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Stroke Victim - My friend, Elmar, owner of the Green Bottle has suffered a serious stroke and is in the ICU unit at Medical City Clark.  I was able to visit him but could not communicate.  I am very concerned.


On a side note shooting victim, Ian Bolton has been released from hospital to continue his recovery at home.


May 2015

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I am happy to be able to greet you on this first day on may which is a big holiday here in the Philippines. You will see that the column for this month is quite short, the reason is that late last month i suffered a mild stroke which has left my left arm and left leg below 100% functional. i can only type with one hand and my mobility has been dramatically curtailed. As a result, some of the items i normally present each month are absent. i am hoping that through physical therapy that i will recover enough in a short period of time.  I will try to continue this column as long as i can.  to help me i would like to invite readers to submit pictures and bios of any ladies they have met during their visits who they think would qualify as a monthly i would if i could girl. Physically it is impossible for me to continue this difficult, strenuous part of my job without your help.

this month visitors will be able to enjoy the summer pool party at the abc hotel- don’t miss it.



It is now 69 years after the Second World War in Europe ended. This e-mail is being sent as a memorial chain, in memory of the six million Jews, 20 million Russians, 10 Million Christians and 1,900 Catholic priests who were murdered, massacred, raped, burned, starved and humiliated.

Now, more than ever, it’s imperative to make sure the world never forgets, because there are others who would like to do it again. Can you say ” ISIS “?

This e-mail is intended to reach 40-million people worldwide! Join us and be a link in the memorial chain and help us distribute it around the World.  Please send this e-mail to people you know and ask them to continue the memorial chain.  Please don’t just delete it. It will only take you a minute to pass this along. Thanks!

Harry, I follow your articles almost religiously and appreciate all that you do, both on the serious issues and on the lighter, fun side of Angeles.

I am writing to you today to ask you to fix a rather wicked wrong done to an individual, partially out of stupidity (on one man’s part) and a maliciousness on another’s part.

You may have heard the rumors about an “arrest” that went down at Barretto’s. A false rumor started after a helper could not locate his boss, and immediately made an assumption that it was his foreign boss who “must have been nabbed” at Barretto’s because he wasn’t at home. (Great bit of Filipino logic there!) I guess he should have told his helper the family was going to Boracay, where he was when the arrest took place at Barrettos.

Well, Angeles being what it is…the coconut text telegraph lit up when genius helper contacted his bosses so-called gringo friend and then suddenly everyone is being told by gringo friend who received the original speculation from the helper, that an Israeli Citizen, Ron Tal, was picked up (untrue). The arrestee was a actually a Filipino man by the name of Hajjie Maliwat Regalado. (Maybe the first name’s suggested er’ ethnicity (umm, same neighborhood in the Middle East?) threw him off on who was actually arrested by the CDIG for a gun or gun running violations.


The issue is this, the gringo, name remains unmentioned but if you want it, I will send it, took a few cheap shots at Ron and now, Ron with a pregnant wife, and a small child can’t find work in Angeles as everyone thinks he was picked up by the CDIG when in fact, he never has been arrested or even questioned. (Except by curious friends and acquaintances on the circumstances)

I was wondering if Good Ol’ Harry the Horse can’t set the record straight publicly and help this young dad start getting back on his feet again. You know how old farts are sometimes in the bars, bitching about this or that, gossiping because they have nothing better to do, well in this case, it is costing a guy dearly and, as we say, “that ain’t right!”

Hope you see the justice in this, besides, AC’s CDIG sucks anyway…. William M.

currently looting and burning in Baltimore by blacks .   Cops hurt .  National Guard called out .  Chaos .   Nothing we have not seen before . Watching it on TV right now.  Authorities do not seem to know what to do.   Mayor is black,  half the police are black ,  most of the town council is black etc .  The normal excuses do not apply.    Joe walker (wrong joe, no matter what the same old excuses will be used)

Hello harry. I am hoping you might be able to help me here. I am trying to locate an old friend from Houston, Texas but all I know is that he retired in PI. That is quite the long shot! His name is Warren Berkowitz and has a wife from PI also. If you have any ideas of how I might locate this fine gentleman please let me know and thanks very much for taking the time to read this and your help……Thomas Nickle.Thomas Nickle <hl9xx@yahoo.com>
Hi Harry, we hear so many bad things about what some Filipinos do that I just have to tell you what I witnessed today while having lunch with my wife at Siam House on Perimeter Road.

An elderly foreigner, well into his 70″s was walking slowly past when he stepped into a small hole and took a tumble to the ground. Immediately the Filipino guard of the restaurant went to his aid, and no sooner had he reached the old gentleman than a man and a woman passing on their motor bike also stopped to offer aid in getting him to his feet. In addition a passing car driven by a filipina woman also stopped and she came over to assist, and after enquiring if he was ok asked if she could give him a lift anywhere.

The gentleman was at first still dazed, but recovered after awhile, and thanked those who assisted him and continued on his way.

It really was heart warming to see all of these people come to his aid, especially when we read about how many people in western countries would usually walk past anyone in distress.

I hope you can put this in your monthly news letter so that people can see the good side of locals here.  Thank you, Tony of Camelot.  (Yes Tony, there are good people here and fortunately he fell in the right location. Like the old gentleman I also have fallen at least twice while walking and was assisted to my feet by Filipinos close by. It is a horrible feeling to fall and I worry about it each day)

Hi Harry, I just read the April 2015 Harry The Horse newsletter and I have to comment on the email from Charlie from Sydney. I have to admit that I was one of those tourists that was concerned about coming back to AC due to the raids. Long story short, I had to move my previously scheduled trip up from April to Feb, and I was glad I did. Charlie is correct that there certainly appeared to be a decline in tourists (at least western ones). There were plenty of Koreans, but the few I interacted with seemed like okay guys to me. I stayed at the Wild Orchid Resort for the first time and enjoyed it. I spent my idle time during the day in a local bar across from the hotel and had fun getting to know everyone working there, speaking with a few customers and playing pool. I stuck mainly to the Fields Ave bars at night and had a great time. I heard some rumors of raids up on Perimeter, but nothing on Fields. The Nemesis raid happened after I left. Since the tourism appeared to be way down, I was a pretty popular guy when I walked into the bars (more so than usual). I went to check out some new venues and was glad I did. The girls assumed I was an Aussie, then guessed European and finally figured out I was American. I got the impression that they don’t see that many Americans anymore, which surprised me, but they reacted positively to the news. The girls seem to prefer Aussies, Americans and Europeans over Koreans and other cutomers from Asia. All in all, the trip was great and Charlie is right about not worrying about the raids, I forgot all about them while bar hopping. Use your head, don’t get drunk, pay attention to your surroundings and you’ll be fine. BTW, great picture of “old” Fields at the start of the column. That’s what it looked like when I was stationed at Clark in 85-86. The Shamrock was the site of my first “Filipina experience” and I woke up in one of their back rooms the following morning of my initial night out (I was a bit of a bone-head at 20). Ah, memories…Thanks again for doing what you do. Take Care, Andy.  (Thanks Andy, so glad you enjoyed your visit and I hope you will return soon.  It is very true that tourists coming here will be greeted warmly and can have a good time.  Yes, the ladies prefer non-Koreans because of the way they are treated but they spend the pesos so the girls make do as well as they can.  Yank and Aussies along with Europeans are still the preferred clientele) 

Harry, Could you please inform me of a reliable Hospital Angeles or Manila. You would recommend if required for treatment if an emergency occurs. Tks. Alan Villagrand. (oh). Have a happy Easter.  (Alan, My favorite hospital is Sacred Heart located on McArthur Highway heading towards San Fernando, pass the LTO, right at the merging intersection.  When fully developed I will use the new hospital on Base at the Global City.  I also like the new Mt. Carmel hospital in Air Force City on Base.  It is very impressive.  Those are three, take your pick.  I forgot to mention Manila.  St. Lukes has high ratings as does Makati Medical Center, but the prices there are extremely high)

Harry, my name is Michael, a 65 year old American. I was arrested with a waitress, the floor manager, both Filipinas, and two dancers by CIDG during a raid in Barretto on September 11, 2014. I was released on March 4, 2015.

Three days before my friend left for his brothers wedding in Italy he informed me that he fired his manager and he was worried about his bar while he was gone. I offered to look after it for him but warned him I had no experience with working in a bar except for occasionally drinking more than I should. He wrote a few instructions on what to watch out for and said see you in a month.

I had no idea of the peril I was putting myself in. Call me naiveté but never dreamed I could be arrested for doing what I was doing. Heck my girlfriend went there with me to check things out every day for 25 days until the arrest. I was just helping a friend make sure he was not robbed blind by his employees and making sure the AC was not left on.  The case was finally dismissed after six months of legal wrangling and a lot of money changing hands.

I would like to know from someone with experience like yourself or someone you may know if anyone arrested in a similar situation has been compensated by the owner for the time spent in jail? I spoke with a gentleman who said he knows of owners compensating employees for the time in jail. He also said he has heard sometimes the duration of incarceration is short and the jailed employee is just happy to be out. What do you think?  Sincerely, Michael S.  (Mike, both of what you heard is true, but not always.  There is no set policy on this.  The local employees are usually kept on the payroll and also helped with food, pillows and blankets.  Some of the bigger Clubs even provide legal assistance as well.  Foreign Managers are a different category.  All too often you are on your own.  Again it depends on the owners of the bar as to whether they keep you on the payroll.  But, whatever it cost you to get out of jail, that is on your own ticket.  The police LOVE to catch and jail managers.  It gives them a golden opportunity to enrich themselves.  I am sure your friend, when asking you for a favor had no idea what would befall you and you were just in the right place at the wrong time.  I advise Expats here not to work as managers but some need the money and others do so just to have something to do. Fair enough, but each should have a quick escape plan from the premises if the police raid the place or at least have a big bank account.  If they end up in the City Jail they have to be prepared to pay P2,000 a week for “VIP” privileges and that is paid to the head prisoner in that particular cell.  It is a miserable life.  But, I believe you know all that now.  It is regrettable that you were victimized but you were not the first and you won’t be the last.  The sad part is you were only doing a “favor” for someone and you suffered for it.  Thank you for writing as hopefully it will help warn others to think twice, maybe three times, before taking such a position in a bar here. But, many would just like to play the odds!)


Hi Harry, so I’m back in the sandpit after my short break and i can’t wait to come back !!!  I ate breakfast everyday in Kokomos (circa 325P for a huge breakfast), then back to hotel for short rest before off to Ponytails (i never even made it to any other bar !) I found Ponytails very friendly and no hard sell for ladydrinks.

I bought big bags of lollipops with me and handed them out to the girls which greatly enamoured me with them. For fun, with a cheeky smile, I checked that each girl liked to suck before she got a lollipop – lol

The hotel charged 2600P each way for transport from NAIA to Royal Amsterdam (including tolls) – most reasonable.  Once again, thank you for your guidance.  MAC (Missing Angeles City)  (This lad only had limited time in AC, only 3 days.  For some reason the ladies here all like lollipops.  I wanted to post this so you could note the very reasonable fare for the hotel transportation from and to the Manila Airport. The Royal Amsterdam is a very decent hotel right on Fields Ave)

Subject: Fw: Art Benjamin Easter 2015 Update:

Howdy All!

Hope you survived your Easter/Spring break.

Well, another setback… The Bureau of Immigration decided to ignore the court summons (subpeona) and disapproved my transportation to the hearing. Not only for the 17th, but also for the 24th! Soooo….. I really Dont know where things stand!

The court issues a subpeona for immigration to ensure I am present in court. Immigration ignores the court document. What can I do? Nothing! There are absolutely no repercussions/incentives for Immig to follow the court order. Bottom line is I miss my hearing(s) and the case is stretched out even further. This will be 5 hearings in a row that did not happen since February.

I think I will ask Emy to bring me a new mattress. I may be here a good while longer….

Supposedly my attorney will be able to represent me tomorrow, but the events scheduled for the 24th require I be present ( new witnesses). So there should at least be some progress this week but….

Sorry no better news. Its hot and sweaty. That’s about it.

I will update when I know something…

Y’all be good.


From: “Art Benjamin” <mwrart46@gmail.com>

Date: Mar 28, 2015 19:41

Subject: Arts Easter 2015 Update

> Howdy!  Well…. Hearing didn’t go…. My attorney came to me the day before and said he could not make it! Soooo…. Postponed again! Supposedly 17 April this time. F’ing system!   Emy came to see me this weekend. She is slowly getting more frustrated. Spends almost all her free time in the province, away from all the judgey foreigners (formerly my friends). Its hard on her…what to do? What to do?

In addition, my attorney told me that the prosecution intends to present at least two more witnesses. That will take at least 6 months, not including postponements. That tunnel just got a lot longer…. Sorry no good news. Hopefully something positive later this month???  Be good  (yes, the system sucks, money heips)


ANZAC DAY – 2015.  It cost the Federal Government $500,000 to find out how to best celebrate 100 years of the Gallipoli landing and guess what the dickheads came up with……………. that we would upset some people in the community by celebrating Anzac Day.

(A Federal government focus group and research paper listed multiculturalism as a risk in the commemorations. The report said commemorations should be culturally sensitive and inclusive, in the lead-up to the 100th anniversary of the landing at Gallipoli. References to current conflicts involving Australian personnel should also be avoided as they have become unpopular with young people, according to the report.)  My God, we have Japanese and Germans march on Anzac Day, a day to commemorate their mates who did not return. Now are you ready for this?…..The Federal Government is now going to throw another $100,000 to someone to find out WHY it was suggested we tone down Anzac Day. What a bunch of useless bastards we have governing our country.

What the Hell is this bullshit about ‘toning down’ ANZAC day because it may offend immigrants in Australia?  This is Australia because all our forefathers fought for us. This is one special day that ‘we’ proud Aussie’s Pay our respects to the many heroes lost fighting for our freedom and OUR Country.  So who cares if some DAMN ILLEGAL immigrant that’s funded by OUR taxes gets offended because of tribute we rightfully pay to OUR ANZAC’s.   (Darn, is Obama connected to the Australian Government as well?) 

I want to stop all life-prolonging measures, including a feeding tube, breathing machine, and medications used to maintain blood pressure and fight off infection. I do not want my heart to be shocked back into a normal rhythm if it suddenly stops or fibrillates.

JOKE OF THE MONTH:  On the outskirts of a small town, there was a big old pecan tree just inside the cemetery fence. One day, two boys filled up a bucketful of nuts and sat down by the tree, out of sight, and began dividing the nuts.

‘One for you, one for me, one for you, one for me,’ said one boy. Several dropped and rolled down toward the fence.

Another boy came riding along the road on his bicycle. As he passed, he thought he heard voices from inside the cemetery, so he slowed down to investigate.  Sure enough, he heard, ‘One for you, one for me, one for you, one for me…’  He just knew what it was. He jumped back on his bike and rode off.  Just around the bend he met an old man with a cane, hobbling along.  ’Come here quick,’ said the boy, ‘you won’t believe what I heard!  Satan and the Lord are down at the cemetery dividing up the souls!’

The man said, ‘Beat it kid, can’t you see it’s hard for me to walk.  When the boy insisted though, the man hobbled slowly to the cemetery.  Standing by the fence they heard, ‘One for you, one for me. One for you, one for me.’  The old man whispered, ‘Boy, you’ve been telling me the truth. Let’s see if we can see the Lord!

Shaking with fear, they peered through the fence, yet were still unable to see anything. The old man and the boy gripped the wrought iron bars of the fence tighter and tighter as they tried to get a glimpse of the Lord.  At last they heard, ‘One for you, one for me. That’s all. Now let’s go get those nuts by the fence and we’ll be done…’

They say the old man had the lead for a good half-mile before the kid on the bike passed him.  (Submitted by Jim Farrell)

The White House now has its first ‘gender-neutral’ bathroom!

Washington, Apr 10 (ANI): For the first time in history, the White House has designated a gender-neutral restroom for visitors and staffers.  The restroom, which will be located in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, is the latest in a series of steps the US President Obama has taken to protect LGBT individuals’ rights, Washington Times reported.

White House spokesman Jeff Tiller said that the White House allows staff and guests to use restrooms consistent with their gender identity, which is in keeping with the administration’s existing legal guidance on this issue and consistent with what is required by the executive order that took effect for federal contractors.

Tiller added that in addition, an all-gender restroom is also available in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, which provides guests and staff an additional option.

White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett wrote that the president, who is determined to lead by example, has hired more openly LGBT Americans to serve in his administration than any other in history.  (Muslims too)  Jarrett added that they have closely examined their internal policies on everything from benefits, to restroom access, to how they invite people to events.  (Wow, one bathroom for men, women and others. That should be fun.  Lets add showers too)


OLONGAPO CITY, Philippines – Nightclubs and other businesses in Olongapo City and nearby Subic Bay Freeport are clamoring for the lifting of shore leave restrictions on US servicemen when their ships dock here.  The leave policy was implemented in late 2014 following the death of Filipino transgender Jennifer Laude allegedly at the hands of US Marine Joseph Scott Pemberton.  Nearly 7,000 American soldiers participating in war games in the Philippines this April will have to follow the restrictions involving a 10 pm curfew and a ban on entering bars and nightclubs. It also means the movement of US troops outside official activities will be strictly limited within the vicinity of their respective hotels.  Owners and managers of nightclubs and bars and other businesses say these restrictions on shore leave has adversely affected their businesses.

No business

“No business!” replied Jim Robertson, owner of Scuba Shack bar and restaurant at the waterfront road of Subic Freeport when asked about the impact of the shore leave restriction on his business.

“We’re losing some P50,000 ($1,121.61) a night since this ban was imposed,” said Robertson, whose place is a favorite hangout of US troops because of its proximity to the pier where their ships are docked.

“There are two ships anchored at the bay right now, but their servicemen cannot leave their ships because they can’t dock. There are more ships coming because of the Balikatan exercises scheduled this year, but businesses won’t make any money from this because of the ban,” he added.  Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority Chairman Roberto V. Garcia confirmed that 9 US warships are due to arrive in Subic this April.

Bayside Disco and Karaoke manager Pura Orpida lamented the loss of some 80% of their customers with the ban in place. “If before an average of 10 customers come to the club, with the absence of US troops, it’s now down to two,” she said.  Orpida emphasized that US troops are a lot more secure when they go to bars and pubs like Bayside since the girls undergo a lot of documentation and tests before they are allowed to work.

Struggling, surviving

At the Naval Station Bar and Restaurant, its manager Catherine Click acknowledged the huge impact of the ban on their business operations.

“This business was originally started with the US troops visiting Subic as the target market,” she said. “When the ban was imposed, it really hit us hard because we’re relying on them to patronize our place,” the 28-year-old manager said.

“Where we used to make P40,000 ($897.75) to P50,000 ($1,121.61) a night, we’re now down to less than P20,000 ($448.87) a night,” she said.

One popular hangout along waterfront road reportedly lost as much as P1 million ($22,430.61) when they bought new refrigerators and chillers just before the Laude tragedy happened last year.

At the HD1 Bar and Restaurant in Olongapo City, the news of the ban came as a depressing one for its manager Erlieboy Esquivel. “We’re making P50,000 ($$1,121.61) to P60,000 ($1,346.76) a night from these US servicemen as they love to drink beers and mixed drinks and are really generous spenders but that sudden imposition of the liberty ban really hit us hard,” said Esquivel.

Because of the ban, some businesses have already closed shop while others are just struggling to survive right now, he said.  Esquivel also shared that club and bar owners and managers were invited recently by authorities and the agenda was the restriction on liberty.

“It’s not very encouraging as we have to wait for the Laude case to be resolved before the Navy authorities will make a decision on allowing liberty for their servicemen,” he said. – Rappler.com  (this is not something new.  Every time there is a negative incident with the troops in subic liberty is cancelled and the bar owners miss out on the gold rush.  The same thing thing happens in ac as well.  The military does not want another jennifer incident)

(Reuters) – The United States has asked for access to Philippine military bases in eight locations to rotate troops, aircraft, and ships as Washington shifts its forces to Asia and as China expands its military presence in the South China Sea.

U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter, in a speech in Arizona, has outlined Washington’s next phase in its Asia “pivot”, deploying its most sophisticated destroyers, bombers and fighters to the region.The Asia “pivot” has already seen U.S. Marines rotating through the Australian tropical city of Darwin, the country’s closest city to Asia, for training.  At least eight locations in the Philippines have been identified as possible sites where U.S. troops, planes and ships will be rotated through a series of military training and exercises, Philippine General Gregorio Catapang, military chief, told local television network ABS-CBN.

But, the Americans will have to wait until after the Philippine’s Supreme Court makes its rulings on the constitutionality of the military deal, called Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement, signed last year between Manila and Washington. It may decide later this year.  ”If we formalize (now) and they start putting up structures and it’s not constitutional, they will have to destroy those structures,” Catapang said late on Friday, adding the list was finalised in October during a Mutual Defence Board meeting.

Four of the locations are on the main island of Luzon, where U.S. and Filipino soldiers usually hold exercises, two on the central Cebu island, and two more on the western island of Palawan, near the disputed Spratly.  China claims most of the potentially energy-rich South China Sea, disputed in parts with the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan, and denies accusations its actions in its own territory are provocative.

Recent satellite images suggest China has made rapid progress in building an airstrip suitable for military use in contested territory in the Spratly islands, which drew concern from the United States and its allies in Asia.

“Once the U.S. rebalance to Asia policy is in full swing, the Philippines expect the Americans to seek more access to military bases on Mindanao island and civilian airstrips on Luzon,” said a senior air force official familiar with the arrangements.

“The Americans are interested in Laoag airport and Batanes island, both in the northern part of Luzon,” he said, adding U.S. planes had landed on Batanes during the war in Iraq and Afghanistan in the early 2000s.

The United States is also interested to return to its two former military bases in Subic and Clark, which they left in 1992 after the Philippines terminated basing agreement.  (Reporting By Manuel Mogato; Editing by Michael Perry)
(well, this is interesting.  I can anticipate the political drama that we will have to live with as this comes close to becoming a reality.  i am sure the hotels on clark would be ecstatic.  

Full Funding for VA - Take Action!

Background: This week the House will debate the Military Construction and Veterans’ Affairs Fiscal Year (FY) 2016 Appropriations Bill. The bill that passed the Full Appropriations Committee last week ignores the need to fully fund VA by making across-the-board cuts to all accounts and drastically underfunding its medical care, major construction and Information Technology (IT) accounts. All totaled, these cuts will reduce VA’s discretionary budget by more than $1.5 billion below the Administration’s request and $2.6 billion below the Independent Budget request.

Action Needed: We need your help to ensure VA is fully funded so it can provide the care and services veterans have earned and need. Let them know that reducing VA’s budget will have a negative effect on the timeliness and quality of care that veterans will receive. Fully funding VA must be the highest priority for Congress!  ann markel (once again Congress hurting veterans – write your congressmen)

MANILA, Philippines – For not settling his P500 fine with the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) for an anti-littering case two years ago, a seaman bound for Singapore was stopped by immigration officers at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport and missed his flight last week.

Raul Samson was apprehended on April 25, 2013 for dropping a cigarette butt at the Metro Rail Transit EDSA-Guadalupe station, according to the MMDA.

Samson was charged with violation of Republic Act 9003 or the Solid Waste Management Act before the Makati Metropolitan Trial Court (MTC) for failing to settle his fine within the prescribed period.


Makati MTC Branch 67 Judge Jackie Crisologo Saguisag issued a warrant for Samson’s arrest on Oct. 8 last year after he failed to appear in court for his arraignment.

MMDA senior health program officer Rose Blay said Samson may now be able to leave for Singapore after he showed up at the MMDA office in Makati City on April 6 and paid his penalty.

The MMDA had informed the Makati court that it would no longer pursue the case against Samson, Blay said.

Blay explained that a litterbug apprehended by the MMDA is given three days, from the time of his apprehension, to pay a fine of P500 to P1,000 or to render community service for a maximum of 16 hours. Should the litterbug fail to do either penalty within three days, the MMDA will file a case before the court.

She said many of those nabbed and issued environmental violation receipts by MMDA enforcers were caught in the act of throwing candy wrappers and cigarette butts in the streets.  (what about all the who stop and piss in public)

FIGHT PREDICTION – If the fight goes the distance Pacquio will lose.

Hi, my name is Ed Medlin. I live in Korat, Thailand and I visited Angeles City 11 years ago, had a great time.  I remember meeting a guy there who called himself “El Caballo Blanco”, tho I think that was not you. (correct)

I am emailing to ask for some advice or a favor, not really sure what. My old buddy Edward Stapp has been coming to PI for some years, and he finally sold out in CA and bought a 3 story house in Meycauayan. We used to regularly swap emails and chat on yahoo, but now I have had no commo with him for months. I had a cell phone number for him there, it is:  +639258193537  I have called several times and no answer. Sent sms once and no answer.

Just on the off chance that you have a contact over there and/or might be able to learn something about him, could you let me know? Do whatever you think is best, security wise, for I know I am just some unknown entity on the internet. I just want to make sure he is OK and re-establish commo.  Thanks, Ed  Ed Medlin <emedlin2000@hotmail.com>

Try this…

The U.S. American Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM) is the oldest Chamber operating in the Philippines since 1902. AMCHAM would like to establish an AMCHAM Branch servicing Region III centered at Clark (to also serve Subic and La Union, or other communities with American companies/interests). This is a terrific endorsement of the economic growth in the Subic-Clark-Region III area. AMCHAM is seeking our help to circulate this announcement to as many companies and individuals as we can. On Wednesday, May 6th, the Executive Director of AMCHAM, Ebb Hinchliffe, and his AMCHAM Staff will be meeting and talking with the American business community and would like to gain everyone’s support to create a new AMCHAM Branch in Clark to better serve Region III, Subic, La Union and Clark, thereby saving trips to Manila. Please help us get the word out.

The luncheon will be held at the Holiday Inn on Clark on Wednesday May 6th from 1145 to 1400. If you plan to attend, please go to http://www.amchamphilippines.com/may-6-amcham-clark-organizational-meeting/ for registration.

i just heard that the AC hash house harriers are banned from Margarita Station.  Something to do with a manager, a shrt female hasher and a dog.

Doggie Dave murder.  Police know who did it, one arrested, one mtssing.  No furyher action.  Private detective might be hired to find the last asshole.

Not confirmed but i heard that Koreans leased the CDC land where all the stalls were recently tore down and plan to rebuild them facing in the opposite direction. Supposedly those hold out businesses headed up by Cynthia Anderson (Vahalla) were paid off by the Koreans.  Again, not confirmed, info provided by a source who was very sober at the time.  Maybe now someone will move that eyesore squatting City Directory truck.


One of my favorite places to eat on Fields Ave is the Phillie’s Sports Grill where the service and food are outstanding.  The multiple TV’s showing sports on demand are a great draw as well as is the view counters where I can sit, eat, and look out at all the lovely ladies passing in review.  Quite often, friends will be passing by at the same time and I get to chat a bit with them.  There is another reason to eat and drink at Phillie’s and that is the presence of some very charming waitresses who can “make your day” with their smiles and good looks.  Once in a while I like pick one out that catches my old eyes and feature her in this column.

This time Kathleen inspired me to write great flowing positive comments about her.  She is still fairly new on the job so has not met a special guy yet but that could change any day in the near future.  Kath is 25 years old and is a local lass who stlll lives at home.  She is the mother of a 4 year old boy and completed 2 years at a Vocation college studying HRM.  She stands 5’5″ tall and weighs only 45 Kilos (99 pounds) soaking wet.  Of course I have never seen her soaking wet so maybe add a pound or two for clothes.

Being around foreigners so much at Phillie’s, naturally I asked her if she would be OK with a foreigner courting her and she said yes but the age should be between 30 to 50.  That should leave a big enough field for her to choose from.  I hope no one appears any time too soon to take her away from Phillie’s as she does brighten up the day for anyone talking to her.  Oh, wait, she does have an Email address:  kathleen yvette@yahoo.com.  If that does not work then add .ph.


This restaurant has a long history, starting out in Manila in 1979 and then moving to Angeles City in 1993.  They were located close to where Pony Tails Club is now and I enjoyed many meals there.  It was very popular and much larger, space wise, than the present location.  The food was always excellent and one just about had to have reservations in advance.

Their present location is now at 804 Malabanias Rd., Clarkview, close to the Phoenix Hotel.  It has outside/inside seating with plenty of space to spare.  It is cozy and very clean.  There are always some people sitting outside drinking, eating and exchanging old and new stories.  The big draw is their Brunch Festival every Sunday from 1100 to 1500 for the reasonable price of P350.  You really want to give this feast a bit of a try.  It is a great way to spend a Sunday.  As usual the Edelweiss specializes in classic European cuisine and as they have been doing for many years, also sell Swiss cheese and sausages.  Their regular hours are from 1100 to 2400 hrs.  You can dine in or take out.  For further information give them a call at 0918-235-9850.


Hong Kong Welsh Male Voice Choir charity concerts

This excellent and very entertaining choir will be back at the end of this month to sing popular, traditional and show tunes in Angeles and Subic. It is a great night out to bring family and friends and enjoy a dinner (optional) or just have a few beers and enjoy the entertainment.

On Saturday 23rd May the choir will be performing at the Noblesse International School (NIS) along Friendship Highway. In addition to the choir, the Noblesse Violin Ensemble will be playing a medley of music. They really wowed the audience last year with a truly virtuoso performance!

On Sunday 24th May the choir will be performing by the sea in Capt Rob’s Barefoot Bar, Wild Orchid Beach Resort, Subic. There will also be a charity auction at this venue.

At both venues a buffet dinner (optional) will be available by prior reservation. Dinner reservations: NIS – (045) 459 9000 or john@lloydbros.com / 0919 216 7138 Wild Orchid Beach Resort, Subic – (047) 223 1029  Dinner is served from 6.30 p.m. The concerts commence at 7.30 p.m.  Admission to the concerts is FREE.

The concerts are organised by the Rotary Club of Clark Centennial to raise money for charities which include sponsoring children with congenital heart defects to undergo heart surgery (16 operated on so far), an old people’s home in Olongapo and NIS community projects with the impoverished Aeta people.

Harry, I know you have a pretty vast network, could you please get this out to as many U.S. firms or Americans as you can… the U.S. AMCHAM wants to create a new AMCHAM Branch at Clark to serve Region III. Would appreciate any help you can provide in getting the work out. Dennis Wright

MANILA, Philippines – AirAsia Group CEO Tony Fernandes is hoping the Philippine government can address airport congestion and bureaucracy issues that hamper airlines from expanding their operations in the country.

In a recent interview with ANC’s Karen Davila at the sidelines of the World Economic Forum on East Asia in Jakarta, Fernandes was asked what his frustrations were about the Philippines.

“You’re going to get me banned from coming to the Philippines,” he laughed. “I’m frustrated by the airport, by a lot of bureaucracy, getting air rights takes a long time… Things are slow, it goes through so many different processes and the airport has the final say.”

The AirAsia CEO, however, was quick to say the Philippines is “the jewel in our crown.”  ”I think Philippines has massive tourism potential, amazing people, and has some of the most beautiful places in the world that the world doesn’t know about — Palawan, Coron, Bohol, these are amazing places. I think there needs to have a much more commercial approach to aviation. We need better airport infrastructure, and I think lots and lots of jobs can be generated through tourism,” he said.

Also, Fernandes said the Philippines should make it easier for airlines to get air rights.  ”If you have an SM approach to flying in the Philippines, there’ll be more airports, flights and it’ll be cheaper. There are so few flights between Philippines and the rest of Asean. Part of that has been there are no rights available. And Philippines hasn’t gone out and gotten flights,” he said. The Philippines has so much to offer when it comes to tourism, Fernandes said, noting the industry can create thousands of much-needed jobs.

“Philippines is one of those things that is a raw diamond, so much tourism potential but hasn’t got there yet… If there’s one thing that we love to do, it’s create jobs. It breaks my heart to see so many Filipinos go abroad to get a job. Tourism is a natural win, and if the government can get together and make it easier for airlines to grow, easier to get rights, it’s a win,” he added.  Amid intense competition from other airlines, Fernandes said he believes “a lot of effort and energy is wasted on competition with each other.”

“The focus is not on taking market share, from Cebu Pacific or PAL, it’s on growing the pie, making the pie much bigger. If you compare Philippine tourism to Malaysia, Singapore or Thailand, there’s such a massive gap…. There’s actually more to do in Philippines than in Malaysia,” he said.

Push for Clark

Fernandes also appealed with the Philippine government to make Clark as the second international gateway in the capital.  ”I am a big believer in Clark. I hope the North Rail project would be reactivated. Clark is a jewel. With all the problems at NAIA…. Clark is a fantastic solution. There are lots of issues regarding infrastructure, not just in Philippines, but there are solutions. I appeal to the Philippine government to reactivate the North-Rail, make Clark a second airport of Manila,” he said.

Philippines’ AirAsia started operations in Clark International Airport in March 2012. However, in late 2013, the budget carrier decided to move to NAIA Terminal 4, where it is now based.

At present, AirAsia Berhad operates from Clark, along with carriers such as Dragonair, Asiana Airlines, Cebu Pacific, Seair, Qatar Airways, Tigerair and Jin Air.0

Challenges, competition

Fernandes bought AirAsia in September 2001, and in less than 15 years, it has become Asia’s largest budget airline by passenger volume. He has been credited with introducing the low-cost, low-overheads model in the region, which has been copied by other carriers.

“The key to AirAsia has been the same model for 14 years. The temptation is to add a little bit, put a TV in there, make the seat wider, have a business class lounge and your costs go up and you lose the very essence of what you are — low-cost, great value fares,” he said. “The primary reason why they fly AirAsia is that we give great value. If you lose your key focus, why you’re in business, that’s where trouble starts.”

AirAsia faced a crisis in late December 2014, when its Indonesian unit’s plane, carrying 162 people, crashed in the Java Sea.  But Fernandes earned praise for the way he handled the crisis.  ”It’s still unbelievable… We still text the relatives. We’re open and transparent… That’s the only way to deal with it, I was myself and very transparent, accessible. We had to stand there and be counted. We couldn’t run away. It was our responsibility,” he said. “It['s my job. I'm the leader of the company, through good or bad, you just can't just accept good things, you've got to deal with the hard things."

Asked what his dream is for AirAsia, Fernandes said he wants the airline to become one of the biggest brands, like Coca-Cola.  ”Someday, after I retire, AirAsia is as well-known as Coca-Cola, that’ll be great,” he said.  (so glad he did not say McDonald’s)

Happiness is eating, drinking, watching tv and enjoying the wonderful service provided by the lovely ladies at Phillies Sports Grill on Fields Ave.  They are very kind to horses.  oh you also have to see the new four tv set up replacing the the old pull down screen.  Plus check out the new menu





i do not have much to say  about this hotel. i have always been curios about it because of its location at the end of the CDC extension road just before MacArthur highway. i never see over the year or so that it has been operational, i seldom see any real activity, so out of curiosity i had a friend drive me by there one day just to take a couple of pictures. we drove up the driveway and the only good thing is that they had a cute receptionist standing outside the door. it was my intention to do a follow up visit to see what it looked like inside, i never managed to do that and now i have to wait until i more mobile, but until then if anybody reading this has stayed at this hotel drop me a line and let me know what it’s like. to me the big drawback was it’s location which had all the karaoke bars right across the street from it. but now, with all those karaoke buildings destroyed maybe it will be a much improved place to stay. never the-less to me it still seems like a strange location.


The good Mayor of Angeles city created a nice little park at the  checkpoint which attracts at night  the Muslim vendors, and i like that idea and i was pleasantly surprised to see a replication along the back road that one takes going to Robinsons mall. it fascinated me because i always wanted to have  my wife stop the car and get out to walk along the path of this new eden park which i think connects to the park created at the checkpoint, but seeing that i can only walk about five minutes with my crippled old legs, i faced the reality that i would never be able to walk far enough to see if in fact this was just one big long walk to the checkpoint. So, since i can’t do it, will somebody do me a favor and please walk the the entire length of Eden park to confirm if it is indeed connected to the checkpoint.  Maybe next month i can get my son to push me in my wheelchair from one end to the other.

I have to add this Emal that i just received so people know the answer to my question.  Obviously Eden Park needs a bit more work.  Brandon must be in great shape!

Evening Harry, Sorry to hear you had a mild stroke, someone had posted the info on philippine-addicts.com and then obviously you confirmed it in your May newsletter.

I read the part in this month’s newsletter about the “path” that connected the “boulevard” at checkpoint where the squatters used to be with what you thought/hoped was the other end on that back road to Robinson Mall; WELL, I found the start of the path near Robinson Mall, beside the trike station, so I parked my bike and asked a trike driver where it went, he confirmed checkpoint.

So off I went, first 150M has been sorta landscaped, THEN it becomes a dirt path, so on I trudged, another 200M and it becomes a path through a rubbish tip, flanked on both sides by squatters, later I was offered shabu by a few shady characters squatting by the side of the path, shortly after some guy offered me his 12 year old niece, and a little further 3 baklas were trying their hardest to persuade me to go to their house for a bj!!!! Fifteen minutes after I started I was indeed at checkpoint, and apart from standing on a rusty nail, unscathed.

Surprisingly I elected to walk back to retrieve my bike by a different route, so after a few cold ones to cool down I walked Balibago to Robinson mall then hung a right and back up to my bike that way.

Perhaps you should include a warning to any others to decide to see where the path goes, and certainly, a wheelchair would never make it unless you can find a 4X4 off road version!



These are updated photos of the area on clark i wrote about last year.  now you can see completed roads and buildings.  this area is located near the EXPO site.


Exactly a year ago Bill visited me and asked me for advice on whether he should retire in the Philippines, he told me that he had met a beautiful filipina in Singapore and wanted to know if it was a good idea to retire here. At the time i told him it would be a wise decision and that he would be happy here. Bill was originally from Pennsylvania in the us but has worked in Singapore for 14 years. while in Singapore he met the lovely shey who was working there and they married. they have now built a house in Mabalacat and of course plan to have children. bill was divorced from his first wife and at 57 seven years of age did not know if he would marry again. but meeting 28 year old Shey has brought back much happiness in his life. i was very pleased that they stopped by to see and thank me for the advice was given a year ago. This confirms what i have written many times in the past, if a man in the us or other countries is divorced or widowed and lacking complete happiness in their life then come to the Philippines where you may find that lost happiness again. my congratulations to bill and shey.


With the help of my son jason who donated his typing abilities, i was able to complete this months column. i thank the many readers who have sent me messages wishing me a speedy recovery, it has really helped me and i appreciate it very much. This horse is down but not out and gratefully so many people have been kind and helped this old horse along. i am receiving physical therapy at the clark medical city hospital and the therapist there is terrific. i hope one and all will visit Angeles city this month, the last month of the dry season. stop by my stable and say hello meanwhile remember, be kind to horses.


Why many of us love Israel, well, except Obama. Check this out.
http://www.youtube.com/embed/uVlERTFVSpo?rel=0  Developed by Israel and installed on their planes.  I do not think Israel should allow one to be installed on Air Force 1 until Obama is replaced.

Salute the Danish Flag – it’s a Symbol of Western Freedom by Susan MacAllen

In 1978-9 I was living and studying in Denmark. But in 1978 – even in Copenhagen, one didn’t see Muslim immigrants. The Danish population embraced visitors, celebrated the exotic, went out of its way to protect each of its citizens. It was proud of its new brand of socialist liberalism one in development since the conservatives had lost power in 1929 – a system where no worker had to struggle to survive, where one ultimately could count upon the state as in, perhaps, no other western nation at the time. The rest of Europe saw the Scandinavians as free-thinking, progressive and infinitely generous in their welfare policies. Denmark boasted low crime rates, devotion to the environment, a superior educational system and a history of humanitarianism. D enmark was also most generous in its immigration policies – it offered the best welcome in Europe to the new immigrant: generous welfare payments from first arrival plus additional perks in transportation, housing and education. It was determined to set a world example for inclusiveness and multiculturalism. How could it have predicted that one day in 2005 a series of political cartoons in a newspaper would spark violence that would leave dozens dead in the streets -all because its commitment to multiculturalism would come back to bite? By the 1990′s the growing urban Muslim population was obvious – and its unwillingness to integrate into Danish society was obvious. Years of immigrants had settled into Muslim-exclusive enclaves. As the Muslim leadership became more vocal about what they considered the decadence of Denmark’s liberal way of life, the Danes – once so welcoming – began to feel slighted. Many Danes had begun to see Islam as incompatible with their long-standing values: belief in personal liberty and free speech, in equality for women, in tolerance for other ethnic groups, and a deep pride in Danish heritage and history.

The New York Post in 2002 ran an article by Daniel Pipes and Lars Hedegaard, in which they forecasted accurately that the growing immigrant problem in Denmark would explode. In the article they reported: “Muslim immigrants constitute 5 percent of the population but consume upwards of 40 percent of the welfare spending.” “Muslims are only 5 percent of Denmark’s 5.4 million people but make up a majority of the country’s convicted rapists, an especially combustible issue given that practically all the female victims are non-Muslim. Similar, if lesser, disproportions are found in other crimes.” “Over time, as Muslim immigrants increase in numbers, they wish less to mix with the indigenous population. A recent survey finds that only 5 percent of young Muslim immigrants would readily marry a Dane.” “Forced marriages – promising a newborn daughter in Denmark to a male cousin in the home country, then compelling her to marry him, sometimes on pain of death – are one problem”. “Muslim leaders openly declare their goal of introducing Islamic law once Denmark’s

Muslim population grows large enough – a not-that-remote prospect. If present trends persist, one sociologist estimates, every third inhabitant of Denmark in 40 years will be Muslim.” It is easy to understand why a growing number of Danes would feel that Muslim immigrants show little respect for Danish values and laws. An example is the phenomenon common to other European countries and the U.S. some Muslims in Denmark who opted to leave the Muslim faith have been murdered in the name of Islam, while others hide in fear for their lives. Jews are also threatened and harassed openly by Muslim leaders in Denmark, a country where once Christian citizens worked to smuggle out nearly all of their 7,000 Jews by night to Sweden – before the Nazis could invade. I think of my Danish friend Elsa – who as a teenager had dreaded crossing the street to the bakery every morning under the eyes of occupying Nazi soldiers – and I wonder what she would say today. In 2001, Denmark elected the most conservative government in some 70 years – one that had some decidedly non-generous ideas about liberal unfettered immigration. Today Denmark has the strictest immigration policies in Europe. ( Its effort to protect itself has been met with accusations of “racism” by liberal media across Europe – even as other governments struggle to right the social problems wrought by years of too-lax immigration. If you wish to become Danish, you must attend three years of language classes. You must pass a test on Denmark’s history, culture, and a Danish language test. You must live in Denmark for 7 years before applying for citizenship. You must demonstrate an intent to work, and have a job waiting. If you wish to bring a spouse into Denmark, you must both be over 24 years of age, and you won’t find it so easy anymore to move your friends and family to Denmark with you. You will not be allowed to build a mosque in Copenhagen. Although your children have a choice of some 30 Arabic culture and language schools in Denmark, they will be strongly encouraged to assimilate to Danish society in ways that past immigrants weren’t. In 2006, the Danish minister for employment, Claus Hjort Frederiksen, spoke publicly of the burden of Muslim immigrants on the Danish welfare system, and it was horrifying: the government’s welfare committee had calculated that if immigration from Third World

countries were blocked, 75 percent of the cuts needed to sustain the huge welfare system in coming decades would be unnecessary. In other words, the welfare system as it existed was being exploited by immigrants to the point of eventually bankrupting the government. “We are simply forced to adopt a new policy on immigration. The calculations of the welfare committee are terrifying and show how unsuccessful the integration of immigrants has been up to now,” he said. A large thorn in the side of Denmark’s imams is the Minister of Immigration and Integration, Rikke Hvilshoj. She makes no bones about the new policy toward immigration, “The number of foreigners coming to the country makes a difference,” Hvilshøj says, “There is an inverse correlation between how many come here and how well we can receive the foreigners that come.” And on Muslim immigrants needing to demonstrate a willingness to blend in, “In my view, Denmark should be a country with room for different cultures and religions. Some values, however, are more important than others. We refuse to question democracy, equal rights, and freedom of speech.” Hvilshoj has paid a price for her show of backbone. Perhaps to test her resolve, the leading radical imam in Denmark, Ahmed Abdel Rahman Abu Laban, demanded that the government pay blood money to the family of a Muslim who was murdered in a suburb of Copenhagen, stating that the family’s thirst for revenge could be thwarted for money. When Hvilshoj dismissed his demand, he argued that in Muslim culture the payment of retribution money was common, to which Hvilshoj replied that what is done in a Muslim country is not necessarily what is done in Denmark. The Muslim reply came soon after: her house was torched while she, her husband and children slept. All managed to escape unharmed, but she and her family were moved to a secret location and she and other ministers were assigned bodyguards for the first time – in a country where such murderous violence was once so scarce. Her government has slid to the right, and her borders have tightened. Many believe that what happens in the next decade will determine whether Denmark survives as a bastion of good living, humane thinking and social responsibility, or whether it becomes a nation at civil war with supporters of Sharia law.

And meanwhile, Canadians clamor for stricter immigration policies, and demand an end to state welfare programs that allow many immigrants to live on the public dole. As we in Canada look at the enclaves of Muslims amongst us, and see those who enter our shores too easily, dare live on our taxes, yet refuse to embrace our culture, respect our traditions, participate in our legal system, obey our laws, speak our language, appreciate our history . . we would do well to look to Denmark, and say a prayer for her future and for our own..  (America will not wake up to our Immigration problems until Obama leaves office and even then, maybe not.  As long as we continue to elect leaders who are too weak to fight off political correctness, we will eventually sink into a situation of chaos in America.  One warning, do not give up your guns and ammunition.  Do not fall into a situation where you leave yourself defenseless.  Vote carefully – our politicians are not supportive of you, the American citizen, they are only for themselves and do not believe that they work for us, the normal tax paying American.  If you doubt this, look at Harry Reid who has set an example for all politicians.  It is OK and encouraged to lie to get what you want)


Kansas City has had to impose a curfew on kids under 17 being out after 9 PM without a parent.  Why?  Because of a new “game” called “Put Em in a Coffin” was a new craze in which teens cross their arms like they are dead and then jump on hoods of parked cars in order to do as much damage as they can.  Once again, we have a bunch of young hoodlums out on the street acting out a game that maybe they do not really fully understand the negative impact they are making on their lives.  What is sad is that now ALL kids under 16 cannot be out after 9 PM and that is hard to do on weekends or say, when school breaks come alone.  Sure, we can easily blame the parents but that is too easy.  Somehow, I just think there is a breakdown in what so many of us think is right or wrong.  It is getting hard to differentiate between the two.  What is missing in our society or at least has diminished dramatically is – DISCIPLINE!

A little pizzeria in

“My girlfriend and I are small business owners, and we think there is a difference between operating in a public market space and then attaching the name of your business to a private event,” she said. “Like, if we were asked to set up at an anti-gay marriage rally, I mean, we would have to decline.”

POTUS:  I just learned the true meaning of this acronym – “Piece of Totally Useless Shit”.

For the SHOCK of your life, take a break, and try to comprehend what you read below.

During our lifetimes, all Presidents have issued Executive Orders. For various reasons, some have issued more than others. These things will directly affect us all, in years to come.

Question is: Do YOU care enough to send this, ‘shocking info,’ to people you love

Ike – 2 in 8 years

Kennedy – 4 in 3 years

LBJ – 4 in 5 years

Nixon – 1 in 6 years

Ford – 3 in 2 years

Carter – 3 in 4 years

Reagan – 5 in 8 years

Bush I – 3 in 4 years

Clinton – 15 in 8 years

Bush II – 62 in 8 years

Obama – 923 in 3 1/2 years ! More than 1000+ and counting Executive Orders in 6 years.  Read some of them below – unbelievable!  Next step -dictatorship. (Looks like we are there already!).

If you don’t get the implications, you’re not paying attention. How come all the other presidents in the past 100 years have not found it necessary to INCREASE GOVERNMENT’S POWER OVER THE PEOPLE with more than 1,000 Executive Orders? This is really very scary.  And most Americans have absolutely no idea what is happening.  YES, THERE IS A REASON THAT THIS PRESIDENT IS DETERMINED TO TAKE CONTROL AWAY FROM THE HOUSE AND THE SENATE.  Even some Democrats in the House have turned on him, plus a small number of Democrat Senators have questioned him. Rightfully so.

WHAT IS OBAMA REALLY TRYING TO ACCOMPLISH????  Remember what he told Russia’s Putin: “I’ll be more flexible after I’m re-elected.”  Here we go. Prepare to be shocked :

EXECUTIVE ORDER 10990 — allows the government to take over all modes of transportation and control of highways and seaports.

EXECUTIVE ORDER 10995 — allows the government to seize and control the communication media.

EXECUTIVE ORDER 10997 — allows the government to take over all electrical power, gas, petroleum, fuels and minerals.

EXECUTIVE ORDER 10998 — allows the government to take over all food resources and farms.

EXECUTIVE ORDER 11000 — allows the government to mobilize civilians into work brigades under government supervision.

EXECUTIVE ORDER 11001 — allows the government to take over all health, education and welfare function.

.EXECUTIVE ORDER 11002 — designates the registration of all persons. Postmaster General to operate a national registration.

EXECUTIVE ORDER 11003 — allows the government to take over all airports and aircraft, including commercial aircraft.

EXECUTIVE ORDER 11004 — allows the Housing and Finance Authority to relocate communities, build new housing with public funds, designate areas to be abandoned, and establish new locations for populations.

EXECUTIVE ORDER 11005 — allows the government to take over railroads, inland waterways and public storage facilities

EXECUTIVE ORDER 11049 — assigns emergency preparedness function to federal departments and agencies, consolidating 21 operative Executive Orders issued over a fifteen year period.

EXECUTIVE ORDER 11051 — specifies the responsibility of the Office of Emergency Planning and gives authorization to put all Executive Orders into effect in times of increased international tensions, and economic or financial crisis.

EXECUTIVE ORDER 11310 — grants authority to the Department of Justice to enforce the plans set out in Executive Orders, to institute industrial support, to establish judicial and legislative liaison, to control all aliens, to operate penal and correctional institutions, and to advise and assist the President.

EXECUTIVE ORDER 11921 — allows the Federal Emergency Preparedness Agency to develop plans to establish control over the mechanisms of production and distribution, of energy sources, wages, salaries, credit and the flow of money in U.S. Financial institution in any undefined national emergency.

It also provides that when a state of emergency is declared by the President, Congress cannot review the action for six months.

Feel free to verify the “executive orders” at will…..and these are just the major ones.

I’m sure you’ve all heard the tale of the “Frog in the Pot” . . Watch out for Obama’s actions; not his words! By his actions he will show you where America is headed.

Obama has issued executive orders that seek to “harmonize” U.S. Economic regulations with the rest of the world. These executive orders are yet another incremental step that is pushing us closer to a North American Union and a one world economic system.

Obama used the stage at the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s I have a dream speech to announce two new executive orders infringing on your second amendment rights:

The first bans the importation of antique military firearms for sale to sportsman and collectors.. He intentionally mislabels them military grade weapons to deceive the sheeple, but make no mistake . . . the order was written specifically to ban the importation of surplus M1 carbines, M1 Garands, 1903 Springfields and other antiques coveted by collectors and sport shooters.

This order is the death knell for the civilian marksmanship program.

Congress had previously passed the sportsman protection act in 1986 which among other things guaranteed that the importation of the historic relics for collectors and the CMP would not be impeded by unreasonable regulations.

Unfortunately, most Americans have absolutely no idea what is happening.

The American people need to understand that Barack Obama is constantly looking for ways to integrate the United States more deeply with the rest of the world.

The globalization of the world economy has accelerated under Obama, and this latest executive order represents a fundamental change in U.S. economic policy. Now federal regulators will be required to “harmonize” their work with the international community.

If THIS IS DIFFICULT TO BELIEVE, THEN PROVE TO YOURSELF IT’S WRONG – Google it. !!!  http://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/presidential-actions/executive-orders











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This is rather serious yet I have not seen anything on FOX News or CNN on this issue.  How could that be?

Fat Leonard: A US Navy Scandal and the Pivot to the Pacific

The central player in the largest scandal to rock the US Navy in decades begins his sentencing hearing today amid virtually no media coverage

By Dr. Ian Ralby

Most Americans are aware that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently spoke in Congress. We know that a nuclear deal was reached yesterday with Iran. We’ve certainly come to hate the militant movement known as ISIS or ISIL. And we associate the names Al Qaeda, Boko Haram and Al-Shabaab with terror and brutality. But most Americans – even those who have heard of the Obama Administration’s “Pivot to Asia/the Pacific” – will likely not have heard the name “Fat Leonard.” Furthermore, they will not be aware that the big Malaysian defense contractor, whose sentencing hearing begins today in San Diego, is at the center of the largest scandal to hit the US Navy in decades. Blatant corruption – bribes of money, gifts and prostitutes in exchange for classified information leading to highly valuable contracts – has already tainted the careers of five US admirals. Nearly three dozen more admirals remain under investigation, not to mention numerous other officers and enlisted. Ironically, however, the relative invisibility of the Fat Leonard scandal provides strong evidence that we aren’t actually pivoting toward or even paying attention to what is happening in the Pacific.

Leonard Glenn Francis was the CEO of Singapore-based Glenn Defense Marina Asia Group (GDMA). At 6’3” and 350 pounds, he is widely know as “Fat Leonard”. Since at least 2006, he has used personal connections within the US Navy to secure large contracts for GDMA. Navy vessels would call at his terminals and use his husbanding services, paying fees far above the market rate. At the same time, he is alleged to have established and strengthened those personal connections by paying US officials large sums of money, offering them valuable gifts including Cuban cigars, tickets to concerts, Kobe beef and Spanish suckling pigs, and providing them with the services of prostitutes. In return for the bribes, Fat Leonard received classified information that allowed him to routinely win the overpriced contracts. Perhaps even more surprising than the corrupt practices were the efforts made to keep the illicit behavior obscured from oversight. High-level officials involved in the operation repeatedly tipped off anyone who might be in danger of being investigated or discovered, thereby ensuring that the criminal enterprise survived for years.

The scandal broke in 2013 and continues to unfold as investigations and trials proceed. Sentencing hearings are due to begin today for both Fat Leonard and Captain Daniel Dusek who pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit bribery. Dusek is the senior most officer to have been formally charged thus far, though three Admirals were censured by the Navy in January and two others received letters of reprimand.

As significant as the scandal is itself, what is perhaps more telling is how little attention it has received. The Obama Administration has articulated its grand strategy as a “pivot to Asia” or “pivot to the Pacific.” As the global economic center of gravity continues to shift eastward, the “pivot” was intended to take the focus off the Middle East – where it has been for decades – and place it on China and its neighborhood. Two individuals responsible for having defrauded the US Navy out of tens of millions of dollars in its operations in the Pacific region, proceed to sentencing today amid virtually no media coverage. Yet the new cycle remains filled with stories from the Middle East, North Africa, Nigeria and yesterday’s tragic attack in Kenya.

As Fat Leonard and Captain Dusek hope for a Good Friday, they can perhaps take some solace in knowing that if the US really had pivoted to the Pacific, they would be getting at least as much attention for their transgressions as Gen. David Petraeus is concerning his – seemingly minor by comparison – violations of law in the Middle East.

Dr. Ian Ralby is Founder and Executive Director of I.R. Consilium through which he provides legally-grounded policy advice and assistance to governments and organizations, often on matters relating to security. He is an expert on the regulation, governance and oversight of private security companies and on issues at the nexus between law and security. He holds a BA in Modern Languages and Linguistics and an MA in Intercultural Communication from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County; a JD from William & Mary Law School; and both an MPhil in International Relations and a PhD in Politics and International Studies from the University of Cambridge.


April 2015

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I am starting this month off with a picture of Fields Ave walking street before the high rise buildings and before it was a walking street.  Many will say that in some ways the town was better back then and in some ways, maybe it was. Life was simpler and the bars were more fun and the raids by the police were less.  But now the the street has been transformed with high rise buildings, bigger bars, more restaurants, more neon lights and regretfully, more police raids.  Whatever the reasons for the raids, some legitimate, many not.  Back then there was no International Justice Mission (IJM) trying to justify their reason for being by seeking out publicity through questionable raids of bars conducted under the umbrella of various police agencies.

Usually, the reason for the raids is to “rescue” underage girls.  OK fair enough, no bar owner wants an underage girl working in his bar but somehow they manage to slip in.  Some via a Mamasan trying to make a few pesos on the side but this upsets many of the Mamasans who do everything they can to avoid such an issue.  Others get in with legitimate licenses and IDs issued by the City Health, City Hall and Barangays yet when discovered in a raid, the blame is put on the owners of the bar, not those who issued the various IDs.  You can guess the reason why.

Over the years various Bar owner’s Associations have been formed in an attempt to work with City officials and Law Enforcement Agencies to eliminate the hiring of underage girls and also to police themselves to eliminate the need for police raids. Some of these Associations succeeded for a while but then faded.   All worked closely with the City Mayor in office at the time but eventually, that support faded as did the Association.

In the last two years the raids have increased to the level in which it has had an adverse affect on tourism to Angeles City.  The big problem was the manner in which the raids were conducted in that police with weapons would enter the bar in a manner in which one would think a gun battle was anticipated.  All the girls working, including staff were rounded up and herded in to buses that took them to Camp Olivas or Camp Crame.  Usually, the excuse for the raid is that they had a report of a single underage girl being employed.  Needless to say, the methods used were a bit of an overkill.  Complaints from Bar owners just bounced off concrete walls.  Innocent people were sent to jail where it took them months or in some cases years to prove their innocence in court.  It developed into the way of life for entertainment entrepreneurs in this town.

You might ask why am I writing all this now?  The reason is that recently a meeting was held with police officials that might create a light at the end of a long tunnel. Last month Police Chief Superintendent Ronald Valcos Santos, the OIC of Police Regional Office 3 called for a special meeting of local Club owners.  The meeting was held at the Fortune Hong Kong Restaurant, Balibago, AC.  Also in attendance were Police Superintendent Rene Artazo Aspe and Senior Superintendent Imperial.  This is the first time that such a meeting was held by such a high ranking official (Brigadier General) in recent memory.  The General was recently assigned to Region 3 and his presence at this meeting was very much appreciated.  The meeting started off in a relaxed manner as P C/Supt Santos introduced himself and had the members in attendance do the same.  Santos was a good listener and his replies to comments and questions were direct and to the point.  He built up a remarkable rapport and confidence as the evening progressed.  In this meeting subjects were brought forth that normally would never be offered by those in attendance.  It is the first time that I have witnessed such a positive exchange.  This development took place in the last 30 minutes of the meeting.


The reason I am passing all this on is if P C/Supt Santos is true to his word and the Club owners cooperate then the shadow of bar raids will be reduced and the manner in which they are conducted should be less disruptive to the overall business.  Note that I wrote “should”.  No one can guarantee anything.  We have to wait and see if all that was promised actually takes place.  It is also up to the Bar Owners, all of them, small, big and medium to work together and trust this man.

This will also mean a great deal to the tourists planning to visit AC.  There will be less fear of raids or of being harassed.  You will see more PNP trained Tourist Police on the streets.  The Mayor is cleaning up the streets, improving lighting and parking. Gen Santos will be meeting with the Mayor and hopefully the Barangay Captain to discuss points brought up during the meeting and hopefully, that light at the end of the tunnel will become brighter and brighter.

This is a much different opening to my column but I thought it was important to pass on that we feel Angeles City will be able to provide tourists and Expats living here a safe, clean, hassle free environment for one and all.  Yes, all laws and regulations must be adhered to, naturally, but in return, fairness in the enforcement of the law is expected.

This is the beginning of the summer season and the Clubs will be offering many entertainment specials, keep an eye out for pool parties, beauty contests and of course the forthcoming famous summer ABC pool party.  Out with the old and in with the NEW.



Greetings Harry. A word of Caution to your aussie readers who fly Qantas Sydney to Manila. I arrive Brisbane domestic terminal feb 25 for my flight to Sydney to catch QF19 to manila as I have been doing for years only to be refused a boarding pass for the SYD-MNL sector. My sin was my return ticket out of the Philippines back to aus on QF was in july, 3 months time. The ground staff insisted my return ticket had to be within one month of my arrival in the Philippines in line of the visa I would receive on arrival in MNL. BULLSHIT. They were not going to let me on the plane. I did have a flight back to BNE 3 weeks after my arrival on Philippine Airlines for my sons wedding but no eticket to show. I left it in PI as I THOUGHT I did not need it.When I bought the PR ticket, it was not emailed, just a screen print out. I did try to change my QF ticket but refused the $200 change fee required. I was put on a flight to SYD and told to go to PR office in the international terminal, get a copy of the ticket then proceed to QF19 check in.

On arrival in SYD, my flight sat on the tarmac for 20 mins, no slots available, had to retrieve my check in and then find the local bus to the international terminal. I took one look at the QF 19 check in on arrival and realised I was in trouble and had no time to look for the PR office. The Gods were smiling down on me as I found a supervisor who appeared to be switched on, explained my situation and took me under her wing and checked me in personally rather embarrassed at what had happened to me.


Still no apology from Qantas. Qantas has previous form for doing this. A friend of mine was forced to buy a ticket that he was never going to use. On return to aus, he confronted QF and was give a full refund of his unwanted ticket plus a apology. BB  (Looks to me like Quantas is hiring some stupid personnel or just some plain old assholes)

I did not report the Nemeses bar raid in my breaking news as I was disappointed that it took place at all.  Anyway, enough time has passed so I can pass on this comment that was sent to me:  ”AC whisper only.
Not a CIDG raid this time.  Black guy is from IMJ.  Girls taken to Camp Crame, Manila. Korean owner was amongst them.   Nemesis reopened last night.  All patrons asked to present ID.  Some had ID some not.  I am informed it is better not to give ID as your name will then be registered on NBI computer.”  (It is always better to have an ID with you when in a foreign country.  It can save your being hassled)

Harry, I remember reading one of your “Harry-the-Horse” issues where someone was talking about flights into Clark.  I have a flight booked with Cathay Pacific : Adelaide – Sydney – Hong Kong – Clark RETURN for AU$1100.oo. (20/30 Kls Luggage)in August for Australian Vietnam Veterans Day (Aug 18th) very acceptable Lay-Overs (1 1/2 – 3 hours).  On GOOGLE Search you can find Regular Airline flights ex Australia to Clark RETURN from AU $675.oo. However you spend a LOT of time in airports such as K.L., Singapore, Hong Kong etc for these prices.

LCC Air-Asia also has connecting out of Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Darwin & Perth into Clark 3 times per week, however when you add on Luggage, Food, Seat Selection, you are far better going with a Regular Carrier.  I will arriving April 22 thru May 10 (ANZAC DAY) with Singapore Airlines (return) ex Adelaide via Singapore to Manila (30 Kils Luggage), AU $800.oo, also with very acceptable Lay-overs.  I had not seen the Cathay Pacific arrangements prior to making this booking.  Thought that your Aussie readers might be interested, saves at least 2 possibly 3 Hotels along the way.  Just a follow up – ONE of the Best Sites for those Airfares is : - Cheapflights.com.au Travel Experts and also direct to CATHAY PACIFIC Cheers, Ray Sauvola (Thanks Ray, hope this helps a few travelers from Australia)

G’day Harry, Charlie from Sydney here again.Your newsletters over the past eighteen months or so have often contained emails from guys who are asking about how safe it is in Angeles now or that they are considering cancelling their travel plans because they have safety concerns now because of the odd ex-pat murder or they are wary of being caught up in a police bar raid and some just seem to be put off because they think they cant enjoy a girl’s company outside of the bar anymore because of the official ‘no bar fines policy’. I have just returned from a three week visit to Angeles and Subic and in my opinion all of these fears are largely unfounded. However, one thing that stood out in both locations was the uncommon lack of overseas visitors considering that it is normally the height of the tourist season in Jan-Feb. Most bars I attended were often sparely populated and the majority of those there appeared to be ex-pats.This most recent trip of mine was my 17th to Angeles and Subic since 2008 and on all of those trips I have never experienced a safety or robbery issue or a police issue. In fact, I have been visiting the Philippines regularly since 1988 (mostly Manila in the earlier years) and I have never had an issue. The common sense approach to visits has been covered by you and other forums many times ….but it WORKS! Simply, don’t get too drunk, always be aware of your surroundings, be polite to everyone (even annoying street hawkers) and don’t walk down dark areas alone late at night. I also always carry a copy of the photo/details page of my passport plus a copy of the page with my current visa stamp on it just in case of any ‘police interaction’.  (Be advised that during a recent raid the coppers asked customers for ID) Anyway, a snapshot of my
January/February visit.ANGELES:Favourite Afternoon Bars: Paradise Beer Garden….girl watching is as good as Kokomos and Phillies but the stools are much more comfortable and the front bench table is set back far enough that you don’t get hassled by the street hawkers like at the other two places. They also make the best pizza’s I have yet experienced in Phil’s. Second pick is Garfields bar…mainly an ex-pat clientele with the odd regular visitor like me. I just like the ambience of no loud music, nice GRO’s and old farts like me having a chat with mates. Third pick is probably Brass Knob …this place has really picked up since the original owner took over again.Favourite Night Bars: There is only one really for me and that is Angel Witch… good line up of girls, great music, cold beer and always a good atmosphere. (Good choice Charlie)Roadhouse next door has similar music (rock and roll mostly) but the I think the girl line up are the ones that didn’t make the grade for Angel Witch EmojiFavourite Hotel : I always stay at the Pacific Breeze…good rooms (and a lift in the main building…essential for my creaky bones), great staff all round and central to everything on Fields.BARRIO BARRETTO, SUBICFavourite Afternoon Bars: Sit n Bull Annex…comfortable stools, air-con, nice girls serving cold cheap beer. I also like to visit the Generals Outpost occasionally and smile inwardly at all the bullshit coming from all the crusty old US ex-pat patrons….the bar is at capacity with a dozen customers (i.e very small) but the beer is cold and even cheaper than at Sit n Bull. The bars at the Arizona Hotel are also good particularly if there is a special sport event on TV that takes my interest.Favourite Night Bars : It used to be Bar Barretto but that has gone downhill since the ownership change and new name of Coco Lips… no MTV screens anymore and the music is crap with most of it being dorf-dorf techno shit…the customer base obviously don’t like it as they have deserted the place too. Girl line up is about the same but only average compared to most in Angeles. I found a new bar that I liked just near Coca Lips called Wild Island….no dancing girls but a good spread of GRO’s all in the mid-late 20′s age group and no uglies, cold beer and good music that is not too loud…there was a good crowd when I was there.Favourite Hotel : Arizona…..everything about it has improved since Tommo took over a few years ago ( except maybe the plumbing but that is the norm in Barrio )….good food, good staff, rooms for all budgets and walking distance to most bars. I stayed at Blue Rock a few times in the past as well and while they have a great bar and restaurant I found the rooms to be disappointing for the price plus it is a bit out of the way from the action.Okay Harry I will leave it there for now. Feel free to post this in your next newsletter if you think its informative. I know a few more bars have been raided in recent weeks and it looks like there is no end to that crap but at least there have been no reports of customers being taken away (to my knowledge) but I feel for the innocent staff who are carted off. Anyway, I have already voted with my feet and I have booked my flight to return to Angeles and Subic in July this year. I will make a point of getting to your stable and hope to catch up with you then.  Cheers……….Charlie, Sydney, AUSTRALIA.
(Nice report Charlie. Yes, some of what you wrote has been written by me many times. So often in fact that I am tired of the repetition. Maybe it will sink in more if written by a traveling man like yourself. Your hotel and bar choices in Angeles are solid. I am not familiar with the bars in the Barrio but your comments about the Arizona are very accurate. I had to smile when you mentioned the rooms in the Blue Rock. For sure I agree with you there. Stay well and hopefully you will make it to my stable during your July visit)

Harry, this is a letter that I am sending to the House Ways and Means Committee:

Subject:Funding the International Justice Ministry

Members of the House Ways and Means Committee, over the last few years it has come to my attention that an organization, mentioned above, has been imposing morality on the citizens of other countries. I have observed that this organization has been operating in the Republic of Philippines by encouraging and accompanying law enforcement to raid business in and around the province of Pampanga forcing these business to pay exorbitant fines and attempting to close these operations. We as a nation have no right to enter another country and legislate morality. Those alleged illicit business employee thousand of locals that otherwise could not exist. All of this haranguing is done to supposedly find and remove underage girls form the bar business. When in fact these girls have all been proven to be the legal age for employment. Furthermore, this illegal IJM operation is creating an avenue for local law enforcement to impose fines that seldom end up in the public coffers and usually enriches the local law enforcement officers. So in fact the International Justice Ministry is enabling corruption on a large scale. I deeply resent that my tax dollars are being granted to the International Justice Ministry to further corruption in the name of Justice. Please review this grant and act accordingly. Finally, I suggest you consider what the outcome would be absent the International Justice Ministry’s meddling in the morality of other countries. It would be business as usual and the entertainment mecca of the Philippines would continue with or without the unreasonable intervention of the International Justice Ministry. The mission of policing the entertainment industry in the Philippines is the job of local law enforcement and Justice Department not some foreign US tax paid pseudo religious organization.  Thank You, Owen Parker.  (A couple of months ago the Nemesis Bar was raided by the CIDG AND the IMJ.  Following are pictures of what looks like a foreigner who was seen directing the raid inside the bar.  Could this be the IMJ in control, not just observing?)


Harry, guess what?  For your information the Navy is flying it’s new p8′s out from one of those old air fields.  My retired MARINE and NAVY friends in Olongapo tell me that there is a lot of activity at Subic.  May heaven forbid that our military comes back for a lasting presence In the Philippines!  May I say that a lasting presence is in the works and it is not bolobolo.  Stop the VFW/AL and talk to some of the expats and they will fill you in if there are any of them still alive (all of that ESQ and SM).  I will keep in touch and inform you with my latest information.  This shit is no secret because it is in the news here in the states. John H.


(Guess that is not the most reliable information I have ever received but one never knows.  I do not have a source in Subic anymore so have to rely on any bits of information I can receive.  I already know there are agreements for rotating visits by the Navy and AF but not anything about a permanent presence in the way it used to be.  Lets see what happens this year and how nervous the Philippine Government gets with their great Chinese friends.  China is like a salivating dog looking at a bone he could devour in no time at all)

Hello Harry, Ive been making some observations about U.S. involvement in the Philippines. To start with is the case of Scott Pemberton. In a breach of security protestors were allowed to approach the ship. I myself seeing this and living in Olongapo decided to go to the ship the following Sunday morning and was shocked to my toes to what I found. There was no security and I mean zero! I was on my motorcycle and rode right up to the ships entrance. Not a security guard, road block or security vehicles in sight. The Philippines I don’t know who pulled all security from the ship. I at the most 100 meters from the ship well within small arms and RPG range. Before when a U.S. ship was in you couldn’t get anywhere close and couldn’t take a picture of the a U.S. Naval ship from anywhere on SBMA I know I tried in the past. I took photos even a selfie to prove I was there with no security.

9 U.S. ships were going to port through Christmas but all were cancelled and no ships have returned. Now they announced the U.S. will be using Singapore for port of calls with an installation to be built within the next few years. Sounds to me like the Philippines is as they like to say is “persona non grata”. After the recent Philippine military travesty of Mamasapano where 44 Filipino’s KIA they then tried to attach some blame on the U.S. military presence.

Well this past week U.S. Special Forces Command in Mindanao packed up closed shop in a small ceremony and left taking the Intelligence gathering apparatus with them. To top it all the U.N. warned the Philippines they will be kicked out of the U.N. if corruption is not brought under control in 5 years. There are rumors within the U.N. of an investigation of the Philippines of the missing tens of millions of dollars in Yolanda relief.

With our forces gone from Mindanao and no further U.S. ships coming it seems an ominous sign of change is happening and one all foreigners should be aware of and it’s this. The Philippines has worn out it’s welcome and fast running out of friends with zero defense against any Chinese incursion or even increased Muslim or NPA attacks. Seems it’s open season on the Philippines now. Were old enough to have seen the same type of thing happen in Vietnam, Cambodia and a lot of Latin American countries.  What are your thoughts Harry.  Olongapo Don.

Hi, Just responding to a small line you had in March requesting info on the City of Dreams hotel in Manila.

I have just completed construction on this property so I can tell you the scoop. There are 3 hotels, Crown,Hyatt, Nobu also included the famous Nobu restaurant. All high end hotels. The crown being the best and is owned operated by Melco entertainment hence Henry Packard the owner of Melco Crown Australia. This is similar to the city of dreams Macau across from the Venetian. Which is also owned by Stanly Ho and Packard. There is a casino, very nice pools and cabanas, shopping restaurants, night club and a large Family entertainment portion built by Dreamworks with dreamworks characters. Shrek, train your dragon, Kung Fu panda Ect.  Overall a very nice place, but you will need deep pockets as nothing here is cheap.  Cheers, Your local expat (I guess just window shopping for me)  Location:  City of Dreams Manila is located at the gateway of Entertainment City within the Manila Bay area. Find us at Asean Avenue corner Roxas Boulevard, Entertainment City, Parañaque 1701, Manila, Philippines. Three kilometers away from Ninoy Aquino International Airport and a 5-minute drive from SM Mall of Asia.

Harry, Not sure if you received my email from your site.  Recently I was with a girl from Fire Pit when I was reading your March report. She was sitting across from me and could not see my ipad. As I came to Wayne W. I asked her about some customer and a fight with momma san Lisa. She said she was there at the bar when he came in drunk and demanding his gf salary. Momma replied that you can only give to the gf. There was some kind of shouting and maybe some pushing by Wayne then. Momma got up and went home. Wayne then followed her there and started a fight with her. The story was that he was off his motorcycle and momma was defending herself. The brother and sister came out to stop the fight.

The girl then told me the police was called and there was P20,000 payment for Wayne to get out of jail. She does not know who got the P20,000.  According to the girl, it was pretty common for Wayne to go there drunk and a bit out of control. The girl pretty much confirmed the events but not Wayne’s story. Also she said momma is a pretty nice person.  Thought I would let you know this side of the story. I have no dog in this fight.  You can use my first name in this if you need to.  George (That certainly is a different version of the story.  As usual there is always two sides to a story.  This girl had no reason to lie and if true, then George was lucky to get out of jail for only P20,000)

Wow, after inserting the above comments from George, I found this message right afterwards.  I am pretty sure that after these two accounts that maybe George got his facts a bit mixed up with reality.  I think we can say “CASE CLOSED”

To Harry the horse, hello sir, good morning. i would like to add some details on your article about “Wayne W.” Whom he said was attacked by my sister. Wayne version ” I was sitting on my motorbike when Mama Annalisa from Fire Pit attacked and beat me. I suffered lacerations, contusions and a concussion.”

In the first place, he was not attacked.! All the people there know what happen that night even the owner of the Firepit bar, who happen to be there that time… Wayne version “My gf quit the bar to go back to her province. Mamasan stole her last week’s salary. I went to the bar and talked to the manager. He made her give it back.(He didnt talked to her, he yell to her and ask for the money,). She lost face, as well as the 1000p. She attacked me in the bar with just pushing and shouting. My gr was living at mamasan’s house. I went to pick her up. I was on a public street. Mama came running out the house and attacked me with her fists and something in her hand. I got a concussion, too. After she hit me 4 or 5 times, I landed one punch in defense. Then her brother and sister pulled her off me. I never got off my bike. I never even stood up.

The scene he made at the firepit bar was undoubtly very stressful to all the people there and most of all to my sister. He accused my sister of stoling the money.. and even called her a Thief in front of all the people at the bar,.the money was not stole.. (1000php), its his gf salary (Php1000) it was kept by my sister bcoz Grace “wayne’s gf” was not home for a couple of days. Grace and my sister talked about it that afternoon, that my sister will give the money friday afternoon before she leave for manila.. she agreed about it!,,so we guess its all okay… the scene in the bar continued in our house.. he keeps buzzing his motorbrike aloud and yell.. We all got out, and as he seat on his motorbike he still yelling ur a thief, give the money to her.. even her gf try to stop him..My furious sister wants to beat him but he cant get through bcoz we all pulling her off,, it was Wayne who gave the first punch to her.. and in her defense my sister got a stone and throw it to wayne, thats why he got that wound..we all try to stop and let wayne leave..my sister went to station 4 and file a case to wayne.. and stayed there for long period of hours. later that afternoon both parties agreed for a settlement and hoping that it ends there.. ( but i guess its not)

March 2, 2015, the owner of the firepit bar read ur article and print it out and let my sister read it through, we not just sit here and let it pass while wayne still saying the same lies for people to be on his side.  We are human and willing to fight for our right.. We hope it ends here and let everybody move on. as you read our side.. Thank you for reading my email… Have a great day..  ALMA LIPASANA

Harry, Bunny Ranch is closed because the landlord wanted to double the lease amount to renew. They are in the process of moving into a club at the rear of Paradise. Name will not be changed. In the interim their girls relocated to Shooterz. Bob.  (That is something we may see more and more of, with Landlords looking to increase rents dramatically as lease contracts end)

Harry, Just received a series of sad text messages from a close friend.  Four nights ago a Cherry Girl went to work at the Nasty Duck. Last night a smooth talking Korean walked in, took an interest in her and offered to take her out. She told him no she was a Cherry Girl. He replied that was O.K. he just wanted to get to know her and asked if she would go out for dinner and only dinner. The girl consulted with Momma who was good with it so she consented. Outside they got into his car. He was not a tourist, he said, but a business man from Manila. At some point in the evening he drove into the Hill Top Hotel, managed to get her into a room and raped her. He then fled. Management and the Police were notified. Hill Top provided a license plate number. The girl went to the hospital for an examination, gave a statement then went home. She has been consoled by neighbors, one of which is my friend who reports the girl just sits, shakes and cries. She refuses to even eat. No information on the investigation.  (If Korean he will get away with it as the Korean Syndicate looks after its own.  This is a sample of why so many dislike the type of Koreans that come here to Angeles City)

Man in Cavite arrested for sexually assaulting a cow – Sent to me by Jerry J who wondered if this is what would happen when “Bar Fines” are eradicated in AC?  I think cows would be too difficult to mount, how about sheep?  ”Authorities later revealed that the man had also sexually assaulted two other cows in different areas in Cavite.  A man was arrested early morning on Tuesday, March 10, after he was caught in the act of sexually assaulting a cow in Barangay Biga Dos, Silang, Cavite.  Silang police said 46-year-old Andy Loyola was caught around 5 a.m. having sex with a cow, which was initially reported by its owner, Rustico Carlo, as missing.  Loyola was believed to be under the influence of illegal drugs when he was arrested. Police noted that various drug paraphernalia and several sachets containing suspected shabu were also seized from the suspect.  The suspect is now detained at the Silang municipal jail.  He is facing charges of violating Republic Act 8485, as amended by RA 10631, otherwise known as the Animal Welfare Act.  Authorities later revealed that Loyola had also sexually asssaulted two other cows in different areas in Cavite. -a report by Eric Dastas, dzMM  (That is not fair, maybe the cow enjoyed it!  Maybe Loyala was married to a very fat woman and mistook the cow for her.  Whatever the reason, the drugs he took sure must have been first grade.  What I really want to see is when they bring the victim to court to testify)

This is a video you have to look at.  This is the country that Hillary Clinton accepts millions of dollars from for her Foundation that fights for women’s rights. Doesn’t seem right but Hillary does not refuse the money.  Seems like a Hypocrite  to me.

Saudi Arabia police behead a woman as she begged for mercy [warning: extremely graphic]

Frank here, we have a new website for the subic area – subicexpat.com
under the things to do category I do a T.V. guild for the sports the NRL and Rugby Union on Sentena also some of the races on the same satellite the Baseball on Fox. The Aussie Rules on the Aussie channel and the Cricket schedule for the world cup.not many hits so far.  could you give us a shout out on your harry the horse. AC has the same channels.  double tops to you, cheers  (Happy to shout for you Frank)

Hi Harry I just read the article I sent you, sorry for being ambiguous. I should think before I write, make it easier for you.  Stick it in as an UPDATE thanks, Bruce.

Yup Coolangatta is Air Asia’s original port of call for Australia and Brisbane, which is 84 klm away straight up a freeway only traffic lights are near the airport and in the city of Brisbane.  NO TOLLS!!

I thought I should do more research for the article and found out that these flights to Clark LINK UP with flights from Melbourne as well and there is a link Clark to Sydney on the return leg.there just doesn’t seem to be from Sydney to Clark.

There are good cheap flights from Sydney to either Coolangatta or Melbourne, just check the times of departure from Melbourne and OOL, maybe one is better suited for Sydneyites.

It seems someone was actually thinking, linking the East Coast of Australia with Clark even if it is only one day a week. They just did the Asian mentality thing, and forgot to link Australia’s biggest city properly.  It will be right eventually.I have no doubt.  But this gives a real opportunity for full planes into Clark with this link.

I got my mate who is American flying over in October for fishing and then returning in Nov. his return flight was a promo. and it was A$636 Clark to Coolangatta return all in.  My wife is flying over a week before XMAS as well A$398 one way and that’s a promo too.  I recently got an form letter email from Tony Fernadez the CEO of Air Asia thanking his patrons who support them during this time of crisis.

They do service with Air Asia unfortunately they have “Air Asia Philippines” to contest with.  I just hope they keep up this link.

Hello Harry, I was catching up on your latest news letter, reading a snip it

about you wishing one of your featured “would if I could” girls would meet and marry due to your featuring them and the deal that, you get invited to the wedding for free food.. Well I’m happy to say that Rossana May Perez and I met as I emailed her hoping to enlist her help looking for a old friend from the Olongapo area.. Long story short… I came, we met, and now we are together. What a great gal.

Your watering hole was on my short list of places to visit when there. I thought you were located in the Barrio Beretto. May informed me she knew you personally and that the Blue Boar was in Angeles. Maybe we will stop by when I’m back in April. If there is ever a wedding, you sir will be on the list of VIP invites.. Thank you, Tim Stumo  (Good luck Tim, I can taste all the good food already)

Harry , Yes , we have adds, brochures, listings everywhere that we can think of and have had some good showings but, haven’t connected with a buyer yet.  I am puzzled as Title , taxes are in order and its a nice home and location but most want to be in town with the noise of jeepney’ and trike action. Oh well, we are taking another marketing try,  hope we can get it Leased or Sold.  I am in Costa Rica presently but Jocelyn (wife) is there for a showing .. her number is 09205695868. We certainly appreciate your thoughts, regards, Brent Hofmeister.  (I have visited this house.  The wife and I made the long drive up to Subic City over a year ago and found the house to be in a very quiet, picturesque community.  Ideal for a single man or a retired couple.  There is easy access to Subic City and not that far a drive to Barrio Barretto.  You will need a car.  I thought by now it had been sold or at least rented out.  It is an ideal, safe community and the view from the house is magnificent.  It is worth the drive just to see it)

G’day Harry, Charlie from Sydney here again. Your newsletters over the past eighteen months or so have often contained emails from guys who are asking about how safe it is in Angeles now or that they are considering cancelling their travel plans because they have safety concerns now because of the odd ex-pat murder or they are wary of being caught up in a police bar raid and some just seem to be put off because they think they cant enjoy a girl’s company outside of the bar anymore because of the official ‘no barfines policy’. I have just returned from a three week visit to Angeles and Subic and in my opinion all of these fears are largely unfounded. However, one thing that stood out in both locations was the uncommon lack of overseas visitors considering that it is normally the height of the tourist season in Jan-Feb. Most bars I attended were often sparcely populated and the majority of those there appeared to be ex-pats.

This most recent trip of mine was my 17th to Angeles and Subic since 2008 and on all of those trips I have never experienced a safety or robbery issue or a police issue. In fact, I have been visiting the Philippines regularly since 1988 (mostly Manila in the earlier years) and I have never had an issue. The common sense approach to visits has been covered by you and other forums many times ….but it WORKS! Simply, don’t get too drunk, always be aware of your surroundings, be polite to everyone (even annoying street hawkers) and don’t walk down dark areas alone late at night. I also always carry a copy of the photo/details page of my passport plus a copy of the page with my current visa stamp on it just in case of any ‘police interaction’.

Anyway, a snapshot of my January/February visit.


Favourite Afternoon Bars: Paradise Beer Garden….girl watching is as good as Kokomos and Phillies but the stools are much more comfortable and the front bench table is set back far enough that you don’t get hassled by the street hawkers like at the other two places. They also make the best pizza’s I have yet experienced in Phil’s. Second pick is Garfields bar…mainly an ex-pat clientele with the odd regular visitor like me. I just like the ambience of no loud music, nice GRO’s and old farts like me having a chat with mates. Third pick is probably Brass Knob …this place has really picked up since the original owner took over again.

Favourite Night Bars: There is only one really for me and that is Angel Witch… good line up of girls, great music, cold beer and always a good atmosphere. Roadhouse next door has similar music (rock and roll mostly) but the I think the girl line up are the ones that didn’t make the grade for Angel Witch Emoji

Favourite Hotel : I always stay at the Pacific Breeze…good rooms (and a lift in the main building…essential for my creaky bones), great staff all round and central to everything on Fields.  (Always a good hotel to stay at here in AC)


Favourite Afternoon Bars: Sit n Bull Annex…comfortable stools, air-con, nice girls serving cold cheap beer. I also like to visit the Generals Outpost occasionally and smile inwardly at all the bullshit coming from all the crusty old US ex-pat patrons….the bar is at capacity with a dozen customers (i.e very small) but the beer is cold and even cheaper than at Sit n Bull. The bars at the Arizona Hotel are also good particularly if there is a special sport event on TV that takes my interest.

Favourite Night Bars : It used to be Bar Barretto but that has gone downhill since the ownership change and new name of Coco Lips… no MTV screens anymore and the music is crap with most of it being dorf-dorf techno shit…the customer base obviously don’t like it as they have deserted the place too. Girl line up is about the same but only average compared to most in Angeles. I found a new bar that I liked just near Coca Lips called Wild Island….no dancing girls but a good spread of GRO’s all in the mid-late 20′s age group and no uglies, cold beer and good music that is not too loud…there was a good crowd when I was there.

Favourite Hotel : Arizona…..everything about it has improved since Tommo took over a few years ago ( except maybe the plumbing but that is the norm in Barrio )….good food, good staff, rooms for all budgets and walking distance to most bars. I stayed at Blue Rock a few times in the past as well and while they have a great bar and restaurant I found the rooms to be disappointing for the price plus it is a bit out of the way from the action.

Okay Harry I will leave it there for now. Feel free to post this in your next newsletter if you think its informative. I know a few more bars have been raided in recent weeks and it looks like there is no end to that crap but at least there have been no reports of customers being taken away (to my knowledge) but I feel for the innocent staff who are carted off. Anyway, I have already voted with my feet and I have booked my flight to return to Angeles and Subic in July this year. I will make a point of getting to your stable and hope to catch up with you then.  Cheers……….Charlie, Sydney, AUSTRALIA


Harry, Remember last August or September when you printed in your news letter that African Americans receive 40% of all government Entitlements? Well here is a article that disprove your assumption.  William Dean (Not my assumption)


Good to know.  Now I can afford to live in the US and get some of those entitlements. I can become a 40 percenter.  Bill, did you scream when you saw the statistic?

Drugs-charge bodybuilder tracked down to Philippines

By Derby Telegraph | Posted: February 17, 2012

A BODYBUILDER from Derbyshire who has been on the run from police for five years is working at a gym in the Philippines, the Derby Telegraph can exclusively reveal.  Paul Longfield, who was the reigning Mr Britain at the time of his arrest in 2006, was charged with 14 counts of illegally dealing steroids.  He was bailed to appear at Derby Crown Court to plead to the charges in 2007 but failed to turn up to the hearing.  (I don’t blame him)

Now the Derby Telegraph has traced Longfield to the Fitness Connection Gym, in Angeles City, Pampanga, and last night we contacted him.  The 48-year-old, formerly of Furnace Lane, Loscoe, confirmed he was wanted by police but said he would not return to the UK – adding he was only missing “haddock and chips and the odd pickled onion”.  (Some of the bars used to sell pickled onions here) Longfield said: “To be honest, there’s not a lot for me to come back to in Derbyshire.  (Good decision Paul)  “All my friends in the UK say the country is in a bad state and I’m virtually married to an Asian girl here in the Philippines now.  ”I’m nearly 50 years old, I can compete in the gym on power-lifting weights with guys half my age and I have taken steroids for a number of years.  ”Around Derby I’m told there is a problem with heroin and crack cocaine and I can tell you straight that people do not mug grannies for their next fix of anabolic steroids.”  Longfield claimed that using anabolic steroids, often to enhance athletic performance, was less dangerous that smoking tobacco and drinking alcohol.  Reported side-effects of using the drug include high blood pressure, liver damage and dangerous changes to the heart.  Longfield said: “It is a witch hunt.  ”There are a lot of people saying in the press about steroids and how dangerous they are that don’t know what they are talking about.”  (I think it is a personal choice and no big deal unless it gives you an edge in a competition but it should not be a crime in which one is sent to jail.  I think it messes you up in later years if you quit working out.  Want an example, look at Arnold S. now.  I have talked to some folks who went to Fitness Connection and they have no heartburn with Paul)

Further research has also shown Longfield to be involved in a company called Midas Security, which is claimed to have offices across the world, including the United Arab Emirates and Dubai.  The Midas Security website states that Longfield is an executive director.  On the site there is a video link of him competing on stage and being handed a trophy.  The site describes Longfield as having 25 years’ experience in all levels of securities in the UK and across the World.  It reads: “Paul has been involved in martial arts and top-level body-building, being Mr Britain, Mr Europe and competing on world stage.”  (So what, sounds like he is the man for the job)

A police adviser confirmed that the person on the video was the same Paul Longfield whom officers were seeking in connection with the drug-dealing charges.  Drugs expert Steve Holme said: “From the information and weblinks provided to us by the Derby Telegraph, this is the same Paul Longfield we are looking for in connection with charges of possessing Class C drugs with intent to supply and failing to appear in court.  ”I was working with Derbyshire police at the time and my role in the arrest in 2006 was dealing with the drugs themselves but I did see Mr Longfield at the time and this is the same person.”

A spokesman for the Derbyshire force said it was not yet known if officers would be sent to either the Middle East or the Philippines to try to track down Longfield.  (I doubt that it would be worth the effort.  It is not a crime like selling hard drugs or being a killer or a pedophile.   As long as he does not go back to England for those onions and fish he should be OK here)

Ayala Land, Inc. (ALI) held groundbreaking ceremonies for the Alviera Industrial Park in Porac, Pampanga on Tuesday, January 27.  Spanning 31 hectares, the industrial park is listed as a Special Economic Zone under the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA), enabling it to grant its locators special tax breaks and other economic incentives. It is designed to provide three clusters of ready-built factory buildings, in addition to 16 lots measuring 1 to 1.4 hectares each.

The park functions as a component of the larger, up-and-coming township of Alviera, the developer’s first masterplanned estate in Central Luzon. At 1,125 hectares, Alviera consists of several sectors, among them residential, retail, recreational, business and industrial. The township is also set to have its own university zone, as well as a country club.  ALI estimates that the project can generate up to 5,000 new jobs as it launches its first phase of development. The entire project costs P1.68 billion, and development is scheduled for the next 20 years.  Leading the groundbreaking at the site, Pampanga Governor Lilia Pineda stated that Alviera stood as “a manifestation that the Province of Pampanga is really ready for further development.”

Meanwhile, mayor of Porac Condralito Dela Cruz expressed his optimism for the project, saying that local businesses that export their products have already taken an interest in the location.  ”The industrial park will offer locators the opportunity to purchase, and not just lease, industrial lots. Standard factory buildings (SFBs) will also be available for lease,” Dela Cruz stated.  ”We hope to attract international manufacturers in light industries as well, perhaps from Korea and Taiwan,” the mayor said.  Alviera is a joint project between Ayala Land and Leonio Land. Accessible by major highways and within proximity to the Clark International Airport and the Subic International Freeport, Alviera is expected to be the next growth center in its region.  (This is another example of the upward economic expansion in Northern Luzon.  Porac borders Angeles City so any expansion there benefits Angeles City as well as Pampanga)

DIVORCE FLORIDA STYLE - This is a story of self-control and marksmanship by a brave, cool-headed woman with a small pistol against a fierce predator. What is the smallest caliber that you would trust to protect yourself? A Beretta Jet fire testimonial…. Here is her story in her own words:  ”While out walking along the edge of a bayou just outside of Fort Lauderdale in alligator alley with my soon to be ex-husband discussing property settlement and other divorce issues, we were surprised by a huge 12-ft. alligator which suddenly emerged from the murky water and began charging us with its large jaws wide open. She must have been protecting her nest because she was extremely aggressive.

If I had not had my little Beretta Jet fire .25 caliber pistol with me, I would not be here today! Just one shot to my estranged husband’s knee cap was all it took…. The ‘gator got him easily and I was able to escape by just walking away at a brisk pace. It’s one of the best pistols in my collection!  Plus the amount I saved in lawyer’s fees was really incredible.”  (Be careful on how you treat your women.  They can be so very clever)

I wish I was on the Jury for the Jodie trial.  Believe me, there would be no hung jury and she would piss in her pants the day she walked to the gas chamber.

A well written comment by my son sent to another un-patriotic college in the US:

Jimmy wrote: “UC Irvine is at it again as they want to ban the American flag (and other flags) in a community hall area on campus. This was my response on the Irvine FB page. I invite you to go to their page and leave your feedback as well. The US flag is a symbol of the lives that were lost fighting for this country, not just against the Queen of England but also brother against brother. That red in the flag is there for a reason, it symbolizes the blood lost from Patriots who believed in a better way! I know that Irvine loves to make headlines but you un-patriotic POS need to go back and take history lessons. I am tired and I mean very tired of certain individuals making attempts at stripping America of it’s national pride and history by degrading or removing its symbolism. I am tired of people trying to prove a point by stomping on American pride. I love my flag and my country and despise the ones who shame it and quite simply should just live in another country if the flag disturbs them. My goodness, this is not what the FOUNDING FATHERS had in mind after fighting so hard to get this country established. UC Irvine you are an embarrassment to the rest of this country including the Patriots who lost their lives fighting for it.”  (This type of action is becoming far too common in our left wing, politically correct colleges and universities in the US.  No wonder so many are rushing to join the ISIS ranks.  Patriotism is just not taught in our US schools anymore.  What a shame)

This was quick.  Right after I printed my son’s remarks, I saw this:

The statement below is from the UCI Administration

Earlier this week, six undergraduate members of the UCI’s student-government Legislative Council passed a bill that bans hanging a flag from any nation in the common lobby area of the student government offices.

This misguided decision was not endorsed or supported in any way by the campus leadership, the University of California, or the broader student body. The views of a handful of students passing a resolution do not represent the opinions of the nearly 30,000 students on this campus, and have no influence on the policies and practices of the university.

The American flag is still proudly flying throughout our campus and will continue to do so.

Student-body president Reza Zomorrodian has publicly opposed the legislation. The Executive Cabinet of the student government will meet today to discuss a veto. A motion to veto and a second are on the table. One more vote is needed for a veto. We encourage the student government to veto this legislation and abandon any further efforts to pursue it.

We hold the value of intellectual inquiry and the free and rigorous exchange of ideas as bedrock values of institutions of higher education. And yet, we are constantly reminded that those values we cherish are in part, guaranteed by the sacrifices made and the struggles waged to secure the freedom and democracy that the flag symbolizes. UCI never takes that for granted.  (I am happy to know that Old Glory will continue to hang in this University)

Some could find this interesting but I take it as another example of writers trying to smear Angeles City with distorted stories.  I hate the term “Red Light District” for AC.  It is not correct terminology and paints an incorrect picture of what Fields Ave actually is.  http://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/inpictures/2015/03/philippines-generation-sex-tourism-children-150305120628971.html

BUFFALO MEAT – This gal was smart, she went after the butchers first!

A water buffalo gored two butchers at a slaughterhouse before going on a rampage through the Philippine capital Saturday, terrorizing hundreds of people and tossing furniture in the lobby of a small hotel.

The three-year-old female, weighing nearly half a ton, injured a total of three people with its 18-inch (46-centimetre) horns and caused the evacuation of about 200 call centre workers during its two-hour bid for freedom.

“I ran, but it was faster. It tossed me into the air with its horns and when I woke up, I was being stitched up in hospital,” said butcher Jonet Rufino, the first victim.
“In my 14 years at work, this is the first time I was attacked by an animal,” said the 35-year-old, who required 14 stitches to a wound on his backside.

The animal broke loose as it arrived by truck at a central Manila abattoir and went after the butchers with its potentially lethal horns, said police investigator James Bagay.  It then galloped through some of Manila’s busiest streets, goring a woman bystander before reaching the Cubao business district, more than a kilometre (0.6-mile) away.  There, Bagay said, it entered the lobby of a small hotel and tossed some furniture, before breaking into a call centre building.  It broke some glass panels at reception, but no one was hurt — although the building had to be evacuated, he said.  (I bet a lot of phone calls were disconnected as callers probably heard a lot of screaming, Hee Hee in Tagalog)

The huge animal was eventually trapped about two hours after the rampage began.  ”I’ve been a policeman in this city for 15 years. I have never seen anything like it,” Bagay said.  ”The animal was probably stressed after the overnight trip. Its handlers should have paid more attention,” he added (No shit)

Bagay said the buffalo, which was taken to a police station, would likely still be destined for the abattoir.  Water buffaloes — plant-eating, mud-loving animals used to pull ploughs and carts in Asian farms — can weigh up to 1.2 tonnes (2,650 pounds), with males three times larger than females.  Their meat can be eaten in the Philippines as a substitute for beef.  (Lets see, local favorites, Buffalo, goat and dog all a lot less then high priced beef now a days)

JOKE: A woman in her forties went to a plastic surgeon for a face-lift.  The surgeon told her about a new procedure called “The KEY,” where a small key is placed on the back of a woman’s head and can be turned to tighten up her skin to produce the effect of a brand new face lift.  Of course, the woman wanted “The Key.”

Over the course of the years, the woman tightened the key, and the effects were wonderful –the woman remained young looking and vibrant. After fifteen years, the woman returned to the surgeon with two problems.  ”All these years, everything has been working just fine. I’ve had to turn the key and I’ve always loved the results. But now I’ve developed two annoying problems:  First, I have these terrible bags under my eyes and the key won’t get rid of them.”  The doctor looked at her closely and said, “Those aren’t bags, those are your breasts.”  (She said, “No point asking about the beard then………..(Submitted by David Dow)

I love this one.  American history is out the window and I can sure understand why people want to forget Joe Biden.

This is priceless!!! No wonder our country is going down the tube!!!  It appears that Texas Tech has launched an effort to unseat Florida State, Texas A&M, Oklahoma and other top 10 in the “Pride of Higher Education Award”.  Texas Tech appears to be brain dead…  (Sent by Dennis Wright) 


JOKE 2:  Sent by Ron Nethercutt – An Irish Priest is transferred to Iola , Texas. He rose from his bed one morning and it was a fine spring day in his new West Texas mission parish. He walked to the window of his bedroom to get a deep breath of the beautiful day outside.  He then noticed there was a jackass lying dead in the middle of his front lawn and promptly called the local police station.  The conversation went like this:

“Good morning. This is Sergeant Jones . How might I help you?”

“And the best of the day to yourself. This is Father O’Malley at St . Ann’s Catholic Church.

“There’s a jackass lying dead in me front lawn and would ye be so kind as to send a couple o’ yer lads to take care of the matter.”

Sergeant Jones , considering himself to be quite a wit and recognizing the accent, thought he would have a little fun with the good father, replied, “Well now Father, it was always my impression that you people took care of the last rites!”

There was dead silence on the line for a long moment. Then, Father O’Malley replied, “Aye, ’tis certainly true; but we are also obliged to notify the next of kin first, which is the reason for me call.”

Every time I get a hair cut here and pay my P150 or P200 I think of Lynn Ricks, owner of the Mens Room Barber Shop back in Mesa, Arizona.  When he was visiting here he told me that he charged $25 or was it $35 for a hair cut and that was by appointment only.  So you can see one of the little benefits of life in Angeles City. When is your return visit Lynn?  For those who can afford it, the barber shop’s number is:  480-325-4727.   If my son makes and appointment Lynn, give him a discount and I will shout a beer for you here at my stable.

I was also thinking of Tom and Cherry Schmidt, owners of the Little Red Barn of Nunica in very cold Michigan.  Wonder how much snow they had.  Their business offers a venue for weddings and events.  I was very impressed with this couple as they had great personalities and Cherry was bubbling over with energy.  They are located at 9720 Cleveland St. phone:  616-795-2657.  I sure hope they are doing well in their business adventure.  I never heard of Nunica until I met Tom and I hope they are still reading this column.

YOU might spend quality time at the pub after work together but that doesn’t mean you can trust your colleague.

More than half (53 per cent) of Australian workers said they would sacrifice a work friendship if it meant getting a promotion, according to research from LinkedIn. Ouch.  It seems Australian millenials are a particularly ruthless bunch. The Relationships@Work survey found 80 per cent of those aged 18 to 24 years would sacrifice a workplace friendship, compared to the more loyal baby boomers, of which only 37 per cent would stick in the knife.  Seventeen per cent of millenials wouldn’t even think twice about throwing their friend under the bus while at least 35 per cent said that while they would still do it, they would at least feel a modicum of guilt about it.  (Gee, this can’t be true!  Of course Yanks would never do such a thing)  (smile)

For those who like playing Bridge – Mike would like you to join a like minded group of folks that love the game.  They like to be casual, have fun and just enjoy the game and fellow players.  It just another way to enjoy retired life in Angeles City.  Interested?  They meet at the VFW every Wed and Sat @ 2PM.  If you need more information about the Angeles Bridge Club call Mike at 0915 478 3372 or 9997 769 9082.  (This is a public service announcement by Harry the Horse – Smile)

The Veterans Affairs (VA) Outreach – Angeles City, at VFW Post 2485, 9:00am-1:00pm, Thursday, April 16.  Sign up begins at 0700 hrs.)

Joe Tramontano, left, and Anthony Romano have built up a loyal following at Antonio’s New York Pizzeria in Kahala. The large pizza shown is the Brooklyn Combo; the dish to the left is chicken parmigiana pasta. Desserts are cannoli, top left, and homemade cheesecake.  Eugene Tanner • The Honolulu Advertiser (This picture and story was printed in the Honolulu Advertiser in 2004.  Could this be the same Joe we know so well here in AC?  If it is then it seems to me like Joe should have stuck to wrestling and making pizzas instead of moving to the Philippines.  He is now sought by the Interpol and FBI in connection with his alleged involvement in the murder of David Balmer and his girlfriend while they were sleeping in their bed one early morning.  It was a vicious murder as both were shot at point blank range.  It is thought that maybe Joe could shed some light on the subject.  If he ends up in the AC City Jail I would be glad to provide him with a pizza from my stable once in a while. The food there sucks)

Good News! - No, I am not going to talk about the retirement of Harry Reid even though that is very good news.  Could Pelosi be next?  Instead I am celebrating the opening of a Burger King on the Base (Clark).  That sure beats going all the way to the Marquee Mall.  Also, a New York Supreme Pizza Restaurant has opened in the Northwalk on base and that sure does cut down on my driving time.  It is so much more convenient to go on base for these eateries, especially with the new traffic routing system on Perimeter Road.  The Northwalk is a hugh success with many places to eat while the Pavilion is hardly worth stopping at.  I did stop and eat once at the Spanglesh Restaurant which was decent enough but have not returned.  The Northwalk is just so much more upbeat.


The news that Richard Henry (Ricky) Dupuis passed away in the US last month saddened the many friends that he had here, especially the staff at the Blue Boar Inn where he was a steady customer and friend.  During the few years that he lived here he had been back and forth to the States a couple of times for visits with his family and medical care.  On his last departure we figured he would show up again in a couple of month but this time, his body gave up on him.  He loved it here in AC and was very happy.  His personality was one that invited teasing back and forth and managed to brighten up a quiet room.  Recently, a group of  his friends (Bad Ungoy Boys) held a “Remember Ricky” gathering at this bar where many stories were told, many toasts were offered and a final farewell to a proud veteran and friend was respectfully accomplished.

The passing of George Scullion (Wee George), 62 years old, was covered in my breaking news.  George was a legend in this town.  His exploits when, many years ago, he managed a bar in Manila started the legend and continued when he moved to Angeles City.  He was a friend to many, including myself, and his memory will be with us for many years.  There will always be a “Wee George” story related in various Pubs where his friends gather for a drink or two.  An example of how well liked he was was demonstrated when a wake/fund raising event was held for him at the Hang Out Bar on Perimeter Road.  The event was organized by members of the Thunder Motorcycle of Angeles City with Frankie Ford and Ray Peterson taking leading roles.  The fund raising was a hugh success in that P201,700 was raised as the P20,000 personally given to wife Irene by the Thunder members.  The funeral/cremation cost P90,000 with the balance of the money given to Irene.  She plans to open a Sari-Sari store and we all wish her success and good health.  (Pictures of Wake attendees are included in a different section of this column.

Greetings Harry, I was saddened to hear about the passing of Wee George.  I met him on my trip to Angeles in December of last year and immediately took to the man as he was a pleasant and easy to like person.  Honey Ko’s and all who knew him will certainly miss him.  Regards and stay well, Your friend, Digby.

I am so sad to here about the passing  of wee george we have been good mates for years and had some fun with him Wullie Oswell Noi Oswell RIP WEE GEO.


9 Mar 2015 at 11:45 16,207 viewed7 comments WRITER: ONLINE REPORTERS RELATED SEARCH german, beggar, swollen leg, bangkok, pattaya, philippines, asean also in Bangkok Post

A 30-year-old German man who was found drinking and partying after begging for money on Bangkok and Pattaya streets is now chancing his luck in the neighboring Philippines, following his deportation from Thailand last year.  Benjamin Holst announced his return to the Region on his Facebook page last week saying he was now in Angeles City, Philippines.  He posted photos of Angeles City and the Bar Girls there.

Mr Benjamin Holtz,  who suffers macrodystrophia lipomatosa, a rare form of local gigantism, was previously last seen in  Denmark in November after Thai authorities deported him.  While in Thailand the German claimed that his passport and money were stolen and he drew sympathy from many people due to his swollen leg.  A German foundation later provided him with a hotel room while he waited for a new passport, but he sneaked away and then resurfaced in Pattaya before being deported.

Please credit and share this article with others using this link:http://www.bangkokpost.com/news/general/492265/deported-german-beggar-back-in-asean. View our policies at http://goo.gl/9HgTd and http://goo.gl/ou6Ip. © Post Publishing PCL. All rights reserved.


A local lass from Angeles City, 19 years old and presently living with her family.  She is a High School Graduate and is a little shy until she gets to know you.  I was surprised to learn that she likes tattoos and has four of them.  I did not ask to see their locations.  She has one brother and 2 Sisters, a reasonably sized family.  Her sports interest is playing badminton.   I think she would look terrific in short shorts running after that feathered flight.  She has Facebook and Skype, smile_RBP21@yahoo.com and lady.lady001 (Skype).  Do not get back to me if these do not work as she is not working and I do not know how to get in touch with her.  But, I would if I could!


I just wanted to update your readers about the many changes we have made at Barbarino’s (Zeppelin St, just 2 doors down from Rasoi) in the last month or so…..

Having previously been 50% Partner, I am now 100%. No disputes – just my Partner lives in Manila, and has very little time to devote to the restaurant. I live 50 yards away, and am there almost every day. He is still very much part of the team in an honorary capacity.  Anyway, we recognized there were several areas we could and should improve upon, and we set out to address them:.

First, was a major revamp and re-equipping of the main kitchen area, to maximize space and make for a clean and safe working environment. We are now far more professional in that respect.

Second was an upgrading of the ambiance in the original section of the restaurant, to bring it up to the standard of the newer section. That included a repaint of one wall to match my famous Red Wall in the new section. Also some softer lighting, a new AC unit, and ceiling fans. This does not sound much, but believe me, it makes a huge difference. My last job there will be to find a lighter beer or whiskey sign to brighten up the wall.

Third – in line with the more professional image, our staff now wear uniforms. I am probably going to hire another waitress if business continues to grow. At the moment, we have a Manageress, a Waitress, plus 2 Chefs. Also, my better half chips in when need be, which is most nights.

Fourth – and maybe most important – I have been working on the menu, we have released the first draft, and have been serving it for a few weeks now. We have added to the regular menu some successful Specials, such as Fish n Chips, Prawn Sinegang etc. We also added some new dishes, including two Pastas (Spaghetti Bolognase, and Chorizo Carbonara), a Cheese Platter and Banana Split. We still have Specials each day, currently the Beef Stew is doing very well. Once or twice a week I still do my Cottage Pie, and at least twice a week we are dong Moules Frites. The old faithfuls such as T Bone / Ribeye / Tenderloin have been improved with new vegetables, typically it is now Cauliflower Cheese, Broccoli, Zucchini, Carrots and Sweetcorn. When we do Pork Chops, that comes with Red Cabbage etc. We now offer a choice of 6 different dressings with the Salads. All cooking is done using Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and we only use real New Zealand Butter…..margarine has been banished!

Fifth – we have broadened the drinks offerings. We now do Jim Beam and Jack Daniel’s, plus four different Scotch’s, J&B, Johnnie Red, Johnnie Black, and Glenlivet. Plus of course the obvious things like Vodka, Gin, Emperador and Tandhuay Rum. Lots of mixers to go with them also. We have added San Mig Zero for those health conscious among us. We still have plenty of Guinness at P124 for PI@N members for a 500ml can (after discount).

Prices are unchanged, with the exception of water, which I reduced. We are doing our best to be as competitive as possible, while at the same time being as high quality in all aspects of the business as possible. We offer 10% discount for PI@N, RSL & Hash members.

We have a really good bunch of regulars, to whom I am eternally grateful. Yes, most of the lads are locals, but don’t let that put your readers off. Unless they really want to be alone (which is respected), they will soon feel at home, and hopefully will enjoy the atmosphere.

There are a few more jobs I am sorting out now. The biggest one is to get a good lighted sign outside to improve our street presence. I also need to get the TV / Computer set up for some Sports, but I am not really looking to be a Sports Bar per se – we will just show the odd game of whatever if there is Customer demand. Most people come to us to eat and drink, not to watch TV, so I want to essentially keep it that way. But we also have live music at least one a month, which I publicize on our FB page. As you know, Howard McKay always puts on a good show.

Well, that is about it. Except to remind you we open from lunch till around 11pm, Monday – Saturday. I am in residence in my favorite leather chair, every opening day bar Wednesday, though on that day I often show up late after the Hash Bar Hop. Much to the annoyance of Tim Randall, our Wednesday Manager!

Thanks to anyone who has had the patience to read this. We look forward to welcoming you.  (I can’t for the life of me figure out why I keep giving Kevin space for his comments for free!  I do believe in the bartering system.  The first time I figured a free salad at Barbarino’s with a bit of coffee.  The second time I figured I could upgrade to a nice roast beef sandwich and a beer.  Now, this third time I think I should qualify for Tenderloin Steak, Yorkshire pudding, Salad, banana split and Champagne.  One of these night I shall get over there to collect.  Seriously, though, I don’t mind doing so when I think the lad deserves it and the establishment is worth going to.  Kevin and his Mrs started off simply enough and have steadily built up a solid fan base.  He continually works on innovation and surprising his devoted diners with new ideas and entrees.  Kevin, luv ya baby but this is your last free mention!)


Her name is Superintendent Gemma Vinluan, assigned to the Angeles City police Information Office as the officer in charge of Community Relations.  I met this police officer about three years ago, in her office at the ACPO and at that time she was hell bent on fighting corruption in the police ranks.  Now, years later she has returned with the same mission.  She had developed her own Anti-Crime Campaign.  She is particularly concerned with the many reports of Expats and tourists being set up by the police and made to parts with thousands of dollars out of feat and threats of jail.  In this regard she has already made a mark along with Col Aspe, Col Imperial and retired PNP Col Guttierez (Cell # 0937 793 3457) who joined forces to assist an American retiree who had been set up and extorted for money by Station 4 police Investigators Villeneuva and Secat.  George was given the name of Guttierez who then was able to contact Col Vinluan and the other high ranking officers and together, with George, entrapped the two policemen.  They are both in jail and George has submitted a formal complaint against them.  Would you believe that Sicat even offered George P50,000 to drop the charge.  Mind you, George has not received any of the P200,000 that they took from him.  (See my 6 Mar breaking news).

Col Vinluan met with the Rotary Club of  Clark Centennial last month and outlined how she is available to help any victims of police extortion.  She wants to see this practice stopped and it can only happen if victims like George will start the ball rolling by calling her (0922 855 0084) day or night or even Col Guttierez.  These sentiments were also echoed by City Police Director Senior Superintendent Eden P. Ugale and as high as the Police Regional Office 3 OIC Police Chief Superintendent Ronald V. Santos.  If you with to go that high his Cell # is 0927 802 3822.

In my intro I wrote about a meeting held by high ranking police officials with local bar owners and now we also have Col Vinluan, all declaring war on those corrupt police officers.  They cannot accomplish unless those affected are willing to seek their help and lodge complaints.  Word of advice, make sure you truly innocent and have been wrongly set up.  Another word of advice, do not mess with free lancers. You may think you are saving money but you better have your ATM card and a loaded band account.  This is the first time, in all the years I have been here, that this kind of cooperation has been offered by the police.

Many of us old timers are very pessimistic and will be waiting to see if once again, we have been subjected to a lot of talk and no action or false hope.  Lets see how the rest of 2015 goes.  Bar owners are particularly interested in promises make by General Santos.

I saw an Expat today who asked for the number of Col Vinluan.  He wanted to find out why the ladies who were detained in Station 4 after the raid on the Nasty Duck are still in jail after so many weeks with no charges being filed.  What happened to the 48 hour law?  I will be waiting for the answer to that question.


Wee George would have been proud of the send off that was given to him.  Below are a few pictures of the lads in attendance at the Hang-Out.  They all dug deep into their pockets to help raise the P109,000 which paid for the funeral and left a tidy sum for the Mrs.  The Thunder Motorcycle Club did a hell of a job of organizing the event and also providing a motorcycle escort for the hearse carrying George to the Crematorium.  (Correction:  It was the American Steel MC Club who provided the escort duty.  Msg from “MoJO” – “Harry, Just finished your April issue and wish to make a slight correction. American Steel MC were the only bike participants in escorting Wee George from the funeral home to the crematorium,. Not Thunder MC. I know as I rode escort with them.  Mojo, American Steel MC) Would you believe that from the start to the finish they never had to stop as the escort and the police cleared the way.  What a sight that must have been. All we needed was a bag piper squeezing out a few tear jerker songs.






I remember when this Club first opened and how well it was received, especially by pool players in town.  It was large, maybe too large, but in the beginning it rocked.  The dancers, the music, cute waitresses, pool games every day and comfortable seating.  The only negative was the men’s CR was a bit too small.  The owners were terrific people, well liked and so very personable.  But around two years ago things began to change.  Business began to drop off as more and more bars opened up.  Management tried selling coffee and donuts outside for a while during the cooler season and then came the “Steak House” which was appealing but still not enough.  It did not help that they were harassed by the Barangay for money and other officials as well.

Finally, reality took hold and it was time to close and regroup.  The magic had left “Miss Magic” but not the spirit of the owners.  I was told they will reopen at a different location and in a much smaller building.  It will be located near the Lewis Grand Hotel.  No doubt the name will be different but I bet a little bit of that old magic will still be present.

May is usually the last month of the hot, dry season and leave it to the ABC Hotel to throw one of their super parties to bid adieu to the hot weather.  This is an advance notice so all travelers have a chance to plan their trip in advance.  These gala events are something that no one likes to miss.  Water, music, lots of pretty women and tons of food.  This will be coming at you on 10 and 11 May.  Saturday night, tickets P1,000 and P500 for the women.  Sunday afternoon P1,000 and P2,000 for the VIP tickets.  If I wasn’t so old, fat and ugly I would love to be there in the pool with all those ladies having fun.  This is a fun event folks, ask anyone who has been there before.  Book your tickets now, see ya!


I have had a few reports from a Dumaguete frequent visitor, Capt Dan Keener, who seems to feel the the quiet, laid back city of Dumaguete is changing and not for the better.  Could this be true?  I have read, recently about the dramatic increase in Call Centers which should be contributing to an increase in middle class living for the locals.  Here is Dan’s latest report:

Background. Dumaguete, city of gentle people.

I have been going to Dumaguete for 7 years now, and like the people who live there, foreigner and filipino, I have notice dramatic changes in the character of the place. Where 4 0r 5 years ago, there was an inherent slow pace and little traffic, now there is a noticeable sense of tenseness and traffic jams galore ( even, God forbid, horn blowing!!)

What happened? Well I can only imagine the huge increase in population to be attributed to the recent growth of BPO/Call centers in Dumaguete ( I dont have the numbers but I would guess some 10 to 20 thousand new jobs). With these new jobs, where a filipino has a steady income of 8 to 12k monthly, that means tito, tita, lolo, lola, who were previously living in the mountain province, have migrated to the city to live with “the family” where someone, has a job (steady rice on the table). Couple this with foreigners moving in, as they are attracted to the fact other foreigners are there already, and Dumaguete now has, a vibrant red light, prostitute industry (now out in the open, where before it was a no light activity).

With all of this comes “drugs” and the underworld of the drug trade. My guess is this guy Goforth, the PNP cheif, came through the ranks elsewhere and learned the PNP practice of taking advantage of crime not making any real effort to stop it. We can see this in the huge increase of crime in Dumaguete, that the gentle people speak openly about. (see Crimes up by 140% Jan to June 2013 – News around Dumaguete City and Negros Oriental, Philippines | The Negros Chronicle

While I was in jail, my jail mates told me point blank, Goforth and company are a part of the drug syndicate, and that 2 of the inmates had been set up by having the PNP plant evidence ( of coarse everyone in jail is innocent). I did see with my own eyes, Goforth bring a young teenage girl to the PNP overnight duty quarters for what was obviously a sexual encounter. that tells me enough about the guy to understand everything else about him.

One thing we all know about human beings, they will do, and continue to do, what they can get away with. And when it comes to the PNP, that is most everything. We all can see the deterioration of the moral fabric, not just the PNP, not just in Dumaguete, but in all the Philippines government, and in the US government, particularly under Obama, where government acts more like mafia bent on self preservation than service to we the people. The question is, what are we the people going to do about it?

The 2 certainties in life, death and taxes. And if we speak up and expose the corrupt doings of those we pay taxes to, our deaths might come a little earlier than we had hoped. Don’t let that stop us.  (I was surprised to read this comment as I had just read of a new 4 story Call Center that just opened in this town.  Additionally Capt Dan had written me a long story about a bit of police mistreatment there that had an adverse effect on him.  I have seen quite a few foreigners from AC move to Dumaquete in the last couple of years.  Maybe things are changing there)


Very seldom do I get to greet customers early in the morning as I usually sleep in a bit and then never get dressed right away.  Fox News and CNN  takes up my morning.  But, yes, there are always exceptions and one morning I did get down early and was surprised  to see three new faces enjoying breakfast.  They were very interesting to talk to and one of them was Pastor Chris from the Baptist church on 1st street.  With him were two tourists, ;Gus Garcia from San Francisco and Kevin Daly from Perth, Australia.  Both were staying at the Clarkton and decided to come to my Stable for a very good breakfast at a much more reasonable price than at the Clarkton.  Dare I say that my breakfast would be better than the one at the Clarkton?  Perish the thought, I would never say that!!  Whatever the reason for their presence I enjoyed talking to them and was very happy, that this one time, I managed to move about a bit earlier than normal.

March has passed and it was an enjoyable month.  We had our Mango havest and even though not as good as years past it was sufficient for the Mrs to get enough for her Mango Shakes to last for a year.  They stay so good and fresh when frozen.  I did have a bit of a shock a few days ago when a friend stopped by to tell me that the 3 ladies from Nasty Duck are still being detained at Station 4 ever since the raid took place weeks ago.  They have not been charged as of this time which is very unusual. You never know what to expect in this town.  Nasty Duck is still closed.  Strange, how other bars are raided and never close or re-open the next day.  No consistency at all. Can you guess why?  Anyway, I am happy to say I am finishing up at a decent time and can go to bed earlier than expected.  April should be a great month as long as we do not suffer too many brown-outs.  Thank you for taking the time to read my humble words and with that I bid you a good night and yes, of course, be kind to horses.



Dear readers, maybe I should have started of my column with this so more people would read it.  This man, at the end, says exactly what I have written before.  It is so true!

How it was – and IS

Profound and valid commentary from a voice of authority.


Just over 3 minutes (and worth every second)

Maybe Mayor Rudy Giuliani is right.

Why did Barack Hussein Obama make the famous ‘One-Finger ISIS’ salute at the African Leaders’ Summit in Washington D.C.?

A photo taken at last August’s U.S.-African Leaders’ Summit in Washington D.C. might shed considerable light. It shows Barack Hussein Obama flashing the one-finger affirmation of the Islamic State to dozens of African delegates.

The extended finger is symbolic of the one-God concept of Muhammad and is understood by all believers to be a symbolicshahada, the Muslim affirmation of faith: There is but one God and Muhammad is his messenger.

Thus when believers stick their index finger in the air, they demonstrate they are partisans of Muhammad’s God concept. And they also affirm their belief in Muhammad’s claim he was the interface between God and man. They also demonstrate they are part of the umma, the exclusive transtribal supertribe of believers that Muhammad started 1,400 years ago.  With his forefinger in the air, Obama affirmed his membership in this tribe.
(There is more to this as the expressions of the men in the picture.  African dignitaries understood, and a range of reactions can be detected among the ones who observed the gesture: amusement, surprise, curiosity, disapproval, contempt.
For six years I have written that this man is dangerous and his agenda is very suspect.  Could he be a closet Muslim?) 

I searched Snopes on this one and could not find any comments.

The ongoing unrest that forced the United States to close its embassy in Sanaa, Yemen, last month also has caused Pentagon officials to admit that they’ve lost track of $500 million in military equipment, including helicopters, Humvees and ammunition, that it donated to the country, The Washington Post reports.

U.S. officials told the newspaper that they fear the “small arms, ammunition, night-vision goggles, patrol boats, vehicles and other supplies” may have slipped into the hands of Iranian-backed rebels or al-Qaida:  (I did not put the whole article here but this is typical of what happens when we feed the enemy.  All that equipment, we leave behind.  We knew for months that Yemen was about to be taken over yet we leave everything behind.  Check out the whole story on Yahoo.news)

“Negotiating with Obama is like playing chess with a pigeon.”

“The pigeon knocks over all the pieces, shits on the board and then struts around like it won the game.”  ~Vladimir Putin  (Gosh, I hate to agree with an enemy but he sure does have a good point)

First it was Democratic Super Delegates and then Super PACs all designed to control the voting process.  Now we have the State of Oregon, with its liberal Governor forcing out more votes for Democrats.  I am sure other States will follow this dastardly new forced voting procedure.

“Liberals always seem to come up with the craziest ideas – especially when it comes to government and politics – and the latest one is no exception.

Oregon Governor Kate Brown signed a bill that puts the burden of voter registration on the state instead of the individual voter. Under this legislation, every adult citizen in Oregon who has interacted with the Driver and Motor Vehicle Services Division since 2013 (but hasn’t registered to vote) will receive a ballot in the mail at least 20 days before the next statewide election. The measure is expected to add about 300,000 new voters to the rolls.

Individuals who are registered to vote under the new law will have to affirmatively “opt out” if they choose not to be registered to vote and/or they don’t want to automatically receive ballots in the mail.

Forcing someone to register to vote is designed to ensure as many informed voters cast ballots in an election as possible. Mail-in ballots and now “done-for-you” voter registration makes for a less informed voter base. Recent history shows us that less informed voters have a high probability of voting for liberal Democrats.

Oregon is one of the most liberal states in the US, and Democrats probably wanted to maintain a stranglehold on power by passing this bill. Unfortunately, liberals usually know how to copy these bad ideas in other states around the country.

Will mandatory voter registration be isolated to Oregon, or could this spread to other liberal and moderate states across the country?”






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                                   NOW STANDS AT














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It is with great sadness that I am passing on that Wee George, present manager of Honey Ko’s has committed (suicide).  (I have been informed by George Brown and Damien that the autopsy revealed that he died of a heart attack and that the initial suspicion of suicide was discounted)  I am very pleased to be able to correct that initial information sent to me). George has been a legend in this town for many years and is a friend to many.  I have known him for quite a few years and the stories about him and his life are too numerous to mention.  On this bright sunny Saturday a dark cloud has taken over my mood.  I liked the man.

I do not, at this time have any further details.  I am very saddened at this news as are the many people who knew him.  He is a legend.   Many, many people will miss him.

ADDITIONAL NEWS:  On Wed at 3 PM (Tomorrow) at the Hang Out there will be a gathering of “Friends of George” where people can share their stories and bid a good friend farewell.

George is currently laid out at the Galang Funeral Parlor in Dau.




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At long last, through the brave efforts of a victimized American Expat, two well known investigators of Station 4, Villaneuva and Sicat were arrested last night, 5 Mar.

His name was George, an American from Arizona, living in an apartment not far from Fields Ave.  The drama began when he picked up a girl on the street near Phillies.  It was a girl, not a Billy Boy.  To him she seemed nice but once he got her home he noticed she had her name tattooed in large letters on one arm and one leg was tattooed from the ankle up to her knee.  When the deed was finished and they exited his apartment two gentlemen in civilian clothes stopped him to tell him he was with an underage girl and, gosh, by golly they proceeded to scare the shit out of him and here comes the visit to the ATM machine.  Initially they asked for P250,000 which George insisted was way beyond his means.  They finally settled on P175,000 but of course you cannot get that large amount out of a ATM at one time.  Now starts the payments where finally George had paid enough to where he still owed P60,000. The two cops gave him a couple of days to obtain the money for the final payment along with threats and advice to not tell anyone about what was happening.

George did tell a lady he knew and she contacted a retired PNP Colonel by the name of Neopito Guttierez, Cell:  0947 793 3457.  This is an important number for all visitors and Expats living here to record.  He is heading up the newly formed Mayor’s Anti-Corruption Task Force.  This is a great move by the Mayor to go after the corrupt police that have been extorting so many foreigners in nefarious extortion actions for many years.  Col Guttierez met with George and also called in Police Superintendent Rene Aspe who is also involved with this task group.

Together a plan was worked out to entrap these two policemen.  I will not bore you with the details other than to relate that the operation was a success and the two cops are in detention at this time, waiting transfer to the City Jail.  Would you believe that one of them had someone offer George P50,000 to drop the charges.  What a jerk, they take P115,000 from George, ask for P60,000 more and then offer P50,000 to drop the charges.  This shows how brazen these characters are.  The only glitch in the operation was that the crooked cops never took the marked money.  They got spooked.  This bothers me but the Col says that they have the cell phone text messages and the complaint from George which he feels is sufficient.  I believe the prosecutor agrees.

If you have been reading my column frequently you will know that I have mentioned Station Four quite often in regards to the extortion of foreigners.  Maybe now, at least temporarily, this practice will cease.  It may even slow down the actions of some of the other police stations in town.

Any updated information will be posted in my Apr column.




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Chili Cook-Off will be held in conjunction with FRALICS 2015, at the FRA in San Antonio, Zambales, on Saturday,  April 11, 2015.  April 11 is also the 115th birthday of the US Submarine Service so the theme is Submariner’s Chili.

Teams shall consist of maximum of four members per team. Canopy, table and chairs will be provided.

Entry Fee will be P3,000.00 per team. Get your entry forms in ASAP or at least contact the POC to reserve a cook-off slot.   Teams can pay on the day of the cook-off

Shirts  will be provided for four team members. To ensure you have your shirts in time for the Cook-Off, please submit your entry forms (preferably paid in full) on or before April 1, 2015.   Only T-shirts will be available this year, sizes 32 to 60.

1.        All teams shall have a team captain
2.        All teams shall provide their own cooking utensils
3.        Prep work starts and fires will be lit at 10:00 am.
4.        Cooking will stop at 2:00 pm.
5.        Teams must make (4) liters or 1 gal.
6.        Any kind of meat and pressure cookers are allowed
7.      Only team members may taste chili before the judging samples are picked up.
8.      Teams are not allowed to sell chili.
9.        Have a great time and good luck!

 Trophy will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams and the most HUMOROUS team—this will be determined by the secret FRA Humor Committee. 

Judging: There will be (4) judges for the Chili Cook-Off.
If you like the taste of spicy food, and would like to be a judge, contact our POC. JUDGES RULING SHALL BE FINAL!
Entry Forms available from fra367@hotmail.com and  www.fra367.org  or visit FRA, Branch 367, San Antonio, Zambales or  VFW Post 11447, Barrio Barretto                                     
Points of Contact:

Coordinator –  Scott M. Simms: 0939 506 8898swwis@hotmail.com or
Each team will draw a label, and be given an official sample container.
The label will consist of two identical numbers.
Tear label in half and attach one number to the sample container. The other number will be retained by the team.
Sample containers will be picked up and delivered to judges table by Event Coordinators.
THE JUDGES DO NOT KNOW WHICH TEAM THEY ARE JUDGING: this is a double blind judging event.



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Hi Harry, As you may be aware, White Wave bar raided on Tuesday night.
32 girls and 3 mamasans taken to Camp Olivas, San Fernando.
As of today, the 32 girls have been released but the 3 mamasans remain in custody (extortion bait?).
Tonight (Thursday), White Wave and companion bars Bunny Ranch & Shooterz are closed.
One of the mamasans being held in custody is said to be the ‘ex wife’ of White Wave’s owner.
Bar manager Daddi Bob (O’Connor) was not there at the time of the raid.  Robert.

(I was aware of the raid and have been reading various accounts of the raid.  No customers were taken.  I heard that the bar was open again so am surprised to hear it is closed along with two other bars.  I am not sure this part is true.  Yes, 3 ladies are being held, one of which is Mamasan Evelyn.  I heard that one was the girl friend of the owner.  The main thing is that another bar has been raided and this is the second time for the White Wave.  It has not been open all that long.  Bring back the APEC so we can have some peace again)

UPDATE:  Harry, Per Daddi Bob (real name confidential) White Wave to resume in full tonight.  Closure last night was due to lack of managerial staff, although girls were thin in number.  The girl Police thought was ‘under age’ – turned out to be ‘of age’.  The 3 mamasans have been  released.

(It is always good news when a bar reopens and all the ladies are released and back at work.  I always wonder why, if one girl is suspected of being underage why a full raid has to be conducted?  Why do all the girls have to be rounded up, taken to jail and humiliated?  Why can’t one or two authorities go in, get the girl in question and take her away for verification of age.  If necessary take one Mamasan as well.  The present system sucks.  The police responsible for this raid now have a bit of egg on their faces)





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K9 (Dog) Cemetery on Clark — Pending Eagle Scout Service Project

Everyone (Please forward this to any friends that might be interested or might be able help).
There is a historical site on base that is the resting place of military working dogs (K9).  We are trying to find anyone who might have direct knowledge.
Can you help?

1.  We are trying to find out if there are any veterans here in the Philippines or anywhere who was a Dog Handler who might be able to help us locate the Master Plan / Master List of Dogs buried at the ceremony.  Each grave site has a market with marble top with either the dog’s number and/or name (see photos attached).  However most are fading severely.  We did try last year the base museum on Clark and contacting the website in 2 below – but no success.  We are trying one more time.
2.  We also want to find any additional history.  Photos.  This website has been useful .  http://www.clarkk9.us/index.htm
You can see there was a beautiful statue of a dog handler and his dog before Mt Pinatubo.  Also the rod iron fence.  Both are gone.
3.  If anyone would be willing to help physically or financially on this project, please let me know.
Scout Master Edgar LaBenne
Cell # 0999 888 1010 or leave a message at the VFW.
This is a worthy project as there is a lot of history behind that K9 cemetery, a lot of love too.  Whoever contributed to that statue disappearing should be ashamed of themselves.



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1.  Howard McKay bringing his special brand of music to the Blue Boar Inn’s “Stable” on Friday, 27 Mar 2015, 7 PM.


2.  UPDATES ON LUBAO HOT AIR BALLOON FESTIVAL, MARCH 26-29, 2015: Activities at the venue include balloon flights every 5:00 a.m., night glow every night @ 6:30 p.m. (depending on wind or weather situation), animal shows, water balloon fights, sky diving, fireworks display, giant lantern show, paintball, playhouse, concerts, motor paragliding, game booths, DOT tourist information counter cum parlor games (fund-raising for children with disabilities), food trucks, food and souvenir bazaar, and many more! Already 16 special shaped balloons have registered. Total of 43 – 45 balloons altogether.

RATES: Balloon ride with the pilot @ P10,000, entrance to balloon launch area @ P200 / person. Food and trade booths / stalls available at P15,000 per 3x3m good for four days for concessionaires. Entrance tickets @ P250 per adult (kids 3f ft. below free, seniors 20% discount) available at any SM City ticket outlets (cinema). Or buy your tickets in bulk at Oxford Hotel in Clark @ 10% discount for every 10 tickets sold.

BOOK NOW: Looking for hotel accommodation in Lubao or nearby areas? Just follow the link below:



March 2015

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Are you guys in the US tired of the snow?  Are you dreaming of Florida.  Why?  The women there are nice old retirees. Come on over to the Philippines where the weather is perfect.  The ocean is warm, the golf courses are busy, the swimming pools are beckoning and so are the lovely ladies.  Book a ticket now, it won’t be too long before the rains come and you will miss out on this perfect weather.  My best friend in Long Island, NY could not take it anymore, he packed up the family and headed for Florida.  But that is only temporary relief, here it is permanent. Welcome to March dear readers.  Howard McKay will be performing at the Stable on Friday, 27 Mar, 7 PM.   Come on up for an evening of good music from this talented man.  Come on over and see the changes in AC first hand.  It is amazing.  Readers keep asking me if it is safe.  Yes it is!  Perfectly safe, no, and neither is any large tourist related City, not even Las Vegas.  Just remember, this is a third wall country with a very different culture from the US or other countries and use common sense while here and you will be OK.  Hell, it is getting so much better that they are even arresting the police!  See ya –

Breaking News - The foreigner who collapsed near Johnny’s Supermarket has been identified as Charles Alan Craig, 67 years old.  He had been staying at the 950 Condotel.  He arrived in country on 20 Feb.  Initial information was posted in my Breaking News.  It is suspected that he was attacked by the youth gangs that have been terrorizing Expats around the entertainment area.   Be very careful when walking here.  If you see a group of kids avoid them, cross the street, or when passing them be very observant.  What they are doing now is hitting men across the back of their legs with a stick causing them to bend over and then bashing them in the back of the head.  The police have done nothing about these youth gangs despite many reports about them.


Hi Harry, Thought I’d give a bit more info on the Air Asia Clark flight having used them in January.  The flights from Clark are 4 times a week and go to KL. Coming from Melbourne you can book Clark/Melbourne but the flight will have a transit of a few hours in KL. Beware that on my last trip I could not get a boarding pass at the Air Asia transit desk in KL and had to clear immigration and obtain my boarding pass at the normal check in desk (total BS). So check in online and print your boarding pass. This may not be an issue if you have bought a ticket covering both sectors. When booking it pays to check what the price is for each sector as buying by sector is often cheaper than one ticket covering both flights. For my next trip in April I obtained Clark to KL for $40 and KL Melbourne for $175 compared to $360 had I booked Clark Melbourne.  Cheers, David L.  (Good tip for saving money)

Hi Harry,, My name is Frank I live in Los Angeles.  I have been to Angeles City Three times and had a pretty good time being there. Am I to understand that there are Americans involved in helping to set up bar owners and helping the police in raiding bars and causing a lot of misery for the girls and bar owners??? If so why are Americans involved ..?.. Also Koreans,,  Fucking gooks who have little or no respect for the Filipino people, hell they have no respect for anyone here in Los Angeles either.  (I also complain about the Koreans but I think your terminology is a bit harsh)  I have bar fined a number of girls from different bars in Angeles no problem.  Maybe they can tell that i’m just a regular guy on vacation…?? Of course this makes me nervous as I am planning another trip to Manila and Angeles next year. I was planning on Subic but now that idiot murdered that poor trans girl i’m thinking Americans may not be to popular there.?  That happened to a friend of mine and he just gave them some money and told her to leave, not that big of a deal..(sensible response) I really hope that idiot gets a nice long prison sentence to a Filipino hell hole prison…..(It seems it is heading that way) .  Harry i’m kind of confused about Angeles City..Aren’t all the hotels and bars there to help the city and overall economy? I only see foreign guys in the hotels and bars, yet they get raided and disrupted….I truly believe the law should be strict about underage girls, there has to be a better way for the city and bars to verify the ages of the girls..If i’m in a bar that gets raided should I just stay seated and be ready to show my ID..?? (leave if you can, if not, yes, stay seated)  Will they take me away or let me go..?? (Normally they will let you go) In Manila the mamasan just came right out with you want to bar fine it cost 3900p ….Also you are right about women being jealous of guys out here going to the Philippines..They seem to think I should stay here and date some old bag with a belly and a moustache, .And lot of people say guys who go to the Philippines are losers…I say they are winners..For some reason a lot of people have it in their minds that older guys are not supposed to have fun..Looking around at the old guys in Angeles most seemed to look pretty happy..Harry  (They are!!) , I don’t waste any money here on dating any women.  I save my money and get on a plane and head to the Philippines..Would Angeles City sink if there were no more bars…..??  (No, but tourism here would drop off a lot) Ok gotta go Frank E,, Redondo Beach California.  (The Mayor understands the situation and even though he is being pressured to close the bars realizes at this time, it would hurt far too many businesses economically.  No matter what happens the ladies will never leave AC.  They will go underground and uncontrolled.  They will use cell phones, skype, Face Book, Emails, twitter, instagram and whatever other medium is available. Where there is a will, there is a way)

Hey Harry, thanks again for your great site!  I love Thi Hi!! Great Bar! I love how laid back it is, nice ladies there!  I plan on making it my first bar to visit when I come back! Sorry I missed you when I was there.  (Good choice of bar Chad!  A lot of people overlook it because it is small and not filled with 200 dancers, that is a mistake.  It is a nice neighborhood bar with a bit of a bite to it.  You can even have a conversation with the girls or your mates without having to shout.  See you there?)

Hi Harry, I read your fine newsletter each month, and it just gets better and better! Why Quit!?? Haha..I know you are getting a bit older, and perhaps you may desire to shorten the content, a bit…that shouldn’t be hard…Congratulations, again, on being Santa Clause last Christmas! It seems each year, you help, assist more and more needy folks! Wonderful! Thanks also, to Mrs. Horse! A great job…I know there will come a time that Las Vegas, will call….as i KNOW…you have family there, a nice, big VA Hospital, there…(you can still publish a monthly, shortened newsletter…from Vegas, Harry!)…Again, congrats on turning 77 (on the 25th)….and best of luck, on whatever you decide…to pursue, as you round 3rd base…and head for home!  You are already…a Winner! God Bless, take care! (and I agree with your political ”rants”..99.8%..ha ha)….Keep giving em Hell!  Danny Long, Florida…

(Damn Danny, I got all teared up on your words. Thanks so much and yes, maybe I can shorten up the writing a bit and have more fun with the column. Might lose a few readers but, the domain is still my baby. I really appreciate your message. Stay out of the sun there in Florida. I keep getting those darn skin cancers burned off my arms and back.  Too much sun when younger is not always good.I asked my doctor why me?  His response:  ”you have New York skin”.  Yeah, I have the accent too!)

Hi sir, im patricia lannon from angeles city philippines, I’am helping my sister Katherine shufflebottom help find her father mr. william or bill shufflebottom i have seen a picture of mr william in a 1989 angeles city hash harrier run on march. We are looking for him all over the inernet and for many years but cannot get any information. I am just wondering if you knew him sir? Birds of paradise was hash house harrier’s meeting spot. I do not know his hash name but what my mom lea rodriguez told me it is “kalbo”. Thank you for giving time to read my message sir. Hoping for you reply soon. Thank you.  (If anyone knows where Bill is or what happened to him please let me know so I can pass the info on)

Hi Harry, Met you 3 years ago when i stayed at the stables, i was reading your monthly news and i saw someone was looking for me, Ralph Geronzi it was someone from your October newsletter his name was Doc from Karrahta. If you could please forward my email address to him.  (Sorry, I can’t find Doc’s address so Doc, if you read this, drop me a line and I will send you Ralph’s Email address)

Subject: Buyer beware info for Baypointe Hospital - Yesterday a member came in and informed me of a situation at Baypointe Hospital all need to be aware of;
He was admitted for a procedure for which he has health care. He presented his LOA and was admitted. His assigned room was a semi-private. He wanted more privacy and requested private accommodations. They were available so he was placed as requested. He was notified the additional cost was 600 peso’s more per day, and signed an agreement to pay that as VA and Tricare only pay for semi-private.  He had the procedure and checked out 2 days later. While paying his bill he thought to himself he must have been treated really well as the amount was a bit more than he expected, but he thought to himself, because he was well medicated during the period, he must have not realized the huge benefit he received in asking for a private room.  He must have had meals prepared by either Emeril Legaspy or Chef Ramsey.  They must have been 6 course. His bedding and furniture must have been been flown in from Malacayang palace, they must have installed fiber cable when he was asleep, and the 100 mbs internet connection and free laptop supplied surely were worth the cost.  Also he obviously had a private nurse to care for all his needs, not to mention the personal physical therapist and world re-known doctors who cared for him.

Then he remembered, as the drugs wore off, all they did was remove one of the beds from the room. The food was the same as everybody else ate, and the bedding was the same ones both days. He also remembered part of the agreement he signed was he was advised that there was an increment increase in all hospital charges and professional fees from the room upgrade. That amounted to a 30% increase. Which was not a basic 1200 peso increase for the room but resulted in P17,000 additional fees. Why?
If the only change was one less bed in the room, good question, I’m sure somebody somewhere can answer that, but good luck! Please read everything before you sign, if you don’t, you have no one to blame but yourself!  Be advised you’ve been advised. Buyer Beware.  (I doubt that I will ever use this hospital because of its location and I suspect that those who might have to use it will be very careful in what they are signing.  Some hospitals here will try to do anything they can to over charge patients, especially foreigners)

Harry, just thought you might like seeing this. Really quite sad and I’m sure if and when the authorities look into this they will blame a foreigner that can be heard in the background.  http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=6d8_1423884719  Eric W.(Hard to believe that parents would allow such an activity.  In the US these children would be taken away from their parents and charges brought against them.  No wonder we have so many street kids here and those who are on drugs)

Hi Harry, I’m a part-time resident here.  Last Thursday, I was sitting on my motorbike when Mama Annalisa from Fire Pit attacked and beat me. I suffered lacerations, contusions and a concussion. See attached photos.  A mutual friend suggested I let you know. Do you want more details?  Wayne W. (Naturally I did ask for more information as the photo that was attached was very disturbing. I did not print it out of respect for the identity of the victim. Believe me, it was not pretty, she did a bit of a bashing on him – in a later conversation with Wayne he indicated he wanted me to use the picture and his name)

Additional Information:

My gf quit the bar to go back to her province. Mamasan stole her last week’s salary. I went to the bar and talked to the manager. He made her give it back. She lost face, as well as the 1000p. She attacked me in the bar with just pushing and shouting. My gr was living at mamasan’s house. I went to pick her up. I was on a public street. Mama came running out the house and attacked me with her fists and something in her hand. I got a concussion, too.  After she hit me 4 or 5 times, I landed one punch in defense. Then her brother and sister pulled her off me. I never got off my bike. I never even stood up. I went to the hospital. Later, the police kidnapped me and held me for ransom. The phony charge was “attempted murder” on my part. Of course, it would never hold up in court, but I might spend 2 years in jail awaiting trial. So I paid them 20,000 and was released.

Another American (my next-door neighbor) barfined a friend of his live-in gf. After a nice dinner and a bm-bm she left, then claimed rape. They kidnapped him too. He paid more ransom than me. How’s that for a set-up?  (Police here appear to still be in the set up racket.  I have asked which police station was involved)

Wayne’s Answer:  It was Station 4, just off of Fields.  It’s a block east of Jollibee.  Sgt (no nametag) played good cop, bad cop with me, poorly.  I was interrogated for about 3 or 4 hours AFTER I asked for an attorney.  Because of the concussion, I am a little fuzzy about some of the details, like names. About the concussion, they took me to the hospital for an examination, then denied me any treatment or prescribed medications.

My comment to Wayne:  I am very familiar with Station 4 and their tactics. I do not understand why the hospital would not treat you. Actually, on a concussion people are told to wait and not go to sleep right away. They probably thought you had a mild concussion not needing any further help. Or, maybe you did not have any proof of being able to pay the bills.

His reply:  I was taken to the public hospital (Ospital Ning Angeles) south of Hensonville, near the Pampanga market. The doctor ordered a CT scan for the concussion. They do not have the capability there. The police said they would not take me to another facility unless I paid for it. Of course, they had emptied my pockets at the station so I had no money on me nor my Tricare insurance card and military ID. The prescribed meds were for pain pills and antibiotics.
(Between Wayne, his friend plus one other case I heard about recently it seems that some police at Station four are enriching themselves.  This type of activity has been going on for the many years I have been here and I suspect it will be on-going for many more years.  Even now as policemen have been reported for extortion and placed in jail it still goes on.  Foreigners are easy victims, it is a sad fact of life here. No one wants to go through a justice system in which you will linger in jail for years or months even if innocent of the charges.  Not many will report the extortion to higher authorities for fear of physical harm or in the case of travelers, not wanting to miss a scheduled flight home.  The bars and the girls are here and there is so much to do that is enjoyable but you have to be so careful in not putting yourself in a precarious situation that will lead you into the open arms of our friendly police officials.  Remember, they are underpaid and overworked and their system of justice is far different then the country from which you came.  Dear readers, never, ever, forget that) 

Harry, Here’s a little story. One evening early, my friend and I went into the Midnight Rodeo and as it was only about 8.30, we were the only people there except for a few waitresses sitting at a table. There were about 15 empty tables when 6 Koreans came in and they went straight to the waitresses table and in an aggressive manner told the waitresses to get off that table as they wanted it. They then started shouting at the band to play only their songs. My friend was ready to go and punch the guy when I said no, we better leave.  There must be other stories about Korean attitudes.

RE: Street Kids – Bunch of kids near Rosalinos. One of them has a stick and if you don’t give, he whacks you around the shin with it.  It can be really sore if you are like me, old and skinny.  Lennie B.  (Lennie, this pisses me off to read your comments.  Koreans are extremely rude and I do not know how you were able to stay calm.  It must be your British class coming through.  Personally, I feel the management should have said something to them. Regarding the kids, they are a nasty nuisance)

Hey Harry, I am a new boy to property ownership in Angeles after falling in love with my beautiful filipina fiance 3 years ago.  I read ur column regularly on the advice of my good friend Paddy/Harry Hanson who got me over here in the first place but tragically died last November from a heart attack.

Just want to remind the other Australians who are whining about the time it is taking to upgrade Clarke airport and to build rail link to Manila that the land for Sydney’s second airport was purchased in the 80s at Badgerys creek and not a sod of dirt has been turned since. This in spite of every government since launching a new enquiry of some sort and spending hundreds of millions of dollars on spin !!.

Throw in 24 year old boys being arrested hours before a plan to cut some poor bastards head off in the name of Allah and nightly drive by shootings by assholes defending their empires built on this wicked drug ice, well lets just say, me like all the other xpats are here for a reason !!.  Every morning when I look at a beautiful sexy young lady who treats me like royalty and whom I would trust ahead of a lot of the expats round here I feel I made the right move.  Regards, Ted  (Ted, I agree with you 100%. Nice way to go to sleep too)

Hello sir, Was wondering if you had any way to contact Mr. Bob Maupin of Osan, Korea? Would appreciate any help in trying to contact him. It pertains to golf on the Osan Air Base.  Justin Garagan.  (Justin some things are a bit too difficult for me to accomplish.  The only thing I can do is print your request and hope that I have some readers in Osan that will contact Bob for you.  Justin’s Email is:  <jgaragan0489@hotmail.com>)

harry I ask you to kindly keep keep my name out of this subject. But there’s a date website called dateinasia. And the police are using it to setup unsuspecting people like me. One girl on that site goes by the name Bella_yas 18 will tell you her sad story. She’s from Cebu. Her sister and brother-in-law. Are fighting and she just needs a place to stay. She will even say. I just need to eat can I just go eat your house? I will have to sleep on the street if I can’t go to your house. The girl is exceptional sexy cute and well kept. Her clothes alone spoke for herself. She was very well dressed. Well I ask do you have an ID? She said no, it’s at my house in dau. I said. No ID I can’t allow you to come to my house. She begged me and finally produced an ID. It had a picture of the mayor on one side and her picture on the other side in an official capacity on the other. On the back was her birthdate 1988. But she had a firm grip on it but I finally got a look at what she was trying to hide. Right in the middle was an official pnp stamp. She was a police woman and I’m sure 100% she was trying to set me up! I attached a photo of the girl beware to all who live here. Please don’t use my name. Have good day sir.  (This is definitely a new approach to a set up and I have seen many of them.  You sure did the right approach and probably saved yourself a big headache)

Harry, It pains me to say this but you are right about handling the Middle East problem. It can be fixed VERY quickly.

Every time a white man is beheaded or a Western installation is attacked retaliate. This is cruel and I will

draw criticism but here goes. Our military must start taking out a crowded mosque every time a bastardly low cowardly act is inflicted upon us.

Very soon the good Muslims would turn on the bad ones as their innocent loved ones (like ours) are killed. My step brother suggested this. He was a Gulf Air four pip pilot Captain and lived amongst them for 30 years. He says this is the only language they understand.

He branded them cowards and hypocrites. Hypocrites because the rich Arabs and their politicians throw wild orgies, import hordes of prostitutes to them, drink alcohol at their private parties….all of the things they deny others. He has told me. He has been to their parties. Now not many mosques would need to be taken out. Maybe only one. Maybe NONE, if they heed the warning. The message would soon get out as the good Muslims turn on the fanatics, Taliban and ISIS.

Could mean the end of terrorism. It is worth a try because nothing else has worked. First of all warn them what will happen when the next act of terrorism is perpetrated. I don’t like writing this but someone has to. For sure it would have been thought of before. By the way an appreciated, fantastic and informative column.

Oh:-And on meeting girls. Simple! 1. Find a girl with a job…anywhere. For a start that means she has commitment, is possibly educated and honest.

Look in Malls, Supermarkets, Department Stores, government offices-there are many lonely girls 2. Hand her a card with your fone number. Just ask her to text you if she would like to go to dinner one night. No strings attached. I met many many nice girls this way. I am married to one! Stay away from bars. The nice girls have jobs. Another tactic is to leave a message on a University notice board. Add you will ‘help with tuition fees’. You will be bombarded with dates and save a fortune on bar fines. Not only that but you will meet a woman with enough brains that you can hold a civil conversation with! There will be no raids, no crazy-priced Ladies Drinks, no hype. In all my years in The Peenz I spent very little time in bars-except when I took my women there that I met OUTSIDE the bar!  Cheers, Paul Keating.

Hi Harry I am a long time visitor and reader of your monthly magazine in the Philippines. I think that you do a great job for us. I have not visited the Stable as yet but I wonder if you would give me a plug in your in your magazine. I have been a regular visitor to the PH. for some time now but the only negative for me is travelling on your own to the PH. I am setting up a small groups business in Australia for people like me who do not enjoy travelling on their own to the PH. Small groups have more fun. I would like to bring some more Aussies to the Stable and have a beer with you. Thanks, Harry please do not put my name on this email as yet as I am still working in Australia.  0411373607.  (Done!)

Good morning Harry, I noted that in this February’s newsletter you mention Mrs Harry is coaxing you to hang up your boots and retire from production of your interesting monthly missive. I sincerely hope you can resist this temptation for a tad longer as the advice and guidance for both visitors and residents alike that you offer would be sorely missed. The no nonsense style and ‘warts ‘n all’ content in reviewing life here in the Philippines is refreshing in these politically correct days of smoke and mirrors. Many of your readers may be understandably hesitant to visit PI in view of the annoying foibles, petty crime and red tape ever present in Filipino life and sadly it does seem the ‘golden times’ of yesteryear are long gone.

Nevertheless if the French are suffering shoot outs in Paris, beheadings throughout the Middle East and even the Danes are having gunfights in Copenhagen… then too be honest, it seems there is an increasing global cancer to which our spineless politicians are failing to address. Consequently life here in the tropical Philippines looks far better… if you follow my drift. A smile/apology defuses most problems here (and sometimes a few pesos!) Try doing that with a Daesh nutter or a brain dead rapist ‘Sheik’ in a Sydney cafe! I know we have our problems in Mindanao, but that tend to be between locals and the odd dopy evangelist waltzing about the barrios with a wooden statue of the Madonna & Child!.

As a long time resident here married for many years to a lovely Filipina, may I suggest via your columns, that should one meet a partner in the Philippines with a view to some permanency then don’t be in too much of a hurry to suggest relocation back to the US, Europe, Oceania etc but try, if you are financially able, to relocate here. I’ve known a few colleagues caught in the first flush of romance go through all the promises of a better life abroad, and get stung. Of course, you can stay here and get stung, but it’s far easier to recover! Once you suggest you are giving up your job, will have little income, and will rely on the fruits of love… and your spouse’s family for support… you’ll soon find out how devoted your partner is! The other option of course is you can become a ‘foreign’ OFW and regularly return but that can be a bit risky too! No two couples will have the same experience but regardless, I would urge extreme caution, the world is becoming an increasingly dangerous place in more ways than one. Set against this backdrop however life in PI is not that bad and for me has certainly proven more relaxing than the rat-race (and climate) back in the UK.

Meanwhile Harry, if at all possible without inflaming the ‘missus’, keep up the good work!  Dr John Dobson, Sucat, Paranaque City.

(John, one of the reasons for her concern is my physical limitations. I cannot walk far, go up steps easily and even curbs cause me a problem. For now, I cannot drive so my mobility is limited and when I walk I have to do so slowly and am always looking down as the sidewalks here are not level and have cracks and holes in them, especially that disaster of a walking street on fields ave, so easily, one like me can trip. Once I trip, I cannot get up on my own. Before, I could walk from one end of Fields Ave to the other plus the side streets. Naturally she is worried. You see, unlike the wife of “shy John” she cares for me even as I weaken.  Every time I fall I end up damaging my hand, arm, back, head or whatever. I am old, 77 this month but my mind keeps telling me I am young enough to continue. My body disagrees but I will try to continue a bit longer. It is hard to give up something you love doing.  Thanks for writing Doc, I appreciate it)

Harry,  Keep the Receipt!  This is worth reading if shopping at stores… They do not automatically hand you a receipt anymore if the sale is under $30. You must ask for it!  CHECK YOUR RECEIPTS BEFORE LEAVING THE CHECK-OUT.  An associate bought a heap of stuff the other day while on holidaying in Melbourne (over $450), & when he glanced at his receipt as the cashier was handing him the bags, he saw cash out of $20.  He told her he didn’t request any cash and to delete it. She said he’d have to take the $20 because she couldn’t delete it.  He told her to call a supervisor. Supervisor came and said he’d have to take it. He said NO Bloody way! Because taking the $20 would be a cash advance against his Credit Card and he wasn’t paying interest on a cash advance!!!!!  If they couldn’t delete it then they would have to delete the whole order!  So the supervisor had the cashier delete the whole order and re-scan everything!  The second time he looked at the electronic pad before he pinned in his number and again cash-back of $20 popped up.  At that point he told the cashier and she deleted it. The total then came out right The cashier said that the Electronic Pad must be defective. Obviously the cashier knew the electronic pad was defective because she NEVER offered him any cash after either of the transactions.  Can you imagine how many people went through before him and by the end of her shift how much money she pocketed?

His wife went into a Coles Warehouse last week. She had her items rung up by the cashier. The cashier hurried her along and didn’t give her a receipt.. She asked the cashier for the receipt and the cashier seemed annoyed but gave it to her.  She didn’t look at her receipt until later that night when back at their Hotel. The receipt showed that she had asked for $20 cash.  SHE DID NOT ASK FOR ANY CASH, NOR WAS SHE GIVEN IT!  So she called Coles who investigated but could not see that the cashier pocketed the money.  They then spoke with a friend who works for one of the banks; they told them that this was a new scam that was bound to escalate.  The cashier will key in that you asked for cash and then hand it to one of her friends when they next come through the check-out queue.

This is NOT limited to Coles; they are just one of the largest retailers to have the most incidents.  I wonder how many “seniors” have been, or will be, “stung” by this one?????  To make matters worse …. THIS SCAM CAN BE DONE ANYWHERE, AT ANY RETAIL OR WHOLESALE LOCATION!!!  IT COULD HAPPEN ANYWHERE. CHECK YOUR RECEIPT BEFORE LEAVING THE CHECK-OUT…………CHECK YOUR RECEIPT!!!!!  I’ve since seen people do just that!..SO NOW I’LL START!  Sent by Jim Farrell.  (Thanks Jim, I am one of those Senior Citizens who never looks at his receipts.  I will start checking them now)



Warning – new tactic used to attack foreigners.  A friend told me he was walking on Real Street, heading towards the Tequila Reef Restaurant when someone threw a bottle just in front of him where it broke.  When he looked down someone hit him behind his head.  As he went down he did not completely fall and was able to come back up and hit the person behind him.  He noticed other people close by and after hitting the guy he ran away not wanting to take any further chances.  This was in the afternoon and people were around but all the Expat heard was a lot of yelling and screaming.  These isolated attacks are becoming all too often and the tactics used seem to become more and more innovative.

Subject: Buyer beware info for Baypointe Hospital (Sent as an advisory from the DAV, Chapter 3 Representative) - Yesterday a member came in and informed me of a situation at Baypointe Hospital all need to be aware of;
He was admitted for a procedure for which he has health care. He presented his LOA and was admitted. His assigned room was a semi-private. He wanted more privacy and requested private accommodations. They were available so he was placed as requested. He was notified the additional cost was 600 peso’s more per day, and signed an agreement to pay that as VA and Tricare only pay for semi-private.  He had the procedure and checked out 2 days later. While paying his bill he thought to himself he must have been treated really well as the amount was a bit more than he expected, but he thought to himself, because he was well medicated during the period, he must have not realized the huge benefit he received in asking for a private room.  He must have had meals prepared by either Emeril Legaspy or Chef Ramsey.  They must have been 6 course. His bedding and furniture must have been flown in from Malacayang palace, they must have installed fiber cable when he was asleep, and the 100 mbs internet connection and free laptop supplied surely were worth the cost.  Also he obviously had a private nurse to care for all his needs, not to mention the personal physical therapist and world re-known doctors who cared for him.
Then he remembered, as the drugs wore off, all they did was remove one of the beds from the room. The food was the same as everybody else ate, and the bedding was the same ones both days. He also remembered part of the agreement he signed was he was advised that there was an increment increase in all hospital charges and professional fees from the room upgrade. That amounted to a 30% increase. Which was not a basic 1200 peso increase for the room but resulted in P17,000 additional fees. Why?
If the only change was one less bed in the room, good question, I’m sure somebody somewhere can answer that, but good luck! Please read everything before you sign, if you don’t, you have no one to blame but yourself!  Be advised you’ve been advised. Buyer Beware.  (I never knew doctors work harder for private room patients than for those in shared rooms.  I hope I never get put in a ward)

U.S. Embassy, Manila, Philippines

Message for U.S. Citizens: Preparing For the 2015 Tax Filing Season

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has provided guidance for U.S. citizens abroad preparing for the 2015 tax filing season. This IRS guidance is posted under Federal Benefits and Obligations on travel.state.gov.

The IRS has created the International Taxpayers webpage (http://www.irs.gov/individuals/International-Taxpayers) to help answer questions and provide the forms needed to navigate some of the complexities faced by American citizens and other taxpayers who live and work abroad. Other resources include information on the foreign earned income and foreign housing exclusions and foreign tax credit, along with instructions on how to catch up on filing tax returns.

If you are a taxpayer who lives outside the United States and have specific individual or business account questions, you may contact the International Taxpayer Service Call Center by phone or fax. The International Call Center is operational Monday through Friday, from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. (Eastern Time):

Tel: (267) 941-1000 (not toll-free)

Fax: (267) 941-1055

International taxpayers with tax questions may also visit the “Help with Tax Questions” webpage. The IRS office formerly located at the US Embassy in Beijing closed last year.

JOKE TIME – Sent in by Dennis Bradbury - Prince Charles and the hooker

Prince Charles decided to take up walking every day.  At the same street corner he passed a hooker standing there every day. He learned to brace himself as he approached her for what was almost certain to follow.  ”One hundred and fifty pounds!” she’d shout.  ”No! Five pounds!” He’d say from the side of his mouth, just to shut her up.  This ritual between him and the hooker became a daily occurrence. She’d yell, “One hundred and fifty pounds!” He’d yell back, “Five pounds!”

One day, Camilla decided to accompany her husband. As the couple neared the hooker’s corner, Prince Charles realized she’d bark her £150 offer and Camilla would wonder what he’d really been doing on all his past outings.  He figured he’d better have a good explanation for his wife.  As they neared the hooker’s corner he became even more apprehensive than usual.  Sure enough, there she stood. He tried to avoid eye contact as she watched the pair pass.  Then, the hooker yelled: “See what you get for five pounds, you tight bastard!”  (To appreciate this joke you would have to remember what Camilla looks like)

So it begins:  Bruce Jenner never had an automobile accident until he became a woman!

CAMP OLIVAS, Pampanga — Two women were found dead in two rooms of Clarkview hotel located along Malabanias, Angeles City, on Friday.  Senior Superintendent Eden Ugale, Angeles City police director, said the two victims were found in separate rooms of Clarkview by hotel attendants.  Ugale said Senior Inspector Darwin Barbosa of Angeles City Police Station 4 proceeded to the area and found the victims lying on the floor with stab wounds in their necks.  He said one of the victims was identified as Ely Rose Abalos, a student, while the other still unidentified.  Ugale said one of the victims was naked when found by policemen. Police Station 4 operatives are on hunt against the suspect who was already identified but whose name could not be divulged pending his arrest, he said.  A Scene of the Crime Operatives team is conducting an investigation if the victims were raped before they were killed. (Ric Sapnu)  (This really stirred up the neighborhood on 13 Feb and it was very close to my home grounds. Usually there is never any follow-up news on these type of crimes and I certainly hope that no foreigner is involved.  The suspicion is that it is strictly a Filipino incident.  It was a terrible crime and hopefully this suspect will be caught soon)

UPDATE:  Tuesday, February 17, 2015 = CAMP OLIVAS, Pampanga — Police arrested Monday the suspected killer of two women who were found dead in two rooms of Clarkview hotel located along Malabanias, Angeles City.  Senior Superintendent Eden Ugale, Angeles City police director, said arrested was Blessed John Albano, 19, a native of Ramon, Isabela.  Ugale said that after coordinating with Isabela Police, the suspect was arrested in his residence in Ramon town.  The suspect did not resist when arrested by operatives of Angeles City and Isabela police.  On Friday, Albano allegedly stabbed his alleged girlfriend Ely Rose Abalos during a heated argument. Seeing the incident, the still unidentified friend of Abalos tried to rescue her but was also stabbed by the suspect, Ugale said.  The suspect, after killing the two, fled to his home province where he was arrested by policemen, he said.  (Well, well, well – notice how quickly they can apprehend a killer of two Filipinas but can seldom find killers of expats.  Shows you where their resolve lies.  When it concerns Expats their motivation only shows when there is money to be made)

ANGELES CITY — Operatives from the regional police office and international anti-human trafficking representatives recently rescued two underage girls employed as sex workers in a bar along the red light district in Barangay Malabanias here.

Chief Supt. Ronald Santos, officer-in-charge of the Police Regional Office 3 in Camp Olivas, identified the raided establishment as the Nasty Duck Bar along Don Juico Avenue.

Police officers were accompanied by representatives from the Dept. of Social Welfare and Development, the US Homeland Security Investigation, and the International Justice Mission (IJM) during the entrapment and rescue operation.  An undercover policeman and two confidential agents acted as customers and asked for two minor females for sex in exchange for “bar fine.”

After handing over the marked money to the “mamasans” and cashiers of the bar, the policemen entered the establishment and cornered its employees. They were brought to Camp Olivas while the two minor females were brought to Clark Freeport for interview and processing.

Extracted from the INQUIRER 10th February 2015.  Being the fourth story written by hard hitting columnist Ramon Tulfo – View story online viz-


Makati Judge Winlove Dumayas convicted for homicide two of of the four men who stabbed to death US Marine Maj. George Anikow during a fight near the posh Bel-Air Village in Makati City.  However, they were given suspended sentances.  Any way one looks at it, Anikow was murdered.  One: Four against one was a one sided fight and that’s superior force, an element of murder.  Two: Security cameras show Anikow running away with the four giving chase.  Three: The four were armed with knives while Anikow was unarmed.  Was the judge a little slow on the uptake? Don’t want to think that money changed hands.  (Something stinks here, I wonder what opinion my readers have on this one)

This is a great bit of info for US Americans wanting to renew their passports.  Even though I have a few more months to go before I have to apply for renewal I already filled out and printed the form.  I now know what other information I have to include.  Thank you DAV for forwarding the info.

For more information or to begin the process of renewal, please visit the U.S. Embassy Manila’s Passport webpage or the Apply for a New Passport page on Travel.State.gov. When you are ready, follow this link to schedule an appointment.

There is a new hotel on Manila Bay named the “City of Dreams”.  It is owned by Henry Sy and Australian Harry Packer.  If anyone has visited it please send me some comments on it as I seldom get to Manila.

“Hollywood” Mark is out of jail on bail.  He is laying low for a while.

The court appearance for Tim Kaufman is set for 18 Mar.

Valentine sweethearts – Lorna and Jomal.  They are both long time employees at the Orchid Hotels.  Lorna is at the Wild Orchid, Angeles and Jomal is at the Orchid Inn.  Both are excellent employees and well liked by fellow workers and all customers who come in contact with them.  They are ideal representatives for the meaning of Valentine’s Day.



Toga Party – It is wild, it is fun and some times absolutely crazy – it is a Toga party.  The occasion was a going away party at the “Stable” which I had the pleasure of monitoring .  I had never been to such an event before.  I found that the gals and guys start out routinely enough but as the evening progresses and the liquor starts to take hold, well, the fun really becomes fun.  This is a small group of great fun loving customers of

the Blue Boar Inn and a few other establishments around town.  They eat, drink and play as a group and the wives, girlfriends fit right in.  In fact real late in the evening I think the ladies were having more fun then the men. One lady in particular was the life of the party until the booze caught up with her.  It was one big great, fun evening

MAXICARE INSURANCE - For those Expats living here who do not have any medical insurance I would like to suggest the availability of Maxicare (www.maxicare.com.ph).  Expats can sign up for Phil Health which is very inexpensive and if you add Maxicare your stay in a hospital would be just about free. This is ideal for a wife or live in girl friend.  I won’t go into all the details but I have dealt with agent Emmanuel P. Bernado who can be contacted and he can visit and provide all the details you need.  His phone is 0932-858-4407 or 0927-779-3966, Email:  emmanuelbernardo08@gmail.com.


Ken Norman, 54 years old, passed away on 11 Feb.  He was found lying on his lounge at his house.  He is survived by his two children, 13 and 16.  Ken was a long time resident of Angeles City and at one time was an employee of SEAIR.  At this time he was not working as he had purchased some apartments and was able to live comfortably on the income they provided.  The last time I spoke with him he was quite happy and enjoying life.  His sudden demise was shocking to his many friends.

Award-winning editor, war correspondent, and best-selling author Arnaud de Borchgrave, hailed as one of the most noteworthy journalists of the modern era, died Sunday after an extended illness. A founding board member of Newsmax Media, he was 88.  I came across this announcement recently and I was intrigued as I read his biography and the fascinating life he lead and his many accomplishments. The entire article was too long for me to duplicate here but I will just print a bit of an excerpt to show what a great wise person he was and I am saddened to see such a great patriot who was so proud to be an American leave us in these troubled times.  I recommend you look up his name and be, as i was, enthralled with his story.

De Borchgrave continued writing columns through December. In his more recent commentaries he warned that there was “no possibility” of defeating ISIS without putting U.S. boots on the ground.

He also recommended a temporary alliance of convenience with Syrian strongman Bashar al-Assad, a tactic that the Obama administration has signaled of late it would like to adopt if it can do so without alienating America’s powerful Sunni allies Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Turkey.

In one November jeremiad, he warned America’s superpower status was being challenged.

“Global disarray coupled with the decline of superpower U.S. are flip sides of the same coin,” he wrote.

In his last column, the long-time war correspondent urged America’s leaders to stop getting sucked into conflicts in the Middle East, and turn their attention instead to restoring the standing of the U.S. middle class and repairing America’s crumbling infrastructure at home.

 ”The bottom line,” he wrote, “is that the U.S. is now faced with a historical choice. It is high time to regroup on the home front while shedding a dysfunctional political system still posing as a functioning democracy.”

He would blame America’s debacle in Vietnam on “clever disinformation by the enemy turning an American victory into defeat.” (so very true)  He also became critical of the ability of the political establishment and the mainstream media to scrutinize story lines and information they were ideologically inclined to believe. It was a theme he would explore again and again in the years ahead.  (I wish I could have met this man personally.)

Just received info that John Hammond, a retired US Navy CB died of cancer in CA military hospital 21 Feb am. He lived here about 8 months out of the year for the last 8 years and was on several of the towns pool teams. He went to Guam last week, they transferred him to Hawaii and they sent him to CA,  Please mention this as he was pretty well known around town. nick name John Pinquine.  Thanks Shelby Tague.

Hi Harry, I like reading your monthly news letters about Angeles City but, Ive never been there, only Manila and a few other places.  I met a good friend of mine from Angeles City, Gary Heath, who spent 7 years there and made friends with the locals at Geckos Bar.  Garry moved back to Australia and we shared many adventures together, but sad to say Gary lost his battle with cancer and died last week.  His final hours were without pain or any worries.

Gary had too many friends for me to contact them, so I was hoping you could make some small room in your newsletter for his friends to remember him.   Cheers, Garry OConnor from Australia.



This cute little gal at 4’11″ has a great personality and is the only girl in a family with four brothers.  She is 22 years old and hails from Angeles City, She is currently unemployed but enjoys staying at home helping out her parents.  She does not have any children and no boyfriend.  She would love to travel and appears to like horses so I liked her right away.  You can catch her on face book at jenradeleon@yahoo.com.



51-year-old Robert Edward Neves, an American National arrested in the Philippines, will face trial for accompanying a 17-year-old minor he met on a dating site in February of 2014.  Neves will be charged with violation of Republic Act #7160 – The Special Protection of Children Against Abuse, Exploitation and Discrimination Act. Neves is also being charged with Republic Act #9208 – the Anti Trafficking in Persons Act (also amended by Republic Act #10364 – The Expanded Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act).  Bail has been set at 120,000 peso per offense (240k peso in all). Associate Prosecution Attorney Jennifer Karen Alo-Leyson resolved to elevate the cases in court after Neves opted not to file a counter-affidavit and undergo preliminary investigation.

The case began last February 2nd, 2014 when a member of the Cebu Port Police arrested Neves for being with a 17-year-old girl. Under the law, it is illegal for any persons to keep or have in their company a minor which is 12 years or under – or who is 10 years or more his junior in any public place, hotel, motel, bar, pension house, sauna, massage parlor, beach or any tourist resort or any similar place. Violators of such acts can face imprisonment and be fined no less than 50,000 peso.

The American national and the minor were at Pier 1 in Cebu City when they were questioned – the two were on their way to Bohol. The minor admitted to authorities that her and Neves were in fact in a relationship and that they had met in an online date site – eventually becoming lovers in late November after they met in person. The minor said Neves promised her parents he would take care of her and shoulder the expenses of her college education.

Under Section 4 (b) Republic Act #9208, a person is prohibited to “introduce or match for money, profit, or material, economic or other consideration.”  The act further states that “any Filipino woman” should not also be matched “to a foreign national, for marriage for the purpose of acquiring, buying, offering, selling or trading her to engage in prostitution, pornography, sexual exploitation, forced labor, slavery, involuntary servitude or debt bondage.”  (This is a heads up to all foreigners who visit the Philippines.  This guy should have at least waited until she was 18 years of age.  The girl being underage set off alarm bells and the age difference really was icing on the cake.  What the hell was Neves thinking?  I hope he did not think this girl was in love with him.  I hope the jail in Cebu is more comfortable than the City Jail here)


She is a very nice server of drinks at the Green Bottle Bar located on Perimeter Road, very close to the Blue Boar Inn.  her name is Lailane, from Pangasanan, 34 years old.  For older guys that is a perfect age for any man looking for that perfect gal.  She has a 4 year old boy and is an excellent mother to him.  She is no slouch in the education department having completed 2 years of computer science.  She has worked for Elmer for a long time, one year at the Stargate and two years at the Green Bottle.  She is strictly a waitress and interesting to talk to in between serving customers.  She does not have Email but you can locate her on Face Book under the name Lailane Ontimara.


The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) today said it will deport to the United Kingdom John Halliday, a convicted drug dealer who has been hiding in the Philippines.

NBI Director Virgilio L. Mendez said the deportation of the drug dealer, John Halliday, would be the first case under the new Extradition Treaty that was ratified by the Senate of the Philippines on March 14, 2014 between the governments of the Republic of the Philippines and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Island.

Mendez said Halliday is facing a ten (10) year imprisonment in the United Kingdom after his conviction on December 13, 2013 by the Crown Court at Leeds for various drug offenses. Mendez also said that representatives of the British police office from the West Yorkshire Police Department in the UK arrived in the country yesterday for the purpose of escorting Halliday back to the UK to serve his sentence.

On August 12, 2014, the NBI received from Department of Justice Secretary Leila M. De Lima a copy of the letter request dated 26 June 2014 from the Extradition Section, Judicial Co-operation, United Kingdom, with a copy of “Certification of Conviction” issued by the Crown Court at Leeds against Halliday.

Reliable information received by the NBI-International Operation Division-INTERPOL (IOD-INTERPOL) headed by Atty. Daniel D. Daganzo revealed that Halliday has been staying in the Philippines since September 2013 for the specific reason that by that time, the Philippines and the UK of Great Britain and Northern Ireland had no Extradition Treaty yet in force.

Through intelligence sources, it was also established by the IOD-INTERPOL that Halliday frequently visited the red light districts of Manila regularly staying in the hotels along Mabini St. of Malate, Manila and has a close association with an Englishman operating a fitness gym called Fitness Connection in Angeles, Pampanga that Halliday was using.

Based on verified information, SRA Jose S. Gabriel of the IOD-INTERPOL applied for and was granted by the Manila Regional Trial Court a provisional Warrant of Arrest against Halliday as a prelude for his extradition to the UK.  On January 23, 2015, Halliday was arrested in Taguig City and was brought to the NBI main office.  Today, police officers from the West Yorkshire Police Department are here to escort Halliday back to the UK.

Mr Trevor Lewis, British Embassy Manila’s Deputy Head of Mission, said:
“This will be the first extradition under the Treaty. We are delighted that it is being put to good use. We are very appreciative of the support of the NBI and Department of Justice in helping us detain and extradite Halliday. This sends out a clear message to UK offenders that now the Extradition Treaty is in place, the Philippines is no longer a safe haven for them to hide from justice. We are aware of other UK offenders living in the Philippines and will continue to work closely with NBI/PNP and DOJ to have them arrested and extradited.”  (I wonder if he left a girl friend behind and I wonder how many more of these characters are enjoying the “fruits” of Angeles City.  There might be a pedophile or two that need to be rounded up)   Since I wrote this additional information came out on Balita Pinoy:

One who will be very worried at the moment is Douglas Slade, currently out on bail in Angeles City on child sex charges in PH.  Slade, who is in his 70′s, has been arrested several times before in the Philippines on pedophile charges but always managed to buy his way out of trouble.

He was notorious in the UK in the 1970′s for his membership of groups such as the Paedophile Action for Liberation (PAL), the South London Gay Liberation Front and the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) and left Britain to move to the Philippines in 1985.  However, in the wake of the Jimmy Saville sex crimes revelations, there have been accusations leveled against Slade from his time living in the British city of Bristol in the 1970′s and 80′s. He is under investigation by Bristol CID as part of its Operation Bluestone inquiry into historical sex abuse cases after an alleged victim approached the London Daily Mail and the police.

Avon and Somerset police would only confirm they are aware of the allegations and told Balita Pinoy “…following your query I can confirm enquiries are ongoing.” They refused to elaborate further.

Now, a little history about Dougie provided by Balita Pinoy:

A Briton who has been living in Angeles since 1985 has been arrested and charged over child abuse charges.  Douglas Michael Slade, 73, who has had previous sex abuse charges against Filipino boys dismissed before, was arrested by operatives of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI).  The NBI discovered images of minors in provocative and nude poses on his computer when his house was raided and he was subsequently arrested.

This is not the first time Slade has come to the attention of the authorities over child abuse cases.  He was originally arrested in 1995 in Angeles when several young boys complained about him abusing them.  He was later arrested in 2006 at his Carmenville, Angeles home with some nude boys with him in his swimming pool.  In both cases he was able to buy his way out of trouble

Slade moved to the Philippines from the UK in 1985.  He had originally been the secretary of the Paedophile Action for Liberation (PAL) which had developed as a breakaway group from the South London Gay Liberation Front. This group was the subject of an expose by a British newspaper, the Sunday People, in 1975.

After the expose, the PAL merged with another notorious group, the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE). This group then disintegrated in 1984 after several high profile arrests, but not before it had had tacit approval from and had become affiliated to the National Council for Civil Liberties (now known as Liberty).

Some previous reports have stated that Slade was a former officer in Britain’s Royal Navy, serving as a Lieutenant Commander on the Royal Yacht Britannia.  Checks with the Royal Navy have ascertained that although a man of the same name and age served in the navy from 1963 to 1976, he was never a Lieutenant Commander and never served aboard the Britannia. In fact he served at HMS Pembroke, the shore establishment at Chatham in Kent.  A spokeswoman for the Navy confirmed he was discharged in 1976, but would not release details of the discharge, and could not confirm if he was subject to a courts martial.

(I have known Doug Slade for years and have bought meat from his business “Home Base” and my wife still does, though he is never seen personally anymore at his place of business.  He is smart but not so smart that he openly confesses to someone about having his lawyer offer the prosecutor money to drop her charges and also if that does not work, offer money to the family.  Doug openly says that is the way things are done here.  His conversation was secretly recorded and you can see it on “You Tube”.  Just search “Douglas Slade”.  I sincerely believe this man, based on his history, honestly believes that there is nothing wrong with going after underage children, preferably boys.  He would like to see it legalized.  He also believes nothing will happen to him here in the Philippines as long as he has enough money to pay off Prosecutors, judges and complainants.  Go to Balitapinoy.net, a site that I think will never stop reporting on the actions of Douglas Slade) 


Another Briton who is wanted by the police is Paul Longfield, a bodybuilder and former Mr Britain winner, who owns a gymnasium, the Fitness Connection, in Angeles City.  (I wonder how many more notorious characters are connected with fitness connection?)

He is on the run from drugs charges in the British city of Derby dating back over 7 years, and like Halliday, he skipped. When the NBI were conducting surveillance on John Halliday they discovered his linkage to Longfield, who visited the gym in Angeles.  A British paper, the Derby Telegraph, located Longfield last year and reported on the fact. At the time Derbyshire Police told them:  ”We were unaware of the whereabouts of Paul Longfield, who is wanted for failing to appear at court to face drug-related charges. Once the Derby Telegraph shares the information they have, we will begin to make inquiries to trace him and bring him to justice.”

Yesterday, a spokeswoman for Derbyshire Police told Balita Pinoy:  ”Paul Longfield was charged in 2007 with 14 drugs offences relating to possession with the intent to supply. He was due to attend court to answer the charges but failed to appear and a warrant for his arrest was issued.  There have been cases where Derbyshire officers have worked with Interpol and other forces to arrange the extradition or deportation of people from other countries and we are reviewing the case into Mr Longfield.”






Central Luzon police director Chief Supt. Ronald Santos said he has initiated dismissal proceedings and filed a non-bailable case of robbery in band against two policemen who were caught red-handed extorting a huge amount from a Swiss tourist here last Jan. 27.

In a press briefing at the Widus Hotel and Casino in Clark Freeport, Santos said suspects PO3 Manachem Baking and PO2 Ricardo Cabrera Jr. of the Angeles police have remained behind bars after they were charged with “an airtight case” that would not allow them temporary freedom.

Santos said the police chief of this city vowed to build up an “airtight case” against two of his policemen who were caught blackmailing and extorting P500,000 from a Swedish tourist.

Baking and Cabrera were arrested by agents of the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) in a sting operation as they received the second payment of P280,000 of the total P500,000 they demanded from tourist GoranSmedjer, 64, in Barangay Malabanias here. The two cops allegedly blackmailed Smedjer after the tourist invited two young women to his apartment in Malabanias earlier on Jan. 25. After a few minutes, an elderly woman, in the company of Baking and Cabrera, barged into his apartment and angrily claimed to be the mother of one of the young women.

It is not clear whether the young women were minors. The CIDG report said the two cops then demanded P500,000 from Smedjer in exchange for freedom from any charges that could be filed by the alleged mother. Smedger, however, sought the help at the CIDG who laid out a sting operation that led to the arrest of Baking and Cabrera who had an M16 rifle, a .9 MM and .45 pistols, a .22 revolver and , a bullet proof vest.  Santos said he is now coordinating with the CIDG and the National Bureau of Investigation in identifying more “bad eggs” in the police force in his region, as he vowed to deal with them “with the full force of the law.”  (This is a racket that has been going on for years.  I have written about it quite often and even discussed it with various Commanders at Station four.  Hundreds of Expats have been set up using this very successful method.  Few foreigners report it as they are fearful.  Maybe with these latest arrests more reports will surface and foreigners will be more willing to report to the police when they become a victim)

Girl’s body found at accused Australian paedophile’s former home in Philippines

ABC News

ABC News
Shirley Escalante in Manila, and staff12 hrs ago

Philippine police have found the remains of a 12-year-old girl at the former home of an Australian man who is already facing charges of rape and cybercrime.  The body was discovered in a house once rented by Peter Gerald Scully, 51, in Surigao City in the country’s north.  Scully’s former partner, a Philippine woman, reportedly told authorities he accidentally killed one of his victims in 2013.

The discovery came a few days after Scully was arrested and charged with sexually abusing young girls and uploading videos of sexual acts online.  He was arrested at his rented house in Malaybalay City after a three-week police stakeout, local online news site Rappler reported

Authorities allege Scully lured girls to his house promising education and food and then forced them into sex, according to the reports.

Police said Scully had been under investigation for online pornographic activities after he was tracked by authorities in the Netherlands.

Scully, who has been living in the Philippines since 2011, was charged with human trafficking and child pornography last year but had evaded arrest.  He is wanted in Cagayan de Oro over accusations he sexually abusing seven girls, including a one-year-old, police said, according to reports.

“He lures young girls into his house and gains their trust as he is broadcasting his activities on the internet,” chief investigator Angelito Magno said, according to Rappler.  He added Scully “performs sexual acts according to his client’s instructions”.  Philippine police believe the Australian is also facing charges in other countries related to child sexual abuse and fraud.  (This is one sick puppy.  I hope he rots in jail)


I was so pleased when Kevin Wakeley (Orchid Inn Group) called to invite me to the long awaited official opening of the newest Pub in town.  Over the years there have been a few name changes for this Bar/Restaurant.  Many will remember it as Shano’s, Cuba Cuba and the International.  My impression is that the present name, owners, chef, managers, this time, will be around for a long time.  I did not get a chance to look at the menu but if the food is as good as the buffet that was laid out, their food selections will please the palate of one and all.  They have a top international chef on board who will offer a variety of menu items guaranteed to please the most picky of diners.  The decor has not changed dramatically but the added pictures and other improvements have made this a most comfortable setting for dining and drinking. Happy horseshoes to owners Paw Bangsil and Wayne Bangsil, a dynamic brother act.



I arrived just after the ribbon cutting but the VIP’s were kind enough to pose for a picture even though they were anxious to sample the buffet.  In picture one from left to right are Nicole Pamintuan standing next to her husband AC Counselor Edu Pamintual, Paw Bangsil, Wayne Bangsil, Kevin Wakeley, Clive Pollington, Harvey and Patrick Sibreg (Chief of Staff for Counselor Pamintuan).  Standing next to the replica of a British Phone booth (brings back memories of my four years in England, (1958-1962) are Wayne and Kevin.  What you might not notice in the picture is that the interior is actually the wine cabinet.  Of course I could not resist posing with the lovely staff.  One final note, most know how difficult the parking is in that area so you will be happy to know that they offer Valet Parking, or you can drive around the corner and park in the Wild Orchid parking lot and walk to the Pub.  For me, Valet parking is my choice.  When you visit, say hello to Wayne or Paw for me, they are very friendly and very excited about this new venture for them.




A little up-date on the walking street.  Remember it was only a year or two when there was a big ambitious project to renovate the street on Fields Ave along the walking street.  When finished it looked great for a few months then it began to deteriorate; lost color, was not level, and began to crumble.  Whoever the contractor was he either pocketed some money or was completely incompetent.  Now, there is a new contractor rebuilding a portion at the entrance to the walking street as a sample fix.  (Pictures 1 and 2.  I introduced myself to this new contractor.  His name is Frederick Ponio owner of FredMark Builders, a local company that builds horizontally and vertically all types of buildings and roadways.  His number is 0922 832 2813.  I told him the reason I asked for this information is if he does a good reputable job then others might want to contract more work.  If he does a lousy job like the previous contractor then we know who to blame and wonder if the City wasted their money again.

Picture #3 shows the tearing down of the CDC stalls opposite Phillie’s Sports Grill which extends all the way to McArthur Hi-way.  What is the plan?  No one knows exactly but many people have different theories.  The one I hear is that they will be moved and rebuild further back.  Once rebuilt those vendors who lost their stores will have first priority but this time can only lease one store each and the rent will increase from P7,500 a month to P10,000.  Remember, this is all un-confirmed at this time.  I also heard that the Checkpoint jeepney station will be moved.

The last three pictures show the lone hold out for the CDC stall removal action.  It is the popular “We 4 U” bar that is a watering hole for expats.  The day I took this picture the lads drinking there were a happy, fun group that included Philander Rodman and his friend as well as mine Leonard.  Rodman is so happy to be back in country legally with no problems.  Now I ran into the lady owner of We 4 U and she told me that they will not vacate the premises as she is taking the issue to court.  I felt she was wasting her time but she was adamant and convinced that this particular bar will remain in place.  She is a tough little gal so lets see what happens with this modern David and Goliath battle.



Even though I planned Valentine’s Day in advance I still nearly screwed up.  I started early, I bought a dozen roses a week early as I was able to get them for a thousand pesos less then getting them on Valentine’s day.(Thank you Purple Essence Flower Shop)  Now, I had a thousand to spare towards a nice Valentine’s day dinner.  But I could not decide where to go so waited a bit long to make a reservation.  It was too late for the Holiday Inn, and also the Marquis Hotel’s restaurant.  So, on the big day I told Priscilla and now, this is where I was saved.  She said lets call the America Hotel and make a reservation at their new Guanghau Chinese restaurant.  We called, no problem and headed there at 6:30 PM. Shucks, I did not know the place was open but Priscilla saw the banner a few days earlier.  Boy was I surprised.  The place was absolutely perfect.  The decor was red and black, the service was outstanding , and the buffet was absolutely wonderful.  We sat there at our table thinking the same thing, thank goodness I kind of messed up as fate brought us to this restaurant.  Now, here is the icing on the cake, it cost only P399 per person.  Imagine this price on Valentine’s Day when everyone raises their prices.  For the three of us (we took our son too) the total price was still less than the price of one person in some of the other places we could have eaten at.

We plan to go back because I do not know if they have a buffet all the time or that was a special occasion.  I will check it out and have a look at their men but whatever, for sure we will be eating there again.  Easy to get to for us, easy parking, no traffic and we want to enjoy the food and see the friendly staff again.  My ass was saved and we had a wonderful, romantic Valentine’s day and my flowers did not die until after the big day.


This a hotel that is easily overlooked by visitors to Subic who plan to stay overnight or even longer.  Why?  Because it is located just a short distance off the base.  If you go out the gate next to the Mall, it is a few meters down the road on the left.  It is a family run operation run by Dr. Robertt Palmer, his wife Madamn Marian, Phd. and their son.  On board also as a consultant is Mr. Joey Moster, the dynamic manager for many years, of the Marlim Mansion Hotel.  It is through Joey’s effort that this hotel is fast becoming a first class place to stay.  It is a six story hotel which opened its doors on 22 July 2014 and very quickly it has become one of the finest, most modern hotels in Olongapo.  They have 40 rooms and a conference room for 250 people on the second floor and a smaller room for 50.  They offer weekly and monthly discounts and also corporate rates. Yes, they have Wi-Fi!l.  As I wrote earlier, yes, it is a bit off the radar for the average traveler but when you are looking for a bargain when going to Subic or you can’t get aa room on Subic itself, remember this Hotel.  For those who remember Joey and wonder where he can be found, visit him at the Palm Star, he would love to see you.

Hotel Email address:  reservations.palmstarsuites@gmail.com.  Tel:  222-0175/222-2885  Globe line:  047-3045245  Smart: 0929 501 5835  Globe:  0915 697 0711
Address:  335 Rizal Ave. corner of 3rd st. Tapanic, Olongapo City, Zambales 2200

Feb has come and gone and I survived to see another birthday.  Have gone through 77 of them now and this time I had an old man’s celebration.  It was quiet, normal, and enjoyed the day with the family and Priscilla taking me and our son to dinner at the Holiday Inn.  No drinking, dancing or running the bars.  The picture here says it all.  Really, I just appreciated the day.  It was so very nice.
I am hoping to continue greeting visitors from various countries who read this column.  Oh, one other thing, I thank all those people who greeted me on Facebook and my Emails.  I never had so many before.  It really made my day.  Well, as usual, it is late and it was a short month but I still made my deadline.  I will now retire for the evening with memories of a great month.  Remember now, be kind to horses.


We now have Obama puppet Secty of State John Kerry telling us that we are safer than ever.  What an idiotic statement.  I guess he has joined Obama, Susan Rice, Joe Biden and so many others in the back of the White House with their heads in the sand.

Is the Government and Centrelink totally blind to what’s going on?


UNBELIEVABLE !!  This was pulled off AUSTRALIA’s Today Tonight and never aired !This clip was made by Today Tonight, Channel 7 a while ago.  Due to political correctness it was decided not to broadcast.  However it’s been leaked out.  Judge for yourself, and pass it on … to EVERYBODY !  How despicable is this ??  (I believe I saw this before but believe everyone should see it.  Even though this is in Australia it applies to every country that is being swamped with an increasing Muslim population that wants to ignore the laws of the country they are living in.

I don’t understand why newscasters continue to wonder why Obama is not recognizing the Muslim threat or refusing to use the words “radical Islamists”.  Some ask why is he soft on Muslims.  Why doesn’t he help the countries willing to fight the Islamic Terroirists?  Why does he go out to play golf the day after an American is beheaded by these animals?  Guess!


We have seen beheadings and burning of humans.   Read this and see what is yet co come.  It is scary.  These terrorists must be destroyed.

And on December 27th last year, Shoebat.com, a week prior to the actual execution, we reported that ideas on how to desecrate the pilot’s living body began to trickle to ISIS when it asked the Muslim public to suggest, based on Islamic law, the different horrific methods, not just of desecrating a dead, but a living body while still alive. Shoebat.com pre-warned about this (see below), that such methods are on the way, especially when it comes to the execution of the Jordanian pilot which we wrote about a week prior to the execution:

“If you think ISIS’s killing methods are bad wait till you see what one video in Arabic done by a Muslim lady dressed in a Hijab circulated to Muslims worldwide. The video was a complaint to Caliph al-Baghdadi of ISIS as “the call of Muslim mothers” arguing that such methods as “beheading” and “shooting” are just too humane and will not work to stop the U.S. led coalition air raids which she complained that this is persecution against her living in Syria. To eliminate the attacks she suggested that an Ottoman method of execution be used to detract pilots from joining the coalition against ISIS. She suggested to use the captured Jordanian pilot Moaz Kasasbeh and begged not to execute him mercifully by using a bullet or a knife, but begged them to reinstitute the Khazouk.” 

Obviously, they opted for cage-burning. Believe us, we warned about Muslim cannibalism prior to when Muslim cannibals ate hearts and cooked heads, what will also be coming from ISIS, in the pipeline, is the Khazouk. Everyone in the Middle East knows three things told to them by their grand parents about the Ottoman Turks and what they spread throughout the Middle East: Sihr “sorcery,” Baksheesh “bribery”, and the Khazouk which is a spike driven through the victim’s rectum, which the Ottomans used to terrify locals and deter potential insurgents. And this is exactly what this lady wanted to reinstitute:

“Are you going to execute him with a merciful bullet? Or are you going to execute him with a merciful knife?” she asks. Khawiskou “impale him” she cries out “then send him to his mother” says the peace-loving Muslim lady. “Why are the Arab world fighting us. We are Muslim doing the will of Allah”. “I am pleading [ISIS] to honor my special request that you Khazouk him “impale him” and post it all over the social networks and the media”.

Executing someone and desecrating the body alive is not something that only existed in far history, it was a reality under the Turks until the Christians gave a crushing blow to the Ottoman beast after World War I when Khazouk executions were part of daily life. One TV series reminds how the Ottomans, in order to thwart dissidents used this horrific type of execution:

Such brutality has come to the world from an Islamic edict by Ibn Taymiyya, one of the highest authorities on Islamic jurisprudence, and will be emerging as we see neo-Ottomanism revive in which the world will become as we see in the movie Apocalypto with all the heart plucking cannibalism including burning and khazouking Christians and other victims. As we learned in school when I lived in Bethlehem of Judea, the Ottomans were creative when it came to all sorts of weirdities. At times they used the hot poker, a red hot metal rod that is inserted through the anus which the expert executioner is able to avoid puncturing the heart and the victim could live up to two days before he dies since the bleeding is minimized as the hot rod caterizes the wound. But as it seems, some are begging to revive the Khazouk in revenge against the U.S. led coalition pilots. But to this lady, the Khazouk is no fantasy, she is serious. The West does not understand such tradition as a Muslim woman making such an appeal. A Muslim woman’s appeal stems from In Ibn Athīr’s famous history book al-Kāmil, he mentions the story in our history of a King called al-Mu’tasim, who was from the Banū ‘Abbas. The event goes like this; A Muslim woman was captured by the Romans and imprisoned, so the Romans laughed at her. The leader of the Roman king sarcastically said, “You won’t ever leave this place until the muslim king himself removes you from these shackles.” The woman shouted “Wa Mu’tasima!” [Oh my grief, Mu’tasima!]. The Roman King laughed at her and said: “He will never come to save you unless he was riding “ablaq” a black and white horse. He said this in a way of mocking her and showing the impossibility of the situation. When al-Mu’tasim heard of the news, he gathered a whole army and made the entire army ride the “ablaq” horses and defeated the Romans (who in this case are viewed as the U.S. and Europeans) and himself entered the prison where the Muslim woman had been imprisoned. “Who are you?” she said.”I am al-Mu’tasim.” He freed her from her shackles, a sign of humiliation for the Romans. The Muslim mind stems from a pre-Christian dark history and desires to plunge the world to these times. And this became the issue that when a Muslim woman calls upon the Caliph for help he must comply. The Muslims always use this story al-Mu’tasim, a call of a Muslim woman’s appeal in Jihad must be honored and in this case, the hot poker, but as we see the winner was burning inside a cage. Islam is a cage, whether the individual selects such a religion, imprisons and burns others, burn themselves, or burn eternally in hell, Muslims need to make a choice and the choice needs to be made now: convert to Christianity and avoid eternal hell fire.

(I’ll tell you this.  This scare the hell out of me because I realize that we have not see the extent to the evil they want to bring down on their enemies.  These people are not civilized and I have seen that some of the horrors of history seem to be with us again.  People, someone tell our President, Americans and all other countries to stop turning a blind eye to what we may see in the very near future)  

Listen to this Muslim with his prediction for Belgium.  Note that he says there is no such thing as a “Democratic Muslim”.  This is what I have said many times, the so called “peaceful Muslims” will easily accept Sharia law without lifting a hand against it.  All Christians and Jews in the United States must be ready to bear arms against these people.  Do not meekly follow the example of the Jews during the reign of Hitler.  Governments must limit the immigration of Muslims into countries with Democratic rule.  No neighborhood community should be allowed to practice Sharia law.  Why is no one paying attention?


If we could convince the Chinese that Jihadists’ testicles are an aphrodisiac, in 10 years they could be extinct … “

Here is an interesting article.  Emperor Obama in his quest to control everything is now taking over the internet.  My God, what more damage will he accomplish before he is finally out of office?

Losing the Internet

by Richard Fernandez

February 23rd, 2015 – 7:36 pm


 The administration’s plan to create a “free and open Internet” means, as usual, the opposite of what it says.  AsGordon Crovitz explains in the Wall Street Journal, it is really a monumental, bare-faced power grab.

The permissionless Internet, which allows anyone to introduce a website, app or device without government review, ends this week. On Thursday the three Democrats among the five commissioners on the Federal Communications Commission will vote to regulate the Internet under rules written for monopoly utilities.

No one, including the bullied FCC chairman, Tom Wheeler, thought the agency would go this far. The big politicization came when President Obama in November demanded that the supposedly independent FCC apply the agency’s most extreme regulation to the Internet. A recent page-one Wall Street Journal story headlined “Net Neutrality: How White House Thwarted FCC Chief” documented “an unusual, secretive effort inside the White House . . . acting as a parallel version of the FCC itself.”…

The more than 300 pages of new regulations are secret, but Mr. Wheeler says they will subject the Internet to the key provisions of Title II of the Communications Act of 1934, under which the FCC oversaw Ma Bell.

The specifics of the grab don’t matter as much as the direction in which things must inevitably move. Regulation is an absorbing state  like the Hotel California.  You can try to check out any time you like, but once inside you can never really leave.  Three hundred pages of regulation will become 301 … 302 … A new administration might slow down the rate of growth, but it can never reverse it.

The very success of the Internet doomed its independence.  Like any rich, glittering center of wealth that springs up in the desert sands, it would inevitably be coveted by nearby chieftains.  And if there’s anything this administration — and to a lesser extent any administration — hankers after it is power.  So a-raiding they will go.  So here is prince Barack, at the tech city gates, demanding the keys. Not that he will know what to do with it after obtaining them.  But possession of the bauble is in the first instance enough.

There is the notion, often reticiently expressed but frequently glimpsed in news stories, that the key to the future World Order is information.  Lawfare, the use of sanctions — in fact every application of  ”smart” policy — implicitly depends on information dominance.  Information is the key to the Western elite’s power. It is probably the administration’s idea that possession of tech will open the gates to this new World Order.

The “other side” — whatever you want to call them since they cannot be referred to as the ‘enemy’ know this too. They understand or guess that the world is dividing into wired and unwired spaces. Their basic strategy is to base themselves and expand in the ungoverned – and coincidentally the unwired — spaces of the world where they operate in conventional ways; with armies, trucks and outlandishly uniformed men.  But in the wired West, their strategy is totally different to suit the conditions.

There Lawfare is waiting to defend the West with surveillance.  Homeland Defense doesn’t really rely on screeners at airports or border crossings who are there only to impress the rubes. The real defense of the realm depends on ever increasing amounts of domestic monitoring.  The cracked encryption on your SIM; the data retained on your ISP, the real-time machine monitoring of conversations, the proposed sharing of data collected by Silicon Valley these are all bricks in the wall that keep the Jihadis out. They are also bricks in the invisible prison that surrounds you. But a brick is a brick and the information sharing the president proposes will naturally enough be put under Homeland Security rather than the NSA.

The “other side” understands this and therefore employs “lone wolf” tactics against the West for two reasons.  First, singletons are difficult even for the wired world to detect; and second, they encourage the metastatic growth of more wires to prevent the next attack.  The  joint product of political correctness, lawfare, surveillance and lone wolves is to essentially create fascism and discontent in the West.  The president’s response to the lone wolf problem will essentially be to watch everybody. In that way nobody is profiled.  Everyone is suspected equally. This suits the every players’ book.  The El-Shabab threatens to attack the malls and Jeh Johnson gets a billion dollars more.  What’s not to like?

This happy cycle can go on indefinitely  until eventually the the world is divided into two distinct spaces: a West completely crisscrossed by a “free and open” Internet and Internet of Things governed by a man called Hussein and 8th century badlands governed by other men called Hussein.  Welcome to the 21st century. So are we doomed? Probably.  But critically not in the way you might think and perhaps more importantly, not in the way president Obama thinks.

The actual effect of government control is to institutionalize incompetence. The more Obama controls, the more he destroys.  Take Obamacare. Hardly a day goes by when we don’t read that 80 million records have been stolen by Chinese hackers from Obamacare provider Anthem;  or that Obamacare itself is sharing information with third party providers.  Only the other day the public learned that 800,000 wrong tax forms were mailed to Obamacare policy holders because they used the wrong year in the computation; that after 3 years the backend isn’t finished.

And in other news let’s not forget that Snowden stole the crown jewels from the NSA.   In fact, Glenn Greenwald was on hand to collect the Oscar given by Hollywood to the documentary depicting the theft.

The administration’s proposal has been called Obamacare for the Internet. What Obama’s Internet grab will do is activate the Law of Unintended consequences.  The princes may be attracted to the glittering city in the sands but they don’t know a thing about running it.  Never having governed before, they haven’t learned that the wires can strangle them also. Once they lose information — and cover it up in the habitual way — the loss can have deadly consequences.  To see how this can happen, let’s take a trip back in time to 1920 and the review destruction of the Cairo Gang.

The Cairo Gang was a special British intelligence unit dispatched to Ireland to finish the IRA.  ” Its members lived in boarding houses and hotels across Dublin, where they lived unobtrusively while preparing a hit list of known republicans. However, the IRA Intelligence Department (IRAID) was one step ahead of them and was receiving information from numerous well-placed sources, including Lily Merin, who was the confidential code clerk for British Army Intelligence Centre in Parkgate Street, and Sergeant Jerry Mannix, stationed in Donnybrook. Mannix provided the IRAID with a list of names and addresses for all the members of the Cairo Gang”.

This is a simple example of what it means to lose information. The IRA got inside the wires.  The IRA hunters were themselves killed on “morning of 21 November 1920 by the IRA in a planned series of simultaneous early-morning strikes engineered by Michael Collins”. Now imagine if you will, some enemy power getting inside the ramshackle empire of Homeland Security and getting a list of all the people who really matter in American defense and doing a Michael Collins.  Or think about a monumental takedown of a powergrid, or the compromise of a vital SCADA system.

Many of the administration’s supporters don’t understand that they are making themselves, not just others, vulnerable.  Once you put the wires in the hands of Barack Obama, what could go wrong?  Ambassador Stevens must have trusted the administration.  Where is Stevens now?

In some ways, leaving the Internet alone has the same advantages as leaving all the P-40s at Pearl Harbor in their original revetments. Readers will recall that as a security measure against sabotage, military authorities ordered all the P-40s in Hawaii taken out of their shelters and parked in the center of the runways in order to better guard them.  That was how the Japanese found them on December 7, 1941.

Will the administration give you a “freer and more open Internet” than you have now?  Or more to the point, will giving it over to the feds enhance security?  We are in all probability doomed by this move. The difference is we know it.  The administration has not yet figured out that in incompetent hands even the finest weapon can be turned around to face its hapless wielder.





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Need an identity on this man.  He fainted in Johnny’s Store a few days ago and taken to ONA Hospital.  They will not treat him until there is an identity and I guess someone that will indicate funds are available for his treatment.  A cold blooded system they have here.  Somehow they came up with a name Charles, wonder how that came about.






















UPDATE - He has been identified as Charles Gray or Grey, not sure which spelling.  The American Embassy is taking care of the body and notification of relatives if they can find the necessary information.  He is American.








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This is a step in the right direction but I had to smile when I read Supt. Ugale’s statement that “he had  heard of blackmail  schemes similar to what happened  to the Swedish tourist last Tuesday.”  Actually I laughed out loud as this exact scheme has been going on for many years here in AC.  This is very rare for these rascals in uniform to be caught, why?  Because the victims are too terrified to report the incident to higher authorities.  It is a lucrative money maker for the cops.

ANGELES CITY – The police chief of this city  vowed to build up an “airtight case” against two of his policemen who were  caught blackmailing and  extorting P500,000 from  a Swedish tourist here last Tuesday.
Senior Supt. Eden  Ugale said he would provide adequate security  to witnesses against  PO3 Manachem Baking and PO2  Ricardo Cabrera,  Jr. who were arrested by agents of the Criminal  Investigation and Detection  Group (CIDG) in asting operation as they received the second  payment of P280,000 of the total amount they  demanded from tourist Goran Smedjer, 64, in  Barangay Malabanias here.

Ugale admitted that  both Baking and Cabrera were being monitored amid reports they had  been involved in various illegal activities that included  selling of seized  illegal  drugs and even  seized motor vehicles.

Last Jan. 25, Smedjer  invited two young  women to his apartment in Malabanias. After a few minutes, another  woman, in the company of Baking and  Cabrera, barged into his   apartment and angrily  claimed to be the mother of one of the young  women. It is not clear whether the young women  were minors.

The CIDG report said  that the two cops negotiated with the tourist, saying  no complaint would be filed by the alleged  mother against him if he would pay P500,000.

Smedger, however,  sought the help at the  CIDG office where  agents laid out plans for a sting operation against  the suspects who were  caught red handed  with  some P280,000 of the second payment handed  them by the tourist in his apartment last Tuesday.

Ugale said  there had  been raw reports on wrongdoings involving Baking and Cabrera, but  no official complaint had  ever been   filed against them because both witnesses and victims were  probably intimidated.  “Now that we have a complainant, I am urging other victims to come  out so cases against them would be solid.

I  vow protection for the  complainants and witnesses,”Ugale said. Ugale said

“I have warned all police station commanders  against such schemes and I told them that those  involved would have to  face the full force of the law,” he added. The CIDG agents found in the possession of the two cops an M16  rifle, a .9 MM and .45 pistols, a .22 revolver, a  bullet proof vest and a  Toyota Innova car.

This, even as Ugale  noted significant decrease in criminal cases in Angeles City since  some  3,700 cops were deployed in the city and at Clark Freeport for the  Asia-Pacific    Economic Cooperation Summit.



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The Avenue at the Lewis Grand Hotel is offering up a great Valentine’s Dinner in a wonderful romantic setting.  Book early as this is a very popular restaurant.


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