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Man, it is HOT!  Time for walking around in shorts, tank tops, sandals as well as hitting the swimming pools and beaches.  It is April and it will get hotter.  So, for inspiration, check out these lovelies in bathing suits.  They were the contestants in the Miss Blue Rock 2013 beauty contest.  Why are beauty contests in Barrio Barretto and Angeles City better than the ones in the states?  Because you can meet, talk and interact with each one.  They are very attractive, friendly and no attitudes.  Another reason to head for the Philippines gentlemen, regardless of your age.  I have individual close up pictures but will save those for my May column.  Why May you might ask?  Because I am too tired right now to fuss with them.  By the end of the month I am burned out.  Yes, I waited until the very last day to write this part.

I think this article will be out on the 1st of Apr in the US but the second in the PI. Everyone is enjoying a four day weekend, except me.  OH, congrats to John Marszal and Clarisa on the birth of their baby girl.  For sure she will grow up to be a champion dart player.



G’day Harry,  I just arrived last week after spending a few nights in Manila visiting some old mates and now I’m down in Boracay with my sweetie. Just a heads up for those arriving into Manila at The Ninoy Aquino International Airport. There are two different taxi stands as you leave the baggage area. The first one is on your left which are the regular city taxis and the other one are the airport taxis across the road on the arrival area. The airport taxis offer a set fare according to the area of Manila that you go to and the regular city taxis are metered. I believe they started the regular taxi service about three or four years ago which is nice because they are cheaper and metered. Well, I have been coming here since the 1980s and each time I learn of a new scam. I always stay in the same hotel in Ermita and know what the fare is. I realize there are slight increases due to fuel but up until last week the average fare I have been paying was about P160. For some reason the metered fare was P440. About half way to the hotel the driver stops the taxi and lifts the hood up claiming he has a problem with the air conditioning. I kind of figured at that point he may have been rigging the meter somehow as how could you explain the more the double fare from January of last year.

When I was having a few cold ones with the boys in Manila, the talk turned to safe deposits boxes in the rooms of some hotels in Angeles. It appears that some foreigners are having a few bills pulled from their room safes according to my mates. Most people don’t keep count of their daily spending habits but usually have an idea what they are holding in the boxes. I asked them how is this possible and according to one of my mate’s wife who is a native of Pampanga she claims that anyone can buy the master keys for these safety boxes just by asking around. I don’t believe a lot of what I hear especially in a bar setting but coming from a good mate I got to wonder if this is possible and if it is, where do you keep your money if you don’t have a bank account like me and many others? Have you heard anything about this or am I being fed a line of b.s? I would think each type of safety box would have different types of master keys. I have stayed at places like the Clarkton Hotel and couldn’t gain access to my room safety box for one reason or another and had to call the front desk to have someone come in and open it with a master key.I know the Clarkton takes great care in who has access to the master safety box key and it must be signed out each time it is used by the staff member, time, and room number. I hope I’m not being too paranoid. I just want to have a good holiday this month and will soon be in Angeles but when I hear of stuff like that it changes the playing field and odds are against you losing something sometime. Maybe I’m just getting older and tired of playing the game.  Cheers, Owen
(Owen u r not paranoid, all hotels have master keys to their in room safes and boxes. Just double check their procedures when you check in. Thanks for the tip on the taxi’s.)

First and Last Name: Kenneth Pinn
Comments and Remarks: Well I have been living here in Xevera Bacolor Pampanga for three years now, and in those three years there has been 3 foreigners to die all from different circumstances. The first one was a young man not sure of his name die from natural causes heart attack. The second was a British National who was kind of disrespectful around Xevera Bacolor. I personally saw him taking a pee on the guard shack. Well the story goes he brought 3 girls to his place here and was stabbed 36 times in the back and his eyes was also cut out. And now the third one was a guy who I had befriended and he had lived here for about 9 months give or take a month. He had moved here from Kansas USA and we had became friends as both of us being American’s. He was taken medication for sever pain he was experiencing from an on the job accident in the USA. Well about two weeks ago I went to his house and he told me that he had taken enough pain meds. Oxicotine, morphine and xanax to kill himself but he didn’t die? I looked at him like he was crazy and ask him to please just give me the pill’s and I would give to him as he needed them. He refused and I left. Well I returned to his house many times since then knocked the door with no answer. Then yesterday morning one of his neighbors ask me to come over because they could smell a strong odor coming from his place. I went over and I to could smell that smell you never forget. Many flies were buzzing around and I went to our security and informed them of what I thought had happened. They then informed the police, who contacted the crime scene investigation unit. This all started at around 9-10 am in the morning and by 5-6 pm they had the door open and Scott Wade Tucker was indeed dead on his couch of an apparent overdose. Me being his closest friend was given the task of informing his mother in Kansas. Which I might ad was not something I wanted to do , but something I had to do. His and the deaths of the others have here in Xevera Bacolor had profound effects on me. Especially Scott Wade Tucker. I think what I have found from these different deaths and situations involved is we all have our own ways of dealing with living here in the Philippines and the detrimental effects they have. be they health problems, social problems or personal issues. Dieing is something I am not looking forward to and I guess what i am trying to say is? If your having health problems here that can cause heart attack. Maybe you should go home to your doctor in your country and get that problem worked on then come back to this loving country. If your have a social problem and have a hard time respecting this culture then maybe you should go back your country and not get stabbed 36 times and your eyes cut out. And if your in so much pain that you feel you should take your own life. Think about the people who love you and catch the next flight back to your country and get the help you need. I feel like I was dragged into the situation with Mr. Tucker and I didn’t enjoy informing his mother of his passing. Next I am sure the US embassy will want to talk to me since I was the last one to see Scott alive. I have lived here for 3 years now and I have to say I love the Philippines. The culture is so loving, sweet and kind. Personally from Scott’s death i am making new steps in better directions to be a better person and have more respect for my own personal life here in the Philippines. Hope you have a good day and what you do with this information, like they say here. “Up to you.”
(Kenny, that is a hell of an experience you have gone through.  The lesson you have learned is a good one and your advice is spot on.  The death of Tucker should not have surprised you, he more or less told you he was suicidal.  I guess his pain was too much to bear.  Appreciate life, it is precious and all too short.)  

First and Last Name: Kenny P.
Comments and Remarks: Can you please warn all of the tourist about how the freelancers who work the streets especially on the corner of Philliie’s are thieves. And in their minds they don’t consider it stealing, to them it is just taking. A Robin Hood type syndrome if you will. But anyway I have learned the hard way and hope others can learn from my mistakes. It’s a lot easier to learn from others mistakes then it is our own right. Thanks Have a good day my friend I enjoy your web site.
(Kenny, since most of those “ladies” are Billy Boys you better believe they are thieves who work in pairs.  Yes, be very careful) 


Dear Harry,  I just finished reading your excellent commentary about the raid on the Crow Bar in Olangapo. You speak for the Ex-Pat Community, not just in the Philippines but throughout Asia, when you condemn anyone who violates the law by abusing under aged persons. We should all close ranks whenever any such incident becomes known and stand with the government and law enforcement authorities when any violation of child protection laws is verified. The bothersome thing for me is that law abiding establishments and Ex-Pats in general are getting lumped together with miscreants and perverts such as the owner of the recently raided bar in Olangapo thanks to the universally irresponsible use of the words Human Trafficking to describe all manner of consensual legal aged sex. The anti-prostitution NGOs and Christian missionaries descended on Asia shortly after the internet became a meeting place for perverted braggarts who described an Asia without sexual inhibition, or restriction. The lecherous conduct of the Nigerian U.N. peacekeeping force in Cambodia helped introduce the money making idea of sexual indenture to Vietnamese Mamasans who literally bought children as sex slaves from their parents to re-sell them as pre-pubescent prostitutes to the Nigerian soldiers. Stories leaked to the internet brought a deluge of shock journalists who posed as customers in such places as Svay Pak (KM-11) to scoop shameful descriptions of pedophilia to a disbelieving public. Using subterfuge and hidden cameras the stories took on a life of their own buttressed by men who bragged about the ages of their sex partners. An NGO called IJM (International Justice Ministry) brought money to inspire police support and executed an anti-prostitution agenda that rocked Cambodia to its very core. Working within existing pedophilia laws they bought informers and worked cases for trial before arrests were even made. Their prosecution success approached 100%. Phase One involved gathering voluntary as well as paid for information from insiders who later appeared as witnesses at trial. When it became apparent that closing down prostitution venues and arresting bar owners would remain hit and miss they rearranged their modus vivendi to include identifying and setting up not merely venues but customers and other individuals as well.

The Philippines has many parallels to Cambodia but is quite different regarding the importance of bar venues. In Cambodia if one whorehouse got shut down another appeared with the same women down the street. Also Cambodia had a system of free lancers who negotiated their own services. In the Philippines the venues are heavily capitalized and to shut one down shuts off the middle man money tap beyond a single individual. They cannot easily start up again down the street and the loss of business spreads across a spectrum. The women are not in control of the money but are paid after, not before each transaction. Missionaries and other NGOs in the Philippines are currently using paid informers to set up bar owners and Mamasans, but the process is slow. At some point when they realize as Harry has said that the majority of Ex-Pats disdain under age sexual activity they will also realize that so do bar owners in general in fact the lions share who go to great lengths to prohibit under age bar girls. Quite possibly at this point the NGOs and Missionaries will repeat the methods used in Cambodia and switch to setting up individual customers using decoys and paid informers. They may succeed in frightening away Westerner patronage altogether which would make them quite content with themselves but they will not end prostitution, or even under aged sex by the Asians themselves. They will merely remove Western faces from the buying crowds.  (Scott, well written.  I cannot add any more words to this very true analysis)

First and Last Name: Phil Bavaro
Comments and Remarks: Hi Harry, Just finished reading your latest column and the article about “Benjamin”. It is such a shame that there are bad apples like that causing trouble for the rest of us nice guys. I guess I am lucky….because I like the older version of the filipina hottie! I won’t ever get accused of shagging an underage girl. My gf Beth is in her early 30s and still beautiful to my eyes. I remember one time when we were on the way to Thailand out of Clark, the immigration agent gave me the biggest compliment……”sir, your wife is beautiful”. He treated her with such admiration and respect and made the departure from Clark a memorable day. I still wonder how that same conversation would go these days. Keep up the good work with your column….it is certainly appreciated. I am headed back to AC again next month and hopefully will be able to stay at your stable again. I thoroughly enjoyed myself last September. See you soon, Phil.

Harry, The post below is on international sex guide.info website today. looked on your site , no mention by you. I would tend to believe you and your investigative powers more than an unknown poster on ISG.  Do you know anything about this ? (below).  Will you be investigating and reporting on your website ?

Giddy Up!, on that horse please and report to us. Serious business. next girls will threaten police if you dont pay big money etc. worms are out of the can it seems. goodbye pics. not worth the risk.  THANKS for your site , fits a certain niche. John B. (SEE BELOW)
Punter alert! - Punter Alert! From my trusted wingman is a report that this week a personal friend of his in AC, a senior monger, finished with a girl and she ran to the Police on a complaint of her being photographed by him, The Police take him into custody seize his computer and charge him with pornography, a fine of 2,500,000.00 pesos was imposed.  2 days ago a US Doctor in AC had a similar complaint made and his room raided by NBI, upon discovering the nude pics on his computer, he was charged with human trafficking.  Another report in is same situation in Manilla.  It seems the girls and police have found a way to exploit us more.  Have your guard up fellow inmates.  (John, over 2 million pesos? I think not but will try to find out more. So far nothing on the subject but it could be a believable scam indicating collusion between the police and street girls. I hope it is not true.  Update: Two weeks into the month no further news on this subject.)


Harry, I just arrived last week after spending a few nights in Manila visiting some old mates and now I’m down in Boracay with my sweetie. Just a heads up for those arriving into Manila at The Ninoy Aquino International Airport. There are two different taxi stands as you leave the baggage area. The first one is on your left which are the regular city taxis and the other one are the airport taxis across the road on the arrival area. The airport taxis offer a set fare according to the area of Manila that you go to and the regular city taxis are metered. I believe they started the regular taxi service about three or four years ago which is nice because they are cheaper and metered. Well, I have been coming here since the 1980s and each time I learn of a new scam. I always stay in the same hotel in Ermita and know what the fare is. I realize there are slight increases due to fuel but up until last week the average fare I have been paying was about P160. For some reason the metered fare was P440. About half way to the hotel the driver stops the taxi and lifts the hood up claiming he has a problem with the air conditioning. I kind of figured at that point he may have been rigging the meter somehow as how could you explain the more the double fare from January of last year.

When I was having a few cold ones with the boys in Manila, the talk turned to safe deposits boxes in the rooms of some hotels in Angeles. It appears that some foreigners are having a few bills pulled from their room safes according to my mates. Most people don’t keep count of their daily spending habits but usually have an idea what they are holding in the boxes. I asked them how is this possible and according to one of my mate’s wife who is a native of Pampanga she claims that anyone can buy the master keys for these safety boxes just by asking around. I don’t believe a lot of what I hear especially in a bar setting but coming from a good mate I got to wonder if this is possible and if it is, where do you keep your money if you don’t have a bank account like me and many others? Have you heard anything about this or am I being fed a line of b.s? I would think each type of safety box would have different types of master keys. I have stayed at places like the Clarkton Hotel and couldn’t gain access to my room safety box for one reason or another and had to call the front desk to have someone come in and open it with a master key.I know the Clarkton takes great care in who has access to the master safety box key and it must be signed out each time it is used by the staff member, time, and room number. I hope I’m not being too paranoid. I just want to have a good holiday this month and will soon be in Angeles but when I hear of stuff like that it changes the playing field and odds are against you losing something sometime. Maybe I’m just getting older and tired of playing the game.  Cheers, Owen.  (Owen, check your safe or deposit box every day. The incidents of missing money do occur but not that often and not in the better hotels.) 

First and Last Name: Jon Lee
Comments and Remarks: Hi Harry, I’m from Taiwan, just back from 5D4N AC trip. I was very happy there, girls are lovely,sweetly and passionate, people are interesting, and glad chatting w/ the owner of Fantasy. I’m expecting every trip to AC. I wanna share the situation that I’d encountered. At the first night, about 9 pm, I was walking alone in MacArthur Highway from casino to Field Ave.. Just 100 meters from casino, I saw a kid begging to young couple in front of me, and saw many kids there around.  I walked faster and passed young couple. That kid ran begging to me, I didn’t pay attention to him, and walking faster.  Just few seconds later, a kid hugged me from behind, then all of those kids were surrounded me, and touched my pants to find my money in pocket. When I felt one of my pocket’s zipper opened, and a small hand into to grab money. A car of local driver was turning around from the opposite lane, and almost hit me and those kids. That car stopped in front of us, those kids wanted to push me to the side of car, and I tried to stand in front of that car. The driver cursed to kids, the passenger of back seat got down, those kids then loosed me. A guard of a store in 30 meters far went out and cursed to kids, those kids all slipped away. I get out that safely, and said thanks to that passenger. When I went into a bar,checked all my pockets, no money lost and didn’t hurt. When I took tricycle passing by that place the other night, I found shops all closed at night, and rarely people walked there, but didn’t see those kids. Beside this, everything were happy there. Thanks all information you provided here. (Thank you Jon Lee. This is not the first time I received a report like this.  The last time it was on Perimeter Road.  These kids swarm around a victim and try to get a wallet, watch, whatever they can grab.  So glad you got away ok and nice to hear you received local help)


First and Last Name: Chuck Wills
Comments and Remarks: I hope you remember me. I met you at Thi Hi and was your tourist of the month (May, 2012 I think). Anyway I am sorry to inform you of the death of Keith Carpenter(another tourist of the month) on Feb. 22 of a heart attack, at age 60. He and I came to Angeles Dec. 27, to begin retirement. He rented an apt., The Manor_____ or something like that on the street going down from the MiniStop, past the Tiger Hotel in January. He was one of your loyal readers for several years. I intended to inform you when I was in Angeles immediately after his death but I was told you were celebrating your bd so I didn’t want to come with the sad news at that time. Chuck.

JWH van Lier <jwhvanlier@gmail.com>
Dear Harry, So you think dictators stay in power by throwing a few crumbs to the poor?  Well, you seem to have a rather short memory. What did the poor ever get from Marcos……from Suharto……from Mubarak?  Most dictators stay in power because the US wants them to stay in power. Suharto killed more than a million innocent people and the western world knew all about that. But so what…….he was pro American.  I sure hope Venezuela does not change direction. I would not like to see it turn into a puppet of the US once again. Why, because it would only lead to more poverty and suffering in a country that is basically rich.  I know Americans (and particularly republicans) have difficulty staying objective, but you could at least try.
John (ok John, I will try but gee, I still do not miss Hugo)

Stephen Wright <askalangeles@yahoo.com>
Harry, I try to avoid reading your political nonsense but your recent joy at the death of Hugo Chavez is not only in very bad taste, it just confirms your complete ignorance of what goes on in the word at large.

The man may not have been to everybody’s taste and I generally do not agree with his politics or views, but I do recognize that his achievements in his own country were comendable. Far better achievements than any of your own government in the last 30 years.

He was not a dictator as you mention, he was elected democratically on three occasions. Elections that monitors generally agree were free and fair. I am surprized at you not knowing what democracy is when you come from a place that incorrectly claims that it is the “mother of democracy”.  

He may have appeared to be extreme to some, but we should look at how he rose to power. He was the result of a failed American foreign policy in Latin America over many decades. A foreign policy that supported dictators who tortured and ruled with no regard for the people involved but just served the desires of greedy American corporations. Chavez was one of the few that actually stood up to American bullying. He was not anti American, but he was anti American government and anti American foreign policy. Now this is a concept that I doubt somebody like you would understand.

As for rejoicing at somebodies death, one day we will wake up to the wonderful news that HtH is dead. HtH the racist, bigoted, naieve Jew (Do I detect an anti-Jewish statement here?  Nothing bigoted here?) whose head is so far up his own ass that he cannot see anything clearly. And where will I be? I will be buying the first round of drinks.  Sincerely, Stephen (Ah Stephen, unlike you I will not stoop to name calling.  Instead I will agree that you have a couple of valid points that i am already well aware of.  Never-the-less I was not disappointed to see Hugo’s departure from the scene.  Will his replacement be any better?  I doubt it.  Will we be able to develop closer relations with this country, maybe.  Since we now have the continued presence of a Democrat as President who promises great things for America and likes to negotiate problems lets see.  Stephen.
(If I were to die today I would be very pleased to be responsible for you buying the first round of drinks.  I only ask that you do so at my bar so the money can be used to help pay for my funeral.)

Harry, I always enjoy your blog. I just wanted to say thank you so much.  You…and people like you … are a godsend to people like me.  The Democrats would never ever get elected to office if it were not for narrow minded bigoted cartoon characters like you, keep up the good work!  Jim Dick <jimz11q@yahoo.com>.  (Hey Jim, mighty nice of you to appreciate my work.  You can join Stephen at my funeral)

Comments and Remarks: Harry, RE your reply to me in last months edition about saving a pesos or two by going up Perimter, firstly my mail was not about saving money rather the fact that the PI is, as usual, pricing itself out against a superior country in Thailand, if both are similar prices it’s Thailand the winner, secondly Perimeter has always been for cheap charlies and old farts, with not a great deal of talent compared to Fields. Thailand is a more upmarket than Fields, and if soon to be same priced why go to PI? Sure I’ll always remember the many ladies from AC that have entertained me in one fashion or another, but as I’ve said their skills do not match the Thailand ladies, and on average the thais are more beautiful, but also more mercenary. I’m hoping that the pricing does not make me choose Thailand, as for 20+ years AC has been my choice, but it seems likely to come close to parity, so AC looses. Maybe Subic/Olongapo might be my place of choice.  Russell T.  (Man, I keep forgetting that I am an “old fart”.  If younger and had the time, I would bounce around to Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Philippines.  Each place has its own uniqueness, pros and cons.  I regret that I never got the chance to check out some of the South American countries  and the delights offrred there.  Russell, yes, the prices here in Angeles City seem to rise a bit more with each passing month.  That cannot be stopped or reversed.  There are bargains but difficult to find.  Good luck with your choices.)

Hello, Harry, I am Lynila but you can call me lhay, I’m a filipino I have a foreign boyfriend, we live in australia now but we often visit angeles because I live here before, we like travelling and spending less as much as possible, so anyway one day we are flying to singapore and decided to just go to the jeepney station in main gate and ask which one is going to luinthai which is beside the airport and we just going to walk a bit, but the caller guy is so in bad mood and he said we should go to
the other jeepney who is asking for 250, my boyfriend is startig to argue and I don’t want him to get hurt so I just ask him to back off and just get a taxi, so we got a taxi in the end. But that was 2 years ago already. But last week we met our friends for dinner and one of our friend had the same experienced I feel so embarrassed because why when I am travelling alone and I just take those normal jeepneys to
luinthai they let me because I don’t have a foreign boyfriend with me, they treat the foreign different it’s not fair right? I hope you didn’t got bored of my complaining story :) I am in town by the way.  thank you so much. Lynila Capulong (Ihay, just shows you that nothing changes in AC even after 2 years.  This happens all the time with tricycle drivers and rude jeepney drivers transiting Clark. There has always been one price for locals and another for foreigners here.  Just look at the high prices tricycle drivers charge here in AC and get away with it.  We foreigners just suck it up and pay because City Officials could care less.  It is always better to take jeepneys except for the pickpockets.  Thanks for writing Ihay) 

First Email from “Dom”
First and Last Name: dom
Email Address: perfectserve007@yahoo.com.au
Comments and Remarks: hi i am a mate of bos i am long time vetern angles i have just bought firkin pub zepplin streeet hensonville BANG RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OO 5 foreigner housing estate and u know i have keep putting coming yto live there u know why fucken shit meat so i am a butcher with over 150 years experience in my blood lines so come around 1 may the grand oopening of my new meat shop and world class affordable steak house will open.

Second Email from “Dom”
First and Last Name: dom
Comments and Remarks: my business name is perfect serve food group and i was going to buy brettos too old equipment old bretto work for our family the pronblem with meat shops in phillipines is phillipino fucken meat and does matter who bought brettos they wil still buy from pampanga meat market as brettos was doing well u knoiw what nbo more i will air frieght meat fresh chilled not frozen as u can buy sometimes from meat brokers so u know what this is the answer 1. airfrieght fresh chilled meat 2. be a meat trader in phillipines i will be both for now i will fly meat in and when they give me my permit i will direct import i would like u cell no i would like to talk to re advertisind dom.

Third Email from “Dom”
First and Last Name: dom
Comments and Remarks: i do not know if u got my email i am opening a new australian meat shop/steak house in the ex firkin pub henm sonville ca can i advertise on u web site

Fourth Email from “Dom”
the lines will be long and its not a deli its a real australian butcher shop and what column u write as i will be advertisi\ng.

My reply to “Dom”
Dom, I know the place well. The Baron did not last long there.  I only take banner ads, P1,000 a month.  You create them or get someone to do it, JPEG format, send to me as atch to an Email. Average size 69Km 484X69.

Fifth Email from “Dom”
what are u talking about Harry, i am not anything like the baron and let me tell u i will have them lined up to buy from me and when i reach my quota of customers u will have to buy an existing membership to buy from me.  explain whats this crap about 1000 p i do not understand u.  Dom, Big Dom Meats, Perfect Serve Food Group.

At this point I gave up on Dom.  I can only look forward to this 1 May grand opening of a real butcher shop that is needed here.  Needless to say you will have to look at the Blue Book for his Ad, not here as I am still confused.  Stupid me, I thought he was asking to advertise with me.

Hola Philippines!  I think in 1972 they started the company Public Storage because someone figured out that Americans would pay money to store worthless shit that nobody wanted.  Looks like Angeles City is America’s Public Storage for humans.  So many tax dollars down the drain.  damn….what a waste, Wayne Hughes (Holy smokes, am I missing something here?  I don’t think Wayne likes Angeles City.  What happened Wayne?  Share your sad story with us)  

Harry, I finally caught up to Attorney Duro. He certainly is a valuable asset. The wife and I executed Joint Wills and nothing else. He carefully explained that a lease and power of attorney were unnecessary and in case of her death I will legally own the house and all possessions. I told him I was not overly concerned in the event of my death and promised not to return with complaints. I think it wise to remind your readers of the importance of wills. The foreigners may legally own real property they inherit and the other possessions as well. It certainly defuses family fights if ones wife or husband dies. If your reader is not married or doesn’t own any thing of value then it doesn’t matter. For those that are married and have houses the Last Will and Testament is worth every penny. I ended up spending a little over $100 and feel much better after having options explained, my rights out lined and all put on paper,notarized and filed at City Hall. Duro comes across as a great guy with no pretensions.  John Casey  (Atty. Ronaldo Duro has been my attorney for years and is the one I refer readers to.  He is a “hands on” attorney.  His ofc is located in Dau, Cell phone:  0916 645 0268)

First and Last Name: charles tauk
Email Address: tpf@mac.hush.com
Comments and Remarks: RE: IJM raid on Los Angeles Cafe 2010. hi i am writing to u from Cambodia where everything you report is just about the same. We got 3.000 NGO here pesting and scapegoating Expats for their fundraising purposes . See more:tpf-cambodia.com Keep up your work. (I went to the web site but it was just too long for me and too many links to follow.  No time for me but it appears to cover in great depth NGO’S in Cambodia, particularly a French one who appear to be targeting foreigners using less than honest procedures in order to raise funds, possibly for personal gain.  Anyway, I included it for readers with time on their hands and maybe there is a similarity with NGO activities here in AC and Manila.

Hi Harry, I’ve been reading your news for long time every month,they are very helpful, thanx! I’m from Italy, and I stayed in AC ten or eleven times in last ten years.I can’t stop to go there…Last vacation I spent one week in Pattaya and one month in Phills. I sadly noted that price went up quickly and so I spent more time in the bars on Perimeter,  cheaper and so funny. I stayed in “La Teresita” hotel, right price, very confortable and friendly. My breakfast at “Phillies sport bar” and dinner at Margarita station, “Salvatore”(very good carbonara), Tugs or Kokomo’s and last 2 days at Jollibee…very cheap. I would have liked to meet you in Thi Hi or Honeyko’s…but my english (as many Italians…)sucks. I studied english in Boracay for 2 weeks….but not enough. Thanks again.  God bless America forever. Pinocchio.  (Don’t worry about your English, i love talking to Italians.  Next time visit me or I can meet u at Phillie;s for breakfast)

Harry, I recommend keeping a close eye on this current situation with the banks in Cyprus. It’s a very small country, however, this could be the first experiment by the E.U. in seizing depositor’s funds before they can make bank runs and withdraw or transfer funds out of the country. Can this action be copied by other governments later ? Perhaps even in the USA ? If a government were to have such possible future intentions it would probably be better if they first disposed of a pesky old thing called the 2nd Amendment. Better not to have angry armed citizens if that government might be planning to confiscate some of their personal wealth, Olin (Olin, it certainly can happen in the US and maybe quicker than we realize) 

Thanx Darrell, that was a Fantastic short speech by Judge Napolitano in the link you sent to me. The Judge certainly understands our Constitution far better than that so-called constitutional professor at 1600 Penn, that asinine attorney general at the (lack of) justice dept and 99% of those on Capitol Hill. I have added a link below that is from infowars.com and is Alex Jones giving his take on why Judge Napolitano was fired from Fox News. Alex makes some interesting points and asks some intriguing questions. I am not certain that I agree with everything that Alex Jones or Andrew Napolitano say, however, I am right there with them on most points and I don’t see them as my enemy the way that I view our current occupant of 1600 Penn and practically every Senator or Congressional Rep with a (D) next to their name. I have to be frank in saying that Fox News has been steadily falling out of my favor now for sometime. I can also say the same of the senior U.S. Senator from my home state (Sen Lindsey Graham, R.I.N.O.) Republican in Name Only. Mister I never met a democrat that I didn’t just love to death and praise endlessly, love Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice, talk out of both sides of his mouth, play both sides of the fence and John McCain Jr wannabe. FOX News and Senator Lindsey Graham are falling out of favor fast with this 1st and 2nd Amendment Loving, liberal democrat despising, Fiscally Conservative Libertarian Republican, Ole West Pac Sailor. What’s our alternative to FOX ? Aside from the internet, there are currently none on TV or Cable as far as I know. As for Lindsey McCain, sure wish that we could find a way to primary his behind out in 2014, however, our two card monte playing state republicrat party has most likely found a way to make sure that such an effort has no chance of coming about now, i.e. Jim Demint’s resignation, Tim Scott’s appointment by Governor Haley and putting us in the position of having both U.S. Senate seats on the same ballot in the 2014 election. It remains to be seen what sort of a Senator Tim Scott will be, however, I hope that he will give the dems hell, be fiscally conservative and Not be a Rino. Not sure how Mrs Sailor feels about this but I am still in favor of the “Excellent Eye Candy” on FOX News. No complaints on that one. More to follow. Olin Marsh http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HKi5eqpPSss (I did know the Judge had been fired from Fox News.  I liked him and think he has an awful lot of good sense to pass on for both Republicans and Democrats.  I guarantee he will not be silenced by George Soros and company)

Hi Harry, I have just been enjoying drinks in Camelot Bar at 6.30pm onwards 23rd March 2013. and commenting to my friend on all the beautiful girls and saying it is far one of the best bars in town… Professional, good decore , Great Happy Music Mix and Easy listening sound… So you can talk at ease with partners. Great attractive dancers that really dance. With good efficient friendly educated staff. The Papa San was also there in front of the girls happy and dancing & directing all the time, making sure the dancers are in peak form… Very polished and professional run bar.

I walked out of there and next door to Alaska for a drink… then came out at 9.30pm to find police everywhere, a couple of Police stopping me from going past the club. {Seemed like a crime zone deadly serious} They were loading the bar girls into the sparkling huge New Bus with Tourist sign on the front …There must be 50 or more Police outside and more inside the club…I could not see any under aged girls in there and I looked at every girl there… also I commented at the time on the uniforms the girls had on were not that appealing or sexy as they wore skirts and tops to the neck .. no flesh showing.. like cheer leader girls .. So is a mystery to me …?? they were raided just recently the same way …

Spearmint bar also closed and in darkness, as some of the dance girls waited nervously outside. Maybe they were raided also or club closed to just play safe… I am not sure how many other bars were affected and closed… but made me nervous to be in a bar. So took the safe bet and went home. Certainly put a damper on the night out. Also raided and closed Tight Jeans bar last year August 2012… and one underage girl is still in the jail .. and the bar was running without a license. I know the owner and a lot of my close friends used to work there…

So all these raids make it hard for the Clubs to operate, as so many raids and restrictions… the dancers are now mostly in street clothes or Cultural Costumes … and the atmosphere is very sterile and stale as the girls are afraid to show any sexy dance moves in case there are undercover police in audience ….This is killing the Entertainment industry as we know it here …and the bars all have very few customers. It has certainly affected the whole scene in Angeles .. and turned fun into none ……

One time the girls were showing it all in fun …and allowed to wear G Strings .. then they stopped that so they invented the Body Paint shows … 2011 .2012.. Then now no more … suddenly new rule …not allowed. They now wear street clothes … or Cheer Leader uniforms or Full length Cultural Gowns… Next year 2014 will be Rain Coats.. or a Nuns Uniform … Or worse still the dreaded Burka in years to come ….With all the Dooo Gooders and Political Correctness, the Live Entertainment Industry as we used to know it is doomed & will never come back or be the same as the good days when there was a win win for all..

The future I predict will have the entire tourist population indoors watching Television Videos and Computers with a personal bar drink supply in the corner. Texting networks of so called friends on their Cel Phones …… It is that way already! Why run the risk of going out? Seeing nothing! with no value for money.

The other side of the COIN – The Government was given BIG money by Obama American President to help stamp out Human Trafficking …..So typical Filipino Style, they take the easy way out and Raid the Bars for no real reason … To make a grand stand and appear that they are doing something. (All the money is stolen for their own greed).  Why don’t the Police / Immigration / politicians, etc., investigate all the so called Employment Agencies here??? ????? that advertise for Girls to go Abroad.. free training, medical, bulla bulla bla bla etc., Is all a huge scam & shamm…I know all about it! as my girl friend of 8 beautiful years has been fooled and caught up in this scam. Her life will never be the same… She went as a trained Nanny/ House Maid and all fees I paid.  Find out She is now in Kuala Lumpa controlled by a Syndicate Sex Slave Racket. Has taken 4 Months to find out she is alive with investigations still continuing.  Human Trafficking is huge in the Philippines… and sending girls abroad as so called Nannies / House Maids, fooling the immigrations with training and posed photo’s dressed up as maids. They mostly end up in the Sex Slave Industry and live in danger of their lives as they now know too much… and never to return or be found. Cheers, Pixy from Australia.

First and Last Name: Kevin Ryder
Comments and Remarks: Hi Harry, I was was in Camelot when it was raided last night. I have made a full report on Piatnight. I just wanted to say that I have been in that bar many times, and I have never noticed any obviously under-aged girls in there. Of course, I cannot guarantee there were never any, all I am saying is that it was not a problem I had ever noticed. I am sure the bar would not knowingly have any under-aged girls there, but we all know how easy it is to get fake I.D. in this country. Anyway, my girlfriend has friends there (in their 20′s) who have been taken away, and are currently uncontactable. It’s ironic isn’t it – to me, this seems like a form of kidnapping and human trafficking by the authorities!  I hope the girls are released soon, and compensated for their illegal detention. But I fear this will take time (and money).  (If released, they will never be compensated.  The game does not work that way)

First and Last Name: Winston
Comments and Remarks: Dear Harry, Your photo looks familiar. I don’t know if we’ve met. My name is Winston Wu, founder of a popular expat and international dating site that’s helped lots of people and is very unique in being the only expat site and forum that is free of politically correct censorship. We are all about truth, free speech and freethought. I’m also considered the most freethinking Asian ever.  Where do you hang out at usually? I’d like to stop by and buy you a beer sometime. Regards, Winston.
Btw, how do you tolerate living in AC long term? The pollution is the worst I’ve ever seen, worse than Manila even, in the Balibago area. It will shorten your life span if you live here. The city government should reduce smog emissions by enforcing standards. And the trikes are annoying and charge 8 times what the rest of the PH does, while the box car is 1/3 what trikes in the rest of the country are. And now, beggar kids are allowed to openly mug and pickpocket tourists on Fields Ave, and the cops allow it, which is appalling. It’s terrible. There are a lot of bad problems here that need to be fixed. Have you written about any of this?  (Winston, altogether I have lived in AC for 31 years.  I have written this column fo over ten years now.  Many times I have written about the trike fares far exceeding the mandated rates and how that is ignored by City fathers.  Why?  They want the Tricycle Mafia member votes.  I have asked why the size of the passenger cab cannot be enlarged since they cater to foreigners who in most instances are large in size and their fares are triple that allowed.  The beggars on Fields Ave are indeed a problem as well as the large presence of Billy Boys who now are protected by a recently passed Anti-Discrimination City Ordinance.  These people also engage in pickpocketing activities.  Pollution.  Do not waste your precious breath talking about it.  No city or barangay official is concerned.  If they were the first thing they would do is require every tricycle install a muffler to reduce the obscene noise level of their machines.  But, I did not answer your question of how I tolerate living here so long?  The answer is simple.  Despite the negatives there are many positives and, well, darn it, I just love this City!) 

Hi Harry, Just read your Breaking News. So IJM has switched back to raiding mainstream AC bars. Not surprised about that. They enjoy news shock as it helps them make their bones as an organization to fear and respect because of a “bigger they are, the harder they fall” element, but I am certain they didn’t choose Camelot merely for that reason. The IJM is a deliberate organization that seldom if ever deviates from their Modus Operandi, which demands prior in-depth research, detailing inside targets and bribing key witnesses and police well before the decision is made to trigger a raid using local and national police as cover. Expect a key witness to step forward, possibly a disgruntled, or greedy employee and watch as Camelot management gets raped with a court case. The trial will be a sensation and will earn the P.I. another Tier level aid promotion. Who can say when this will all reach critical mass and either trigger a reaction from those being damaged financially by IJM, or a mass exodus of investors with bars being sold for chicken feed? A perfect storm seems to be gathering by increments.  Cheers, Oracle (Dear “Oracle” I definitely agree with you)

Oracle added:  One thing I forgot to mention; I did research on IJM in Phnom Penh for my book although I wound up not using most of it.  IJM as well as a French NGO called AEFSIP had a fixed dedication to the concept that the end justifies the means. They were not adverse to paying people to apply for employment at a target venue, both to record details and events and to show up later at trial as a surprise witness. This helped them accrue a nearly perfect arrest and conviction record. Stealth Videos and witness testimony made any attempt at defense almost a joke. So to blame bar owners for getting raided because they didn’t provide adequate due diligence against hiring under aged persons is at best disingenuous.  IJM can get an under aged person documented before they ever step foot in a target bar to apply for work. None of this would make any sense if not for the religious anti-sex crusade factor that keeps IJM and similar organizations driven. The timing of the Camelot raid just before the holy holidays was not a coincidence.

From Steve C.  Email from my friend that also lives here… Hi Pixy,               You have summed it up perfectly…Obama gives money, The politicians stuff it in their pockets.  Pigs raise a few bars to make out as if they are doing “something”.       What U always need to remember it is ALWAYS about $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ money.  The Flips won’t pay for the airport that was built by a foreign company and are in the international court over the millions they owe.  Some years ago an American told me the Americans sent over $30 million for roads to be built in disadvantaged areas…heard nothing so they sent a team of people from America over.  No roads ……………Nobody knew where the money is or went!!  GET THIS IN YOUR HEAD:- they all HATE us…even when they are making out they like you.
Come from this corner and you will always do well in The Peenz.  I feel sorry for those nice bar girls…they are only working for peanuts and sending it home
to their parents for rice.  Ray  (I always dislike it when police are referred to as “pigs” and Filipino’s as “Flips” it kind of takes away from any point one is trying to make.  I guess Ray is trying to say he believes the recent Camelot raid smells of police corruption and also that the Philippine Government is corrupt as well.  Finally, pointing out that all Filipino’s hate Americans.  Wow, strong feelings.  I can only hope that Ray is not living here as he would be miserable.  He has touched an area that has a certain degree of truth to it but those foreigners that live here adjust to circumstances and embrace those many we know that do not fall into those two categories that Ray has strong feelings about.  Living in any foreign country can be a challenge and the Philippines is no exception but the transition is far easier here than in many other countries) 

Harry, Long-time reader, former Angeles resident and now frequent visitor. I’ve been closely following all the goings-on with regards to the recent bar raids both in AC and Subic. The IJM is mentioned in the raids.  I have included a link to an on-point article about the IJM posted on the RH Reality Check web-side (Reproductive Health and Reality).  In no way should any person, underage or not, ever be exploited. On this I’m sure we all agree. But this article correctly calls out the IJM for their gross hypocrisy and questionable practices that only show that the cure is worse than the ailment. It’s well written (I believe) and to the point. I hope it makes its way across your desk.  Ramon Garfield.


(Thank you Ramon.  I did read the article but it was too long to print here. I hope that readers will take the time to call up the link as it sheds a bit more light on this IJM outfit) 

Hey Harry, Just reading your article on Camelot closure.  As a long time resident of Angeles, things sure have changed in the bar. I feel for, and fear for the bar owners. Now that IJM has evolved good old fashioned ‘prostitution’ into ‘human trafficking’ these bar owners are putting their necks (not just their wallets) on the line. Who wants to engage in a business venture where you can be thrown in a third world dungeon out of sheer corruption and greed?

You seem to have all the good dirt around town – can you please tell me how an institution like IJM manages to do what they do? There are very few (if any) true minors in the bars these days, there being at least FIVE different city and government ID’s the girls have to get before they start working. Minors in AC bars are simply NOT a problem. So why is IJM here? It’s not to save minors from their horrible fate. Just take a walk down Fields at night, or over to SM – you’ll count almost endless numbers of street kids, no education, no future, hell – take a trip to Manila and look around at the number of street kids – if IJM really seeks to help minors why not help the true minors in the Philippines that REALLY have need? Obviously it’s an IJM scam for money and funding. I saw this all the time in Cambodia with NGO’s rolling around in their SUV and living in 1,000+ usd secured-compound apartments. Hell, even partied with a few as we went to the bars. ‘It’s just a good job’ they’d say, “but I have to watch my step” and “I tell most people I meet I’m here to help remove landmines” – lol, got to love the duplicity.

IJM is here for money, and a spotlight needs to be shown on them for being as corrupt as they truly are. They set up raids, announce they have minors, get funding and get the result they want – getting paid. A few probably are true nut-balls, like their leader – but even he makes 240k a year. Not bad for being a nut-ball. Microsoft and Google donate millions to them, do they really understand what they’re getting for their money?

If you want to help kids – then HELP KIDS. If you want to end prostitution then be honest and say so. They might want to start in their own backyard; Vegas, Mexico, Canada, Caribbean, Central and South America – then they can move on to Western and Eastern Europe, Africa etc… Why come 7,000 miles to muck about in Asia where it’s dangerous for them. I’ll be more than happy to get out my crayon and draw them a map – i think if i circle every country that has prostitution – well, they have their work cut out for them.

The city and government are the ones that produce these IDs for the girls – they should be the ones held responsible for issuing ID’s to minors. If I get my UK passport (using fake documents) and then get a job at McDonalds – do cops come and close McDonalds and take everyone to jail (for a year) while they test my teeth? No – they charge me some infraction for getting fake documents, and maybe they close the gap in their own system that let those documents get issued. Raiding bars that DON’T have girls with govt approved IDs makes TOTAL sense. Raiding bars that DO HAVE all their licenses in order is honestly and truly insane.

And using teeth to check age? Hell I’m nearing 60 and my wisdom teeth still haven’t fully erupted. Not a good tool for checking age, but a great tool for fudging the numbers in your favor. These people in charge should be ashamed.

If the IJM wants to stop prostitution they need to do it at the government level – and they need to do it honestly, above board. As we saw in Manila Boardwalk – it can be done (or moved). If they manage that one, and can help all those girls get good jobs then more power to them. But this below the belt, corrupt, marketing campaign of outright lies is just pathetic and shows the true character of the IJM people we’re dealing with -No guts, just more rats seeking money – like Wall Street. Prostitution is NOT the same as human trafficking. These girls are NOT forced to work in the bars, the bus terminal in Dau is about an 7 min trike ride away for ANY girl that decides she wants to go home. Nobody beats the girls, no IDs are held, no threats are made. Go figure. Marc.  (If you read my whole column this month you will see a few comments about IJM.  There are many negatives about this organization, deservedly so.  Allegedly, they have found a way to get Government funding and donations through less than acceptable procedures.  As more people become aware of IJM and investigations made maybe own abuse of people will come to light)

Dear Harry, I cut and pasted your article into my records then sent the attachment above to my lawyer and to other people who are involved or interested. I am sure JC thought I was threatening him and you may have thought so too. I was not threatening you but I know your arcillies heel and this guys message to you spells it out. First, destroy the show by covering up everything and then arresting the dancers for even a sexy move. Who is going to spend thousands of dollars to buy cheeseburger at Margarita Station when there is no show. Without topless or nudity AC becomes nothing more than a whore house. The guys walk in buy a girl and leave. Your customers can stay home and buy girls all the time why go to AC? Airfare is expensive.  (Doug,There has been no topless or nudity for a number of years now and business remains decent.  The reason they come here is that we do not have the criminal element you have in the US and the girls here are more genuine, sweet and to a large degree do not hustle.  In the US customers just pay, screw and leave.  Here, they actually do have romance, dates and yes, even marry the ladies.  Big difference).

The NGO’s have done the same thing in America. The relatively cheap local go, go bars have gone the way of the dinosaur as the legal people put show killing restrictions on the owners, like no floor work, stages that have to be 30 or more inches high and they have to be six feet away from the customer so he cannot possibly touch the dancer. Thousands of go, go bars have gone out of business and the ones that survive are criminal dens. The girls have to pay money to strip topless or nude if no alcohol. Then they have to make the money back in tips so all sorts of things are going on that are very unsavory. The Doooo Gooders won the battle but near here the Russian Mob is installing yet another brand new Juice Bar in a building with no windows and two floors so the women who pay them to work there can turn tricks upstairs in a back room out of sight. Since they have to pay for their million dollar building and they have a monopoly they can charge $10 to $30 to get in the club and a 2 oz drink of ice tea is $10. The guys are not there to look at a show or drink the tea. They pay to get in, buy one drink as required and get a blow job and leave. They pay $50 to rent a room and $100 to hire the dancer for a blow job. Undercover police and their families tend to end up dead if they try to do anything about it so the Russians have a monopoly. There are three of these clubs in the Newburg area and they are all identical. I am the one who is in court for promoting tours to your city. That will help force the guys to pay off the Russians because they have no other choice.  The situation here is grim. I have had to stop going out as it is just too expensive.  Douglas Allen, BAO Tours.  (I do not envy you or your location in New York State)  

Harry, this is what i know about blind begger.  bill already left, they say hes in london, not sure.  (Yes, he is in London).  the snooker table was removed already and tommy the son walked out with his gf and dropped their wed and thur night teams.  We were in 2nd place and then he just left.  the new owner is mike and dave wright.  Mike C.  (Well Mike, no surprise there.  There has always been a cloud over the Blind Beggar.  I know the Land Lord and he had a hell of a lot of problems with Bill.  I don’t know Mike and Dave but I have heard there is another silent partner as well.  All I can guess is that they can’t make things worse.  I would guess that you will see it developed into another girlie bar with less emphasis on pool)

First and Last Name: De Henin
Email Address: robertdehenin@hotmail.com
Comments and Remarks: Your column is great, I must admit it. You seems so proud to welcome US retired military officers. Would you also be proud to welcome someone like Lieutenant William Calley? I am sure that he does vote republican, as 99% of your fellow readers. (Calley?  Man, that is going back a ways.  Welcome retired military officers?  No I welcome US ACTIVE and RETIRED military men and women, regardless of rank and yes, proudly do so.  I am also happy to know that the remaining 1% of my readers are Democrat!  Where does that put you Robert?)


Harry, does anyone recognize this road ? Bingo ! The SCTEX (Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway), what a nice highway. It includes some Very Nice scenery. It sure does make a nice quick trip compared to my days back in the 80′s at Naval Station Subic Bay and Naval Air Station Cubi Point. I do remember those days of taking the old road thru Bataan, Guaga, Lubao and San Fernando to reach Clark and Angeles City. Now bearing in mind that this is the Easter/Holy Week it was my duty as a Good Samaritan of course to offer a ride to this Nice Young Lady.

As a Southern Gentleman I just would not have felt right about it any other way. Flashback to 1966 and Nancy Sinatra. Those Boots are made for Walkin (but no need today). Those boots also remind me of a certain “Equus Ferus” ‘s Birthday Bash in late February. I suspect that one or two of you may also recognize the nice young lady. Sorry no Easter Eggs, however, here’s a little Eye Candy instead. Who loves you baby ? Not only Lieutenant Kojak but the “West Pac Sailor” too in this case. Happy Easter! Olin Marsh.  (Why Thank you Olin.  That was kind of you.  I had just dropped her off earlier because I could not figure out an excuse to take her home.  She dried her tears and decided she needed a walk)



When I read this article I had a moment where I thought It was referring to Obama, “my :white President”.


Hugo Chávez’s folksy charm and forceful personality made him an extraordinary politician. His enviable ability to win a mass following allowed him to build a powerful political machine that kept him in office from February of 1999 until his death on Tuesday. But as a national leader, he was an abject failure who plunged Venezuela into a political and economic abyss.  Dead at 58, Hugo Chávez leaves behind a country in far worse condition than it was when he became president, its future clouded by rivals for succession in a constitutional crisis of his Bolivarian party’s making and an economy in chaos.

SUBIC NEWS FOR APRIL : Elsa and I can’t believe the first three months of the new year are already gone. A couple more months and there will be Christmas music in all of the malls in the Philippines. (The one thing that always starts on time). Elsa and I had the pleasure of being invited to Harry’s 75th Birthday Party in February and it was a lot of fun. We also saw a lot of friends we hadn’t seen for a while and met Harry’s sister and son. The Harbor Point Mall on SBMA has more stores opening all the time. Several fast food places and a couple of sit down restaurants, along with a grocery store (Pure Gold) and other shops. The Royal on SBMA will be opening a new in the near future close to Harbor Point Mall and not far from the Kalaklan Gate. The old Royal will also remain open. We prefer to go to the Royal for grocery shopping as they have a bigger selection of Western food and other items that we use, at least the old Royal does. What the new Royal will have remains to be seen. Darters can get in pick up games just about every day. Nominal entry fee and a lot of fun. The Wednesday Dart League is now in the second half of the season and the Friday Dart league is still on going. There seems to be a lot more competition as there are now 5 or 6 teams that have good teams. I am still playing darts for Route 69, which is a nice bar, good food and a friendly staff. Bubbly Bones Restaurant in the Barrio is consistently busy. The food is good there, including baby back rib and steak dinner specials and also a daily menu. The prices can’t be beat. I eat there several times a week as well as breakfast with Elsa at the Sit ‘N Bull on a regular basis. Dynamite Dicks still has the best burger in town, and General’s Bar next to Dynamite’s now has a new owner (Tom Chambers) who recently retired here. Tom is planning to rennovate in the near future. We also make it a point to eat at Arizona Hotel a couple times a month, as their fresh sea food and other items on their menu are always great. Pool leagues are on Sunday and Thursday and there are pick up tournaments at Johannson’s on Monday and Saturday afternoons. Elsa normally plays in the Sunday pool league and Monday pick up tournament at Johannson’s. EMU Bar has started a trivia game which can be played at the beach bar any day after 12 noon. All the kids are now on summer vacation until June. Elsa and I usually treat ourkids to a weekend at one of the resorts north of us going toward Iba. Nice resorts with clean water and good facilities at reasonable prices. Just go on line and search for “Resorts in and near Iba, Zambales”. We also plan to take the kids to Angeles for a weekend this month and they will go shopping with Elsa at SM Clark while I go visit Harry and friends at his stable. Well, this wraps up the Subic News for this month. Ron and Elsa.

5 Day Alcohol Ban 9-13 May FOR UPCOMING ELECTIONS

Does not apply to foreigners

14th March 2013 – The Election Commission will impose a 5-day ban on alcohol to minimize road accidents and violent incidents in connection with the elections on May 13, an official said Wednesday.

The Commission has amended its regulation from two to now new five days, on which the purchase, sale, dispensing or consumption of intoxicating liquor is prohibited. The prohibition is now dated from 9 to 13 May.

“The prohibition of alcohol so far was only on election day and one day before the election day in effect – but will now be extended for another three days, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, before the already existing ban on Sunday and Monday.” Said Comelec Chairman Sixto Brillantes.  ”We extended now the period of the ban, as the worst heat of the campaign takes place in the last five days.”

The Metro Manila Development Authority welcomed the Comelec decision. “The MMDA wants the Comelec to thank you for considering our proposal.” Said MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino.  Tolentino had even requested a 60-day ban on alcohol, but Brillantes said that was too long and would hit the alcohol producers too hard.  (Thank goodness someone used common sense – For all the years I have been here two days has been enough, all of a sudden it is changed to 5 days.  I know this is not until May but I believe advance notice is required for planning purposes. Some folks may want to stay home during election madness time)

Australian, girl nabbed for human trafficking, Wednesday, March 13, 2013

CAMP OLIVAS — An Australian and his cohort allegedly involved in human trafficking were apprehended by police inside their rented room at Bliss Hotel in Barangay Dau, Mabalacat City last Monday.

Pampanga police officer-in-charge Senior Superintendent R’Win Pagkalinawan identified those arrested as Peter Anthony Gardner, 50, of Maninda Avenue, Campbelltown, NSW, Australia; and cohort Jennifer David, 28, of Mt. View Subdivision, Balibago, Angeles City, Pampanga.

Prior to their arrest, the Mabalacat police received information from concerned citizens that minor girls have been seen coming in and out in pairs from the said hotel.  All the victims allegedly entered the room of Gardner, accompanied by David. Pagkalinawan, after receiving the information, sent a team to verify the report.

With the hotel management’s coordination, the operatives proceeded to Room 220 where the Australian is billeted, and requested him to present his visitors, the report said. Police said a certain Marlene (not her real name), 16, who came out of the room, was immediately rescued from the suspects.  The report said Marlene met David two days ago and told her at first that they will only have snacks at a fastfood chain. Then, David took Marlene to the room of the foreigner and took some full body pictures of the latter.  Gardner, while taking the pictures, also showed other sexy pictures of some female individuals to Marlene, police said.  Pagkalinawan said the two suspects are now detained at the Mabalacat Police Station as appropriate charges are being filed in court against them. (Ric Sapnu).  (What can I say other than how stupid Gardner was)

Three Years of Britannia in the Philippines - Happy 3rd Anniversary Britannia Medical Center.. It has been 3 years since Britannia MedicalCenter opened its doors. With the ever loyal patronage of our patients, in such a short period of time, we have been blessed to have served so many.  Thank you for all the support for the past 3 years, and thank you in advance for the next 333 years. =)

Mike the “bug man” has gone into the water business.  I do not know what connection there is between bugs and water but if he does as good a job with this new business as he does with the bugs you can have confidence in his product. He and his wife are hard working and very professional in their business.  He wrote me and said:  ”we are selling permanent alkaline at ph8.5. there are many benefits to drinking Alkaline water and you can drink it everyday.  we deliver also.  we can give better prices than the other alkaline suppliers, they charge upwards of php50 per 20 liters and its only temporary alkaline, ours is permanent alkaline”.

Subic - I forgot to mention this last month.  Remember when I wrote about the Bubbly Bones BBQ and Grill in Barrio Barretto and the great steak for only P199? Well, right after that was published the price was raised to P240.  So sad but I guess Paul got caught in rising food costs.  I guess it is still a good, sort of.  Ah Paul, I will still be a customer, even for P41 more the quality, grilling and taste are still something to look forward to.  Plus, here in AC you cannot find a steak that good for that price!

Dave Donney is out of country working so much that it is hard to meet with the man.  Dave is one of the old time legends in this town.  He’s been there done it, and remembers it all.  Sometimes he gets inpatient with me because of my poor memory but hell, I am older and forget names.  Now, I was so pleased to be invited to his house in Hensonville Plaza to join with a group of his friends.  It was a perfect mix and I enjoyed it so much I had two beers and would have had a third if Mrs. Horse had not shown up to provide a ride home.  OK, let me thank Stan Dunton, Ahas (Snake), Stu Lakin, Peter (Monica) Sellers, Dave, Peter Tucker and Bob McGovern for providing a perfect late afternoon gathering.  I did not name the ladies as they kept to their own gossip session inside the house but were nice enough to come out for the picture.  They were all beautiful.  By the way, Dave is off working again in some place called Barrow Island with Australian Logistics.  I guess he will while away his time writing more poetry (smile).

This is a bit of a bonus for you older guys who are seriously looking to meet or correspond with mature, educated women who are hard working, attractive

and single.  I happen to know two female supervisors working at Phillie’s Sports Grill who fit into this category.  Needless to say I hesitate to mention them as I know the owners of Phillies do not want them to get married and leave their jobs.  They are super outstanding workers that would be hard to replace.  I was surprised that they agreed to be mentioned here so let me do so before they change their minds.
They are both 35 years of age.  On the left is Nhadine, a computer Science graduate (2 yr course).  Her Email address is: sweet_wheng@yahoo.com.  Next is Rani Salinas, a small bundle of energy who is like the Energizer Bunny, never stops going.  She is dynamic.  She is a University of the Philippines (Visayas) graduate majoring in Social Studies.  She has a 12 year old daughter.  Email address: hotelier0918cu@yahoo.com.

I finally was able to get the time to meet the new Station 4 Commander, Police Chief Inspector Melencio Santos. He replaced Maj Tan who is getting closer and closer to retirement.  My main purpose was for both of us to get to know each other.  For many years I have had good relations with the Commander of this posting.  It might have been possible that some might have disliked me but just did not say anything which is OK with me.  Santos was friendly, smiled a lot and seemed to agree that a line of communication would be open between us.  For now, that is all I could have hoped for.  He is three years away from retirement, I hope he will stay at Station 4 until retirement.

Have you seen this rather rotund, always smiling Australian lad driving around in his unique electric/solar powered vehicle throughout the day and night?  Have you wondered who the hell he is?  Meet John Brogan, a man who has made a name for himself in a very short time.  I can’t remember all the items he makes, shirts with designs, bar towels, beer wraps, uniforms for the ladies all of good quality and delivery of finished products is fast.  He is amazing.  In Australia he owned and ran a skating rink which has nothing to do with what he is doing here, just thought I would mention it.  He is a super salesman, hell, he got me to order bar towels, beer wraps and beer mugs with my logo on them for the first time ever.  He talks a lot but so do I.  The important thing is he delivers and I sure do recommend him.  I will be ordering shirts next.  Give him a call at: 09054411905, Email:  johnbrogan007@yahoo.com.au.  He owes me and the Mrs a ride in his car now.


Hello all this email is from Malcolm (Richard’s English mate who helped with his emails),  I am sorry to inform you that Richard passed away on Saturday 10 March, 11.30 pm Philippine time. He had a fall in early February and broke his hip. He was later admitted to hospital. His condition began to deteriorate over the last few days of his stay there. I saw him regularly during his hospitalisation. He was bright, alert and his usual “sharp” self right up until the last couple of days. His spirits remained high throughout that time. In the end it appears he succumbed to the old enemies of pneumonia and a weakening heart. He slipped into unconsciousness and in spite of the efforts of the hospital staff he gradually became less and less responsive. He did not appear to be in any pain and eventually left this life peacefully.

I shall cease to monitor his email account after his funeral, details of which are not currently known. I know he appreciated his contact with you all and he always had an amusing story or two to recount of his friendship with you each when we sent an email. All the best to you guys for your futures.

Hi Harry, Sad news from Cebu – for your readers who have ever had a beer in the Kiwi Lodge then they would surely of known Richard.  Richard was an ex Pilot – a train collector and a man with many stories, sat at the end of the bar, everyone knew him and he knew everyone …. He will be missed ….. Stephen Pentland

My wife and I were saddened to learn of the passing of long time customer and dear friend, Lindsey Hubbard, 82 years old, Sydney Aus resident.  I searched my files and could not find a photo of Lindsey though I am sure that over the years I did take a few pictures.  He played on my pool team when in town and he was a very accomplished player.  I was told that he was a snooker champion in his younger years.  In Australia he was a SP bookmaker.  He first visited AC ub 1982 with 7 mates of his.  Of that group only 3 are still living.  Back then he stayed at Randy Rams and also Fiesta Gardens.  He always brought his own meat with him, sausages, lamb, pork chops and a bit of beef.  He used to whip up a breakfast that any doctor would condemn but I loved it when he cooked up that roast lamb and shared it with me and the Mrs.  Lindsey’s health deteriorated slowly over the years as his medical problems multiplied.  He loved Angeles City and he had many mates here so each year, somehow he made the trip over.  On his last trip he did not stay at my stable but I saw him walking, slowly on Fields Ave.  We talked briefly but I did not give a proper goodbye then.  Little did I know it would be the last time I saw this fine gentleman so at this time I say “goodbye Lindsey, thanks for the memories”.


I could have put this letter in my “Feed Bag” but I felt it was so important it needed special attention.  I thought this CFO bull crap issue had been straightened out and common sense prevailed.  Obviously it has not especially when you have an obnoxious interviewer such as Ms. Joaing who I feel should be fired for treating a fellow Filipina like a criminal.  How many women has she brought to tears in the past who do not know how to complain?  I sincerely thank Tony Fink for passing this detailed information on and allowing me to print it.  I have saved it to file and will use it as reference and suggest others do the same.  I do not understand why Secretary Nicholas does not create a different CFO category for female tourists with passports who simply want to go on vacation with their live-in partner or boyfriend.

Harry, For any of your friends or readers who are thinking of taking your Filipino girlfriend abroad, please read the following and the attached letter that I have had to send via a lawyer. You can print the letter in full if you like as there is a lot of legal stuff in it that will confirm to your readers that the laws and interpretations for this service are being abused. In my letter you will also see the name and address of the Secretary for the CFO. Advise your readers to complain directly to her if they have problems.

It all started when I heard that many Filipinos have been turned away from traveling on holiday by immigration particularly at Clark. So I decided to go with my partner, so she could get the certificate of attendance for the lecture specifically for Filipinos with Foreigner Partners or Spouses. This was to enable us to travel unimpeded.

Having booked a hotel close by for 2 nights (Yes 2 nights) because the system works on a first come first served basis) we took the Victory Liner on Sunday to Pasay and on arrival we decided to ask a taxi driver to take us where the Filipinos Oversea Offices was. This he did but suggested we get there at 6am as it gets very busy. Anyway Monday morning came and we got to the CFO office at 6am to find over a hundred people waiting already. By 7 am the sun was up and there is no cover and standing room only outside the building. Everyone was getting very hot. 9am came (3 hours wait) and my partner was allowed in but not me. Registration followed for her by the requirement for her to complete a form requiring detailed knowledge of me. . My mothers maiden name. She has been dead for 20 years.  Then my educational qualifications. I have been retired 7 years.  My address in the UK Where I worked, etc etc etc.

Having completed that and paid the P400 she had to endure an interrogation for 2 hours where she was asked a string of personal questions like, where did we meet, how does she know I love her, how does she know she loves me, why does she want to go away with me, Why is the age difference so great. She is 31 and me 68 but feeling 21.etc etc.

After all this she was then suddenly sprung with a request for 6 photos of us together. This was not a pre-requirement stated on the application form except for the phrase that the interviewer could ask you to present anything they think fit. Luckily I had taken a USB stick which pre-empting something like this would happen i chased round to Robinsons, found a photoshop and bribed them to print immediately.

Then I took them back to the Office where the interviewer had gone to lunch. After her lunch she kept my partner waiting until 4.20pm when she declared to her that she was not going to issue the certificate of attendance as Liezel was braking the law by co-habiting with a married man. The attached letter from our Lawyer to the CFO tells you the rest of the story so far.

One should also note that the lectures are based on your specific country of origin so I suspect if your girl dumps you and goes off with a guy from another country she has to do it all over again.  I feel sorry for the Filipinos who have to travel from outlying islands where if they get asked for documents not previously specified what do if on a limited budget.  Please pass this on to anyone you know who may be trying to get their girlfriend a certificate as it really is a pain in the butt. Tony.

From Atty Segundo E. MaÑgohig


Secretary Commision on Filipinos Oversea

Citigold Center,

1345 Pres. Quirino Avenue

corner Osmeña Highway (South Superhighway)


Philippines 1007 Date March 13th 2013

Dear Secretary Nicolas

Re Ms Liezl Mon

My client has asked me to register her complaint to you about the harsh treatment given to her by your Ms Joaing during her visit to your center for your guidance and counselling session. It is my understanding that these sessions are designed to provide support and assistance to those Filipinos going to live abroad with their Spouse or Partner and should not necessarily apply to basic tourism requirements.

I know you are an advocate for women’s rights and good governance so could you please assist Ms Mon as her rights are being denied. Ms Mon is of legal age (31) not married, has no desire to emigrate and just wants the ability to go on holiday with the minimum of delays at the airport.

I am hopeful we can resolve this issue amicably without any further inconvenience or cost to my client and without the need for us to file a case to the courts in order to get a resolution.. The issues and legalities concerned are as follows.

1. Ms Mon did attend your seminar and completed it with all your requirements. This also included an additional one where she was asked to produce six photos of her and her partner together. She was then kept waiting until 4.20pm that afternoon only to be told that the certificate would not be issued as she was breaking the law by living with a married man. This is not correct please see para 4 below.

Under the current Constitution and Passport laws, legally Miss Mon does not require this certification to go on holiday but decided to get one to avoid any problems at the airport as she had heard immigration often turn back Filipinos who do not have one. This is something that I believe is now being addressed by Immigration as they are also in breach of the laws and regulations mentioned below.

2. She left your premises very distressed and explained to me that your Ms Joaing asked many personal questions in an unfriendly manner which had no relationship to someone going on holiday. She felt she was being interrogated and cross examined like a criminal in a very unfriendly manner. Is this how your department functions? From your own web page it states:

The counseling session runs for a minimum of four hours and is meant to provide you with adequate information regarding inter-marriage and migration, the cultural and social realities abroad as well as available support networks for women in distress.

This statement says your providing your clients with information and not the other way round. What does this really have to do with a Filipina living in the Philippines, already in possession of a valid passport just wanting to go on holiday for a week to an Asean country where no visas are required.

I applaud what you are doing for those Filipinas emigrating as they do need to understand what may happen to them when they get to their new country and what to do if they get into trouble but this in my opinion does not apply to a short holiday in an Asean country.

3. I should also add that her partner has been separated for 20 years from his wife in the UK and spent most of that time working here in the Philippines. Here he is a respected member of the community has worked in many countries worldwide so has a good knowledge of the cultures and traditions of the communities he has worked with particularly where safety issues are concerned.

He has also worked for several of our major companies here in the Philippines for many years and is now retired. He has been a member of the Philippines Retirement Association for five years and settled here in Subic with Miss Mon in their own house and is supporting her fully…

He was prepared to present himself to Ms Joaing so she could interview him and see for herself but she refused. Please tell Ms Joaing that Miss Mon is not breaking any law that I am aware of, Can she inform me please what law is being broken.

4. As an example Miss Mon is not married I therefore fail to see how she is breaking the law. Under the REVISED PENAL CODE OF THE PHILIPPINES – BOOK 2 Section ADULTERY AND CONCUBINAGE Art. 333. Who are guilty of adultery. — States

Adultery is committed by any married woman who shall have sexual intercourse with a man not her husband and by the man who has carnal knowledge of her knowing her to be married, even if the marriage be subsequently declared void.

5. The Philippine Passport Act of 1996. SEC. 2. Statement of Policy. – The people’s constitutional right to travel is inviolable. Accordingly, the government has
the duty to issue passport or any travel document to any citizen of the Philippines or individual who complies with the requirement of this Act. The right to travel may be impaired only when national security, public safety, or public health requires. To enhance and protect the unimpaired exercise of this right, only minimum requirements for the application and issuance of passports and other travel documents shall be prescribed. Action on such application and the issuance shall be expedited.

In this act I see no reference for anyone to provide your certificate when applying or renewing. Your failure to issue the certificate could prejudice her Passport renewal process next time and hence you will be in contravention of this act.

6. Similarly, the Constitution of the Philippines Article 3 Bill of rights Section 6. States:  The liberty of abode and of changing the same within the limits prescribed by law shall not be impaired except upon lawful order of the court. Neither shall the right to travel be impaired except in the interest of national security, public safety, or public health, as may be provided by law.

and even Presidential decrees have to fall within the scope and boundaries of the constitution as changes or any amendment to, or revision of, this Constitution have to be agreed by the Congress, upon a vote of three-fourths of all its Members; or a constitutional convention.

As any denial of travel or passport renewal will contravene her basic human right, under the HUMAN RIGHTS section of the Constitution Section 17 Ms Mon has asked me to appeal to the Commissioner for human rights to arbitrate in this matter should we not be able to have an amicable settlement. .

I do hope that you can get an early resolution to this problem and as mentioned above without any further inconvenience or cost to my client who has suffered distress and inconvenience already.

Thank you. Atty Segundo E. MaÑgohig

To: ivy miravalles <mira216@yahoo.com>

Dear Ms Miravalles

Please see the attached letter, that as a result of my distress and bewilderment over what happened, I have had to ask my lawyer to intervene. It was sent to Secretary Nicolas by courier recently,.  Whilst appreciating the need for Filipinos going abroad to understand the perils that could await them, I am 31 years old, already have a pasport and just want to go on a fortnights holidayto Thailand..  As my lawyer pointed out, if I was travelling alone,under the Constitution of the Philippines, the Passport act of 1996, and my Human rights, you would be in violation of all should your non issuance of the certificate cause me difficultiesleaving the country.  My lawyer also wants to know what law I have breached,something my interviewer suggested I was. He can find no reference in the Revised Penal Code ofthe Philippines what law I was breaking.

Finally my partner did ask your guard at 2pm and again at 4pm to speak to Ms Ronda and he said she was busy interviewing. My partner also offered to be interviewed himself so you could judge for yourself but this was turned down.

I have fully complied with all your requirements, I have even furnished you with 6 photos of us together which was requested at a very late stage. Luckily I had additional documents on a USB stick so was able to provide. Even this was not enough by your interviewer who I considered to be unfriendly unhelpful. She kept there all day only to be refused the certificate at 4.20pm in the afternoon.

As my Lawyer has pointed out all I require is the certificate so I do not have problems with immigration. Please do not inconvenience me further, If you require anything else from me I can courier down . Also if you can send me the certificate by email or courier hopefully we can put this unfortunate issue to rest.  Thank you, Leizl Mon.

From: ivy miravalles <mira216@yahoo.com>

Subject: Issuance of Guidance and Counseling certificate

To: “liezelmon@yahoo.com” <liezelmon@yahoo.com>

Date: Monday, March 18, 2013, 1:32 AM

Dear Ms. Mon,

Warmest greetings from CFO!

We refer to your e-mail of 13 March 2013, concerning your attendance at the Guidance and Counseling program (GCP) of the Commission on Filipinos Overseas.

I am Ivy D. Miravalles, Officer-in-Charge of the Migration Integration and Education Division (MIED) of the CFO’s frontline services. CFO Secretary Imelda Nicolas instructed me to e-mail you, find out more about the issues you brought up in your email and extend any possible assistance to you with regards to CFO’s service for Filipino spouses/partners of foreign nationals.

Per our verification with Ms. Judy Oiang and Ms. Lucille Ronda (Guidance coordinators ), you initially attended the country-specific group guidance session. The group session is designed to allow greater interaction and sharing among our counselees who may have common concerns. In the process they are given freedom to ask questions and clarifications about issues raised in the discussion. Eventually the counselor summarizes the participants’ input and her own insights/observations during the session.

The final part of the GCP is geared towards individual counseling where the CFO counselor spends time knowing the counselee. Depending on the latter’s situation, CFO may request submission of more documents (e.g. personal records, divorce papers, etc.) and sometimes further counseling.

Ms. Oaing, your CFO counselor assigned to you during the individual counseling, felt, after careful evaluation, that you need to attend another counseling session with her before the issuance of your guidance and counseling certificate.

It was never the intention of the Commission or any of our officers to cause you and the rest of your family stress or unnecessary inconvenience. We like to assure you that the conduct of GCP aims to prepare our clientele to the realities of intermarriage, the cultural differences between partners from different culture and the complex challenges of international travel and migration. We continue to improve our program and train our counselors to ensure that we extend quality service to our clientele.

As a gesture of our regret for any frustration and/or inconvenience we have unintentionally caused you, may I suggest that you contact me or Ms. Ronda directly so that we can help clarify any issues you had with Ms. Oaing or with the GCP. I can be contacted at this e-mail address and telephone number (632) 552-4740 or 552-4769).

We look forward to the completion of a frustration-free Guidance and Counseling Program.

Thank you and kindest regards.

Ivy D. Miravalles, OIC, MIED  (I kind of get the feeling that Liezel completely wasted her time trying to get any appropiate action out of Ms Miravellas. Her reply contained a lot of words but no action at all.  Typical bureaucratic BS!)

Billionaire Razon’s $1.2 Billion Casino Gets Lead

By Ian Sayson – Mar 15, 2013 5:42 PM GMT+0800

The Philippines tomorrow opens the first casino in the hub that is its answer to Macau, and billionaire Enrique Razon will have the gamblers to himself for now.

The port magnate’s $1.2 billion Solaire Manila casino will have a monopoly within the capital city’s new entertainment and gambling complex until the country’s richest man, Henry Sy, opens a venture there in 2014.

The billionaires are investing in casinos as the Southeast Asian nation seeks to emulate the success of Macau, where gamblers from China’s mainland fueled a 14 percent revenue surge to a record $38 billion last year. New resorts could help the nation’s gaming market expand five fold to $10 billion by 2017, its chief regulator estimates.

“Razon’s venture is closely watched because it can prove if the Philippines can get a bigger share of junket and VIP market inAsia,” said Allan Yu, who helps manage about $11 billion at Metropolitan Bank & Trust Co. “It’s very promising and it looks like it’s going to take-off.”

Junkets provide credit and help draw mainland Chinese gamblers to casinos overseas. VIP bettors are the biggest revenue generators in the world’s largest gambling hub ofMacau, where companies from Sands China Ltd (1928). toWynn Macau Ltd (1128). do business.

The gaming area in Solaire is decorated with mother-of- pearl-covered columns and a floor embedded with colored glass. It is designed to get 45 percent of its revenue from VIPs, or high-stake bettors, according to Razon partner Bradley Stone, president at Global Gaming Asset Management.

Stock Surge

Razon, who controls 80 percent of Bloomberry, holds one of four casino licenses the Philippines awarded in 2008 and 2009 for the 110-hectare entertainment hub that is close to Manila Bay.

Sy and Melco Crown Entertainment Ltd. (6883), are scheduled to jointly open a casino resort there in July 2014.

A venture of Japanese billionaire Kazuo Okada and a fourth casino in the Manila complex by Philippine billionaire Andrew Tan and Genting Hong Kong Ltd (GENHK). are expected to open between 2015 and 2016.

Razon faces existing competition outside the new hub, including from a gaming complex Genting and Tan opened in 2009 in front of a terminal at the capital’s international airport. The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corp., the state regulator and casino operator, also has four casinos in the capital.

Razon’s casino-hotel company Bloomberry Resorts Corp. (BLOOM), which has invested in Solaire, dropped 5 percent today to close at 14 pesos in Manila trading. It has rallied about 40 percent in the past six months on hopes the new casino will profit from high rollers.

High Rollers

Razon holds 977.7 million shares of International Container Terminal Services Inc (ICT)., a 50 percent stake, worth about $2.1 billion, according to data compiled by Bloomberg

Solaire’s casino operations will be run by Global Gaming, whose principals aside from Stone include William Weidner, former president at Las Vegas Sands Corp (LVS), and Garry Saunders, former chief operating officer at Melco Crown (6883). Global Gaming has a 9 percent stake in Bloomberry Resorts.

Razon has so far spent $750 million to build Solaire’s first phase that opens this weekend and he’s spending another $400 million for an expansion that will be completed by the third quarter of 2014, Stone said. The Philippines gambling market can offer a 30 percent return on investments, he said.

Manila is three to four hours away from China, Japan and South Korea and will be an attractive alternative for high rollers in these markets, Stone said.

Premium Players

The Philippines is counting on the new casino ventures to boost tourist traffic that lags regional neighbors including Indonesia and Thailand. It’s also betting these investments, set by government at $1 billion for each license holder, will help cut the jobless rate, which is among the highest in Asia.

Solaire’s first phase includes an 18,500 square meter gaming area with 300 tables and 1,200slot machines, seven restaurants and a five-star hotel. The expansion, already under construction, includes more VIP gaming space, a 1,800 seat theater for Broadway shows and 60,000 square meters of upscale retail space. It will also feature 300 suite rooms and more restaurants.

“This will really be the first time that the Philippines is going after the premium player and Mr. Razon understands this,” Stone said. “Manila has the opportunity to be competitive and to get its share of that business.”

WATCH THAT WAIST - Grand Forks Commander Relieved Due to Waistline: Air Mobility Command this week relieved Col. Tim Bush of command of the 319th Air Base Wing at Grand Forks AFB, N.D., due to his failure to meet the service’s physical fitness standards, according to a command release. “Bush was not relieved for alleged misconduct or wrongdoing,” states the March 20 release that came out the same day as his dismissal from the post, which he had held since July 2011. Instead, the reason was Bush’s waist size, which exceeded “by inches” the Air Force’s maximum-allowed girth of 39 inches for men, reported the Grand Forks Herald. “I failed to meet the waist measurement component of the physical fitness standard,” said Bush, 47, who stands six feet, one inch tall and weighs 227 pounds, according to the newspaper. He added, “That’s the only component I failed.” Maj. Gen. William Bender, US Air Force Expeditionary Center commander, took the action since he has administrative control of the wing, according to AMC’s release. Bender appointed Col. Christopher Mann, 319th ABW vice commander, as interim wing commander. Bush, who was reportedly a “well-respected” leader, has requested retirement, according to the newspaper.


It was with great reluctance that I decided to drop the ad for Philippine Land Group’s Grandview Tower project.  Regretfully, the project appears to have a few problems which has slowed the completion of the building.

In 2009 PLG advertised Grandview Tower as a fine five-star affair consisting of some 45 residential condos, 92 hotel rooms, and many superior facilities and amenities?  Completion was set for the first quarter of 2010; however, sadly, significant construction ceased months ago with the building only 70% complete.

I know and like the PLG president Marinus Van Merkensteijn and his sons.  I was present since the beginning of construction and had high hopes for the completion of this condo/hotel and accepted their ad in my column.  It is located very close to my stable.  It is a beautiful building with a fantastic lobby and Cafe and a nice elevator.  Over the years many people have asked me, “When will Grandview Tower be finished?”  I always told them not to worry, they had a few construction slow-downs but it is coming along.  I am not in a position to give details but can advise anyone interested to speak with the condo owners and do a bit of research.  I am hoping this project will be completed soon and any problems resolved at the soonest.  If interested I can refer you to a Condo owner who would be happy to provide additional information.
















NOTE:  I did contact Maurice and asked if we could meet to discuss this article.  He agreed but on the day of the meeting he begged off saying he was sick and did not want to spread his germs.  I E-mailed him a copy and asked for comments.  No answer.  I am disappointed but still hoping to meet with him soon.


It was not too long ago that I featured Tony Stewart as a Tourist of the month.  I try not to feature the same person twice but this time he showed up with his lovely wife Rose.  I figured she deserved a bit of a mention, especially when I was told she also reads my column.  Tony met Rose 7 years ago, she is from Pasay, Manila.  He courted her, they married and went through the paperwork to get her to Australia.  She has been an “official Devil” for 3 years now.  Tony works for the Westpoint Hotel & Casino as an electronics engineer.  He is the one who sets the slot machines (pokies) to the proper percentage of payouts in accordance with Government guidelines.  That percentage is favorable to the players though you would never know it.  Knowing how easy it is to feed the machines Dave does not allow Rose to play.
Tony is friends with Dave Lindsey so they are staying at the Boomerang Hotel, one of my favorite hotels in this part of town.  Tony has been visiting AC since 2006 and this is his 30th trip on Quantas airlines.  That has to be some sort of milestone.  OK Rose, thanks for the hug and never forget why there is a holiday on 25 Feb (smile).


Oh boy, in my search each month for this feature ( a difficult job) every once in a while I spot a lady that just captivates me.  It is the face that captures my eye first, then the figure and then the personality.  It is like the perfect storm! Everything clicks, I just want to talk to her at length and even get so carried that I want to buy her a ladies drink (LD).  I resist that urge but it is not often that I meet an “LD” lady.  Abigal, 19 years old hit my “LD” mark.  In fact I nearly bought that drink for her but I resisted knowing that many others would be around to do that for me.  I took this picture at the beginning of Mar so not sure if she is still employed at Shooterz.  I suspect she will not be there long, this lady is a “keeper”.  She is from Magallang which is very close to AC.  She stands only 5’1″ from toes to head, has 2 sisters and one brother.  She likes to play volleyball and sure would like to travel.  She likes men 35 and above.  Sorry, no Email address, she was new to the scene.  You will have to go to Shooterz to meet this wonderful lady.  Better make it fast.


Now that I have you interested in Shooterz I might as well write a few words about it.  Located on Fields Ave it is managed by Scott, a youthful Canadian with a great personality.  This was my first visit to this Club and I appreciated the time that Scott spent with me, especially since he was entertaining a large block of customers.  In fact the Club was crowded and the atmosphere was electric.  You could sense the popularity of the place and I am sure it was because of Scott’s personal attention to all customers.  Of course with ladies like Abigal, that helps too.  Scott had previously managed at Roadies, Candy Bar and most recently at Wet Spot in Subic.  He missed the action in AC and jumped at the opportunity to return.  Shooterz is owned by the American/Aussie team who also own Touch of Class, Emotions, Bunny Ranch and Body Shop. With all that experience no wonder they were smart enough to get Scott on board.







It is true that I should have mentioned this in my March column but when writing I found that time ran out on me.  I had three days of celebrating my birthday and also hosting my son from Arizona and my sister from New York.  For MY OLDER sister it was her first trip to the Philippines.  She loved it here.  Anyway, I was busy and my hand in a cast did not help.  By the way my hand remains in a cast and it does slow me down on the computer.
Once again We joined forces with my friends Graham and Renalyn and decided to make a reservation at the Clarkton Hotel restaurant.  It turned out to be a very wise decision.  The buffet was excellent, super service and I was able to greet many fellow diners that I knew.  After eating we decided to have coffee poolside and that provided the perfect mood for this special day.  You know what is next — picture time!

















It has been a few years since I visited the Clark Museum so when my sister was visiting me I decided that a visit to this historical site was a priority.  It was a wonderful way to give her feel for the history of the Base.  The wonderful Ms. Ceferina F. Yepez is the curator of the museum and has been in that position since the beginning.  There is nothing she does not know about the history of Clark.  I also had the pleasure of meeting Roseller “Coony” Romero, the Museum’s Exhibit Designer and Illustrator.  His office is fascinating with walls covered with pictures. The man is a talented artist, so much so that my wife commissioned him to paint a picture to be displayed in our guest house.  He is a fascinating person to talk to.  The pictures of me were taken in his office.  What a great team these two people make and their dedication to the museum should be recognized at the highest levels.
Many visitors to Angeles City are not aware of the Clark museum, I hope in a small way I can change this and encourage more tourists to visit.  I will make sure that visitors staying at my stable are aware of this and will offer them a ride to the museum.







Two of my favorite businessmen in town are Kevin and Ron Wakley.  I have known them for years and watched them expand their Orchid Group from one hotel to three first class establishment.  Last month Kevin had one hell of a big birthday party at the Orchid In that was well attended.  I was happy to have been invited.  I got there a bit late but in time to see our local crooner Clive Pollington sing a few songs.  I was doubly happy to have been able to meet and greet Ron Wakley.  Ron encouraged me when I had my cancer and I am so happy that he is looking strong and even talking a bit after his bout with throat cancer.  He is an inspiration to so many.  There were so many in attendance that I had a hard time walking around but I did manage a few pictures and hope you enjoy them.






















Yes guys and dolls that is the question Shano will ask me if I do not mention that he also had a birthday last month.  I know that he has hundreds of loyal fans scattered about so in no way would I leave him out.  Of course he is a bit shy when taking pictures but I got a couple.  Phillie’s Sports Club put on a special evening for him and the staff worked hard to make it a memorable evening for him.  All the best Shano, the years pass all too quickly.







I already reported on the Camelot raid in my breaking news and you have read comments from readers in my FEED BAG section above.  Following are comments from Bernd Gerbes, Manager, who was arrested and held at Camp Olives with 5 others.

Mar 23/24 – 2 assets (undercover PNP), one half American/Filipino and one Filipina woman entered the bar and sat upstairs.  At this time, they ordered drinks for some employees.  Not soon after, the assets ordered 3 bottles of “Party Animal”.  Sometime later, the PNP, Barangay Officers and DSWD workers entered the bar and announced the raid.  Marked money was used.  Employees were held while the PNP + others searched for evidence.  Up to 90 girls were escorted to Camp Olivas, the PNP Headquarters in San Fernando.  Me, the choreographer, the lady  keeper and three waitresses were separately escorted to the Camp Olivas office at around 5am and were arrested and held until Monday, 25 Mar.

March 25 – At 0630 14 girls were escorted to the Dept. of Justice (DOJ), Manila in 3 vans.  We 6 arrested were also escorted escorted to the DOJ separately in an old van.  We waited inside the van in Manila from 0830 to 1045 hrs.  At that time we entered the DOJ to talk to Attorney Mark Roland Estipa.  Atty. Estipa requested us to sign a waiver which we refused because our attorney was not present.  We received information at this time that the girls that were left at Camp Olivas were released.  Atty. Estipa then gave me a copy of the complaint and other documents to give to Atty. Dionaldo.

From the DOJ we were escorted back to Camp Olives.  During the trip I was able to read all statements for the 14-16 girls and notes, etc.  There wa absolutely nothing written badly against me or the staff at Camelot so I felt we can be proud of our girls.  At Camp Olivas we were told there was no more budget for food/drinks available and it was time for all to take care of ourselves. Since Monday 25 Mar we have been staying in an old office building with a few plastic chairs and 2 armed police men in front of the door.  During this time we have tried to minimize our suffering.  Cell phone use been allowed and visitors have been allowed in.  (Personal cell phones were taken at the raid and not returned).  The 14 girls that were escorted to the DOJ had been transferred to the DSWD in Cabanatuan.

Information came through from girls/employees:

.  One Attorney showed up to the girls and presented himself as a representative of the Camelot bar which was not true.

.  Some officers offered to the girls P10,000 if they signed some papers against the ownerwhen they were all together in Camp Olivas.

.  Some girls at Cabanatuan were pressed to sign some blank papers.

.  The DSWD always tried to make the girls scared with threats of long time in jail, parents in jail, etc., if they did not sign.

.  Actually, some of the girls gave into the pressure by the DSWD and sifnec the blank papers and some other documents.

March 26 - Early this morning all the relatives for the 6 still held at Camp Olivas signed a Habeas Corpus paper for their Atty. Dionaldo office.

March 27 Evening – I got the news from the Attorney that all Habeas Corpus files were accepted except mine.  The PNP have filed a new case against me for Human Trafficking or what was described by my attorney as a TGE case.

My Comments:  This was a very good report from “Bernie”.  It accurately describes what one can expect if caught up in one of these raids.  Believe me, it can be risky being a bar manager.  I think managers should get “danger pay especially now with this new campaign. Regretfully, the latest I have heard is that next week Bernie and the other five will be transferred to to city jail 174 and we are concerned that physically he might not survive such an experience.  Bernie is NOT involved with trafficking but as the law is written here it does not matter.  I received the following message today and this can be a bit scary.

Hello Harry, I am certain that after all that has transpired since IJM first announced its intentions to end prostitution (Human Trafficking) in the Philippines a huge sigh of relief has gone up that until now no customers have been arrested enmasse during the AC bar raids begun in earnest over a year ago. No one wants to even think about the socio-economic devastation that would occur if the Filipino authorities begin to enforce existing laws against prostitution now that prostitution and Human Trafficking are being considered to be one and the same.. If the Philippine Star article “New Law OK’s naming Human Trafficking Suspects” is any indicator, it would seem that the revisions portend new guidelines as well as decrees that support expected future outcomes and circumstances. In essence it isn’t a question of ‘IF’ but a matter of ‘WHEN’ the proverbial shyte will hit the fan. Revisions to the Philipines Republic Act 10364 are detailed in the news article dated March, 7, 2013 in Manila”.  (Submitted by Oracle)

1. I have read the Philippines Republic Act 10364, the Expanded Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act of 2012, (Approved and signed on 6th Feb, 2013) and it does seem to to indicate that anyone who participates in prostitution is involved in Human Trafficking.

2. The amended Act indicates that the privacy of the so-called trafficked persons must be protected unless they agree to have their identity revealed. There is no mention of the suspect.

3. The recent news report (see below) indicates that the act was amended so that the identity of a suspect (not necessarily guilty of the crime) could be published and shamed. This seems to indicate that a prior section of the Act which provided for the protection of the suspect has been removed and because the Act is now silent in this regard, a suspect’s name and details can be published. If so this is madness.

4. So if the IJM chooses to arrange for a bar raid and one of the girls identifies you as having paid for an early work release, or if a girl from the street or bar cries rape, then you are a suspect and your name and details can be spread across the world press. If so a lot of lives are going to be destroyed whether the guy is innocent or not.  Yes this would certainly destroy the bar scene very quickly. Here is the newpaper report and the link source.

New law OKs naming human trafficking suspects
(The Philippine Star) | Updated March 7, 2013 – 12:00am

MANILA, Philippines – The names of human trafficking suspects can now be published, according to a new law recently signed by President Aquino, an official of the Inter-Agency Council Against Trafficking (IACAT) said yesterday.

Republic Act 10364, the Expanded Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act of 2012, removed the confidentiality provision in the previous law. RA 9208 prohibited the names and personal circumstances of both victims and suspects in human trafficking cases from being made public at any stage of investigation, rescue, prosecution and trial. The new law also highlighted the state’s exercise of jurisdiction over any acts of human trafficking even if they are committed outside the country, provided that the suspect is a Filipino.

“Those who exploit our citizens should not only be hunted down, prosecuted and jailed. The public should also be informed of their identities to prevent them from being victimized by these individuals… they should also be put to shame for engaging in a crime against our hapless fellow citizens,” said Justice Undersecretary Jose Vicente Salazar, who is in charge of the IACAT.  RA 10364, which amended RA 9208, was signed by President Aquino last Feb. 6 and published in The STAR yesterday.

He said journalists can now report certain information about the complainants, provided they willingly sign a statement waiving their right to confidentiality, as provided under Section 7 of RA 10364.  This amendment effectively allows the government to make use of the “name and shame” method in combating human smuggling syndicates, Salazar said.  Justice Secretary Leila de Lima, IACAT chairperson, said in a statement that she believes the amendments would result in a stronger government campaign against human trafficking syndicates.

Among the other amendments of the previous law is the inclusion of attempted trafficking as a crime punishable by imprisonment of 15 years and a fine of P500,000 to P1 million.  The new law defines attempted trafficking as a crime “where there are acts to initiate the commission of a trafficking offense but the offender failed to or did not execute all the elements of the crime, by accident or by reason of some cause other than voluntary desistance.”

RA 10364 also differentiates between accessories and accomplices to human trafficking activities.  An accomplice “knowingly aids, abets, cooperates in the execution of the offense by previous or simultaneous acts.” Accessories, on the other hand, are “those who have knowledge of the commission of the crime, and without having participated therein, either as principal or as accomplices take part of its commission subject to specific acts stated in the law.”

Source – http://www.philstar.com/metro/2013/03/07/916674/new-law-oks-naming-human-trafficking-suspects.

Below is a link to the amended Act. http://www.lawphil.net/statutes/repacts/ra2013/ra_10364_2013.html


Harry,  I was perusing some internet sources at the PI at Night web site and was shocked to hear that the re-education program set up by the IJM is worse than anything they did to women in Salem, Massachusetts during the American witch hunt trials. I wonder what the Filipino population in general would think of the American exorcists they have unleashed on their own people if they only knew? After reading about roughly 20 bar girls from Bare Assets one can only ponder as if in the middle of a bad dream what they are doing to the 80 women they seized at the Camelot bar. I just drove past the Camelot and it is dark and locked down. Oracle:

Postings Saved from the Pi at Night Board on 9th Jan, 2013

– Topic IJM and Bare Assets Raid

Cityboy nov 29

The Girls are not out, they are still being RESCUED by DSWD and kept in absolute shit conditions, they are allowed visitors by close family members just once a week, they have lost lots of weight in just under 2 weeks, the food is terrible, they are frightened and feel alone, they have no contact with outside world, they are climbing the walls from boredom, they say they cry most nights, they miss so much working in the bar and their freedom, how do i know this, My girlfriend visited them today with other people, mainly family members, they took them lots of food which they enjoyed, they are bewildered, confused and hates the people that RESCUED them, THESE GIRLS ARE NOT BAR GIRLS NOW they are human beings and very nice ones at that, and in my mind should be released because they have done fuck all wrong.

Hagler Nov 29

Correct. In reality it is a co-ersive form of forced detention where they eventually get the subjects to provide evidence that will aid and assist their prosecutions. This is standard OP for the IJM and they use it on all their spheres of operation worldwide. They direct the activities in the background keeping a low profile and using local authority figures like police as their operatives. The girls are rightly scared of the police and some end up complying. That is all the IJM needs.

… The “witness statements” that are being prepared are being done by operatives trained by them. The IJM has an agenda and considers the “inconvenience” caused to the girls one of the costs of waging the war against trafficiking.

Fordtech Dec 30

I was talking with a ex dancer from Bare Assets this evening, she was working in the bar for 6 nights as a cherry girl dancer when they were raided. She was held for 21 days and with some help from her Tita in Manila who works for a Governor got her released. There are still 10 dancers being held. What a bunch of bull shit, one being held is her close friend who is 25 BUT the authorities believe she is under age.

Globetrekkor Dec 31

This is crazy!! It has now been 5 weeks since this raid.

What is the justification for continuing to hold employees of this bar???!!!

Can you imagine being a properly licensed employee (4 licenses required!!) and being put in detention for 5 weeks with apparently no charges filed???? Even if charges are filed, why are they in jail?? Even by the standards of bungled Angeles raids this seems to be a new low . . .

Fordtech Dec 31

Plus I forgot something else. The CIDG that was holding her and is still holding the girls made her sign a paper and had it notarized that she would never work again in a bar and apply for a licence. What kind of shit is that. So now she is working as a live-in maid for 2500 a month.

Does it all sound familiar folks.Scare tactics, sign papers, sign blank papers?  Shades of Camelot.  The girls have to have four (4) ID’s yet if one is caught in the bar and found to be underage it is the owners fault, or the Mamasan or the foreign manager.  Duh, something smells rotten and has been for years.  Hygiene, Barangay, City Hall approval but it is the bar owner made to pay the piper.  Under 23, NBI clearance required.  Why is Bernd being kept in jail?  Could he have an enemy?  Could someone in City Hall be pulling the strings?  This is a theory put forth.  Sounds far fetched to me but this is Angeles City, a town of surprises and a bit of intrigue.  Bernie is now the victim and that is a damn shame.

I do believe I can close up and go to bed now.  At 0100 hrs I am now greeting Easter Sunday.  I am so grateful to be able to take my shower and slide into bed next to my wife. I can’t help but think of Bernie Gerbes who is now watching his whole world turn upside down.  I have known Bernie for some years now.  He was the Manager at the Clarkton Hotel until the owner turned on him.  He was also a valued member of the Hotel and Restaurant Association in Pampanga.  After being forced out of the Clarkton he tried to find employment in another Hotel but finally had to accept a job at Camelot.  This man does not deserve what is happening to him now.  But he is not the first foreigner this has happened to and I venture to guess he won’t be the last.  Later today I will celebrate my mother-in-laws 87th birthday.  She still plays cards all night and smokes her cigarettes backwards.  I am pretty sure she will be around for her 90th and I sure hope I’ll still be here too.  Happy Easter folks and happy April Fool’s Day.You see how loving we horses are so, remember, be kind to horses.






Elisabeth Hasselbeck is being fired from ABC’s “The View” because market researchers found that her conservative views were out of touch with the show’s audience, according to a report in Us Weekly.  The magazine, citing unnamed sources, reported Friday that Hasselbeck will be leaving the show along with Joy Behar, an outspoken far-left liberal who quit the show by choice.  “The viewers they polled all said she was too extreme and right-wing,” a show insider whose name was not reported told UsMagazine.com about Hasselbeck Friday. “People did not watch the show because of Elisabeth. So they told her yesterday her contract would not be renewed.”  TV Newser later reported similar developments. The site referenced two separate sources that confirmed the conservative co-host was leaving “The View.” A spokesman for the ABC show told TV Newser that Hasselbeck has a “long-term contract.”  “If Hasselbeck’s conservatism is a problem with audiences, it would appear to be a relatively new one; she has been on the show for nearly ten years with no apparent fuss,” the Huffington Post notes.

So, that leaves the show with Barbara Walters, Whoopi Goldberg and Sherri Shepherd — not exactly a group with diverse political ideology. It should be interesting to see if ABC chooses to hire another conservative to at least attempt to balance out the liberal side.  (Ah, curse conservative thought)

Exposed: CSCOPE The USA’s Most Controversial Curriculum –  Read up on this folks, it is scary.

Subject: A pretty “harsh” article. But the truth is there.

Newtown happens and the 2nd amendment should be repealed or altered? Newtown children 19 of 20 white. Chicago children mostly black. Media silent about Chicago violence. WHY?

Chicago : 446 school age children shot so in 2012 with strongest gun laws in country Yet the national media is silent??  So why didn’t ABC, CBS, CNN, CNBC, NBC raise Hell about these statistics?

By Clash Daily / 19 December 2012 / – The cesspool known as Chicago probably has the toughest gun laws in the country, yet despite all the shootings, murders, and bloodshed, you never hear a peep about this from the corrupt state run media. In Chicago , there have been 446 school age children shot in leftist utopia run by Rahm Emanuel and that (also) produced Obama, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan, etc.
62 school aged children have actually been killed by crazed nuts in Chicago so far in this year of 2013.  So why is not this news worthy? Is it because it would embarrass those anti-second amendment nuts who brag about Chicagos tough gun laws? Is it because most of the kids who were shot and killed were minorities, shot by minorities? Or is it because the corrupt media does not want to show Chicago in a bad light?


18 YEARS OLD- 15, 17 YEARS OLD- 16, 16 YEARS OLD- 16, 15 YEARS OLD- 6,
14 YEARS OLD- 4, 13 YEARS OLD- 2, 12 YEARS OLD- 1, 7 YEARS OLD- 1,
6 YEARS OLD- 1 -

446 School Age Children Shot in Chicago Last Year


18 year old- 110, 17 year old- 99, 16 year old- 89, 15 year old- 62, 14 year old- 39, 13 year old- 21, 12 year old- 10, 11 year old- 2, 10 year old- 3, 9 year old- 1,
7 year old- 3, 6 year old- 2, 5 year old- 1, 4 year old- 1, 3 year old- 1, 1 year old- 2, This is not news worthy?  The leadership in Illinois – all Democrats.

President: Barack Hussein Obama

Senator: Dick Durbin

House Representative: Jesse Jackson Jr.  (Another crook)

Governor: Pat Quinn

House leader: Mike Madigan

Atty. Gen.: Lisa Madigan (daughter of Mike)

Mayor: Rahm Emanuel

Chicago school system rated one of the worst in the country.  State pension fund $78 Billion in debt, worst in country.  Cook County ( Chicago ) sales tax 10.25%- highest in country.  A culture of corruption that would make a liberal Louisiana politician blush with envy. Can’t blame Republicans; there aren’t any!  (Obama must love Chicago, more and more people die young)

This is reality. 

On February 4th, 2013, Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, addressed the Duma, (Russian Parliament), and gave a speech about the tensions with minorities in Russia.

“In Russia live Russians. Any minority, from anywhere, if it wants to live in Russia , to work and eat in Russia , should speak Russian, and should respect the Russian laws. If they prefer Sharia Law, then we advise them to go to those places where that’s the state law. Russia does not need minorities. Minorities need Russia, and we will not grant them special privileges, or try to change our laws to fit their desires, no matter how loud they yell ‘discrimination’. We better learn from the suicides of America , England , Holland and France , if we are to survive as a nation. The Russian customs and traditions are not compatible with the lack of culture or the primitive ways of most minorities. When this honorable legislative body thinks of creating new laws, it should have in mind the national interest first, observing that the minorities are not Russians.

The politicians in the Duma gave Putin a standing ovation for five minutes!

Well I myself and most Australians would stand and applaud for at least 20 minutes if our Prime Minister addressed the Australian people this way!  (Sent to me by an Australian who I agree with).

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