and bringing over 32 hearing aids in Oct just continues your wonderful help for those that need it here.  The local population does not realize how many good deeds are done here by Tourists visiting Angeles City.  Well done and hopefully I will return in time to share a beer with you)

Harry, All the best to you as you go through your cancer treatments.  Get well soon and regain your strength.  I am married to a Filipina and we live in Lubbock. We have a one year old boy and we are working on a little girl, using a Chinese calendar to predict gender.  We’ll see if it works—Laugh!  God has blessed us.  I am a 66-year-old father, Vietnam Vet, and proud to say that I served as a Peace Corps volunteer for two years in Korea.  I work at Texas TechUniversity at the Office of International Affairs where I deal with international students coming here to study.  I plan to keep working here until at least 2015 and maybe as long as 2020.  We shall see.  I really need the money.

I like the Philippines, but I am not sure I want to retire there.  I just like driving my sports utility Honda Ridgeline truck out with our little one and the wife to camp out and that kind of stuff.  Love traveling in the mountains, but I do get a hankering to hit a beach in the Phils every once in a while.  We have a lot of friends (guys married to Filipinas) here in Texas.  There are few here in West Texas where Lubbock is located.  I have had two other relationships with other ladies there—one caused a little bit of a rumble, but Arlyn was the gal I went with.  We got married back in 2003.  She is 35 and a great gal.  Just wanted to say “Hi!” to you and hope you are well and will get better.  Your site was recommended to me by Romanian/American (dual citizenship) who is also married to a Filipina. God Bless! Mike Murphy, Lubbock, TX.  (Welcome to my stable Mike.  I love your short story and it sounds like you have a great gal there in Arlyn.  My goodness, soon to be a 66 year old father of a second child.  Well done!  If that calendar works out, let me know.  Lubbock Texas, sounds like a great place to live.  Since I have spent more time here in Vegas than usual I have found that I still enjoy a taste of the great old USA but also still long for my return home to the PI.  I kind of feel I would like to enjoy both locations.  So, I am looking into buying a house here in the town where I have maintained a residency since 1962 and eventually split my time between Las Vegas and the Philippines.  I need to get my wife a green card and SSAN and I must be with her here in the US while that is being processed.  It may take me a year or two to get ready for that.  By that time I will put old “Harry the Horse” out to pasture.  I have many friends here in Vegas and in various parts of the States that I would like to visit.  I am 73 years old now and slowing down quite a bit.  So, work as long as you can, build up a good savings and think about splitting your time.  With two young kids, it would be hard for you to live in the PI after being in the US for so long and your wife will not be too keen on that idea either.  It sounds like you have a good job and a good life so enjoy it to the fullest.  The year 2020 will come along faster than you can imagine.  Maybe some year we will meet.  Thank you for writing and I thank your friend for recommending my column to you.  By the way, as a Vietnam Vet you can stand tall and proud.  Well done!)

Hi Harry, I am sorry to hear about your cancer. I wish you the best. I am following up with info from a trip I made to AC in November. I had a very fun conversation with you back then. I told you I had been to Samar to ask a girl to marry me. She turned me down because she was still holding out for a long time boyfriend from England.  A few months later she changed her mind and she decided she wanted to marry me, even though she did not love me. (I am grateful she was honest with me anyway.) I did not want to marry anyone taking me as a third or fourth choice, so I declined. In the meantime, I met a girl on-line in Mindanao. Her name is Elisa, age 28. She was in the categories I wanted and after several months of chatting on line, I decided to visit her.  I knew she was probably a good one, but I had no idea how good!!  I lucked out big time!!  She is super cute and an amazing girl in every way.  After spending two weeks with her and her family, I decided to make a return trip as soon as possible to marry her.
I have been a ‘player’ for many years and I have had many great times, including 5 trips to AC, and 500 or so trips to nearby Mexico in 11 years. But it is time for me to settle on one good one and stop all of the crazy stuff I have been doing. One highlight of my trips to AC was finally meeting you. It was more than worth the effort to go to your club to see you. I wish you the best. I will probably never go back to AC, at least I have no plans to. I will never see you again probably, but I will be continuing to read your column. It is addicting to read. Best wishes,  John from San Diego. (John, I love a good love story.  I am happy for you and hope you won’t miss those crazy days of your youth.  Good luck to you and hope you will keep reading my column)


 Hi Harry, great letters you put out. Thanks a bunch. I had a very special lady friend back in 1969. She worked at the AOM on base. One of the “rent-a-date” girls. Her name was Betty Ladrera. To make a very long story short, she ended up with another American, got pregnant, and he left her. She then worked for a time at one of the bars near Clark. I was stationed at Wallace and tried to keep tabs on her, but was told she had moved to Olongapo. This was in early 1973. If anyone knows the whereabouts of Betty Ladrera or her daughter, I hope they contact me. I was in the 6200 SPS in 1969-70 and at Wallace from Oct 71 to Mar 73. Tom  Jacobson,  tomjac0850@charter.net.  (Tom, that is a long time ago but who knows, you might luck out)

Hi Harry, First let me tell you I’ve been following your illness via the website and have been praying for you to get well. It’s amazing that despite your health problems and being stateside, you’re still keeping us abreast of the latest happenings in A.C. I thank you for that.  In keeping with my tradition, I don’t ever seem to write until someone I know passes on. I will miss my conversations with Derry Parker at the Thi-HI, but I will not miss the Gecko juice. I can’t, ’cause everytime I went there on my last trip (Apr-Jun), they made sure I had one in his memory! Again -get well soon and hurry home.  Bobby Woodell (Bobby, I thank my friends in AC for feeding me information on what is happening during my absence. I plan to be back in Oct and will definitely be checking out the Thi-Hi again.  I will pass on the Gecko Juice but I guess that is a bit better than “Horse Shit”). 

Hi Harry, I have long read your column and admired the way you don’t pull any punches, especially with regards to corrupt cops and the raids. Sorry to hear about your health problems, hope things work out for you. I just had the thought that you might want to turn the breaking news section into the main content of your site (the first thing you see rather than clicking on the link which I think many will miss) and rather than doing a column once a month, do it daily or as it comes in. You could still start again at the beginning of the month so you would still have a column for every month just that you would be publishing as and when you had content which would then build up on line.  Most people have got into the habit of looking at the internet every day instead of the newspaper so a frequent dose of your wisdom would fit in more with modern ways than having a regular column (which you would still have as you could roll the daily(ish) news into a column every month for people who want to read it that way). Anyway, just a thought – obviously depends how many hours there are in your day!

I am an old Thai hand but used to go to Manila on visa runs and recently have done a few visits to Angeles (in the second visit almost got arrested during the raid on Camelot, had to fake a heart attack to get them to let me out into the fresh air and then legged it) and have not quite got my head around the place but due another visit around December. The girls seem to be going slowly the way that Thai b-girls have gone, where the majority already have local boyfriends they need to support but it is all down to luck, walking into the right bar at the right moment – which is kinda addictive.
Anyway, all the best with your cancer treatment (did it occur to you that the laser treatment you had might have done something to start it off?) and hope you can keep the column going.  Cheers, William F.  (William, I will stick with the monthly schedule but will make good use of the “breaking news” section to address new items I want to get to readers right away)
Alex Storm wrote and told me he had a new site and would I mention it here.  It is http://filipinagoddess.orgI have no comment on it.  I pulled it up for a quick look see, some might find it interesting but it was not for me.  Check it out and make your own decisions.  It looks like a lot of work went into it.  

Hi Harry, 
Just catching up on AC news and read that there were more club raids this month.  Guess they are trying to stock up early from Christmas. With the uncertainty of Fields Ave and the government blackmail being done to the clubs and staff, it just does not seem like a safe place to be.  Its only a matter of time before they start targeting customers.  For my November trip I am choosing to head to Thailand and avoid the Angeles City scene. I hope things are sorted out and someone in power holds these government blackmail crews accountable and restores law and order to Angeles. Max (We can only hope Max, only hope)
Hello Harrythehorse, My name is Mark and I am from the United States.  I have been visiting Angeles City for the last 3 years…and not for the same reason that other Americans go there for (bar girls). I eventually plan to go settle down in Angeles City. I know I can’t own property in the Phils. But i definitely want to buy a house. Is there a way around it? Can I buy the house and then lease the lot the house sits on for a long period of time?…..99years, for example. I also want to open a bar. It will be a simple Filipino style videoke bar. I am presently working overseas and I am planning this move within the next 2 years. I do have a girlfriend there of about 2 years. She was/is not a bar girl. She is from a simple/average Philippine family. She lives in a barangay near Angeles city…no running water, etc. I trust her and we do plan to marry one day. I don’t mind if we own a house, lot, and business together. But, at the same time, I want to protect myself. I want to make sure that I have ownership, preferably sole ownership if possible. IF we get married before the time I want to purchase a home and/or videoke bar, I will be open to co-ownership. I would appreciate any help and advice you can provide. Also, I plan on returning to Angeles City sometime in December. If you’re not too busy then, I would like to meet you. Thank you in advance, Mark (Hello Mark.  OK, let me try to use my limited knowledge to try and answer your questions:
1.  Buying a house:  As far as I know you cannot own because you will be buying house and lot.  Most people put the house in their girlfriend’s name or their wife.  Both not good ideas unless you are very secure in your marriage. Especially, do not put anything in your GF name, I don’t care how much you trust her.  Now, you can lease the house and lot for 25 or 50 years with option to renew.  Then you get, from the owner a full power of attorney to do whatever you want with it, i.e., sell, renovate, rent, etc.  Then you have that power of attorney annotated onto the title of the house and you keep the title in your possession.  YOUR possession, not your GF. Plus, forget co-ownership, only your GF or wife can get the necessary permits to run a business.  
Also, you mentioned she lives in a barangay with no water, etc.  Now be prepared to be asked to upgrade the place where her parents are living or they might try to move in with you.  Be careful Mark, you can face a lot of problems if you do not do your homework first.  
2.  Opening a Filipino Videoke bar is not a good idea.  For one, you cannot trust Filipino male customers when they are drinking.  You do not want to be around them at all.  Your GF would have to run the business and you stay low key.  Filipinos, when drunk, kill each other much less an American. 
If you plan to retire in the PI then make sure you are clear of debts and have a sufficient monthly income to get by on.  If you prepare properly you can live a decent happy life in AC.  Just be careful. Oh yes, get yourself a reliable Filipino lawyer as well to guide you through all necessary procedures)


Hi Harry, Just writing to inform you about a former well known character about town, Ken Evans, previous owner of the Silver Fox, then a small bar off Perimiter Road.

Ken’s sister in England rang me and told me he died of natural causes in Northern Thailand a week ago. After failing to keep a meeting, his friend went to his apartment and found him lying down in the bathroom. We presume this was his heart as he had had previous problems. He was surviving on a pension and used to skip his medicine odd days to try make it last longer.  He was cremated on Saturday in Thailand and ashes flown back to UK.

Ken, an East Londoner, and a former Mayor of a London Borough, was a popular guy around Angeles. Unfortunately, like others before him in this town, he upset his lady (the bar was in her name and he didn’t give her the money she demanded when he broke up with her). As is the way in Angeles sometimes, others saw an advantage in exploiting the situation. The bar was closed and false charges of under age sex, rape and white slavery were being raised=2 0against him. He was fighting the case, but unfortunately with another exploitive lawyer. The British Embassy heard about it, called him in, and advised him to leave Philippines before actual charges were filed in the court. He protested but they convinced him when they told him how many innocent Brits are in Manila jail.

In the Anglo Philippine community in the UK he was well known and popular. Ken will be sadly missed as he left some fine legacies behind from the past.
One has to go back at that time for the introduction during the reign of a Tory government for the creation of the inhuman British Primary Purpose Rule. This meant that any British subject marrying a Fiipino national automatically denied her the right to enter the UK to join her lawful husband.
During that time, with the then editor of a Filipino monthly magazine in the UK – Pahayagan :Alberto Pedrosa – later Ambassador to the EU, an organisation was set up and Ken accepted  full chai rmanship .It was called APART with the objective to combat and overrule this  law which not only meant to be heard with protests but also the meetings which were held at Ken’s own home -with -for him-other pressures of paper work-telephone calls.  Plus also for giving legal advice and increasing membership. In between time Ken organized social get togethers, including every year, Father Christmas for the families children he loved so much!
Lots of people in the UK have got a lot to thank Ken for the help he gave whilst always keeping a smile on his face.

Ken’s problems in Philippines were exploited by a UK scandal paper ‘The News of the World’ which did a lot of damage to his reputation here in the UK. Those of us who knew him (and Angeles politics) knew that these allegations were not true.

Ken loved the ladies and most of his problems stemmed from that!  After three broken marriages in the UK (two to Filipinas), Ange les suited him perfectly. After fleeing Philippines he went to Thailand. Thailand  was never the same there for him. In Pattaya, broke and with little prospects he still managed some good relationships, which he then messed up again! Eventually, three years running after coming back to the UK for the Summer, and then back to Thailand, he sorted his pension out and settled permanently in Northern Thailand.  Unlike you Harry he wasn’t  ‘I would if I could’, more of ‘I did when I shouldn’t’ In England we used to nickname him ‘Mr. Malandi’.

He was definitely an ‘Angeles Boy’ and leaving Philippines under such circumstances nearly broke his spirit. But Ken was Ken and even in Thailand he picked himself up again. He always found it easy to make friends.

I take some comfort in knowing that the fellow Englishman who was responsible for Ken’s problems in the Philippines, a couple of years later, also suffered a similar fate. He also had to flee to Thailand under similar circumstances. That’s got to be ‘karma’ hasn’t it?
He was one in a million – and deserves a chair in  Heaven!  Frank Trotter – another damned ‘hasher’  - Haystack !  (Thanks Haystack.  I knew Ken and he did have some friends here and he was quite happy when he had his little bar.  I am familiar with the circumstances of how he lost it and what caused him to move to Thailand.  For those who were curious to know what happened to Ken in later years, your report does bring a bit of closure to the Ken story)

Harry, It is now the 12th of October and no monthly letter so far.  I sincerely hope that you are ok and you are able to continue writing in the future. When I became unemployed a few years ago, I moved to Angeles City from California until I was able to get a new job again stateside.  I met a lot of nice people while living there.  I keep in touch not only through my AC gf Beth, but also through your monthly columns.  If you do post this, please have everyone say hello to her at Kokomo’s.  She knows a lot of the locals already but it never hurts to talk to new friends.  My friends in the bars knew me as Asshole.  I will return soon. Wishing you a speedy recovery!  Phillip Bavaro, Aka Asshole.  (Phil, If you read my Sep column you would have seen where I announced that I would not have an Oct column.  I also have it in my breaking news and also my Oct header.  Your girlfriend looks pretty darn good.  I know a lot of assholes, it is good to meet a new one.  I used to be the President of the Asshole Club.  I am back at my stable and trying to catch up on things. Am OK, just have to wait a month to see if the cancer has been zapped or not )

Phil decided to write another message about Beth and her problem with customers not paying their bills:

Beth is a waitress at Kokomo’s and a very good one.  She serves food and drinks at the outside bar.  During the past year she has reported that many of the patrons come in and order food, and then skip out when the food takes too long.   On one hand, I agree that food should not take a long time….but on the other hand, I believe these guys think that they are punishing the establishment when they skip out.   The truth is that the waitress has to pay for the food.  Many times this absorbs her entire pay for the day.  To help avoid this, I have advised her to tell the customers what the approximate time will be for a given meal.    I understand that sometimes we get drunk and truly forget.    I guess what I am hoping is that the guys who feel that the food is taking too long will mention to the manager instead of skipping out on the waitress.  Maybe if we get the word out, Kokomo’s management will get their act together regarding serving times and staffing in their kitchen.  I will offer to buy (thru Beth) anyone a drink who complains to the management there instead of just skipping out when they have this problem.   Beth is one of the “good” girls so I am not worried about introducing her to your readers.   She knows I have written about this to you.  Thanks in advance, Phil
I forwarded Phil’s message to Derek at Kokomo’s and he was kind enough to respond as follows:  

Harry, so to answer your reader’s comments and make it easy for me I’ll cover each point individually below:

1.  Beth is an excellent waitress, and does a great job. But I think there is some confusion with customers that skip out, or leave. Two separate things.
a. When a customer eats the meal and leaves without paying, we DO charge the waitress, the reason was SOME of the waitresses were getting the money from the customer, pocketing the cash and claiming the customer left without paying. Previously we only charge the cost price of the food (no profit, no overhead) but again the girls could make a sizable profit by pretending the customer left without paying.
b.  When a customer who complains the food has taken too long and wishes to leave. The waitress is NOT charged. The order is Cancelled and is logged in our Day Book for investigation.

2.  We cannot have one rule for some waitresses and another rule for others.

3.  We have installed cameras in the front area to try to identify: the customers who intentionally skip out, the customer that just forgets to pay (a problem I have in many venues), and the dishonest Waitresses.

4.  I’m in the office most days and enjoy the daily parade of staff that come in and make suggestions or voice complaints, it helps everybody. But I’ve not heard anything about this.

5.  All our meals are made fresh and we have about 180 different items with 100s of variations. At peak times it will take a little longer for customers to be served.

6.  I like the idea of the waitress telling the customer how long the meal will be – but will have to look into the practicality of this.

7.  I also like the idea that your reader will buy a drink for anyone complaining to the management, boy are we going to be busy. But let me change that. Any customer complaining to me WITH A LEGITIMATE COMPLAINT will get a drink on the house. (and I’m Scottish)

This has been most helpful as it enables us to improve our customer service and staff satisfaction. Thank you.

Harry, victory in Villa Sol.  It is with

great pleasure that I tell of the garbage pick-up, on today Fri.14 of Oct., at my residence on 5th St. About 2:30 PM my wife intercepted the City Engineers garbage truck and made sure that they checked our street. They arrived in a jovial mood and inspected all garbage placed out in front of residences and picked-up all from residences without VHRAI stickers. There was a rush as some, led by the sari-sari store owners, peeled their stickers off in order to avail of this free city service. Now the word will spread like wildfire as the store owners speak to everyone who has been dissatisfied with the P350 charge they have been paying. They have to sell a ton of stuff to make P350 net profit as we learned with our store in the province. When I say a free service I overlook the property taxes we pay to the city. We are already paying the next years taxes now. Well the street was filled with smiles and when directed at me I quickly advised them that it was the City Council that is looking out for them, not me.

Having perused the pertinent laws I find that their claim to the required 50%+ of members to be erroneous as they claim renters as members who are not members and can not act as one unless they have the written permission of the owner who has to relinquish his rights before the lessee acts as a member. I guess I should thank Ron for a head start on the web sites and I found the reading very interesting and Councilor Edu Pamintuan Jr. directed me to HLURB to form a counter organization. Since they are the empowering agency it is where the “membership”thread began to unravel in my research. At our meeting it will be available in printed form if anyone wants to check my work. I did very well in my law classes as I like to read and have an above average speed and I do not find it boring. I would like a list of houses compiled by the Nov.17 2:00 PM meeting  at 3J’s. They will have to be without membership stickers to be serviced by the city. I believe that any renters could tell the Association that they are sorry but did not have the required permission of the owner to assume the position as member as per Chapter ll Sect.6 of the Republic Act No. 9904, AN ACT PROVIDING FOR A MAGNA CARTA FOR HOMEOWNERS AND HOMEOWNERS’ ASSOCIATIONS,AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES. So all the renters without written permission of the owners can not be counted as part of the required 50%+ to incorporate the Association under HLRUB rules but in their rush to push these NGOs’ to take over the responsibilities of government they did their usual sloppy job and allowed these modern day treasure hunters to pillage the village. John Casey.  (John, it sure does look like you put a hell of a lot of research and effort into helping your neighbors in Villa Sol overcome the dictatorial methods of the President of the not so capable Villa Sol Home Owner’s Association. Your efforts should be an inspiration to others) 

Harry, I sure hope you are feeling better and soon will be back to keeping us state side guys up to date with what is going on in Angles City. I was stationed there in Jan 69 to May 70 and enjoyed myself a lot !!LOved the city life & traveling to Manilla as well as other places. I hope to make a return visit next year. G Archer. (Well Gene, they got me saddled up, ready to go but I have slowed down getting out of the starting gate but will do my best.  Hope you make that visit to AC next year)

Harry, after living here for many years and working in more than a few bars and knowing the rules I finally got it! I don’t barhop a lot but when I do I try to buy a ladies drink in the establishment that i find myself. I usually drink coffee or a half shot mixed drink as i ride a scooter and that’s dangerous enough here without being impaired.  I decided last night about 9 pm and after a visit to Bare Assets i decided to go into the reasonably new XXX bar next door for my first visit. As i walked in the manager was standing at the bar and i explained this was my first visit even though i lived only about 5 minutes from there. There were 2 other customers one of whom lives here and one visiting him on his first trip to Ac. I sat down and watched the girls working hard and after 5 0r 10 minutes asked the waitress which girl had not had a ladies drink all night. I was told a girl with shorter hair and a bit older than the rest hadn’t had even one so i said call her down. She told me she was from Samar but has a child living with her Grandma in Olongopo.
All fine so i told the waitress, sure, buy her a drink SPECIFING a local drink.
The waitress said to me she wants a Tanduay Ice and I replied I don’t care what she has but LOCAL as I have been here too long to get scammed into a double Ladies (which I never allowed to be sold when I worked in bars). Well we chatted a minute and what arrived but a 240 peso opened Tanduay Ice with a straw. I said “That’s Not Local” and I was told I said it was ok.
Fine, I got up went to the cashier, paid the bill and told the cashier I would make sure this story got out. I did not complain  or raise a ruckus, just said  “Im NOT a tourist and in 11 years this is the 1st. time I’ve been had like this”.  As the other 2 customers left I told them also what happened.
I hope they pass it on. For a reasonably new bar I’m hoping it will have a reasonably short life.
I then went to Miss Magic as that is usually a coffee stop on my way home. Told Leah and she showed me a sign on her Fridge that says Double Ladies Drinks not allowed here.  I knew I liked that place!!
I guess Fields Ave is making it’s way out Perimeter I’m sad to say.. Oh the Anal … Yep they got me up the Ass!  I just wish I had thought to empty the drink in the sink before I left.  Roy.  (Long story but one to note.  I myself hate these double ladies drinks only because so many Clubs take advantage of the customers by not telling them exactly what they are ordering.  Recently it happened to a New York friend of mine who had no idea why a night out at one Club cost him so much.  When he told me the girls he was buying ladies drinks for were all drinking bottles of beer I clued him in that he was buying double drinks for them or maybe even triples depending on the bar.  He was surprised but now is a bit more careful when ordering.  So, I wrote about this before, it comes under the category of “customer beware”.  The Club is not doing anything illegal, the staff is just not forthcoming with that customer they can take advantage of.  It is a common practice on Fields Ave so I was a bit surprised to learn that this deception has crept up to the Perimeter Road bars.)


BE CAREFUL CROSSING THE STREETS - Local EXPAT Charlie Martin suffered a broken left elbow, lower right leg and broken ankle after he was hit by a drunk trike driver with no headlight last weekend.  The driver was caught, but that isn’t helping Charlie!” (I guess it does not matter how long you live in the Philippines you can not avoid these trike drivers.  They usually do not own the trike and have no insurance.  The only thing you can do is have the trike confiscated and hope the asshole starves to death.  I have heard that Charlie is planning to go to Guam to get patched up – Update, Charlie never went to Guam but he is patched up and slowly recovering.  I have not seen him yet but I sure hope to do so soon.)

Man, partner killed in drive-by shooting

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

CAMP OLIVAS – A businessman and his live-in partner were shot to death inside their home in Barangay San Nicolas, Arayat town by still unidentified suspects. Police said victims Ronnie Maglaqui, 36, and live-in partner Lidia Garcia, 43, died on the spot. Initial investigation showed that the victims were having a DRINKING SPREE in the garage of their house when an unidentified number of suspects passed by and shot them. Maglaqui sustained a gunshot on the head while Garcia was hit on the body, causing their death.  During further investigations, neighbors said no one heard the gunshots, because the couple’s stereo was going full blast.
Irene Yutuc, 45, a neighbor of the victim, discovered the couple’s bodies and reported the incident to the police. A team from the regional police office, led by Senior Inspector Amelyn Maclib, conducted an investigation on the crime scene and recovered four empty shells of a .9mm caliber handgun.
A follow-up investigation is still ongoing for identification and arrest of the suspects.  (When I read this I felt that the motive was obvious.  The music was TOO DAMN LOUD!  Then I figured that some folks in Cebu had figured out the solution to the problem of these all too loud outdoor karaoke joints that have drunks trying to sing as loud as they can until all hours of the morning, keeping neighbors awake and suffering from the horrible sounds. Here in AC barangay officials and police ignore all complaints about these noise makers who sometimes feel the urge to continue singing until the early morning hours.  Do we have a solution to the problem here?  Come on now, tell me the truth, I bet some AC residents have had the urge to go out and strangle some drunk assed woman or man who despite a God awful voice thinks he or she is auditioning for the “Philippine Idol” show at 3 AM)

A friend of mine, George Thompson, sent me an Email featuring pictures of American towns taken around 1940 to 1942 and they were terrific.  I kind of got interested in Pie Town, New Mexico, especially the pictures of the Homesteaders and their dug out homes.  I had never heard of this town so I did a google search and found that it is not far from Phoenix and Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Now I am wondering if I have any readers from Pie Town or if any reader of this column has ever been to Pie Town?  I sure would like to visit the “Pie Town Pie Cafe” as I sure do think they might have some mighty good home made pies for sale.


As much as possible I am keeping abreast of the investigation of the double murder of David Balmer and his girlfriend.  Maj Tan and the investigators of Station Four are not slacking off on this case and, for sure, Richard Agnew is NOT a suspect.  I have received Emails in which some folks think he might be involved but I will stand by my conviction that this is not so.  The house remains a crime scene but Richard is still allowed to live there.

9 Sep 2011 – Update:  I received the following information regarding the American suspect in the murder of David Balmer -

TIMOTHY KAUFMAN - This is the name of the expat suspect in the murder of David Balmer and his girlfriend.  The police are putting out a wide net to capture this man.  This is the latest report I have received from sources.  He is an American national.  They only have him on “electronic” surveilance meaning they are tracking his cell phone.  They have his location narrowed down to a cell site in Manila near the International Airport.  They are thinking that by releasing his name and photo the locals will spot him and report him.  Of course the airlines are all alerted to him.  Ditto for the shipping lines and bus stations.  The drag net is closing.  They should have him in 24-48 hours. (Update:  of course, as of this month there is no arrest warrant and very little action by the police or the courts)
11 Sep newspaper report sent to me by James E.  This provides a few more details.
ANGELES CITY — An American tourist and his Filipino driver were charged the other day for the murder of a retired British policeman and his Filipina live-in partner inside their house in a subdivision in Bgy. Amsic here before dawn on Sept. 2.Inspector Dickson Tolentino of the Police Station 4 filed the charges against Timothy “Tim” Kaufman and Jesus “John” Santos, both of legal age, before the Office of the City Prosecutor.The suspects, whose last known address was Maharajah Hotel along Don Juico Avenue in Anonas Village, could no longer be located.Kaufman and Santos were identified by security guards of Josefaville 2 Subdivision through photos obtained by the police from social networking site Facebook as the occupants of a white Toyota Innova with license plate RJX-264 that entered the subdivision and parked in front of the residence of former British policeman David Balmer, 54, and Elma de Guia, 26, around 3:30 a.m. on Sept. 2. Chief Inspector Luisito Tan said the close circuit television camera installed at the subdivision’s gate showed that the vehicle almost bumped the gate as it was hastily driven out of the subdivision after several minutes.Investigators learned from the Land Transportation Office that the vehicle was owned by one Arceli Garcia, 36, of Sapangbato Village. When questioned by the police, Garcia said her vehicle had been rented by Kaufman from the first week of August until Sept. 4.  “He (Kaufman) called my cellphone (on Sept. 4) and asked me to just get my vehicle at the Maharajah Hotel. When I went there, I saw that my vehicle was parked in front of the hotel,” Garcia said in her sworn statement. Garcia said she has known Kaufman for three years because she used to work as his house cleaner when he was still renting a residential unit at Rikko Homes II in Clark Freeport Zone. She said Kaufman rents her vehicle whenever he is in the country.The security logbook of Josefaville 2 Subdivision and the CCTV footage showed that the same vehicle entered the subdivision at 1:10 a.m. on Sept. 2 and left after 30 minutes.  Following now is some correspondence I received from one Gerald Stone, quite obviously a devoted fan of Tim Kaufman:

Harry, I read your article about Tim Kaufman shortly after the double murder occurred in Angeles. You made him sound very guilty without verifying your facts. Even Margarita Station is still listing him as one of the murderers when no warrant has been issued (note- not “alleged” murderer, what ever happened to innocent until proven guilty?). There were so many inconsistencies in the police’s story that it just didn’t make sense to me that Tim would have had anything to do with this. I think that you owe him an apology since is NOT a suspect and not on any of the Wanted Lists in the US, Philippines, nor Interpol. Thanks. Best regards, Gerald Stone.  18 Oct.

Second message from Stone:  Station 4, where they kidnapped one of my Australian trainers and held him for ransom in a motel off Fields? Station 4 who’s previous captain required P100,000 from everyone of his officers in bribes each month? Station 4 which has killed more “alleged” criminals than any other station in Luzon except Q.C. while in pursuit? Station 4 which shot and killed 4 car jackers in a shoot out even though El Punto had a picture of the 4 alive in handcuffs in the custody of the police?

I won’t go into the real suspect who should have been taken into custody. What I do know is there are more unanswered questions from other people than there should. How does a retired policeman enter his apartment finding the door knocked in and not even look around the apartment?? And then spend 14 hours with the dead bodies 11 feet from where he was without notifying the police? The list goes on.

All I know is that Mr. Kaufman had Top Secret Clearance from the US Gov’t and was serving in Iraq when the newspapers in the Philippines and other sources around town say he was arrested in Tennessee for a crystal meth charge. I myself called the Knox County Sheriff to verify this. He has never been arrested. Nor is he on any wanted list in the Philippines, the US or Interpol. They were building a character damaging case against Mr. Kaufman all along. Believe me, he’s no saint, but who amongst us is.  Some of the people roaming around Angeles have even been deported for selling 11 year old in the sex trade, yet they’re back and in business (not implying the sex trade, simply “in business.”)

I don’t want to go back and forth with you on this subject. I know that the circumstances point many fingers at Mr. Kaufman. If I were in the same situation, the last place I would go is to Station 4. Please don’t misunderstand me, there are plenty of upstanding members of the PNP in Angeles, many of whom I consider very close friends. Best regards,  Gerald.  22 Oct.  (OK, I went back and forth with Gerald on this subject.  It is obvious that he is a close friend with Tim Kaufman and believes in his innocence.  That is good as anyone, even an alleged killer, needs a friend.  Yes, I say alleged as Gerald is quite right.  At this time no arrest warrants have been issued against Tim or another person of interest,  Joe Stephan Tramontano.  The police are in touch with the brother of Santos who claims that he did not know a murder had taken place during the time he dropped off Tim Kaufman at David Balmer’s house.  He was only asked to drive to the house, wait and then return Tim to his home.  Of course the surveillance cameras at the compound clearly show Tim in the car but no doubt, if I am to believe Gerald Stone, Tim was probably just sightseeing at that time of night.  Hence, I will stand corrected and make sure I always refer to Tim and Joe as persons of interest or use the word alleged.  You see, I have a problem with the legal system here in the PI.  Recently, I went with a friend, Dave Mason to what was supposed to be a meeting at the City Prosecutors Office to discuss the evidence presented in this murder case.  Regretfully, the Prosecutor, Attorney Ronald Habaan never showed up for this critical meeting.  It turns out that he had to act at another trial at the scheduled time for the meeting.  Mind you, this is weeks after the murder and absolutely nothing had been done to obtain arrest warrants, nothing was turned over to any judge.  Enough time has elapsed that the persons of interest have disappeared.  Joe, to Hawaii, and Tim, well, no one is sure where he is but it appears he may have made it out of the country.  Both “persons of interest” had more than enough time to skip the country because of the archaic legal system used here where there is little interest in solving any murders against foreigners.  

Station Four is no longer investigating the murders, instead it is now in the hands of the NBI.  Talk about slow motion!!  But, since Gerald Stone is a friend of Tim and is convinced he is innocent of any wrong doing then no doubt, Gerald only has to call Tim and tell him to come to AC, visit the City Prosecutors office and show them where everyone is pursuing the wrong people.  Joe can return from Hawaii and do the same, then the police can start looking for the real evil doers.  The only thing I am interested in is that the SOBs who killed David and his girlfriend are caught, prosecuted and sent to jail.  For this I will continue to write about the case and hope that it does not end up in the police “dead file” as so many other murders of Expats have in the past. 

But, while this investigation is ongoing let us not forget our evil serial killer, Mark Dizon.  I cannot be there to attend his trial but I have asked a friend to do so if he could spare the time (David Mason).  He was able to do so and his comments follow:

Mark Dizon report by David Mason:  “I attended the latest Mark Dizon hearing in the pm.  It’s still being held at  the temp courtroom in Marisol.  On the stand was Maritz the neice of Al and Janet Mitchell.  She was finishing up her testimony for the prosecution.  The next hearing is on Sept 13 when she will take the stand for cross examination by the defense.  After her will come the medical examiner and PNP officials.  The trial dates are all on Tuesdays at 13:30.  All thru Sept, Oct, Nov, etc.  Dizon was there and  the Judge is the same as before, The prosecutor is still Alan Pasamonte, and Dizon has his Public Defender lady, I didn’t catch her name.  Alan said he is about half way thru his prosecution case.  The PD lady said she probably will call only Dizon for the defense.  No one else is willing to testify.

Dizon’s family have totally abandoned him.  No financial support, no visiting him, no attending the trial, etc.  They won’t even cooperate with the public defender lady in his defense.  Dizon is screwed.  He’s totally alone in this. There is a Filipino documentary crew that is filming the trial and collecting statements from anyone involved in the case.  The lady in charge said eventually they will make a documentary on this whole case.  I talked to Maritz for a while, she and Sharina are slowly getting their lives back on track.  The Mitchell house is being rented out.

I took some photos that I have attached.  Feel free to use them for a trial update.  Dizon put on a good face in the courtroom but he is fucked.  The Judge is a no nonsense guy.  He is in total control of the courtroom.  He gets up and roams around looking at Dizon, looking at the witness, looking at the evidence…..taking everything into account.  The prosecutor asks his questions and then the judge takes over and asks his own questions.  I am supremely confident Dizon will be found guilty in the Mitchell case.  But the other two cases (Oasis & Santa Maria) are not doing very well.  I have no real info on those cases.” (I had the same opinion after attending the trials before I left for the US. I am so happy to learn that Dizon is receiving no support from anyone.  It is too bad the Philippines no longer has the death sentence but hopefully, if found guilty, he will get a life sentence)







Thursday, September 22, 2011

MANILA — The Philippines has become a destination for foreign men who engaged primarily in sex, United States Ambassador to Manila Harry Thomas Jr. said Thursday. Thomas estimated that about 40 percent of foreign male “come here [Philippines] for sexual tourism and that is unacceptable.”

The US envoy made the remarks during a speech at a judicial conference on human trafficking. Speaking before several magistrates, Thomas said that all foreigners apprehended for sexual crimes must be punished under the full extent of the law. He added that even US citizens engaging in sex-related crimes such as cybersex should be “prosecuted.”

“That is not something I’m proud of. That’s not something you should be proud of,” Thomas said, adding the US government is willing to assist in the prosecution of such crimes, even if it involves their citizens. “Any of them who are engaged in things that violate the law — whether American or another foreigner — should be prosecuted. That is against human values,” he said. (CVB/Sunnex) (The big man speaks again and gives more ammunition for Law Enforcement folks to go after Club owners in AC and other locations to enrich themselves.  Most of the 40% he talks of do not engage in any illegal activities.  They come here to drink, eat, swim, and yes, meet women in an environment that is affordable.  The young, middle aged and old men flock to an area known for lovely women who do not care about age, or at times, even the income of those who visit.  He is right to complain about illegal activities, hell, they exist in the US as well, but when he makes statements like the one above, he creates an image that is not completely accurate. Regretfully, when folks like Thomas or Hillary Clinton speak out in such a way, we who live here have to grin and bear it and yes, PAY for it)

CULTURE SHOCK – Or should I just say “reality check”.  I have always known that dental work in the Philippines is far more reasonable than in the US and the quality is just as good.  I never experienced the difference until on Sep 23 I was using a toothpick to get some food out from between my teeth and accidentally popped out a crown.  Just flew out of my mouth onto the floor!  I picked it up, put it in a napkin and my son called his wife to make an appointment with her dentist.  For years she has been seeing Doctor Scott W. Brown at 803 S. 7th Street, Las Vegas (702-384-4721 and he agreed to see me at 6 PM the same day which I appreciated. Sylvia (the wife) told me that it cost $50 just for an examination and Xray.  Wow, already expensive to me.  But what could I do?  I went and was well taken care of by Dr. Brown who was very personable, professional and fast.  He did not have to Xray the tooth as all I wanted was for him to glue it back in.  In no time, he cleaned it up, cleaned around what was left of my tooth and got the cap back in.  It did not take long at all and he advised that I should get follow-up care on it when I got back to the Philippines.  So, I went to the desk to pay my 50 dollars and was told the price was not 86 dollars.  Holy shit!  Heart attack time.  I was shocked and asked if the price was correct.  The clerk went back to check and then told me that they had already given me a discount by not charging the full price for putting the crown back.  Man, the real price would have put me well over $100.  Now, I know first hand why I tell people to get their dental work done in the PI when visiting there.  If you do not have dental insurance in the US you are very much screwed.
Now, I am not complaining about the work or the dentist, he could not have been better and I surely recommend his clinic and I appreciated the discount.  But, it sure did point out to me how expensive dental care is in the US.  Sylvia has a dental plan at work but even with that her co-pay is not cheap.  Dr. Tey and Smile Over Dental Clinic in Angeles City — I love ya baby, I will see you as soon as I get back.  It will take me two days to get over this dental price tag.  Doctor Scott Brown, you are a super dentist but I hope I never have to see you again or any other dentist in the US.


The Philippine government pledged Wednesday to improve the country’s main airport after it was named the world’s worst following complaints of thieving staff, dirty toilets and a collapsing ceiling. The Ninoy Aquino International Airport’s Terminal 1 was given the dubious title by an online budget travel guide, www.sleepinginairports.net, based on reviews from its readers. Reacting to the ranking, Transport Secretary Manuel Roxas said the government would work harder to improve the 30-year-old facility.  (I am sure that somewhere in this world there are airport terminals in worse condition but for those of us that have been using Terminal 1 for many years, this review comes as no surprdise.  Hey, Manny, I have a suggestion for you.  Do what the folks in Las Vegas do, blow up the building, flatten it and start all over.  Or, better still, get someone off their political fat asses here and get busy with making the DMIA at the Clark Freeport the premier airport for the Philippines.  Just make the NAIA a domestic airport.  Oh, one thought, no matter what Roxas will do, the thievery will never stop)

It’s self-explanatory…
I think other AC visitors should read this. I posted it on my server, but feel free to point folks there or use it however you want.  Dr. Ron Wolfe (I did not know whether to post this in “Feedbag” or here.  If you can access that address it tells a good story about a visitor having to use the medical facilities here.  He writes about Sacred Heart, my favorite hospital here and Dr. Quintos, my favorite Orthopedic doctor for many years.  It seems he fell on a slippery floor at the Bunny Burger and broke his leg (hey Russell, how come no bunny burgers delivered to Ron while in hospital.  He had to eat those terrible Jolly Bee burgers).  He cleverly relates his experience from beginning to end via a slide show that I thoroughly enjoyed.  His friend Aida at Margarita Station was a big help to him and he was very pleased with his treatment at the hospital.  Thank goodness he did not go to AUF.  I hope you can access the site) 

Hey folks, ain’t this interesting:  

MANILA, Philippines (AP) — Philippine prosecutors are summoning former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and 35 other people for a preliminary investigation into complaints they rigged elections in 2007. Prosecutor General Claro Arellano said Monday that the summons will be sent to Arroyo, her husband Jose Miguel Arroyo, and other former officials for a Nov. 3 hearing.  (Who says life is boring?  For sure not in the Philippines.  This should be interesting as we see old Gloria, her husband and 35 other people tap dancing  their way out of this latest reality show.  Want more entertainment?  Listen to the “poor” former First Lady, Imelda Marcos and her family trying to justify why Marcos the dictator should be given a hero’s burial.  His body is still laying around waiting for burial but thank goodness President Aquino has not been swayed by a minority that want to side with the Marcos family. He consistently says NO to a hero’s burial for Ferdinand and for that I applaud him)

The Lexus Condos – remember that name and the problems connected with it?  Then a new management team came on board with new financing and the name was changed to the Penthouse.  Things were going great for a while and then some new problems cropped up but now I have just received and update that provides some good news.  A spokesperson for the Penthouse Condos provided the following update: “Last September 7, 2011, the HLURB finally granted the application of Lexus to alter the plans up to 14th floor (from the former 12 floors). HLURB also allowed the change of name from Lexus Condo to The Penthouse Condo, Hotel & Residences. After payment of the fees and posting of the Performance Bond (to assure completion of the project), the HLURB issued last October 13, 2011 the Amended License to Sell and the Certificate of Registration of The Penthouse Condo, Hotel & Residences. The process of registering the alteration with the Register of Deeds of Angeles City for the issuance of individual condominium titles is now complete. There is also a fresh capital for release to finance the completion of the project. HLURB gave Lexus 17 months to complete the structural of the project.  (I am sure this will make a lot of folks happy and for sure, when completed it will be a showplace for first class living)

HIGH SOCIETY – A NEW CLUB ON FIELDS AVE – Regretfully, I have not had the time to visit this new Club to see how it stacks up to the rest of Fields Ave clubs.  It appears the intent is to have a swinging Disco atmosphere and cater to the ladies who they hope to attract by the hundreds.  There will be no ladies drinks or EWR’s, they will cater to unescorted ladies who they hope will be a magnet for men to come in and try their luck.  It will be interesting to see how it all works out.  It is another brainchild from Lewis and company of the Lewis Grand Hotel fame managed by the talented James E.  James contacted me and passed on the following info:  “We are working on Ladies VIP Cards for the “High Society”. It will include many privileges for LADIES ONLY. Some of them are tentative and not official yet. It may also change without notice. Please don’t kill me if I am wrong. You know how things sometimes go here in the Philippines, lol.

1. Free Entry to all Ladies (Unescorted too)
2. One Free Drink per night for Ladies
3. 50% off drinks for Ladies until 1AM.

This may change so please understand. However it is our goal to PACK the Disco by that time… so when you guys walk in, you will haveplenty of girls to choose from.  The “small prints”: Sorry guys these benefits are for Ladies Only.  (James sent me a few pictures but I had trouble getting my JPEG file up and running so did not include them.  Will do so next month)

New at the Lewis Grand Hotel:  The Monthly Herf will be held the first Monday of every month from 5pm until 10pm at The Avenue Restaurant in the Lewis Grand Hotel..Come join your BOTL’s (Brothers Of The Leaf) for this special Occasion. Cigars, Drinks and food will be available at discount for these Occasions.  Monthly Herf Calendar: November 7, December 5 (I am not a cigar smoker but I do know there are a lot of you out and about so this sounds like it could be a good idea)

ATTENTION – ATTENTION:  They did it again!  The dynamic duo of Howard McKay and Doggie Dave sang their hearts out to a full house at Harry the Horse’s Stable.  How many of you missed this again?  Most of the audience are Hashers, men and women, wives and girlfriends who gather for a very inexpensive night of entertainment.  They will be performing again on 13 Dec @ 7 PM, same location and I will be providing a few fun prizes that evening to help with the Christmas spirit.  Naturally I will be mentioning this again in my Dec column but I wanted to give you all time enough to mark your calendars.


On 10 Sep the secretary of the Angeles City Businessman’s Club (ACBC) sent out a notice to members that ACBC Committee member Geoff Johnstone, known to most as Johnno, passed away on the morning of 10 Sep.  No further information was known at that time.  A wake for Johnno was held at the Honky Tonk Club on A. Santos Street on 15 Sep which was well attended.


Paul Raymond Atkins, 62 years of age, British citizen from Stoke On Trent, England.  He also lived in Hong Kong.  He was murdered on 18 Oct on the sidewalk along Perimeter Road, near Garfields at approximately 0130 hrs.  He was shot close up, twice, once in the head and the other from his left side, both exiting the body.  He remained unidentified for days until his live-in girlfriend, Marnie Salvador Rubio,, 35 years old, came forth and identified him to the Police at Station Four.  They had been staying at the America Hotel.  The police are saying that he was attacked by two men riding tandem on a motorcycle.  They took his wallet thereby making on the spot identification impossible.  Initially, Maj Tan told me he had two witnesses to interview but I guess nothing came of that.  It was reported that Paul was ready to retire and was thinking of moving to this area permanently.  This was a terrible incident and no doubt it will be added to the many murders of foreigners in which the cases are not solved.


These are two great guys and they are special.  Why would they be special?  Easy, they added to my hot sauce collection! Naturally, it added to the pleasure of greeting Cliff, the butcher (left) and David Dickson from Sydney, Australia.  This visit from Cliff was momentous as it was his first time to check out Angeles City.  Cliff is 57 years old and has never been married which should make him an ideal target for the ladies here.  Regretfully, I did not see these guys before they left so I did not get a report on Cliff’s activities while here.  Dave was in a different category.  He has been visiting here off and on since 1978, his first trip at 18 years old and now is 49.   In 86 he got carried away and married a lady and did not make anymore trips to AC, you know how that is.  Well, now he is separated and was very happy to return to the land of milk and honey.  This is the reason that both gentlemen could not quit smiling during their visit with me.  They were staying at the Sunset Gardens, enjoying the large swimming pool and good food.  I am pretty sure that I will see these two lads again.


In Sept for the first time we had dart players visiting us from Vietnam (Saigon International Darts League, www.thesidl.com) and two nights of great dart playing was enjoyed by local players from the Blue Boar Inn and Phillie’s Sports Grill.  The Vietnamese team had a mix of Expat and Vietnamese players,10 in all. They went to Phillies Sports Grill on Thursday night then on Friday went to the Blue Boar Inn for a dart challenge.  Games played were singles 501 and 301, doubles 501, cricket singles and doubles.  The Blue Boar Inn team came up victors and it was a very good night after steady darts from 4pm until 11pm.  By 11 PM most of the players had had their fill of drink and everyone was in a very mellow mood.  Team Vietnam was very happy with the venue and indicated that it was the best place they have played at, better than any venue in Vietnam.  The team captain said they will be back to the Blue Boar next year.  They were only here for 3 nights, one at Phillie’s for one hour and one at the Blue Boar for 7 hours.  The third day was for rest and recovering from all the booze they consumed. It would be nice if this could become an annual event.  Who knows, we might be able to put a team together that could visit Vietnam one time.  Many thanks to Rob Call, Graham Le Bertz, Tom Dunn and Matt DeCastro for helping to make this event possible on a short notice.
The SIDL has 27 teams and 300 members representing 88 different Nations.  It has been active for nine years and is currently led by Willy Huang who is a sales representative with the Horng Chen Steel Pipe Company.  It is great to know that Darts is alive and well in Vietnam thanks to the SIDL.


Oh dear, how nice to be back in AC again where I can return to the hard part of my task in searching out a good looking lady to present to you.  I am guilty though, of returning to my favorite haunt, the Thi-Hi as it was easier then trying to go elsewhere.  I can assure you that I will go elsewhere for my search next month.  It is just that the Thi-Hi ladies are so nice to old guys like me, in fact I think I should start a senior citizen club there.  OK, OK, they are nice to younger folks too but I try to get there when they are not around.  Back to business, my choice this month is Mayann from Navotas, Manila.  She is 23 years old and has worked in the Thi-Hi for three months.  She is a high school graduate and does have a son, 1 year, 9 months old.  Her ambitions are simple, find a husband and settle down to a domestic life, what else is new?  The bad news is that she is not good at cooking but what the hell, that is something easily learned.  She is the youngest of three girls and likes Karaoke and dancing.  Sounds like a typical 23 year old so the question is, what makes Mayann special?  That is something you will have to find out for yourself if interested enough to write to her via Email:  mayann.ungriano@yahoo.com.  She likes guys in the 45 to 60 age bracket so that leaves a big window of opportunity.  I have interviewed Mayann extensively and I do believe that on my horseshoe scale of 1 to 10 that this lady is a very strong 7.  Bear in mind that a 10 would have to be in the Angelina Jolie category so a 7 is quite good.


One of the most exciting construction projects ongoing on Clark is the development of the Global Gateway Logistics City (GGLC).  I contacted Dennis Wright, President, Peregrine Development International, recently and asked him about the status of the hospital that was to be constructed on this site and he responded with a very detailed, comprehensive update.  This is a showcase project, one that shows what can be done, construction wise, in this country if developers plan properly, look to the future and stress quality. I so look forward to the year 2013 when I can see a developed Global City.  Meanwhile, I will be taking pictures every few months to keep a record of its progress.  Following are the comments from Mr. Wright:

“The hospital site prep work is going on at present, you can see the progress in the back corner by the toll booth… the scheduled opening is still on track by this time 2013 which is the originally advertised date… from the ground breaking/contracting signing, a design had to be completed.  I think you can understand there are no ‘off the shelf’ hospital designs… so the architects and engineers had to finalize the designs before we could start construction.  This will be a pretty sophisticated hospital with future expansions that also had to be taken into consideration.  We are not self-performing the vertical, that contract is scheduled for award November 10th with start within a week… although we have already prepped the site.  There was no design done, and that typically is a 6-8  month process which is what has taken place this year and now finalized and in the final phase of contract evaluation and award… It is still on track for scheduled opening in 2013.

We are waiting for our traffic detour permits so we can get on with the intersection cuts where you see the orange barriers and cones… actually those stretches will become 8 lanes as we do the intersections… they are quite complex with a lot of underground… what most people don’t see or realize is that 100% of all utilities are underground… storm water piping, electrical, comms, water, sanitation, fire mains and a grey water recycling piping… this has never been done in the Philippines where all of these are independent systems, with a complex maze of pipes, valves and conduits… keeping in mind that storm water and sanitary are gravity flows on a pre-determined slope and other piping/conduits then routed around, over, or under… The first roads are ready for paving coincident with the intersection work which has been somewhat delayed waiting for CDC traffic detour permits…as we have to reroute traffic during construction.

We also are similarly finalizing the design on the gas/retail plaza and a few other buildings… I know everyone wants to see vertical, so do we, however that is not possible unless and until you have the underground it… underground is more complex than routing above ground… and we are adamant we will not accept pwede na…   I think you will be quite impressed with the quality of what is going it… and there is a different timeline for quality vs pwede na… companies in the Philippines have historically thrown up structures, but with inadequate parking, no  consideration for parking, no consideration for mass transit or traffic, inadequate pipings… we were committed to put in medium pressure water lines (125psi) which means there will be no above building water tanks… no where will you find this as the primary system, further our fire hydrant system is separate and distinct, again, not found elsewhere in the country, as is the grey water recovery system… many other features.  We are building to the future and not the past, so yes it does take longer, much more in line with what you would experience in the US or Europe… all to code, all legal and transparent, all properly permitted… even if it takes longer.”


This information was sent to me by a businessman in Barrio Barretto Olongapo.  I have two guys here who just relayed an very interesting story. They were in AC staying at the Holiday Dream Hotel. Two nights ago, one of them picked up a girl from One Eyed Wench. They went back to the room, and in the midst of their frolicking, she saw someone in the window with a camera. She went ballistic. They got dressed and went out to see the security guard. After some discussion, she called the police stating that one of her friends is on duty. While she was calling, the guard loaded his shotgun. It scared him pretty badly.
The police arrived, and he and his friend decided they didn’t want to stay at that hotel. The owner is a German. Both the owner and his wife were there for the discussion. They (the wife) demanded they pay P21K for their entire stay. Of course they refused stating that they’d pay for the two nights they were there. They were told that if they didn’t pay, they’d be taken to the Station, but no specific charges were mentioned. They ended up paying P10,000 to the hotel and P2,000 to the cops. They got on their rented scooters and came over here. They are still scared, but I told them there’s nothing to worry about.
The girl is a door girl at the bar and has a henna tattoo on her back saying “Fuck Me”. This is a new shakedown scheme. If you have some time, perhaps you can talk to them.  (I am very familiar with the One Eyed Wench but not with this particular lady.  I did not know anything about the Holiday Dream Hotel and did not even know it existed.  It is a fully furnished Apartelle in Plaridel 1, an area I seldom get to.  Guess I will have to give it a look see as a lot of folks write to me looking for furnished apartments, but the owners might not be all that friendly. This certainly was a scam that I never heard of before but it seems a few folks did manage to get some money they did not deserve.  But, I am sure there is another side to the story, there always is.  Maybe the lesson to be learned is never take a girl out from the One Eyed Wench who is stupid enough to have the notice “fuck me” on her back) 


You might ask why the heck am I writing about this bar again and it would be a legitimate question.  I could simply answer because it is easy to get to from my stable.  I could also answer because Tim stopped by with a friend and had a few drinks at my place and told me he changed his hours and had some new nice looking ladies.  I could also say that I had a reader asking me for more pictures of ladies.  Actually, all of those answers are in the ball park and apply.  I stopped in around 4 PM and ran into a full house and even saw Dave Crowe taking a well deserved break from the Wild Orchid as well as a whole lot more familiar faces.  It was good to see Tim and his hard working son who made me feel right at home.  Now, lets get to the important part, were there any good looking ladies on board.  Absolutely yes!  Quite a few and they provided a fun atmosphere with tons of smiles and all were full of energy.  Tim knows how to run a bar and make people feel comfortable spending money.  I’m including a few pictures here but I want to feature the one I led off with at the top.  Her name is Jenny, 22 years old and she has no children.  I thought this lady was very attractive and when talking to her found her very personable and intelligent.  I was going to hold off and present her in Dec but I felt that you guys deserved an extra treat for Thanksgiving.  She hails from Samar and is a High School graduate.  She only worked at the Rockin Horse for two months and at this time does not have a boyfriend, but, that could change any day.  She likes to cook, stands at 5′ 3″ and naturally would like to meet that special guy.  He does not have to be rich but not poor either.  Her age preference is between 40 to 55 but that can be adjusted if the right guy comes along.  Interested?  Drop her a line at geniedevega@ymail.com. (This picture is dedicated to Lars Svanberg and his fellow workers in Ghana)  Now, back to business, the new operating hours at the Rockin Horse are 1 to 10 PM.  That early morning opening did not work so now Tim sees an afternoon crowd and then a separate evening crowd.  I saw it first hand, the place thinned out around 5 PM and come 7 PM business picked up again.  Ladies drinks are P120, happy hour from 1 to 7 PM serves up local drinks at only P45 but mixed drinks are P60 buy one take one.  After 7 PM all local drinks are P60.  The extended conversation time with your favorite hostess will run you P1,300.  Now, let me add a few pictures here.


What could be better than running down to Phillie’s Sports Grill in the morning to enjoy being served their special P99 breakfast special served to by charming ladies like Eva.  Yeah, I know, having Eva serve you in bed, naked, would be better but you are not going to get that.  She is a hard working 28 year old single mother who would not mind giving up her job for a special guy but until that happens she will dazzle you with her bright smile as she serves you.  Eh, she has a pretty nifty body on her that should help you wake up.  Really, I think this breakfast thing is a good deal, so much so that I try to be there every Thursday morning from around 9 to 10 AM.  I usually get the french toast with bacon and home fried potatoes and wash it all down with a bit of coffee.  Mrs Horse usually accompanies me so she can take a morning off from making my breakfast at home.  I hope some of you will look for me as I like to chat with folks while there.  It is easier for you then trying to find me at my stable.  Now, let me do you a favor, Eva’s cell phone number is:  0908.481.4948, she does not have an Email address.  If you call her you owe me a cup of coffee.  See you on Thursday morning??


It was a fine afternoon and I felt like taking a break so I wandered over to the Grandview Tower to check out their newly opened Grand Cafe.  I took my book with me so I could relax over a cup of coffee and a sandwich.  The entrance to the Grandview is impressive and the lobby look fantastic and the Cafe is no exception.  If I was a decorator I could tell you some fancy words to describe it, something like Avant Garde, or whatever words those people use.  For me, was comfortable, clean and had a nice view of the street where one could check out the folks passing by.  I settled down and they handed me their menu which is a simple one piece with a limited menu.  They offer a few breakfast selections, sandwiches and pasta.  I only wanted a sandwich and was going to order the Club Sandwich until I saw the cost was P300.  Nearly every other item was over P200.  My first thought was to be happy I was by myself and my second thought was, hey, this is out of my class.  But, I sucked it up and got a sandwich which was tasty and was not on the menu but on a board behind the bar.  So, I ordered, the staff was so nice and friendly and I needed to rest my legs from the walk over, and yes, again, the decor was very nice.  So, I settled in, had my sandwich with a glass of water, I was afraid to ask how much the coffee was.  I was a bit hungry when I entered and was still a bit hungry when I finished but I did enjoy sitting there because, you see, the decor was yuppie nice.  I was hoping someone would come in and order that P300 club sandwich so I could see what was in it and how big it was.  I figured it might have those special mushrooms where the pigs are used to sniff around and help get them out of the ground and are considered part of gourmet cuisine.  Wait, maybe that is what is in their Portobello Mushroom Omelet for P235.  Alas, I was the only patron and I spent an hour reading my book and, of course, enjoying the decor.

Seriously, before Maurice and Jeff get upset with me, the sandwich was good and it was convenient for me, being so close to my stable.  I shall return again, if they let me in the door, the guard always looks at me suspiciously as if my attire is not appropriate.  I shall wait and see what the daily discounted meal is.  Believe it or not I do like the Grand Cafe, I just can’t make it my daily stop.


Year’s ago it was Ray’s Tailor Shop, I used to get some clothes made there, but after Mt. Pinatubo visited us it was never the same.  Now, the owner, Ray, demolished the building and built a two story apartment complex.  They are small two bedroom apartments with one bathroom and a kitchenette.  It is located next to the Swiss Apartments on Don Juico Ave (Perimeter Road), right around the corner from my stable.  Unfurnished cost P17,000 a month, P18,000 if furnished with one queen size bed and P19,000 a month for semi-furnished which includes one bed, shower heater and refrigerator.  The kitchenette does not have any kitchen equipment at all.  A minimum stay of three months is required for rental.  They have just become available and the owner was not around to give any further information.  I do not know what they have done for cable TV and internet connections.  They did not have business cards printed up and no Email address.  For information you would have to call 0918 333 7468 or 0919 891 1697.  For access to good food at very reasonable prices just walk around the corner to my place.  Most of my prices are well under P200 and big portions for breakfast, lunch or dinner.


Barangay Balibago, Angeles City, Captain Tony Mamac called for a general meeting of all bar owners, operators and managers located in the Fields Ave area as well as those along Perimeter Road who wanted to attend on 28 Oct, 1730 hours.  There was an extensive agenda covering the subject of anti-human trafficking and the proposed summit II for the same subject.  This all led to the main purpose of the meeting which was the formation of the Balibago Entertainment Association (BEA).
Needless to say, there was a great deal of discussion with lively questions and answers from attendees as well as a feeling of “here we go again”.  We have already seen the formation and eventual (after 5 years) decline of ACTA and more recently the ABAC.  Capt Mamac explained in detail the necessity of forming the BEA and the benefits to be derived from it.  He explained that he would be working with the Mayor on this to assure his full support and that the lines of communication with various law enforcement agencies would be improved.
A vote was taken and a majority voted for the formation of the BEA and a secretariat of five members was formed to assist in the formation of the BEA.  Details were discussed and Capt Mamac indicated that he would be calling for a general meeting of all bars for 3 Nov.
It is most important that all owners make sure they attend this meeting or send a responsible representative as the policies to be discussed will affect each and every Club in the entertainment area up to and including Perimeter Road establishments.  This meeting should not be ignored.

Regardless of what anyone might think of the formation of another bar association it will happen and there is a definite need for one as will be explained at the meeting.  Lately there have been many raids by elements of the CIDG that have disrupted business, cost millions of pesos and made many employees suffer as well as owners and management personnel.
Recently I asked an employee of the Doll House how she felt about the raid in which 11 girls were arrested as well as the wife of Jun Granil, who is no longer the president of the ABAC.  Her response was:  Yes, I believe the problem is the NBI are trying to make it appear that the 11 girls they are holding are minors which is not true.  They base it by not having wisdom teeth yet funny as one friend of mine is now 21 years old and her wisdom tooth is just coming out now.  An older friend is now 41 and her wisdom tooth is just coming out so this basis is not accurate.  I really do not know what is their plan but it seems that they will go ahead to pursue the case (they are all still in jail as of 1 Nov) and I heard they are asking for 25 million pesos and the boss might be willing to pay but Elvie’s husband I think to not like the idea…this is not confirm yet.  If the gov’t. will continue doing this my boss might sell all his businesses and a lot of us will lose job (at my age it will be difficult to get a job), I am a single mom and my daughter is still in high school”
There are many more sad stories regarding the negative impact of these raids plus the negative publicity that makes tourists wary of coming to Angeles City.  Can the BEA accomplish what the ABAC could not?  Maybe, but to not try would spell a disaster in the making.

I have finished this in time to enjoy my son’s 13th birthday party tomorrow, Sunday and then be able to prepare for our annual Halloween haunted house on 31 Oct where we hope to terrorize around 300 kids.   I purchased a few more props while in the US.  Should be fun.  I was sorry to learn, while in the US that all my pool teams jumped ship during my absence.  Larry Heilhecker did a hell of a job in bring in the teams and being captain for one hell of a long time but he decided to move to Las Vegas.  He wrote and told me that he turned the teams over to his lady friend Rowie, a good player who immediately moved the teams over to the Blind Beggar.  Also, Jeff became captain of one team and moved that one over to the Blind Beggar as well.  Naturally neither Rowie or Jeff had the courtesy to drop me a line or see me upon my return but that would have been expecting too much.  So, I have a pool table but no teams so if someone wants to form a team and play out of my stable, they are more than welcome.  Sorry, I do not have any dancing girls, just soft music and good food.

Guess that is about it for this month.  I should have time to get out a bit more this month will hope that we will not see anymore raids or murders anytime too soon.  By the way, Mrs. Horse said she will be serving up a Thanksgiving meal again as will many other places in town so if interested, stop by and make a reservation.  You all remember not to eat too much and also remember to be kind to horses.


An illegal alien, a Muslim and a Socialist go into a bar. The bartender asks, “What can I get you, Mr. President?

Dear Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA), I am not a Tea Party member but I support their goals.  Now, I dare you to try and come after me to “send me to hell”.  This applies to any other member of your “Black Caucus”, a group of people that appear to have their own agenda, not the one they were elected to pursue.

Not only does our President disrespect the American flag with his “crotch salute” at public events but now he refers to the white house Christmas tree as a “holiday tree”.  What a damn shame that this so called socialistic leader of America can only think of political correctness which steps over everything America ever stood for.  Even the point of encouraging the wall street protesters in order to take the heat off of his incompetency.  Those protesters that are looking for money distribution should ask who are the people donating millions upon millions of dollars to Obama’s campaign?  Obama is the one promoting “class warfare” and watch out folks, violence in the streets will be next as various ethnic groups pounce on an excuse to riot, burn and kill.  Stock up on weapons and ammunition while you can because the police will not be able to protect you.

The Last Refuge of the Liberal
By Charles Krauthammer, MD · Friday, August 27, 2010

WASHINGTON — Liberalism under siege is an ugly sight indeed. Just yesterday it was all hope and change and returning power to the people. But the people have proved so disappointing. Their recalcitrance has, in only 19 months, turned the predicted 40-year liberal ascendancy (James Carville) into a full retreat. Ah, the people, the little people, the small-town people, the “bitter” people, as Barack Obama in an unguarded moment once memorably called them, clinging “to guns or religion or — this part is less remembered — “antipathy toward people who aren’t like them.”
That’s a polite way of saying: clinging to bigotry. And promiscuous charges of bigotry are precisely how our current rulers and their vast media auxiliary react to an obstreperous citizenry that insists on incorrect thinking.
– Resistance to the vast expansion of government power, intrusiveness and debt, as represented by the tea party movement?      Aha, racist resentment toward a black president.
– Disgust and alarm with the federal government’s unwillingness to curb illegal immigration, as crystallized in the Arizona law? Nativism.
– Opposition to the most radical redefinition of marriage in human history, as expressed in Proposition 8 in California? Homophobia.
– Opposition to a 15-story Islamic center and mosque near Ground Zero? Islamophobia.

Now we know why the country has become “ungovernable,” last year’s excuse for the Democrats’ failure of governance: Who can possibly govern a nation of racist, nativist, homophobic Islamophobes?

Note what connects these issues. In every one, liberals have lost the argument in the court of public opinion. Majorities — often lopsided majorities — oppose President Obama’s social-democrat agenda (e.g., the stimulus, Obamacare), support the Arizona law, oppose gay marriage and reject a Ground Zero mosque.
What’s a liberal to do? Pull out the bigotry charge, the trump that pre-empts debate and gives no credit to the seriousness and substance of the contrary argument. The most venerable of these trumps is, of course, the race card. When the tea party arose, a spontaneous, leaderless and perfectly natural (and traditionally American) reaction to the vast expansion of government intrinsic to the president’s proudly proclaimed transformational agenda, the liberal commentariat cast it as a mob of angry white yahoos disguising their antipathy to a black president by cleverly speaking in economic terms.

Then came Arizona and SB 1070. It seems impossible for the left to believe that people of good will could hold that: (a) illegal immigration should be illegal, (b) the federal government should not hold border enforcement hostage to comprehensive reform, i.e., amnesty, (c) every country has the right to determine the composition of its immigrant population.

As for Proposition 8, is it so hard to see why people might believe that a single judge blocking the will of 7 million voters is an affront to democracy? And that seeing merit in retaining the structure of the most ancient and fundamental of all social institutions is something other than an alleged hatred of gays — particularly since the opposite-gender requirement has characterized virtually every society in all the millennia until just a few years ago?

And now the Ground Zero mosque. The intelligentsia is near unanimous that the only possible grounds for opposition is bigotry toward Muslims. This smug attribution of bigotry to two-thirds of the population hinges on the insistence on a complete lack of connection between Islam and radical Islam, a proposition that dovetails perfectly with the Obama administration’s pretense that we are at war with nothing more than “violent extremists” of inscrutable motive and indiscernible belief. Those who reject this as both ridiculous and politically correct (an admitted redundancy) are declared Islamophobes, the ad hominem du jour, the Last Refuge.

It is a measure of the corruption of liberal thought and the collapse of its self-confidence that, finding itself so widely repudiated, it resorts reflexively to the cheapest race-baiting (in a colorful variety of forms). Indeed, how can one reason with a nation of pitchfork-wielding mobs brimming with “antipathy toward people who aren’t like them” — blacks, Hispanics, gays and Muslims — a nation that is, as Michelle Obama once put it succinctly, “just downright mean”?

The Democrats are going to get beaten badly in November. Not just because the economy is ailing. And not just because Obama overread his mandate in governing too far left. But because a comeuppance is due the arrogant elites whose undisguised contempt for the great unwashed prevents them from conceding a modicum of serious thought or intelligence to those who dare oppose them.

(c) 2010, The Washington Post Writers Group






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According to Maj Tan this gentleman who was a victim of a vicious murder two days ago at 0130 hours, is still unidentified.  He was attacked by two Filipinos near Garfields.  One perp. grabbed him around the neck from behind, placed a gun to his head and shot him.  A second individual shot him along his left side with the bullet exiting out his right side.  The bullet to his head also exited out the opposite side of the head.  The victim was left on the ground but without his wallet or cell phone.  The police are hoping that someone will see this picture and can identify him.  He appears to be in his 50′s.  If anyone has any information please contact Maj Tan at Station Four, Angeles City.









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An older white male was found lying dead on the sidewalk near Garfields late last night.  Maj Tan, Station Four Commander indicates that the victim had no wallet or cell phone and therefore is unidentified.  He is seeking assistance in identifying the body.  Please, anyone here locally that might know of someone who has come up missing since last night, please contact Station Four.  Regretfully, I have no further information at this time.



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I have postponed writing updates for on this horrible crime for a week because of receiving information in which I cannot go into specific details of.  First, let me say that the police, the Mayor and the City Prosecutor are on top of this investigation and are following numerous new leads.  On 18 Oct there will be a meeting that I hope to be able to attend that will shed more light on the steps that are being followed to bring the culprits to justice.
Two weeks ago I received an Email from an unnamed source telling me that a second expat was involved in the murder and was in the car that entered the compound.  That source asked that I not write anything at that time.  I was not sure if the info was true or not.  Now, just today, I learned that there is a second Expat suspected of being involved.  I was told the name and was shocked to learn of his identity.  I knew this person, had talked to him many times at the Golden Nile and he was very friendly with Richard and David.  He seemed to be a decent enough person but had a bit of a wild background.  His name came up as a suspect and when he got wind of it he skipped town, literally.  He abandoned his car, apartment, belongings and caught a flight to the US.  His actions have made him a prime suspect and actions are in process by the law enforcement to obtain arrest warrants for him and others and once that is accomplished the process for extradition will be started.

Events are moving faster now.  I am not providing all the details in order not to circumvent police procedures.  No doubt someone else will find out the details and publish them but for now, my only purpose is to let people know that the suspected killers are being pursued and the police are doing their job.  Before I wrote that the process of obtaining arrest warrants appeared to be slow. I have come to find out, that yes, the process is slow, but that is the normal procedure followed here in the Philippines.  It can be frustrating but they feel that haste is waste and a slower process will get more positive results.  That is the Philippine way, and well, we just learn to live with it.

I will provide more details when allowed to do so.




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DAVID JOHN STEVENS, 59 years old, US military retiree, killed himself by ingesting large doses of valium and morphine on Thursday evening 6 October in his apartment in the Malabanias district of Angeles City. He left a suicide note, which in part stated: “I have deceided to take my life because I have no friends and have been in constant pain for the last 6 years. The VA refuses to help and espcially Social Security. I can not live on $1,000 a month. No family and friends….”. According to newspaper reports, he had been undergoing treatment for cancer for the last six years. He had gone to the VA clinic in Pasay City earlier in the day, on Thursday, 6 Oct.



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Have to announce a new event folks might want to attend.  The first one was held on 24 Sep, so if you read this now – surprise – YOU MISSED IT!  But, not to worry because they will have it again in Oct, Nov and Dec.  “After School and Roadies and Lost in Asia are having a party. We are all open at 2pm like usual and between 4pm and 7pm every time you buy a Ladies drink you can have a bite to eat. We will have Korean BBQ ( supplied by After School), American hotdogs and burgers (supplied by Roadies) and Aussie Snags (supplied by LIA). Any Ladies Drink in any bar gets you any of the food.
This is our first joint promo and will be running once a month until at least Christmas. you can rotate bars or just stay in one as the girls will be rotating. That is between 4-7pm you will see girls from all 3 bars in each bar. This could be a lot of fun……(Eh, only one problem, they did not provide the dates for the next three months so kind of do your own research on that.  When I get back in town I will find out for you.  It does sound like a good idea though)



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Folks, I note that there have been over 800 hits for my Oct column.  In my Sep column I announced that there would not be an Oct column because of being in Las Vegas for my cancer treatment.  I guess a few folks missed that.  Well, I will be back in AC by 13 Oct and will be working hard on my Nov column.  I had my final radiation treatment today, can’t talk worth a shit, throat sore as hell and it is difficult to eat, other than that I am in good shape.

I will be writing a bit in my breaking news to update you on the David Balmer murder investigation and explain why it is taking so long to issue warrants of arrest for two prime suspects.  It is a slow process.

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