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1.  Larry Martin passed away at the AU Hospital here in Angeles City this morning, 30 Dec.  I do not know the cause of death at this time.  Larry, a few years ago, worked 3 days a week at the Butterfly Rock.


2.  Peter Taylor, owner of Bare Assets Club on Perimeter Road was robbed, beaten and tied up at his residence in Timog Park, 11 PM, 24 Dec.  Another so called secure compound.


3.  Treasure Island to be closed, permanently 0n 31 Dec.  Why?  The lease is up and the landlord is asking for 3 plus million pesos key money for a 5 year lease and also wants to double the rent.  Is the landlord greedy or just trying to get rid of a tenant for other reasons.  The same landlord holds the leases on the La Pasha and One Eyed Wench buildings as well.



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Comments and Remarks: Hi Harry, happy new year for the 2012 year coming, Harry, i have been asked by bill williams from the blind beggar to send you this request, hopefully you can either post it on your site now or in the january news letter, we have been approached by an american advertisement agency who are looking for 100 extras for a T.V. commercial featuring Manny pacuiao life story combined with a advert for hennesey brandy, the scene will be focused around a boxing ring, which will be shot in the middle of january here in the philippines, the exact dates are 12-13-14 jan 2012, the venue should be the expo @ clark, transport will be provided along with any costumes, the intrested people should be 30 years + all size and shapes and also some distinguished gents as well, the pay will be 3000 pesos upwards daily, Anyone interested please contact Bill williams @ the Blind beggar on #09475106166 we already have 50 places filled so we are at a minimum the cut off date for applicants is the 7th of jan or when posistions have been filled, whatever is the soonest…… cheers Harry, regards kennie





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I saw the comment of Mike. (don’t know which Mike that is) Anyways there is a lot of speculations going on of what could have happened. Police is still busy with it. They up-date me once in a while.  There are some suspects but nothing solid yet. In the meanwhile I would like to inform you the following. I hope you can post the details on your site.


Hans his Brother Fred and Hans son Charlie will both arrive here tomorrow. On Thursday and Friday there is an opportunity to visit Hans and say a final goodbye to him. Fred and Charlie will be there from 12 noon till 2  and from 7 Pm till 9 Pm, both days. After that Hans will be going to Holland and he will be buried there.  TY, Corne


The address were Hans is:

St Peterlife Memorial Homes, Luzon INC
BLK 3 , Lot 3, Rizal extension
Barangay Cutcut, Angeles City, Pampanga
Tel: 045-4590134 (not to far from Nepomall),



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Harry, Here is a report to the Waterstone  Villas home owners association concerning Mr. Siepkamp’s murder. Sent to reassure residents and owners that it’s safe inside our little gated community. (I don’t live there, I am invested). Until this arrived, I had no idea that he was killed within Waterstone. Anyway, thought maybe you would be interested in what they had to say. I hope they find the SOB’s that did this and bring them to justice…soon… Bobby W…


Blk. 8 Waterstone Dr., Waterstone Villas, Balibago, A.C.
Tel. & Fax No.: (045)-892-6647
Email: waterstonevillas_hoa@yahoo.com
December 20, 2011

To: All Residents
From: James M. Hebron – President
Subject: Hans Van Siepkamp Murder Investigation and Safety review

The murder investigation into the savage murder of our neighbor  Hans Van Siepkamp continues. The vehicle stolen from Hans and used in the getaway has been recovered in Mountainview on Tarlac Street. The Scene of the Crime Operatives (SOCO) have completed their forensic investigation of the vehicle. The PNP detectives are awaiting the results of the vehicle examination and that of the crime scene itself. An autopsy was performed and initial results have been sent to PNP. They may be waiting on toxicology reports, which usually take a longer time to complete.
The police have said that the girlfriend will be undergoing a polygraph test today. The results of this and any other polygraph examinations will be included in the Police Report. When we receive a copy of the Police Report, each of you will receive a copy.
I know many of us are deeply concerned about our safety and well
being here at Waterstone. We all have a thousand questions and very few answers. There have been wild rumors printed in the media and
circulating on the internet. Most have one grain of truth and a million
grains of fantasy. Let’s review our situation. In March of last year,
rather than sitting back on our laurels, we incorporated a new Security
Program. We hired a new security company with fully qualified personnel. We pay the highest salaries with the most complete set of employment benefits in the entire Region Three area. They work only eight hours per day for six days a week. They come to work fully rested and equipped for work. They have continued to keep us safe and have earned us an enviable record for having zero robberies, burglaries or assaults for EIGHT years! There is not a compound here in Angeles City that can match our record. Indeed, many of you have moved here from other very wealthy compounds with much, much larger homes precisely because of our outstanding safety record. Our thanks for this should go to the Tinio family and the Waterstone Realty Board for creating this safe environment and to our residents who pay the highest Monthly Dues to maintain it.
However, no system is foolproof. And no system ever devised by
the human mind can prevent what police are calling an “INSIDE JOB”. We need look no further than the Presidents of the United States. They are the most protected people on earth. Yet four of them were assassinated. But, since this tragedy, the Board of Directors, has begun a review of our security procedures to discover new means and methods to improve our security situation. The PNP Intelligence Division will provide us with recommendations to improve our security profile. But, we’re not sitting around passively waiting for their results. The Board of Directors have decided to take a pro-active stance and are seeking security reviews from our own Triple Eight security company as well as from the security companies of some of our neighbors who have graciously offered their help. We also have residents with extensive military and security backgrounds that are also providing us with their expertise. If you feel you may have something to contribute, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Remember, the only bad idea is the one you didn’t share. We’re all in this together, so please feel free to question or advise us when something comes to mind.
In the meantime, please remember that safety is our first concern. Practice normal safety procedures like locking your door at night. Use common sense. One of our members is doing just that. He’s
enhanced his home safety by adding barbed wire barricades to his roof
area. Another immediate safety precaution we’re taking is stopping all
cars entering or leaving the compound to allow the guard to confirm the identities of the occupants. We ask your cooperation by lowering your windows, or turning on your dome light and turning off your headlights at night to enable the guard to see into your vehicle. We feel this extra step will enhance all our security and minimize the chances of something like this happening in the future. With this in mind, we also must not fall victim to overreaction. What happened to Hans is an unspeakable abomination, but it was an isolated incident with very unique and personal antecedents. Simply put, this was an “INSIDE JOB”. This is not just my opinion. This is the opinion of over twenty police officials, with whom I have spoken, from Colonel on down to Private.
So, let’s remain vigilant, but let us live our lives as normally as
possible. I would also like to ask you to remember Hans and his family in your prayers, as we enter thisHoliday season. May he Rest in Peace and may God Bless you and your families. (Very good letter to the residents of  Waterstone Villas but the point is a resident was murdered, by gunfire.  The killers drove his vehicle out of the compound.  Yes, it is very true that no matter the precautions taken, one cannot prevent an “inside job” but damn, it sure is happening far too often.  Now, no matter what additional security measures are taken the residents of Waterstone and residents of all subdivisions will be a bit more insecure.  Many will wonder, who will be next?)

The following was a comment made on a local message board in regards to the above letter:

The security company must be good. They started there just last March and already have been able to retroactively earn an eight year safety record of nothing happening.
I believe I am more inclined to say that they have been there only nine months and already have had a significant crime occur without them being aware (awake).

Victor Dufort sent me that and he wonders why, if everything was going so well, why change the Security company?  Obviously the Waterstone folks are doing a bit of tap dancing.  No guards fired after this incident??  Maybe they should go back to the old company that kept them safe for so long.





3rd Update – Hans Killing

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The brutality of the killing of Hans is shown by how the killed him.  He was shot in his house in Waterstone, supposedly a very secure sub-division.  He was shot three times, in the leg, in the heart and in his cheek.  I do not know how many people were involved in the killing but they were cold blooded killers.

They took his car but left it in Mountain View, the same night of the killing.  The police found it and have taken it for investigation.  The investigation is continuing, there are suspects but nothing can be revealed at this time.  The police are updating Corne on a daily basis.  There will be a wake for Hans, but no date has been set yet.

It is strongly felt that these scumbags will be caught and it is a shame that the Philippines does not have the death penalty anymore.




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Harry, I do not know if you can put this in your Jan issue or your breaking news section. Feel free to edit

HIT & Run

On Friday Dec 16th Sherill Harris (the wife of Charles, ACBC member and former bar owner) was seriously hit at about 12:30PM in front of the ABC hotel by an American driving a scooter.  The hotel staff identified the person as Charles Hoffman (not the one who owns Garfield’s) he is tall and was driving a blue scooter.  He left the scene of the accident while Sherill was laying injured on the road. The hotel staff recognized him as he used to stay there in 2009 he has since built a house here in AC.  If anyone can help identify him please contact Charles at charris@totaltalentintl.com Charles Harris wants to complement the staff at the ABC hotel who helped tremendously with first aid and in getting her to the hospital




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Following is a message sent to me by his partner and best friend Corne.  I pray that this case is solved quickly.  This time we have people willing to pay necessary expenses to keep investigation going in the right direction and there is a lot of local expat interest in this one.  The reward for key information is substantial so lets see what happens:

“Hi Harry, It is me Corne., The partner of Hans.  I was so busy last few days with police and arranging things, also Hans his brother happens to be also here. So I was not really able to talk to you yet a lot. Anyways , I want to give you a little more details and maybe you could post this information on your site.

The murderers also took Hans his car and fled the site with expensive belongings. Maybe the killers try to sell some of that stuff and maybe they offer such things to foreigners and maybe someone  hears about a guy selling expensive things, You never know.

His car is a Ford Escape, color gold. (License plate I will get from Major Tan tonight.) Will send you later.  They also stole Hans his big camera. He has 2 of them and they are both Canon I believe. Also they took 2 golden lighters and 2 golden Rolex (Leather strap)  and a few cellphones.  In his car he has always a lot of power tools. They are new like drills saw and stuff like that.  They also took the vault, maybe some guy starts changing a lot of Euros (because those were in the vault. Most probably they took more things but I was not able to look into that yet.

I also want to inform you that me and his brother will offer a reward of 1 million pesos for the one who could bring us the Golden tip to arrest these motherf***ers.  I am in contact with Major Tan daily and will keep you informed.  Hans is not only my Partner he is also my best friend. I am willing to do what ever it takes to get these Crazy low lifes!  Thanks for any help you can extend. Sincerely, Corne”




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I just learned tonight that the owner, Hans, of the Butterfly Rock Club was murdered in his home.  According to Maj Tan, Station Four Commander, an investigation is ongoing and at this this time the suspects are Han’s girlfriend and her Jealous boyfriend.  I am in touch with Han’s partner and will get further updates tomorrow.  This has to be the third such similar this year in which a girlfriend/boyfriend motive was involved.  All too often an expat is murdered and the prime suspects are the wife or girlfriend plus a jealous Filipino or another motive being money.  This hits a bit close to home as our expat community here is close knit and when such a tragedy occurs it concerns one and all.  More details to follow.



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13 Dec 2011 (Tuesday), 7 PM Howard Mckay and Doggie Dave will be returning for a night of raucous and entertaining music at the Blue Boar Inn Stable, home of Harry the Horse.  As usual free entry, good food and drink available.  This is a well attended event but there is always room for more.  Howard performs only once every other month and always as some new songs to present so join him on this pre-Christmas celebration.



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I do not know how Howard McKay and Doggie Dave do it but every time they perform they always have new songs, new jokes and new energy.  On DEC 13, 7 PM, they will be bringing their unique style of entertainment to the Harry the Horse stable at the Blue Boar Inn.  They perform here every two months and the word is out that this is a night you don’t want to miss.



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Last night I posted a long update on the Balmer murder investigation.  There is one area of that report that has to be corrected.  The reporter,  Jess Malabanan, wrote that “Diaz said Bautista’s mission in Angeles City had been terminated shortly after the case against Kauffman, Santos, and “Joe” was filed in court”.  This not exactly true.  In fact, there is no order for Noli Bautista to stop the investigation.  Even if the case has been filed in court the NBI does not stop investigating.  Further investigation of this case is absolutely necessary in that there are still unanswered questions, i.e., who is the mastermind behind the murders, and other related details.  NBI investigator Noli Bautista was the only investigator assigned to this case and he is the one who has turned up most of the incriminating evidence against the suspects.  It is not NBI procedure to leave the investigation of a case incomplete.  Agent Bautista must and will continue as the key investigator with the blessing of his boss, other agencies and certain individuals who are assisting him.  Noli is a dedicated investigator who is pursuing this case officially and also as a personal challenge.  He is NOT receiving any unauthorized payments of  money for the investigative work he is doing.   I can assure anyone interested that without the work of Noli Bautista, this case would not even be close to being solved.  I am monitoring this case very closely and it WILL be solved through the efforts of the NBI and Noli Bautista.



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Just a couple of days ago the story below was published in a local newspaper.  All of what was written, then some, I knew about for a month now but was asked not to put in my breaking news or column in order not to alert the suspects as to how far the investigation had come along.  Once Santos came forward and gave his detailed statement and the NBI filed the detailed case it was all out of the bag.  The Mayor and the CD requested a copy of the full file and the local media were chasing it.  There should be enough evidence now where Attorney Haban, City Prosecutor, will finally push the case.  It has already taken too damn long to do so.  This was such a horrible crime and I have heard that maybe David was alive at the time and begged the killer not to shoot him.  If this is true, then it fills me with such anger that it is too hard to express.  Much of what was written by the reporter is true, some had to be clarified and I wrote those in bold italics.  Les Nelson was the third foreign suspect that I alluded to but never mentioned by name.  Believe me, this is not over, let us hope the true motive for these murders comes out and I bet a book will be written about this.


3 “tourists” plot ex-RUC murder in Angeles

ANGELESCITY– Three foreigners, including two Americans and an Australian, are being implicated in the Sept 2 murders of Briton David Balmer, an ex-RoyalUlsterConstabulary (RUC), and his Filipina live-in partner Elma De Guia, as investigators are inching closely to get the mastermind who plotted the killings, a very reliable source told Central Luzon Daily yesterday.

“The three foreigners including Timothy Kauffman, and a certain Les Nelson (Australian)  and Joe Tramontano, carried out the murder plot but the motive is unclear yet and that keep us puzzled about,” said a top-notch investigator who declined to be named but he said he is closely monitoring every development of Balmer’s case.

All the three foreigners, the source said, stayed in this City and have been identified as heavy user of cocaine and eventually became illegal drug traffickers in the entertainment center particularly alongFields Avenue.

“Kaufman was seen bringing a kilo of “Samar-Coke” before the assassination of Balmer, the stuff was inside the bag with 9mm caliber pistol,” the source further told Central Luzon Daily.  This was alleged but never corroborated.  He was only confirmed to have small quantities of Cocaine for daily usage.  It is unknown who was supplying the Cocaine.

Local police here have identified Kauffman and his driver-aide Jesus Santos as the principal suspects in the Balmer, and De Guia’s murders citing the records of the security logbook of Josefaville ll in Barangay Malabanas. When confronted by NBI agents driver John Santos identified Joe Tramontano as an additional shooter with Kaufman.  Santos said Joe Tramontano was hiding in the back seat when they entered and exited the compound.  Santos also stated that Les Nelson was involved in the planning of the hit operation and acted as a scout keeping an eye on the victim and tipping off the hit men when the victim left his place of employment (Cambodia Club) headed for Josefaville Subdivision. 

Police found Balmer, 54, and De Guia, 26, with multiple gunshot wounds in different parts of their bodies while lying in their bed at the room of their friend’s house situated along2-1 President Quezon StreetJosefaville ll Subdivision.

When checked, the house is owned by businessman Richard Agnew, also a retired RUC, and purportedly Balmer’s business partner.

Kauffman andSantos’ vehicle was parked in front of the Agnew’s residence dawn of Sept 2. It left the areas shortly after the killing.

Investigators tracked down the owner of the vehicle and it was registered under the name of Araceli Garcia, a close friend of Kauffman.  Actually his housekeeper

CL Daily source said Garcia was instructed by the suspects to “burn the clothes placed in a garbage bag, and bury the murder weapons – two 9mm caliber pistols with silencer.

Garcia, went missing for a while, but surfaced recently to “tell of her knowledge about the crime on condition that she will be granted by the court as star witness.” CL Daily gathered.  Arceli Garcia is considered a key witness no charges will be pursued against her.  

“There are efforts to make Garcia as state witness, it is being worked out and application to place her under the Department of Justice Witness Protection Program is being facilitated,” the source pointed out.


The source, however, said all the suspects, except Santos, have fled the country. The first to leave was Kauffman, followed by Joe and Les who fled to Australia.  Actually Les Nelson fled to Queensland, Australia on Sept 5th, Kaufman left for an unknown location on Sept 25th, and Joe Tramontano fled to Honolulu, Hawaii, USA on Sept 28th. 

But all the pieces of evidence, the source said, were left behind including the handguns now under the safekeeping of the National Bureau of Investigation-Central Luzon Regional Office (NBI-Celro). NBI-Celro Director Atty. Ric Diaz confirmed they have in their custody two 9mm caliber pistols used in the murder of Balmer and De Guia which were reportedly turned over to Agent Noli Bautista by Garcia. No doubt more evidence will surface as the investigation continues. 

Diaz said Bautista’s mission inAngelesCityhad been terminated shortly after the case against Kauffman,Santosand “Joe” was filed in court. “Bautista is back in Bulacan and has no official business within Pampanga area,” Diaz told Central Luzon Daily.

SOURCE: Central Luzon Daily   — Jess Malabanan 



December 2011

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Hi folks, welcome to Dec 2011 and a Merry Christmas to one and all.  Let me congratulate one and all of you that have made it to another year.  Ain’t it great!  I know some of you out there are a bit sick, in hospitals, at home, getting medical treatment but hell, we are all still around and that is something to celebrate.


This is the time of the year when people are asking you, “what do you want for Christmas”.  For me, Angelina Jolie will do but then I guess I have to be a bit more realistic.  Take a look at the two pictures here.  Man, eat your hearts out Mad Dogs, Rey Pineda, your bike suffers next to these.  Garth, park you bike, it is too heavy for me to lift.  But, this baby, I WANT IT!  I could ride with Rey, Garth and the other Mad Dogs, even if my arms are too thin for the tattoos.  I saw this baby in Las Vegas and it has everything you can imagine on it.  It is luxury

but still has the feel of the open road.  It cost $29,000 and a middle aged married couple own it.  This is one expensive toy but I think I could fit right in.  I could buy one of those scarfs that you wrap around your head, get the helmet, leather jacket, leather pants, boots, quit shaving just enough to get that shadow on my face, then jump on this bike, turn on the air-condition, the stereo, the intercom, stock some cold drinks and be ready for the bike run to Subic.  All right already, if no one will buy me this for Christmas can someone bring me some boxes of Good and Plenty candy?  Ah, Christmas, a time for dreaming but if you get something a bit less then what you really want, what the hell, as long as it was given with love, that is good enough.  I guess Angelina is out of the question too, (How about Marie?) ok, ok, just the candy then.


First and Last Name: Darlene Lingley
Email Address: sunshine04666@gmail.com
Comments and Remarks: The article on solved murders over there fail to mention my brother , Barry E Lingley. As far as I know the murder that took place on June 27th, 2011 has NOT been solved. Any information you may have would be very much appreciated . Thanks Lingley Family (This is the American that had just retired from a civilian job on Clark and was living in Tarlac.  I wrote about it in my Jul newsletter.  I have not had any updates on this murder investigation and I doubt that the police there made much of an effort to solve the case.  I will try and find a contact number for the police there but doubt that I will get any cooperation from them.  I do not know what happened with his wife and kids.  He had some friends here in AC so maybe someone reading this will be able to provide some updates to me or directly to you Darlene.)

Hi Harry I have been in and around Angeles since 2001 and pretty much know the ‘score’ there by now. I am a big fan of yours and admire your strong stand on certain issues and the guts to voice your opinion, ie: The police etc… I had to laugh my socks off reading (November issue) about the waitress at kokomo’s, Beth (or Liz or Elizabeth or whatever she goes by these days) No doubt, there are cases of customers leaving without paying and therefore the waitresses being made to cover it. I can personally vouch that ‘Beth’ or Liz as i know her for several years is one of the slickest operators for trickery, even by AC’s standards. And you know as well as i do, they are pretty good at it. I don’t know Phil personally but he seems to be a straight guy, obviously a working man, had a spell of unemployment, and trying to get by just like the rest of us. Maybe i am being a bit negative here, probably because i know plenty about her, but what springs to mind, could be, a little story like, ” I’m short of money this month now honey, because the customers don’t pay” and a bit more of Phils hard earned gets sent over etc etc…….. He must be getting some kind of storyline, seems a bit obvious to me. Why else would he be writing in? This is of course, besides the other donations from one or two other guys. I think you know what i mean. Neither she or Phil are my business, I am happily settled down, with a lovely honest girl, have a beautiful daughter and life’s pretty good, but its not right for me to ignore what looks to me like a decent bloke being ‘taken’. I am sure, over the years, you would have received many an email like this, not to mention what you would have seen and witnessed yourself over the years in AC and i don’t know what you would consider the right move to make in these situations. Whether you would ‘mark this guy’s card’ or what. Its just sickening to see another one of our own being duped by a ‘sweet and innocent’. But i am sure you will know what the best move is. I wish you the best of health Harry and a speedy recovery. Keep up the good work! Marty (Oh Dear Marty,what are you doing, trying to break the heart of Phil?  I talked to the owner of Kokomo’s and he considers Beth one of his better waitresses.  I have never met her but no doubt you have.  Whatever she is doing she has lasted there a few years and now has Phil as an ardent admirer. Let the man bask in his happiness and no doubt he is old enough to go about things in the right way. Sit down, relax and enjoy the holidays with your lovely wife and daughter and be thankful that you met a good woman to settle down with.  I think Phil will enjoy the holidays as well)

hi mate Following your last newsletter I d like to know if there is in AC an honest policeman or representative of law who can be trusted in case I might be taken in a raid and that corrupted cops want to take their bribe? thanks in advance nick.  (Nick, I can’t think of any right off hand but there are some who are less bent than others that can be helpful)

Harry, Do you know what happened to Don (I forgot his last name)?  I’ve known him for over ten years and last owned “Barhoppin” near Fields.  Thanks, Tom Clinton, t135792000@yahoo.com  (Sorry Tom, I have no idea but am sure someone in AC must know so hopefully you will receive the information from someone reading this or maybe from Tom himself)

Hi Harry, Firstly many thanks for a very informative monthly newsletter. I have been reading it for almost two years now. Last year I booked a trip to Angeles at Xmas time for 3 days just to check it out. Lots of bad reports made me change my mind and stay in Thailand for the 3 days instead of going to AC. I regretted not going to AC when I came back to my home country and booked again for this year for a week this time. On this Xmas trip I will be spending 2 weeks in Thailand and 1 week in AC. The flights are booked and paid for but the AC hotel is not. Over the past couple of months, more and more bad reports are coming out of AC with foreigners murdered, mugged, scammed, bar raids etc and this concerns me. I have been to Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam many times in the past and never felt unsafe. I don’t want to spend a week in a place where I don’t feel I cant let my hair down and relax (If I had any to let down in teh first place that is. ha..ha) I do use common sense and would not walk down a dark lane or do anything else silly. I have no problem with the odd extra drink being added to my bill or being charged a bit more for a taxi as this is expected anywhere. I suppose my question is…….. “Honestly” how safe is AC for a single male traveller spending a week. I would prefer to relax and enjoy myself in Thailand than be on my guard everywhere I go in AC?

(John, I will be honest with you.  From the way you write I think you are experienced enough and wise enough to know your way around various countries. You know the rules, you can have a safe happy week here without hassles. You can let your hair down, as long as it is not too long, and have fun.  Can I guarantee that there will not be another bar raid, no, but I am hoping we will have a long break from them, at least until next year.  Here in AC it is so different from Thailand and the other countries.  The greed of the police here, all the way to the top is different from that of Thailand.  The officials in Thailand get their payoffs but they do not go overboard in their demands.  It is different here but it is hoped that in the near future a peaceful solution will be worked out.  Meantime, for one week I am sure you will enjoy yourself.  Please, stop by and visit and hopefully, we can chat in more detail).

Harry friday the 11 nov went to the beach in Subic for the day with my wife son and sister inlaw,we went to Johan,well it turned out the worse move i made since i moved here in 2007 the service was very poor for each drink i had to find someone to get a drink then we made the biggest mistake WE ORDER some food well it was just plain very bad thats the first time i been in the philippines that i didn,t tip on my bill of 725 peso,s i send my food back nicely and told the girl please let the cook taste it. short story if you go to subic don,t go to johan maybe diving is ok but don,t eat there regards Berend Post.  (Berend, when we traveled to Subic each week for a dart league I had the opportunity to visit Johan’s quite a few times.  We played darts there in a less than perfect setting but always enjoyed the atmosphere and service.  I never did eat there though.  Usually when I get a bad meal I try to find the owner or manager of an establishment to let them know so corrective action can be taken.  Sending the meal back with the waitress to tell the cook it is no good does not accomplish anything. No doubt some staff member enjoyed your meal or the cook just dumped it in the garbage.  I can print your complaint here but I suspect that this will be the first that management has any idea that a bad meal was served.  Next time be more vocal with your complaint and seek out management, more times than none you will not be charged for the meal or offered a complimentary meal for your next visit.  The drink service?  How crowded was the place and did they have enough waitresses available?  My suggestion?  Next time, try Treasure Island instead.  There you have the beach and a nice pool, good food and good service)

Harry, I red your comments in your political rant section.  I can tell from your comments your rants are not about the president’s policies…they are about the president being a black man.  You wrote a joke about him, saying he is an illegal alien, a Muslim and a Socialist. You also commented on the Black Caucus with no specific policy that you disagree with but only because they are the Black Caucus.  You are a fucking old raciest fool.  A black man is now the president of the United States.  You should accept the fact that the world has change.  But I think someone like you with a pathetic narrow mind would find it hard a accept change. I know your kind i lived in the southern belt of the US for several years…you are a coward and a shrimp with no back bone.  You settle your pathetic little white ass in a third world banana republic were you might get some respect because you have a few dollars and you write a bigoted monthly online news letter.  I know you don’t have the balls to print this in your monthly news letter.  Jamal Ishmail, jamalishmail@yahoo.com.
(Now Jamal, why in the world would you think I would not print your kind message to me.  I did not even take the time to correct your spelling or bad English so I could retain the warmth and spirit of your thoughts and the work you put into it.  Gee, “pathetic little white ass” and you call me “racist”.  I find that rather amusing.  Why do people insist on calling Obama a “black man” when he is 50% white?  I resent the fact that people do not respect the efforts his white mother took in producing this young talented Socialist.  I do like the man; I just strongly disagree with many of his policies.  Sure, I mention Black Caucus and Hispanic Caucus but it bothers me that there is a necessity for either one;  Why not a “White Caucus”?  When I vote for a Senator I vote for the man, not his color and I expect him or her to represent me and all Americans, regardless of race.  Somehow, excuse my ignorance, but when I see special groups formed within the Senate based on race, I kind of think they are leaving all other races out of their discussions.  Just my opinion and uncomfortable feelings and yes, you certainly have the right to disagree with my opinion as do many others.  Oh, I do accept the fact that the world is changing and sadly, some of those changes are quite bothersome.  No doubt you might be one of those Wall Street Occupier (OWS) sympathizers and this is a perfect example of one of those “changes” in which you would fit right in.  Maybe you are one of those disenchanted lads looking for all those virgins in heaven, if so, good luck, may you find them quickly.  Thank you for your message, drop by for a beer if you are ever out my way, eh, it won’t be free!  Oh, by the way, I definitely agree that Obama is not a joke!  No, he is one terrifying individual with a very scary agenda for America) 

The Villasol subdivision drama continues.  The following message was forwarded to me by John Casey, an Expat committed to helping his fellow Villasol residents/renters right an alleged wrong committed by the leadership of the VHRAI.  Submitted on 19 Nov 2011. 

Guys, Good meeting. I had the privilege of escorting the city garbage truck the following morning. Pinky and her neighbors were very pleased and a bit surprised to see me leading the truck around and calling out people on the list. Unfortunately I did not have the addresses of you guys as the women were only getting the names of Filipinos. Well I’m sorry about that as we are trying to keep the girls out front. I will stay on top of the Barangay compliance with the City Council directive concerning servicing non-members in Villasol as a condition for their garbage collection service. I for one will be more than willing to pay less than P100 for garbage collection. The VHRAI was offered P100 a month for garbage collection but turned it down and insisted on a fee of P350 for their “security” and other services after they determined who could afford their fees by means of a visual property inspection. Remember if you are a renter and did not obtain written permission of the property owner to join VHRAI you are in technical violation of the law. As far as I know the City Council Resolution (7/12/11) suspending the right of VHRAI to collect the P350 fee continues to be ignored but quite a few residents are refusing to pay and remain angry about the illegal manner in which this organization was granted Incorporation. By allowing the memberships of renters, without the written permission of the property owners,to be counted in the number of members representing a majority as required by the HLURB a fraud was committed in acquiring their Articles of Incorporation.  John Casey

First and Last Name: Rhonda Riser Greene
Email Address: grnrhonda@comcast.net
Comments and Remarks: I am hoping you might be able to use your contacts, I am looking for my father who moved to Angeles City, Philippines in 2005. I just got word that he passed but have no other information or contact. I don’t know how or where he died. I don’t know where he was last living. His wife’s name is Evelyn Lim Riser. He lived in Hayward, CA area most of his adult life until he moved to Angeles City. He was in the Navy and served in the Korean War. Any help is appreciated.  (Am hoping somebody in AC will know about Mr. Riser.  I have asked Rhonda for his full name)

I found this to be interesting, check out the website:
First and Last Name: Jack L.
Comments and Remarks: Harry,i’ve been reading ur web-site 4 along time now. sorry to hear about ur cancer..Have you try B17 Laetrile..it was banned in the 1970′s why because it was working..a cheap cure..i’ve been on it for 3 years now i eat 6 seeds a day,I buy it from a guy out in California he has a Apricot farm there..I think you should look into it.good luck..http://www.1awesomeb17site.com/ PS i’ve been to AC many time and i use to see you around with ur camera..i’ll be back there maybe in dec..until then good health to u..tc  (I’ll be looking for you in Dec)

Hi Harry.  I’m looking to hire a westerner part time in the PI. Since jobs are hard to come by for retirees there I thought you might publish this. I need a guy with experiance as a machinist or engineer to fly to
Shanghai as needed to inspect car part production. The job pays cash
in China. Anyone interested can email me at trans67@gmail.com. I read
your site every month and we all appreciate your work. Hope your
treatment is going well. Thanks,  Jeff Archibald

Hi Harry, sorry for the problems!  I have decided to fly another airline; never will I fly Tiger Air again. I am going to fly direct to Manila. Traveling sucks anyway, especially when this happens.  Sorry for your trouble. Brad. (The “problem” Brad refers to is his attempt to use Tiger Airways to get to Clark’s DMIA.  He was booked into my “stable” for a one night stay and asked for airport pick-up.  On the scheduled night his flight was delayed and then finally, cancelled.  The next night it was delayed again with a 0230 arrival instead of 1945 hrs.  We had already sent someone to DMIA to meet Brad.  Maybe that flight was cancelled too.  As you can read, Tiger Airways lost a customer but no doubt, they are not worried about it.  Too bad.)

Harry. I have had a friend just returned from Angeles and the raids are still going on and they are still arresting customers in the bars. I do not know what purpose that serves. Is it illegal to sit in a bar and have a drink?  They want to get real these people.  It is my understanding that they have not raided any of the lapasha group bars and that these group of bars are owned by the arabs, in which case they would possibly be paying top dollar to the authorities to keep them open. Nothing has filtered through to me on this or on the internet saying any different; what is your view on this, or have you heard anything. David. (The raids have slowed down, not stopped, but not as bad.  Of course it is legal to sit in a bar and have a drink.  We are hoping the harassment of the customers will be stopped.  Where in the world did you hear that the La Pasha Group is owned by Arabs?  I know the owner and he sure does not sit around eating grapes, wear any flowing robes and dream of Virgins.  I am glad the La Pasha Clubs have not been raided yet and the owner is too but it is not because of top dollar negotiations, maybe, for now, it is just plain luck or maybe strict compliance with all applicable regulations.  It could also be that their Mamasans are doing their jobs properly)

Hi Harry, Just been looking thru the blogs on your web site. Very entertaining.  I am the Project Controller on the Toisa Polaris and we are currently way North of the Shetlands. It can be a cruel location.  I am a well travelled Kiwi – having been in the oilfield 37 years. My first overseas location in the Oilfield (as an Oilrig bell diver) was to Davaoin Southern Midanao.  What a shock that was to this young lad and I have traveled ever since. In 1997 approx, I was Project Coordinator in Dubaiand on this ROV project we had a ROV team Pilot - KIM BARNABY (Aussie) of Puerto Galera - with us. Is he still around in Puerto Galera?  I am thinking of coming to PG and AC in the coming months. So it would be good to run into Kim if he is still around. We had many nights out in Dubai around all the traps.  Thanks, Malcolm Howell.  (If anyone in Puerto Galera reads this and knows anything about Kim, please let me know or contact Malcolm at <malcolm_howell@yahoo.co.uk>)

Harry, Many are tired about the nonsense before the holidays with the bars and the raids. A close friend of mine recently passed away and left in his Last will and testament the funds and instructions for the group of us to simultaneously take out all the ladies from multiple bars simultaneously for a massive party to be held in AC. The budget was $ 30k. thats right not $ 3000 but $ 30,000. Since the hassle of and risk of conducting this before the holidays seems high the venue has been moved to Thailand. The vote to move from AC to Pattaya was by only 1 vote. This was influenced by the fact that customers being held during these raids was enough to move it to Thailand. Good job boys, keep fucking the geese that lay the golden eggs.  Daddy Calbo (Sorry to hear about the change of venue, I think you all would have been OK here and you would have had a blast with a $30,000 budget.  I also understand your concern and from what I have heard of Pattaya they have far less restrictions on the actions in bars there then we have here now.  In Thailand they do not have Hillary Clinton around or an American Ambassador like the one we have here, both of whom when the speak cause problems for those of us in the entertainment business.  But, hopefully, you will give AC another look in the near future and find that life is still pretty good here.  Maybe you can drop me a line after your big party in Pattaya and provide a few details.)

Harry, how are you? thanks again for letting me use the bar for a HASH BEACH RUN last March. Now that I am back in town it does concern me with a double edge sword of all the crimes occuring in the last two years. I have only been coming here for 7 years but hell this is becoming a dangerous town even though I’m here from Detroit I worry about the crime rate. Is it that AC is past its prime? Is there a lack of respect for foreigners? Is it that PI people view us with hate? Of course the economy has a major role NO Jobs>>>>>>…..or is it all of these and dont forget, In Detroit working the shooting team some Police look at a dead body and say “shit another black man shot case closed” Is that the case of the Police here in AC Another poor foreigner bought the farm CASE CLOSED.  Bobby K.  (Bobby, I would hate to draw a comparison between Detroit and Angeles City, it is not that bad here.  But, and I hate to say this, in some respects, here in AC, some of what you mentioned is close to the mark.  Is AC past its prime?  No, in fact it is experiencing a building boom, economic growth and a great exciting future.  But, it has changed, especially in the entertainment zone.  Depending on who you talk to, those changes could be looked at as positive and others will say, hell no, they are negative.)

Hi Harry, My friend and I are planning to visit Angeles city sometime in December. I was speaking to a friend who frequents there and he had some bad experience when he was there the last time. His friend and him got robbed in broad daylight close to the America Hotel. Can you give us some advice on how to be safe there? The Dos and Donts. We are flying to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia from Canada and then to Clark. Clark is just one of the hot spots in Asia we intend to visit. We also intend on going to Indonesia and Thailand. Some hotspots in Clark would be helpful. Thank you in advance for your advice. Jay (Jay, that is a shame, daylight robbery, my goodness, I do not know what advice to give on that.  If it was late at night, I would be able to give some standard advice but in this case all I can say is travel around with only enough cash on hand to get you through the day.  Do not wear any expensive jewelry and I am still surprised that they were robbed, especially since it was two of them together.  It is getting close to Christmas and the thieves become more plentiful and brazen at this time of the year.  One bit of advice, do not stop to talk to any Filipino as you walk around.  If someone approaches you, just keep walking away, do not engage in a conversation.  Be discreet when changing money and any money changing store.  Do not change large sums at one time.  Stay sober, stay alert and use common sense.  When in the malls be wary of pickpockets, keep your wallet secure.  That is all I can think of at this time.  When visiting here, remember where you are and use care when out and about and you should be OK)

Dear Sir, Although I have been to AC many times I have yet to meet you, however, I do read you on the internet.  I can only thank you for an honest voice in a corrupt wilderness. (One that I pray gets better).  I am a very experienced international businessman that loves the Philippines and would never put a business (hi-tech) there. It has all the ingredients, educated, hard working people, climate and sub structure (read small business that can do anything at a great price.), so why not? Corruption and ignorance on the part of government!  For crying out load, I am sure this is a country that could put Taiwanand Indonesiato shame. Would you ask your readers if they agree and what they think the solution is, and if they want one? I’ll be there in Feb or March, hope to meet you. Bruce Parker.  (Bruce, you are looking at a country that jailed a President while he was still in office and just arrested another ex-president who was in a hospital for medical treatment.  I’m not sure what this tells you about the Philippine Government but it sure is interesting.  The only solution, in my opinion, is if somehow, a benevolent dictator takes over the running of this country that has enough of his own money and the power to kick ass and lead this country in the direction the people so richly deserve and are capable of achieving.  As a guest in this country I and many others can only in-directly help and hope for change from the sidelines.  It all depends on the leader, use Singapore for an example.  More and more businesses are setting up shop here Bruce, and doing well so take a closer look when you are here, you might change your mind about setting up a business, but stay out of the bar business) 

Harry, on Oct 23 i sent you the below email and you immediately responded.  i have since learned from talking to the other individual who is also a friend of mine that there are definitely two sides to this story and i jumped the gun by getting involved.  i certainly regret having written to you as I now believe that some of the info i gave you in that email was erroneous and i am hoping that both my friends work this whole thing out between themselves.  (The Email this writer is referring to is the one about a Hotel/Travel Agency and an Australian trying to get his fiancé a visa.  This was printed in last month’s column.  The writer was trying to be helpful but I guess the two sides are working things out to each other’s satisfaction.  I did have a few queries asking which hotel was involved and honestly, I do not know and as long as both sides are working the problem I do not have a need to know)

Harry, Why do you perpetuate the myth that the PNP is STILL military? For over two decades now the Police have been civian in nature with civilian titles. Luie Tan is Chief Inspector Tan and NOT Major! I suggest that in continuing to refer to him with a military title does not accord him or the people’s democracy started in February 1986 the respect that us deserved sincerely David Stone (Resident since 1981) (David, you are correct about the titles, but who gives a shit.  Many PNP still refer to themselves in speech with the military equivalent rank.  It is easier for me to refer to them that way.  When I talk to Tan I call him Maj, when you talk to him yourself, if you feel better, refer to him by the other title.  I realize that if I was writing for a Filipino paper or magazine I would have to use the official titles but since, you, as a foreigner concerned with the “peoples democracy” so much I will try to use the civilian titles whenever I know them.  Meanwhile, if I should forget to do so in this column please do not get your balls in an uproar, just skip on to the next tidbit and chalk it up to my ignorance.  The old military titles are so much easier to understand and use.  Have a Merry Christmas.)

Hi Harry. I’m looking to hire a westerner part time in the PI. Since jobs are hard to come by for retirees there I thought you might publish this. I need a guy with experiance as a machinist or engineer to fly to
Shanghai as needed to inspect car part production. The job pays cash
in China. Anyone interested can email me at trans67@gmail.com. I read
your site every month and we all appreciate your work. Hope your
treatment is going well. Thanks,  Jeff

Harry, Just a quick email just to say HI really. I’ve been to Angeles City twice now, both times in 2010. My second trip was for 3 months and although I did have a good time in the most part, I did however get attacked and robbed for my wallet resulting in a trip to the local hospital for stitches in my head. I can go into greater detail if you would like to hear my story – let me know ok. Can I just ask your opinion on something please? I was just wondering what your thoughts were on the bars. Do you think they will be around for a long time to come or like everything in the Philippines will it reach a looming expiry date? Whilst I was in Angeles on the second visit, a photo journalist was in town documenting on prostitution within the bars and the “girlfriend experience”. If you go to the following link you will see the photos.http://sandro.photoshelter.com/gallery/PHILIPPINES-Girlfriend-Experience/G0000ofygntK9ivk. The first photo of me is no 2 and various other photos. All the best then, Steve. (England)  (Stephen, I see that the photographer liked the Lewis Grand Hotel.  It is because of photographers like this guy that make it difficult for me to take photos of the girls here as he and others like him want to link everything to prostitution.  As far as the longevity of the bars, hell, I don’t know.  For sure they will not disappear overnight and instead of disappearing it might be more of a transition into more high end Clubs and eventually, an overall remake of the appearance of Fields Ave.  Hell, maybe the City will get around to fixing up the drainage system in front of Kokomo’s which still emits a sickening stink.  Imagine a walking street that retains such a filthy system in which the City does nothing about it.  But, they certainly like to collect the income generated by the establishments along Fields Ave.  If you so desire, feel free to send me the details of your robbery and how you ended up being bashed on the head. Thanks for writing).  

Hello Harry.  A long time since I emailed you.  First, I want to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I read about a good friend of mine, Bill William LAVIERI.  He has a cousin in Connecticut named Richard.  I just spoke with him about Bill’s murder.
I thank you for your “Breaking News” section, or I would never have known about Bill Lavieri’s murder.
On July 28, at 2 AM or so, Bill was stabbed by 2 Filipinos. They left the knives in Bill and let him bled to death.  A bit unusual, even for Filipinos.  Cruel and unusual.  Why would you answer the door-at 2 AM? I offer you some little information on Bill, so as to shed light on everything, Harry, as most folks didn’t know Bill.
William, or Bill Lavieri came to Philippines around 1995-96.  He married a gal from Aringay, Pangasinan, about 20 years his junior, shortly after arriving. He must have been 52 or so, back then.  He was on Social Security disability, and had some savings.  Retired farmer/contractor from Maine, Connecticut area.

 I first met Bill, up in Baguio City, in 1997.  He smoked local cigars and had a big smile.  He was happy-go-lucky, had done 4-6 years in the U.S. Air Force years ago. His short marriage with his pretty wife, had not worked out, either.  A familiar tale.  He was 20-25 years her senior. She had wanted to live in Aringay with her folks, he didn’t like the prospects.  A fight ensued and Bill broke or damaged many of the appliances, before the “in-laws” could get possession of them.  So, he moved to Baguio.  He did see his ex-wife several more times before she moved to USA.  I met him there at the Bingo Villa Hotel.
Shortly thereafter, he moved to Angeles City, in 1998.  As nice and peaceful, as Baguio was, he wanted to get to Angeles City and meet girls.  I was happy in Baguio. He frequented little bars, the old Country Bar on the corner, next to Kokomo’s.  He had a simple life, drank Coca-cola, shot pool, didn’t smoke, except for those cheap local cigars.
He was friendly, but aloof, as he had been “conned” and cheated quite a bit.  He played a bit of poker with Gil, the owner of Angeles Mail, and he knew Ron (now deceased) the guy who used to cash checks, before Jerry took over. (That was Ron Smith, a man I still miss)
Well, in short, Bill was a nice guy.  He had some nice appliances.  In 2003 he had a nice big oven and a big refrigerator.                       

He tried to move everything to Samar, with his jeep and a trailer, but he became very ill, down there, had to be hospitalized.  Lost everything paying the hospital bill.  He almost died from infections.  He had a double hernia.  After his Mom died in 2003, he got apathetic, lost weight and lost his direction.  He had no plans to return to USA.

By 2005 or so he was back on his feet, but, not the same.  I warned him about living close to “Blow road” and other dangerous areas, but…he ignored my warnings. He hung around some unscrupulous women, and he sometimes went with young girls.  A little too young.  These older women brought them to Bill’s place.
I suspect that he may have had sex with another young girl…and the father and another relative may have killed Bill.  Only my suspicion. That would explain why both knives were left IN Bill and not removed.  A vendetta, of sorts. They could have been extorting money from Bill, as well.   Bill was a victim of extortion a lot of times, and these 2 Filipinos may have been extorting money from him, which would have been a hard job, at best.  Bill was known to be a ”cheap-charlie”, to say the least.  Anyway, I hope this shines a little light on this subject, Harry.  Hope you get well and enjoy the Holidays with Mrs. Horse!  Take Care.  Danny Long, Florida (This is a long sad story but it can serve as a warning to foreigners who come here to live.  It is so easy to become a victim if you decide to go after underage girls or even marry the wrong gal.  Bill suffered a tragic death but did his life style set the stage for such an ending?  You decide)


From James Anderson – Col Boyd Hensley – Pass on to all the Clarkold timers that Col Boyd Hensley, former Clark Base Commander (1975-1977) passed away a few days ago here in Vegas.  Especially pass the news on to Rodman.  Hensley is the Commander that ran Rodman out of the Philippinesbecause of all that mess with the OSI.  I was Hensley’s Senior Enlisted Adviser for a short while.  Hensley hated the Philippinesand everything about it, except those Girls. (Some Commanders are great and some, well, they just have to be tolerated)


A resident of the Oasis Hotel Compound reported the following:  By the way, about three weeks ago or so, while taking my afternoon walk around the Oasis Hotel Compound, where I live, I noticed an “Entourage” of “Police Vehicles,” an “Open-Air-Secured-Paddy-Wagon,” and some other vehicles associated with the group of vehicles.  While walking by these vehicles, which were “Heavily Guarded” by “Armed Police,” a “Handcuffed Man” in a “Yellow T-shirt” (i.e., Mark Dizon) walked by me and related that I was wearing a “Yellow T-shirt” too! And . . . the “T-shirt” I was wearing was in fact the “Color of Yellow” but of “Much Better Quality” than his “Yellow Prison T-shirt.” Anyway, according to the “Security Guards” of the Oasis Hotel Compound, it was related that the “TRIAL JUDGE” was there to inspect the “Scene” of the “Murders” with all “Concerned Parties” that took place in that “Oasis Hotel Compound House.”  I only Briefly Knew  Jeffery and his “Very Pregnant Girlfriend” before they were murdered and that “Inadvertent Meeting” was in the “Oasis Hotel Swimming Pool” a few weeks before they were murdered.

It should be NOTED – that “Mark Dizon,” with a “Close-Cropped-Haircut,” appeared to be rather “Nonchalant” and in “Good Health/Well Fed” – when headed to the “Paddy-Wagon” . . . where another “Man” in a “Yellow T-shirt” was seemingly incarcerated.  And prior to seeing “Mark Dizon” . . . I asked the “Man” in a “Yellow T-shirt,” in the “Paddy-Wagon,” was “He” a “Prisoner?”  And he related he “Was Not A Prisoner.”  Oh well . . . that was a rather interesting experience for that “Afternoon Walk,” to say the least. (I have passed these comments on to again show that Mark Dizon is still incarcerated and that the cases against him are still being tried in court.  In fact on 8 Nov he appeared in court for his trial in which, once again, Moritz was the main witness against him.  This time he was allowed to sit in attendance without handcuffs.  It is true that he appears to be well fed, not stressed at all, in fact he carries an air of arrogance instead.  One cannot look at him without the urge to smack his face)

The Filipino hero fighter, Manny Pacquiao, LOST his fight against Marquez.  That is my opinion and the opinion of every person who was in my room watching the fight.  The judges stole a victory from Marquez and they should be ashamed of themselves.  But, for sure, Manny himself has nothing to be ashamed of.  He fought the fight and yes, not as well as in past battles but this time Marquez was ready for him and knew how to keep him at bay.  The Filipino people can still be proud of Manny, he did nothing wrong.  At the end of the fight TV fans could see his body language which indicated he knew he had lost and you could see it on the face of his wife, Pinky.  But the decision of two judges allowed him a hollow victory.  At the very least it would have been better if the fight had been a draw.  Should Manny be ashamed?  Hell no!  The shame is with the US Boxing Association and the two judges.  American boxing showed the world how dishonest the fight game is in the US.  Was it money?  If Manny had lost then the future multi-million fight packages that were planned would not have been as lucrative or might have been taken off the planning table altogether.  As an American, I was embarrassed by the decision and I feel that Manny Pacquiao remains a man that all Filipinos can be proud of, whether he fights again or not.

The Stampede Club was raided by elements of the NBI, San Fernando during the second week of November.  Dear oh dear, another damn raid. When will they ever stop?  Yes, once again there was an Expat victim.  I will not provide a name here, no need to as most folks who are Stampede fans know of whom I write.  He and a few ladies of which at least one was allegedly underage, maybe more, were carted off to San Fernando.  The funny thing was that the coppers were quite prepared this time as they asked for people by name.  Quite civilized they were, sort of like inviting folks to a party.  Anyway, it was a bit of a dull party and regretfully, for our expat it lasted all night.  Not to worry though, as with the sun shining the next morning all was well as our expat was released along with all the other party goers.  Ah, I must mention though that our primary guest to the whole affair did his civic duty by leaving behind a substantial donation to law enforcement’s community project fund and there were smiles all around.  How wonderful!  But wait, there is more to the story.  The Stampede club is now closed.  What happened?  My goodness, it seems that two of the partners of the Stampede left their third partner in the wind.  As soon as they heard about the raid and made a few frantic calls to their manager who was being taken to the party, they packed up and skipped town so fast that they broke land speed records getting to the airport.  This left our poor Expat manager running around without any support as he frantically sought out the necessary funds for his charitable contribution.  Let us say that now he is less than enchanted with the bar business and a  bit bitter about it all, especially with the lack of support from his bosses.  For now, he has kept Cherries open and where there used to be a connecting entrance between the two clubs there is now a solid hollow block wall.  I expect that will be cemented over and decorated up a bit. Wait, wait, more news reached me that a City representative, along with some police entered the Cherry’s Club and closed it down. They sent the ladies packing and shuttered it.  The manager, who I think thought that he would be able to take over the Club found out that it would not happen.  I also heard that one American tourist had given up 1.3 million pesos to the manager to help him and also thought he was buying a partnership in Cherries.  There was supposed to be a Fil-Am involved as well.  I have no idea what will happen to Stampede/Cherry’s but I hope it will not be another establishment purchased by the Koreans.

Even though the raid was based on reports of underage girls being employed no ladies were detained beyond the first night.  In recent meetings I attended with various officials it was indicated that they will continue to schedule raids as long as there are reports of minors working in the Clubs.  The importance of double and triple checking what the Mamasans are doing cannot be over emphasized.
Last month I mentioned the formation of an organization under the guidance of Barangay Captain Rodelio (Tony) Mamac named the City Entertainment Zone Association (CEZA).  This name had to be changed to the Pro-Active Entertainment Association of Concerned Establishments (PEACE), Inc. due to the SEC not accepting the first name.  The required paperwork has been submitted to the SEC for registration of PEACE and the Capital Contributions have been collected from the Incorporators and first trustees.   The formation of this Association is in its infancy but is evolving quickly, out of necessity.  It is hoped that once formed and the membership established the amount of raids will diminish rapidly due to the cooperation between entertainment establishments and Law Enforcement Agencies.  The problem, as usual, is getting all the bars to come together as some of the bigger Clubs want to continue acting independently, not wanting to give up their personal “connections”.  It is hard to break old habits especially when previous Associations have come up short due to lack of support from some elected City Officials.  Will the PEACE Association fare any better?  Maybe not but it won’t be for lack of trying.  Is an Association necessary?  Absolutely?  Especially one that has SEC and NGO status which gives it a political influence as well as a bridge between entertainment establishments and Law Enforcement agencies.  Club owners must be made aware of the Angeles City AIDS Prevention and Control Ordinance 2000, Section 8, page 32 which stipulates “All operators, managers, and entertainers of entertainment establishments shall be required to acquire their respective membership from any entertainment association duly accredited by the Angeles City AIDS Council prior to the issuance of corresponding business permit/sanitary permit or health certificates.  A certificate or proof of membership to an accredited entertainment association shall form part of one of the pre-requisites in obtaining business permit/sanitary permit or health certificates”.  Guidelines on accreditation stipulate that an association must have a resolution approved by the City Council accrediting the said association or submit certified true copies of the following government certificates of registration and reports:  SEC/DTI Registration, BIR certificates of registration, Mayor’s business permit issued by the Angeles City Government, income tax returns with audited financial statements duly received by the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR).  The PEACE association is well along in meeting all of these requirements.  Now, as sporting folks like to say “let the games begin”.

CHOCOLATE DAVE SHOT - Chocolate Dave is the Belgian guy who goes in and out of all the clubs on a daily basis selling delicious chocolate candy that I believe he makes himself.  On 26 Nov, midnight, he was shot in the waist during a robbery attempt.  At the time he was in Marina Street, Josepa Subdivision, he was taken to hospital but fortunately the wound was not serious and he was released after treatment.  I wonder if the thieves were after his money or his candy?  I try not to buy candy from Dave as it can be habit forming as it is quite tasty and my waist line would expand to a grotesque size if I bought his candy every time I saw him.  He is certainly hard working and does a hell of a lot of walking as he carries his candy around in what appears to be a pretty heavy bag.  He is quite friendly and is a very familiar face in the entertainment zone.  Chief Inspector (Maj) Tan has reported that the case is being actively investigated.
That is the bad news!  The good news is that Chief Inspector (Maj) Tan just informed me that the murder/robbery case of Paul Atkin will be filed before the Fiscal on Monday (28 Nov) as a suspect has already been identified.  I will be following up on that next week and hopefully we will see a prosecution of a murderer that killed an innocent Australian tourist.
Maj Tan had told me a week ago that they had their sights on a suspect and I must give him and his investigative team at Station Four for seeking out the culprit or culprits in this horrible murder.  I would like to mention that Maj Luisito Tan, Station Four Commander recently received recognition as one of the eight most outstanding policeman of Central Luzon.  This is a yearly competition involving police stations in all of Region Three and it is considered a very prestigious award.  Needless to say, he did have a small celebration at Station Four.  If the killer of Paul Atkin is indeed brought to justice, prosecuted and put away in jail then I would have to admit that Tan earned the award.  Congrats Major.
By the way, as a side note, in an interview with Sunstar staff reporter Charlene Cayabyab Chief Inspector Tan discussed minors working on Fields Ave.  He stated “There are no minor workers there because we have exerted efforts in informing club operators that it is against the law”.  Ah Hah, see, no minors.  Makes you wonder why Clubs like Cherry’s, Honky Tonk, Gobbles, Doll House and so many others have been raided, some closed down and reopened under new names, by the NBI and CIDG.  Now, I must point out that in the same interview the reporter led off with the statement that “Before his retirement in 2012, Police Chief Inspector Luisito Tan assured that there will be no minors working in Fields Ave, a known red light district”.  Seems to be some conflicting statements here, no wonder the CIDG and the NBI are confused.  Louie Tan retiring in 2012, wow, that will be something.  He has been a policeman for 33 years with 23 of those years serving in Angeles City.  That is a lot of years to serve in one area and you better believe that those years have very adequately allowed Chief Inspector Tan to retire with financial security as he no doubt followed a sound savings plan during his 33 years of dedicated service.
I did not like reporter Charlene referring to Fields Ave as a “known red light district”. The use of that term sends out an incorrect message.  The perception of a red light district is that of low life pimps controlling girls and ladies hanging out in door ways and patrolling the streets looking for customers.  Fields Ave is far from being that.  Charlene, refer to Fields Ave as an adult entertainment area, that is much more accurate and a fair assessment.  The use of the term “Red Light District” for Fields Ave by anyone is an indication of ignorance by the person using it and in most cases by persons who have never personally visited the entertainment zone.

Enough doom and gloom, lets have some good news.  I am happy to report that the S&R Membership Shopping which is described as world-class warehouse club shopping will open its doors on 25 November, in San Fernando. Priscilla and I drove to the site two days ago to sign up for membership and received our temporary cards right away.  I did not have my camera with me to take a picture of the very large warehouse building but it was impressive.  Just take the NLEX to the San Fernando exit, turn right heading towards the car dealerships and just off the road there is a sign up booth manned by S&R personnel who will take care of you.  I have heard good reports about the S&R warehouse in Manila and am quite excited to know that one will be so much closer to us now.

After signing up with S&R we heading over to Robinson’s Starmill Mall and while there decided to try lunch at an eatery I have never seen at SM or Marquis Malls named “Rosemary and Thyme Italian Cuisine”.  I was a bit apprehensive as usually I end up being a bit disappointed with some of the food served up at the Malls but I was pleased to see an eatery that was new to me.  Priscilla had ribs, Jason, my son, had a white sauce spaghetti dish and I had chicken breast with tomatoes and also tried their offering of Panizza.  Man, was I surprised, all offerings were absolutely delicious and the Panizza could go up against the one offered at “C” Italian.  The menu offered up Spaghetti, Peso, Chicken, Steaks and many other selections.  We will definitely return to this eatery again, and again.  The prices were reasonable as well so the next time you head for the Malls in San Fernando check out this restaurant, you won’t be disappointed.

Koreans behind the bar raids? - On the street info has it that a korean syndicate or Mafia, is working with the PNP and NBI to harass, extort and shutdown, cause business disruptions and drive the western bar owners out of business.  it seems year after year this plan is working. and i believe that a lot of smarter former businessmen that saw the writing on the wall got out of angeles just in time as they realized they couldnt go up against this group that has plans to take over the Angeles entertainment district.
As everybody knows, a group comes in slowly, opens some small time places and slowly takes over areas bit by bit, then starts making grabs at other places and sees success, nobody is resisting them. The whole time they are working with the powers that be, alliances are formed, plans and strategies are laid out, then action and force applied. expect more of this in the future!

My question is, does the westerners who still own bars and are left over have any group to protect them from the coming slaughter and disaster that awaits them? How will they counter this syndicate?   In the past, mafia families would go to war over territory and who controls what, could it happen here? or, are the current bar owners just going to throw their hands up in the air and say its just not worth my life.  (Wow, I did not write this.  It was sent to me by a long time resident and businessman in Angeles City named Charles.  This is indicative of the mood in the Entertainment Zone as more people wonder why so many raids and why are Korean establishments left untouched.  Additionally, in the last 7 months or so more and more Korean businesses are moving beyond the Friendship area into Perimeter Road and Fields Ave and beyond.  In fact, Woodland Park was recently taken over by Koreans and they also tried to buy the Ponderosa Hotel but fortunately, the owner there turned them down flat.  The Koreans, evidently have a lot of money to invest in Angeles City and they are certainly rapidly becoming well established.  The idea of a Korean Syndicate (Mafia) operating here is not new and it is fueled by the their business methods of catering to Koreans only, forming their own Chamber of Commerce, forming a Kor-Fil police establishment in Friendship, various murders, and gambling interests, not all legal.  With the present conditions rumors and fears are rampant.  In no way could I say that they are in cahoots with the PNP, NBI or CIDG to force raids and closures of bars owned by Westerners with the intent of forcing them outd of business.  I guess I could say that the raids are causing many owners to think of selling out and setting up shop elsewhere or just returning home. It just so happens that the Korean investors have the cash to take advantage of any business investments that become available.  
The question is will the Western owners “have any group to protect them and save them from the forthcoming slaughter?”  The answer is hell no because the present bar owners and those in past years never come together as one whole group.  They only want to operate individually and rely on their individual contacts and so called connections.  As a result they lack strength and political clout therefore making themselves easy targets for opportunistic acts of extortion or set-ups leading to closures. One only has to look at the tight community network of the Koreans to understand why they are successful and are sort of “untouchable”.  You can call it a Mafia or a syndicate, whatever, but I tend to recognize it as a cohesive unit of a common Nationality that works together for a common objective.  This is something that is impossible to obtain with non-Korean owners in the entertainment zone as the only common thread there is that of being bar owners but split up between Australians, Germans, Americans, Scottish, Norwegians, and others.  What is the future?  I would suspect that those with enough money and good business sense will survive, those without will end up selling out and for sure, a Korean will be on the doorstep with the cash)  

Hey kids, could this be Santa Claus?  No, it is Rick Crawford from Whittier, Calif.  He is a retired commodity broker and one hell of an interesting man.  I sure wish I could grow that beard for my Santa appearances.  He spent 5 years as a marine and when he was a broker he had short hair and wore a suit and tie.  But now, he one fanatical hiker who loves the wilderness.  He walked the Apalachian trail, took him 5 months and covered 2,275 miles; walked the Continental Divide Trail, 3,000 miles, 6 months; Pacific Crest Trail, 2,650 miles, 5 months and the Florida Trail, 1,400 miles, 3 months.  Needless to say Rick is divorced and he stopped over in AC before heading out to Chaing Mai, Thailand.  He is 64 years old and believe me, that beard did not stop him from enjoying the company of a few ladies while here.  I suspect he got plenty of foot rubs while here.

I wonder if there are any readers of this column that have visited the Nindigully Pub in Western Queensland.  It is Queensland oldest Pub, established in 1864, 70 Km North of South Wales border.  The town only has one old general store and the town hall, that’s it!  The Pub is famous for serving up one hell of a large hamburger, good for four people, with french fries.  I saw a picture of the place and the super sized hamburger, it is one hell of a big burger.  Just curious if anybody has actually been there, let me know.

The following relates how a big company that made a bit of a mistake with a Angeles City Hotel, Medgar, and in fact one or two more establishments sort of responds in a manner that could be interpreted as telling Mr. Guinn, “we made a mistake, so what”.  The point is that the company “Agoda” should be looked at very carefully by any Hotel owners thinking of doing business with them.  At a meeting, their marketing manager stated that they have many clients that are happy with their services but then there are always exceptions, especially when they book customers into hotels that are not clients.  This incident does not just affect hotels but also anyone that might use Agoda for booking their hotel reservations.  The customer could be in for a bit of a shock when they show up at a hotel, they have a voucher for and that Hotel has no idea who they are or even who “Agoda” is.  When dealing with Agoda it might be wise to do some double checking on your reservations.

Email sent to Mr. Joseph Iquitan, Market Manager. Agoda International Pte. Ltd  (www.agoda.com) by Mr. Guinn:

Mr. Gary Rigby and Richard Cox arrived at out hotel last night at 21:30 and presented us the attached  Hotel Voucher #9465486. This was a shock to our staff and especially the guests when we explained we do not have any agreement with Agoda to accept money from any one for rooms in Medgar Executive Apartelle. I advised them to contact their bank that issued the card and report this fraudulent action and request a charge back ASAP. Mr. Rigby indicated he would do that and seek damages from Agoda for pain and suffering because of this traumatic incident.

Your company needs to explain this in full within 24 hours before we refer this to our corporate attorneys for misrepresenting our company. I have Cced Ms. Susan Manansala (President of HARP) and Mr. Ronnie Tiotuico (Regional Director for the Department of Tourism) and will continue to share any response from your company with them and our local media representatives. If this is not resolved to our satisfaction you can expect that we will contact ICANN and your hosting company to have your site shut down for unethical business practices.

Hope you will take immediate action on this matter before we have to escalate this matter to the proper authorities.

Charles J. Guinn. Operations Manager

Response from Agoda follows:

From: Thomas, Tom (Agoda) <Tom.Thomas@agoda.com>

Date: Fri, Nov 18, 2011 at 15:26
Subject: Agoda.com – follow-up

To: “chuck.guinn at gmail.com
Cc: “Libutzki, Oliver (Agoda)” <Oliver.Libutzki@agoda.com>, “Legal (Agoda)” <Legal@agoda.com>

Dear Mr. Guinn,  We refer to your earlier mail about a booking incident at your hotel. As you know, Agoda.com lists hotels around the world on its website. We reserve the right as all websites sites do to show our visitors all the hotels in the world, and for most hotels in Asia, we also have a direct hotel agreement whereby we send our customers to the hotel in exchange for a share of revenue.

We are the largest seller of hotels online inAsiaand the largest seller for your area. We have literally millions of online customers, and we are part of the largest online travel agent in the world, Priceline.com.

We offer the world’s best marketing technology for hotels and the only free booking button so that hotels inAsiacan manage and receive bookings via their own website at no cost. This booking button often doubles or triples conversions for hotels on their websites, and it is free. We are used throughout the Philippines and well regarded.

As you know, an unforeseen event resulted in one of our customers arriving at your hotel without a corresponding room reservation because we, in complete good faith and despite the exercise of proper diligence, mistakenly believed that we had an agreement with your hotel. We have taken steps internally to reduce the risk of this happening again.  Without admitting to any liability, we do apologize for any inconvenience.

We do not believe that you are entitled to any compensation from us since there has been no damage to your property or business.  We have reviewed this matter with our legal team and outside counsel and all concur with this view.

We think if you consider us a potential partner and work with us in a friendly manner, you will find the financial benefits of such a strategy far outweigh the results of any demands for compensation or threats, which will only lead to us being unable to work with you as a partner.

Our regional director (Mr. Libutzki, in CC of this mail) can visit you next week when he is in the Philippines to explain ways we might help each other. This email is without prejudice to our rights and any defense and remedy available under law and equity.

Yours sincerely, Tom Thomas,  Corporate Counsel,
Agoda.com, t. +66 2 6259293, e. tom.thomas@agoda.com

BALIBAGO NEWS: 2 NOVEMBER 2011, Riders in tandem killed in shootout.  Riders in tandem who refused to stop at a police checkpoint were killed in a shootout at Bacolor Town on All Saints Day, according to police reports. The unidentified men were on board at motorcycle without a plate number, police said. (Fantastic news.  I would there would be more of this type action, maybe then there would be a lot less thieves and killers riding around)

ANGELES CITY, Philippines (Punto) – Mayor Edgardo Pamintuan is expected to receive this week more medical equipment, supplies and medicines from World Medical Relief Incorporated (WMRI) in the United States.  Pamintuan said US Senator Carl Levin, chair of the committee on arms and defense, was also invited to deliver a speech in the event. Levin is known to be the major supporter of WMRI.  “The last 40 footer of a container with the latest medical equipment will be delivered first of second week of January 2012 according to Mr. George Samson, president and CEO of WMRI,” he added.
The donated equipment will be used at the Rafael Lazatin Memorial Medical Center (RLLMC – popularly known as Ospital Ning Angeles or ONA).  With its headquarters in Detroit, Michigan, WMRI was established in 1953. Over the years, the organization has expanded its mission by providing medical aid to thousands of under-served people in the Detroit metropolitan area and in over 100 developing nations worldwide.  The Philippines has been one of the main recipient countries and has received shipments valued over $200 million in hospital equipment and medical supplies.  (Ona hospital is the second of two hospitals that Santa visits each Christmas Eve to give out food baskets, candy and money to each patient in the wards filled with low income patients.  Over the years I have seen renovations take place and new equipment brought in that has improved the medical care at this facility.  Despite this all too often when I have told people to go to ONA for emergency medical care they balk at doing so.  Why?  The perception is that the care will not be as good as in other hospitals and they feel that the wards are overcrowded and dirty.  They feel that because the hospital caters to low income patients that the quality of care suffers.  Is there still room for improvement in this hospital, absolutely, especially in the non-air-conditioned wards which are crowded and dreary looking but with each passing year improvements are made and through the efforts of Congressman Lazatin and Mayor Pamintuan improvements will continue to be made.  Many people cannot afford hospital care, especially at the more popular hospitals and ONA is an absolute necessity for those low income citizens.  I look forward to my yearly visit and the opportunity to bring a smile to the patients and the overworked staff each Christmas Eve.  Mr. Mayor, keep working on getting more equipment donated and also upgrade those wards whenever the budget permits)


The tournament got off at 8:30 am with 26 players and 26 caddies. The tournament was a 4 person best ball competition and went very well. The winners of the tournament were Roy Fisher, Larry Given, Arnett and Leslie with a score of 2 over par 56. It was a great tournament and Mike Sculley of Grand Central Restaurant and Puzzles Cafe catered the food that was delicious. Another tournament was held on Sat, 26 Nov. It was a 2 person best ball tourney and again they had a large contingent of players up and ready in the early morning and another great day of golf took place.  It takes a bit of work to organize these events and the dynamic young folks behind the ASCC Golf Committee are Jimmy Allen, President, Shane Kennett, Captain, Dave Macormick, Secretary, Tom Aldrich, Treasurer, Bobby King, Financial Oversight and Roy Fisher, Sponsorship. For more information about tournament dates stop by the Angeles City
Sports and Country Club.  Look for any of the committee members and find out how to get on board for some great golf.


Yes folks, it is that time of the year for me to wish Evelyn a Merry Christmas and hope that she remains quite uncomfortable and unhappy in her Manila Jail cell.  This is the witch that had her husband Steven Davis shot to death in his Manila apartment by her Filipino boyfriend and another accomplice in 2002.  My goodness, nine years have passed already.  Pictures are Joshua, Margaret and Jessica.  They have grown so big and both are handsome, intelligent, happy children.  Evelyn is and was an evil woman and I hope she feels a bit of sadness knowing that she will never be able to see or touch her children again.  Her sentence was “Reclusion Perpetual” which meant a life sentence.  The lawyer said “she will go to prison for forty years, no parole, no remission.”  That means 31 more Christmas celebrations in prison and when she gets out she will be in her 60′s.  I wish I was young enough to be around at that time to see her walk out of prison and I am sure at that time she will still feel no guilt as to what she did so long ago.  Evelyn, I sincerely wish you a very miserable Christmas and New Years.



Some days are more special than others.  On 23 Nov I was surprised by a visit from Ed Tamuro from Maui, Hawaii.  I remember his visit a year ago and this year he remembered my annual Christmas project and brought along a bag of children’s clothes that I will be able to distribute to the Aeta children and also to the less privileged children from a squatter community near my farm.  This year the Mrs and I will be hosting 120 children and their families for our annual day of games, prizes, lunch and a visit from Santa to present a gift to each named child.  On this trip Ed had help carrying this rather heavy bag as he was accompanied by Pat Borge, Daniel Nahoe, Mike Hexton and George Enriques.  Pat, George and Dan were on their first trip ever to the Philippines.  They were the proverbial “Cherry Boys” and naturally, after only a couple of days they caught the Angeles City (AC) Virus and even with a week to go before departure are planning their next visit.  They really enjoyed visiting the AC cultural sites such as Angel Witch, Road House, Tropix, Up to You, Pony Tails, Lost in Asia, Honey Ko’s, Lollipop, Crystal Palace, Doll House and Champagne.  They expected to continue their daily and nightly tours in order to get in as many sites as possible.  They were booked into the Savannah Hotel, just around the corner from my Stable, it is Ed’s favorite Hotel to stay at while in AC.  Ed and company, believe me, there will be some big smiles from some deserving kids this Christmas as those clothes are presented.  Priscilla and I thank you so very much.

(Picture – L to R:  Pat Borge, Ed Tamuro, Daniel Nahoe, Mike Hexton, George Enriques)


G’Day Harry, Daryl Castles here from the “Doghouse International ~MelbourneAustralia~ Chapter”.

Sorry we missed you Harry, on our recent trip toAngelesCity, we did manage to bring our member, Barry Salisbury, to see you, who is recovering from throat cancer.  On our last visit in May you said if we could get him there in November you would name him Tourist of the Month, so I have attached a Photo of him, for this purpose, I have also attached another Photo of our group, holding a Sign to send a message to our Esteemed Leader in Alan Parker, who is also Recovering from major surgery.

Hope you are on top of your own medical problems as well Harry, keep up the good work, stay strong!  Cheers, Daryl Castles.
In our group Photo Left to Right:

Arthur Parker, Nicholas Blain, Mike Van Eerden, Chris Wood-Davies, Alan Metcalfe, Barry Salisbury, Frank Moloney, Daryl Castles, Barry Height, Peter Toperosa, Ronald Worlley, Front: Travis Morgan (Sorry to have missed you lads during your short in and out visit to my humble stable.  My timing is always bad since I am out so often and do miss meeting up with visitors.  I could not classify Barry as my Tourist of the Month since I did not interview him to get some personal information for the column.  But, I do remember that he was sick during your visit last year and am very happy to see that he is up and about now.  Now it is Alan under the knife and one of your bunch had to stay home.  Do you think that by next years visit you will have everyone healthy and in attendance?  Somehow I sort of think you guys have a hell of a good time during your “kennel” meetings and you do bring a bit of life to my quiet bar once a year.  Have a Merry Christmas and a happier New Year.)


Ray Kelly and Barry remain out of jail on bail, Mike is still incarcerated due to lack of funds to pay the bail.  On 22 Nov the went before the judge again for a hearing at which time the prosecution rested its cases.  It is now submitted to the judge for decision.  It is hoped that the judge will dismiss the charges permanently and hopefully three innocent men will be allowed to get on with their lives again.  I do not know the date of the next court appearance, will try to find out.


I keep hearing that I only write about doom and gloom so to follow up on the good news about Ray Kelly and company let me pass on the results of a rugby tournament in which the Philippines sent a talented team of youths to Hong Kong to kick some butt, eh, I mean, participate in a gentlemanly, friendly game of rugby.  What made this special is that the Philippine team included young boys who are residents of the Bahay Bata Street Children’s Center, youngsters from the streets of Angeles City who never even heard of rugby until they came to live and be educated at the Center.  It was a smashing success for the lads from the Philippines and what a great experience for them.  What a tour! What rugby! What coaching! What interesting accommodation! On behalf of the PRFU Board, congratulations to all those involved with this tour. In short, on the rugby front, Philippines scored 144, the opposition scored 10. That sounds like some “ass kicking” to me.

What is interesting here is that the kids who are being housed and educated at the Bahay Bata have come to excel in sports they had never heard of when they lived on the streets of Angeles City.  Now, thanks to volunteer coaches they excel in baseball, rugby and soccer.  They are not into basketball that much but they sure do love playing rugby.  Regretfully, the wonderful sports field that was built next to the Center (Wright Field) no longer exists.  The Lazatin family sold it off to developers and when I visited there last week, it was so sad to see the baseball field plowed up and our own “Field of dreams” is now a nightmare.  So much hard work went into the construction of turning an empty piece of land into a first class sports field and aptly named after Bill Wright who supervised the construction and put so much of his own funds into the project.  But, that is progress and money talks, one can’t argue with that.  Hopefully an alternative field will be found and the remarkable street kids who learned that they could be special, may still be able to retain the skills they learned.  It is also very sad to learn that the Center is suffering financially and the on-site school may have to close it doors to 26 street children and 60 low income children from the neighboring barangay.  The economic recession has taken a toll on the benefactors who used to donate funds to the Center.  Presently, the Center has a budget of P350,000 a month to operate the facility and the school.  Additionally, funds are needed for maintenance, painting and repairs.  The building needs a serious face lift and sponsors are needed.  This is such a worthy community project, it would be a shame to see it fall apart for lack of funds.  For further information visit www.bahaybata.org or www.rotaryclubclarkcentennial.org.  Better still, if you are in Angeles City take the time to go out and take a look at the facility.  The kids and staff would love to see you.


Remember the Tourist Police bike patrol? Last year they were seen patrolling Fields Ave and beyond under the supervision of Maj Tan, Station Four.  It was my pleasure to donate two bikes that were previously used by the ACTA Tourist Police.  I donated these bikes with the understanding between me and Maj Tan that they would be used to patrol, as much as possible, along Perimeter Road as well as Fields Ave.  Prior to going to the US for cancer treatment I was saddened to see that there was no longer a bicycle patrol presence in the entertainment zone.  Naturally, I inquired as to the where-a-bouts of the two bicycles that I donated, additionally, where are all the other bikes that were being used?  If all the bikes have disappeared into the hands of certain individuals for personal use, then they should be returned and inventoried.  Failure to do so may make it difficult to receive donations of equipment or materials from the local citizenry in the future.


I must say that this is a very happy picture.  Look at the big contented smile on the face of new father Jack (Jacko, Saput) Clayton as he proudly stands with wife Alma and baby daughter.  Jack is from London, England and is a young, healthy 65 years of age.  Jack first visited the Philippines in 1988 when the Ermita area in Manila was a popular gathering place for tourists.  When Mayor Lim closed down the bars Jacko set his sights on Angeles City and discovered that he could do quite well here in the romance area.  He became a devoted hasher and has been running with his fellow Club members for many years now, going all the way back to when the “Birds of Paradise” was the main meeting place.
Jacko worked for 10 years with the Thomas Dewrue High Security Printing firm and after being laid off started driving a truck.  At that time he was working for 7 months and then 5 months here.  Over the years, as his finances improved he was able to turn that around to 8 months here and four months back in England.  When he turned 62 years of age he figured he had enough work and retired and after his Mum passed away he returned to Angeles City permanently.  Like so many of his he finally found a lady that would not go away, fell in love and married Alma, a sweet lady from Samar who is the proud mother of the little gal in the picture above.
Jack indicates that he is very happy here but was happier when the pound stood at 104 to the peso and he sadly points out that it is now at 68 pesos to the pound. That is a big pay cut!   Being a bit of a sportsman Jack plays golf and darts.  He plays golf at the Mimosa Golf course but is not happy with the system there.  It seems the Korean players appear to be favored and are allowed to have “walk-on” play and apparently pay less then others to do so.  They also do not respect the greens and mess them up by driving their golf carts all over the place.  It is suspected that the CDC is getting a bit of back hand money from these players.  Getting pass the golf, which he enjoys, but also enjoys playing in the dart league where he throws an occasional 180, well, so far, one only.
When asked if he enjoyed living here in Angeles City (AC), his response was quite positive.  He replied “I love living here but I think we have seen the best of AC.  Now the Koreans are coming here and changing the atmosphere.  The Americans, Brits, Aussies, Canadians, etc., mix together, the Koreans do not. It’s still a good place to retire but not sure of the future.  They are charging ridiculous prices for houses and condos now and more and more are being built every month.  Today, AC is still affordable, five years from now, well, lets wait and see.”
So there you have it folks.  I have known Jacko for years and he does play on my dart team and he is a wonderful personality.  He held out his bachelor status for years but now is fitting right in as a family man.  I, and many others are proud to know him and hope he will remain a part of the AC community for many more years.  May you have many more years of “on homes” with the AC Hashers Jacko.


In one Bar Group, you buy nowadays a bottle of “Party Animal” – and take a girl out (but not the bottle!): price P 1800…

Can it get even more “strange”? Yes of course it can! This is Angeles 2011 after all. At 2 other Bars they make you take the bottle with you and charge you for it… Total price P 1865, including one companion to share the bottle with! The girls will also tell you there is no bar fine available, only party animal. “Just terrific”!  (I have not seen this for myself yet and do not know which bars are offering these drinks.  Not too bad an idea, no bar fine, no EWR, and any receipt issued will be for a party animal drink only.  Even the coppers would have a hard time finding anything illegal in this.  What say you, am I wrong here?  I would think that at that price an extra charge for the bottle is unnecessary but the color of the drink is red so anyway to bleed you is justified – I just hope it is not Kool-ade)


These ladies were more than anxious to send some Christmas cheer to all you guys who could not be here for the Christmas festivities here in AC.  The ladies on the far left are dancers at the Brass Knob.  This is a popular Club with plenty of good looking, friendly hostesses and dancers and if you get tired of the music or looking at the beauties, then they have a separate room for pool and also a dining area.  The food is good and inexpensive.  For sure you want to be able to greet Tess and Roy while there.  They are the dynamic husband and wife team that put the personality into this place and Roy is one character you definitely have to meet.  If you are there and do not know who he is, wait a while and you will hear him enter, even above the music.  This is one guy who loves being a host and loves to meet new people.  Once you meet him you will never forget him.  His biggest achievement was meeting and marrying Tess who brings a touch of class to the establishment.  Oh, before I forget, they have rooms above the bar that they rent out but they are full most of the time.  Their location is ideal, on Perimeter Road near the ABC Hotel.

The second picture features the ladies from the Hang-out.  This bar is located on Perimeter Road nestled between the Thi-Hi and Honey-Ko’s.  You have the choice of drinking indoors or outdoors and enjoy the company of the local expats who congregate there each afternoon into the early evening.  I really like the bar and the owner, Doug, has made so many improvements to the place since he took it over. For me, the Hang-out is special, it is a place where you can sit and chat with the friends you see so often.  It is a place where you get teased, a place where you discuss local events, where you talk about friends who have been hurt, have problems or have been killed or succumbed to an illness.  It is a melting pot of different nationalities and usually, no matter what your situation, it is a place that will always bring a smile to your face.  There is no pressure to buy a drink, one, like me, can sit and enjoy a cup of coffee and enjoy the smiles from the ladies who serve the coffee.  One can flirt, but first you have to sort out the “Dougie Girls” first so you don’t get carried away, but it is all in fun.  There is no loud music, just the sounds of conversation and the feelings of friendship.  It is a special place.
So from these two locations, both different from each other, there is one common denominator, friendship and two places with people who, at this time of year, wish you a Merry Christmas, you know it is sincere and man, that is something you just can’t buy.


 If I can work out the insertion of the pictures I do believe I will be able to give you a bonus this month by presenting two ladies.  Ah, I am in the Christmas spirit.  Initially, I took the time to go to the Voodoo Club inside Kokomo’s as I have not been on Fields Ave since my return from the US.  I figured I would be able to get a group picture of some ladies wishing you a Merry Christmas and also find my special Dec lady.  The manager was super nice to me and said wait 20 minutes until the dancers on stage switch and he could get me a nice group shot.  I waited 30 minutes, which went fast as I was able to sit and chat with two customers.  After my long wait he informed me that none of the girls would pose for a picture because it would be on the internet.  Oh well, that is a common problem these days since so many people are putting unfavorable pictures on the internet.  But, usually, with the cooperation of the owner, manager and mamasan many places welcome the publicity and the girls, once they realize the will be presented nicely, agree.  But, no luck at Voodoo.  One positive was that I got to see the new look at Voodoo and it is one hell of a major change.  It is much larger but regretfully, the music was a bit too loud, this also is a common problem in the Fields Ave clubs.  Sadly I left Voodoo without any pictures of the ladies, but did take a shot of the club itself so that might be able to see how good it looks.  I then went to the Devil Witch, which used to be the King of Diamonds and again, I was impressed with the new look.  At that time there was only one customer in the place and I figured I would take a picture of the Club itself and while doing so one lady came up to tell me no pictures.  I took the picture anyway as I got of kick out of her standing there repeating herself, “no picture”, “picture not allowed”, “no pictures”.  I did not bother pointing out to her that the place was empty and that the manager knew I was taking a picture.  Sometimes, trying to give a Club free publicity is a hard, frustrating job.

Oh shit, sorry, lets get back to Elaine.  After the frustrations of Voodoo and Devil Witch I went to Rhapsody, which was filled with customers and the Mamasan, who knows me well helped me out.  I asked her, Mommie, can you get me a nice lady for my Dec column and lo and behold, no problem, along came Elaine.  Thank goodness for the smaller, friendlier clubs.  Elaine is 23 years old, from, surprise, Samar and has no children.  That is becoming quite rare and she told me she has no boyfriend “now”.  She has been working at Voodoo for two years and that is a pretty long time.  She is a high school graduate, has four sister and one brother.  She likes to read books and her ambition is to find that right guy, be a housekeeper and take care of her family.  For that special guy she says he should not be too old and not too young.  I figure that leaves a lot of leeway but when I mentioned “72″, she laughed.  Her Email address is:  hanelyn_rainbow88@yahoo.com.ph.

After leaving Rhapsody, I accidentally found my second Dec lady.  I did not plan this at all.  I wanted to walk down to what used to be the Honky Tonk Club but has been renamed the “Up to You Music Lounge”.  There were no physical changes to this Club, just the name, and I am glad of that.  For me, it is one of the nicer Clubs on A. Santos street.  It has comfortable seating at the bar, and plenty of tables to choose from, the favorite being one close to the front that allows a good view of those passing by.  The music is good and it is not loud.  Anyway, I digress again.  I figured since I was close to the “Flaming Bar” I would take a peek inside.  Man, I have not entered this place in years.  I guess it is oldest continuous bar on A. Santos now and Cora, the owner is still actively running the place.  I decided to sit and have one beer so I could rest my legs and after chatting a while I was introduced to the cashier.  This lady stood out like a diamond in the rough.  If you are familiar with the Flaming you will know that the ladies employed are nice, friendly, a bit mature and not great in the looks department.  But, along came “Gretchen” and now there is a reason to stop in at the Flaming.  She is attractive, personable, nice legs, and is great to talk to.  She is 21 years old and has a one year old boy.  She readily admits that yes, a Filipino took her virginity, she got pregnant and he became history.  What else is new?  She has worked at the Flaming for one year on and off.  She completed one year of midwifery school before having to drop out because of her pregnancy. She likes cooking and singing and even sang a bit of a song to me that showed she does have a decent voice.  She does not want a young man and would enjoy meeting a decent guy in the 60-70 year old age range.  I’m sure she would go a bit younger but, you seniors out there, here is a lady you have to talk to.  Her Email is:  Gretchen Torres27@yahoo.com.

 These three pictures kind of represent my return to Fields Ave.  The two lads at the far left are Dino and Steve.  I think Steve is on the right.  The were walking along near the Doll House when I saw them and we stopped to chat a bit.  They were on the way to MacDonalds and Steve reminded me that he was with the lads from England who a few years ago presented me with a fireman’s jacket.  He retired now and is living here in AC.  They were quite happy to send a Christmas cheer to everyone, especially to those friends who are still working hard at the firehouse.  The middle picture gives you an idea of what the Devil Witch looks like and the third picture was taken in Voodoo.  I could not get a picture of any of the ladies so why not give a few of the customers a chance to send a bit of Christmas cheer to one and all.  Stupid me, I forgot to write down their names.  Thanks to them my thirty minutes of waiting for a picture went quickly and I thoroughly enjoyed their company.
I heard that Kokomo’s was due even more renovations in that Derek was going to open up the A. Santos side of the restaurant to continue the viewing area that is presently facing Fields Ave.  That should be interesting.  Over the years I have seen this building renovated so many times.  How many remember the open area of years ago when there was a boxing ring in the middle of the property?  It sure has come a long way since then.


Did you ever wonder why all the waitresses at Phillies Sports Grill look so darn attractive and outright sexy?  Look no further than Rob, the owner who personally hires all the female staff.  He told me that there is one problem in his selection criteria and that is he loses girls too fast because too many customers like his selections so much that they fall in love with the ladies and take them away.  I figured a picture of some of them with Rob would enhance this Christmas edition.  Additionally, I ran into two couples enjoying the good deal breakfast offerings at Phillies and they wanted to send some Christmas cheer as well and also pass on how much they enjoyed their tasty breakfast selections and at such a reasonable cost.  Eating breakfast at Phillies allows them to have extra money to buy their special partners nice Christmas presents.  Priscilla and I continue to try and get there each Thursday morning to eat and also greet the folks.



 There were a lot of restaurants serving the traditional Thanksgiving meal last month but I do believe that one of the best deals on that day was the food offered up at the ABC by their Vari Asia Asian fusion restaurant.  For the low cost of P500, all you can eat, they were serving their regular Asian cuisine and additionally a special Thanksgiving feast of roast turkey with cranberry sauce, homemade fried potatoe, sauteed onion and crispy bacon, marinated turkey on skewers with fried salsa, sauteed turkey rolled in homemade whole wheat plus three other items (I got tired writing all this down).  Again, look at the price, look at all the selections and then feel sorry for missing such a deal.  Mr and Mrs Joe Green were happy they made the right choice (I usually run into Joe at SM Mall MacDonalds so I was surprised to see him there) and equally happy were Jim (from Detroit), Leonard and Richel.  The serving time started at 5:30 PM and by 7:PM the place was packed.  It was a good turkey evening at the ABC.


It was by invitation only and man, it was a mind boggling event.  I am referring to the super breakfast put on by Dennis Wright, President, Peregrine Development International, the company that is developing the Global City project in the Clark Free port.  This is the second year that Dennis put this on at the Holiday Inn and it was free to invited guests and there was a hell of a lot of guests, hundreds.  When I made it up the stairs to the main ballroom area I was shocked to see so much food.  It was one hell of a fantastic set up.  Whether you were a foreigner of a Filipino there was something to please your taste.  I spent most of my time just walking around looking at the food and talking to many of the guests.  I was not there to eat, I did not have the time as I had to get back to my humble stable to watch the fight with my family and eat my simple breakfast of piggies in the blanket.  I had heard about the previous years feast put on by Dennis and I was determined to get out to see it for myself.  All I can say is, that if I did stay to eat, I would have had a hard time choosing what I wanted and in what order.  Finally, I went into the enormous room set up for viewing the fight and there were large TV screens hanging up all over the place.  It did not matter which table you sat at, you had a direct unhindered view of the fight.  With this type of organization I can understand why Global City will be so magnificent when completed.  Quality and attention to detail were evident and this is what Dennis insists on.  OK, enough, I hope that the following pictures will give you a good idea of why I say this was “The mother of all breakfasts on this particular fight day”.



 Man, it is 0300 hrs, 30 Nov and my feet, neck and fingers have had it.  I am tired and my brain is about to give out on me.  Guess that means I better close down the computer and get my ass to bed.  I know I am leaving out a few things but am too tired to figure out what they are.  I do know I was going to put in a report on the best hosting of the Pacquiao fight.  It was the feast of a breakfast buffet put on by Dennis Wright of the Peregrine company (Global City).  Bear with me Dennis, I will add those to the Jan column, it was too impressive not to mention (I woke up invigorated in the morning and was able to add the breakfast pictures).  I will be busy this month with my Santa appearances at schools, Nepo Mall and SM Clark Mall and then preparing our charity projects.  Actually, Mrs. Horse does all the work on that and believe me, it is a lot of work.  Me, I just show up and sit where she tells me.  This year I welcome the donations of apples from Tess and Roy of Brass Knob and Oranges from Rob at Phillies.  They will be distributed to the residents of a Aeta village, along with clothes, toys, food basket and candy on one day between Christmas and New Years. Mrs Horse and I are grateful to those who contributed clothes during the year.  My goodness, I am feeling old, time to get out of here.  Remember now, for sure, be kind to horses.


Just so you will know– The Muslims have a 12 or 14 year old boy cut off the head from their live victim. The boy is not very good at it.  Please consider this before viewing.

·         Here it is folks. ISLAM- IN WORD AND ACTION.


SINCE 9/11, Muslims have committed 17, 968 deadly terror attacks world wide and 270 million murders in the 14 hundred year history of Islam. Muhammad’s own martial legacy and the remarkable stress on violence found in the Quran have resulted in a trail of blood and… tears across world history. Where is the world outrage?

Quran (8:12) – “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore STRIKE OFF THEIR HEADS and strike off every fingertip of them” tears across world history. Where is the world outrage?

Quran (8:12) – “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore STRIKE OFF THEIR HEADS and strike off every fingertip of them” http://www.ajuaa.com/lookme/play.php?vid=153 (Are these the sick wacko assholes that pray to Allah 5 times a day?  These are the people Mayor Bloomberg, New York, allows to pray in the streets of New York?   Wake up America, they live among us!)

Egypt – I wonder how well we will get along with this country that we give so much aid to when the Muslim Brotherhood takes it over?

Pakistan – It is too bad that we have to kiss the ass of the leaders of this country who hate us and are just waiting for us to leave so they can kiss the ass of the Taliban.  Same thing goes for Afghanistan.

Dearborn, Michigan – Go there to see how much the Muslims want to be assimilated into the US.

Illegal Aliens – They say they there are 15 million illegals that have been living in the US for many years, this includes the Filipinos as well.  Now some of our politicians want to give them amnesty, others say to kick them out.  Either action is unacceptable.  What I would like to do is charge each family a $5,000 penalty and it applies only to those families that are earning a living and contributing to the economy and the community in which they live.  The cutoff date would be 31 Dec 2011 as it would take a couple of years to implement.  It goes without saying that each member of a family must not have a criminal record.  Additionally, at the same time, all our immigration laws will be enforced and no sanctuary cities will be tolerated.

The wall street protesters.  A small element of serious people and a majority presence of trashed out people.  They all want violence and an opportunity to create mayhem.  Instead, how about a million person march on Congress where you will reach the people, both Republicans and Democrats that are tearing apart our country.  We need to tell our politicians “enough is enough”, take care of business and get America back on track again.

This video clearly shows that George Bush warned Congress starting in 2001 that this economic crisis was coming, if something was not done. But Congress refused to listen, along  with the arrogant Congressman Barney Frank. This video says it all. The liberal media reportedly did not want this video on You Tube; it was taken off. This link is of the same video, but is routed through Canada.

Everyone in America needs to see this before it is yanked off the Internet again! Let’s see how far we can spread it before it’s pulled off the Canadian site.  (Makes you wonder why Barney Frank is still around)  - The day after I wrote this the news announced that old Barney is retiring.  Guess he read the handwriting on the wall)  





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CHOCOLATE DAVE SHOT - Chocolate Dave is the Belgian guy who goes in and out of all the clubs on a daily basis selling delicious chocolate candy that I believe he makes himself.  On 26 Nov, midnight, he was shot in the waist during a robbery attempt.  At the time he was in Marina Street, Josepa Subdivision, he was taken to hospital but fortunately the wound was not serious and he was released after treatment.  I wonder if the thieves were after his money or his candy?  I try not to buy candy from Dave as it can be habit forming as it is quite tasty and my waist line would expand to a grotesque size if I bought his candy every time I saw him.  He is certainly hard working and does a hell of a lot of walking as he carries his candy around in what appears to be a pretty heavy bag.  He is quite friendly and is a very familiar face in the entertainment zone.  Maj Tan has reported that the case is being actively investigated.
That is the bad news!  The good news is that Maj Tan just informed me that the murder/robbery case of Paul Atkin will be filed before the Fiscal on Monday (28 Nov) as a suspect has already been identified.  I will be following up on that next week and hopefully we will see a prosecution of a murderer that killed an innocent Australian tourist.
Maj Tan had told me a week ago that they had their sights on a suspect and I must give him and his investigative team at Station Four credit for seeking out the culprit or culprits in this horrible murder.  I would like to mention that Maj Louie Tan, Station Four Commander recently received recognition as the most outstanding policeman of police Regional Office 3.  This is a yearly competition involving police stations in all of Region Three and it is considered a very prestigious award.  Needless to say, he did have a small celebration at Station Four.  If the killer of Paul Atkin is indeed brought to justice, prosecuted and put away in jail then I would have to admit that Tan earned the award.  Congrats Major.




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Ray Kelly and Barry remain out of jail on bail, Mike is still incarcerated due to lack of funds to pay the bail.  On 22 Nov the went before the judge again for a hearing at which time the prosecution rested its cases.  It is now submitted to the judge for decision.  It is hoped that the judge will dismiss the charges permanently and hopefully three innocent men will be allowed to get on with their lives again.

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