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Local EXPAT Charlie Martin suffered a broken left elbow, lower right leg and broken ankle after he was hit by a drunk trike driver with no headlight last weekend.  The driver was caught, but that isn’t helping Charlie!” (I guess it does not matter how long you live in the Philippines you can not avoid these trike drivers.  They usually do not own the trike and have no insurance.  The only thing you can do is have the trike confiscated and hope the asshole starves to death.  I have heard that Charlie is planning to go to Guam to get patched up)



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TIMOTHY KAUFMAN – This is the name of the expat suspect in the murder of David Balmer and his girlfriend.  The police are putting out a wide net to capture this man.  This is the latest report I have received from sources.  
He is an American national.  They only have him on “electronic” surveilance meaning they are tracking his cell phone.  They have his location narrowed down to a cell site in Manila near the International Airport.  They are thinking that by releasing his name and photo the locals will spot him and report him.  Of course the airlines are all alerted to him.  Ditto for the shipping lines and bus stations.  The drag net is closing.  They should have him in 24-48 hours.



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Breaking news from josefaville 2 management, I will scan the paper tomorrow and send.  basicalliy says:  Car was white toyota Innova plate # RGX 264, rent a car.  Driver name Jesus Santos, already in custody at station 4.  Caucasian male passenger, Timothy Hafman.  They are said to be the perps caught on CCTV and identified by the guards Angie Buendia and Marcial Hellacone (Ex-employee, fired out after the event).   Lazatin and Pamintuan have ordered seperate investigations of the two. More to follow.




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The local Angeles City newspaper, Punto ran an article that should catch the interest of present and future investors of this project.  There has been a long history of problems and delays with the Lexus and the new investors that saved the building and worked hard to get it on the right track under the name of “The Penthouse” now finds it necessary to pursue further legal action in a new direction.  It will definitely benefit Angeles City to have the Penthouse on the path to completion so lets hope that this lawsuit will be settled quickly and in favor of its present investors.

Lexus to file administrative charges vs. HLURB execs

By Joey Aguilar  Punto newspaper, Sep 06, 2011
ANGELES CITY – Stock-holders and directors of Lexus Landholdings Group are set to file administrative charges against officials of the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board (HLURB)-Region 3 before the Office of the Ombudsman for gross ignorance of the law.
Aside from these charges, Lexus officials will also file separate civil actions against HLURB Arbiter Atty. Dunstan San Vicente and Regional Director Engr. Octavio Canta for issuing recently “a questionable decision that has adverse effects on us.”
“We were all shocked to learn that they found us guilty of administrative and criminal charges as well as civilly liable even if we’re not made parties in the civil actions filed by the complainants,” said the investors in a statement headed by Louis Yakich, a stockholder of Lexus and Yakich and Cuizon Corp.
He added that “this is an evident violation of due process since we were not made parties to the action, we were not summoned and were not given the opportunity to air our side on the charges against our company.”
Lexus Landholdings Group is the owner and developer of Lexus Condo and Hotel, a 12-storey hotel and condominium project in Santos Street, Barangay Balibago in this city.
Punto went to the HLURB-Region 3 office recently to get the side of San Vicente but one of his staff said in a statement that the “arbiter not at a liberty to discuss merits of the case because the decision is not yet final – subject to appeal.”
“It will be subjudice for him to discuss it at this point. The decision can still be reversed or modified upon appeal,” the statement said.
Based on documents obtained by Punto, Lexus was granted the Certificate of Registration and License to Sell the condominium project in September 2007. It started building the units and its pre-selling.
Lexus however failed to complete the project within one year but was granted extensions by the HLURB up to August 2010.
In March 2010 until August 2010, five condominium buyers (all foreigners) filed their individual complaints against the corporation (Lexus) for Specific Performance or Rescission of Contracts with Damages with the HLURB-Region 3 office in the City of San Fernando.
But the complainants did not include any of the directors, officers, stockholders, other persons in control of the project and the corporation as respondents in the civil case they filed.
“While the complaints are for Specific Performance with damages, hence a civil action, the HLURB incorporated administrative and criminal liabilities in the decision without proper charges, in violation of due process, and in violation of the rule on proper joinder of causes of action,” said Atty. Gener C. Endona, counsel of Lexus.

“Even the complaints filed against Lexus did not pray for any liability against the directors, officers, investors and persons managing Lexus,” he added.
Endona also questioned some alleged anomalies in the decision: He entered his appearance as counsel for Lexus in the HLURB Specific Performance cases only on July 26, 2011.
However, in the decision dated July 20, 2011, his name already appeared as the counsel for Lexus.
“Clearly, the decision could not have been signed by Atty. San Vicente and Engr. Canta on July 20, 2011,” Endona said
Records also showed that the decision was released only on August 17, 2011. Three weeks prior to this, Canta has been on leave of absence due to health reasons.  Until now, Canta is still on leave.
During the pendency of the five cases, Yakich and Cuizon Corp. (the owner and operator of Lewis Grand Hotel in Don Juico Avenue, Angeles City) and other stockholders acquired 95 percent of the shares of Lexus by virtue of Deeds of Assignment executed by the former stockholders of Lexus on March 21, 2011.
These new stockholders are actually original investors of the project. Records showed that when the project was abandoned by the former stockholders of Lexus, these investors continued to complete the project to protect their investments. From the original two floors constructed by the former stockholders, the present stockholders were able to complete eight floors in few months.
The new owners of Lexus then filed with the HLURB applications to change and alter the plans of the project (from 12 floors to 14 floors). They also filed an application to change the name of the project to “The Penthouse Condo, Hotel and Residences” at the HLURB-region 3 in July 2011.
However, the five complainants opposed Lexus move despite knowing that in their individual contracts to sell, they agreed to allow Lexus to apply for modifications, changes and alterations in the plans and even irrevocably appointed Lexus as the attorney-in-fact to make these changes.
Endona said that he has submitted all the documents and papers required by the HLURB.
He added that he also wrote several letters informing the HLURB to immediately resolve the applications “considering that it would greatly benefit the buyers, including the complainants, if the project is completed under the new improved plans.”
“This would also bring economic progress and benefits in Angeles City and the projected 100 workers to be employed in the project,” he said. Endona also disclosed that despite his everyday follow up, the HLURB did not act on the applications.



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As much as possible I am keeping abreast of the investigation of the double murder of David Balmer and his girlfriend.  Maj Tan and the investigators of Station Four are not slacking off on this case and, for sure, Richard Agnew is NOT a suspect.  I have received Emails in which some folks think he might be involved but I will stand by my conviction that this is not so.  The house remains a crime scene but Richard is till allowed to live there.  But, while this investigation is ongoing let us not forget our evil serial killer, Mark Dizon.  I cannot be there to attend his trial but I have asked a friend to do so if he could spare the time.  He was able to do so and his comments follow:

“I attended the latest Mark Dizon hearing in the pm.  It’s still being held at  the temp courtroom in Marisol.  On the stand was Maritz the neice of Al and Janet Mitchell.  She was finishing up her testimony for the prosecution.  The next hearing is on Sept 13 when she will take the stand for cross examination by the defense.  After her will come the medical examiner and PNP officials.  The trial dates are all on Tuesdays at 13:30.  All thru Sept, Oct, Nov, etc.  Dizon was there and  the Judge is the same as before, The prosecutor is still Alan Pasamonte, and Dizon has his Public Defender lady, I didn’t catch her name.  Alan said he is about half way thru his prosecution case.  The PD lady said she probably will call only Dizon for the defense.  No one else is willing to testify.

Dizon’s family have totally abandoned him.  No financial support, no visiting him, no attending the trial, etc.  They won’t even cooperate with the public defender lady in his defense.  Dizon is screwed.  He’s totally alone in this. There is a Filipino documentary crew that is filming the trial and collecting statements from anyone involved in the case.  The lady in charge said eventually they will make a documentary on this whole case.  I talked to Maritz for a while, she and Sharina are slowly getting their lives back on track.  The Mitchell house is being rented out.

I took some photos that I have attached.  Feel free to use them for a trial update.  Dizon put on a good face in the courtroom but he is fucked.  The Judge is a no nonsense guy.  He is in total control of the courtroom.  He gets up and roams around looking at Dizon, looking at the witness, looking at the evidence…..taking everything into account.  The prosecutor asks his questions and then the judge takes over and asks his own questions.  I am supremely confident Dizon will be found guilty in the Mitchell case.  But the other two cases (Oasis & Santa Maria) are not doing very well.  I have no real info on those cases.” (I had the same opinion after attending the trials before I left for the US. I am so happy to learn that Dizon is receiving no support from anyone.  It is too bad the Philippines no longer has the death sentence but hopefully, if found guilty, he will get a life sentence)



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Harry, Just letting you know Steve Baker who was the manager at Nero’s a few years back died of cancer, Stephen Thomas Baker 8th February 1949 – 8th July 2011 He had been over in the UK fighting cancer of the liver, limp glans and lungs, None of the treatments worked, He had been living in Cambodia, still being a one man band.  I went over there a few times to see him every year since he moved there, And was very close to him over here in England,  Just hoping you could let people know. Thanks, Danny.



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The victim was British National David Balmer and his wife.  I find this extremely distressing as I have known David ever since he first came to the Philippines.  He was indeed a close friend of Richard Agnew.  David was very quiet and quite reserved and had absolutely no enemies.  One theory is that maybe Richard Agnew was the intended victim but this is not confirmed.  I was contacted by his brother seeking information so hopefully I will be able to receive updates that I can pass on.  I wrote to Richard Agnew but no reply and sent a text to Maj Tan but no reply from him either.  This incident is tragic and quite sad.  The bastards who did this must be arrested or killed avoiding arrest.



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For two days I have been getting a few Emails and text messages about a double murder of an Expat and his girlfriend.  I have been waiting to get more specific details from various sources but so far all I know is that Dave (I do not know his last name or Nationality) from the Blue Nile and his live in girlfriend, Shiel, were shot to death while sleeping.  There has been a lot of controversy with the Blue Nile of late but so far no motive for the killings has been made.  It appears that robbery was not the motive.  I surely hope that the police, for a change, put active effort in their investigation of this horrific crime.  I will try to update as more details come available.



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Shane (Shaky) Stevens passed away this past week  There will be a Wake Tuesday. 30 August at 3 PM at Fiesta Gardens.  Shaky hung himself in a room at the Fiesta Gardens Hotel.  More specific details in my Sep column.



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US military veteran Dick Jones died on the morning of 21 August after a long fight with cancer in Jacksonville Fl.  Dick was well known here in the Angeles City Expat community.  It is with great sadness that we pass on our condolences to his family.

Dick was born February 7, 1943 in Alabama, he graduated from Vero Beach High School. He was a Vietnam Vet and after 20 years’ service he retired from the Air Force. He went on to work as a superintendent for American Battle Monument Commission where he spent the majority of his time overseas, Tunisia, France, Philippines.  After his second retirement he spent his time between the Philippines and traveling around the United States in his RV. He is survived by his wife  Mayen Jones, son Lawrance Jones, daughter Alexandra Paul and grandchildren Camdyn and Sophia Paul. More details to follow in the Sep TAPS section.



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An off-duty police officer is the main suspect in the killing of an 18-year-old Norwegian tourist of Filipino descent outside a bar in a Manila suburb where he tried to stop a fight, the chief investigator said on Wednesday. Police said Mikael Troy Johansen Rasay had left the bar with friends early Sunday when he saw a commotion across the street and tried to break up a fight between a man and a woman. Chief Inspector Rodelio Marcelo, head of the Criminal Investigation and Detection Unit of the Quezon City police, said that Rasay, who stood 6ft 3in and with an athletic build, knocked the man down in a fist-fight. A second man also fought with Rasay but the Norwegian teenager also knocked him down, Marcelo said.  Gunfire rang out moments later, and witnesses reported seeing another man chasing and shooting Rasay and reloading his pistol, he said.  He said Rasay slumped to the ground after he was hit three times in the back with two of the bullets exiting his body.  Marcelo said the suspect escaped in a car. Rasay died of his wounds after being brought to a hospital and another person was wounded by a stray bullet. Investigators recovered about a dozen spent shells from a 9mm pistol at the scene.
He said the man who was wounded and a security guard at a nearby establishment were able to identify the gunman from a picture obtained from the national police headquarters. A woman companion of Rasay was expected to also identify the suspect, who is a Manila officer.
Marcelo told the Associated Press the police will file a murder complaint against the suspect. State prosecutors will conduct preliminary investigations to determine if there is enough evidence to bring the case to court. Rasay’s father, Joseph Troy Rasay, urged the suspect to surrender. “We want to know why he shot my son in the back. Mikael was unarmed,” he said. “He made sure my son was dead by shooting him in the back.”  He said his son is the eldest of his three children and was a college student in Oslo.  He said his son was fond of his home country and arrived on 16 July for a vacation and was scheduled to return home to Norway on Monday.
“He said, ‘Papa, … I want to show my friends in Norway how beautiful it is in the Philippines’” he told the AP.  Dozens of friends and relatives have flocked to the Rasay family home in Tanza township in Cavite province near Manila for the wake.
(This is another example of out of control policemen abusing the privilege of being issued weapons.  All too often these ego maniacs in uniform are involved in murdering innocent civilians.  I hate to say this, but being a good Samaritan in the Philippines is not a good idea.  Never, never get involved in any altercation involving Filipinos, especially if they are drinking.  Hell, they even kill each other over silly arguments much less a foreigner.) http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2011/aug/03/philippines-police-officer-suspect-norwegian


Bar Manager Arrested

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I guess you could call this one of those “Most Stupid Ideas” for one Club Manager in Angeles City.  His name is Joseph Y. Gibson Vastine alias “Jimmy”.  He is known in Angeles City as “Daddy Jimmy” at the Bunny Ranch.  The following newspaper article was brought to my attention today:

“Some P10 million worth of high-grade cocaine was seized from suspected big-time drug pushers, including an American, during a buy-bust operation last Sunday night in the city.

Two kilos of cocaine were confiscated by the combined team of the Taguig City Police and the Philippine National Police Anti- Illegal Drug Special Operation Task Force(AIDSOTF) headed by Supt. Leonardo Suan from the suspects identified as Jose Gibson, Jimmy Albert Joaquin and Edilberto Ty, both of Samar.

The suspects were arrested at the basement parking area of Market Market mall at Global City in Taguig.

The P10-million cocaine deal involved the pushers and the poseur buyer who was a member of the AIDSOTF.

Suan said he believed the drugs were part of the big volume of cocaine which was thrown out of the sea coast off Samar to evade arrest from pursuing US Drug enforcement agents while at sea and was later fished out by some fishermen.

Suan also disclosed the drugs were seized from the American who said it was his first time to do an illegal transaction.

The three suspects were immediately brought to the office of the AIDSOTF at Camp Crame to undergo interrogation after making a coordination with the Taguig Police chief Senior Supt. Tomas Apolinaryo.

Meanwhile, Taguig City Mayor lauded the successful operation that led to the arrest of the pushers.  The PNP AIDSOTF said there is no let-up in running after drug offenders in the city. SOURCE: The Daily Tribune  (I have no sympathy for this character.  Maybe he is looking for sympathy saying it was “his first time”.  I am willing to bet it will be his last time as well.  My goodness, how stupid could one be or should I say “greedy”.  This is a big time bust so I could say that for a first time step into the drug trade he jumped in all the way.  Maybe he will come up with some excuse like he was an innocent bystander and did not know what was going on.  This is one incident I would like to follow to see what happens to “Daddy Jimmy”.  I suspect that he may end up with a new very long term address)



September 2011

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Welcome to my first day of radiation treatment for my vocal cord cancer.  By the time you read this I will have finished my 7th today, and then 21 more to go.  The first day right up to the 7th was a breeze.  No after affects at all, feeling good.  In fact, I joined the gym here and decided to lose some weight if I could as my gut was getting bigger.  Too much eating, damn those buffets and going out to dinners.  Hey, the food is so good and so many choices.  But, I figured that enough was enough and I had to try stay in shape or die of a heart attack on the table.  In fact, I told the technician that the table they laid me out on was like the ones they embalm bodies on in the funeral parlor.  I thought each time I was laid out they were going to have a priest on stand-by.  In the back of my mind I remembered that my Oncologist, Dr. Maria B. Quisumbing, a nice looking Filipina, nice smile, told me that I should eat well and not lose weight because I would have a very sore throat later on in my treatment.  Then my radiation oncology doctor (Brian Lawenda, 21st Century Oncology) told me the same thing. Hey, I’m from New York, stubborn, right.  I figured I paid 90 dollars to join this super gym here for three months, I had to use it.  I was going to go three times a week but or more but after three straight days, I stopped, started again, stopped again.  Then a few days ago I started up and was kind of proud of myself.  Plus I was cutting down on my eating and for breakfast was putting down a “smoothie” with all sorts of fruit mixed in.  Well, on the 29th I go in for radiation and the technician weighed me and I told her I was trying to lose weight and was going to the gym.  Holy shit, man did I get my ass chewed out.  She told me in no uncertain terms, ABSOLUTELY NOT!”  She said I had to gain weight, no exercise, or very limited.  She was very specific and then told me that pretty soon I would not be able to eat much because my throat would be burning and extremely sore and that it would last through the end of the radiation treatment and at least a month or more afterwards.  She said I had to eat, fill up on carbs, etc., and if the doctors found out I was trying to lose weight they would be quite upset.  This time the message got through to me and I began to realize that these easy first couple of weeks with no ill effects would not last.  I was set to be quite unhappy in the very near future.  Now my son has stopped bugging me to lose weight and Priscilla, of course, told me “I told you so”.  So, shit what could I do?  After treatment we went to the original Pancake House at the Green Valley Ranch Hotel/Casino where I went for the piggies in the blanket and a tart with strawberries and whipped cream.  For supper I made sure I reluctantly ate three scoops of ice cream.  Tomorrow, banana splits will be consumed, steaks, roast beef, spaghetti, lasagna, etc., will follow.  I will be in shape for radiation, as well as a heart attack, diabetes, hardening of the arteries, high cholesterol, swollen feet but hey, if I croak and they give me an autopsy the doc will say, “he died, but damn, he sure did eat well before hand.

So, there I am, on the table with my personalized mask they made for me.  The good news is I get to keep that mask and can use it for my Halloween haunted house on 31 Oct. The lady who chewed me out is Karen from Kansas, pictured with me on the table.  They make them tough in Kansas, but really, she is very nice and has a good personality.  What I appreciate so very much is the many readers of this column that have taken the time to send me encouraging notes.  I can’t list them all but some names I did chat down; Tony Power, Graham Le bherz, Robert Harris, Mark Strother, David Albright, Dennis Shima, James Owens, Al MacDermid, Christopher Von Deppe, David Williams, Earl honeycutt, John O’Connor, Jimmy Walden, Paul Grace, Tom Deasey, members of the Rotary Club of Club Centennial, some of the ladies of the Thi Hi Club (Text Messages), Keith Heit,  Shane (Gentlemen’s Club), Victor Dufort, Chuck Guinn, Stu Sherman, Jimmy Collins, Tony Sorrentino, Walter Menecke, Charlie Barnes, Jim Winterbottom, Nick Teta and so many, many more.  It really has helped to keep my spirits up.
As you know, any trip to Las Vegas would not be complete for me until I met with “the old guys” at the BX food court.  This time was even more special as they were so supportive with their advice and good will.  They are good friends and it is always such a pleasure to see them and their wives.  As you can see, we kept the wives at a separate table this time so they could have their own chit-chat while we guys could, as usual, relive memories and remember those members that are not around to be with us anymore.  From left to right we have Walter, Jack, Charles, Ray and Jim.  Additionally, not with us at the table but still sending regards to “Rhino” living in Virginia who is married now.
When I was here in April I wanted to see two shows, “They Jersey Boys” and “Terry Fator” but was not able to do so.  This time, while my sister was here from New York visiting me she treated us to the “Jersey Boys” and it was a terrific show, every seat filled.  Then I returned the favor by treating her to the “Terry Fator” show which was equally good but in a much different style.  I was a fan of Terry ever since I saw him as the winner on the America has Talent show a couple of years ago.  It may seem like I am here for a vacation instead of medical treatment but what happened is that I arrived on 26 Jul had my first doctors appointment on the 27th and then appointments with other doctors and tests.  After that I had to wait two weeks for the radiation to start.  Naturally, I was not expecting this to take so long but it appears that this is the normal process and they are very careful with the preparations leading up to the actual treatment.
Now, bear with me.  I am inserting a picture here of a wonderful senior lady who hails from Montana.  I don’t know if I have any readers from Montana but I had
the opportunity to have a spontaneous meeting with the jovial Betty Dutch from Montana outside of the Casino where we had just seen the Jersey Boys show.  I was sitting on the bench waiting for our car when these three ladies came up and I started joking with Betty. Telling her to sit down next to me and she could be my girlfriend for the night.  It was all in fun and we all had a few laughs.  Betty’s husband had passed away recently and she told me how they used to get out of Montana every year during the winter season.  I forgot to ask her which town in Montana she hailed from but we took some pictures and I am pretty sure she has no knowledge of this column but I wanted to include her picture anyway.  Now, she is a bit senior to the ladies I usually give a hug to in the Thi-Hi but by golly, I think we both had a bit of fun neither one of us will forget.  Take care Betty Dutch, thanks for the memory.



Hi Harry, I have been reading your newsletter for years but never have I even though about writing to you, but when reading the March one today a name popped up. The piece by Norman Weston From Blackall Qld. If you don’t know, Blackall is right in the middle of Queensland and as I have never been there I will stand corrected on that. I guess it’s a small outback Qld town so when I saw the name Norman Weston from there it must be the same guy that I done my cooking training with when we were in the National Service (army) in 1970. We were good mates over the 3 months course and only ever seen him once after that when we when through jungle training center in Canungra.


I looked up his name in the Qld white pages and a address and phone number was there. Well it is not so easy for me to ring him as I now live in Dumaguete City Negros Or. I am not sure how you go about things like giving out email addresses, but if would be so kind to give me his it would be much appreciated so I can drop him a line.

I first came to the PI in 1979 and spent a lot of time here in the early ’80′s until I got married in’87. I always moved around the islands but spent a lot of time in Balibago (AC) but Dumaguete was my favorite place and I always knew that some day I would finish up living here. Keep Smiling, Greg Cuke. (Sorry Greg, I do not keep the Email addresses but am putting your comments here in the hope that Norman will respond to me and I will send him your address, eh, if I don’t lose it)

Now that the NBI is arresting Americans, and others, merely for being a customer in a bar, why would any tourists ever come here again?

And it’s not surprising that the US Embassy didn’t do anything of any substance. They could not care less what happens to a citizen/taxpayer. When an American is arrested, he is entitled to a visit from an Embassy/Consulate representative. The customer most certainly was arrested, having been shipped from Angeles to Manila and held in custody for 19 hours.  We also need to know what to do in such a situation. Call Attorney Duro? Call the Mayor? Call the Philippine Tourism Agency? Call the US Embassy (ha ha)?
On the other hand, we shouldn’t have to know what to do. Why is it suddenly against the law for a tourist merely to be a customer in a bar? That is absurd, and defies logic and common sense.  Thanks for publicizing this extremely rotten way to treat a visitor to the country. Tourists should now be warned to stay completely away. I wonder if this warning will be added to the next Department of State bulletin — to not only be aware of terrorists, but also to be aware of the Philippine government, too.  John Sanders (John, I am hoping that with the reorganizing of the ABAC and the negative publicity the CIDG received that the incidents of illegally detaining customers will not be repeated.  At least we can hope so.  It was a stupid thing for them to do)

Dear Horse, a travelogue or road test in answer to your request for inside news on Babydolls, Pattaya. I was once an avid Philippines addict but have not been since Xmas 1999, brought the new century in at Premier Hotel [Jocelyn where are you] and I often stayed at Fiesta Garden and was great mates with Bluey Richardson until I barfined his ex girlfriend and brought her back to the hotel. Anyway to Pattaya, Sodom and Gommorah by the sea, Babydolls is a big bar, managed by Ricky, a very affable and competent old school Englishman,from the time when that meant something.The girls and staff seem to stay a long time,which says a lot for the management and it pays off with a relaxed attitude in the bar. Entering the bar to the left is a double gym mattress with two girls on it naked, armed with dildoes and vibrators and customers seated around it offering advice and help. Next is the main stage with about fifteen girls, probably two naked, half topless but all wearing Very Short skirts and no knickers. Further in is a very large Jaccuzzi with a shower with two girls in it naked of course, shooting blocks of ice into unwary watchers drinks. I have barfined two girls from here, beutiful girls with great attitudes. Another bar not far away is Windmill with a similar format but a smaller bar and the management and staff are not so welcoming. Both of these bars are only metres from Secrets, a glorious bar but no monkey business there. I suggest anyone visiting also go Pattaya Beer Garden which sits out over the bay, and soi six much like Subic City (Calapandayan] in days of old [Be still my foolish heart] Cannot close off on Pattaya without mentioning Tims bar on second rd always a good place with continuous rock and roll on a big screen. Harry ,I hope at last I get to the good news, I have had cancer three times, prostate cancer and Lymphoma twice. They were all very early stage and have been treated successfully so far which says a lot for early diagnosis. Horse, I do not know if I will make it over to the stable because I am obviously involved in Pattaya, and the P.I. is getting very negative press these days, but if I do I will bring you some white onions and tomatoes like you aint seen before, regards Bill Buqem.  (Man, that is a very interesting description of the “Baby Doll” bar and if I can ever get to Pattaya without Mrs Horse I would certainly love to check it out.  To think that the authorities here get so hyper about the very sedate entertainment on Fields Ave.  We are only R rated here)

Hi Harry, Just read the current “Harry the Horse”. Very sorry to hear of the cancer problem, however I believe you are in the best place for the most successful treatment.  Remember we members of the Knights of the Brown Ring “KOBR” can survive anything. Remember the old fun days we had. Am enclosing a photo of some us getting ready to celebrate Australian Vietnam Veterans Day here at Whyalla RSL Club which is August 18th. Keep on reporting, RAY “1 STOP”.  (Oh boy Ray, I certainly remember those Saturday fun days.  I was glad to hear from you and am inserting your picture here so your many friends here can have an update on were you are.  I hope to be back in AC sometime in Oct, my treatment should be finished by then, I hope)

Harry, Good Day Sir! I am writting this to let you and your readers know that Angeles is not the only place in PI that foreigners are being targeted by criminal groups. Hopefully our city’s situation will get some outside help as did Angeles in the CIDG clean up! I am ex- US coastie and have settled here in Alaminos City, Pangasinan from Big Island Hawaii since 2005. My wife is from a nearby town. We were lured here by the business friendly promises for investors by the then incoming administration, as were most of the other foreign investors here! I have been reading your great columns ever since. This is my first time to contact you, and I wish it was over a better subject! This is a Tale of Two City’s of sorts! One city with Law and Order for the local Filipino investors and another city with open season on the foreign investors! I own and operate Hundred Islands Ocean Sports here in Alaminos City with my wife of eleven years and our two children 4 & 6. I shipped my equipment along with Parasailing and Sport fishing boats from Hawaii at great expense (customs fees), and we also purchased a place to do business here on the waterfront in Brgy Lucap, Hundred Islands, I like most of the foreign business owners here we have invested allot of money into our PI business. Many residents say the Alaminos City administration seems to have turned a blind eye on a politically / police connected criminal group that has been operating extorting money from foreign business owners for over two years now. Alaminos City residents have brought complaints and facts as to this groups criminal activities to the attention of the city Mayor, Administrator, and Chief of Police,but to date nothing seems to have been done to address this evidence of lawlessness in their city. This is leading many residents to believe the group enjoys immunity! This group has demanded payment of money from several foreign owned hotel / resort / tourist related businesses saying it is owed commission and saying their establishments will be either bombed or burnt to the ground if not paid to them! I was told one such case involved an elderly lady in her 70′s and owner of a resort hotel here being intimidated to the point that some say she ended up paying (hundreds of thousands), in what some here call ” The Ransom to do business in Brgy Lucap, Alaminos City. Another form of intimidation being used by them is to file false charges against the foreign business owners and then demand extortion money to be paid so the false charges are dropped. I have personaly been charged with Attempted Rape from one of the groups girlfriends. In her orginal Bargy Blotter she stated that I “Touched her shoulder and forced her to hug me” !  Then in the Brgy complaint she changed her story to “He touched my breast” . Then they filed a police report with their police contacts that changed again to ” He held my shoulder with his right hand and then held a knife to my throat and with his lefthand felt me all the way down to my vagina and attempted to rape me! Well if you read this police report carefully you realize I would need three hands to acompish what they claim! Needless to say they have contacted me numerous times saying if I pay them 500,000 peso the case will go away!! Since I have refused to pay the extortion money they have filed a case against my wife, also Grave Threat. It also started out in a Brgy blotter the same way, only claiming that my wife said “she will call the police and they were liars!” When the complaint was elevated to the Alaminos City police, no less than the Chief of Police himself assisted them with and signed the report, where once again they changed their story to harbor a more serious charge! What seems to have many residents beliving that this group is operating under immunity, is the fact that no matter how obviously false and fabricated the criminal charges filed by this group are, the prosceutor’s office seems to follow their lead and resolve the cases in the favor of the gang members. The alledged leader of this group carry’s a CIDG ID card with his picture on it and a 45 Cal. and he uses both to intimidate everyone here. This card was given to him by one of his CIDG PO 3 contacts, who also on one occasion alledgedly discharged his firearm 16 times in a one hour period during a drinking sesson on a sunny Sunday afternoon at a local resort owned by the alledged gang leader. This was done in the heart of the Alaminos City tourist wharf area. The then Brgy Capt who witnessed the shooting incident from my adjoining property called the PNP who responded. The mayor, city administrator and chief of police were immediatley informed in writing (attached with certified police report) of the incident. To date over one year later it would seem nothing has been done! Only a PNP letter asking for a conciliation meeting has been issued (Blue Wash!) These 16 bullets had to land somewhere within the crowded tourist area, thank God no one was hit and injured or killed. As you can see these criminal elements are not limited to Angeles they are alive and well in Alaminos City also. Please Reply if you receive this! Aloha James O’Brien (This is one of the most disturbing messages I have ever received.  To me, it is a horror story and reflects all that can be worrisome for foreigners who decide to invest and live in a third world country with a reputation for extreme corruption. This is far beyond any such activity in AC, thank goodness.  I would think that Mr. O’Brien and his fellow associates must go beyond the authorities in Alaminos to get any kind of justice.  To write of such occurrences in Alaminos City certainly reflects the frustration and hopelessness felt by James.  I think I am fortunate to not be an investor in Aliminos City, a location which make Angeles City seem like the Vatican).

I received the information below from good friend Victor D.  This is something the Mayor should be reading as well as the American Ambassador and even Hillary Clinton and all the other folks that like to paint Angeles City as “sin city”.  I never heard of any local businessmen or government officials taking the time to help the ladies here with their medical problems.  This lady, Crystal, though being deaf took a job as a dancer in the Det. 5 Club and was able to meet a customer that went out of his way to help her regain her hearing.  There were no strings attached, just an act of kindness and also with the help of Daddy Danny, the owner of the Club.  Normally, acts like this from customers and even Club owners are never mentioned publicly, and believe me, there have been many such acts over the long years the Clubs have been here.  I am very pleased to be able to pass on this information to the readers of this column. Thank you Danny for your permission allowing me to do this.

“The best news ever!!!! Crystal….our deaf mute girl can hear now! One of our customers took her to a hearing specialist to see what her actual problem was. Well it turns out her left ear could be fitted with a hearing aid. Her right ear can still not hear. He paid for transportation, food, and lodging for her and her grandmother to go see the hearing specialist several times. He than paid close to 35,000 pesos for the actual hearing aid. 5 days ago she heard her first sounds. It will be a couple of months before she can learn simple sounds and maybe with the right therapy will be able to talk. She’s like a little baby hearing sounds for the first time in her life. So guys be careful what you say to her….hahaha.”

I think you might want to visit Danny at the Det 5 Club to say hello to him and, of course, Crystal.  The club is open from 1:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. (sometimes later), Local drinks….60 pesos, Lady drinks….115 pesos ALL DAY AND ALL NIGHT!!!!!!!!  How To Get to Det.5?  Det.5 is located right next to Candy Bar. If not familiar with Candy Bar than as you are heading towards Perimeter once you pass the Petron gas station you will see Sunset Gardens Hotel. Keep going past the hotel (which is rather long) and once passed look to your left. You will see a group of bars starting with Sunshine Bar. Than you will see TripleXXX followed by Bare Assets and then finally Det.5.”

Harry, I sent a message through the board, but not sure if you got it or not. I read in your latest column about the guy trying to get an extension for his VISA to stay longer than 21 days. There is an easier way to do the process rather than go to BI in Manila. A person can have this done before leaving NAIA, before you get to passport control, if they go to the far left side (the OFW counter) there is an open door right before you reach the counter, go inside there and they will find another counter and there you can have your extension completed, takes all of about 15-20 minutes and cost 3000php. You can obtain a 60 day extension right there on the spot, then you just simply go through passport control and BAM you are done. Hope this helps the readers. Thanks, Andrew Tewell.

Hello harry i would like to tell you about my trip to Angeles city its been 2years from my last trip and all I can say Angeles city is not what it was… ladies drinks 300p or more. I believe this alone has changed the girls attitude (girls make 100p per drink or more) and now the Koreans arriving in the 100s every day and many studying there and working i found the girls are now more picky than ever.  I am 47 years old, some will say i look young for my years…. the best time i had was the girls i met from the Filipina heart which i thought was a bit of a risk but was not the case.  All were better than any bargirl the bars like honey kos, touch of class, eruption, are still the go but that walker street, forget it. i arrived there on the 29th of june, just after the raids, maybe that had something to do with it or could it be angeles city is like an old bar girl who just had her hey days and now showing her age. i also found most girls wanted to leave after the deed, I like that anyway cause i can just go and get more …but i know most guys don’t like the girl leaving early. Like i say, i have been coming to angeles since 1989 from the age of 25, i cannot work it out but angeles city seems to have lost its flame, maybe it is time to find something new. Graham R.  (Graham, Yes, AC has changed.  The town has grown, the rules have changed and for sure, attitudes have changed as well.  It is not all bad, one has to adjust to the times and there are still good times to be found and that special lady can still be right around the corner.  But those old dirt roads, small shanty bars, cheap booze and women are gone.  The entertainment is still available but it is now “R” rated.  I cannot predict the future but for now, well, AC still beckons and for many visitors the trip is still worth the money.  Come and enjoy it before it changes too much)

Hi Harry, just writing to thank you for finally making the climb up the stairs of Gentlemans club.  I am a recent convert to the joys of pinay girls, june last year was first trip to Phils, and only discovered this great establishment by chance.  On the flight from Bundaberg to Brisbane I was lucky enough to sit beside Shane’s sister who told me all about her brother & his club (well maybe not all)  Anyway, the trip was to meet a girl I had met online (that’s another story for another time) but long story short, thought I should catch up with a fellow Bundy boy so I went to the club & now it’s my favourite drinking hole anywhere, would love to buy it if I had the money, checked out a few others around Phils while I was there.  Also thanks for the photo with my new girlfriend sitting right in front.  If you managed to talk with Lyn I’m sure you will agree she is a great catch & I know I am very lucky to have met her.  Unfortunately due to a disasterous year thanks in no small way to the floods at Christmas I have not been able to get back there but I am hoping to return soon & bring Lyn back home with me.  Wish me luck.  Good luck with your treatment in the US, I will make an effort to come & see you on my next trip.  Keep up the great newsletter.  Jeff E.   (I guess if I had the money I would buy into the Gentlemen’s Club as well.  It is a turn key purchase and I believe it will give a good return on investment.  I certainly hope you can make it back here in the near future and wish you success in your Lyn project.  I expect to be back in AC by early October if all goes well.)

Harry, gday mate i have been reading with interest the goings on in angeles & i have a opinion. i think the bars are now suffering from their own success. When i managed mistys between 1999-2001 the bars were simplistic,  small with a lot of charm..the most popular bars in those days were champagne,la bamba, roadhouse, illusions, mistys etc.. i remember when neros was being built it was going to change the image of fields forever ..i was right it was the first of the mega bars soon followed by blue nile, Camelot,, golden nile etc.,,the dancers became more like cabaret dancers very hi tech..in short angeles entered the 21st century..the one thing i learnt when i managed there was to keep a low profile, always to respect the locals & always remember we were visitors in their country.. in my opinion the more high profile the bars & hotels are the more they come under the attention of the locals…it also is obvious that its only us dopey westerners who are politically correct about human rights, im sure the koreans don’t care about that rubbish also the internet does not do the place any favors, im afraid i think we have seen the best of angeles.. trying to turn it into a las vegas style holiday destination has failed.  It will soon be a destination for koreans only….mick mares (Ah Mick, to some degree I agree with you and will be curious to see how things develop here. Right now I am more concerned with the dollar rate to the peso.  Fortunately there are some smaller bars to visit, especially along Perimeter Road and some nice sports bars have come along.  I have noticed that the Koreans seem to have decided to move their interests closer to Fields Ave.  I hope that remains at a snails pace)

More Villa Sol Drama-

This is an Email to John Casey, resident, Villa Sol:  John, my name is Ron Gilbert and I have been living in Villasol for more than five years and like many residents am not happy with the way the VHRAI administration is treating its” members.” I have just read briefley the  Philippine Regulation Act No. 9003 under which VHRAI is supposed to operate.
There is no doubt that a Waste Management Plan is legal and from what I can understand it is to be formed by or under the the control of the City or Municipality [Page 14 of act 9003]. Page 37 of the act under “Authority to Collect Solid Waste Management  Fees” states only the fees related directly to the plan ” Collection of Solid Waste” are to be collected. I could find nothing in the act  which gives these people the power to charge for -gates-lighting, security or anything else they may think of in the future.
If you look at the large sign on the side of their garbage truck you will see where they say that they are working under the Philippine Regulation Act 9003. Hoping this little bit of info will be useful, Ron G.

Email from John Casey – Villa Sol Resident:   A meeting of the Association has just finished and the Barangay Captain or any City Council Members did not attend despite our being told they would be present. The question of the City Council
resolution was brought up and we were told not to mind that because the City Council listened to one side only. We offered to pay the P100 for garbage collection as we did before but the Association wants to inspect our property to see if we can afford the P350 as they insist on pushing their security service. I do not understand how they can insist the residents ignore a City Council resolution and demand that
the council members or baragay officials come to their meeting to be told the other side. I would think that they should attend a City Council Meeting and speak there. I am thinking of asking Willie Rivera about it as he has a seat on the council. We would attend a meeting but I can not find out where or when they are held. Perhaps Willie can inform me Monday. They are claiming 450 members and we know from
discussions with people working with the Association that many are in arrears and have no intention of paying anymore. They are far from a majority in the subdivision and their suggesting that we ignore a council resolution tells how they operate. They use their corporate papers as a justification to do as they please and the law be damn.
Some residents are letting the garbage pile up and the smell is horrific and they are refusing to let their wealthier neighbors pay their fees as they want to stand on principle. While not the uprising I was hoping for the “Resistance”grows steadily. On security they want to limit vehicles while allowing unabated foot traffic at all hours.
This is security? Sounds like a load of BS to get money out of the residents. They admitted they started this corporation with insufficient funds and are relying on dues from the members whether said members are willing or not. They also admit that denial of garbage collection is used as the only way to get members to join.

Harry, The Homeowners and Residents Association is indeed legal as we have checked their paperwork and all is in order. We do not wish to dissolve the organization as we would rather ignore it. It is the way they conduct their business that is disturbing. The notice of their
meeting was in Tagalog and not English as I believe is required of
legal notification and I was unaware of the importance or purpose of
the flyer that was put on the gate. The act of denying essential services to coerce one into buying a unnecessary service is blatantly illegal and will not stand the test of law. Having  legal corporate
papers and a Mayors permit does not allow one to operate in any manner one wishes in pursuit of wealth. It is quite possible that lacking success in another round of visits to City Councilors and the Association we may have to bring charges and seek a TRO. John Casey.

Hey Harry, Another great time in Angeles City, thanks for all you and your staff do. I hope things are going OK in your treatment. On my last day I was approached by the American beggar scum. Amazing that in a place where the people are so poor there are jerks like this ready to steal from anyone.  I have attached a picture, hope you will put it in your column, I wish we could get the word out to more people, I am sure some sucker gets sucked in to his lies often. Not sure if telling the police would have helped, you know I am still learning the ropes in the Philippines. Thanks, Dave W. (Thanks Dave, I try to get updated photos of this character and I see he is using his lady with a kid in his scam and she tries to hide her face.  Folks, do not give any money to this charlatan, he is a lying con-man.  The police will not do anything because he has not broken any laws.  One day he will mess up as he has been known to threaten people but so far no one has pressed any charges against him.  He is one evil asshole that keeps trying to change his physical image)

Harry, Many thanks for all your hard work in putting togeather your monthly news report. I’ve visited Angeles many times and regreat that I haven’t visited your establishment, but that will change on my next visit. I’m a fan of your news product and appreciate the effort you put in it to inform the public at large. You are the man an May God bless and keep you safe. V/R Walt Meyers San Antonio, Texas.  (Walt, go Texas, I love San Antonio, home of Lackland AFB and stores with great hot sauces for sale.  Thank you so much for your good words.  After my radiation treatment the Horse might be a bit hoarse but I am determined to continue with the column, even while here in Vegas.  I enjoy being here again but you better believe that I will be glad to get back to AC, hopefully in early July.  Meanwhile, I will enjoy the good weather, food and entertainment here.  But, for sure, I miss the good ladies that I get to interact with in the AC Clubs and my many friends there.  Thanks for writing)

Harry, last month I  asked you the whereabouts or history-  of a one- Shane Rickie. I was correct, he did work as a manager for several bars in Angeles – Balibago. Sadly, due to this kind of work, and the excess alcohol he consumed, he died from liver problems, about 5 years ago.
One of your readers, emailed me with this information. It came as a shock to me, to receive the email. Your reader was one of Shane’s best friends. Well, I showed the email, to my friend – who happens to be Shane’s son. But, through his mother’s second marriage, he had not seen his father for many, many years. My friend was so happy, and could not believe that I had obtained the information. It has given him, some closure. I was not able to find out where Shane is interred, but I was able to find out his wife’s name, and where she works. Hopefully, I will track her down.
So, from me and my friend, a very big thank you. Your news letters are very powerful, and it is apparent , they are compulsive reading for locals and ex- pats alike. John O’Connor. (John, I am so sorry that the news could not have been positive instead of sad.  I am pleased that my message resulted in bringing you up to date and that it reached his son.  I surely do thank the man who wrote you with the information that was able to bring a closure to a mystery. It is results like this that encourages me to continue with my column and I am so proud of those readers that are able to respond to queries from readers such as you;  Thank you John for the update.)

Harry, just ran into an american black man panhandling near hensonville jeepney terminal. middle aged, about 6’2″. Carrying a back pack. First time I saw him. jim q. (Jim, maybe the recession is hitting some expats and this begging shit is catching on.  I may give it a try when I get back in order to get back some of the money I spent on this trip.  I could start up a “Expats Beggars Union” and redistribute their earnings into my pocket.  

Harry, I meant to send this email to you last month, but my Comclark connection was broken. You may not remember me, I came to see you last January, we sat talking in your dart room whilst you ate dinner.  I might stick in your mind because I was conversing with your staff in Tagalog. I wanted to know the contact details of Blue Nile’s owner, you didn’t have them at that time. I went on to tell you how a Blue Nile waitress had stolen 500 peso from my change after I’d paid with 1000 peso bill.  When I pointed out the discrepancy, three other waitresses appeared and said they had all witnessed me give her 500 peso.  I asked for the manager and was told there is no manager, only a mamasan.  I bring this up now because the mamasan treated me in exactly the same way Kurt Gieger describes in Crystal Palace in your July issue.

It wasn’t that I wanted to complain to Blue Nile’s owner, I couldn’t really, the thieves refused to let me see their ID.  I just wanted to tell the owner what was going on in his business.

Bar owners invest millions in these clubs and a small minority of bad people can ruin it.  A simple solution would be to make every waitress write the amount given on the back of the drink bill and show it to the customer.  In R&B and Klub Bossa the customer has to sign each drink bill.  These two places are owned by Filipinos, who obviously know how to avoid these problems.

The most offensive and humiliating part of this experience was the attitude of the thieves.  They smiled at me as if to say, “go on, do something, and we’ll have the police lock you up, then you’ll have to pay us to get out, or we’ll have you kicked to within an inch of your life, like that poor guy outside Dollhouse”. Whenever I’m invited to go barhopping now, I always say, “sure, but I’m not going to Blue Nile”,it’s a shame, I was a regular customer there and I’m sure I’m only one of many victims.

To summarize Harry, I don’t want people to see this as negative criticism, it’s not, I’m just trying to help.  If bar owners would put in one of the above systems it would benefit everyone. Take away the temptation to cheat and steal, that’s my message. Regards, Paul Grace.  (The owner of the Blue Nile is an Australian named Larry.  He is a nice guy who I am sure would listen to you.  I think that if I gave a thousand peso note to a waitress, based on your experience and others, I would emphasize to the waitress that this is a one thousand peso note and make sure others heard me.  That might help but I can acknowledge that all too often customers are victims of short changing and not only in the bars.)

Harry, my last visit to Clark was in 2005.  I stayed at a place called Kokomo’s.  They had in room computers. Not any more though.  Do you know of any hotel that will provide a computer in the room.  I do not own a laptop.  I do not want to use the computer in public view. Gideon.  (Sorry Gideon, I do not have that information.  I will put your question into my column and see what replies I get). 


The ABC Hotel has been known as a high class hotel, not only in Angeles City but all over the world.  Aiming to provide high class comfort with convenience, it is situated at the heart of world renowned entertainment district and easily accessible anywhere in the world by the presence of Diosdado Macapagal International Airport.  With the success of ABC Hotel, it is but proper to put up more rooms to accommodate more valued guests who “only live once”.  With almost 2 years in the making, The ABC Tower was built. The new tower is outfitted with 40 luscious rooms never before seen in the world.  With controllable mood lights for the bed, separate shower with round tubs, 40” LCD TVs, sound bar, walk-in closets, high-speed internet access and computer desks among others, we’ll make sure that this feels like home away from home.  We are proud to say that we are the only hotel that has high water pressure that could fill guest’s tub within 2 minutes.  Also, full-length windows let the sun in for natural light and offer panoramic views of Mt. Arayat, Mt. Pinatubo and the Zambales Mountain Range.
In addition, very well-trained staff will make guests feel welcome and at home upon checking-in until they check-out.  We set the bar in assuring the best customer service to guarantee a memorable stay that will make want to come back again and again. If you have questions about this,  feel free to email us at info@angelesbeachclubhotel.com or give us a call at 63458922222 or 09175118685. We are looking forward to greeting you to our first class hotel and making sure your stay at the ABC will be a memorable one.  Jeannie Quizon, Sales and Marketing Officer,  “You Only Live Once…” Angeles Beach Club Hotel

Harry,  My last visit to Clark was in 2005.  I stayed at a place called Kokomo’s.  They had in room computers. Not any more though.  Do you know of any Hotels that offer in room computers or laptops for customer use.  I do not want to use the computer in public view.  Gideon -  gdnomega@hotmail.com  (Gideon, off hand I do not know which hotels offer that convenience but as promised have inserted your question here so people can respond to you directly.  When I return to the PI I plan to make my spare laptop available to guests when needed.  Most of my customers bring their own laptops when traveling but there are exceptions) 

For USAF Military Retirees:  I was able to go on base and get my new ID card that no longer has my social security number on it.  Instead it has a DOD number and I was told that in the near future, everyone must have this new ID card even though retirees do not have an expiration date.  One thing I did not know is that in the near future to gain access to any base the guard will swipe you card through some sort of box to allow entry.  No doubt this will slow down traffic entering a base but if you do not have the new ID you will have to stop at Pass and ID to gain entry.  I was glad I was able to get my ID here instead of in the Philippines where I am sure the procedure will be a bit more inconvenient to attain.

After reading your column for a couple years, I finally had the opportunity to stop in for a couple drinks and a game of pool with my fiance’ and one of her girlfriends who lives in AC.  We happened to be visiting another girlfriend of my fiance’ sari sari store on the corner, Wil-Mark, when I noticed the sign for your establishment above the trike stand.  While we were waiting we strolled down the alley and into the Blue Boar Inn.  I can tell you that I have never tasted a colder SML in all of my trips to PI.  The waitresses were very nice and welcoming.  You have a fine establishment and  I just wanted to thank your for your monthly column .  Best wishes for a speedy recovery and a clean bill of health.  David - Tampa, FL (Hey Dave, so sorry I was not there to greet you.  At least you found my “stable” and my staff took good care of you.  I am sure you will be back again for another visit and I sure hope I am there to greet you.  Thanks for the good words)


While cleaning up my desk at home prior to leaving for Las Vegas (No easy task), I came across a poster that someone must have brought to me from Australia, but I forget who or when.  Anyway, it was a notice for “Dr Jurd’s Jungle Juice – Just What the Doctor Ordered”.  On one side it had a poem of which I will give the first stanza only – “You may have heard of Wollombi, it isn’t all that far, where the locals praise a recipe (t’was once served in a jar) The blend is quite exceptional – “Or such is their excuse”, to drink the potent liquor, known as “Jungle Juice”.  The other side explains that you can drink it straight or mix it and drinks such as Shag, Tarzan, Wombat, Lady Jane, Sweet Surprise, Jungle Jump, and others are offered.  These delights are offered up at some place called the Wollombi Tavern, 2994, Great North Road, Wollombi NSW, Australia 2325.  Now I am bloody curious as to what this juice is like. So, for you lads that ask me what you can bring me from Australia, in addition to cherries (oh how I love them), strawberries, you can now pop over to the Wollombi Tavern and bring me back some “Jungle Juice”.  I guess I better go to my NSW map and see if I can find out where the hell Wollombi is, I have never heard of it before.

Hello Harry !  Thank you for your latest Edition of your Newsletter… and for putting so much efforts into informing all of us about what is going on here in AC and in the PI… Your Newsletter is always a great read… !  Regarding a question from one of your Readers, I would just like to inform you, that here at the Lewis Grand Hotel we have not only a non smoking room, but actually a whole non smoking floor (our 4th). Just wanted you to know this, in case that somebody might ask you about this again… Hope you can use this bit of information…
That was information I received from the Lewis Grand.  Additionally, before I left AC I was able to be in contact with Dave Crowe from the Wild Orchid and was told that they also have non-smoking rooms.  If any other hotels in AC respond to me about non-smoking rooms I will be glad to add that information as well.

This is something you folks who live in the Angeles City area might want to note.  I have had a few folks ask about a reliable moving company.  This is who JUSMAG and State use here in the PI.
Marichu Dela Cruz, Commercial Freight Services Inc. Moving and Warehousing Division. Warehouse II, Irasan Complex, Irasan St. cor. NAIA Ave. San Dionisio, Paranaque City, Metro Manila Philippines, Tel. +632 8297990, Fax. +632 8203092, e-mail: comfrtbusdev@cfsharp.com, website: www.cfsharp.com.

An off-duty police officer is the main suspect in the killing of an 18-year-old Norwegian tourist of Filipino descent outside a bar in a Manila suburb where he tried to stop a fight, the chief investigator said on Wednesday. Police said Mikael Troy Johansen Rasay had left the bar with friends early Sunday when he saw a commotion across the street and tried to break up a fight between a man and a woman. Chief Inspector Rodelio Marcelo, head of the Criminal Investigation and Detection Unit of the Quezon City police, said that Rasay, who stood 6ft 3in and with an athletic build, knocked the man down in a fist-fight. A second man also fought with Rasay but the Norwegian teenager also knocked him down, Marcelo said.  Gunfire rang out moments later, and witnesses reported seeing another man chasing and shooting Rasay and reloading his pistol, he said.  He said Rasay slumped to the ground after he was hit three times in the back with two of the bullets exiting his body.  Marcelo said the suspect escaped in a car. Rasay died of his wounds after being brought to a hospital and another person was wounded by a stray bullet. Investigators recovered about a dozen spent shells from a 9mm pistol at the scene.

He said the man who was wounded and a security guard at a nearby establishment were able to identify the gunman from a picture obtained from the national police headquarters. A woman companion of Rasay was expected to also identify the suspect, who is a Manila officer.
Marcelo told the Associated Press the police will file a murder complaint against the suspect. State prosecutors will conduct preliminary investigations to determine if there is enough evidence to bring the case to court. Rasay’s father, Joseph Troy Rasay, urged the suspect to surrender. “We want to know why he shot my son in the back. Mikael was unarmed,” he said. “He made sure my son was dead by shooting him in the back.”  He said his son is the eldest of his three children and was a college student in Oslo.  He said his son was fond of his home country and arrived on 16 July for a vacation and was scheduled to return home to Norway on Monday.
“He said, ‘Papa, … I want to show my friends in Norway how beautiful it is in the Philippines’” he told the AP.  Dozens of friends and relatives have flocked to the Rasay family home in Tanza township in Cavite province near Manila for the wake.
(This is another example of out of control policemen abusing the privilege of being issued weapons.  All too often these ego maniacs in uniform are involved in murdering innocent civilians.  I hate to say this, but being a good Samaritan in the Philippines is not a good idea.  Never, never get involved in any altercation involving Filipinos, especially if they are drinking.  Hell, they even kill each other over silly arguments much less a foreigner.) http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2011/aug/03/philippines-police-officer-suspect-norwegian

Comments to Neil (RoadSlut) – Neil. let me clarify something to you.  At one time I was given a password access to the AC2 message board.  It was given to me by the lad that is now in jail in the US.  Regretfully, I did not use the password for some time and then when I tried to use it, it did not work.  To date, I have not taken the time to go and see Ron to get a new password.  Hence, I do not have access to the AC board. When I return in Oct I may have to try and take the time to visit Ron and get access again.  But, for a very long time now, there have been a couple of people that send me information that they think would be of interest to me, especially those charming words from you.  Last month you did take a lot of time to write a part 1 and 2 summary of what I had written in my Aug column.  I found those comments quite interesting.  Right now I will not be specific but because I will be here for radiation treatment until sometime in Oct I will wait until that time to print all of your comments and try to answer some of them.  Why wait until then, well, it will be hard for me to fill up an October column if I am not there.  It was hard enough to get material for Sep but fortunately, some of the material I planned ahead for before I left AC.  Neil, some of your comments were a little hurtful and others I could see where you were coming from.  Let me say a couple of things.  One, I am not worried about others being in the spotlight and me losing any sort of “status” with my column.

There are some things going on now in AC that I do not write about directly but try to hope that some readers can read “between” the lines.  I know my status as a “foreigner” here and the difficulty of trying to work with City officials and the police but this is my “home” and has been for many years and yes, you and I have seen, together, the good and the bad with ACTA and the frustrations we went through.  Believe me there were some good accomplishments but things did go downhill in the end.  The ABAC is another story and for now, that is all I will write about that subject.  I will try to be a bit more specific in Oct.  It is true that you have your opinions and I have mine and maybe the two will never meet on common ground but I will continue to try and write my way and hope that the information I pass on is beneficial to those readers who like my column and, I guess, even those who do not like it.  Like in show business, you can’t please everybody in the audience but that does not mean you don’t try.  (Update:  I was informed that the AC Message board banned Neil (Roadslut) from the board.  I guess his commentary offended more people than just me.  There are many good uses for the AC board, regretfully, Neil represented a minority that brought out a negative element.)

  • Jimmy, it turned out to be a hoax he is back on again, LOL.

This is applicable only to those US miliary folks in the States and military retirees.  It came to my attention the Home Depot stores offer a 10% discount to those people in that category.  Here in Las Vegas I did have some shopping to do there and was able to avail of the discount.  Hats off to the Home Depot management, as O’Reily would say, “they are patriots”.

Last month the “temporary” president of the Angeles Bar Owners Association of Angeles City (ABAC) invited the General Manager of the EuroAsia Hotel to a meeting. The manager was not available as she had another meeting to attend so she sent two of her staff and they were surprised to find that they were the only persons in attendance.  They were greeted by the ABAC President and another person, supposedly, with unofficial close ties to City Hall.  The meeting was to discuss the possibility of Hotel EuroAsia becoming a member of ABAC and paying a monthly fee.  But, when it was discovered that the Manager was also the President of the Hotels and Restaurants in Pampanga (HARP) the discussion turned quite serious.  It was suggested that HARP could pay P25,000 a month to ABAC for various expenses to include law enforcement expenditures.  The only problem was the two staff members became nervous as they could not discuss such details and felt a bit threatened.  They were told that the bars were already paying P25,000 and Hotels should pay as well since their business depended on the bars.  This was not exactly true as the ABAC members were paying various voluntary membership fees and only the “big six” were paying the larger amount.  There had been discussions by the board to approach the Hotels to bring them, voluntarily, into the ABAC and to set a fair membership fee.  What fees to ask for was still up for discussion and of course it was realized that any hotels agreeing to join would have to know exactly how the ABAC funds were being spent.  Complete accountability would be required.  HARP itself would not be paying any fee as this organization does not represent all hotels and restaurants in town and only collects administrative fees.  So, it appears that individual hotels will be approached for ABAC membership and of course, restaurants should be included.  In fact, all businesses in the entertainment area should be included since, at this time, the Clubs are the main reason for tourism in Angeles City, like it or not.  But, ABAC must take a gentle approach, not a threatening approach to the various business owners/managers.  It will be interesting to see how this latest membership “campaign”  works out.

Hi Harry, My site is in Bacoor Cavite, only 6K from the boundry line of Metro Manila & Cavite. Here in Manila there is one biker bar the Mad Dogs hang out at called the Handle Bar Bar. I am not a member of any club as I don’t have the time to ride as much as I would like. I will be catering to the local bike clubs & already have quite a few Westerners that want to use my place as their hang out. the more the merrier! We are just outside Metro Manila. I can see the condos in Manila from my site.  I am building this place myself (No Contractor) so I am there everyday working the crew. We hope to open in late October if all goes well. If you have any suggestions or contacts that could help us please feel free!  I’ll be the first one to say I need all the help I can get!  James Mixon, Hard Riders Bar and Grill.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

PORT TOWNSEND, Washington — An American man has been charged with raping a 22-year-old woman he lured from the Philippines with the promise of marriage.
The Peninsula Daily News reports that 48 year old Patrick John McAllister was released on $100,000 bond after his Aug 5 arrest.  He’s scheduled to be arraigned Friday on 41 counts of rape and sexual assault.  McAllister’s lawyer, Lance Hester, says he will plead not guilty.
Investigators say McAllister was introduced to the woman by a relative, visited her in 2008 and later told her he wanted to marry.  She arrived in March 2010 and was brought to McAllister’s home.  She said she was raped and assaulted for more than a month until she escaped.
The investigation took more than a year because of language difficulties. (AP) (A Filipina with a language problem?  That seems strange.  I inserted this story as an item of interest in that it all seems a bit strange.  It took her a month to escape???  I guess this could be one of those warnings to local ladies here in the PI looking for a better life and also a warning to foreigners coming here looking for that perfect lady.  Both parties better do their homework because the grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence.  Sure would like to know how this case turns out.)

New life for Roy’s Pub? – I sure hope so.  When Roy opened his pub here in AC it was an instant success.  When Clive took it over after Roy passed away it remained a very popular pub that was a joy to enter.  It was a wonderful place to unwind, chat, enjoy decent food, and meet old friends as well as make new friends.  Sadly, after Clive, well, it just kind of went down the tubes.  The glow faded and has remained so for a couple of years.  But, now I am excited and hope that the old Pub will regain its popularity.  Why am I optimistic?  Because I received the following Email:

Hi Harry, This is John Wood, manager at KINGS HEAD formely Roys Bar. The owner David Lewis, asked me to try to re establish the pub & i started yesterday. I used to know Roy & later Clive when he took over. Look forward to meeting you if you have time to call in.  (John, when I return in Oct I will certainly drop in.  I guess it was time for a name change and hopefully a step in the right direction. You enjoy a good location and occupy a very nice building.  I am very excited about your news and I am hoping that you bring back the glow to this wonderful, historical pub.  We need the Kings Head to succeed as a location where gentlemen can gather for a drink or two in a location that wives and girlfriends would not object to.  Never the less John, feel free to bring back the cute, friendly waitresses as well, it helps the “glow” , oh yes, don’t forget the good food as well.)

Subic news:  This was passed on to me.  I am not that familiar with the “Towers” project or the golf course:  ”Did you know:

1.  the towers bldg in subic is no longer building the condos.  the korean owners took down payments from the prospective buyers then ran away with the money.

2.  the korean lady who bought the golf course in subic for php2million, took a loan for php5million then ran away”.

Explain missing vehicles, 40 locators told

By Robert Gonzaga – Inquirer Central Luzon

SUBIC BAY FREEPORT—A top customs official on Friday gave 40 Subic locators a week to explain how 1,800 imported secondhand vehicles had vanished while under their custody.

“We are requiring these locators to account for the missing vehicles in their yards. They have to submit documents to explain where these vehicles are now, or else face charges,” Errol Albano, chief of the Bureau of Customs at the Subic port, told the Inquirer.

The missing vehicles were part of the 2,907 used cars inventoried by officials in 2007. These were placed in storage yards by their owners after the government banned the sale of imported secondhand vehicles. The ban, contained in Executive Order No. 156 issued by then President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo in 2007, was in compliance with new tariff agreements that took effect that year.

However, a new inventory, conducted by the Bureau of Customs and the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority, could no longer account for the 1,800 used cars, Albano said. Explain missing vehicles, 40 locators told.  (Some folks are running around with a lot of money in their pockets and some connected folks are driving some nice cars.  Maybe they just miscounted)

Big News!  The best news taking place in Subic last month was the retaking of marriage vows of Ron and Elsa Chesley.  It was done on the beach and followed military procedures.  Believe it or not, Ron’s uniform, taken out of mothballs, still fit him.  I was supposed to be there but my medical problem forced my departure to the States.  Naturally I have to include a few pictures so we can all share in this romantic moment.  Ain’t love wonderful!






I heard that the American Legion Post 123 suffered a robbery within their building in which many expensive items came up missing.  They suspect that an ex-employee was the culprit.  They are now offering up their pool table for sale.  I am a member of this Post but have not visited there since they moved from their location near the RAO.  A long time ago I suggested that Post 123 and Post 10 join together at the Post 10 location on Perimeter Road.  Recently the Post 10 folks completed an extensive renovation project that has improved the interior of this building 100%.  I wanted to visit there to check it out but my unexpected trip to Las Vegas prevented me from doing so. I have heard that the consolidation of the two Posts is being discussed.  I firmly believe that this will be a good thing for the members and I hope that politics will be set aside so this combining of Posts could be accomplished.

Hi Lafayette, my name is SMSGT Retired Lewis Nunley. I am writing to ask a favor of you as chaplin of the VFW. I was stationed at clark between 1984 and 1987, but was TDY there in 1989-1990 on several occasions.  At that time I met a lady named cynthia florentino who worked at the bonanza hotel as a clerk who I fell in love with and got engaged. I was then assigned to a base in England where I tried to get her a visa, but it was dissaproved and because of that we broke off the engagement because she could’nt get a visa. I have often thought about her and her kids throughout these years and wanted to ask if you could go by the bonanza hotel and find out any contact information about her. Again my name is Lewis Nunley, also known as Ron, my e-mail address is lewron@roadrunner.com.  My address is: 28367 Center Ridge Rd, Apt B-21, Westlake, Ohio 44145 and my phone number is 216-789-5965. I would appreciate anything you can do and may God richly bless you. When I was stationed there I was in AGS weapons working on F-4′s. When I met Cynthia, I was back in the motor pool TDY with cope thunder. This is a picture of her and her oldest daughter.

This was sent to me by Lafayette Donaldson, VFW Chaplain asking me if I could get this in my Sep column.  It is my pleasure to do so.  A lot of years have passed since Lewis last saw this young lady and I would expect the odds to be a bit low on anyone locating Cynthia or remembering her.  But, this column reaches a lot of folks and, well, maybe someone will see this who knows Cynthia and get the word to her.  Lewis, do me a favor, if contact is made, let me know.  Good luck buddy.  Oh, by the way, the Bonanza Hotel was renamed as the Ponderosa Hotel.  

My goodness, over time I have received so many Emails about Congressmen not paying into social security and their getting full pay retirement benefits after serving only one term.  The last one on this subject was forwarded to me from Eugene Wilson along with an extensive list of addressees.  For the information of those folks who might consider forwarding me more Emails on this subject —- Please, pretty please read the following:

I get so many Emails about the social security and retirement of Congressmen – It is NOT TRUE:  Read the following:

Is it true that . . .   Members of Congress do not pay into Social Security and when they retire they receive a pension equal to their congressional salary for the rest of their life? 

The answer is no. All members of Congress pay Social Security taxes in the same amounts as they would if they were employed in the private sector at the same salary level. The amount of a congressional pension varies and depends on years of service, age at the time of retirement, and salary.

The facts: The confusion about Social Security probably results from the fact that before 1984, Senators and Representatives did not participate in the Social Security program. Like all federal government employees at that time, members of Congress were covered by a pension plan, called the Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS), that did not require payment of Social Security taxes and did not provide Social Security benefits. In 1983, Congress passed a law (P.L. 98-21) that required all federal employees first hired after 1983 to participate in Social Security. The law also required all members of Congress to participate in Social Security as of January 1, 1984, regardless of when they first entered Congress. Because the CSRS was not designed to coordinate with Social Security, Congress directed the development of a new retirement plan for federal employees, called the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS), which does coordinate a federal pension with Social Security.

Members of Congress are eligible for a pension at age 62 if they have completed at least five years of service. They are eligible for a pension at age 50 if they have completed 20 years of service, or at any age after completing 25 years of service. The amount of the pension depends on years of service and the average of the highest three years of salary. By law, the starting amount of a member’s retirement annuity may not exceed 80 percent of his or her final salary. As of October 1, 2000, the average annual pension for members of Congress who have retired under CSRS is $52,464, and $46,932 for retirees under FERS-only or both FERS/CSRS.

Read a report that provides more detail on retirement benefits for members of Congress.



The Fat Boys are on their way here again.  Fun time, especially if you get to see the weigh in at Phillies, Friday evening, 2 Sep.  The big event is on Saturday 3rd September from 9am to 6pm – food and beer available and there are teams coming from all over Asia to raise money for the Bahay Bata Orphanage and the PRFU development fund. There are celebrity rugby players attending also and a charity dinner in the evening.  We also have a charity golf day on the Friday 2nd which is open to all. Any inquiries please contact me direct on this email!  Regards, Ross,  <rossbendix@lfsbrokers.com>

Darts competition at Phillie’s Sports Grill on 13, 14 and 15 Sep.  This is a biggie for Dart fans and even those that are not familiar with the sport.  You will be able to watch some of the best Filipino players coming out of Manila, various provinces and of course Angeles City.  You will also see some Expat players from Barrio Barretto and Angeles City.  I am sorry I could not make the poster bigger so you could read the details but it would take up too much room.  So now you haver to drop in a Phillie’s to get the details or visit the Phillie’s web site.  I hate to miss it as I enjoy the sport very much and enjoy watching the players, especially the women.  This is one sport where the women can kick some ass and I don’t mean just other women.  This is a first for Phillie’s and I hope it all goes well.  It should be exciting and there should be a hell of a lot of players competing for a share of that P100,000.00.  That my friends, is a very decent prize fund.


Military veteran Dick Jones died on the morning of 21 August after a long fight with cancer in Jacksonville Fl.  Dick was well known here in the Angeles City Expat community.  It is with great sadness that we pass on our condolences to his family.

Dick was born February 7, 1943 in Alabama, he graduated from Vero Beach High School. He was a Vietnam Vet and after 20 years’ service he retired from the Air Force. He went on to work as a superintendent for American Battle Monument Commission where he spent the majority of his time overseas, Tunisia, France, Philippines.  After his second retirement he spent his time between the Philippines and traveling around the United States in his RV. He is survived by his wife  Mayen Jones, son Lawrance Jones, daughter Alexandra Paul and grandchildren Camdyn and Sophia Paul.

Dick was Past ABMC superintendent in the last 21 years overseas




30 MAY – Post Commander Albert MITCHELL and Post JVC Dick JONES attended Memorial Day Service at American Cemetery in Manila.

17 MAY – Post Commander Albert MITCHELL and Post JVC/Cemetery Chairman Dick JONES met with CDC President on Clark Cemetery MOA/Lease renewal.

Junior Vice Commander Dick Jones attended a working breakfast with Filipino American Memorial Endowment (FAME). The breakfast was held at the Post Home.

* Clark Cemetery Chairman – Dick Jones


Junior Vice Commander: Dick JONES




Post JVC Dick JONES and Post Members attended the District VII Meeting in Baguio, hosted by CDR Chick PARSONS Post 124.

Post JVC Dick Jones and Post Members visited the Children’s Blind School in Baguio, sponsored by Kuto Pup Tent 7. A large donation of peanut butter, mayonnaise and jelly, donated by Post and Pup Tent Members, was presented to the school.

8 FEB – Post JVC Dick JONES and Post Members attended CDR Chick PARSONS Post 124’s Golf Tournament and Fun Day at the Baguio Country Club in Baguio City.

8 JAN – Post JVC/Cemetery Chairman Dick JONES recognized Mr. Albert MCFARLAND and the National Funeral Directors Association of Korea for the donation of a casket-lowering device to the Clark Cemetery.

2485 Life Member Barry BARKER, long-time Director of the Veterans Administration Office in Manila. In attendance were Post JVC Dick JONES and Post Roving Ambassador Jerry PRINZ.

Post JVC/Cemetery Chairman Dick JONES purchased a much-needed new KIA truck for cemetery maintenance.

Shane (Shakey) Stevens – Another sad story that depicts the difficulties encountered by some Expats who choose to live here without sufficient funds. The following newspaper article explains the passing of a man who had dreams that now, will never become a reality:

“ANGELES CITY: An Australian was found lifeless hanging inside shower room of a hotel room here the other day. Senior Supt. Rodolfo Recomono, Angeles city police director, identified the victim as Shane (Shaky) Stevens, 55, jobless, of Don Cornelio St, Dau, Mabalacat, Pampanga. Harley Milsop, 55, a friend of Robert’s, and manager of Fiesta Garden Hotel located along Jake Gonzales Blvd, barangay Malabanias here, said he found Robert hanging— a polo shirt wrapped around his neck and tied to the pipe of the shower curtain inside the bathroom area of room 1 of the hotel. Milsop told police that Robert came to the hotel at 8 am on August 20 and asked for a free one-day stay because he had no money. Milsop said he discovered the body at around 10:15 a.m. on August 21. Meanwhile, Robert’s live in partner, Anna Marie Pasco, 39, said that she and the victim had a quarrel over money matters on the night of August 19 in their house. Robert then left their house and failed to return, Pasco said.”


I posted this in my August breaking news but am including it here for those that might have missed it.  I am hoping that by the time I have to publish I will have some updates as to the status of “Daddy Jimmy”.

Some P10 million worth of high-grade cocaine was seized from suspected big-time drug pushers, including an American, during a buy-bust operation last Sunday night in the city.  Two kilos of cocaine were confiscated by the combined team of the Taguig City Police and the Philippine National Police Anti- Illegal Drug Special Operation Task Force(AIDSOTF) headed by Supt. Leonardo Suan from the suspects identified as Jose Gibson, Jimmy Albert Joaquin and Edilberto Ty, both of Samar.  The suspects were arrested at the basement parking area of Market Market mall at Global City in Taguig.  The P10-million cocaine deal involved the pushers and the poseur buyer who was a member of the AIDSOTF.  Suan said he believed the drugs were part of the big volume of cocaine which was th  rown out of the sea coast off Samar to evade arrest from pursuing US Drug enforcement agents while at sea and was later fished out by some fishermen.  Suan also disclosed the drugs were seized from the American who said it was his first time to do an illegal transaction.  The three suspects were immediately brought to the office of the AIDSOTF at Camp Crame to undergo interrogation after making a coordination with the Taguig Police chief Senior Supt. Tomas Apolinaryo.  Meanwhile, Taguig City Mayor lauded the successful operation that led to the arrest of the pushers.  The PNP AIDSOTF said there is no let-up in running after drug offenders in the city.  SOURCE: The Daily Tribune.


These are two distinguished visitors to my stable who popped in before I left for the US.  Naturally, I was grateful for their visit  as I told them, “Great, now I have my Sep visitors”.  Of course, my problem is that I did not plan for Oct but I will try to figure something out.  Meanwhile, back to Darren and Greg.  They are both from Perth Australia and Darren (R) was on his first visit to Angeles City.  He has made many visits to Thailand over the years but this time Greg was able to talk him into checking out the Philippines and Thailand.  He works in the mines and that underground work must make him dream about the ladies he left behind in Thailand.  Now, no doubt after having met some new ladies his dreams will be enhanced.  When I talked to him he was already planning his return trips to AC.  He did want to pass on to a couple of co-workers in the mine, Wally and Aaron, that they had no idea what they were missing.  He said they have not lived until they visit Angeles City.  Naturally, I had to agree with him 100%.
OK, time for Greg.  He has been here many times and was busy visiting old friends from Australia who make AC their home.  I did not take many notes about Greg because I spent so much time talking to Darren.  It is not that Greg was boring, in fact he was quite interesting and a true gentleman.  It was just that I always get a kick out someone who has been here for the first time.  Both were staying at the Swagman which is always a super hotel to stay in that has been a favorite of Australian visitors for many years.  Thanks for stopping by guys, hope to see you again and I need a follow-up to see if Darren fell in love during his first visit.


Oh boy, I am so pleased with this story.  For years I have been putting in my “I would if I could” pictures and also “special ladies” once in a while.  Last year my friend Peter C. asked me to write about his sister in law who was a very special lady.  She was a young psychologist that somehow had remained single into her 20′s.  After learning her details I figured that this lady would be a fine catch for any man.  She is good looking, educated, sweet (yes, I was able to meet her) and nearly too good to be true, sort of like my wife, Priscilla.  Well, in no time at all a very wise Australian wrote to her and in no time at all, Cupid shot an arrow straight into his heart and by golly, it hit Beverly as well.  Now they are getting married in Sep.  But, I am so disappointed as Priscilla and I had planned to make the trip to Darwin to attend the wedding, my first trip to Australia, but this darn cancer thing came up and I am stuck in the US until Oct.  But, let me pass on the words of Rick Drake.

Hey Harry, Rick Drake here….we met while i was over in August…i am the guy who responded to your article on Beverly (Peter and Bernadette’s sister and brother-in-law ).  Anyway i would just like to thank you for that article and my GOOD FORTUNE  at contacting her…she is a beautiful and gracious young woman and i am very smitten with her….So much so that she has just spent last 3mths with me here in Darwin Aust…

I have asked her to marry me…she has agreed and we plan to marry around September 2011…if you are able to make it here would love you and your lovely wife to be guests of honour at our wedding…( you have plenty of time to organize things ??….lol ) c’mon over and have a look at Darwin (we’ll throw another shrimp on the barbie for you! lol).  Any way i have included a few pic’s for you …thought you may appreciate the update on your “featured article” from i think the July 2010 issue.  Cheers Rick and Beverly.  (I am so sad.  I think I have a few readers from Darwin and would have had a chance to meet a few lads while there as well as fill up the old stomach with a bunch of shrimp right off the “barbie”.  See guys, keep checking out those ladies I write about and one day you might get as lucky as Rick)

Bar Codes - This a tidbit that I found to be interesting.  When shopping check out the bar codes on the packages, no matter what the front says.  The first threenumbers of the bar code tell you what country the product comes from.  What are they?  Here you go —690 – 692 = China, 00 -09 = USA and Canada, 30 – 37 = France, 40 – 44 = Germany, 471 = Taiwan, 49 = Japan and 50 = UK.  I kind of think if you search for 00 – 09 in order to buy USA you will be shit out of luck on so many things that you would have to run around naked, have no electronics, no TV’s and a miserable life.  You would have to be as old as me to remember when this was not true.  Speaking of shopping, my son has been getting on my ass since the day I arrived about “High Fructose Maple Syrup” and that I should avoid buying anything with this ingredient.  He claims that this is one of the reasons Americans are getting so damn fat and are unhealthy.  I, initially, ignored him until I started looking at the ingredient listing on food labels and discovered that he is right.  It is in nearly everything that we eat.  I was amazed, you can hardly get away from it.  It is in cereals, bread, soft drinks, and so much more.  It is predominantly an added ingredient in the US.  Now, in the supermarkets if you look closely many food items are listed as “High Fructose Maple Syrup free”.  I am passing on this information to make my son happy, and, well, he has kind of convinced me that I have been eating a lot of unhealthy food unknowlingly.  Check it out for yourself.


This is a bar that many tourists will never see because of the location.  It is not on Fields Ave and not on Perimeter Road but way up in the Friendship area just before you reach the Friendship bridge, on the right had side of the road.  We local Expats know about it and some tourists that make the extra effort to explore a bit.  I am telling you now, make the effort.  It is owned by the same fine lady who owns the other “Frog” bar but this one is bigger and has easier parking access.
I was able to stop in a couple of weeks before I left for the US and it was great to return after such a long absence.  It was early in the afternoon and there were only a couple of other customers which is to be expected.  I think they start to get busy around 4 PM but I did not mind as I enjoyed being the center of attention.  The ladies were up dancing and having a good time so I decided to see if I could find my “I would if I could lady”.  I succeeded in doing so but will cover that right after this.  The room is large, comfortable and has a pool table.  I don’t think they have a pool team but must admit, I forgot to ask.  The prices for drinks and entertainment are on average with most of the Clubs in town.  The ladies are very friendly.  What interested me is that they were putting the finishing touches on an adjoining bar which looked like it was going to be a very nice addition to this complex.  At the time a name had not been chosen but I know it is open already and I will have to provide an update when I get back.  I appreciated that the owner gave me permission to take some pictures after the Mamasan on duty called her.  So now, you know the location and name of this bar so try to check it out, it is too good a place to be overlooked.






See, I told you I found my thrill at the Jolly Frog!  Meet Aprilyn, 23 years old and a charming, personable lady standing only 4’11″ tall.  Man, I love short, petite ladies who are also good looking.  This honey had been working only for two months and comes from Bulucan.  She has a 2 year old daughter and Mom is a high school graduate.  She has four sisters, her mom and dad both work.  She loves music and likes to sing and watch TV.  I asked her what she does on her day off and said she goes to see her daughter, Ruhkeiamae; Ruhkia for animation and MAE for the month she was born, May.  Her dream is to find that special guy who will love and care for her and her daughter.  Sounds familiar doesn’t it?  Yes, this is the dream of so many of the ladies that work in the Clubs and quite often those dreams do become a reality.  I kind of think that dream might come true for Aprilyn. She would consider a man 32 and above, but how far “above” is negotiable.  She did not have an Email address but her cell phone number is 0919 525 2363.  Just another sweet reason to visit the Jolly Frog, I can’t wait to make a return visit.



Not hardly but wouldn’t it be nice?  I was fascinated by this garbage truck picking up the garbage in Las Vegas.  The operation required only one man, the driver who has one hell of an easy job.  This guy does not even have to get out of his truck other than when necessary to move the cans to their proper position when necessary.  Imagine, no smell, no mess and the driver goes home as clean as when he started his shift.  Now, compare to the smelly shit that goes in the open trucks in AC and the stinking guys that have to go home at the end of the day smelling like real damn bad.  If one gets too close to a garbage truck in AC you can nearly pass out from the fumes.  The driver of this truck got all bent out of shape when he thought I was taking his picture, he got an attitude.  Maybe he was an ex movie star down on his luck.  The picture was taken on Horizon St, off Desert Inn Road.  You’ve got to admit it is a big improvement from the old days.  Maybe AC will have such a truck in 30 years or so.  If Villa Sol had a truck like this the residents would not paying the new collection fees (smile).


There are many good things to write about Las Vegas but two items always please me when visiting here.  One is the availability of so many great places to eat and the other is that there are many people from the Philippines living here.  This gives Mrs Horse and I the opportunity to see many friends and to meet new ones.  On this trip a friend in Angeles told us to give a friend of his a call with the hopes that we could get together.  Her name is Rhemy Suarez, a beautiful woman who did take the time to visit us and we became good friends.

Even though meeting for the first time it turned out that Priscilla, ah, I guess it is time for me to use my wife’s real name, Vina and Rhemy clicked together especially after finding out that she and Vina had common friends here.  Rhemy went overboard with bringing us homemade cookies (Great cookies) and Filipino food with her when she came to the house and one night treated us to a fantastic Italian meal at a very popular restaurant here named Buca di Beppo at 412 East Flamingo Road.  A reservation was required and I could see why, the place was packed.  It was wonderful, I loved the decor and the pictures on the walls.  The food, well, absolutely out of sight.  The portions were large, the service great, the atmosphere reeked of Italian smells of good food that put one in a festive mood.  I could not believe how big the place was as I took a walking tour through all the various main sections.  I even checked out the kitchen and everyone was full of smiles and did not mind my taking pictures.  Rhemy was great and we were so please to have met her and hope that our friendship will last for years.  Hopefully we can play host to her the next time she visits the Philippines.  Meanwhile, for those of you living in Vegas and those planning on coming for a visit I can highly recommend this restaurant but you have to make a reservation first or be prepared for a long wait.  It is really popular.  Even super chef Chris at “C” Italian in Angeles City would want to eat here.  Many thanks to Rhemy for introducing us to fine dining experience.







OK, I know there are a hell of a lot of places to have breakfast in Las Vegas but my favorite, based on price, service and location was Gee Bee’s Bar & Grill at 8560 Las Vegas Blvd.  I never would have discovered this place if not for my son.  It is close to where he is living, not far from the South Point Casino.  He has a friend working there, Mariam, waitress, who attended the same High School as my son, Chapparel way back when.  Yes, it is a bar and grill but the restaurant has a large eating area and they do feature a full menu but I have to go with their breakfast.  We went there quite often after my radiation and believe me, the price is absolutely appealing to my half Jewish nature with a bit of Scotch/Irish thrown.  Additionally, the servings are BIG and we never left there hungry.  I definitely like the place and will miss it when we return to the Philippines.  Mariam is a hell of a lot of fun to talk to as she has a great sense of humor.  The place kind of sits by itself and can be easily missed I guess you kind of have to live in this area to be a regular customer but if one day you happen to be heading out of town towards California, via Las Vegas Blvd., stop in there for breakfast or lunch.  Remember, the price is right and so is the food.  Leave a good tip for Mariam and tell her Harry the Horse misses her.







Here in the US it is now 5 PM, 31 Aug which means I am late with this column for the guys in the Philippines.  This means I have to stop here, right now, and send it off for publication.  Chuck should be getting up pretty soon there in AC and will put the finishing touches on get it uploaded.  My neck is sore, my fingers are stiff and Mrs. Horse keeps asking me “are you finished yet?” so now I can make her smile again.  I did leave off a few items I wanted to include but will put them in my November column.  For sure though, if something comes up I will put it in my breaking news so even though I am taking a month off I can’t completely get away from the column.  Again, thanks for all the support of those who wrote me, your messages mean a lot to me.  Special thanks to my sister who took the time to visit me.  She works at Jamaica Hospital in Queens and I keep try to getting her to retire but at 76 she is still dedicated to the job and hates to take any time off, she just loves the place.  To all those people who suffered the effects of Hurricane Irene, my sympathies go out to you but I do see how once again, citizens come together to help each other and that is an American tradition no one can take away from us.  Soon the “Horse” will not be doing much talking, eating or writing but for sure, no one, so far, has forgotten to be kind to Horses.  Have a good September.



Democracy & Demise of USA

In 1887 Alexander Tyler, a Scottish history professor at the University of  Edinborough, had this to say about the fall of the Athenian Republic some 2,000 years prior:
A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. >From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse over loose fiscal policy, (which is) always followed by a dictatorship.”
“ The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations from the beginning of history, has been about 200 years. During those 200 years, these nations always progressed through the following sequence:

From bondage to spiritual faith;
From spiritual faith to great courage;
From courage to liberty;
From liberty to abundance;
From abundance to complacency;
From complacency to apathy;
From apathy to dependence;

From dependence back into bondage.”

The Obituary of The USA follows:
Born 1776, Died 2008   It doesn’t hurt to read this several times.

Professor Joseph Olson of Hamline University School of Law in  St. Paul, Minnesota , points out some interesting facts concerning the last Presidential election:

Number of States won by:            Obama: 19          McCain: 29
Square miles of land won by:        Obama: 580,000    McCain: 2,427,000
Population of counties won by:    Obama: 127 million  McCain: 143 million
Murder rate per 100,000 residents in counties won by:   Obama: 13.2 McCain: 2.1

Professor Olson adds: “In aggregate, the map of the territory McCain won was mostly the land owned by the taxpaying citizens of the country.
Obama territory mostly encompassed those citizens living in low income tenements and living off various forms of government welfare…”
Olson believes the  United States  is now somewhere between the ”complacency and apathy” phase of Professor Tyler’s definition of democracy,  with some forty percent of the nation’s population already having reached the “governmental dependency” phase.
If Congress grants amnesty and citizenship to twenty million criminal invaders called illegal’s - and they vote - then we can say goodbye to the USA  in fewer than five years.
If you are not, then pass this along to help everyone realize just how much is at stake, knowing that apathy is the greatest danger to our freedom.
Do not argue with an idiot.
He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.
Maxwell Winward LLP
100 Ludgate Hill, London EC4M 7RE
Tel: +44(0)20 7651 0000 – Fax: +44(0)20 7651 4800 – Web: www.maxwellwinward.com

(This was sent to me and whether you agree or disagree one must admit that it is an interesting read.  The amnesty issue is right on.  Obama and company are hell bent on adding hundreds of thousands of hispanic voters to the Democratic rolls as well as TNT Filipinos and other Nationalities that are living in the US illegally.  The recent executive order by the President, bypassing the Congress, changing the review process for illegals in the US is the first step leading to amnesty.  Our present administration is sending a message, do not bother coming into the US legally, just come in the back door and nothing will happen to you.  I stand by my conviction that if anyone, of ANY Nationality comes into this country illegally he or she has NO RIGHTS what-so-ever.  According to some of my readers, this makes me a racist.  So be it, I am a “radical activist concerned in saving the United States (racist).  Damn proud of it too!)

This was interesting, check it out:  Subject: Compact Flourescent Light Bulbs (CFL).   Please listen to Ted Poe.  He tells it like it like it is!!!  Http://youtu.be/Tv59PJ30WeM

Bet you thought you’d never see this in your lifetime.  A lady in Monte Vista, CO had this dollar bill. This is her story. You don’t think we’re in a war. What thoughts come to mind!  These are starting to show up around our country!

After dinner she took a $1 dollar bill out of her purse and displayed it on the table.  Underneath the words “In God We Trust” someone had stamped the dollar bill in red ink—NO GOD BUT ALLAH. We asked her where she had gotten this dollar bill. She said it was part of her change in Alamosa, CO. We took a picture of her dollar bill. If anyone tries to give you one of these dollar bills as change, please refuse it and ask them to give you a dollar bill that has not been defaced. (This should not come as a surprise as the US is being flooded with Muslims that hate America and our Christian way of life.  I don’t mind sharing God’s but Allah is a long way from being the only one)

My sister forwarded to me a website for the “Gary Null” progressive radio show.  In this segment he interviewed a lady named Susan Lindauer who I found to be quite interesting.  I have, over the years, listened to many conspiracy theories about the 9/11 terror attacks on the World Trade Towers and I was never a believer that our Government contributed to that attack.  Yes, I knew that the Commission investigation was a joke and that there were many unanswered questions, but yet, I sided with our Government.  Now, after listening to Susan, I have doubts and a certain fear.  While here in the US I will look for her book and give it a read.  I am not saying that what she says is the truth or not, but, well, I don’t know.  Read on and form your own opinions.

Guest: Susan Lindauer

Susan Lindauer is a former U.S. Intelligence Asset who covered anti-terrorism at the Iraqi Embassy in New York from 1996 up to the invasion. Independent sources have confirmed that she gave advance warning about the 9/11 attack. She also started talks for the Lockerbie Trial with Libyan diplomats.  Shortly after requesting to testify before Congress about successful elements of Pre-War Intelligence, Susan became one of the first non-Arab Americans arrested on the Patriot Act as an “Iraqi Agent.” She was accused of warning her second cousin, White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card and Secretary of State Colin Powell that War with Iraq would have catastrophic consequences. Gratis of the Patriot Act, her indictment was loaded with “secret charges” and “secret evidence.” She was subjected to one year in prison on Carswell Air Force Base in Fort Worth, Texas without a trial or hearing, and threatened with indefinite detention and forcible drugging to shut her up. After five years of indictment without a conviction or guilty plea, the Justice Department dismissed all charges five days before President Obama’s inauguration.

She is the author of a recent book “Extreme Prejudice: The Terrifying Story of the Patriot Act and the Cover Ups of 911 and Iraq”
Title: The Gary Null Show – 08/25/11
Link: http://www.progressiveradionetwork.com/the-gary-null-show-wnye/2011/8/25/the-gary-null-show-082511.html

I did not write the following comments but it does present “food for thought”, without using food stamps:

This was in the Waco Tribune Herald, Waco , TX Nov 18, 2010
Put me in charge . .. .
Put me in charge of food stamps. I’d get rid of Lone Star cards; no cash for
Ding Dongs or Ho Ho’s, just money for 50-pound bags of rice and beans,
blocks of cheese and all the powdered milk you can haul away. If you want
steak and frozen pizza, then get a job.
Put me in charge of Medicaid. The first thing I’d do is to get women
Norplant birth control implants or tubal ligations. Then, we’ll test
recipients for drugs, alcohol, and nicotine and document all tattoos and
piercings. If you want to reproduce or use drugs, alcohol, smoke or get
tats and piercings, then get a job.
Put me in charge of government housing. Ever live in a military barracks?
You will maintain our property in a clean and good state of repair. Your
“home” will be subject to inspections anytime and possessions will be
inventoried. If you want a plasma TV or Xbox 360, then get a job and your
own place.
In addition, you will either present a check stub from a job each week or
you will report to a “government” job. It may be cleaning the roadways of
trash, painting and repairing public housing, whatever we find for you. We
will sell your 22 inch rims and low profile tires and your blasting stereo
and speakers and put that money toward the “common good.”
Before you write that I’ve violated someone’s rights, realize that all of
the above is voluntary. If you want our money, accept our rules.. Before
you say that this would be “demeaning” and ruin their “self esteem,”
consider that it wasn’t that long ago that taking someone else’s money for
doing absolutely nothing was demeaning and lowered self esteem.
If we are expected to pay for other people’s mistakes we should at least
attempt to make them learn from their bad choices. The current system
rewards them for continuing to make bad choices.
AND While you are on Gov’t subsistence, you no longer can VOTE! Yes that is correct. For you to vote would be a conflict of interest. You will
voluntarily remove yourself from voting while you are receiving a Gov’t
welfare check. If you want to vote, then get a job.

My son told me to google “three gorges dam” today and I was surprised that I did not know about this monster Chinese project.  I was amazed.  I was already aware of their Catamaran aircraft carrier that is under construction and will be far superior to anything the US has on the water now or in the future.  They have also been able to shoot down one of their own space satellites and still have the capability to send men into space.  Gee, isn’t it great that Congress and Obama are looking at greatly reducing our military budget and at the same time talking about putting US troops into Libya.  Oh yes, and now our stupid Labor Secretary, Solis, announces that a pact has been signed with Mexico and other countries that equal pay will be given to immigrants no matter how they entered our country.  Yes folks, it is a waste of time money and energy to try and come into the US legally.  By the way, get your kids some Chinese language lessons, they will need it.









August 2011

Posted by admin on August 1, 2011 in 2011 Monthly Newsletters

OK already, I am not going nuts here.  Why, you might ask, would I put a storefront as part of my intro this month? Because I do have a few readers in New York and I’d like to pass on those places I thought were special to me and Priscilla during our short stay.  This store was fascinating, spice and more spices and so much more.  We bought 1 lb of fresh top grade curry power plus some other spices to bring back to the Philippines.  My sister took us here after I made her walk a mile or so in the City looking for a spice store I remembered shopping at in 1984.  Needless to say I could not find it.  Instead, she took Priscilla and me to Sahardi’s Spice Store on Atlantic Ave, in Cobble Hill, New York.  This Middle Eastern store was fantastic, it has to be a cook’s delight, I could have spent a small fortune in this place.  After shopping it was lunch time so we went to the “Fountain” restaurant which was nearby.  This was really a very interesting neighborhood in Queens, eh, I think it was still Queens, not sure.  My sister is one hell of a guide but then she has lived in Queens for 76 years.  She still works in Jamaica Hospital, I can’t get her to retire.  Believe me, she is a very young 76 and runs circles around me.  Hey, wait a minute, my brain kicked over and I got the idea to Google this place.  It is NOT in Queens, how about Brooklyn!  The exact address is 187 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11201, Tel:  (718) 624-4550.  It is a Middle Eastern Store.  I kind of fudged and copied a comment off the review section from a customer named Richard.  He had this to say:  ”This place is great – spices, coffee, imported cheese, beans, nuts, pasta, crackers, preserves, bread… They have it all and at great prices. The staff are helpful (especially one guy who is probably the owner). They’re only open until 7pm weekdays and closed Sundays, but heck you can’t have everything.”  If I make it back to NY I want to go to this place again.  Next month I will write about “Eddie’s Sweet Shop” located in Forest Hills, New York. Being the kind person that I am I fully realize that you guys would rather see a good looking woman instead of a Spice Store so I have added this picture.  I have no idea who she is but she was at last months pool party at the ABC Hotel and my horny, I mean sharp eyes snapped her picture, one of many that day.  More pictures and a few more words about the event will follow later in the column. On Tuesday 26 Jul the Mrs and I departed for the States on a PAL flight for Las Vegas.  My latest biopsy confirmed stage one cancer of my vocal chord and I decided to go to the US for radiation treatment.  I do not know how extensive it will be or how long I will be gone.  I anticipate being back here towards the end of Sep if all goes well.  I would like to thank the many readers of this column who sent me encouraging messages last month after I wrote about my first biopsy.  It really boosted my morale and there was some good advice included. Some of those messages I am taking with me to show to my doctor.  I am taking my lap top with the intention of continuing to write this column from Las Vegas.  I will be depending on some good friends here to keep me updated on what is going on in AC so I can write about Angeles City and not just Las Vegas and my treatment.  Meanwhile, we have had a few problem free weeks here in AC so hopefully the Clubs will be able to operate without any major hassles for a while which means that tourists and expats will be able to enjoy the sights and sounds of Fields Ave peacefully.  Come on over, the rains that seem to come every afternoon manage to cool the place off a bit and make barhopping a pleasant experience.  See you when I see you.


G’day Harry, sorry, I can’t stop in on the way through, I am booked with Zest Air to San Fernando, La Union. Once I have settled in with the rest of the old fogies, ha ha, I’ll come down and say g’day. Originally I had planned to retire in AC but after continually reading about all the corruption and crime plus the price of rents I decided on a quiet, cheaper life. I spent 5 months in AC Aug to Dec 08 and I couldn’t afford to do that again on the age pension from Aus. I think maybe I had too good a time. Always planned to drop in and say g’day but you know what it’s like when the head with no brain rules.  Anyway mate, all the best in LV. Regards, Mac McEachern (Mac, I can understand your decision on where to live.  AC can be a challenge and I do know about the head with no brain.  I have a close friend here that has gone overboard over a young bimbo and given up home, wife and friends over it, but what the hell, the “head with no brain” is extremely happy.  See you when I see you Mac)

Hi Harry, Wow….I do not know where you get your energy, but man…..awesome newsletter. It touched on so many topics…..it made me think “That sounds like one busy month!” How do you find the time? Hey…..and the politics were Philippino!!!!!!! I loved the way that you addressed the bar raid subject point by point…..brilliant job! Sorry about the throat problems, but it sounds like they have been addressed, and I am sure that you are the kind of guy who will never miss a check up.  Be good about that, diba? Stay healthy Harry, and keep on keepin on.  Jay S. (Thanks Jay, the hard part that gets me in trouble with the Mrs is that I am supposed to talk as little as possible and that is IMPOSSIBLE. Glad you enjoy the column and hope I can continue to find the time despite my wife’s objections. She tells me that I do not have time to do things with the family and I am slightly guilty at that)

Harry, Just had time to read the July column yesterday.  I was in shock when I saw those pictures of the Dirty Dozen.  Those were the times.  I got there in Jan 68 the first time and that is where the 6922nd hung out.  Momma Julie had already moved to Bagio and the Rotundra had closed or burned down so I never saw those two.  But I remember all those bars in the pictures vividly.  Sadly they started closing them around mid 68 when they started building the Nepo mart.  Some of them moved to Fields ave but most just closed and were never more.  What a great time that was.  OMG.  Tks to whoever sent those pictures.  Richard Rehm, LV, NV (Richard, I love it when folks forward me old pictures of AC and happy it brought memories back to you.  That area has certainly changed a great deal) Harry, The Australian Broadcasting Service (A.B.C) is the national news broadcaster in Oz. Last week the bar raids were all over it- Under age Girls Forced into Prostitution         Australian Bar Managers Arrested  Mother tries to find her under-age daughter in a bar run by an Australian.  Of course I did my best to alert everyone that it is a beat-up and that in all my years visiting the Peens:- 1. I have NEVER seen any bar girl forced to go with a client…not once. I have even say Mamasams say “it is up to her if she wants to go with U…it has happened to me! 2. Some girls even decide to work as waitresses-no sex 3. It is VERY rare to find under age girls in bars 4. It is ALL about money and extracting as much $$ as possible from bar managers and their white clients. 5. The “Mother” was for sure in on the set-up It is a shame that these foreign news broadcasters like the ABC do not check the facts behind the facts before they start spreading bullshit. Angeles sure can be a dangerous place for us white guys but U have to be careful-dnt get pissed and draw attention to URself.  Stick to one girl at a time from a bar where U discuss FIRST with the Mamasan what she will do/won’t do and how long she is gonna stay. Dnt walk in dark lonely places at night./Don’t trust ANY “guards” even at UR hotel-mostly they are in on the scams!  (Steve, this has been written about over and over and in so many different ways.  I suspect that we will never see the end of “rescues”, extortion of money, indifference of City officials, and of course, plain old greed.  It is the price of doing business in this town.  But, like so many other places in this world of our, similar activities take place.  All we can hope for is that some level headed folks in power agree on a reasonable level of “give me the money” activities whereby the business are still allowed a decent rate of profit)

Harry, there are 3 things that need to be done here in order to keep the raiding parties out of angeles: 1.  Fire the mamasans, already done in manila as per lim; 2.  no more dancing girls with bikinis 3.  all waitresses and dancers should be over 21. That will keep them away or slow down the raids, the mayor has to initiate the order. Thats from a high ranking friend in manila.  Mike the Bug Man.  (I don’t see where bikini’s are so much of a problem, they nearly wear less on the TV afternoon shows.  Firing the Mamasan’s sounds like a good idea since so many of them are the problem.  For example, Kelly of Honey Pot might not be in jail if the Mamasan Tess had followed proper procedures when hiring an “18” year old girl.  She allowed her to work without clearances for three days.  But then, they also are the ones who bring many of the girls in to work the bars.  They leave and all too often take their “stable of girls” with them.  Age limit of 21?  I suggested this a year ago to the City Administrator even though I knew bar owners would not agree.  Even many customers have indicated they would go elsewhere if those 18 to 20 year old gals were not around.  They would then switch to Pattaya Thailand, Cambodia or Malayasia for their search of young girls.  You are right, policy is up to the Mayor, let’s see what he comes up with). Harry, really good info you send out with this web/blog. I thought I might tell you that visiting AC is a decling pleasure, it will never never ever include visiting a closed club again. I appreciate the dangers of being an “innocent” viewer when the police move in. It surely is stupid to visit a club now? Note : this excludes sports bars etc like your own barn. Annoyances in AC remain the trike mafia and beggars. I do not jump in a trike, and get abused by this unruly mob of XXXX. Beggars are very dangerous and will result in some serious problems for a foreigner at some stage. In future travel I will chose to pay less money and visit safer PI locations. (But will always visit for transit and a few beers etc) I do not see a happy ending for the “glittering” AC. (Ray, I also am worried but what concerns me most is that even the Mayor has withdrawn some of his support thereby making it difficult to perform positive changes) Hello Harry, I enjoy reading your monthly newsletter ever since I made my first trip to Angeles city 4 years ago.  It’s fun to read and keeps readers abreast about the good, bad and ugly of AC from visitors and expatriates who live there. Talking about the bad and ugly…I was in Angeles last month when police raided several bars along Fields avenue and count myself damn lucky I wasn’t in one of those bars.   Originally, I had plans to go to the Camelot that evening, and if it weren’t for a lovely young lady who I decided to take out earlier, well I could be languishing in an Angeles City jail cell right now fighting trumped-up charges instead of writing this message.  And I understand several foreigners were taken into custody during the raid.  The only thing they did was being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Who needs this shit!? If the police continue to harass the bars and customers with these raids, AC days will be numbered and businesses will tube.  Don’t the police understand this? Corruption will kill this place off. I’ve made 9 trips to Angeles City in the past 4 years, but now it has become too risky of a place to visit.  It’s too bad because I always had fun there, but no longer.  It’s time to move on. All the best, Jon

(I can understand how you feel but we are hoping that things have settled down a bit and the raids will be lessened and hopefully, they will understand the harm they do by harassing innocent customers. Lately it seems to me that the ugly is getting uglier but keep the faith.  I am pretty sure that in the near future you will feel much better about returning here for another visit.  Over the years we have had to overcome the greediness of law enforcement and city officials and the music never stopped, the Clubs survived and the tourists never gave up on us.  Lets see how things go in the next month or so.  Keep the faith Jon, I do) Harry, I have been pleasantly surprised to have people stop by the house concerning the Villasol Homeowners Assoc. I must apologize to some for the original hostile greeting as they told the wife that they wanted to speak about the Assoc. and she told them to go away until it was realized that they are upset with the cost of garbage collection going from P100 to P350 and want to add their voices to the protest. The Filipinos remain afraid of the President of the association as he is a rich businessman and sort of bossy which they say is why he is in the top position as it is his right to lead. This is what they report to me as why they will not publicly voice their opinion. Thanks to your column people have at least been contacting me at my house but to make it easier I can be reached at <reeferjohnj@yahoo .com>. I was outside your stable but decided to send this e-mail and then follow up with a visit. John J Casey (Refrigeration Engineer Retired USMM) (John, it is not the “RIGHT” of any one person to lead an Association, especially not because he is a rich businessman.  This shit of being “afraid” is typical of Filipinos and that is why they always look for someone else to lead any disagreement.  After attending two of their colleges locally I could see it in the classroom and I swear the teachers do not teach independent thinking at all.  This is why they would rather use the foreigners in the subdivision to take the heat in any disagreement.  I have heard other complaints, even from Filipinos running businesses in the Subdivision.  A Home Owners Association can be beneficial to a subdivision if it is not run like a dictatorship. But, if people act like sheep and let this “rich businessman” run the show without any rebuttals, then, those people who are afraid to speak out, lose their democratic rights)

Harry, It was reported in Sundays Sun Star Pampanga (17 Jul) that the Acting Vice-Mayor Jericho Aguas along with councilors Maricel Morales (Still beautiful), Edu Pamintuan, and Ales Indiongco  had a resolution passed by the City Council stopping the collection of the P350 fee by the Villasol Homeowners Association. While not a final victory it is a step in the right direction. I feel that the mention of the dispute in your news letter helped to bring people together and bring this obvious shakedown into the light. So many things like this survive in the dark because no one dares speak out against it. And thanks to all who lent their voice to the protest. John Casey (I’m not sure if my comments helped all that much but even if just a little I am very pleased to know that more residents do not have to be afraid of questioning the policies of any so called rich businessman like Edgardo V. Tuquero, president of the Villa Sol Homeowners Association.  Truth be told I suspect even Mr. Tuquero would encourage people to attend meetings and discuss grievances openly.  Some home owner associations are good for the community but this one, in Villa Sol, started out on the wrong foot in a dictatorial manner.  It is time now to regroup and do it the right way, the democratic way) Harry, Just a few comments regarding Diamond Subdivision. The street where Moons and Pearly Gates used to be is almost deserted due to the fact the old Pearly Gates seems to be closed permanently and Moons, well you never know when it is going to be open. They have stuffed up a nice drinking area. Hopefully someone will buy Moons and get it running properly for the first time for a long time. Most people are now drinking at the KBR bar on the left on the way to the Swagman just before Marble Inn.  Robert Godbeer.  (Good to hear from you Bob.  Ever since you turned over Moon’s it has never been the same.  Various folks have tried to get it up and running but it seems to be a bad luck place.  Hopefully some fun loving Aussie who does not have any women problems and has a bit of money in the bank will buy it and get it up and running.  If not, well, no big deal, there are still a few watering holes in the area to pick up the slack) The following comment was sent to me by a reader who copied it from the AC 2 Message Board:  “chatting with a girl the other night brought a smile to my face…you see….she works at PHILLIES BAR AND GRILL…waitress….been there for while now and is happy.  Well during our chat she could not speak highly enough of her boss….she says they pay well…they show respect and don’t yell at the staff…and are accommodating if a staff member has a child that may well fall sick and require the mother to be away from work….in essence….this girl is very happy and content with where she is working and content….this type of feeling that a staff members has can only result in good customer relations from staff…. i have no connections with phillies so this in not a plug for anything i maybe connected too….i just found it refreshing to hear a girl speak highly of her foreign boss the way she did…she didnt get any benefit from talking like this to me…other than what i felt that she was pleased to work there….happy staff will always result in a productive staff….It’s a pity a few more businesses in town dont look at this model instead of thinking they are some god who must be worshipped by staff….may result in a large increase in profits….but we are not dealing with the FORBES 200 in AC amongst a few business owners….i wish this girl all the best and congratulate PHILLIES for their obvious good treatment of this staff member….can only bring Phillies good things.  Author unknown.  (Too bad you do not have a name, maybe Rob would have given you a free breakfast for such a nice report) Hi Harry, I have enjoyed checking your site now and then. It’s fun reading the plain talk and imagining life in the tropics, my fantasy since I was a little boy. (white sands beach, recliner, palm tree, cold beer). My wife and I have plans to move to the Philippines when I retire in Minnesota. Enough snow. R. Smith.

(In Angeles City we have the cold beer, the recliner and an odd palm tree here and there, but you will have to search elsewhere for the white sands beach.  Hell, three out of four ain’t bad). Hi Harry, Firstly thanks for a great read I look forward to it. Now my question to you and pleaseee be a straight shooter. To cut a very long story short I have been a regualr visitor to Thailand ( Bkk and Pattaya) and fined the girls there a great bunch to hang out with etc BUT I want to visit the philipines and go to some of the go gos and bars etc but have been told by a man I met not so long ago who has a filipino wife and been going there for 25 yrs( he lives in Australia too) he said he has to carry around a Glock pistol and have a local “heavy” with him if he goes out or has mates visiting him from overseas. He mention MANY westerners end up bash, drugged or murdered in places like manila , AC etc Is this true ? As he now has scared the living shit out of me to go. Im 48yo 6ft2 110kgs but no one is going to win if you have a few filipino men wanting to rob you of your money. Please give me straight advice( not bias ) Many Thanks Drew Dickens,  by the way is there much of a go go scene in Cebu? Is it dangerous there too?  (My goodness, your friend has seen too many movies.  I have been living here for 29 years and never felt the need to carry a Glock around.  I wonder if your Australian friend, who is visiting, has a license to carry that Glock?  Maybe this Aussie is so full of self importance that he needs a “heavy” with him when he goes out.  Maybe he acts so foolishly when out that he becomes a target for the thieves.  Manila and AC are not crime free but it is no way like your friend suggested.  It is safe enough if you use common sense, stay low key, stay sober and be polite.  I have never been to Cebu so cannot give a good opinion about that area.  I certainly have not heard anything negative about Cebu) Hi Harry, I came across this website,

 http://bebotsonly.com/.  It’s being operated by a Fil-Am who I talked with on the phone. He’s setup a dating website with a more “personal approach”. The girls are screened to be from good backgrounds, college etc. It’s not “just another Asian dating website” the ethos is to be looking for more quality not quantity. He is selective about which girls make it. He has strict rules on them not talking about money, or asking for any. If they do they are immediately removed. He is addressing the issues that many foreigners living here, or living abroad looking to meet a nice decent girl face. It’s not for those looking for a quick hookup these are good decent girls who are looking for good men. He is careful to also educate the girls on this and talks everything over with them. He wants to protect the girls as much as he wants to protect the men. Anyway I just thought I’d pass on the information as I know there are many guys out there looking for these types of girls who are not working in the entertainment industry and don’t come with baggage such as kids etc. He is just getting started with the website so the choices are limited right now but he assures me in the coming months there will be more added. It takes time obviously to find these girls, screen them and separate the wheat from the chaff. Most of the girls on there so far are from Angeles, but there will be more added from other provinces nearby (Tarlac, Bataan, etc).  Thanks, Nick.

(Thank you Nick.  He is doing on a large scale what I have done a few times in my column when I find what I consider “that special girl”.  It is not easy to find the guys that will take the time to go through the Filipino courting custom but with the right woman, it is worth it.) This from David relating another story about our favorite Fil-Am bum. The guy was telling me that while he was at the ATM the bum was standing behind him then he came up to ask for money and he started talking to the guy and one of the things he asked was how much money do you make by asking people for money; He said 6000P a day, his bad day was P2500 and claimed he’s been here for 6 years and been asking older guys for money. He also said that he goes to the SM Clark walkway to ask for money.  He also confirmed what many people suspected and that is the child he carries around is not his.  He also stated that he lives in a nice 2 bedroom house.  He said he was in the service so the guy asked him what his MOS was and he said “KP duty” which was an obvious lie.  The guy then asked the bum to come closer and he decked him.  A cop saw the this and while the bum was laying on the ground asked if everything was all right, the guy said yes and the cop didn’t do anything.  The bum now is bald and has his face shaven to try to change his looks.  David Steven.  (David never explained who this “guy” is or where this incident took place but it shows how persistent this bum is.  No matter what, do NOT give this guy any money.  If you have a camera try to get his picture and send it to me.  I find it hard to believe that he would stop and give out this much information to a “guy” he is trying to get money from.  But, I do know he remains quite active and despite being knocked around by a few lads still works his scam.  No doubt he must be making enough money to make it worthwhile).


This is the first item I have written for this month and I am not sure that it belongs in this section of my column.  Maybe it should have a separate title, something like “Not to Be Forgotten”.  But since I am not sure if it will be a monthly feature let me just, for now, put it here.  Bear with me as this is a bit long but in my opinion it is something that should be written about over and over again for it is a subject that is ignored by our politicians in Congress.  It is not a popular subject since it does not catch the attention of people like Hillary Clinton who is only worried about human trafficking when she visits Manila and so many others.  Ah, hold on Harry, it seems that I might be heading down the path of anger and frustration, thereby losing the objectivity of what I am trying to write about.  You see, I am not a good writer.  I am not neutral about my feelings so I will bow to the professionals who can do a much better job.  This story is about a cemetery, a cemetery of fallen heroes whose spirits call out to whoever will listen, and you can stand alone, look out at the many gravestones with the sun setting and the view of Mt. Arrayat in the background, a small breeze carrying a whispered message to your ears the message, “Please, do not abandon us”.   The Associated Press story follows: U.S. Reportedly Ignoring Veterans’ Graves in Philippines Published July 03, 2011, Associated Press. CLARK, Philippines –  Walking along the rows of tombstones here offers a glimpse of the wars America has fought and the men and women who waged them. But most of the grave markers have been half-buried for 20 years, and there is little hope that the volcanic ash obscuring names, dates and epitaphs will be cleared any time soon. Clark Veterans Cemetery was consigned to oblivion in 1991, when Mount Pinatubo’s gigantic eruption forced the U.S. to abandon the sprawling air base surrounding it. Retired U.S. soldiers, Marines and sailors volunteer to keep watch, relying on donations to try to maintain the grounds, but they lament that they’re helplessly short on funds to fix things, and that Washington is unwilling to help. “It’s the veterans’ cemetery that America forgot,” Vietnam War veteran and ex-Navy officer Robert Chesko said. As America marks Independence Day, the U.S. veterans who collect funds to care for the cemetery renewed their calls for Washington to fund and take charge of the work. Workers at the cemetery north of Manila recently dug to fully expose a gravestone for an Army sergeant who died in World War II in the Philippines. They discovered his wife’s name engraved under his and a long-hidden tribute: “Daughter, sister, wife and mother of veterans.” It’s impossible to say what else remains hidden at the 17-acre (seven-hectare) cemetery. It holds the remains of 8,600 people, including 2,200 American veterans and nearly 700 allied Philippine Scouts who saw battle in conflicts from the early 1900s to the resistance against brutal Japanese occupation troops in WWII. Clark’s dead also include military dependents, civilians who worked for the U.S. wartime government and at least 2,139 mostly unidentified soldiers whose marble tombstones are labeled “Unknown.” ”People celebrate on the Fourth of July but they forgot the 8,600 who helped make that freedom happen,” said former Navy Capt. Dennis Wright, who saw action in Vietnam and is now a business executive. “We’re trying to get the U.S. government to assume responsibility for maintaining the cemetery so we can get it up to standards … not on nickels and dimes and donations and gifts,” said retired Air Force Chief Master Sgt. Larry Heilhecker, who served as cemetery caretaker for five years until last month. Clark was a U.S. base for nearly a century and was once the largest American Air Force installation off the U.S. mainland. It served as a key staging area for U.S. forces during the Korean and Vietnam wars. The Clark cemetery, which can accommodate at least 12,000 remains, was developed between 1947 and 1950, when it was used to collect the remains and tombstones from four U.S. military cemeteries as American officials sorted out their dead from WWII and previous wars. An American cemetery at the then-Fort McKinley in Manila became the exclusive burial ground for all Americans and allied Philippine Scouts who were killed in WWII combat. The 152-acre (61-hectare) Manila cemetery collected 17,202 dead, the largest number of American casualties interred in one place from the last world war.  Now closed to burials, the stunningly landscaped Manila cemetery became one of 24 American burial grounds outside the U.S. mainland. Nearly 125,000 Americans who perished in WWI and WWII and the Mexican War are interred in those U.S.-funded overseas cemeteries, regarded as among the most beautiful war memorials in the world. The overseas burial sites are administered by the American Battle Monuments Commission, or ABMC. The dead at Clark are not limited to World War II casualties — they date as far back as 1900. Also unlike the Manila cemetery, it continues to accept burials. One U.S. veteran who lives in the area had his son buried here after he was killed in Iraq in 2004. But Clark is not administered by the ABMC.  The Air Force managed Clark cemetery from 1947 to 1991, when it abruptly left after nearby Pinatubo roared back to life from a 500-year slumber. Even before the eruption, negotiations with the Philippine government for a new U.S. military lease on Clark had bogged down after nearly a century of presence in the Philippines, according to the veterans. Philippine authorities failed to look after the cemetery. In 1994, American veterans were shocked to find it had become an ash-covered jungle of weeds, overgrown grass and debris. Half of its old steel fence had been looted.  Today, a pair of U.S. and Philippine flags flutter in the wind over the graves. A recently restored marble obelisk, pockmarked by World War II gun and artillery fire, venerates the unknown dead. A small sign at a new steel gate ushers in visitors with a tribute to the war dead: “Served with honor.” All the improvements came from donations. Wright’s company spent $90,000 to construct a new concrete and steel fence and a parking lot and make other improvements. An old veteran, confined to a nursing home in Florida, sent one dollar in a touching act, Heilhecker said.  Ret. U.S. Air Force Technical Sgt. Littleton John Fortune has been giving small amounts from his pension for the upkeep of the cemetery, where many of his friends lay. He said the worst day in his life came in 2004 when his son, a young Army sergeant, was killed by a bomb in Iraq. He buried his son at Clark and continues to help the cemetery. Still, the Clark gravesites look forlorn compared to the American cemetery in Manila. A U.S. government decision to take control of the Clark cemetery could shed light on the fate of still-missing Americans, Wright said, citing the case of a U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Hershel Lee Covey, whose name is on a Clark cemetery tombstone that declared him as having died on July 17, 1942 in the Philippines.  A check by The Associated Press showed ABMC lists Covey as “missing in action or buried at sea.” Dashing the hopes of the American veterans, the ABMC and the Department of Veterans Affairs, which manages 131 U.S. mainland cemeteries through an agency, both said Clark was outside their mandate.”Whether the U.S. government should take on responsibility for maintaining such a foreign, private cemetery is a veterans’ benefits issue outside the scope of our authority,” ABMC public affairs director Michael Conley told the AP in an e-mailed reply to questions. U.S. Ambassador to Manila Harry Thomas, who has visited the Clark cemetery twice, praised the American veterans for looking after the burial grounds, which he said volunteer embassy staff and visiting U.S. sailors have helped clean up. But he said the U.S. Congress only appropriates funds for official cemeteries overseas through the ABMC, Thomas said. Philippine officials have authorized an American veterans’ group led by Chesko to manage the Clark cemetery up to 2030, and have said they are open to allowing any U.S. agency to manage it.  ”Without them, we wouldn’t have this freedom now,” said Felipe Antonio Remollo, president of the state-run Clark Development Corp., which oversees the former base, now an industrial and commercial hub.  Once developed and possibly turned into a war memorial, the cemetery could draw in tourists, Remollo said. Clark’s elderly veterans, some of whom become teary-eyed when reminiscing days with fallen comrades, worry about who will look after the cemetery as their ranks dwindle. Two passed away and were buried last week.  ”We’re getting old. We can feel it in our bones, you know, in mind and everything,” said 65-year-old Chesko. He has wondered whether fallen soldiers’ sacrifices still matter to young Americans.  ”What bothers me sometimes is, will they still remember?” Chesko said. The new cemetery caretaker, John Gilbert, said the veterans were not trying to pass the responsibility.  ”We’re proud to do it, don’t get me wrong, but we do not have the resources to do it,” said Gilbert. They would have no choice if Washington ignores their pleas, he said.  ”We are not ready to let this cemetery be taken back by the jungle,” he said. “If we have to do it ourselves, we will do it.” “We don’t leave our brothers behind.” Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/world/2011/07/03/us-reportedly-ignoring-veterans-graves-in-philippines/#ixzz1R85bQ9Rq SUBIC –

Happy days are here again for for folks coming and going to Barrio Barretto. The Kalaklan gate opened up for business on 11 Jun to the delight of hundreds of daily motorists.  Now I might be able to get to the Barrio once in a while when I make it on one of my one day trips to Subic. Harry, Just my thoughts on the raids and your newsletter/column: – sorry, but who put the Philippines on the ‘human trafficking’- watchlist ? THE AMERICAN HYPOCRITS !!! (Agree, Hillary and company) - which nationality are most of the NGO’s, working behind the scenes to damage/destroy the Angeles-nightlife ? AMERICAN HYPOCRITS !!! (I am sure there are a few more Nationalities involved, Australians, Irish, and yes, some Filipino politicians as well) - who brought the stupid ‘las vegas style’ bars to Angeles ? THE AMERICANS – DOLLHOUSE GROUP !!! (I do believe the Blue Nile was first, others followed and they won’t be the last) - who started with employing by far too many door girls outside the bars and making them much less discrete than compared to Filipino style bars ? THE AMERICAN HYPOCRITS, AGAIN: DOLLHOUSE GROUP !!! (Again Blue Nile was the leader of the pack as well as some of the smaller bars, now, for sure the Doll House went overboard to the point of ridiculousness.  I suggested to the Mayor to have all “door girls” inside but of course, he ignored the suggestion) AND: you forgot to mention one thing: the major of Angeles is probably introducing a new minimum age for the girls working in the bars: 21 YEARS, that will ‘kill’ most of the bars, which still rely on very young girls…..and – too often knowingly-  also underaged girls !! Remove all girls below the age of 21 from the bars and they will be more or less empty…..(Maybe, but continue with raids, continue with detaining customers, continue with police extortion and the bars will be empty anyway) BUT: the bars never took the problem with the under aged girls serious enough…..always denying the problem !! because there seems to be a demand for those girls…..I know some residents, even working there, who prefer and stay(ed) with under aged ones…knowing that they are under aged……(that is true and I wish those bars could have been singled out and closed down and those taking in under aged girls arrested as pedophiles – and I wish that since you admit knowing some of those residents that you had reported them to the police.  Since you did not, then you must have condoned their behavior so why be so outraged now?) AND: as I told you before already: some bars treat the girls as slaves…..paying them 9 hours but controlling them 24 hours…..this is nothing short of ‘SLAVERY’…..(You must be one of those guys that likes to grab a sneak out.  The girls are free to do what they want but any owner of a Club can only hope for a bit of loyalty on the part of their employees.  Many customers like to add up the many times they have cheated a bar out of a commission) maybe soon Angeles will be a kind of Disneyland for the Koreans………they seem to be more smart in handling the corrupt bureaucrats…..(Yes, they are well organized and pay more) as I said above: just my thoughts……Tom Houggard (Tom my man, nothing wrong with thinking, it keeps the brain active)

I was so excited after reading an article from a reporter working with the Manila Times.Net.  At last a reporter was brave enough to bring to the attention of the public the evil actions of some CIDG members.  The questionable activities of many of the men within the CIDG, particularly those connected with the CIDG Women’s Desk have concerned many so called “rescued ladies” in the past.  Additionally, it is alleged that some foreigners have also found themselves taken advantage of when in the clutches of these “honest men” in uniform.  Supposedly one could find an unexpected outflow of cash after a period of discussing various aspects of criminal law and various penalties thereof.  This reporter should be rewarded for his exposure of a practice that is all too common but never brought to the attention of the public: “Cop tormentor, no protector” ERWIN TULFO COVERING the police beat for many years tends to “desensitize” reporters, interviewing victims of all sorts of crime everyday like I did.  They’re basically repeating tragic, true stories of the human condition, only with different characters and settings that I encountered daily. Seeing an unidentified dead body found in a sack on a deserted alley too often is quite numbing, not a story anymore. We’re supposed to be “objective” and not emotionally affected by news events, anyway. There are certain cases, though, when one cannot help feeling for victims of violence.  And, it pains so much more to see a crime victim suffer aggravation in the hands of abusive authorities themselves. One such instance is the case of a human-trafficking victim supposedly rescued by operatives of the Criminal Investigation Division Group (CIDG).  The Surigao lass was one of seventy or so prostituted girls hauled out of three KTV bars in Dau, Angeles City, Pampanga, over a week ago.  She thought she could finally return home without experiencing further molestation.  After all, she and the other trafficked women had been “saved from hell” by no less than the CIDG’s Women and Children Protection Desk unit under P/Supt. Emma Libunao.  (A name all too familiar to expat residents of Angeles City) It wasn’t freedom from hell just yet. It was reported to me that the victim, after being extracted from the sex den, was abducted and sexually abused by one of the CIDG officers at a motel.  It has enraged me so much and it pains me—physically.  I take this personally because of the fact that my own investigative news team from TV5’s Tutok Tulfo was with the CIDG-WCPD team in the rescue operation at Sunshine Bar and Blue Nile in Dau, Angeles City.  While my news team proceeded back to Manila, a CIDG team stormed into several other Angeles City bars, including the Golden Nile, Executive Bar and Cambodia on the notorious Fields Ave. in Angeles City.  CIDG Chief Supt. Samuel Pag-dilao ordered the operation following a complaint from the human rights group “Crusade Against Good Custom and Decency International.” Two British and two Australian nationals, believed to be financiers of human trafficking were apprehended.  More than seventy young women, mostly recruited from poor barrios in the Visayas and Mindanao, were rescued and were to be processed for return to their hometowns.  Unfortunately, the Surigao lass was singled out among girls by this officer, who took her to a motel. The victim was harassed and “blackmailed” into submission in exchange for her release from police custody and exempted from charges of prostitution. What do you do when an agent of authority, who is supposed to protect you, chooses to harm you?  (Not a damn thing) It is unbelievable what torment this young woman went through from being lured with false promises of a better life, only to be forced into prostitution, and then being assaulted by her supposed cop rescuer.  How can you not empathize with this crime victim, who’s aggravated by abuse of authority?  There must be a stronger word for this injustice committed by this maniac, and it leaves us no other word for it except “evil.” This unconscionable crime calls for a full investigation.  (You can bet your sweet ass this will never happen) We challenge PNP Chief Director-General Raul Bacalzo to shed light into this case. (Dream on Erwin, dream on)

Last month I thoroughly enjoyed the Angeles City Businessmen’s Club’s (ACBC) luncheon at the Strawberry Fields Club.  They have these luncheons every other month at different locations but I do not get the opportunity to attend as many as I would like.  Usually no business is discussed, instead it is an opportunity to relax over a few drinks, enjoy a good meal, watch some good looking ladies do a bit of dancing and greeting old and new friends as well as acknowledging acquaintences.  Members buy raffle tickets and after lunch is served await the announcements of some very interesting prizes.  It is all in good fun.  I arrived a bit late and found a seat by myself from which a few people passed by to say hello.  I was pleased to greet Ted, the past owner of Emotions who was looking quite fit and happy.  A few days earlier he had stopped by my stable to drop off a bottle of “Chili Beer” but I was not home.  When I got home I put the one beer bottle in the fridge and it sits there waiting for the right opportunity for me to open it and share with a few customers.  I certainly do not intend to drink the whole thing by myself.  Ted told me that it comes from the Maroochydorie Brewery in Queensland.  I have no idea where that is, but Ted, I will definitely give it a taste even though I am not allowed to drink any alcohol.  I suspect I could be allowed a bit of an exception so long as I don’t tell the doctor. Snooker in Angeles City – Vegas Dave Hamilton, one of our top pool players here in town, dropped by my stable and told me he bought a Snooker Table (6′X12′) from England.  He wants to give  our community something new to pass their time away with and to introduce the game of Snooker to those who would like to learn it.  His problem is that he cannot find any establishment in the local area that has the space to put it.  So, if you have an extra 15′X19′ of floor space, or can rearrange what you have, give Dave a text or call at 0929-177-7087 or vegasdave4@yahoo.com.  So, lets try to get Snooker back into the City that has not been here since “Shooter’s Club”.  Hell, maybe Dave can teach this old Horse how to play so I hope some Club owner can come up with the space for this popular English game of Snooker.

CEBU, Philippines – A Canadian national who was reported missing since June 25 was found buried under a piggery on Thursday in Sitio Sapa, Barangay Adlaon, Cebu City.  The body of Darcy Hanz Rentenberg, 53, was exhumed from below an improvised kiln for making charcoal. SPO3 Ruth Violango said Rentenberg was reported missing by his landlady, Evelyn Rebuscit, to the Mandaue City Police Station 3 after he left the morning of June 25 and did not return. A man who was reported Rentenberg’s trusted aide, Rolando Aburot, later surrendered to the Cebu City Police Office and admitted responsibility for the crime. His wife was also detained by police as accessory to crime.  Before he was killed, Rentenberg reportedly went to sitio Sapa to have a drinking session with Aburot. In an interview, Aburot told The FREEMAN that while they were drinking at 11 p.m. on June 26, he asked Rentenberg to pay him for his work in constructing the Canadian’s small rest house for 14 days. But Rentenberg shouted at Aburot in Cebuano, “di ko bayad sa balay, wala ko dinhi.” This angered Aburot who immediately shot Rentenberg in the back of his head using Rentenberg’s own Frontier revolver. The suspect said he immediately wrapped Rentenberg’s body with a blanket and buried it under a kiln few feet away from the rest house. After burying Rentenberg, he then cemented the grave and turned it into a pig fence. Aburot said he took Canadian’s P50,000 cash which he used to purchase a buffalo and pigs. Aburot’s wife, Marilyn, reportedly sold Rentenberg’s laptop for P8,000 and cell phone for P1,000. The police, however, retrieved those items after the suspects’ surrender.  The Canadian Embassy got worried of Rentenberg’s disappearance and commissioned a policeman to look for him. The police officer and barangay officials went to Sitio Sapa to investigate Aburot’s couple who were the last persons to have seen Rentenberg. During their investigation, they noticed an odd piggery 300 feet away from the couple’s house cramped with seven pigs. After seeking permission from the barangay and landowner, the police and barangay officials started digging beside the piggery and found a body of a man later. When the body was identified to be that of the missing Canadian, Aburot, his wife and 17-year-old son immediately fled the area.  But fearing for their lives, the Aburot couple later surrendered to the police.  Aburot, who is facing a murder charge, has known Rentenberg for 20 years. It was the Canadian who took him from the streets and gave him a new life. A former missionary, Rentenberg has been helping street kids since arriving in the Philippine in the 1980s. (This is why I always warn foreigners not to join drinking sessions with Filipinos and especially, do not piss one off after he has been drinking.  Filipinos are not the gentle kind people you think they are after a few drinks.  Additionally, after 20 years of living here this stupid ex-Missionary should have known better.  One more note, the Canadian Embassy took action to investigate, the American Embassy would never do that)

Any time you call an 800 number (for a credit card, banking, charter communications, health and other insurance, computer help desk, etc) And you find that you’re talking to a foreign customer service representative (perhaps in India, Philippines, etc), please consider doing the following: After you connect and you realize that the customer service representative is not from the USA (you can always ask if you are not sure about the accent), please, very politely (this is not about trashing other cultures) Say, “I’d like to speak to a customer service representative in the United States of America .” The rep might suggest talking to his/her manager, but, again, politely say, “Thank you, but I’d like to speak to a customer service representative in the USA .”  YOU WILL BE IMMEDIATELY CONNECTED TO A REP IN THE USA . That’s the rule and the LAW. It takes less than one minute to have your call re-directed to the USA . Tonight when I got redirected to a USA rep, I asked again to make sure – and yes, she was from Fort Lauderdale . Imagine what would happen if every US citizen insisted on talking to only US phone reps from this day on. Imagine how that would ultimately impact the number of US jobs that would need to be created ASAP. If I tell 10 people to consider this and you tell 10 people to consider doing this – see what I mean…it becomes an exercise in viral marketing 101. Remember – the goal here is to restore jobs back here at home – not to be abrupt or rude to a foreign phone rep. You may even get correct answers, good advice, and solutions to your problem – in real English.  (I did not know of such a law until I read this.  The next time I call for help, if I am not comfortable with who I end up with I will ask for an American representative) Seldom do I see the need to put US Embassy warnings in this column but once in a while they do put something out that is applicable to Expats and tourists plying the streets of Manila, and who knows even here in Angeles City.  The procedures they give for avoiding these kids is something you should do at all times for your own safety precautions in this country and others.  Stay alert, stay safe at all times. THE EMBASSY OF THE UNITED STATES IS TRANSMITTING THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION AS A PUBLIC SERVICE TO U.S. CITIZENS IN THE PHILIPPINES.  PLEASE DISSEMINATE THIS MESSAGE TO ALL U.S. CITIZENS IN YOUR ORGANIZATION OR NEIGHBORHOOD.  THANK YOU. Juvenile Pickpocket Gangs - Personal Protective Measures Several U.S. citizens have recently been victims of juvenile pickpocket gangs operating in the Malate neighborhood of Manila city.  This neighborhood is near the U.S. Embassy and is frequented by tourists. These pickpocket gangs are comprised of street children between the ages of six and twelve, usually accompanied by an elderly man who acts as the ringleader.  Appearing to be homeless, they  begin their attack by demanding money from non-Filipino tourists.  They aggressively follow the tourists and eventually swarm around them, surreptitiously stealing personal items such as wallets and cell phones.  When the victims begin to protest, the children leave and continue walking down the street. There have been confirmed reports of this type of pickpocket gang victimizing tourists in Cebu City as well. You should practice the “common sense” security measures outlined below: ·         Pay attention to surroundings, realizing that crime can occur anywhere, anytime. ·         If you notice a group of children approaching you, try to cross the street or avoid them.  If they continue to follow or harass you, seek assistance from a local establishment’s security guard or door escort.  The gangs usually leave once they encounter authority figures. ·         Don’t wear a lot of jewelry and don’t display large amounts of cash. ·         If possible, do not carry a purse or backpack – and carry only the items you need. ·         Consider not carrying a wallet, but instead keeping cash, IDs, credit cards, etc., in pockets. ·         Avoid public transit – Jeepneys, LRT and the MRT are prime venues for pickpockets. ·         Do not drink alcoholic beverages excessively, which could make you an easy target. ·         Whenever possible, do not venture into public venues, unknown or dimly lit areas alone.

Pattaya, Thailand – I left Thailand in 1972 and Pattaya, at that time was still a quiet beach area without many bars to speak of.  Now 39 years later I have heard so much about it and the wild place that it has become.  Fields Ave is nearly like going to church compared to what goes on in Pattaya.  Regretfully, I have never seen this new look that has evolved over the years and doubt that I will ever get the opportunity to do so.  You see, any trip to Thailand would be with the company of my wife that loves visiting Bangkok and I would not be able to justify a side trip to Pattaya.  But the reason I mention this now is because I spoke to someone recently that told me if I or anyone else would visit Pattaya that a visit to the “Baby Dolls Club” on Soi 15 and the “XZone” on Soi 16 is highly recommended.  If any readers of this column have ever been to these two Clubs could you please give me a bit of a description of what these two establishments offer.  I am quite curious. I received an inquiry from John O’Connor about a man named Shane Rickie, deceased.  He indicated that Shane worked as a bar manager about 5 or 6 years ago in Balibago, Angeles City.  His friend, the son of Shane would like to know where the final resting place of his father is.  John is not positive it was Angeles that Shane worked in but it is his best guess.  If there is anyone who knew this Shane Rickie could you please get in touch with John at john_1944ph@hotmail.com. A friend of mine, Brian, forwarded these comments from Neil (Road slut) that was posted on the AC2 Message board recently.  You see, for some reason Neil loves to use my name in vain and pretends to know me well enough to make outlandish comments without any specific knowledge.  All he has to do is come back to the PI from wherever he is hiding out and ask me any questions he might have, in person.  I would certainly be happy to accommodate him.  Here is one of his latest zany writings: “i will see your BULLSHIT and raise you 4 HORSESHITS and a CARIBOU TURD.. Wow, I have no idea who he plays cards with but the venue must be in some sort of barn yard. yep political grandstanding after the fact…. Could he be referring to the mayor? The mayor would have been tucked up in bed with his teddy bear at the time of the raids…my bet is he didnt even know they happened until his maid shoehorned the teddy bear from his clucthes the next morning.. Gee Neil, I am sure the Mayor is happy that you know his sleeping habits.  I am pretty sure he knew about the raids as soon as they started. i said it back when he was first elected and for those that cant or wont let it sink in.  the MAYOR CANT DO FUCK ALL ABOUT RAIDS from manila based authorities…so all you bar owners…stop playing “lets kiss the mayors ass”….and joining bar associations….Forming a bar owners association was the Mayor’s idea, not any of the bar owners themselves.  There was a very good reason for 66 bars to have joined up, voluntarily. speaking of such…wonder if jimmy d would like to state where all the current funds that have been raised via memberships and monthly dues are at present seeing big richard will not be seen in angeles for a great deal of time…Poor Neil, he gives me far too much credit for knowing things.  Actually, I was only a member of the ABAC board and not responsible for putting the board together.  Richard volunteered for the position of President at a general meeting of bar owners only after asking those present if anyone would like to take the position.  No one stood up to the plate and all agreed that Richard could have it.  I would be glad to say where most of the money collected each month goes.  The Mayor decided he wanted a tourist police force under the supervision of Major Tan, station four.  He also directed that the ABAC would pay for the training, uniforms, food, and allowances.  This monthly expense eats up most of the money collected.  This money is accounted for and Mr. Road Slut can visit Richard Agnew anytime he wants and receive a detailed briefing.  But why would he want to know when he is not a participant and is not even a resident of this town anymore?  He should worry about his own accounting procedures being in order.  Now, if Neal wants to know where other monies went and to whom then he should return to AC, join the ABAC and then volunteer for the board of directors. speaking of richard…i see on another board he is texting his manager saying there is NO warrant for his arrest.  holy shit…..and you thought DENILE was a river in eygpt….however richard will not show his face on fields….why is that if there is NO WARRANT….its all over the world news stated by heads of manila authorities that there are several warrants for his arrest….what more does richard want before he believes there are warrants out.  maybe waiting for jimmy d to come down out of the mountains with the warrants etched in stone tablets…lol. .  OK fine, now where are these mysterious warrants of arrest for a man that “hides” in plain sight every day.  He is not a difficult man to find.  Now, how did I get into this picture with the stone tablets?  I did not know I was associated with “Moses”.  Maybe I should wear a beard. Since we are talking about the Association of Bar Owners, Angeles City (ABAC) lets review the latest happenings.  Yes, Richard has resigned and now there are various persons connected with City Hall and a group of five or six owners of the largest bars in town who are deciding on their own who should be the President of the ABAC.  There have been many private meetings and the names being tossed about are Mike, an American manager of the Dirty Duck who is being backed by Lewis of the Lewis Grand Hotel, who by the way, is not a member of ABAC. Mike is relatively new to AC but has been heard stating that he is close to the Mayor.   There is Jun Granil., current Filipino  manager of bars under the umbrella of the Doll House Group being supported by owner Derek.  Jun’s claim to fame is that he and his wife are close to the Mayor thereby claiming “connections”. Another name, that does not make any sense at all, is Anali Gomez.

She is the present operator of the Blue Nile Executive Hotel who I hear is being backed by City Hall.  So, you see, there are a lot of wannabe’s vying for this non paying job as ABAC President. The latest I heard is that a board meeting was called last month by the American Mike who is not a board member and present were Lewis and Perry (Forbidden City) who are not board members but were allowed to vote for President. It is reported that Jun Granil was appointed as President and Mike as his Vice.  There are various behind the scene individuals that have a special interest as to who will be the permanent ABAC President.  There are plans being made as to how much the monthly dues will be in order to handle all “Operational Expenses” and the advance word is that the price of doing business will go up.  So, Neal, I am so sorry to say that I do not have anything to do with the formation of the “new ABAC” and can only wait for the smoke to clear.  By the way, other than suggesting a need for the ABAC the present Mayor has had no direct hand in its formation or election of officers and this remains the same for the “New ABAC”.  This is not to say that there might be some local officials in City Hall who are monitoring the situation very closely.  This “democratic” selection of ABAC President and Vice President is supposed to be temporary until a general meeting is called in two months at which time bar owners will learn what has happened.  Whoever ends up as permanent ABAC President will inherit a very sensitive, responsible position offering no reward other than severe headaches.  Sometimes developing distribution flow charts can be quite complicated.  Regretfully, I will be in the US for medical treatment this month and maybe Sep as well and will miss all the changes.  I am sure my sources will keep me up to date. Question – Is the Doll House Group about ready to start construction on their Vian Street Property, just past the Pacific Breeze?  I have heard that all clearances have been obtained and we will see another high rise condo/hotel under construction within a couple of months. I have heard that a 10 floor Condo/Hotel will be constructed on a property on the street behind the NT Reality Company.  The name of the building will be the “Casa Verde Retreat” with ground breaking scheduled for September, this year.  I have been told that this will be a real 4 star hotel having a restaurant and conference rooms.  It will be supervised by a international management company who will assure that ALL work is of a high quality and will meet international standards.  The company will have a project manager on site who will supervise and monitor all facets of the construction.  The company purposely picked a site away from the main thoroughfares of the City to assure privacy and quietness.  The street next to the NT Reality has been closed to traffic but was reopened last month. I have mentioned the future construction of a condo on the property in which the Big Hits bar used to occupy stretching all the way to the Silly Hat on Perimeter Road.  I have heard that the name of the Condo will be the “Horizon” and it will be 15 stories high.  Construction is scheduled for a Jan 2012 start.  I do not have the details yet but was told that this will be a first class project and that the condo units will be the most expensive in town.

My oh my, my little 10 room Hotel La Casa is being surrounded by high rise developments.  Even on Tamarind St there is a Korean owned short time motel being constructed and the lot next to this Motel has been purchased by the owners of the Grand View Towers.  The face of Perimeter Road is rapidly changing but I think that there will always be a niche for my P900-P1,000 pesos a day rooms, at least I hope so.  We still offer home style service along with good food and drink at reasonable prices.  Maybe while I am in Vegas I can get my son to create a website for the hotel so folks can have a better idea of what we offer here.  Nothing fancy, just a home atmosphere where each visitor becomes part of the “family”. Did I mention before that the Edelweiss restaurant and bar have been sold to Koreans?  The bar is closed already and now many people will miss out on a great Friday buffet. Not long after the raids of the Honey Pot, Blue Nile and Golden Nile one bar owner was offered 17 bars and one hotel to buy.  He thought it was incredible.  Panic? Maybe but I think most of them have probably changed their minds as things seem to have settled down a bit.

Not too long ago I wrote about “PoBox”, an outfit that folks here in the PI can order goods from the States and have mailed to that outfit where they will be able to box up and ship to the PI.  It is like being in the States and making a door to door box. Now there is another company that contacted me who offers the same service.  The notice follows:

“Hi, Are you an expat or do you know of expats living in the Philippines who can benefit from my service? I’m a Fil-Am, US Navy Retired living in San Diego California who assists expats like you buy USA products at any USA online store and ship purchases to the Philippines. Please tell your family and friends about Filoutlet.com. I’m sure they will be glad you did. Thank you. Sincerely, Terry Fojas,
terry@filoutlet.comwww.filoutlet.com http://www.facebook.com/filoutlet”

I also received an update from PoBox so I have to be fair and include their notice as well.  Nothing wrong with competition.

“To All Our Valued Members: We improved the We Shop, We Ship! RFQ form for easier use and convenience.  The new RFQ Form enables you to submit multiple entries in one click for quotation requests of purchases.To submit multiple items, just click on ‘Add Row’ at the bottom left of the RFQ form. Just keep on adding rows depending on the number of entries you will submit. You then just have to click ‘Submit’ after filling-up the form. Due to the system upgrades, we have a backlog with the quotation requests. We are doing our best to cope with the present situation. Normally, we send the quotations via email within 48 hours of the time requested. Our email is info@pobox.ph and our website is www.pobox.ph

UPCOMING EVENTS Fat Boy 8th Inaugural, International, Invitational Fat Boy 10’s This exciting annual, international event comes back to Angeles the first weekend in September. 16 rugby teams will be taking part in a knockout rugby 10’s tournament on Saturday 3 September at the Challenger field stadium in Clark base. It is a fun day for all the family with stalls, food outlets, bouncy castle for the kids and more.  Entrance is free! On Friday 2 September the Fat Boy Open golf tournament will be held at Mimosa Golf and Country Club.  Anyone can come along and join in the fun.  Keep a lookout for more details in next month’s issue and flyers around town. If you really want to have some fun then you have to attend the Fat boy’s weigh in session of Friday, 2 Sep, 7 PM at Phillies Sports Grill.  You can have a good laugh at the exposure of excess blubber and it makes for some good pictures.  It is all in fun and these guys really enjoy themselves.


Harry, here is a photo of John Tidy who pasted away in Japan recently.  He lived in Angeles most of the time over the last 25 years.  To all of us who were really sad when our mate John Tidy passed on, I hope this photo of John and his mate Jimmy Coe, will be the memory of him.  We will always think of him as a happy great bloke and friend. (Photo sent to me by Graham and words from Barry, a friend of John for over 25 years) A very long letter regarding the the death of Ric Windows by heart attack during his holiday in Puerto Galera.  Ric was only 50 years old and passed away on 20 Jun. The long letter, which I wish he had sent by Email so I could reprint it here, described the horror story of how Ric’s body was handled by the Eternal Memodrial Chapel at Calicanto, Batangas City, owned by a Grace G. Andal.  All transactionss were done by a guy who calls himself Mayor and owner of the parlour.  The letter was unsigned but his comment was that this man and the funeral parlour were not to be trusted because of the way that they treated the body and the costs involved. It is with great sadness that I must announce the passing of Don Sholoff who worked for many years with OMSG.  Supposedly, Don had been ill with a severe cold that had developed into pneumonia but he did not go to the hospital.  Sadly, three days prior to his death Don celebrated his birthday at the Holiday Inn with many of his friends and family.  Needless to say his passing was a shock to one and all.  He was a darn nice guy and it was always a pleasure to see him dining at the local VFW.   Don was an ardent supporter of the Rotary Club of Clark Centennial (RCCC) and all members of this Rotary Club extend condolences to his wife and family.


Keith Carpenter is an extremely happy man.  Why?  Because at 58 years of age he has never been married, has a good job, travels the world, no debts, no worries and of course, enjoys himself immensely each time he visits Angeles City.  He hails from an area near Walla Walla, Washington, USA.  He prefers staying at the Pacific Breeze when in town and his favorite place to have a drink is at the Alaska Club where he enjoys the company of owner Jerry.  He also likes the friendliness of the ladies employed by Jerry.  That is something that counts a lot, being able to visit a bar and find the owner and the staff friendly.  Right now Keith is a PE teacher in Kuwait at an International school.  He told me that in Jun and Jul it gets a bit hot there, something like 124 degrees and at night it still remains pretty hot.  When he has time off he likes to visit Thailand and the Philippines and in all the years he has been teaching abroad he has visited 100 countries.  I don’t know if Keith will ever find that special lady to settle down with but then if he did, he might not be smiling as much as he does now.


CLARK TO HOST 1st ASEAN KITE FESTIVAL – This is a very early announcement of an event that won’t take place until November but my good friend, DOT Region III director Ronnie Tiotuico asked me to announce it early and so be it.  Of course this means I will repeat it in my November column as well.  His Press Statement follows: “The Clark Development Corporation (Tourism Promotions Office) recently linked up with the Department of Tourism in putting together the most colorful event of the year to hit Clark’s skyline – for the first time. It is even expected to challenge the magnitude and enormity of the hot-air ballooning event held in February of each year. This was the announcement made by Regional Director Ronaldo Tiotuico of the tourism regional office and Ms. Noemi Garcia of CDC Tourism Office in a press statement issued recently. Tiotuico said that plans are now afoot to stage the 1st ASEAN Kite Flying Festival on November 25-27, 2011, Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga. It is expected to enjoin the participation of some 100 international kite flyers and crew from the 10-member countries of the ASEAN bloc. Adding excitement to the event are hundreds of kite flyers from Central Luzon and neighboring regions to participate in a kite-flying competition. Two winners from the competition will be invited to represent the country in the annual Weifang International Kite Festival in China. Thousands of kite enthusiasts and spectators are expected to witness the premier event. To be featured are special shaped kites and stunt kites plus a special event in the evening called night flying – a demonstration of colorfully lighted giant kites. Event coordinator for the ASEAN event is Mr. Orly Ongkiko of Kite Association of the Philippines while Jing Torno of the Kite Team Philippines will handle the school workshops and mall exhibits. Three weeks prior to the event proper, a series of pre-event activities is slated to be conducted by the members of the Kite Team Philippines to drum up public support for the project. Children in public schools including children with disabilities will be treated to a fun-filled day of kite making workshops, indoor flying and kite photo exhibits at SM City Clark / Pampanga and Marquee Mall. Children will participate in various competitions such as the most colorful kite, the biggest and the best themed kite. Ms. Garcia expressed the confidence of CDC President Felipe Antonio Remollo that the 1st ASEAN event will propel Clark as the international sports tourism capital in this part of the island. At the moment, a series of sporting activities are already on the pipeline such as weekly baseball and football games participated in by teams from other regions. Last July 8-10, the PALS 2nd Leg Paintball Challenge was held at the Clark parade grounds with some 10 local and international paintball teams vying for the $3,000 championship cash prize. Countries represented include Iran, Japan, United States, Australia, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar, and Brunei. It was organized by the United Paintballers of the Phils. headed by its President Leonard Sy.” Partner agencies for the kite festival include Global Gateway Logistics City (GGLC), Kite Ass. of the Phils., Kite Team Phils., SM City Clark / Pampanga, Marquee Mall, DepEd., Civil Aviation Authority of the Phils. and Air Force City (PAF Clark).


As I mentioned before over the months ahead I will mention a few memorable times I had in New York along with a couple of pictures.  A special day was when my friend Dennis took me and Jason (my son) to eat pizza at Grimaldi’s coal baked pizza located under the Brooklyn Bridge.  It was a very cold day and we had to wait 15 minutes outside, freezing our butts off, for a table to become available.  Yes, it was worth the wait and I was thrilled to be at this very famous old restaurant.  I certainly wish I could return for another visit.  I was told that after so many years their lease has run out and they will be forced to move to a new location, I believe, in the City. That is too bad because the present location is so fantastic and historical.  So there you have it, a special NY memory that both my son and I can share for a very long time.  Next month I will remember “Eddies Sweet Shop”.


tom-dunnTom Dunn, originally from New Castle, England has found a life in Angeles City in which he is perfectly content with.  He is married to a lovely Pampanga lady, Agnes and they live in a beautiful home, with swimming pool in Timog Park.  Tom spent 22 years and 270 days in the British Army obtaining the rank of Warrant Officer, Class 1.  When he retired from the military he worked as a bar and catering manager in a leisure center in Ashford, Kent for 18 months.  He then moved on to be assistant general manager in a hotel in Gatehead.  He was quite happy with that position but regretfully arthritis kicked in and he knew it was time to retire for good.  Oh wait, I forgot to mention that while at the Leisure Center he met Agnes, fell in love and married.  Agnes was employed at the Center as well.  OK, where was I?  Oh yes, after quitting at Gatehead they stayed in England for another six years but soon got tired of the weather and decided to move to Angeles City, where, of course, Agnes was raised in a town close by.  They have lived in Timog for three and a half years and Tom started volunteer work at Westfields School where his son is a student.  Tom is also an excellent dart player and plays in a local Thursday night league. Starting this school year he started teaching a life skills course at the school.  With his teaching duties, playing darts and enjoying time with his wife and son Tom stays quite busy.  Tom says he has absolutely no regrets in making the decision to move to the Philippines.  Would you believe that he has been to Fields Ave only once and has no desire to make a second visit.  He does like to get out and have a good meal of fish and chips.  He has no plans to move anywhere else and does not hesitate to recommend this area to others considering retirement to the Philippines.

I WOULD IF I COULD Gentlemen, time was running out for me as 26 Jul was coming up so fast that I knew I had to find someone special real quick like.  I did get out and find one lady that I could feature in Sep since I won’t be here but as luck would have it I found my special lady right at home.  Yep, her name is Loretta Garcia, 19 years old, 4’9″ short and as cute as all get out.  She is a bit shy, still quite innocent and works for me as a waitress at the Blue Boar Inn.  This lady is special as I know that some young man is going to come along and want to court her.  She is a high school graduate, has five sisters one of which is her twin, add three brothers and that is a pretty large family.  She would like to meet a nice young man of around 25 to 30 years old.  But, and this is unusual, even if she gets married she does not want to leave the Philippines.  She told me that “I love my country and family” so anyone seeking a permanent relationship with this young lady better be prepared to stay in the PI.  I told her if that is the case then she better increase that age requirement for men and they would have to be retired or have made enough money where staying here would not be a problem.  If you would like to communicate with Loretta send a message to:  misz.myca@yahoo.com.


Why can’t Mayor Ed Pamintuan get the excessive number of “door” girls on Fields Ave and even along Perimeter Road indoors?  I was the first to suggest to the City Administrator to move ALL these ladies indoors in order to improve the image of Fields Ave and the first step to making that area less offensive to locals who would like to visit that location to avail of the better restaurants located there as well as other businesses.  No less than DOT Region 3 Director Ronnie Tiotuico and HARP President Susan Manansala agree with me on this, as well as other major businessmen I have spoken to.  This was also part of an interview featured in the Subic-Clark Alliance magazine, Apr-Jun 2011 edition that featured Fields Avenue (Fields of Dreams).  Last year this suggestion was put into place but as usual enforcement was weak and short lived.  The bars decided they did not want to follow the directives reducing the amount ladies outside their establishments and the bigger establishments like the Doll House Group was soon back to having their ladies on the sidewalks and the street in outlandish costumes grabbing at pedestrians as they passed.  My question to the Mayor a couple of months ago was who sets the rules for Fields Ave, the Mayor and the City Council or the bar owners.  Right now it appears to be the bar owners.  This suggestion is not anti-bar, in fact it is pro bar.  In no way do I want any Club on Fields Ave to disappear but what goes on in the bars should stay inside the bars, not outside.  The Clubs will not lose business by keeping their ladies indoors and they will gain by drawing less attention by those agencies determined to have all the Clubs closed, thereby causing tourism to this town to dry up.  Fields Ave is NOT a red light district but the display of so much flesh outside on the streets enhances that perception by the general public.  The Clubs are NOT involved in human trafficking but you would be hard pressed to convince anyone of that as they walk the walk along Fields Ave and Real Street.  Perception, Mr. Mayor, perception is something that can be changed with just a little effort and enforcement.  How many business leaders and organizations have to ask for action before it happens and a directive is enforced.  Major Tan has been tasked with enforcement of similar policies before but his energies dissipate after a month or so and he is easily influenced by bar owners and lack of resolve coming from City Hall.  Some of our City political leaders talk the talk but that is all they do.  Talk is cheap, but action takes resolve and cooperation from the business community.  If these Club owners want to keep their businesses for many more years then start doing these simple, easy to do actions that would help to take the pressure off from political leaders in Manila.  Angeles City is evolving into a dynamic City like that which has never been seen here before.  Look around at the new construction of hotels, condos, apartments, malls, highways, restaurants, hospitals, homes, and add in surge of investment within the Clark Freeport Zone and you come to realize that the old days are gone.  This is not a sleepy town with dirt roads anymore and the handwriting is on the wall, clean up or get out, as simple as that.  Fields Ave is a dynamic, money making entertainment zone to include Perimeter Road and Friendship, lets keep it that way but at the same time keep pace with the mood of the community.  Mr. Mayor, get the so called “door girls” indoors where they belong. Here is different idea on how to resolve the door girl problem from Dir Tiotuico.  It could work as well but note that the Director suggested this twenty years ago.  I would suggest 6 to 10 instead of 9 PM.  But, for sure what we have right now should be looked at and a workable solution implemented. “I agree with you, Harry, on keeping these door girls indoor and not outside. But nothing will stop them from doing so until they have enough customers to entertain inside. Then they stop being “door” girls to start being “table” girls. Police enforcement will not stop it coz they come and go. It will just be a cat-and-mouse thing or catch me if you can. It’s really impossible. The next best thing, which I suggested some 20 years back, is to do a New Orleans kind of stuff like bringing all the tables and chairs on the stretch of Fields Ave, have two bands playing on both ends of the stretch. Let the girls wear wholesome dress like Fortune Restaurant waitresses (not bar girls). Let people do magic infront of some bars, get someone do a ukelele or drums, a group doing break dancing or let a blind masseuse do some body works on customers for a fee. It’s like a wholesome family-bonding carnival only from 6-9pm. After that, the carnival stops and the bar-happening begin. My 10-cents worth.  Ronaldo ‘Ronnie’ Tiotuico, Regional Director Department of Tourism – Central Luzon, Paskuhan Village, City of San Fernando, Pampanga, Philippines, Website: www.visitmyphilippines.com, Mobile: (+63) (0) 919-427-8351″


Hash House Harriers can be found all over the world and it was most enjoyable to meet a few lads from Kowloon along with some of the Angeles City Hashers on 16 July as they completed their joint run at the Hotel La Casa/Blue Boar Inn and enjoyed a few hours of food and drink.  Naturally a few pictures were taken of this auspicious event and Jacko did a great job representing the AC Hashers.  I may be wrong in my assessment but it appeared to me that the Kolwoon Hashers seemed to be a bit more reserved in their after run presentations than the AC lads.  Many thanks to Jacko for choosing the La Casa for this gathering and Priscilla thoroughly enjoyed watching the various traditional rituals that were performed.


Priscilla and I finally made it to Rosalino’s for a fine dinner meal.  I have mentioned before that a number of people have suggested that I write about this restaurant and the great following it has had over the years.  After the original owner died his wife tried hard to keep it going but it was too much for her.  She was able to sell it to two very nice people that are working so hard to provide great food at very reasonable prices.  Dennis is from Suffolk, England and his wife Dailyn is a Filipina who is very personable and good looking.  I won’t tell you the story of how Dennis met Dailyn because you have to hear it straight from him.  It is a very entertaining story so don’t be shy to ask him.  Dennis, for 22 years had a mobile fish and chip eatery and he is proud to say that he served up top quality fish and chip offerings.  I saw Bob, the past owner of Moon’s Bar (Diamond Subdivision) eating a large helping of fish and chips and he looked very pleased with it.  I have run into a lot of people here in AC that crave a good fish and chip meal so I think I can feel safe in recommending a trip to Rosalino’s.  Oh, I forgot, we took our son Jason with us and he ordered the spaghetti, Priscilla ordered the beef curry and I had the chicken mushroom pie.  All meals were well received, consumed with gusto and well liked.  I also liked the reasonable total bill which means a return trip is in order.  I was a bit concerned when Dennis admitted that business was a bit slow and he was not sure how much longer he could keep this historical restaurant open.  I sincerely hope that more customers will discover this eatery so that we do not lose this excellent restaurant with its budget prices.  By the way, it is located on MacArthur Ave just pass the street where the Rhumpa and Hygiene Clinic are located.


What a great transformation for this Club that is now a true sports bar.  I kept promising Shane for months that I would stop by for a visit, even if it meant climbing up those stairs.  I will tell you this, the climb was worth it and I am anxious to make a return visit.  This is a very classy, comfortable, friendly, semi intimate environment to chat, watch televised sports, play pool, meet friends or meet new people.  It is very impressive, especially to those of us that have seen what it looked like since it first opened.  You can tell that money was spent on quality workmanship and the TV satellite set-up is fantastic.  I can’t believe that Shane is willing to sell the place and was a bit shocked when he told me that he is ready to move on to a quieter life.  He is asking $100,000 for a turn key sale.  It is a good location, being on Perimeter Road and whoever buys it only has to walk in and take over.  No renovations are necessary, no change of staff is necessary.  Any buyer can go over the books and do an accounting check to see if the business is solid or not.  Brian Tuckey, an Australian, has been the manager for 6 years so any buyer has the benefit of his experience.  There plenty of TV’s, one 50″, one 42″ and two 32″.  Everything is new to include the air-cons, ceiling, flooring and the furniture.  The CR’s are clean and looking good and there is even a four burner bar-b-q in one corner near the door.  The satellite system is Sentanta GSAT which does not mean anything to me but it sure looked impressive.  By the way, the roof is also new as well as all the electrical wiring.  The current rent for the premises is P24,000 a month which is reasonable for that location.  The Club is open from 1100 to 2100 hrs now but during the high season (start in Oct) it is 1000 to 2200 hrs.  Local drinks are P55, ladies drinks P120 and those take out meals are P1400.  Tony (English) and Shane (Australian) are long time partners and both agree on the selling price.  I forgot to ask how long the lease is but any serious buyers can discuss that with Shane.


So many people have asked me about visa fees and extensions and my replies were always before the 21 days are up get your extension and “I think” the cost is”, etc.  Finally, I decided that a more specific answer was required.  I went to Angeles International Travel, saw my man Danny and asked him to give me specifics.  He gave me a copy of the latest approved fees as of 2008.  The figures I will be giving you include the Angeles Travel service fees, so if you do the paperwork on your own you can save P500 but you would sure lose a lot of convenience.  The first waiver fee after 21 days is P3,960.  First visa extension after 59 days – P4,500 for one month, P5,000 for two months.  Following extension after 4 months – P3,280 for one month, P3,780 for two months.  Following extension after 6 months of stay – P3,280, for two months – P3,780 but now you would have to obtain a CRTV (Certificate of Residence for Temporary Visitor) – P1,410.  This is a one time fee after staying in-country for 6 months.  After 12 months of stay – P3,990 and P4,490 for two months. After 14 months of stay – P3,280 and P3,780 for two months.  OK, still with me?  Be advised that after 6 months of stay you must obtain an exit clearance for tourist which is P2,500 (you must provide your passport and 4 photos.  The maximum time a tourist can stay is two years but after 16 months you would have to go to Manila PERSONALLY to get the extension approval.  So, there you go,  Would you believe I had no idea that a tourist could stay around for up to two years, I thought it was one.  If you have any specific questions contact Danny at AIT, 322-5829, 888-2175, 625-6051/6052.  Hope this answers a few questions.


What can I say?  Yes, once again I am writing about and providing a bunch of pictures of a pool party at the ABC Hotel.  I am guilty.  I can’t help myself.  This time it was a double celebration, the official opening of the new super, out of sight new wing with a super penthouse on the top floor and a helicopter pad.  I lucked out as Gerard got Willie the pilot to give me a ride in his helicopter.  It was a short trip, took off and did two swing bys over the la Casa where Priscilla and my son could see me waving to them.  It was very enjoyable.  Now, as soon as I walked into the pool area the mood was festive, fun, fun, fun.  Hundreds of folks on hand and many of them were in the pool behaving like teenagers.  I really felt like jumping in and joining in the fun.  That new wing of the ABC is something else.  I picked up the rates for the rooms but misplaced it.  Yeah, what else is new!  I can say that I was surprised to see how reasonable the rates were even for the Penthouse which has four bedrooms that allows for easy sharing of the cost.  OK, will let you browse through the gallery of pictures in which you will see a few good looking ladies and also get the feel of the party atmosphere you missed by not being here.

Well folks, that is it for me, time to put this issue to bed.  It is Sunday, 25 Jul so I am finishing up a few days earlier than usual.  Tomorrow I have to pack and sort out things for the trip to Vegas on Tuesday.  It will probably take me all day to clean up my desk and then take the time to think about the things I have forgotten to do.  I may drop over to Dr. Painful and let him work on my legs before I take that long flight.  He will enjoy doing a bit of blood letting on my feet.  By the way I forgot to do an update on Britannia Medical Center and Dr. Tan’s final work on my neck.  I think I will save that for the Sep column.  I can say this, he did one hell of a good job and I have enjoyed all the compliments I have received from many friends and of course, a few ladies on my barhopping trips.  The last procedure involved liposuction on my neck and that was a very different experience.  It was kind of funny.  OK, enough, I am out of here and I hope that my Oncologist in Las Vegas knows that she is supposed to be kind to Horses!!


This humorous history lesson was sent to me by Ron Chesley from Barrio Barretto. The kid was right on! The teacher said, ”Let’s begin by reviewing some American History. Who said ‘Give me Liberty, or give me Death’?” She saw a sea of blank faces, except for Little Yoshi a bright foreign exchange student from Japan, who had his hand up: ‘Patlick Henly, 1775′ he said. Very good!’ Who said, ‘Government of the People, by the People, for the People, shall not perish from the Earth?’ Again, no response except from Little Yoshi, ’Ablaham Rincoln, 1863′. ‘Excellent!’, said the teacher continuing, ‘let’s try one a bit more difficult…’ Who said, ‘Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country?’ Once again, Yoshi’s was the only hand in the air and he said; ’John F. Kennedy, 1961′. The teacher snapped at the class, ‘Class, you should be ashamed of yourselves, Little Yoshi isn’t from this country and he knows more about our history than you do.’ She heard a loud whisper: ‘F*** the Japs,’ ‘Who said that? I want to know right now!’ she angrily demanded. Little Yoshi put his hand up, ’Genelah MacArthah, 1945.’ At that point, a student in the back said, ‘I’m gonna puke.’ The teacher glares around and asks, ‘All right!!! Now who said that!?’ Again, Little Yoshi says, ’George Bush to the Japanese Plime Ministah, 1991.’ Now furious, another student yells, ‘Oh yeah? Suck this!’ Little Yoshi jumps out of his chair waving his hand and shouts to the teacher, ’Birr Crinton, to Monica Rwinsky, 1997!’ Now with almost mob hysteria someone said, ‘You little shit. If you say anything else, I’ll kill you.’ Little Yoshi frantically yells at the top of his voice, ’Michar Jackson to the chidalen witnesses testifyingagainst him, 2004.’ The teacher fainted. As the class gathered around the teacher on the floor, someone said, ‘Oh shit, we’re screwed!’ Little Yoshi said quietly, ‘the Amelican peopo, November 4, 2008.’

“When I joined the military it was illegal to be homosexual, then it
became optional, and now it’s legal. I’m getting out before Obama makes  it mandatory.”   Sgt Harry Berres, USMC


Being slightly ignorant I get confused. Two things I wonder about – one, why do we continue to send monetary aid to Haiti, Chili, Turkey, Greece, Pakistan, Egypt, South Korea, Philippines, Brazil, etc., if we are broke?  If someone wants to borrow money from me when my wallet is empty, I tell them, “no can do”.  Isn’t it time to start looking at reducing some of that aid money?  Two – Why can’t they start to take the money contributed each month from employees for social security and put it back into an untouchable  trust fund like it was originally set up for.  It was working all right until the lug from Texas, Pres. Johnson, screwed things up by moving it out of the trust into the general fund.  Come on folks, help me out, where am I going wrong on this?



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Hi folks – saw doctor yesterday, she told me I would be here three months for treatment, not two as I anticipated.  Was disappointed to hear that.  Am seeing ENT doctor today and two more doctors next week so will know more after that.

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