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This information was sent to me by a reliable source:


Today if you read PUNTO newspaper, the story says everything is back to “NORMAL” at GGLC.  http://punto.com.ph/News/Article/21036/Volume-8-No-7/Headlines/u-UNAFFECTED-BY-GGLC-ROW-u-br-The-Medical-City-Clark-set-to-open-Dec-8

Yet only a few hours earlier on 14 Aug, GGDC (Kuwaiti fund) tried to forcibly take over the GGLC site with 100 new guards (they had the guards on buses on Spur Rd). LOL. Unable to convince CDC and the PNP to allow them and WITHOUT a Court Order, the guards were sent back to Manila.

Today about noon, Mark Williams, President of GGDC was back asking for the NOTICE sign to be removed. NOTE: He is the one who on 3 June, closed two checking Accounts and REMOVED 1.6M USD to pay vendors and payroll. Today, CIAC and PNP SOSIA, were both called out because GGDC wanted these signs removed. The signs remained, because Peregrine is still in control of the GGLC.

The Sign on the guard shack says:


Now the CEO of The Medical City (their hospital is being built), CEO of Clark Development Corp and President of GGDC would have you believe with misinformation that everything is “normal” on GGLC. They have huge ads in the news papers in Manila just this week. Yes there IS NO work going on the site and it is completely closed down.

The project is in legal dispute pending arbitration in Singapore and is shut down. Over 170 Peregrine workers were laid off in July, $5M in unpaid liabilities to local vendors … it is unfortunate that the public is continued to be misled. An estimate +1000 workers, subcontractors, have lost their jobs too.

It would be nice is someone would do more investigation and get the truth out. Until them, I will send out occasional updates.

(I wrote a detailed article about this situation in my column and I specifically stated that the work on Medical City Clark has come to a standstill.  Then today I read in the Sun Star that all is well and that they expect to open the hospital ahead of schedule. This is a complete fabrication!

Note the name Mark Williams in the above statement.  This man has definitely taken a major roll in the removal of operational funds from the Peregrine account.  This battle is being fought in the courts but despite decisions against KGL Manila Mark must feel that he is above the law and now wants to apply old style questionable heavy handed actions by a goon squad in uniforms.  Is he afraid of the courts?



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Received this from an anonymous source.  Could it be something bar owners in Angeles City have been hoping for the last few years?  It certainly is past due!

Some other news. General Purisima has ordered a full investigation in to the RSOG at Camp Olivas. The Internal Affairs officers have been here for the last several days (Subic). They mentioned that the investigation also extends into their activities in Angeles City.

This should be good news for Cynthia Anderson and many bar owners in town who have been victimized.

Problem:  I doubt that any bar owners will cooperate with any investigation for fear of repercussions.  This is still a Third World County with a strong revenge mentality.





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Sent from a reliable source.
Comments and Remarks: Harry, Just got word that Gordy (Gordon Matthew Gale) also known as drummer, was found dead in a hotel in Makati. Suicide is a possibility but I’ve learned from you never take things on their face in this country. Anyway, he was a great guy and I wanted you to know.

I am in shock. I have known Gordy for a very long time.  The last time I saw him was at the opening at Tony J’s and he was in high spirits.  I can’t imagine that he would commit suicide.  

I received this information from someone who knew Gordy.  It might explain a few things.

“He was destitute and desperate. He sent a blanket email asking for help to repatriate in order to see his dying mother for the last time. His lease on his apartment was up a couple of days ago, and he was asking around for information on cheap accommodations in Thailand.  He was found in a hotel in Makati with a .38 with the serial number filed off.”



American found dead in Makati hotel

By Mike Frialde (The Philippine Star) | Updated August 10, 2014 – 12:00am

MANILA, Philippines – A 59-year-old American man was found dead in a room of a Makati City hotel on Friday afternoon.  A report reaching the Southern Police District identified the victim as Gordon Matthew Gale of Casa del Mar, Baloy Beach, Olongapo City.  Gale checked into the hotel in Barangay Guadalupe Nuevo at about 1:37 p.m. on Thursday. Gale told the hotel staff that he would be staying overnight, according to police.

At about past 3 p.m. on Friday, hotel supervisor Michael Puzon and assistant supervisor Rescon Talagua found Gale’s body when they checked his room after he failed to answer their reminder of his check-out time.  Gale was lying on the bed with blood on his face. An Armscor .38 caliber revolver with serial number 31555 was found near the right side of his body, police said.  The victim’s body was then taken to the Veronica Funeral Home. The Makati City police said the United States embassy was informed of Gale’s death.  Investigators are still looking at the possibility of foul play in the incident.



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At 11:42 PM last night I received this text from a source:  ”Nirvana just being raided at present”.  I found this to be a bit shocking as this Club has only been opened for a couple of months.

The second text read: “Heard from San Fernando 2 Malaysians set them up with bar fines”.

I will update as I find out additional information.



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Saturday Night Raids

At approximately 1030pm on Sat 2 Aug Calypso & Grand Pharaoh were raided by CIDG Manila….Read

There are lots of rumors, but too early for determining full details. I will update this post in the next few days as we know more.  Details from a reliable source:

The raid was conducted by CIDG Manila.

They used a Korean asset to pay a bar fine and promptly raided straight after.

They detained customers, all girls and staff. They questioned all foreigners found on the premises but let the majority go after having inspected their identification documents.

Before releasing any foreigners they were asking if any of them is the manager or owner of the bar.

They detained Mark, aka “Hollywood” who was actually on the microphone as the MC during the “Search for Queen of Calypso” event.

They questioned all girls and after making them write down their name. They reportedly released all girls who were 20 or over.

They brought in a huge black bus which they parked outside Calypso & Grand Pharaoh at 3:AM.

Posted by JC on 2014-08-02

I received a text last Saturday night informing me of the raid and provided most of the details provided by JC above but wanted to wait for further confirmation.  I must admit that I was sorry that this raid took place after enjoy a month or so of  relative peace.  I knew the raids would occur again but was hoping for a longer break.  

Once again a Korean asset was used and once again the “bar fine” set up procedure was used.  The detention of “Hollywood” was uncalled for.  He is not a manager, not an owner, just someone performing as an MC, something he has been doing for years in this town.  I can only hope for his quick release.  

t do not like the idea of questioning the customers in their attempt to capture an owner or manager.  

Here is an eyewitness report:

By Phoenix, Photographer for Asian Escapades.
I was there in Calypso during the raid with my girl who didn’t work in any of these bars. This is the first raid I have ever seen from the inside.

To start I was there taking pictures at the 9 – 11pm dance contest event. At 10:30pm a girl came running through the bar and out the back staircase, not a particularly unusual occurrence I initially thought. A few seconds later as I am standing there huge SLR camera in hand many more girls come flowing up to the back of the bar until one girl yelled “RAID”. That was it, the stampede began. Within seconds girls jumping tables, grabbing bags, abandoning drinks and running for the back.

Upon hearing this I threw my camera into it’s carry bag but was worried what might happen if they saw me with it as it contained about 400 pictures from in the bars. Quickly I removed the memory cards and hid them in my wallet.

Just as I packed away the cards a real official looking guy with a CIDG shirt and hand radio walked the length of the bar. At this point most customers had thrown some cash in their bill cup and were making their way to the door, so I did the same with my girl clinging to my arm. I assumed they would let me leave but I was worried about her being detained.

Approaching the door a lot of pushing and shoving was taking place and I saw Hollywood being walked to the entrance of Level 1 bar, I was not sure if he was being taken by choice or not. As I reached the officer at the door I could see the large luxury bus with curtains in all the windows parked across the length of the Pharaoh group bars. One foreigner and his wife were in front of me trying really hard to convince them to let them leave, but to no avail. In a last ditch effort he tried to run through the officers which was just as effective as talking to them. We were all ushered back inside followed by the officer that first walked in.

Once inside he had all the girls including my girl and other customers girls stand on one side of the bar and all the customers on the other (about 3 of us). The officer said that we were to be taken to Camp Crame in Manila and he started to file everyone towards the back of the bar. It was at this point I decided to ditch my camera in the pile of girls bags near the front door.

It became clear that we were all being taken into Level 1 bar through the doorway linking the 2 bars together on the 2nd floor. While the officer was not looking I ditched my business cards under some handbags laying around on the tables.

Once through the doorway it was more clear why there was such a large bus and only one or two officers in Calypso, They were raiding all three bars. Level 1 was full of alteast 20 customers, a fair few officers in assorted clothing (armed with nothing more than handguns) and just packed wall to wall with the girls that didn’t escape.

At this point I sat at one of the tables turned to the manager and said “Damn, I could use a drink.” I also found that any customer who had walked out the front of Calypso were now in Level 1 including Hollywood. The bar was strangely quiet with all the girls mostly in shock or fear, all the foreigners talked amongst themselves about who they knew, what they had heard, what had happened in previous raids and a few gathered their cash to try to pay someone off.

10 minutes passed and nothing seemed to be happening other than by the pool table I could see girls writing their names and what I later learnt was their age on blank sheets of line paper. Unsurprisingly I saw officers carrying out “evidence” in the form of the accounting books. As I sat at this table trying to reassure my girl, another customers girl started to yell and argue with one of the officers. The officer seemed to be ignoring anything we asked him and all he could say was, they are taking us to Camp Crame for “verification”. This girl really laid it on hard to the officer and her boyfriend couldn’t even hold her back. She kept at him until the officer eventually retreated out the door.

Eventually a very patronizing officer who seemed to be above the rest, started requesting foreigner ID’s. He then wrote down the foreigners names, asked if they were the manager, and then after a while announced that we could leave. I didn’t exactly trust his claim as there was a big commotion as the first few guys went to leave, I thought maybe they were just the first to leave… On the bus. I gave my ID and was told I could leave but my girl had to stay, I claimed she is my girlfriend I would not leave without her. Just to be safe I moved towards the exit with my girl and luckily asked a friendly looking officer if the guys were in fact being put on the bus. He reassured me this was not the case and asked me about my girl, which again I claimed to this new guy that she is my girlfriend. He took her over to the guy in charge who was writing down the name, a quick Tagalog exchange and a long pause accompanied by some puppy dog eyes, the guy caved in and let us both go.

We wasted no time as this point as soon as we got the nod I near ran for the door with girl in hand. Once out the door all I could see was this huge bus and some officers at the ends of it to ensure no runners. I proceeded unobstructed past the bus and ducked under the awning of the hotel across the street. I had no intention of leaving as my camera was still in Calypso which I was not going to come back to Shagger and say I had lost.

Little more happened for the next few minutes the rain, a huge crowd with umbrellas and a giant bus made seeing anything near impossible. At this point my knees were still wobbly and I needed a rest so I decided to try out the new Mexican place outside nearby High Society. The taco was great and I felt more relaxed to go back and watch the proceedings.

At one point some girls were released or escaped they ran a short distance when out so it was not clear exactly what the case was. As these girl ran the crowd swamped the area almost as if to lay down cover for the girls. This opened up an opportunity for me because the entire crowd was focused around the bus and level 1 entrance which meant the entrance to Calypso was behind the crowd line though still blocked by a chair and likely manned by and officer on the inside. This seemed like the best time to stand by the door, by a stroke of luck an officer tried to open the door from inside but the chair held it close. I helpfully pulled the chair out of the way for him and simply told him my bag was just inside could I grab it. He immediately asked what sort of bag which had me worried, I naively answered “A blue one.” He pushed the door open and I flew down the steps grabbed the bag and was half way up the street within seconds.

I talked with some of the girls and guys who were let out, (mamasans and off duty managers)to gain a clearer picture of what was going on. Basically they were looking for managers and the owner along with any underage girl. I spoke to a girl who was so nervous after getting out she was shaking and almost stuttering. She told me what they were doing was taking each girls name and age down on paper and then interviewing them. Any girl over the age of 20 was allowed to leave, also most customers were allowed to leave except the ones without any photo IDs or that were somehow suspect. After an hour I knew they still had Hollywood and the manager, I soon learnt that everyone inside was told that if they were seen txting phones would be confiscated. Girls continued to trickle out one and two at a time but no more guys yet. However then one of the manager came walking out who ran into one of the off duty managers. This off duty manager relayed a lot of the above information from the manager who had made a speedy exit.

Amazingly a girl I know who was there alone as a customer got out which seemed surprising but she told me that though they were clearly older the Calypso waitresses were being held and questioned about the group owner. Additionally she said that the reason Hollywood was not out is because he was being accused of being the OIC or general manager.

After this time little more was evident and no new information was gleamed, aside from Hollywood I believe most if not all other customers were out so I decided that was enough excitement for me for one night. Walking towards a trike in the rain I turned to my girl and said well at least it turned out all fine for us and now we have an interesting story to tell.
This is an excellent on-site report of a raid.  I felt like I was there.  I wonder how much they pay these assets, Korean or otherwise?  A Korean asset has has been used in other raids, the last being Honey-Ko’s by the RSOG.  I find it interesting that the CIDG takes up so much of its time in raiding bars and harassing female employees and are so proficient at it but never seem to be able to solve murders of foreigners and their own citizens.  Why is Jueteng alive and well when it is illegal and not too long ago it was declared that there is no longer Jueteng in Pampanga?  But, you can sit in the bars and see girls with their betting slips that they buy 3 times a day.  What about the roadside bars along the Highway in Mabalacat that operate at night and seem to have some very young looking female employees?  Could the incentive to concentrate resources to “rescuing” girls in the AC entertainment area be financial gain?  Just a question, just curious.  Maybe the CIDG should stake out the many “short time” hotels in town and check the age of the ladies and the ID’s of the men.  


August 2014

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Harry the Horse and Clive Pollington (old and older) seen here celebrating Clive’s 80th Birthday blast at the Wild Orchid Resort, Angeles City.  It was a fun night and more to follow later in this column.
Happy August folks and just in case you did not know, this year, August will have 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays. This happens only once every 823 years.  That information was sent to me and probably to many others.  But, it is not true.  This was also sent to me:  The truth is the first three weekdays of any 31-day month are repeated 5 times within that month. So, any month that has 31 days and begins on a Friday has 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays, and 5 Sundays. And this happens much more often than every 823 years.  Man, I am so relieved now as I was worried I would not be around 823 years from now.  Thank you Chuck Guinn.

By the way, the picture below kind of depicts why it is getting to be very difficult to take pictures of the lovely ladies in the various Clubs these days.  That is why I appreciate the assistance of those Club owners and managers that help me find the ladies that do not mind having their photos here.


Phil Health for foreigners

All foreign residents

Last week at a ‘meet the Panglao SRRVs dinner’ in CU Biergarten,’the Philippine Retirement Authority (PRA) GM/CEO Veredigno P. Atienza told all there that all SRRV holders can enroll as voluntary members of PhilHealth. He said he it was on the PRA website

Yesterday one guy went to PhiHealth Tagbilaran and enrolled within 20 minutes. You pay quarterly – Php600. There is no enrollment fee. Just take with you your valid PRA ID Card.

Apparently, this service is also available to holders of Alien Registration Cards. They too only have to take in a valid ID.

Hi Harry I have always enjoyed reading your column. Have been coming to Phils for several years and always have a nice time there and do like the change of cullture and the Filipino hospitality. Normally fly from Bangkok direct to Clark with Tiger Airlines but they recently transferred that side of their operation to Cebu Pacific. As such there is NO longer direct flight from Bkk to Clark. Now one must fly into Manila and as such the fares have gone up slightly due to higher landing charges in and out of Manila. Also the two flight departures are at inconvenient times. A few months ago, Emirates which had intended to fly into Clark also chose to not go ahead with the plan which I understand was due to high landing costs at Clark as previously mentioned in your column a few months ago. Harry, are you aware of any particular reason why this leg Bkk-Clark has been canceled ? I think it would have been a popular route for foreign tourists and Filipino people flying from Thailand to Phils because they may have preferred to bypass Manila airport as it is such a busy place. Over time, do you feel the closure of the Bkk-Clark route will affect tourist numbers to Angeles or are there already signs of a drop off ? Flying into Clark was great as highly convenient for planned trips to AC and outlying destinations to the north to see different places. Ray H.  (Ray, I have heard rumors that Emirates might return to Clark and hopefully the Clark-Bangkok route might open again.  It appears they were stopped due to the low volume encountered during the coup business there.  Lets give it a bit of time to see what happens)

Hi Harry, just finished reading you latest column.Great as always. Just a note to let you know officially that the business known as Jimmy & Rowena’s Meat shop and Store, Real St, Balibago, has now been sold to, and taken over by 3 Korean brothers.

Had a small smile to myself when I read the report on the new eatery Burger Shack, I will never forget the time when you came to my shop and tested our burgers, that really made it for us, as you said this is the best burger I have ever eaten, even with Beetroot. Lets just hope they turn it around before it is too late.  Harry, Thanks for your help in the past ,and good luck to you and the missus, for the future. See you soon, Cheers Jimmy Farrell.  (Gosh Koreans taking it over, Ugh!  I really regret that I did not get back to have you cook me up a steak on your outside grill Jimmy or at least enjoy another burger.  Why don’t you go up and give those Burger Shack folks a helping hand)

Hi Harry, as usual, I checked your newsletter at the beginning of the month. Keep up the good work. I read the comments from Julian Vaughan and I have to say that you handled yourself better than I would have. I saw some of that patented NY sarcasm shine through in your responses (I pick this up easily being from Jersey, you know how it is…) but I don’t understand this guys angle. Is he really under the impression that your “job” is to report every little bad thing that happens in AC and it is somehow your sworn duty to make this info available to the rest of us? Really?

I hope that you know that the remainder of the “sane and grounded” folks who read your newsletter really appreciate the service that you willingly provide and you do a great job. Ignore people like Julian, he has no clue that you do this out of the goodness of your heart and that most of us appreciate it.

The comment from Ed was both troubling and enlightening at the same time. I don’t doubt for a minute that he is correct about the US definition of “human trafficking” but having just come back from 4 months in Europe, it doesn’t make sense to apply this definition worldwide. In many EU countries, prostitution is legal. This makes a prostitute NOT a victim of anything. If the US definition is enforced, then most of the EU would make the tier 3 list in the US, right? Of course, this is not the case, as the “new” definition of human trafficking is all wrong. Prostitution and trafficking are two different things and anyone (politicians mainly) purposely blur the lines to fulfill their agendas. I think that makes them more of a criminal than the prostitutes that are just trying to make a living, despite these political a-holes. The people in the US had better wake up and start voting with their heads or we’re all in for a lot more trouble in the future. I see your boy Barrack has just been voted the worst modern day (post WWII) President of all time. You and I both saw that train coming…Keep it up Harry!!  Regards, Andy.  (Thanks Andy, appreciate the positive support.  I will never understand why the US does not legalize prostitution, well that is not true.  I do understand how such a proposal would be greeted.  Some things will never change.  Obama is Obama but at least a few more folks are waking up to what he is trying to do to America.  The problem is they have been sleeping at the wheel far too long.  I only wish the Republicans could come up with a candidate I really like . Anyway, the sun is shining here, in between the daily rain and soon to come storms. Life is still good here and all we have to do is count how many politicians are sent to jail every day or how many are added to the “plunder” list.  Forget Obama Andy, come over here and just chill out for a month or two) 

Harry, My contacts in Cebu inform me that IJM guys there are living rather “large”. As if to be living way beyond their means.   Do you subscribe to the theory that these IJM people are in on the extortion’s along with law enforcement? Do you think that some of these under age girls that are being rescued in Angeles City are actually “planted” in the bars?  (Yes, I do!)

I’ll be back in AC very soon but only to visit friends and relatives. DAYTIME bar hops only. Cheers……Mick F.

Hey, Harry, I read the July issue of your newsletter, as I have read every month’s since 2010, and wanted to add my ‘two-cents worth’. I can understand your reasons for not posting anything about the Sister’s Raid when it happened, as having these stupid raids does wear on a person, after a time. It is stupid for the cops to keep doing the raids as all that does is drive the tourists away from AC. True, the Philippines does have a lot to offer OTHER THAN Fields . and Perimeter Road. But to find those places, one has to deal with the dirt of Manila ( the streets, the so-called ‘river’ that is more seweage than water, and the overcrowding ) and its overly-high priced hotels. To “escape” that, most head for Angeles City or Subic Bay areas. Now, here comes the greed and corruption that Marcos ‘instigated’ during his Time. The Philippines could be a true “Jewel In The Pacific” and have some world-class resorts, but not as long as there is as much corruption and greed as there is now. And as others have pointed out, time and again, that situation will never change. Just as everyone who lives there knows that the REAL Human Trafficking is done in the bars of Manila, everyone also knows that nothing will be done about it. Hence, the Raids of AC. Life in AC will continue to slide further and further downhill. I know that you have other opinions on this, as do others who also live there. I have been there to AC several times since 2010 for my ‘Yearly Vacations’ and have even considered moving there after my upcoming Retirement.

However, with what I have seen there during my “vacations” and with the continuing Raids, as well as the bar owners STUPID Refusal to work WITH each other and fight the situation they are in, I have been giving second thoughts to my Retirement Home. But all of that is another ‘story’, for another time. Suffice it to say, I will continue to come for my ‘Yearly Vacations’ to AC and will continue to enjoy the warmer weather found there. Though I may not spend as much time there as I did before, I will be doing everything I can to avoid getting caught up in any Raid. ( You might want to edit out this next part, if you post this. Just saying … ) I did edit this out as it referred to a particular ongoing show in town that he was afraid would be raided)  Personally, I hope and pray that the Raids end FOREVER and that AC can return to its “Golden Years”. But being a semi-Realist about things, I know that its not going to happen.  (who knows, maybe eventually a middle ground can be found)

As for the ‘individual” who used the phrase “pussy pimp” in his one line ‘rant’, I can see this person actually working FOR Alex C. and the cops. Just my Opinion … **LOL** There will always be the “Doom and Gloom” individuals in Life. Some might even say that I am in that category, as well. While it is true that I do see things continuing to go downhill for AC in general, especially with the tourists being driven away by news of Raids, I know that at some point things will ‘bottom out’ and start back the other way. How much farther to that “bottom”, is anyone’s guess.

While I was there this year ( 2014 ), I did make a stop in the bar Mischief, along with

a friend of mine who lives there in AC, and found one other aspect of the bar that you did not mention. They had the absolute cleanest bathroom I have ever been in!!!! It was all tiled, as so many other bars are, and the sinks all worked. But what stunned me the most, was that there was actually no SMELL in there!! I have been in enough bars’ bathrooms to come to dread having to go in. The stench of some places is enough to make you want to gag. But not so in Mischief!!! THAT is how EVERY bar’s bathroom should be!! Kudo’s to Mischief!!! Just my Opinion …(Fred, Jeff thanks you for the compliment.  The toilet seat is one size fits all!) – Let me add a couple of pictures here.


I hope to see your Newsletters continuing for a very long time and I do wish you and yours the Very Best Health and Happiness. I know that your fingers may ‘betray’ you soon, though, as arthritis is nobody’s friend. I have that same ‘problem’ with my knees and a little in my back, so I can relate to your writing problems. You know that I will be stopping in daily whenever I am over there, for that Most Excellent Spaghetti and Lasgana that can found at the Blue Boar Inn, as well as some of the sexiest women in AC.  Take care, Harry, and have a Most Excellent Long Life!!  Fred (Thank you Fred.  I do hope to live a bit longer but one person, whoever he is does not feel the same way.  He goes by the name of “OMG” and when I wrote in my breaking news about the death of a pool player here, he wrote the following to me:  ”When can I read of your demise?”  I could only reply “Be patient, it happens to all of us”.)

Speaking of dying – This was sent to me by a reader in the US married to a Filipina that loves watching Pinoy TV – Harry, a Philippina fiancee that enters the US on an I 129 Fiancee Visa has 90 days to get married to get permanent status in the US . Most do not wait that long. If , for example , The husband sponsor dies before the marriage , accident etc , the I 129 visa is cancelled . And the Pinoy girl has to return to the PI. Can’t switch fiancees . It has happened . This was just discussed on the TV show ” Citizen Pinoy ” with Lawyer Garfunkel , an expert on immigration law . This almost happened here recently to a young lady who is friends with my wife . A few days before she entered the US , her fiancee , age 65 , had a heart attack and had to have open heart surgery. He was still in intensive care when she got to see him . ( his friends met her at the airport ) His lawyer recommended they get married quickly in case he died. They got a license and got married by a Justice of the Peace in the hospital. Now the new wife was locked in and eligible for a Green Card . No problem . He is home now and recuperating . Does not look well . As the lawyer on TV says , ” get married quickly ” if I 129 . You can always have a church wedding later.  My wife came in on an I 130 visa with me . Already married . As soon as she set foot in the US and had her passport stamped , she was permanent . 3 weeks later her Green Card came . 1 week later her SS Card . 2 months later a Texas license and a Toyota car . Then I could not find her for a month . She went to Las Vegas I think . Joe W.  (I can imagine what it would look like, a fiance getting off the plane, grabbing a judge and running to the hospital for a quick death bed wedding.  The guy is a millionaire and the relatives are surrounding his bed waiting for him to die and this young 20 year old Filipina, runs in and gets married.  The judge, “will you take this man to love and obey until death”?  Finace – “yeah judge, now hurry up, I have to get back to the Philippines and my job at the Doll House” = Female relatives faint!)

Harry, Regarding the comment from Ed L that prostitution in the US is now also called ‘human trafficking” it is interesting to note that over the border in Canada prostitution is legal.  Out of interest I looked at the site giving the US 2013 report on “Trafficking in Persons”. It is available on http://www.state.gov/j/tip/rls/tiprpt/2013/?utm_source=Subscribers&utm_campaign=35f27bd04c-Trafficking_Bulletin_Issue_9_July_20137_22_2013&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_1002a3b355-35f27bd04c-92744149

It seems to cover almost every country in the World. I wonder how much of the US tax payers money goes on this? I read the Philippines report and I wonder where they got all the ‘information and facts’. It can only be on the basis of anecdotal evidence I suspect. “Success” in their venture seem only to reflect in prosecutions and there is no consideration in the report on the bi-product of their effort, i.e. innocent folks in jail for months or years, people deprived of their livelihood, etc. It might be good if a few of the US citizens here wrote to the US embassy expressing their concern.  (I talked to a Canadian friend recently and he told me that Prostitution is not legal but now “hostess service” is legal.  Ah Hah!  See, that is what I said we could start up here in AC.  Call up Hostess Service!  I included the website he put in in case anyone wanted to spend idle time looking at the various countries listed.  I did read the one on the Philippines.  Obama, you have one last chance to become a hero in the eyes of all American men, MAKE PROSTITUTION LEGAL IN THE US!  Wait, maybe the State of Colorado could do that on their own.  Sex and Marijuana legal!  Shit, book me a round trip ticket to the ski slopes)

Goood morning Harry. As everybody knows, in 2008, the Balibago Barangay Council enacted an Ordinance requiring all business establishments within the territorial jurisdiction of Brgy Balibago that prior acceptance or employing would be workers, they must require them to secure working clearance to the Brgy prior to employment. For so many times, members of our MANCOM frequently visited Bars/Clubs and other establishments advising them to comply with all rules and regulations implemented by the Brgy. They were even issued citation tickets after conducting inspections as to the violations found and given enough time to remedy and comply such violations. Sad to note only few complied with and others totally ignored or even undermined the authority of the Barangay as a Local Government Unit. There was no RAID. They were Regular Inspections by the MANCOM conducted to Q BAR, RED BAR, SHIPWRECKED and CLUB ASIA. During the inspection, it was found out that 80 employees and 2 office personnel has no working clearance. Prior to the inspection, we conducted meeting and even sent official communications to all Bar Owners and Club to secure working clearance for their employees. Pursuant to the provisions of Balibago Ordinance Nr. 2 the penalty impose is either a fine of 1,000 pesos per employee or filing of appropriate charges for violation of said ordinance. After paying the fine, all the women were released and returned to work. Further the management of said club were advised to secure  working clearance for their employees and given ten (10) days to complied with.  Hope you are enlightened. Thanks my friend.  (Barangay Captain Tony Mamac)

Hi Harry. Here’s an update on goings on at Barbarino’s:  Business is going reasonably well, considering it is low season, and many of our locals are out of town. We get a good sprinkling of Koreans most afternoons, then locals in the evenings. As I am an active Hasher and Pool Player, that also generates a fair bit of business for us.  We have ironed out a lot of the start-up glitches, also have dealt with a few minor crisis that have threatened to slow us down (broken fridges, blocked up CR etc.). All along, we have been trying to improve the menu, the service, and the overall Customer experience. I think we are getting there!  Anyway, the updates:

1. We now have the 500gm T Bones (actually Porterhouses)….very nice.

2. We now open every day bar Wednesday (sorry for the change, but that seems to be the weakest day, lots going on in Fields, eg: Wow Wednesday, Alien Hash etc).

3. 10% discount now on all food and drink for PI@N members, Hashers, and RSL.

4. Current Special Drinks are Guinness P140, Becks P100, and Stella P100 (before discount).

5. We have improved the Wine selection by adding from the Hardy’s Varietal range. P495 a bottle (again, before discount).

6. We have agreed to take over the Lease on the Karaoke next door, it will allow us to double the size of the restaurant and add a pool table (and shut them up!). Work will begin end of August. We will have a Pizza Oven next door, so we can offer a broader range of food then.

Our prices are extremely competitive, for example, a 250gm T Bone is P260 (before discount), which is 50% below a certain English / Australian Pub bar behind Fields I checked out the other day. Our steaks come from Aussie Meats, everyone enjoys them. I am there most evenings except Sunday (that’s when I Hash).  (I like this restaurant and will get over there to check out the steak.  I like it when a small business owner works hard and can expand.  Happy to see that Karaoke next door go away and allow for more restaurant space.  Good on ya Kevin)

Hi, Harry. Could you tell me if Jakarta is similar to Angles in terms of night life.  Would you recommend Jakarta? Kind Regards, Len. (Man, I might know a few things but nothing about the night life of Jakarta.  Maybe some of my readers will know and can send me a few comments that I can add next month)

Hello Harry, This is XXXX here,  i should have listened more to you because indeed the difference in age is too big between me and my girl so we broke up, but no hard feelings from both sides.  If possible, pls don’t publish our short story in your coming newsletter of August.  Sorry for your time, I have a little bit of a  broken heart.  i have to listen more to you because you have so much experience in these matters.  (This from a tourist who had written me about staying with a girl during his time here.  There was more than a 30 year difference in age.  He had made certain financial agreements with her and was very hopeful for a good relationship.  I expressed my concern about the difference in age and also the financial agreement and my concerns that it might not work out and to be very careful if it did not. Luckily, he realized it was a mistake early enough to ease out without any financial or legal pains.  Over the years I have been here, some are not so lucky.  I respect Mr. X for giving me a follow-up to our conversations.  Be careful dear readers, these ladies often say “age does not matter” but all too often, it does!) 
Harry, Obama is going to have a Ramadan dinner for his Muslim friends . Obama’s father was a Muslim. His mother married a rich Indonesian Muslim . Where Obama was raised as a Muslim over 10 years in Indonesia . He shows little support for Israel . Did not attend church on Christmas as President , an American custom . No way this man is not a Muslim . Israel intelligence does not trust him.  Joe Walker (Joe, Israel has good reason not to trust him or John Kerry.  I think he is a closet Muslim which will come out even more in the next two years.  But the Press and many people love him.  That is Democracy, at least while we still have a Democratic Nation)

Dear Harry, I have just started a 3 month contract at Burger Shack, playing the piano. I read your review, and wanted to clear up a few things.  The burgers start at 155 pesos. (Sorry about that.  You see, there was a bit of confusion as when my wife asked for a receipt, they did not have one.  They kept looking at each other wondering what to do.  Finally after 20 minutes, when my wife got annoyed they finally wrote it down on a piece of scratch paper.  Soft opening or not they should have had printed receipts.  Needless to say, we might have forgotten the exact cost of the burger)

All my friends have enjoyed the burgers and these kids are having a soft opening.

I think you might have been a little hard on them, but for your own edification, your blog is so powerful and so many people take it as Gospel, that 5 people have said to me that the word on the street (read Harry the Horse) is that the burgers are no good. The answer to the question “have you been there and tried one?” is always no! So my humble request is for your readers firstly to understand the correct price of a burger, and for goodness sake, go and try one for yourself!  I play Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  best regards, Chris Marshal.
(Chris, initially I did misinterpret your comment about “try one for yourself”, i thought you meant me, not the readers of my column. Thanks for writing back to sort that out.  So far others that have read my column and got back to me shared the same opinion as mine.  True, it was a soft opening which usually means one learns from customer comments. I was not hard on the “kids”, only critical of the hamburger.  Maybe this particular item on the menu will improve with time or it may happen that the majority of Burger Shack customers will love the burgers and no changes needed.  I wish them success and naturally hope your musical gig on the weekends will draw in plenty of customers)

This was sent out by “Bender” – Waitress in Shipwreck bar, Fields Ave, 4 inches across DEEP cut (talking could see the BONE and shit) in her foot thinking she stepped on some tourist fucks broken beer bottle..  Gerald of ABC hotel pulls out 12,000 pesos hands the money to ME tells me take care of her.. (Was she working without shoes?)
I rush her outside to a trike (blood dripping gushing like a combat wound) give the driver ALL the money tell him AUF hospital ASAP make sure this girl gets ALL the care she needs from the best DOC..Hats off to Gerald! That guy cares man.. H e has my total support and respect.  (I have known Gerard for years and he is a wonderful, caring man who will easily reach out with a helping hand.  He is well respected by all who have the privilege of knowing him.  I have one concern, who the “I” is, I am not sure I would have let the tricycle go along without me.  I can only presume the trike driver was well known and could be trusted.  I hope the young lady was well treated and will recover from this horrible accident)

Hi Harry,  I wanted to contact you to comment on a message submitted to your June mail bag, and relating to the Baloy Beach road conditions. I totally disagree with the letter writer! I have stayed at Harley’s, on Baloy since early in the 2000′s, and have seen traffic increase dramatically, already. Bicycles, Motorcycles, Trikes, and buses are every hour, and every day as it is, and making any upgrades to the Baloy Beach road will only increase the traffic load, but lead to injuries as the vehicles roar down a paved roadway, and bounce off pedestrians that may have consumed beverages that contain liberal amounts of alcohol content. I know that everybody has an opinion on given subject….and my opinion is that the so called progress in this case, is not progress at all! Just a disaster, waiting to happen. Thanks for allowing me to express my thoughts. I will be moving to Barrio Barretto in the Fall of 2014, and hope that I will get to meet you in person on a future trip to Angeles City. I have enjoyed your monthly column for 15 years…and would hope to buy you a pint or so, and grab some of your time, also. Keep up the great work! Jim (Vancouver, Canada)  (Jim, 15 years, can’t believe it has been that long.  Look, don’t worry about the Baloy Beach Road being upgraded.  From what I have been told the Baloy family is too cheap to do anything about it and will not allow the private businesses to do anything either.  It will remain the same mess for years to come)

Hi harry, I read your news letter every month and have been visiting the philippines since 2010.  I have some very sad news my good friend has died in palawan I do not know the full details yet but I do know he met a girl on date in asia datesite and that was the last I heard of him.  Please publish information in your next news letter.  We both visited Angeles city when on holiday in philippines.  I have a bad feeling he was robbed and killed by the girl he met but cannot confirm that.
Statement I received so far from Philippines embasssy in England after reporting my friend missing-

Dear Mr. Cameron,

With reference to your e-mail of 22 May 2014, please be informed that the Philippine National Police (PNP) reported to the British Embassy in Manila the death of British national Malcolm Llewenlyn Kemp on 27 April 2014 in Palawan.

Neil C. Brillantes, Attaché

Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines

6-8 Suffolk St., London SW1Y 4HG United Kingdom

Tel No. + 44 (0)20 7451 1835

I have taken a phone call from Malcolm sister and she tell me that the police are saying it was a motorbike accident and he was pronounced dead at hospital.  They said he had broken bones and head injuries but when his body examined in uk after being flown back last month uk coroner said no broken bones and was no head injury but his internal body organs had been removed.The Philippines authority wanted £36,000 to release body and for him to be flown back but because he worked for police force in uk our authority get his body back for his family they did not have that kind of money.  There has been a big cover up and investigations still ongoing but he has died in suspicious circumstances and alarm bells started to ring for me because in the 5 years I have known Malcolm he has never hired a motorbike in Philippines because he said they are to dangerous.  Cameron (Does seem a bit fishy Cameron.  Nothing will come of any investigation unless someone wants to go to Palawan and pay for a good investigator to look into it.  No one even knows the name of the girl he met on line?)

Hi Harry, trust you are well. Has Honey Ko’s re opened and is your favorite bar ‘Hang out’ not affected by the recent raids?   Regards and roll on December. Digby C.  (Digby, I am happy to report that Honey-Ko’s has opened its doors again.  During the closure, yes, both the Hang Out and Thi-Hi did lose a bit of business.  Already business has picked up and slowly, the ladies are returning and new faces are being added.  Now, if we can only see the end of the local Barangay Captain harassing some of the bars on Perimeter Road in order to get “voluntary” monthly payments for a service that may or may not be helpful) 

Hi Harry, By now I’ve read several years of your column and I have to say that no one has been able to document what really happens in AC as you have. NGOs, government agencies, even the US bodies working on anti-trafficking should study your newsletter before they make haste decisions related to the AC clubs and club workers.

You tell it the way it is and you tell the unbiased truth about what goes on in AC. Every single other source I have looked at, and there are hundreds of them including professional news documentaries, are biased and they distort reality to fit their own moral standard or agenda. Both sides do it. The anti-club folks make it look like every club worker has no choice and is being forced or trafficed in one way or another. And those who support the business make it look like there is nothing wrong with what goes on in AC today, which is also inaccurate. There is a lot wrong with what goes on in AC today.

Both sides are wrong, and the truth seems to be somewhere in the middle, which you make very clear in your newsletter and which I appreciate.  I love it when you try to find husbands for these girls because you know they deserve better. And I love the way you do it without putting them down because of their profession, keeping in mind that they are beautiful human beings like everyone else. I love it when you introduce a new dancer and you say to your readers, “hurry folks, this is a good one, she’s been doing this only for two months, hurry and marry her before she gets hardened by the trade.” This, to me, epitomizes your humanness and your good-heart Harry. God bless your heart and keep you well. I, for one, am sold on your concept and I am coming to grab one of these girls and to make her my life partner. Keep your eyes open for me Harry. I will owe you one! Best Regards,  Joe S.
(Gosh Joe, you nearly got me blushing. I received your Email just as I am trying to finish my column in time to meet my deadline. Your words were very welcome and so glad you recognize the thin line that the bar owners and the ladies employed here in AC have to walk. There are so many women that would make wonderful wives and of course there are those that would not. Employment in the entertainment area of AC provides a life line to many young women. Even those who do not marry are smart enough to save money, buy their own property in the province and rise above the poverty from which they came from. There are many who disparage the chosen profession of these girls and that is shameful. Joe, come here, take your time, find that special lady and live happily ever after but choose wisely. Thanks for writing)

First and Last Name: Susan Jakobi
Email Address: suejakobi@gmail.com

Comments and Remarks: Hello Harry the Horse. Not sure if you can help me. My dads name is Manfred (Freddie) Jakobi, German owner of the Bird Watchers bar in Manila Ive been told. I havent seen him in yrs and miss him terribly. He is getting on now and I would dearly love to see him again. Last we spoke he shared his time in Australia and The Phillipines. My Uncle George was the only relative who kept contact and he has passed away. Ive tried for yrs to find him and as you can see desperate, Hoping this finds you well and that you know my Dad and can let him know I love him and miss him. You can contact me via my email. Regards Susan Jakobi.  (I think that Birdwatchers Bar was an oldie that has been closed a while.  If anyone remembers “Freddie” please contact him and have him get in touch with Susan.  Any information on Manfred would be appreciated)

Dear Harry, I am a reader of your news letter for the past 10 years nearly.  About March 23 2009 I stayed in your stable until April 6 2009.  I travelled to Manila and met a woman in the LA Café.  We seemed to hit it off and for 5 years now I have been supporting her.  I had her checked out by the detective who used to advertise with your letter.  He came back with a clean bill of health.  I planned with her that I would get a Retirement Visa and move to the PI.  I paid the money for two adjoining houses in a sub division in Cavite.  These houses were finalized paying between May the 6th and June 3rd 2014.

Also at the back of the houses is a vacant lot which I put a small down payment and I was to pay back over 5 years intrest free.  About the beginning of July my Fiancée began to say that the developer was putting pressure on to pay the final amount for the lot.  I then borrowed the money on my Credit Card to finalize the payment for the vacant lot.  My Lady apparently had other plans and now looks like I have no accommodation in Cavite.  Also I have little income in Australia and I cant afford to stay in the rental place that I am in.  As of today my Credit Card has a minus balance of $12 000.  I believe the sale of the lot has not been finalized as at this time.  My total remittances to the PI amounts to about two and a half million pesos.  I want to do three things.

To try and stop the sale proceeding for the lot and maybe trying to recover at least the Credit Card Balance.

It appears there is a new man around and he should be warned I feel. My girl has tried to steer me into the belief that he is an American friend from years ago. Something tells me he is Aussie and maybe already processing papers for migration.  Going on some scuttle butt it might well be she has contacted a STD in the last couple of weeks.  This of course would be another issue which might mean other parties are involved.  Harry I hope you can help.  Regards Thomas F.

Harry,: On Monday a fellow expat related a story to me. He saw a foreigner (European/American) fall from the skywalk at SM mall. My friend stated that the security guard told him that the victim had been taken to San Rafael Hospital (Mabalacat?). He continued that it was being treated as a suicide attempt, but he had seen a small group of kids accost the man and in the struggle (usual MO, one kid “hugs” the victim, while the smaller ones go for the pockets) he fell over the railing to the ground below. He had no knowledge of his identity and the security guard had nothing more to offer. Perhaps you would be able to look into this event. You know as well as I, a foreigner stands a reduced chance of recovery without the aid of friends. Peter (Peter, sounds like SM Clark is attempting a cover-up with its guard calling it a suicide.  These shit little gangsters are getting out of hand and I see no actions by the local police to stem the tide.  These kids hit and run.  What is needed are more surveillance cameras in general areas but we all know that will never happen.  I will try to see what his condition is in the Hospital)  


It was good to stop by and see this young lady in front of Honey-Ko’s extending a big smile and inviting folks to “Come on In”.  When I went in to greet the owner he was looking happy to be back in greeting customers and enjoying a drink or two.  The stage was a bit bare but that will change as it takes some time to bring back the old employees and find some new ones.  I figure by the time August arrives quite a few more dancers will have been added.  In fact, just before publication the owner informed me that he has a Mamasan on board now and many new girls so by the time you read this it should be back to business as usual.   Regretfully, the five past employees are still in jail but the process for freedom moves very slowly in the Philippines.  Hopefully, the door to Honey-Ko’s will remain open for a very long time.

I liked these snippets so much I wanted to share them with you.

A gun is kind of like a parachute.     If you need one and don’t have one, you’ll probably never need one again.

I changed my car horn to the sound of gun shots.  People move out of the way much faster now

Paranoid people who check behind shower curtains for murderers – by the way: if you find one… what’s your plan?

Phil Health for foreigners – All foreign residents

Last week at a ‘meet the Panglao SRRVs dinner’ in CU Biergarten,’the Philippine Retirement Authority (PRA) GM/CEO Veredigno P. Atienza told all there that all SRRV holders can enroll as voluntary members of PhilHealth. He said it was on the PRA website

Yesterday one guy went to PhiHealth Tagbilaran and enrolled within 20 minutes. You pay quarterly – Php600. There is no enrollment fee.  Just take with you your valid PRA ID Card.

Apparently, this service is also available to holders of Alien Registration Cards. They too only have to take in a valid ID.  I believe there is a monthly fee.  Also, for US Military retirees if you use Phil Health then it messes up your claims under Tri-Care.

Jimmy and Rowena’s meat shop and store - Yes, Jim sold out to Koreans for a decent sum of money, cash up front.  Typical of Koreans.  The lease stated that the premises must be used for the same business so that is why it remains a food store and maybe meat?  I am not sure.  I may or may not take a look.  Jim passed on to me that when he asked one of the three brothers “why the Koreans were interested in this part of town” the reply was “All will be Korean in 5 years”.  And that people is the God awful truth and as Jimmy said “Don’t say we were not told”.   I truly believe that the Koreans have a plan to take over as much of the entertainment area as possible.  They may not get complete control but they will be the majority.  Sure, the old Eager Beaver is under renovation now and I have heard the owner might be German with a Korean partner but not sure of that.  Spearmint bar is under renovation and supposedly owned by

New Mail-in Appointment Scheduling System forConsular Report of Birth Abroad and Adult Derivative Citizenship Applications:

Starting August 1, 2014, all appointments for Consular Reports of Birth Abroad (CRBA) and Adult Citizenship applications at U.S. Embassy Manila will be made through a mail-in appointment scheduling system. The mail-in system will reduce the wait time for appointments and help applicants prepare their applications. Please see the U.S. Embassy website for details on requesting a CRBA appointment through the new system http://manila.usembassy.gov/service/citizenship.html.

Applicants with On-line Appointments: You do not need to schedule a new appointment through the mail-in system if you have already booked an appointment through the on-line system. You will bring all required items with you on the day of your appointment.

I woke up this morning at 8, and could sense something was wrong. I got downstairs and found the wife face down on the kitchen floor, not breathing! I panicked. I didn’t know what to do. Then I remembered, Phillie’s Sports Grill serves their P119.00 breakfast until 1000 hrs.

Harry, Just to advise you that we can now extend tourists visas for up to 3 years without a visa run, subject to approval from Bureau of Immigration.
Also we can extend for 1, 3 and 6 months at a time, again subject to approval by BI. Will please some, others will still want their annual holiday ;o)
For 13A residents we can process their ACR card without appearance in Manila.

Kind regards, Howard Ketley, One Stop Travel Connections Inc.
188-c Friendship Highway, Anunas, Angeles City, 2009, Philippines.
Tel: +63 (45) 625-6729 Tel/ Fax +63 (45) 893-0882
Cellphone /TXT: +639214055903


STEVE HART - Dave Donney is trying to respond to your Email and we can’t get the Email right.  Please send me a good address.  Dave’s Email address is:  ddonney@gmail.com.

I am happy to say that I returned to Tony J’s with my wife for an evening meal and I ordered the Chicken Parmesan (P305) and my wife had the Caesars salad (P165).  When my meal was delivered and I took my first bite I was in heaven.  It was absolutely delicious.  Finally I found a restaurant that makes a perfect Chicken Parmesan.   It was perfection and the last time I could say that is when I had the same meal at “C” Italian at a much higher price.  My wife had the Caesar and I must confess that we made a mistake here.  My wife was used to eating this specialty salad at NY Supreme Pizza and they make it a bit differently, adding a few more ingredients.  We called Mia over and discussed this and she told us that her husband had researched the recipe and this was the way to serve it.  The next night I went to Google to check out the recipes and I must admit that we were wrong and.  Her Husband’s recipe was right on.  It was prepared according to tradition, even to the arrangement of the romaine lettuce.  We stand corrected Mia.  I am happy to say that after checking out the various recipes I think I can prepare the salad myself now.  Oh, it was interesting to read the history of how the salad was originally created and by whom.  What is important is that I will, for sure, return again and again for the perfect chicken parmesan at Tony J’s.  I nearly feel like ordering take out now!

JOKE - Semper Fi – Some time ago, a Marine squad, marching north of Fallujah, came upon an Iraqi terrorist who was badly injured and unconscious.

On the opposite side of the road was an American Marine in a similar but less serious state. The Marine was conscious and alert. First aid was given to both men.

The squad leader asked the injured Marine what had happened.

“I was heavily armed,” the injured Marine answered, “and moving north along the highway here. Coming toward me was a heavily armed insurgent.

When we saw each other, we both took cover in the ditches along the road. I yelled to him that Saddam Hussein was a miserable, lowlife scum bag who got what he deserved. and he yelled back that Barack Obama is a lying, good-for-nothing, left wing, Communist who isn’t even an American. So I said that Osama Bin Laden dresses and acts like a frigid, mean-spirited lesbian. He retaliated by yelling, Oh yeah? Well, so does Nancy Pelosi.

And, there we were, in the middle of the road, shaking hands, when a truck hit us.” (Thank you David Dow for this submission of humor)

A response to my message to Rep. Joe Heck, Nevada - Thank you for contacting me to share your support for H.R. 3086, the Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act. I appreciate hearing from you on this important issue, and want you to know that I voted in support of this bill on July 15, 2014.  Like you, I believe that all Americans should have access to the internet without burdensome taxes or fees. That is why I co-sponsored H.R. 3086, the Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act. This bill amends current law to permanently ban state and local taxation of internet access, as well as multiple discriminatory taxes on electronic commerce. You will be pleased to know that this bill passed the House of Representatives on July 15, 2014, and was referred to the Senate.  (Yeah, where old man Harry Reid will let it die)

Again, I appreciate your thoughts and it is an honor to serve you in Congress. Your suggestions are always welcome, and if ever I may be of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.  Sincerely, DR. JOE HECK, Member of Congress (This is an issue that affects all citizens world wide.  Some folks in Government and the United Nations actually want to control the internet and tax it as well)

Here we have the poster model for all dieters.  Rev, manager of Candy Bar is determined to lose weight.  But, here is a photo snapped by his friend Benchy one early morning showing Rev with his diet pills.  I believe that is the 10 piece box of Dunkin donuts.  You can tell by the smile on his face that he is really looking forward to his morning exercise.  I heard that he paid someone to steal his bicycle so he had a  good excuse to sit around a bit more waiting for those donuts to take effect.  Rev, I also am on a diet, please stop by and have a cup of coffee with me. Eh, bring the donuts!

A LESSON LEARNED - Subject: The Art of Capital Letters

In the world of hi-tech gadgetry, I’ve noticed that more and more people who send text messages and emails have long forgotten the art of capital letters.  For those of you who fall into this category, please take note of the following statement:

“Capitalization is the difference between helping your Uncle Jack off a horse and helping your uncle jack off a horse.”  Is everybody clear on that?  (Thank you Sam King for the lesson)

The Hang-Out has a new crop of waitresses and they are kept very busy with the many customers that are taking up all the outside tables and seats.  Even Doug was up and about and looking very healthy.  Now the big three are back, Honey-Ko’s, Hang-Out and Thi-Hi which is a big reason for tourists and Expats to come up and enjoy some great company where the prices are reasonable and you are treated real special.


HOWARD McKAY AND DOGGY DAVE’S  MUSIC NIGHT” on  TUESDAY 12TH AUGUST, 7PM at the Blue Boar Inn’s Stable.  A fun night to be enjoyed.  Drink, eat, laugh and meet new folks.
Tuesday 19 Aug, Howard McKay Trivia quiz night.  How much do you know?  7 PM at the Blue Boar Inn’s Stable.


Kings Head - We’re having an expat 8 ball tournament every Tuesday from 3:30pm commence Tuesday 15th July. Winners Prize: P 500 voucher consumable at bar or restaurant.  Terms Of Entry…. Minimum of three drinks @ P 55 until completion of tournament.

*10 players or more… one game knockout…final best of three games.

* 8 players or less… all games best of three knockout conditions..

LOCAL RULES WILL BE APPLIED.  Note: Please pass this to all players who want to play 8 ball.. Regards, hazel.  (Check out the Kings Head on Wednesdays for their great Indian buffet)

Cottage Kitchen – Enjoy Jazz and be seranaded by Ms. Jessica timbol and Philip Canlas every Saturday, 7 PM onwards.


Harry..this is a bad week!! Many are passing away…

1.  Well Harry….another American passed away this afternoon…his name is Bobby De Leon..Was playing pool at Silly Hat…had a massive stroke at the bar..we took him to Una Hosp….was DOA….Dr pronounced him dead 1600 hrs..today…7 Jul.

2.  Kevin Proudlove, known as MASCOT passed away Tuesday, 8 Jul. RIP MASCOT..one of the originals in pool in AC pool league.. 1.  Well Harry….another American passed away this afternoon…his name is Bobby De Leon..Was playing pool at Silly Hat…had a massive stroke at the bar..we took him to Una Hosp….was DOA….Dr pronounced him dead 1600 hrs..today…7 Jul.

3.  Laura Makiling (teacher in Malabanias Elem.)..our horseshoes player…was Lita Knowles daughter…Sad… :-( 49 years old, heart attack, elementary school teacher)

4.  I was notified today, 14 Jul that (Hobo) Bill Lane passed away in the US.  He is well known to the old timers here in AC especially those who remember Moondoggies Bar.  His problems started when he went into Sacred Heart Hospital for an operation on his umbilical hernia.  Things went a bit bad and it did not help that he had a liver problem.  He Had to go back in for another operation.  Got patched up well enough to clear up things here, went to the States, Boston, MA,  knowing that he would not return.  Sad story.

I knew all the people mentioned here except for Laura.  I knew her mother Lita very well, great lady.  Good horseshoe player.  Condolences Lita.  Two weeks left in this month, hope I do not have to add any more names.


 While on base shopping at the Duty Free (Pure Gold) I got carried away with my budget and offered to take Mrs Horse (Vina, her real name) to lunch.  I had been told by a friend of a good restaurant to check out by Gold’s Gym.  Regretfully, I forgot the name.  While searching we discovered the Zenco Japanese and Korean restaurant and decided to check it out.
We were impressed with the interior design and the comfortable chairs.  After ordering the food we found that the portions were large, filling and delicious.  In fact, I could not finish the King Tonakatsu (Pork cutlet super size w/special sauce.  It included salad, potato salad, soup, rice and bite size kinchi), price P320.  Vina had the tenderloin Tonkatsu (pork tenderloin) for P300.  For some reason she also ordered the Soba & Nabe with salad &chicken tempura & fried rice Udon, premium sashimi, sushi and make-roll.  Needless to say we took a lot of left overs home where our 16 year old son finished it all.  I think the next time I will eat less and just order one of the noodle/beef soup bowls.  The Zenco is located near the Golds Gym, actually around the corner facing the street.  I f you enjoy Japanese or Korean cuisine then I certainly recommend that you check out the Zenco.



The Hotel and Restaurant Association in Pampanga conducted it annual Cook off competition in June but I did not get the info on the winners in time to put in my Jul column.  The HARP is an organization for Hotels and Restaurants here in Angeles City and beyond plus associated members who interact with HARP.  During the year various functions, training sessions and competiions are organized by HARP with the support of the Region III Department of Tourism under Director Ronnie Tiotuico.  The Cook-Off gives professional Chefs employed in the Hotels and Restaurants here a chance to show their culinary skills.  A second category is for the local schools to compete as well and this is where you can see the future Filipino chefs displaying their expertise.  The event was held at the Marquee Mall, outdoors and met with great success.  The judges were led by the charming wife of Mayor Ed, First Lady Herminia Pamintuan.  The winners were:




Her name is Lovely and a very appropriate name it is for her. She was attending our table at the Wild Orchid on the night of Clive Pollington’s 80th Birthday Party.  A classy lady with a great personality.  She is a single 20 year old who has worked as a waitress for only a few months.  Now here is something unusual, no brothers or sisters, an only child and that is a rarity here.  She finished a two year course at Systems Plus after graduating High School.  She lives with her parents, likes to read and would love to travel.  A nicer young lady would be hard to find.  Her Email address is:  lingzki_14@yahoo.com.


Raped and Murdered. On or about 0300h 22 Jun 2014, a body of a woman was discovered along corner Tarlac and Quezon St, Balibago. Kap Tony Mamac together with Ret. Supt Mon Francia PNP, Ex-Os, Purok Leaders and PNP personnel from Stn 4 immediately responded to the crime scene. Initial investigation disclosed that, on the same date and time, witnesses revealed that a white van was seen in the area with men on board and another man outside the van wearing a black jacket believed to be a look out. Victim was believed to have been abducted somewhere and brought to said place where she was raped and killed by the suspects.

Efforts was exerted to identify and locate the families of the victim. Victim was positively identified by her sister to be Roselyn Villlalobos Estrella, 34 yrs old and a solo parent. Previously residing at Histian Apt, Lourdes Drive, Sta Maria 1, and presently residing at 341 Tarlac St, Mt View Subd, Balibago, Angeles City. Photo below shows her daughter Cristal Joy Estrella, 8 yrs old. Victim was from Birak, Iloilo. Follow-up investigation and operations will be conducted for the arrests of the suspects. Again, we are appealing to the public if you have knowledge about the suspects or witnessed the commission of the crime, please get in touch with the authorities for the early solutions of this brutal crime. Rest Assured that your identity will be protected. Kap Tony Mamac.  (Regretfully, to date no suspects have been identified in this terrible crime.  The woman was not working in a bar.  In fact she was working as a care giver for a 80+ year old foreigner who enjoyed visiting Kokomo’s for a meal and a few drinks.  The sad thing is the body was just dumped in someone’s fenced in grass area in front of their house.  The body was observed by many before removal and it took a long time to cover the body.  I am not confident that the killer or killers will be found and I wonder how much effort is being exerted by the police to solve the crime – I mentioned this to Capt Mamac and his reply follows – “Yes Harry, the case is so much active and i will not allow this to pass by without justice to the victim. We cannot divulge everything in public as it might jeopardize the investigation and resolution of the case. What is the problem is that people are easily judging the authorities. By doing so, they tend to invent situations that are unfounded and no basis at all.”


I have always had a deep respect of how smart and clever the Filipino’s are, whether in legitimate business or the business of crime.  This is a case for Sherlock Holmes:


MANILA, Philippines – Right under the noses of Bureau of Customs (BOC) officials, drums of seized diesel fuel stored at the BOC-Port of Clark (POC) have been pilfered and replaced with water.  Customs Commissioner John Sevilla told The STAR yesterday it was only last month when he learned about the disappearance of 135 of a total 156 drums of diesel – with an estimated value of over P1 million – that were supposed to have been placed in a secure spot near the POC.

“As of now, we don’t know what happened, except that what was once diesel has become water. We are looking into those who might be held accountable for this irregularity and learn when did this happen and who were on duty at that time,” Sevilla said.  But the disappearance of the drums did not happen overnight. The irregularity was first uncovered during the term of former Customs commissioner Rufino Biazon.

BOC-POC deputy district collector Greg Pineda said there is an ongoing internal investigation on the matter and they have also asked the Philippine National Police and National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) to conduct a separate probe.  Pineda admitted that some details remain unclear since the pilferage has been happening during the terms of four district collectors.

In April 2013, the POC discovered that 65 of the 156 drums were replaced with water and sludge. The drums were then transferred closer to the BOC-POC office, to a warehouse of a privately-owned Customs Clearance Area, for closer monitoring. Last June 24, the POC again inspected the drums and was surprised to find that 50 more barrels of diesel contained water.  A police line was then placed around the storage area to stop the pilferage.  But seven days later, just as POC personnel were about to move the remaining 41 drums of diesel closer to their office, 14 of the containers were again discovered to have been filled with water.  (Hee, Hee, so much for the “police line”)

Before sealing the drums the following day, BOC employees again checked on the contents of the drums and were dismayed to learn that six more were tampered and filled with water.  At present, only 21 of the 156 drums still contain diesel.  (They better put those drums in the Customs Chief’s office and have a line of Philippine Marines around the office)


It is not often I get a visitor from Belgium so I was very pleased to meet Peter and find out that he reads my column each month.  When I was stationed in Sembach, Germany I was only able to ride through Belgium on my way to Holland. I never got to spend any time there.  Sadly I have read that the Muslim population there is hoping to take it over in a few more years.  But, back to Peter, he is from Brugge, Belgium and is a young 51 years of age and works in Government.  Somehow he has managed to stay single all these years and at the same time stays healthy and happy.  He is shown here with his friend Joanna, 20 years old, from Samar.  Peter, while in Angeles stayed at the popular Walk-A-Bout Hotel near the end of the walking street.  After visiting me his plan was to travel to Subic and stay at Johann’s as he is friends with the Belgium owner there.  He has stayed there on previous visits.  Thank you for stopping by my stable Peter and so glad that someone in Belgium reads my newsletter.  May you find even more happiness and romance. 

Korean Town thrives amid crime, red tape

By  |, 12:04 am | Wednesday, July 9th, 2014

Korean Hyeog Jae-kwak, 51, a resident of Carmenville Subdivision in Cutcut village in Angeles City, was on his way home after withdrawing $20,000 from a bank in January when three men on a motorcycle fired successive shots at his sport utility vehicle (SUV).  The Korean lost control of the vehicle and slammed it into a concrete wall. One of the men approached him and shot him at close range then grabbed his bag containing the money.  The bank was located several kilometers from Hyeog’s house and the violent robbery happened at a busier time of the day, at 1:15 p.m. Incidents like this are among the main concerns of some 20,000 Koreans in Angeles, and the number is still growing.

Kim Kwang-tae, former president of the Korean Community Association of Central Luzon, says crime is the primary concern of Koreans living in the city and other parts of the country.  “Many people in Korea think that the Philippines is not a safe place for them because they see in the news that Koreans are being killed here,” he says. Last year, 10 Koreans were killed by criminals in different parts of the Philippines, Kim says.  “In Korean Town in Angeles City alone, there have been a number of shooting [incidents] and crimes against Koreans,” he says.  In April last year, a Korean businessman was killed while another was seriously wounded in Korean Town when a lone assailant shot them inside their van.  (Gee Kim, doesn’t it sound a bit dangerous to you?)

To combat the rising criminality in Korean Town, where around 150 Korean business establishments are found, Kim’s group hired 26 guards to secure the area. (Yes, and you could find most of them sleeping on duty, the rest were untrained and scared to death if someone shot at them)

Koreans are also wary about what they deem as slow processing of business permits.  (Hey Kim, that process is the same for everybody)

“In South Korea, businessmen can start a business within two to four weeks. Here in the Philippines, it takes three to six months. This is too slow for Korean businessmen. I think this should be addressed by the government so more Koreans will invest in the Philippines,” Kim says.  (quit complaining, just pay for “express services”)


He adds that his group has been addressing the general notion among Filipinos that Koreans are rude.  (Kim, they are!)

“They (Koreans) always shout at us and talk to us as if we are their slaves. They look down on us. They are bad-tempered,” says a Filipino cook, who used to work in a Korean shop in Angeles.  Some Filipinos who have dealt with Koreans share the same impression—that Koreans are ill-mannered.  But Kim says Filipinos and Koreans need to understand their respective cultures.

“I guess some Filipinos need to understand Koreans, the same way Koreans need to understand Filipinos. Koreans speak in a loud voice and have gruff manners, so some Filipinos think they are shouting or angry. But they are not,” says businessman Kim Kwang Tae, president of the Korean Community Association of Central Luzon (KCA-CL).  (Ah Hah, that is what we Americans and Aussies have been saying for years.  But tell me this, since when did “gruff manners” become “nice”?)  

“In Korean tradition, it is not a virtue to speak in low voice and smile too much … . If you have worked with a Korean for a long time, maybe you will understand and accept such attitude without any problem,” he says.  (It is better if Koreans learn to speak with low voice and smile more instead of vice versa)

To address the misunderstanding with Filipinos, Kim says KCA-CL has been educating its members about Filipino culture and traditions.

“We have been conducting seminars for Koreans, especially the businessmen, to educate them about the Philippines and its people. We tell them that they are not in Korea and they cannot always act as if they are in Korea,” he says.  (Sure, and 90% do not listen to you)

Most of the Koreans in Angeles live at the Korean Town along the Philippine-American Friendship Highway and nearby areas like Cutcut. These areas used to be occupied by American military personnel, their families and dependents.  (true, that is when it was a nice neighborhood)

Kim says about 30 percent of the 1.2 million Koreans who visit the Philippines every year come to Angeles and the Clark Freeport.

He says more than 150 Korean-owned business establishments are in Korean Town and several more in other parts of Angeles. Inside the free port are about 50 Korean companies.

“Our association continues to educate the members about Philippine culture and laws. Many Koreans already know how to understand Filipinos and how to act if they are in the Philippines, ” he says.

“It will be good if Filipinos will also be educated about Korean culture so there will be mutual understanding,” he adds.  (What you are really saying is that since you guys spend so much money here the Filipinos should bend over backwards to kiss your collective a–es.  I think you forgot to mention how rudely many of the Korean men treat the local women here.  Don’t worry, they put up with it for the money!)


It was a perfect evening.  A distinguished gentleman brought in his 80th year with songs, humor, two bands, family and even a bit of dancing.  That was Clive, everyone else sat and chatted.  Many of the guests in attendance I knew or had seen them often enough to be able to say hello.  International referee Bruce McTavish and his wife Meng were in attendance and it is rare to see them together as they both have very busy schedules.  As usual the staff of the Wild Orchid did an excellent job.  Each table was assigned a waitress who performed with great professionalism.  The best looking lady was serving at my table.  I was hoping to meet and greet Ron Wakeley but he was out of country.  Not to worry, Kevin was on hand to make sure everything ran perfectly.  Dave Donney was heading up one table and needless to say that seemed to be the table having the most fun.  All in all, a memorable celebration and a very appropriate way to reach that 80th year of life.  Congrats Clive!









The popular, talented, well known Chef Erling Rune is now serving up some very delicious food at the Prestige Restaurant located at the Tune Hotel on Perimeter Road. “Prestige” is not just a name now as with Chef Rune’s new menu prestige has been added to food selections.  Last month the HARP Association had their Executive Board meeting there by invite of Chef Rune.  Being a 3X past president of HARP I was able to attend this special meeting and I could experience the food and take a few pictures.  I have known Chef Rune for quite a few years as he is also a member of the RC of Clark Centennial.  Rune started his credentials to being a top chef when he completed a course in Culinary Arts in 1981 in Berger, Norway then obtained a masters in cooking in 1983 in Oslo, Norway.  He picked up experience as a chef in Germany, Spain and Denmark.  In 1988 he came to the Philippines and like most single men who come here he met that special lady who hailed from Leyte and they have been married for 12 years.  During his time in the Philippines he has worked as a Chef in Angeles City, Subic and Manila and returned to Angeles to work at the Prestige this Mar 2014.  The reason he was happy to leave Manila is that the traffic was so bad he got fed up with living there.  So, Manila’s loss was a gain for the Prestige.  Chef Rune is now in the process of upgrading the menu to present more international selections, add a bit of fine dining.  He hosted a recent Hotel and Restaurant Association in Pampanga (HARP) board meeting and served up a few sample items which were a hit with the members.  He started off with a lobster soup, then Gravlax salad (Asian), main dish of Blackened Chicken Filet and completed the meal with chocolate pudding with TiaMaria sauce.  Wow, fantastic!  Chef Rune is also a member of HARP so we are all looking forward to his next hosting.  Compliments also to second executive Chef Arem, a hometown Boy hailing from Pampanga.  Arem has been with Bretto’s since it opened under the new management and now is adding his expertise to the Prestige.  With all this talent you have to believe the food has to be very inviting.  The Prestige opens for Breakfast at 0700 hrs, flows into lunch until 6 PM when from 6 to 11 PM a full A-La-Carte menu is offered.  Drop into the Prestige, order up a great meal and say hello to Rune, he is a very interesting person to talk to.  He absolutely loves his profession and,  of course, the Prestige.



Last month I had the opportunity to have an interview with Dennis Wright, President and Chief Executive of Peregrine Development International.  I requested the interview and Dennis was kind enough to accept.  I have always been a big supporter of Peregrine and Dennis since the beginning when he came up with the concept of the Global Gateway Logistics City (GGLC) project and Peregrine’s continued involvement therein.  I had heard that there were some financial problems that threatened the successful completion of this massive, exciting project to include the building of the Medical City Hospital on the site.  I also had learned that three Ex-Pat workers had to be laid off due to reduced operating costs.  Let me now give way to an information sheet given to me by Dennis titled “Response to Inquiries”.
“We are mindful that anxieties and concern have arisen over the future of the Global Gateway Logistics City (GGLC) project.  We have written this information sheet to respond to various queries and issues relating to reported legal actions between the groups involved in the project.

A dispute has in fact arisen between Peregrine Development International (“Peregrine”) and Global Gateway Development Corporation (“GGDC”) concerning the continued effectiveness of the Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Management Services Agreement (EPCM) which (a) granted exclusivity to Pergrine to develop the GGLC in the Clark Civil Aviation Complex and (b) obligated GGDC to provide funding to the GGLC Project.

In view of the irreparable damage and injury that Peregrine suffered and continues to suffer as a result of this dispute, Peregrine was constrained to file a “Petition for Interim Measure of Protection” before the Regional Trial Court of Angeles City (Court”).

The Court issued a 72 hour (3 day) Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) on June 10, 2014.  Thereafter, the Court issued another Order on June 13, 2014 extending it by 17 days resulting in a 20-day TRO.”

OK, I don’t want to type all the details of the TRO other then to explain that, in short, the GGDC was ordered to return the operating funds previously withdrawn and to continue providing status quo funding for the GGLC Project, pending determination by the Arbitration Board of the validity of the termination of the EPCM.  What happened is that KGL KGL Investment Asia (I will explain KGL a bit later)  has ignored the TRO, has not reinstated the $1.5 Peregine operating fund thereby bring all construction to a halt.  This action broke broke a binding contract.  This work stoppage not only affects GGLC but the Medical City Hospital as well  Now, back to the closing paragraphs of Peregrine’s response letter.

“Peregrine then sent letters to GGDC on June 11, 2014 and June 18, 2014 demanding compliance with the said two Court Orders.  GGDC continued to ignore the Court Orders and Peregrine’s letters.  On June 20, 2014, finding itself unable to continue with its construction work and in financial distress, and due to GGDC’s continued non-compliance with the Orders of the Court, an Urgent Petition for Contempt was filed against GGDC also before the Regional Trial Court of Angeles City.

Thereafter, in the Petition for Interim Measure Case, the Court on June 27, 2014 issued a Writ of Preliminary injunction against GGDC, which effectively directed GGDC to respect the terms of the EPCM agreement and continue to status quo funding the GGLC Project throughout the duration of the dispute.  To date, GGDC has not complied with the Writ of Preliminary Injunction.

In the meantime, we ask for your continued patience and understanding as we pursue all legal remedies available to us for the welfare and benefit of all who have worked and are presently working for the project including present and prospective locators.”

Since the interview things have not improved in this legal dispute.  Only a few days ago hundreds of workers were laid off and construction has come to a standstill. This appears to be a shameful act on the part of KGL and appears to be some sort of power grab by KGL.  Ah yes, what about KGL?  Well, Dennis and Peregrine needed an investor and Dennis researched and evaluated many different Investment companies in the Middle East plus many others in different parts of the world. He selected KGL (Kuwait Gulf link).  It was not the other way around.  He considered KGL to be able to fund the project and be trustworthy.  What developed was that Peregrine would give ownership rights to KGL in return for prime contractor/exclusivity.  Peregrine would do the work as the “Exclusive Prime Contractor and KGL would own (lease-hold) Finance and Fund as manifested in the EPCM contract (Engineering Procurement Construction Management).  In other words Peregrine has the right to do ALL the work.

Since then Peregrine conceived the Project, reserved the land through the CDC, developed the site, did all the marketing, designs and construction.  The only task for KGL was to fund and finance the project as contracted.  Naturally KGL monitored the progress, conducted monthly audits with KGL a “report Card” every 3 months   After 6 years the overall review of schedule, cost control, value added and overall performance averaged 96.8% which means Peregrine was doing one hell of a good job.  In fact, records show that over that over the past 2.5 years Peregrine was rated by KGL at 100%  Then on June 3rd without notice the entire operating fund was removed by KGL from the bank which shocked Dennis and the whole management team of Peregrine.  Now checks began bouncing and hundreds of people have lost their jobs and hundreds more who would have been employed are out of luck.  This project would have benefited the Angeles City community with higher employment and enriching the City Treasury.  Peregrine is not the only loser in this fiasco but each and every resident of this City who were looking forward to the development of the GGLC.  KGL has not explained their motives or reasons for their actions and continue to ignore lawful orders of the court.

I know this was long and I hope not too complicated.  The main purpose of this was to show that Peregrine has not done anything wrong.  Rumors to the contrary are wrong.  It is not my intent to decide anything here, I am simply presenting Dennis’s side of the issue and all we can do is wait for the complicated legal maneuverings to eventually be completed.  Meanwhile, many people will be hurt financially.

Peregrine itself will still be operating its other branches dealing with furniture manufacturing, residential construction, franchise operations, heavy equipment and “Clark Is It”.  These are independent of the GGLC which is in dispute.  Unfortunately, this is the signature project of Peregrine.


As I mentioned above this very modern, beautiful and very necessary hospital that was due to open this Dec is also a victim of the Peregrine legal situation.  Peregrine construction workers were contracted to build the hospital and the project was progressing rapidly, right on schedule. Unfortunately, the completion date will be delayed until — who knows!  I must thank Peregrine’s Jeff Pradhan for the guided tour in which I could only view the main floor as the elevators were not working at that time.  The escalator to the second floor was not operational either and I really liked seeing that it was there as you know, I hate stairs.  From what I could see, the work is first class and will no doubt be the finest, most modern hospital in the Angeles City area.  We can only hope that this legal debacle will be resolved soon and not allowed to drag on in the courts.  It appears that Peregrine is a victim here but we will wait for the final decision on that by the courts.


BIG SPECIALS FOR THE ORCHID INN GROUP – TOO GOOD TO MISS!  Wild Orchid Resorts 25% Aug Special Discount – 25% off on all rooms with cash payment for entire month of Aug @ Wild Orchid Angeles and Orchid Inn Resorts. Also, 25% off ALL DELUXE rooms with cash payment for entire month of Aug @ Wild Orchid Beach Resort Subic Bay.  Book now, jump on the plane and get your butts here ASAP.


I am so happy that I was able to complete my column or newsletter on time as it has been miserable with so many brown-outs lately and also on and off internet service due to problems with ComClark’s fiber optic service.  I can be typing and suddenly no connection, five minutes later, it returns.  This can happen many times during the day.  But, good news, for one month now the message is “we are working on it”.  Ain’t that reassuring!  We have had a lot of rain but that is not all bad.  The weather cools down, especially at night and my goodness, it is nice sleeping, so much so that one wants to stay in bed in the morning.  I call that baby making weather.  In my case, at my age, it is more appropriate to just call it “laziness”.  I must thank Andrew Holmes, from Flaming Isle, Florida for the knee high compression socks he sent me.  They are absolutely perfect and much appreciated.  So, with that I will close and hope that I see many more of you visiting here this month.  Stop by my stable and say hello but of course, remember, be kind to horses.


History of Middle East Politics (Oil) – Interesting one page article.

Watch this one and you may tear up at what has happened !!!!

This was apparently put together by a Pastor’s wife and is absolutely excellent! Watch it soon before it is pulled from the internet.


Peter, I do not know his last name is my Snopes monitor.  When I print something and forget to check Snopes and other sites Peter is quick on the button to clue me in.  I do catch a lot but I do miss a lot and the ones I miss Peter will bounce on. Thanks Peter no last name.  Here are 3 from Peter.  Two I found to be less than accurate but not out and out false.

http://www.snopes.com/politics/medical/medicare76.aspHope to see you around A GYM sometime in the future.


http://www.snopes.com/politics/immigration/taxes.asp And from other fact check sites. Have a nice evening.

I am not going to print the whole article here but I am hearing a lot over the last year about the dollar being dumped by certain countries and our European Neighbors getting fed up with the rules and regulations and bullying by America in the US Dollar game.

Gay Paree Bids the Dollar Adieu

By Jason Simpkins | Friday, July 11th, 2014

Everyone knows China, Russia and other emerging economies are ditching the dollar.  But now, even France is pulling away from the greenback.  They’re not even trying to hide it, either.  With domestic considerations growing restless, French foreign minister Michel Sapin put it bluntly at a recent economic conference:

“We [Europeans] are selling to ourselves in dollars, for instance when we sell planes. Is that necessary? I don’t think so. I think a rebalancing is possible and necessary, not just regarding the euro but also for the big currencies of the emerging countries, which account for more and more of global trade.”

This echoes a common criticism levied by many emerging countries — particularly China. China, of course, has $2 trillion in foreign currency reserves, the vast majority of which are dollars. And it’s frequently suggested that the dollar’s role in global trade is over-sized.   ( Google this article and see why France is doing this and others).

Get this racist, ignorant Harry Reid out of office.  He is a disgrace.  He can refer to “five White Men” on the Supreme Court and get away with it but now he wants to buck the constitution as well, just like Obama.

“Following last week’s Hobby Lobby ruling by the Supreme Court that Hobby Lobby does not have to pay for employee’s abortion drugs and coverage under ObamaCare, Senate Majority leader Harry Reid (D-NV) and his liberal comrades wasted no time introducing an “Anti-Hobby Lobby” bill. Read Harry Reid’s racist comment about the Supreme Court.

Senators Patty Murray (D-WA) and Mark Udall (D-CO) quickly introduced legislation this week to completely ignore the rule of law under the Constitution and employ Obama-style politics.

(Reid has promised to bypass all committees to put this on the “fast track.” This means a vote could take place as early as next week.”  (What the hell is America turning into?  Maybe Sandra Fluke gave Harry a happy ending massage)   


Thank goodness in the Philippines we still have husbands and wives!  Dig the weird insurance bit at the end.

(Heather Clark)  The governor of California has signed a bill into law that redefines marriage and replaces the terms ‘husband’ and ‘wife’ with the generic term ‘spouse.’
Governor Jerry Brown signed SB 1306 on Monday, which will take effect on January 1, 2015.
“Under existing law, a reference to ‘husband’ and ‘wife,’ ‘spouses,’ or ‘married persons,’ or a comparable term, includes persons who are lawfully married to each other and persons who were previously lawfully married to each other, as is appropriate under the circumstances of the particular case,” it reads. “The bill would delete references to ‘husband’ or ‘wife’ in the Family Code and would instead refer to a ‘spouse,’ and would make other related changes.”
The legislation had been presented by Sen. Mark Leno (D-San Francisco) after the U.S. Supreme Court refused to overturn the 9th Circuit ruling that declared California’s Proposition 8 unconstitutional. The matter hails back to 2008 when voters in California were presented with a ballot initiative asking if residents wished to enshrine marriage in the state as being between a man and woman. The measure, which sought to add an amendment to the state Constitution to protect the Biblical definition of marriage from infringement, passed by five percentage points.
However, with the courts ruling against Proposition 8, Leno sought to likewise change California law to alter the definition of marriage and reflect same-sex nuptials.
“I am pleased Governor Brown has recognized the importance of this bill, which makes it explicitly clear in state law that every loving couple has the right to marry in California,” Leno commented in a statement this week. “This legislation removes outdated and biased language from state codes and recognizes all married spouses equally, regardless of their gender.”
But Christians in the state have expressed disappointment over the matter, opining that the government has been wrong to override the will of the people.
“This bill continues the pattern we’ve been seeing the last few years of politicians ignoring the people to advance the agenda of marriage redefinition,” Matthew McReynolds, attorney with the Pacific Justice Institute in California, toldChristian News Network. “What these politicians don’t want people to know is that their actions are illegitimate. Contary to media myths, Prop. 8 has not been invalidated on a statewide basis. Instead, these politicians are exercising raw power, ignoring the Constitution and counting on the people and the courts not to hold them accountable.”
Gov. Brown also generated outrage last fall when he signed a bill that mandated insurance companies in the state to provide coverage for infertility treatments for homosexuals.
“The way the law works, gay and lesbian couples would simply have to testify that they have been having sex for a year without producing a child to be considered ‘infertile,’ which is [100% of the time], since baby-making requires necessary components missing in homosexual activity,” commented writer Ben Shapiro.
“It doesn’t mean situations in which two gay men are both infertile and incapable of impregnating a surrogate mother,” he continued. “It means situations in which gay or lesbian couples can’t make a baby by having sex with each other. In other words, every single gay and lesbian couple on the planet.
I wrote about this before.  Beware the drop in value of the American dollar.  Regretfully, I have no idea how to deal with it.  

Three months ago we discussed in detail the growing anti-dollar hegemony alliances that were building across the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa). Their efforts at the time, to create a structure that would serve as an alternative to the IMF and the World Bank (which are dominated by the U.S. and the EU), appear to be nearing completion. As AP reports, Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff and Russia’s Vladimir Putin have discussed the creation of a development bank to promote growth across the BRICS and hope to produce an agreement on the proposed institution at this week’s BRICS Summit.

As AP reports,

Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff and Russia’s Vladimir Putin have discussed the creation of a development bank to promote growth in Brazil, India, China, Russia and South Africa.

Rousseff received Putin in the presidential palace in Brasilia on Monday, a day before leaders of the five emerging BRICS nations meet in the northeastern city of Fortaleza.

Rousseff told reporters the bank would top the summit’s agenda, adding she hoped the event would produce an agreement on the proposed institution.

She said the five countries “are among the largest in the world and cannot content themselves in the middle of the 21st century with any kind of dependency.”  Brazil and Russia also signed bilateral accords on air defense, gas and education.

Are you confused by what is going on in the Middle East?

Let me explain.

We support the Iraqi government in the fight against ISIS.

We don’t like ISIS, but ISIS is supported by Saudi Arabia who we do like.

We don’t like Assad in Syria. We support the fight against him, but ISIS is also fighting against him.

We don’t like Iran, but Iran supports the Iraqi government in its fight against ISIS.

So some of our friends support our enemies, some enemies are now our friends,

and some of our enemies are fighting against our other enemies, who we want to lose, but we don’t want our enemies who are fighting our enemies to win.

If the people we want to defeat are defeated, they could be replaced by people we like even less.

And all this was started by us invading a country to drive out terrorists who were not actually there until we went in to drive them out.

It’s quite simple really.  Do you understand now?

Rep. Wolf: ISIS Targeting Christians ‘for Extinction’

Republican Congressman Frank Wolf gave a passionate speech on the House floor on Tuesday accusing the militant jihadist group ISIS of genocide for “systematically targeting Christians and other religious minorities in Iraq for extinction.”

“I believe that what is happening to the Christian community in Iraq is genocide,” said the Virginia legislator, who is leaving office in January after 34 years in Congress. “I also believe it is a ‘crime against humanity.’”

ISIS (the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) has already seized control of vast areas of the two war-torn nations. It issued a decree that Christians had to convert to Islam, pay a tax, or be killed.

“Last Thursday [July 17], the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria gave the few remaining Christians in Mosul until Saturday to leave or be killed,” Wolf said.

“On June 16, for the first time in 1,600 years, there was no Mass said in Mosul.”

Before the American invasion of Iraq in 2003, about 130,000 Christians lived in Mosul, but only a handful remain there now, according to CNS News.

Wolf quoted from a letter sent to the president in June, signed by 55 members of Congress, urging Obama to “prioritize additional security support for especially vulnerable populations, notably Iraq’s ancient Christian community.”

The letter referred to a BBC article describing “summary execution, beheadings, and even crucifixions” by ISIS, which now calls itself simply the Islamic State.

Wolf told his House colleagues: “Absent immediate action, we will most certainly witness the annihilation of an ancient faith community from the lands they’ve inhabited for centuries.

“Where is the Obama administration?”  (Watching Obama attend fund raisers and playing golf.)

Iraq’s ambassador to the United States is also urging the administration to intervene, calling for air strikes to “protect Iraqi borders against the further influx of terrorists from Syria.”  Ambassador Lukman Faily pointed to the Muslim extremists targeting Christians, and called for strikes against terrorist camps and supply convoys.  (Obama will not lift a hand against his Muslim “brothers)


Shock German Move To Russia Spells Obama Doom – 23 JUL 2014, By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers.

A shocking new report prepared by the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) circulating in the Kremlin today states that Germany’s Federal Foreign Office (FFO) contacted Moscow this week requesting an accelerated membership course for their joining the BRICS economic community as they plan to leave the European Union (EU), a move Russian experts said would “spell doom” to the Obama regimes “dream of empire”.

BRICS is the acronym for an association of five major emerging national economies: Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa and as of 2013, the five BRICS countries represent almost 3 billion people with a combined nominal GDP of US$16.039 trillion and an estimated US$4 trillion in combined foreign reserves. As of 2014, the BRICS nations represented 18 percent of the world economy.

Opposing BRICS is a global financial system organized by the West and dominated by the US which forces nations to conduct their international business in the unstable US dollar, making their economies swing back and forth with the winds of policy crafted in Washington, D.C., and New York City.

The West has ceded influence in institutions like the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) only grudgingly, and to the BRICS, today’s financial system is out of touch with the changing times, and ill-suited to support the world’s up-and-coming economic titans.

According to this report, Germany became “alarmed” this week after the Obama regime ordered the EU to “ignore and not comment on” the evidence provided by Russia relating to the Malaysian Airlines 17 flight shot down over Ukraine last week proving it was a “deliberate action” ordered by Kiev officials with CIA involvement.

German intelligence sources, this report continues, confirm their US counterpart’s assessment that Russia had no involvement in the downing of this aircraft and further confirm that the Obama regimes case using YouTube videos and Tweets to blame Russia is “unraveling like a cheap sweater” under the increasing realization that dubious social media-sourced evidence is essentially all there is.

Most damning about the Obama regime accusations against Russia relating to the downing of MH-17, this report says, were German intelligence confirmations that these same YouTube videos and Tweets seeking to prove Russian involvement have proven to be “manipulated” and, instead, prove Ukrainian military forces were to blame.

Important to note, MoFA experts in this report say, is that Germany in knowing of the coming showdown between the Obama regime and Russia, had secretly planned to join the BRICS nations economic bloc in 2011 when its Bundesbank (Central Bank of Germany) demanded a full repatriation of Germany’s entire US$141 billion gold reserve from the US Federal Reserve where it was stored.

On 24 June 2014, this report continues, Germany was forced to give up on its plan to repatriate its gold from the US after being told by the Obama regime that it would only get its gold back in seven years, clearly showing that the US central banking cartel did something nefarious with the metal it had been entrusted to safeguard.

In countering the Obama regimes move, however, this report says, Germany withheld from being converted into Euros over US13 billion worth of its former currency Deutsche Marks, and since 2011 have had their printing presses working overtime printing more.

Making Germany’s move to BRICS and away from the Obama regime even more urgent, this report warns, are the Americans planned attack on the Bundesbank similar to their one on France’s largest bank BNP Paribas that was punished with a US$9 billion legal fee after France refused to cancel the Mistral warship shipment to Russia, and which promptly led Banque de France (French National Bank) head Christian Noyer to warn that “the days of the US Dollar as a reserve currency are numbered”.

Agreeing with Noyer, this report says, is Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff who stated last week at the start of the seventh summit of the BRICS nations that the five big emerging economies “are moving toward a new global architecture”; an economic structure Germany desperately needs as the “boomerang effect” of the Obama regimes sanctions on Russia are beginning to destroy the Germany economy.

Equally as critical behind Germany’s move to join BRICS, this report says, was the Obama regimes CIA spy ring uncovered spying on top German officials causing Germany to order the CIA station chief in Berlin to leave their country.

So alarmed has Germany become over the Obama regimes spying on them, Russian intelligence experts in this report say, their top government officials are now forced to store their smartphones and tablet computers when sensitive discussions take place, and typewriter sales are now surging in Germany too as CIA/NSA fears are forcing even of the most common of people to keep their secrets safe.

As to the American people themselves being aware of the catastrophically dangerous West-East struggle for global economic supremacy now ongoing, and with each passing day is leading to open conflict, this report doesn’t say.

However, in a recent poll conducted by Politico, it found that most Americans aren’t paying the least bit of attention to the war propaganda coming out of Washington…a deliberate ignorance they will surely pay for much sooner than later.

July 23, 2014 © EU and US all rights reserved. Permission to use this report in its entirety is granted under the condition it is linked back to its original source at WhatDoesItMean.Com. Freebase content licensed under CC-BY and GFDL.

[Ed. Note: Western governments and their intelligence services actively campaign against the information found in these reports so as not to alarm their citizens about the many catastrophic Earth changes and events to come, a stance that the Sisters of Sorcha Faal strongly disagrees with in believing that it is every human beings right to know the truth. Due to our missions conflicts with that of those governments, the responses of their ‘agents’ against us has been a longstanding misinformation/misdirection campaign designed to discredit and which is addressed in the report “Who Is Sorcha Faal?”.]






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After trials and tribulations, much stress, financial strains and whatever, happily, Honey-Ko’s has reopened.  The word from the Boss:

“thanks mate. we up 2 28 girls already and have new mamasan starting monday. still chasing some license 4 girls. hope 2 have more paperwork 2day.”

“mamasan pulled out so nominated one of my girls 4 now.”

Happy days are here again as one of the most popular bars on Perimeter Road has opened its doors again.  Starting slow but picking up steam with each passing day.




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73-yr-old British man arrested for child porn

By Zyann Ambrosio, ABS-CBN News

Posted at 07/22/2014 5:16 PM | Updated as of 07/22/2014 5:16 PM

MANILA – A 73-year-old British national was arrested in Angeles, Pampanga on child pornography charges, the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) said on Tuesday.  The NBI Cybercrime Division said Douglas Michael Slade was arrested in his home after nude pictures of children were recovered from him during a raid.

According to the NBI, Slade has been inviting children aged 9 to 12 years old to enter his house where he offers them food and money to convince them to pose nude.  The suspect allegedly pays the children P150 to P250.  For his part, Slade denied the allegations.  He, however, refused to answer questions from the media.

(This is not the first time that Doug Slade has been apprehended for offenses against young children.  Somehow, each time he has been able to stay out of jail. Doug is the owner of “Home Base” in the Plaridel area and has provided meat and other products to the local Expat community for years.  Years ago he had rented a home in Carmenville with a swimming pool in which he allowed many young children to swim and have a break from the hot weather.  Each time Doug has been detained he has denied the allegations and been able to move on with his life.  It will be interesting to see what happens this time)


A British paedophile accused of child molestation in Angeles City. PREDA investigated and found another one of his victims and filed charges against Slade who is now on trial in Angeles City.

News of the World
April 2006

A former navy officer who prepared dinners for the Queen on the Royal yacht Britannia faces life in prison for molesting boys.

Retired Lieutenant Commander Douglas Michael Slade, 64, will stand trial on paedophile charges after allegedly abusing children as young as 13 at his home in the Philippines.

Police say they caught him abusing a 15-year-old boy and exposing another 14-year-old boy to a pornographic film.

Five children aged 13 to 17 claims they were molested by Slade between 2003 and 2005.

Slade originally from Aylesbury, Bucks, has lived in the Philippines for 21 years and runs a shop selling home-made pies to British expats.

Child welfare workers have nicknamed him “The Pork Pie Paedophile”.

Slade was first arrested in September last year after police swooped on his apartment in the town of Angeles, notorious for under-age sex and child-sex tourism.

He was due to appear in court in February but failed to attend and after being arrested again in March posted bail of £6,000.

Slade pleaded not guilty to all the charges at a hearing at the Angeles Trial Court earlier this week. His trial is due to begin on 12 April.

Slade faced similar charges in the mid-90s after four youngsters aged 11 to 14 were allegedly found naked with him in his swimming pool but the case was settled out of court.

He was exposed in 1975 as the ringleader of a group called Paedophile Action for Liberation, which aimed to make paedophilia legal.

Another Briton also faces paedophile charges in the Philippines after allegedly abusing kids.

Barry Edwards, 60, was arrested three years ago and is due in court later this month.

An earlier charge of raping a 14-year-old girl against the former university Maths lecturer at the Middlesex University was dropped.

Child-welfare worker Father Shay Cullen said: “There are more British paedophiles coming to the Philippines since the conviction of Garry Glitter in Vietnam.

“They too will be caught and face a minimum 17 year in prison. They treat children as sex toys for their sexual gratification and buy them for the price of a hamburger.

“Douglas Slade has evaded justice in the past when he was accused of sexually abusing small boys here. We at the Preda center for children are doing all we can to see justice done and prevent the pay-off of victims and their parents. [End]




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This is an item I would have waited until Aug to publish but I am so angry that this man questioned my integrity that I am publishing it here now.

Dear Harry, I have just started a 3 month contract at Burger Shack, playing the piano. I read your review, and wanted to clear up a few things.  The burgers start at 155 pesos.  All my friends have enjoyed the burgers and these kids are having a soft opening.

I think you might have been a little hard on them, but for your own edification, your blog is so powerful and so many people take it as Gospel, that 5 people have said to me that the word on the street (read Harry the Horse) is that the burgers are no good. The answer to the question “have you been there and tried one?” is always no! So my humble request is for your readers firstly to understand the correct price of a burger, and for goodness sake, go and try one for yourself!

I play Friday, Saturday and Sunday

best regards, Chris Marshal

to Chris

Chris, thank you for writing back to me and explaining that I misinterpreted your comment about “go and try one for yourself”.  Yes, I did think you meant me instead of the five people you spoke to.  Naturally, I do realize that the Burger Shack was having a soft opening and will listen to comments from customers.  Maybe the majority of their customers will like the burger being served and decide not to make any changes.  Maybe they will be able to give proper printed receipts when asked for one.  One makes allowances for a soft opening.  I was not hard on the kids, I was only critical of the hamburger.  My opinion of the burger presently served remains the same but I wish them success and of course hope that your musical weekend gig will bring in a lot of business.  




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Your DAV Chapter 3 will hold a very important general membership meeting (GMM) this Friday, July 11th at 11 AM in the VFW Post 2485 Essary Room. This meeting will not only decide the fate of our Chapter (whether to continue), but also elect chapter officers for 2014-2015, if we do decide to remain a chapter. We also need volunteer service representatives to man the office and decide how many days we will be open for counseling/assistance. Please attend if at all possible. Hope to see you there!



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Well Harry….another American passed away this afternoon…his name is Bobby De Leon..
Was playing pool at Silly Hat…had a massive stroke at the bar..we took him to ONA Hosp….was DOA….Dr pronounced him dead 1600 hrs..today… Danny J.

That came as a shock to me.  It is only 4:30 PM now.  I knew Bobby, been playing pool here for years.  will add more details as to viewing and burial as soon as i receive them.  



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On Friday night while at Phillie’s I was told that the Red Bar, Q Bar and Shipwreck were raided and girls taken away on Thursday night.

In fact, this was an inspection by the Balibago Barangay officials who checked ID’s and only took those girls who were not wearing ID’s.  This was not a raid in a literal sense.  Bar owners and Mamasan’s know that each employee must be wearing their ID when working.  Not to do so could leave one open for harassment.  The bars remain open and business as usual.

Am announcing this as some people might get the wrong impression when they see the work “raid”.

I will forward this to Barangay Captin Tony Mamac to see if he is going to be making these unannounced “inspections” on a regular basis.

This is what I was afraid of.  Just got this Email from a reader and he has the wrong idea:

From Richard M.
Comments and Remarks: Harry. Thought I’d share this with you. Last night about midnight I get a text from a girl I know who works at the Q Bar down on Fields. They were raided by the Barangay. They took all the girls away, in 4 vehicles, and held them at their headquarters until the owner paid 1,000 peso each for their release. They were only gone for maybe 2 hours and no one was charged with anything. If that’s not kidnapping for ransom I’ll eat my shirt. (As I said above, the girls were in violation of Barangay regulations and the fine was justified.  It is like not wearing a helmet when riding a motorcycle or motor bike.  It is a violation you might get away with for a long time but when the police decide to crack down, you will have to pay a fine.  The Barangay Captain has the right to inspect and that is what this was, NOT a raid.  Now, believe me, other bars will start making sure their girls are wearing their ID’s.  Even in my little place I am making sure that ID cards are worn while on duty.  Now, did they have to take the ladies away, not really, I am sure the owners would have come up with the fine money but there might have been some ladies working that had not obtained their ID’s yet and that is a no-no.  So, no harm done, no “RAID” per se!)

In answer to my query to Barangay Capt Tony Mamac, his reply follows:

Actually they are not 80. All in all 81. Yes we collected 1,000 each as payments for fines pursuant to the provision of Brgy Ordinance nr. 2 and we issued appropriate official receipt after payment of the fines. All those who will be found working without Barangay Clearance or Working Clearance shall be penalized  with fines or appropriate charges for violation of said ordinance. They choose to pay the fines. It is their call. After numerous advise both during meetings and communications pertaining to the consequences for violating or ignoring the ordinance i think there is no need to inform them any actions nor inspections by the MANCOM in the future.It is their duties and responsibility to comply.


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